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Please help a non-binary black artist

Hello beautiful people 👋🏾
I am struggling with bills right now and could really use some help especially with getting to work. I am currently doing commissions and if you would like to check out some of my art please visit my art Instagram @artby_king

-all paintings start at $35, price depends on size and time
-pencil and charcoal drawings are $15+
-logos are $40

My flat rate for shipping is $8

If you would just like to donate you can send money to or$kingnefertiti

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HEY! EMERGENCY! so my roommate plans fell through and I need a roommate to move into my room by august 1st! If y'all could bump this that’d be great! must be queer friendly, you’d be sharing a room with me a trans man.  Rent is 712$ a mont utilities about 30-40$ 

I live in Los Angeles right by LAX.  Please Boost this! 



Found cat in Greensboro, NC near UNCG

I found this little cutie on my porch when I got home last week. She is very sweet and has a collar with no name or phone number. I took her to the vet to check for a microchip and she doesn’t have one :( I am taking care of her for now, but she needs a proper home. I already have 2 cats and my landlord won’t allow any more (plus my apartment is tiny and 3 cats would be very unhappy there). i’ve made facebook posts looking for her owner and so far nothing. That’s why I’m taking to tumblr to help find her a forever home.

She’s always waiting for me when I get home from work and runs up ready to be loved. I spend time with her every day, bring her treats, keep her water clean, and give her food. She has never tried to bite or be vicious, she loves to cuddle and even lets me hold her. She has a torn up collar, tries to come inside with me, and looks through the window at me when I’m inside. It’s clear that she was an indoor cat before someone left her in my neighborhood. I’ve cried multiple times leaving her outside because I love her so much and know that I can’t help her.

If anyone is interested in adopting her please message me. I am willing to drive a bit to meet someone in order to get her to a safe home. I really don’t want to take her to the shelter (it’s known to be high kill) so please share this and help me find her a forever home. She loves to curl up with me and purr and be loved. She’s beautiful and has a lot of love to give. I can’t just leave her outside like this, it’s truly breaking my heart. Please please help me find her a home.

If you want to help me take care of her my paypal is Please don’t feel obligated to donate, but I really want to get her a flea collar or topical medicine and I cannot afford to feed her and my other two cats. Again, only donate if you can and if you want reciepts of what I buy I can do that.

So my mom just took $200 away from me and is prob not gonna give it back so please help me

She got mad when I told her I didn’t wanna give her the money so even though I said no she took it anyway so I need help. That money was supposed to be for school and I doubt she’s gonna pay me back

Cash app: hasminap


Hello everyone! I’m Miso, THIS SUMMER you can help a broke college student out and help me buy my meals thru art commissions! I would so appreciate it!!



FULLBODY - $15 per character (WHITE/SOLID COLOR BG)


• For any other questions/inquiries about my art contact me: OR @BENS0L0S on Twitter DMs

Payment/Donations accepted through PAYPAL ONLY -



Hey y'all, I’m broke!

But, like, more than usual. It’s reached the point where my fear of the consequences of continuing to not get hired for freelance work exceeds my fear of the consequences of asking my social sphere to pay me for stuff, or to signal boost the ask.

So I’m opening up for commissions! (I mean, technically I’ve been open to commissions for a long time but I’m p sure nobody has ever clicked on the “hire me” link on my website but me.)

Hit “Read more” for details, and please share if you feel comfortable doing so.

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ATTENTION!!! I'm moving blog

there are a couple of reasons for this which I might explain later – but for now if you followed me on here just follow @roaming-the-greenwood too because this account will be deactivated as soon as all my active followers move on there

also I’ll be renewing the requests for my 700 followers celebration on the new blog to kind of “baptise” it so keep an eye out for that because I’m going to make a post shortly

Hey Y'all Help Me Out

ya boy is in kind of a touchy home situation and i need to move out. i work full time but because of my mental illness/the dangers of binding my chest too much it would be really really difficult to work a second job. so for now i’m opening up witchcraft commissions!!
$1 Pendulum Readings
$1 Sigil Requests
$3-$7 Tarot Readings (depending on complexity)
I can also do spells catered to your specific situation, but the price will vary based on the spell

If you can’t commission please signal boost!! help a guy out!!


