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BEAST is a little gothic fairytale – the story of three generations of women dealing with the aftermath of divorce. When Alice’s mother, Grace, tells her that her father’s a “beast,” she begins to question who or what she really is. 

We’re going for something along the lines of Pan’s Labyrinth meets Terms of Endearment – a sprinkling of magical realism mixed with a family drama.

We shot the bulk of the short film last year and headed back for one day in January. We were lucky enough to be supported by Creative England’s Emerging Talent scheme, which got us through the bulk of the shoot but now find ourselves in post production with our credit cards maxed out, desperate to finish our little movie.

Support women filmmakers and donate to this film’s kickstarter before April 28th so we can all see it.


Pumpkins, we made it. Malec is in the final round of TV’s Top Couple 2017. We got second place last year, so let’s vote as hard as we all can to win this year for this beautiful couple that we all love so much. Let’s show them how important Malec is to all of us.

The poll ends on Monday at 5 p.m. PT. Just about right on time before the winter finale of “Shadowhunters” airs. That means there is still enough time to vote and to win this! If we all stick together, we can definitely do this!

Vote as often as you can and as a thank you, I’ll give you a blog compliment. Deal? Deal.


  • you don’t have to follow me to get a compliment although I would appreciate it :)
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  • send me an ask with the current % that Malec has after you voted for them
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so i follow/am mutuals with alot of fakes

lmao if ur a louie/ot4 stan who dOESNT HATE the other boys, freddie, their families + significant others, then follow me on @donnylilshit !!!! im! so! over! the! bullshit! I! see! from! y'all!

Help a NB bi man have a quiet vacation and a nice time that he desperately craves

Thing is, im currently unable to work as I’m focusing on school full time. Paying for my school is already a huge burden on my mother, she can’t always give me extra to spend so i can’t save up much…

I really wanna go see my friend @horizonindigo down south here in Mexico but I’m currently a few bucks short on being able to do that, I would also love to see my sweetheart @goth-bunny in the Philippines but as it is much more expensive, that’s a dream I’m leaving for a bit later…

Please, if you can it would mean a lot if you could help me, either by donating or spreading this around. Im desperate to leave this place for a while, not being able to be me freely takes a huge toll on my mental health, and I’m so…tired.

My PayPal is

Thank you….

Faeron's 1K Commissions!

So I’ve been doing these commissions in the background for awhile now to kind of test the waters if people would be interested and turns out that some people actually like my stuff so I’m gonna give this a shot for real. I’m opening up written comissions for the general public. These commissions will be going up to a word count of 1k max as they don’t take up a lot of time for me to do.

 Pricing: Still looking to see how these are gonna go so these commissions will be priced at $10. If you wanna make it saucy (nsfw) then it’ll be an extra $10. I accept payments through paypal and upfront. 

  What I can write: I’ve done mostly fandom works (RWBY, Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fates, Nier:Automata, etc.) so I’m predicting I’m gonna be getting a lot of those kinds of prompts. 

  • I’m willing to write any ship for the most part. Poly ships are fine or even just general friendship. 
  •  I can write Orignal Characters provided you got enough information about said characters and setting (any visual aid helps me a lot with this.)  
  • I can also write blood, gore and and even character death depending on the context. 
  •  In regards to the nsfw commissions, I’m pretty comfortable in writing most kinks but, there’s a few that I won’t do. Speaking of.. 

Things I won’t write: 

  • I won’t be writing anything concerning rape or abuse. I’m not comfortable with that.  
  • I won’t write any pornographic material with underaged characters. If they have been aged up in an au then it’s fine. 

 How long will these take? This is kind of important. While these don’t usually take me long to do, I do work full time so it may take me awhile. You won’t be waiting for too long. If you wanna see examples of work, most of my stuff can be found here or in my tumblr under my “Writings” tag. 

