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hey since it’s autism acceptance day why don’t all y’all allistic allies out there reblog this post about an autistic person trying to make rent!

i make noise muffling headbands/beanies and padded arm protectors for self injuring episodes! all of these come in pain (1 solid color) or plants/space/animals i’ve been getting a ton of positive feedback on my products, all of which are under $22 dollars and have only $1 shipping.

please reblog so i can make my rent, help disabled people out, and aso hopefully get enough money for a therapy dog!

i haven’t sold anything in a couple of days so any reblogs could really help me!

etsy link for pangeamea

since i came back from hiatus i unfollowed a lot of inactive blogs and my dash is dead af

if u post content from any of the following fandoms, reblog the post!! (n following me isnt mandatory, but it would be nice!!)

  • the raven cycle
  • harry potter
  • the foxhole court
  • the grisha trilogy // six of crows
  • the shadowhunter chronicles
  • to all the boys i’ve loved before // the hating game
  • red queen // shatter me
  • addicted series
  • pjo // hoo
  • a game of thrones
  • myth // aesthetic content // films // tv shows
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hihi, i’m a relatively new blog trying to find more active (anime) blogs to follow! if u post content from any of the following, please reblog this post and tag the fandoms that you mainly post. thanks a lot!

  • Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Noragami
  • Yuri!!! on Ice
  • Haikyuu!!
  • Love Live!
  • Webtoons (Noblesse, Tower of God, Trump)
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Mystic Messenger
  • Kamisama Hajimemashita
  • Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru (Oregairu)
  • Nanbaka
  • Touken Ranbu Hanamaru
  • Kaminomi (The World God Only Knows)

  • shitposting and memes are very welcome
  • don’t have to be spoiler free

Shout out to native mlm whose tribes aren’t accepting of their sexuality ✨

Shout out to native mlm who constantly have to deal with being told “you don’t look native!” ✨

Shout out to native mlm who do look native and are discriminated for it on top of being mlm ✨

Shout out to native trans mlm who don’t want to cut their hair for spiritual reasons ✨

Shout out to native trans mlm who don’t want to cut their hair just because they like it ✨

Shout out to native trans mlm who do want to cut their hair short ✨

My native boys out there never get any love so shout out to Native mlm!!! Feel free to add more!

Recent developments in my personal life have me in a pretty tight situation right now. I’ve had to run away with my cats to live with my sister due to the toxic environment in my household getting too out of hand. While things are starting to die down personally with my relationship with my parents, I feel like it’s about time at age 23 that I start trying to take more control and responsibility for my life.

There’s just a few roadblocks in the way that are making it a bit tough right now to get going.

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Help Gallus Buy A New Computer... By Buying Their Old One!

So, I do pretty much all of my writing/emails/bill-paying etc. out of my old Toshiba and its… literally falling apart at the seams.  They keyboard is currently held on with duct-tape.  But that’s not the computer I’m selling!  I also have This Bad Boy:

Which I originally purchased for Art Purposes but unfortunately, due to a shoulder injury, drawing with a tablet and working with this screen gives me migraines like you wouldn’t believe.  So it can be yours! and go towards the purchase of my next computer! So you also get more sweet, sweet Gallus content!

This is a 2012 iMac with the following features:

  • 21.5 inch screen (diagonal)
  • Intel core I5 quad core
  • Terabyte hard drive
  • 2.7 Ghz processor
  • latest copy of Windows For Mac
  • mouse and keyboard
  • professionally refurbished by university tech team
  • It’s in perfect working order, I just have shoulder issues.

I’m selling it for $700+shipping, or best offer.  I take paypal.  If you’re interested, please send me an ask, and if you’re not, maybe reblog this for a friend?  (Posting on 6/18/17 just so this doesn’t get reblogged for 400 years).


Hey I’m making another Commission post bc I’m THAT poor. Consider buying a commission from me, I’m very fast and I will draw most things. Just message me if you’re interested or have a question! All money will go to my food or my sweet kitty’s food. Prices are always negotiable, so just send me a message and I’ll be happy to work with you! 

Extra characters are 3 usd each, if you want something like a background I’ll charge maybe 5-10 usd depending on complexity.

Even if you can’t buy from me please reblog I have like 50 dollars. I don’t have a car and can’t get a job on my school campus because my parents (who don’t pay for my food) make enough money that the school doesn’t need to hire me. Unfortunately money also gets used up because of cat costs and for things like toiletries and food. So please consider commissioning me or at least reblogging this post. 

TLDR pls signal boost if u can!!!

watch still star crossed, a show with a dark skinned black female lead and black and non-black mains (who are in positions of power) and a diverse cast which follows the story line of the aftermaths of romeo and juliet’s deaths and already has the best love triangle on top of literally everything being forbidden love and hella angsty, and follow my still star crossed side blog @rosealines

it airs on ABC on Mondays at 10pmEST and you can watch the first episode on their website


He has a daily platform on TV to enter people’s homes and humiliate and belittle trans and non-binary people. The attempted suicide rate of trans and non-binary people is 40-45%.