I found this sketchbook in a restaurant and It may be impossible but I want to find the author.

The sketchbook was found in El Albaicín, Granada, Spain and I think the artist isn’t Spanish, maybe a Chinese tourist or someone who are learning Chinese but who knows u_u

In the drawings you can see some monuments of differents sites of Spain, that’s why I think she/he could be a tourist D:

I already tweeted it and a lot of people are sharing (all my love for you guys<3) but I want to try to find him/her here too


Did you ask the restaurant staff if they know it?: I’m the restaurant staff, I work there and we can’t remember who is the owner, sorry

- Did you use the reverse image search in Google?: Yes, I do and got nothing u_u

- Can you check the CCTV?: Em… no…  We don’t have it in the terrace and my boss would never let me see them

What you could do is put a note at the door of the restaurant saying ‘have you lost…?’ : I’m the only one in the restautrant who cares about this and again my boss would never let me do that.

If they are a tourist and you just found it recently, they are probably still travelling and might not check their social media as often: Yes, I know, but maybe someone can recognize his/her style or something 

Please, just share and help me to find him/her ;_;

Thank you!

hey since it’s autism acceptance day why don’t all y’all allistic allies out there reblog this post about an autistic person trying to make rent!

i make noise muffling headbands/beanies and padded arm protectors for self injuring episodes! all of these come in pain (1 solid color) or plants/space/animals i’ve been getting a ton of positive feedback on my products, all of which are under $22 dollars and have only $1 shipping.

please reblog so i can make my rent, help disabled people out, and aso hopefully get enough money for a therapy dog!

i haven’t sold anything in a couple of days so any reblogs could really help me!

etsy link for pangeamea

I need help I really need help I'm freaking the fuck out please help me

My cat who’s been missing for 3 months just showed up out of nowhere I comometly gave up hope of finding him and tbh thought the worse by now

But I need help I really fucking need help both his eyes are just messed up he can’t see anything they look like they’re at that stage where they will rot and cause him more problems I’m fuckijg freaking we don’t have money I need help

Just god please reblig this please if you have any spare money just donate please I don’t even know how Mich this will cost but god I’m scared I don’t want him to sit here and rot


Hey so this is a really long shot but my cat is lost. I depend on her for so much. She’s the living embodiment of my fight for mental stability, I adopted her exactly a year after I was released from the hospital after threatening suicide. She means so much to me and she’s lost because my dad let her out of the house when she was annoying him. I live in Plymouth Minnesota. It’s cold as fuck here and it’s supposed to snow tonight. Please try to get the word around.

please help me

i really hate doing this i really really do but it’s come to the point where i physically, emotionally and mentally cannot take it anymore.

my family physically, emotionally and mentally abuses me.

long story short, i live in an abusive household. my parents are forcing me into debt by threatening me to go to university (when my job career path does not call for it). 

i cannot come out, i am not safe. they do not believe in mental illness and have THREATENED ME (physically as well) if i chose to take medication (which i desperately need for my mental illnesses, i still take it even with the backlash from my parents). they have threatened to kick me out and block my bank card and phone if i do not go to school, even when i dont need and and they make me take a ridiculous amount of classes, hence digging my own grave of debt. ALSO, adding to the school thing. i will have NO INSURANCE AND NO FINANCIAL AID (if i drop out) for my mental and physical illnesses in which i need medication for.

basically, im living in a house that in inhibiting me from transitioning, draining me of all my money and forcing me through an expensive education and debt and threatening me to do so . im sorry if this isnt making sense but im so tired and stressed.