 How can I snag one of these? You can message me through Tumblrs DM system. Even you don’t have a concrete idea yet, we can work something work and if you have any questions about these commissions, just ask! I won’t bite. If you can’t afford these, signal boosting helps me a lot.  I’m looking forward to working with you guys! 


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Hey guys! Mattie here! I’m starting commissions, finally! Yay!

I’m really trying to find a way to earn a living wage, enough to finally be able to escape my house and support myself! It’s really shitty, so I’m doing everything I can to help make money!

If you’re interested, please send me an ask, or an email through! (Yes, I know the spambots will get my email.)

I accept payment through Paypal and Google Wallet! If you wanna see how far along with commissions I am, or how many I am currently working on, see here!

Please if you can, spread this around and help me gather enough money and a living wage to help support myself. Thanks!

I will not draw anything that has to do with pedophilia, transphobia, homophobia, aphobia, biphobia, and sexual acts.

omg im laughing nobody in canada/quebec calls the french language “quebecois.” i have never heard this in my life. it’s like saying you “speak american.” we just call it french. you might say you speak “american english” or “quebecois french” if you wanna be specific, but never just “american” or “quebecois.” anyway i laugh every time i see this so just fyi and pls signal boost

May 20th Meet Up Deets

Hi Everyone!

So far we have 10 confirmed people and 4 maybe people attending the 1 Year Anniversay Meet Up. There might be more people coming as well who just havent rsvp’d yet, but this is awesome!

We’re planning on meeting on the fifth floor terrace of the Southbank Centre at 2pm this Saturday 20th May. Itsy and I (Hazel) will be in Samwell T-shirts and there will be a stuffed shark on the table so you can spot us.

If you wanna bring baked goodies that would be great but no pressure.

We shall play some games including our custom Check Please Cards Against Humanity deck, and Check Please Cluedo:)

We also may go for pizza afterwards if we still wanna stay hanging out.

Message @itsybittle or @hazelwickpepperweb if you need more details or have any questions.

Hope to see you on Saturday!


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Hello! Can you please promo my friend?? They've been gushing about matt cortez and they decided to start posting more pictures of him, but I'm seeing that they're getting no notes/support (they also reblog a bunch of other bandom/youtube/shitpost stuff, just in case anyone wants to know what type of blog they have) PS Its ok If you dont wanna do it, i just wanted to support my friend, url: @luna-lovesu

idk what you wanted me to do but everyone!!! I follow @luna-lovesu and she seems super chill and funny so go hit that follow button! 


Hi guys !! I need a few bucks to help pay off some things, and to start raising money for college !!!!! WOW !!!!! 

Above are all the rules and guidelines, so if you have any questions, or want a commission, feel free to message me here on tumblr 

OR ! email me over at dont swear tho my dad can see the emails and i dont wanna get in trouble plz forgive me

If you’d like more examples of my art, check out my art tag (which it wont let me link it, so my tag is art-kind) to see if i a m w o r ht you r  t  ii mm e uauhjdmxa;,



hi everyone!! i hope you all had lovely holidays! i’m opening commissions again to save up money to visit my lovely girlfriend in australia this year uwu so i gotta start saving up now if i wanna see her!!

a few things:

  • please only send payment through paypal! if you’re interested, send me an email at
  • when you send it, please include what type of commission you’re interested in! i also offer fullbody commissions & chibis, and we can discuss prices for them via email (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
  • i prefer not to have text-only references of your characters; i’d greatly prefer it if you had a visual reference!

i think that’s all… thanks for reading! as always, signal boosts are greatly appreciated!

So since so many people liked my thing about a Silmarillion movie....

How about we make it happen?

We’d need a nearly astronomical budget for costuming, but I really think that if we band together we can do this.

I personally live in Central Ohio, and don’t really have much means of travel, so I’m looking for people either in the area or who can be in the area without too much trouble.I’m talking to some people, and if we can get enough of us together we’re going to do a short film based on a chapter of the silmarillion. 

