i hate to self promo again but i’m really really low on cash and i need to pay for my medication by next week monday

my art is
my commission info is
my store is terukikun on redbubble

please reblog if you can im starting to get really worried about being able to afford medication cause my job isn’t working out and i can’t work anywhere else rn



Comissions are OPEN! 

Hey y’all! I’m going to be moving out of my parent’s house soon, and I’m in need of money! I’m getting my first apartment with my girlfriend c: 

Headshots/busts with simple background (or transparent): $10 

$5 per extra character (If you want a big group picture, we can negotiate a lower price for all the characters!)

Full body character with simple background (or transparent): $20

$7 per extra character(s) (If you want a big group picture, we can negotiate a lower price for all the characters!) 

Short, simple animations! Ex: character floating, character blinking, colors changing, ears twitching, rain or snow falling, etc: +$6 to the price 

If you want something different from what I’ve described, send me a message either on Tumblr or through e-mail at (yes with only 1 M!) and we can negotiate a price! 

I will draw: 

  • Voltron
  • Any ship
  • Characters from any other series as long as you provide clear reference images! 
  • Your OCs 
  • Real people (in my style, as long as there is a clear reference image!)
  • NSFW
  • Furries
  • Gore
  • Mecha (only with clear references)

I reserve the right to decline a commission if it makes me uncomfortable. 

Hey team, I have an emergency

So since last week I’ve been incredibly ill (I won’t go into details for it’s gruesome). Because of this illness, I haven’t been able to work a good chunk of my shifts, and my paycheck will be way smaller than I need it to be. 

I won’t be able to cover rent, groceries, phone bills, ETC. 

I guess long story short if you guys can help me out i’d appreciate it;

Any little bit helps;




To try and get some money coming in, I’ve set up an etsy store (not sure if I’ve done it correctly or not). I wasn’t sure about doing it, but for all the signal boosting I’ve had on tumblr it’s not really an ideal platform for obtaining commissions (at least, not if you’re me, it seems).

I am appreciative to all those who have commissioned me thus far. I’m hoping this will make things a bit simpler if I have it on etsy too? I’m not sure. 

Please take a look, share it around if you have friends or relatives you think might like something silly and cute for their desk at work, their home work station, or a key ring for a set of keys. Much appreciated.

BlusterSquallCrafts on Etsy

Hey y’all!

I’m in a marketing class this semester and our final project is to create a fundraiser and actually raise the funds. The money raised will be donated to breast and prostate cancer research (not to Susan G. Komen). 

My group is doing a raffle for a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

The raffle is digital, and when a winner is selected (May 2nd) an email will be sent to everyone on the mailing list who bought a ticket that the raffle is over, and we’ll tell you the total amount raised and the class total (if we have it by then).

I have to collect online payments through my PayPal (because to cash out of PayPal you need a bank account, and our week-long fundraiser doesn’t have a bank account) but everything will be accounted for because I have to hand in receipts/screenshots & the cash by the end of the fundraiser.

I’m really happy to be doing this project, as it means a lot to me since my mom has recently started chemotherapy for her own breast cancer.

If you’re interested in participating, email or or message me on here!!!! 

Thank you all so much, and good luck!

alright somebody help me I’m kinda desperate I read this like one shot of Harry and the reader and the reader was like staring at Harry’s lips the whole time while they where chatting with friends until the reader’ best friend told her to stop and then they went to the kitchen, the thing is the tumblr app decided to just close itself and I didn’t even get to like it or reblog it or anything and now I can’t find it!!! All I remember was that the blog who posted it reblogged them8and that the icon was kinda blue. If anyone knows pls send it to me!!!!

Hello! I am currently opening Emergency Chibis! I was in a pretty bad car accident Wednesday that has left me unable to work and I am unsure when I will receive any income. I don’t have a lot of energy and the pain i’m in prevents me from drawing anything time consuming or detailed, so chibis will have to do since they are easier on me.

Chibis will come on a white background and are full color. One Chibi is 10 dollars, and any additional ones added to the same drawing are 5 dollars each.

Please pay in full upon placing an order! I only accept payments via Paypal. I would prefer to be contacted through the Instant Messaging system to avoid clutter in my askbox. Chibi art is usually finished within a day.

Alternatively, if you cannot afford a chibi but would still like to help –You can simply reblog this post or send a donation to my paypal or Buy me a Coffee (which can be found on my blog)! My email is

Examples of my chibis can be seen below the cut!

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FreshillaMan’s Commissions

I’ve updated my commissions page for the summer. Any commissions will help me pay for school and help out with the development of my game



- Prices detailed above

+50% base price per extra character
Simple backgrounds Free!

Paypal only


- Nothing too NSFW (but not opposed to trying anything mild)

Check out more of my art here

Please provide a description of what you would like.
Please provide reference images

Email me at if you are interested
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or email

Any reblogs are super appreciated!


hey, guys. i really need 120$ to get my insulin this month because i literally have NONE. i’ve been going to people’s houses to clean lately, but it doesn’t pay much. i have the other 140$, but i need 120$ to pay for it in full so i don’t have to go back in a couple of weeks to pay more when i can just pay 260$ for a month’s supply. i really need your help, even if you can’t donate, please reblog this so others who can can see this help me. i will do anything

you can donate on paypal @