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I’ve finally opened my commissions!

I have decided to open commissions as a way to save money while I attend college full time. I’m planning to move out soon and will need the financial support in order to do so. If I don’t come up with enough money within this time frame, I will be kicked out of my current living situation and be left homeless.

Please consider commissioning me! If you find my prices too high, feel free to pm me or send me an ask and we can negotiate something.

It would be incredible if you could please signal boost this! Every little bit helps..!

Please shoot me an ask if you have any questions! Thanks!!

Rules and Guidelines below:

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I’ve seen this on Instagram a lot and i just want to say: guys, pleaaaaaase do not do this!!! You could literally kill someone who has a peanut allergy. This is so unsafe! Mix the skittles and M&M’s but don’t trick people into eating peanut products, its not okay.

midstea  asked:

Hey hey, Gi, love! I just recently got enough money to clear my study debts and have enough savings to possibly buy Harry's tour ticket. I live in Spain (Madrid concert tickets would be the ideal) so, like, if you could please give me a signal boost just in case someone has any spare tickets and can DM me. Looking for a spare ticket for the MADRID show!🙏🙏🙏 Thanks love :)

‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ If anyone’s selling a ticket for MADRID or knows someone who’s selling it, contact this lovely amazing sweet person, pretty please ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ I’m so glad that you can clear your debt and try for Harry’s tickets!!!! ALL THE LUCK TO YOU, MY DEAR ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I desperately need help

My name is V. My partner and I are trans, disabled, and homeless.

I work as a server at IHOP but school has just started and my boss cut my hours, so tips AND my paychecks are small. My partner just got a job, but it will be several weeks until they get a paycheck and even more until we get enough together to get indoors.

We have a 2 year old son that we have hardly been able to see in several weeks because we have no food and it’s too cold for him to sleep at night. We have no resources and nobody who is willing or able to help us, and winter is fast approaching. We are desperate. I am desperate. I am BEGGING. We need to get funds together to get an apartment before the winter.

I can’t stress this enough. We NEED to be indoors before winter, and ideally, we should be indoors before October. We live in Alaska and winter/fall is bitterly cold and miserable, especially at night, obviously. It’s already dropping below 50 at night. We sleep under 3 thick blankets and in layers and we are still freezing.

Our goal is to try and get $2000 together, for deposit and first months rent. The cost of living here is very high and we need at least that much to have any guarantee of getting a place before winter. My paypal is Please, please donate and/or signal boost this. Thank you for reading.

Hi everyone, my name is Rika Jeanne and this is my boyfriend, Isaac. We met in November and I’ve been in love with him ever since. In 2009 he was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and now he needs a new kidney.

Isaac has helped me so much dealing with my depression and anxiety and eating disorder and so I hope that I can at least spread the word to as many people as possible. He is the the most kind hearted and caring people that I have ever met.

He is currently on the transplant list at Upstate Medical University Transplant Center, their number is (315) 464-5413. If you live in the upstate New York area please please please consider at least calling for more information. Even if you aren’t a match for Isaac, you could help save someone else’s life.

Please help me spread the word. Isaac is the most incredible person and it breaks my heart that he has to go through this

My amazing friend Alex’s mother is currently missing, and is very likely heading up the WEST COAST. 

Alex is transgender and their mother has always been extremely transphobic. Alex had to leave home and now lives with their girlfriend in Washington State.

THIS WOMAN IS SCHIZOPHRENIC AND BIPOLAR. She likely believes Alex has been kidnapped and wants to save them from their girlfriend and their new family. She may be HOSTILE and Alex and their girlfriend are going into hiding, fearing for their lives. 

Please reblog this she could be anywhere in california, oregon, or washington. 

Okay, I seriously can't take it anymore

As most people who have been following me for a while know I have been living with my mother who is emotionally abusive. This includes, denying my disabilities (i have OCD and ADHD, but according to her it’s all in my head and I need to suck it up and get over it), calling me degrading names (in example and most recent, lazy ass or lazy piece of shit), using and abusing my name and ruining my credit, threatening to kick me out when I wouldn’t give her my card, and many other things. 

Its hard because I love my mother, but I recognize that she treats me horribly and I can’t take it anymore, if I don’t find a way out soon, I don’t know what I’ll do. Here’s the thing, I can’t really do much or go anywhere until I have a car, with all the financial trouble my mom has caused us from getting fired from her job and being in legal trouble, its been hard to save money but I have been putting away 20 dollars every other week if I can spare it. The thing is, I want to save up 2000 dollars to buy a car with. If I have a car, I could live in it, pay off the debts that she caused in my name, build my credit back up and move into my own place. 

I know I’ve been asking for a lot lately but it would mean a lot if you could help me out with this. Even if you can’t donate, please reblog this and signal boost it. If you want to donate, my paypal is

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Okay so I’m not even gonna sugar coat this. I need some help. I’m about a week away from starting my senior year at the University of Delaware and my tuition fees for this semester are not paid. My mother is unemployed and my father is neck deep in medical bills. I work full time but still dont make enough to make monthly ends meet and save for school. So honestly if y'all could help me out by donating or just passing this message along I’d really appreciate it. I’m honestly desperate.