We’re going to take it one chapter at a time, and we might(read: probably will) end up doing stuff a little out of order(chronologically speaking). 




Extra feedback is always good!

And right now we have pretty much nothing but me saying “Let’s do this!!!!” really excitedly and one of my friends who has yet to even see a single movie, much less read the books backing me up(bless you, love, just bless you) so We’re in need of headcannons on appearance, preferably some Tolkien experts(I know you’re out there) to make sure we don’t screw up, actors, costumers, makeup artists, and possibly(probably) donators!

So once again if anyone is interested please message me, and spread the word.

If you post about it please tag with “silmfilm”


I’m on Patreon! I’ve never done anything like this so I’m a little nervous, but very excited to see how it goes! I’ve set up a small starter pack for free if you wanna check out the kind of content that I’ll be posting before pledging anything- I’m aiming to update a few times a month (you will only be charged once at the start of each new month, for as little as $1-5~) think of it like a monthly tip-jar where you get access to Patreon exclusive content!

I’d really appreciate signal boosts to get this thing up and running!! ;w; you guys have always been super supportive and generous, so I wanna try and make this worth any money you’d be willing to pledge! <3

Help me start a tag?Birblr Art!

I suggest we start a new tag called “birblr art.”

So sometimes I browse the cockatiel or budgie tag looking for art I can reblog. Lately this has become nearly impossible to do for two reasons. 

First there’s Tumblr’s massive spam problem and the cockatiel tag is loaded with it. And two: if it’s not spam, I keep coming across posts with birds being mistreated. Definitely not what you wanna see when you’re looking for art. 

So I suggest that we start a tag where we can see specifically bird art. Meaning, NOT any pictures of real, actual birds, but birds that people have drawn, or sculpted, painted, etc. 

If you are an artist who’s subject matter often deals with birds, please use the “birblr art” tag. I will be going through it frequently and will be reblogging some of it. Plus, this makes it easy to just browse art if that’s what someone wants to do. 

Please signal boost this and tag artists in it? 


This is Matty from ABOP/11DG. Please feel free to direct all your questions, concerns, compliments, complaints, etc. about the channel and our videos to my askbox.

Also, feel free to submit any fan art or fan fiction. 

Alternatively, you can just post it in the 11 drunk guys or ABOP tag and I will find it because I check those regularly.

If you have any questions for anyone specifically in ABOP, I will try my hardest to get into contact with them so I can answer your question properly and quickly.

ALSO, if you want me to follow you, just talk to me a little and I’m sure I would have no problem with it. I love everyone.

BEFORE YOU ASK, here’s some answers to common questions. A FAQ if you will. PLEASE READ THESE BBGs <3.

Q: Do any other guys from ABOP have Tumblr?

No, I am the only one. There are a lot of fan blogs if you need more ABOP content.

Q: Where is Alec?

He is really busy and will not be making many videos with us. He may be in one in the near future, but no promises.

Q: Can I send you money in exchange for sexual interactions?

That depends wholly on how much money you are willing to give, provided you are of 18 years or older. (hint: you can’t afford us)

Q: Where in Canada are you from?

Edmonton, Alberta.

Q: If I visit/live in Edmonton, can I meet you guys?

We have never actually had a meet and greet with a fan. We try to be very cautious in our interactions with our subscribers/followers. If you are an legally recognized adult (18+), then I’m sure we can work something out.

Q: Can we play games/make a video together?

If I’m just answering for myself, then yes. I am 100% open for that. If you wanna play games and talk over Skype, just send me an ask and we’ll figure it out. If you wanna make a video, pitch the idea to me and I’ll see if it’s gonna work out.

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH. You’ve been very helpful by supporting us this far, and I appreciate you with all my heart and soul. Please keep watching and don’t hesitate to talk to me. I will keep reblogging this post for the next little while so everyone knows what’s up. If you care, give it a signal boost so we can create the ABOP Tumblr community that we want.