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If you see a video of a man sitting inside of a car please don't watch it or share it. It's the video of the Cleveland (Ohio) killer and it's very graphic. The family of the victim has requested for people to stop sharing it because it does not spread awareness of any kind. It's just brutal and graphic, there are other ways to spread information.
Stop giving excuses in stealing & reposting someone’s work

It’s NOT OKAY to repost someone else’s work without permission regardless of whether you credit the author or not.

There is just no excuse, unless if the original creator permits you to. 

If you’re going to credit the original creator, you should share the original post by permalink and link it back to the actual post.

If you know someone has reposted another person’s work, help report them. Don’t let them think that they can repost other people’s stuff and still gain credit for it.

If you find someone’s work from another site and you like their work? Reblog it. Share it. Not repost. And if you can’t find the source to the original creator? Don’t even repost at all.

“B-b-but…. I found it on another site and there was no source” No.

“B-b-but…. I credited you” No.

“B-b-but…. I posted them because I like them.” No.

“B-b-but….” NO means NO. :))))))) 

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hihi, i’m a relatively new blog trying to find more active (anime) blogs to follow! if u post content from any of the following, please reblog this post and tag the fandoms that you mainly post. thanks a lot!

  • Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Noragami
  • Yuri!!! on Ice
  • Haikyuu!!
  • Love Live!
  • Webtoons (Noblesse, Tower of God, Trump)
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Mystic Messenger
  • Kamisama Hajimemashita
  • Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru (Oregairu)
  • Nanbaka
  • Touken Ranbu Hanamaru
  • Kaminomi (The World God Only Knows)

  • shitposting and memes are very welcome
  • don’t have to be spoiler free

since i came back from hiatus i unfollowed a lot of inactive blogs and my dash is dead af

if u post content from any of the following fandoms, reblog the post!! (n following me isnt mandatory, but it would be nice!!)

  • the raven cycle
  • harry potter
  • the foxhole court
  • the grisha trilogy // six of crows
  • the shadowhunter chronicles
  • to all the boys i’ve loved before // the hating game
  • red queen // shatter me
  • addicted series
  • pjo // hoo
  • a game of thrones
  • myth // aesthetic content // films // tv shows

hey since it’s autism acceptance day why don’t all y’all allistic allies out there reblog this post about an autistic person trying to make rent!

i make noise muffling headbands/beanies and padded arm protectors for self injuring episodes! all of these come in pain (1 solid color) or plants/space/animals i’ve been getting a ton of positive feedback on my products, all of which are under $22 dollars and have only $1 shipping.

please reblog so i can make my rent, help disabled people out, and aso hopefully get enough money for a therapy dog!

i haven’t sold anything in a couple of days so any reblogs could really help me!

etsy link for pangeamea

Calling all creative peeps - let's come together to help a 1d fan artist out!

If you’re anything like me, when you read the post @mrsadfran wrote earlier, you’re maybe feeling frustrated that you can’t do more to help as they are such a lovely person. 

I have the very beginnings of an idea, and I have run it past Fran and she is happy for me to try and do it. 

We have /so many/ talented people in our fandom and I thought we could all maybe come together and donate some of our work to raffle / run a drive with all proceeds going to Fran to try and help her. 

So this is a call to all fanartists/writers/crocheters/whatever you may do. I have to say that I don’t know the details of how to make it work, it might have to be GoFundMe as JustGiving needs you to be raising funds for a registered charity I think. 

Anyway,  I have the will to do this, but I don’t have the ‘way’ just let, but I do know I can’t do it on my own! Please reblog this to try and reach as many creative people as we can, and please feel free to message me if you’d like to take part / have experience running something like this. I think I’ll look to set up a group chat once i have people on board. 

Ideally I’d like to get it off the ground in the next couple of days 

When we pull together we can do amazing things, let this be one of them 💜

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this is really fucking awful but im a mess rn. i have no money and i honestly have no idea what to do. my mom is mentally ill and on disability and is barely getting by on her own, she has bad credit and cannot cosign for a loan for me, i can’t get a job because of my large course load and sporadic schedule combined with my mental illness. i owe 1,500 dollars to my school and can’t sign up for next semester without paying it (pictured above). on top of that i can’t afford food, clothes, laundry, ect. i have only 10 dollars in my account (picture above) to last me an indefinite amount of time. 

i really have nowhere to turn. so i would really appreciate it if you could send me some money through paypal. i really am not asking for much and any amount will help. i cannot be sent back home. i will absolutely lose it. i cry just thinking about it.

i can’t offer much in return but if you can spare a few bucks, i would be happy to make you edits, give promos, write fics, anything!!!! 

hi lovelies! so i’m stealing this idea from quite a few ppl who’ve used it in the past (but mostly eira) because i’ve just remade my blog (from here) and i rlly need more people to follow (esp mutuals) so i hope this wrks tbh!

so if u wouldn’t mind, could u reblog/like this if u post any of the following so i can check out ur blog:

  • all for the game / six of crows / the raven cycle
  • ari & dante / harry potter / any ya & na lit etc
  • poetry / aesthetics / art / photography etc
  • any pale / pink posts would also be a huge plus

thank u, hope ur all doing well ♡

Shout out to native mlm whose tribes aren’t accepting of their sexuality ✨

Shout out to native mlm who constantly have to deal with being told “you don’t look native!” ✨

Shout out to native mlm who do look native and are discriminated for it on top of being mlm ✨

Shout out to native trans mlm who don’t want to cut their hair for spiritual reasons ✨

Shout out to native trans mlm who don’t want to cut their hair just because they like it ✨

Shout out to native trans mlm who do want to cut their hair short ✨

My native boys out there never get any love so shout out to Native mlm!!! Feel free to add more!


Hey I’m making another Commission post bc I’m THAT poor. Consider buying a commission from me, I’m very fast and I will draw most things. Just message me if you’re interested or have a question! All money will go to my food or my sweet kitty’s food. Prices are always negotiable, so just send me a message and I’ll be happy to work with you! 

Extra characters are 3 usd each, if you want something like a background I’ll charge maybe 5-10 usd depending on complexity.

Even if you can’t buy from me please reblog I have like 50 dollars. I don’t have a car and can’t get a job on my school campus because my parents (who don’t pay for my food) make enough money that the school doesn’t need to hire me. Unfortunately money also gets used up because of cat costs and for things like toiletries and food. So please consider commissioning me or at least reblogging this post. 

TLDR pls signal boost if u can!!!
The Relationship Between Class and Personality Type
This test will compare your OCEAN personality type (Open-mindedness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism) and your dark triad types (Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy) with your main class in TF2. This model is split into three parts: • The OCEAN personality test will have fifty questions (don't worry they're easy) • The Dark Triad personality test will have fifteen questions (they're a little more difficult) • The final section only has six questions (they're supah simple yo) This test is a simplified model and is based on others such as the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire and the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, if you would like a more detailed psychological test, please check out The Big Five Project: . Thanks! Monsieur Saboteur

A TF2 Survey made by Monsieur Saboteur


This should be like our Last donation post EVER if things go right! Please read and rb

my girlfriend and I are two trans and gay people trying to move out of abusive homes. I am disabled and working a job that pays 8.25 an hour that is making my chronic pain worse as well as caus8ng some New issues for me. Tia is working wtna brand new job as TESLA which is going to pay really well and hopefully keep us afloat as my disability information is processing Basically we are right around the corner from being well off.

The issue? Because Tia is so new with her job, she took an extra week to be put into the payroll system, and now our move in date falls just THREE DAYS earlier than her first paycheck. I will be paid $180 this week and she is getting $60 from some work she is doing for her family. The 60 unfortunstely needs to go right into groceries and gas this week so we don’t starge and can get to work. That leaves us with $180 and our rent, which is currently $280. we only need $100 to be on our way to being independant from abusive transphobic homes!

This is the absolute LAST time that we will be needing money from peoples donations. I havent been incredibly successful here but it has kept us able to est the last few months so I am asking that if you are able to PLEASE drop us a few bucks this week! I do art commissions as well


Gross blog warning

Alright, so an aquaintince of mine named lena stumbled across a blog known as lesbian-rehab-program and the blog contains as they described “a bunch of straight porn with captions like ‘take that you filthy lesbo c-nt’ and are tagged as feminism and lesbian.

Obviously im asking yall to report and block the blog since it’s disgusting and lesbophobic. I’d also like you all to signal boost so other sapphics/lesbians can know about the blog as well since it’s completely repulsive, thank you.

My nsfw johnlock art sideblog

I’ve created an art sideblog specifically for my nsfw johnlock pics

I know many of you may not want to follow my main blog due to my opinions of s4 and I respect that :) but if you still wanna see my nsfw johnlock art you can instead follow my sideblog @harderjohn

I reblog all my nsfw fanart into @harderjohn And all my sfw fanart is reblogged into @addigni-art


A week (plus one bonus day) of prompts for art, fic, and headcanons featuring Overwatch femslash, hosted by overwatchwlw


December 13-20, 2017


Hopefully, you!  And other people in the Overwatch femslash community


Pick one (or both!) of the daily prompts, fill it, and tag it #ovwfemfest2017 so we can reblog it

Daily Prompts:

13 Dec: Adoption/Letting Go

14 Dec: Balance/Chaos

15 Dec: Discovery/Loss

16 Dec: Light/Dark

17 Dec: Crowd/Isolation

18 Dec: Color/Monochrome

19 Dec: Form/Function

20 Dec: Tension/Relaxation

Further Rules/FAQ under the cut!

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Okay so yet again, many of the blogs I follow have either changed fandom or stopped posting altogether, so my dash is really empty.

Please like/reblog this if you post mainly misha, team free will, destiel & cockles, so that I can check out your blog!

There’s no need for you to follow me, although it’s always appreciated ♡