Tumblr user cathouse-tragedy has just taken some pills in an attempt to take her own life. She has turned off her ask box. All I know is that she lives in Mexico City, Mexico. Because I live in the United States I can’t call anyone to do anything, but I know there are people out there who can. SOMEONE PLEASE DO SOMETHING. SHE COULD HAVE MINUTES LEFT BY NOW WE NEED TO SAVE HER LIFE

Hey guys! So i really need your help!
In the area of my school we only have 2 oak trees, which are extremely old and beautiful. One of which is on my school campus. Sadly, because of construction of a new building, our school is planning to tear one of the two trees up, the one above, so they can install drainage pipes. THEY HAVE SO MUCH LAND TO PUT THESE PIPES. A lot of people at my school care about keeping this tree alive and in our town. There is a petition in school, but i also thought if we could get my school to realize that more people all over care, they will change their plans. This tree is home to so many birds and other little critters. Its historic and a natural beauty, that deserves to stay alive in a place it has lived for countless years. SO PLEASE HELP! REBLOG, LIKE & SIGNAL BOOST. Students and staff at my school, my town, the tree and all who inhabit it need your help. I know we can do it. We just need all you amazing bloggers to help. Thanks so much , much love ♥xx

transgender issues

my mum and i just had a huge argument about me getting top surgery.  it ended with her saying she will not and never will help with costs. she also said she would prefer if i was a girl and that she should be able to call me by whatever because in highschool SHE wanted to be called alex because she just did and some people called her alex and some didnt. so im at a loss at what to do, other than, start saving. i hate to ask tumblr for help. i really do. but i need this so bad. i cannot live like this anymore. it is hard to be someone you arent. so if you could donate, or even just reblog, that would be wonderful. i can make felt things for you if you want. ill draw. sew. anything. please please try or reblog. thank you so much i never would have come this far if it werent for you guys. 


Signal Boost for Revolution Please!!!!!

Okay, so it’s that time again Revolutionaries (lol I just made that up, idk what our fandom name is)! 

Revolution has been on hiatus since April 2nd, and it is finally coming back on air this Wednesday, April 30th to air Season 2’s final four episodes. 

This means that we have just four weeks (or most likely only two) to make any last efforts to have an effect on the ratings that could affect NBC’s decision to renew or cancel Revolution for next season. So, as a member of the Revolution fandom, I would really, really appreciate it if any other randoms would pitch in to help us raise the ratings in these last four weeks. Revolution is facing a serious cancellation threat from NBC, but it is an amazing show with a very different storyline that is unlike any other shows that are on right now. It has gathered a very loyal fan base that really loves the show, and would be devastated if it got cancelled. Please help us give Revolution it’s fair due chance at renewal that it deserves!

Now, for my fellow Revolution fans, here’s the deal:

  • Let’s everyone try to get at least 2 other people to tune-in to NBC this wednesday at 8:00 PM on their TV
  • Let’s everyone tune-in to the NBC website this Thursday morning to re-watch the episode when it has been posted online
  • And let’s everyone also tune-in to the Hulu website on Thursday morning when the episode gets posted up (I’m not sure if this makes a difference to the adjusted ratings but it can’t hurt)
  • Also, those of us who are fans of both Arrow and Revolution (they are both on at the same time), just remember that Arrow has already gotten an early renewal for next season and is safe for now. Revolution could use your live count much more than Arrow right now! :)

For our beloved NBC show, please, please, please spread this message and reblog it as many times as you can!!!! We have four days to spread this message as much as we can. Please help us out! Thank you so much, and don’t forget to tune in THIS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30TH AT 8:00 PM ON NBC!

ISIS threatens Atlanta, Georgia

ISIS has threatened to attack Atlanta, Georgia during the WWE Survivor Series event on Sunday night at 7:30 pm. If you have scheduled tickets to this, PLEASE DO NOT GO. I know it is a very unlikely possibility, but ISIS could find a way to get into the USA and execute their plan accordingly. I advise everyone living in the Atlanta area to stay inside and stay alert. Make sure you have a phone, computer, radio, or any other device that will keep you updated on the news. Please signal boost, this could save a life. Good luck and stay safe, fellow Georgians.

If you’re in Orlando and if you can, PLEASE donate blood! After what has happened, they are in short supply of O Negative, O Positive and AB Plasma Blood.
If you can donate blood in Orlando, go to the nearest blood bank and do so, please! Not the hospital, BLOOD BANKS! This attack is the second largest EVER and the people there really need as much help as they can get. This is nothing more than hate-driven, homophobia/queerphobia-driven terrorism, and it needs to be stopped!
Please help if you can, you could save many people’s lives just by donating blood!

“Frontline” - Hayden Zezula, Tumblr Creatr

Be on the frontline of change!  Stand with Lizzie and take action against bullying with the Safe Schools Improvement Act.  This first of its kind legislature will asks that “bullying” be classified under the term of “violence” in schools & it would require schools to collect data on how many cases of bullying are reported each year.  Think of how many lives this could change and save!

See how Lizzie takes her story to inspire change to Capitol Hill in #ABraveHeartFilm in theaters, On Demand and Digital HG and via this Friday 9/25. Then take action by heading to and