I believe that his words and actions over the past few months could increase this statistic. This will therefore have a huge impact on myself and my community. Piers Morgan has repeatedly expressed outdated, irrelevant and bigoted views that should have no place in today’s society.”


ok so i had an idea this morning; because i am getting a tiny bit annoyed with how this website is about 99.9% centered around america and american politics and everything American™ (which of course is important, don’t get me wrong) i was thinking that maybe some people felt the same way and it’d be a good idea to create a blog based on european politics etc.

since there are a lot of countries in europe with a lot of different languages/politics/cultures/etc., i think it would be extremely interesting and informing and so on, but it would be required to have several people being interested in joining that blog, to properly inform on what is going on in your country (it can go from memes to politics, basically everything)

the blog would grant people from different countries an insight on other country’s cultures, politics, histories, music, languages, etc. and ideally broaden people’s understanding of the world.

would you be interested in following such a blog or even join in? if so, please comment, contact me, like or reblog so i can see if it makes sense to launch this project and maybe spread the word. if enough people would be interested in joining i would create a survey for you to sign up.

thank you very much for your cooperation!! :)

Contact me at (payment via paypal invoice only)


  • NO nsfw/gore  (nudes are okay if i don’t draw genitals and it’s not sexual)
  • no background (i might add some simple black shape if there is too much white)
  • there might be a $5 fee if you ask for something i’m not used to draw
  • you can use/post your commission but not for profit, credit is appreciated

If you have any question, feel free to ask!! thanks・゚✧

dont know if this’ll get any notes but i need help, my dad is disabled and currently waiting for court results to settle whether we get SSI or SSD, works himself as a contractor to pained tears anyway to try and get money, i work 2 jobs and go to school and my mom works as much overtime as she can but we are behind on bills and theyre gonna turn our electric off in a week (around 6/19). i have 3 old cats and 2 dogs that would especially not appreciate no air conditioning. im gonna try to pick up extra shifts but theyre asking for at least $500. even if you have one dollar my paypal is pls help

EDIT: TYSM guys i have the money im so grateful :’)

Hello everyone ! My dash is pretty much dead so I decided to make a follow spree c: Please reblog this post if you reblog/post from the following fandoms and put in the tags which of these apply to you c:

Bolded* means I’m mostly looking for more content of it !

Anime/Manga/etc. :

  • Haikyuu!!*
  • Gintama*
  • One Piece*
  • One-Punch Man 
  • Ballroom e Youkoso
  • Owari no Seraph
  • Pokemon
  • Sports/Comedy/Seasonal anime (KNB, DNA, GSNK, Osomatsu-san …)
  • 19 days
  • Seiyuu*
  • Memes ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Bonus if : 

  • You make your own creations 
  • You love nsfw drama cds ( ͡° ᴥ ͡°)
  • You have a tagging system (important !!!) 
  • You are active (if you’re on semi-hiatus it’s ok too c:)
  • You love Kuroo Tetsurou and angst as much as I do (Wヮ ̄)〜♡

Note: I love checking out blogs but I can’t guarantee a follow, so please don’t be sad/upset or take it personally ♡ I would appreciate if my lovely mutuals could help spread the word ! 

– Thanks for reblogging !

Cheesy PickUp Line Challenge

4,001 of you wonderful souls follow me now 

and I swore to myself I wouldn’t do a challenge with every milestone, but… I’m gonna do one for this.

Below the cut is a list of the cheesiest and somewhat dirty pick-up lines that will serve as prompts for this little celebration.

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Hello! I am finally opening up for commissions! Now that I’ve graduated college, I would like to make some means of an income while I search around for full time employment! Here are the details written out in case anything looked confusing!


  • Sketch - $15
  • Lined - $20
  • Flat - $25


  • Lined - $30
  • Flat - $35
  • Detailed - $40


  • Lined - $45
  • Flat - $50
  • Detailed - $60+


  • Flat fee - $15 ( + $5 for every additional character)


  • $20 - $40 depending on complexity

NSFW is allowed but I reserve the right to refuse any request 

for more samples of my artwork, please check out my art blog OR my personal blog

I take paypal in $USD ONLY

If you’re interested, email me at (with COMMISSION as the title of the email)

If you are interested, please be able to supply a reference or detailed description of your character please!

Thank you!! 


Commissions are Open

please look at pics in full view for best quality!

hey guys!! I’m opening commissions to help raise money for getting to cons. My biggest goal atm is to get to AX to meet some of my online friends but so far the trip is sounding expensive (plane ticket, AX ticket, hotel fees, recreation and food) Rather than ask my parents to pay for the entirety of the trip, I’m taking commissions to try to pay as much as i can myself TvT I’d love it if you guys could buy a commission from me or boosted this around. tysm guys <33

tl;dr i need to raise money to get to AX, please buy a commission or reblog this tysm!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me! Send me a message if you are interested.