i’ve done my part though, i have gone to school (from highschool, summer classes and university without a break), kept up my grades, DROPPED ALCOHOL AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE, i am now straight edge (this has saved me tons of money and has helped my emotional state tremendously, ive spent more time being productive and less time in the hospital and in therapy which also costs money) and even gotten 2 JOBS. i do commissions and i work COUNTLESS HOURS at mcdonalds, unfortunately because i have mcdonalds, my parents are now trying to make me pay for EVERYTHING, even things they want, and i really REALLY CANT AFFORD THAT.

my goal is to move out into the apartment with my boyfriend @animeadult and our awesome friend @cruciphix by april. however, my family has already drained my first paycheck and yet they take it out on me (even though it wasn’t a lot in all honesty, it was a lot to ME), ive been trying to earn DOUBLE by taking in more commissions and snagging as many hours as i can from mcdonalds.

im so tired and so desperate to leave my abusive family, and find a way to pursue my transition in a safe environment for me physically, emotionally and mentally. i genuinely apologize that it has come to this but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you can 

please donate to my paypal, its

and if u cant please spread this i just need to get out so badly i need to leave i really need to leave please help me.

if anything i will send a small drawing to those who donate as a thankyou, and you can even commission me its the same paypal just please.

i really need help and i know tumblr is a great place to go when someone needs it.

thank you for reading this and please share for me.


I’m in a pickle!! I’m unemployed, I have one more semester of school to get my associates and no way to pay for it because my dad lost his job, had to leave my home in Austin because of my abusive step mom, currently living with my mother who is ALSO unemployed. AND on top of it all my car broke down yesterday. I need to earn 400 dollars within the next three weeks and I don’t know what to do.

If anyone wants to donate to me I’d really appreciate it. I made a paypal this morning. Don’t really know how to use it, but here is a link

Anytime anyone donates 5 dollars I will post a picture of my cat. and if you can’t donate please please please reblog.
YouTube's biggest star PewDiePie causes controversy with 'Death to all Jews' video
World's most popular YouTuber lands himself in hot water again.

The performers, who call themselves “funnyguys”, advertise that they will paint any message on their body in exchange for money while dancing in the jungle.

While many choose their own name or a funny message, PewDiePie jokingly asked the pair to display: “DEATH TO ALL JEWS”.

He published the resulting clip, showing them dancing and laughing while holding the antisemitic message above their heads, on his YouTube channel.

While some fans found the clip funny, others said the star had gone too far.

Despite requesting the hateful message to be displayed, and publishing the resulting video, PewDiePie apologised to fans at the end of the video – but still gave the performers a five-star rating.

He said: “I am sorry. I didn’t think they would actually do it. I feel partially responsible. I mean I’ve got to give them five stars for an outstanding experience because at least they did what I asked.”

He added: “I don’t feel good. I don’t feel too proud of this, I’m not gonna lie. I’m not antisemitic, or whatever it’s called, okay so don’t get the wrong idea. It was a funny meme, and I didn’t think it would work, okay. I swear I love jews, I love ‘em.

"I am so sorry. I don’t know what else to say.”

pewdiepie paid some guys actual money to hold up a sign that said “DEATH TO ALL JEWS”, published it, gave them a 5-star rating, and then tried to shrug off any responsibility by saying he didn’t think they would really do it. he even says he only feels “partially” responsible and he’s “not antisemitic” despite the fact that he 1) posted this video so close to a surge in antisemitic hate crimes following trump’s election and 2) posted this video at all.

this isn’t funny, this isn’t satire, it’s gross and hateful shock humor at the expense of people who are already unsafe with the increasingly emboldened neo nazis–i mean, “alt right”. it’s not defensible. stop supporting him.

Hey I really hate to do this but, I kind of need some money. I go to therapy twice a week and parking there is really expensive. I might have to start going less if I can’t pay anymore. Please consider donating a couple bucks to my PayPal (linked below) or reblogging if you can’t. I really need to have access to my therapist

My PayPal is Please disregard the legal name on my account, it’s not my current name