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The Importance of Being Scandalous by Kimberly Bell

*I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.*

The Importance of Being Scandalous is a romance novel set in the Victorian era, following Amelia Bishop and Nicholas Wakefield as they begin to cause bigger scandal after bigger scandal in the hope of getting Amelia’s slightly undesirable fiancé to call off her engagement.

I requested this book on @bookavid‘s recommendation, mostly because of the character of Julia, a disabled character with spina bifida. I also really like romantic relationships in historical novels, although I don’t often read straight romance novels like this so it was fun to explore a different genre for a while. It was a really quick, fast paced read that I couldn’t put down – it was exactly what I needed at the time, and I think I finished it in around four hours.

Unfortunately, this book doesn’t feature very much of Julia for a large section, as she in confined to her home while Amelia is in London, but I’m promoting this series because I’m hopeful that due to its name (A Tale of Two Sisters) this probably means the second book will follow Julia’s romantic life (with Jasper? Please say with Jasper…..)

TW for ableist language – Julia’s disability is often described as a ‘taint’ on the family, etc. due to historical attitudes towards disability.

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I just wanted to let a few of you know that if you any of you who are writers of fiction or poetry (or even if you have a gnawing hunger to read more!) you should try Commaful to post your stuff. It’s this really pleasant community of writers who support and actually give back feedback on any work you post. I’ve been there for almost 7 months now and of all my poetry posts, I’ve never gotten one negative comment. I’ve never seen a negative comment on the site period. Each post is like this little slideshow of a book and they’re so easy to make and coming from a really bad place last year mentally with a lingering depression and years of not feeling good about my poetry, I’ve never felt more accepted or inspired until I joined. I hope any who reads or writes like I do checks it out. is so much better for you and your work than Tumblr is.

Also, follow me if you like it and I’ll follow back! I’m wethedreamers there. Come be sad with me and look at my poetry and I’ll look at yours. :)

you kept staring at me with your gorgeous eyes but little did you know you were killing me inside.
—  mixed signals.

A little infographic I put together to highlight how much Star Wars (1977-) blatantly takes from Dune (1965-1985).  

WARNING: Some Spoilers abound. If you have not read Dune and wish to do so, there are reveals here that may ruin certain moments for first-time readers. 

I’ve been wanting to bring some of these things to light for a while now. I will be doing a series of posts in the future based on other properties that Star Wars rips material from, both visually and thematically; namely Dune and Valerian, among others. 

I do not dislike Star Wars (at least Episodes 4 &5). However, much of the DNA it holds is taken verbatim from other sources, with Dune being among, if not the largest of those sources.  


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Just when I start to give up again you give me another flicker of hope. One day I don’t exist and the next we are telling each other our closest secrets, and I know it might be too late, but I want to know where I stand with you. Are we friends? Are we more? Or are you just somebody that I thought I knew?
—  I don’t know where I stand with you


This is a screenshot of an ask from @vaveyard Tumblr: 

I know books are really hard to come by in some countries, either because they’re not published there, or because of the expense. I have an extra copy of King’s Cage I would love to get to this anon but who are they??? Help me to find them by signal boosting this post and I will send them my extra copy.

Anon, if we can find you, DM me your address and I will send you the book as long as you pass it along to friends/other readers when you’re done so you all can enjoy it. 

PSA: If You're Reading A Self Published Author

Please, please please take the time to rate and/or review the book. It takes only a few seconds to click a star rating but it can make or break a self published author. If you have the time to write a written review that’s even better. Even if it’s just one sentence “I loved this book” or “great story” you would really be helping out us self published authors. We can’t sell books if we don’t have reviews. Being a self published author myself, I’m always hearing how people loved my book but I still have a hard time getting reviews, which in turn means I have a hard time getting sales. Please guys, at least for me this is my business. This is how I make a living and I know that many of my fellow authors are in the same boat!

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Oh shit guys right y'know the new really cool Green Day book - ‘Green Day Rising’ well hardly anyone has been buying it. Here is a quote from the authors

‘We are in serious, serious debt because books don’t seem to be something people want anymore, so we’re trying to find a way to pay the bills we owe. I promise you that we only went down this road to sell a book that would make people happy, but making people happy didn’t end up translating to sales. So we’re kinda screwed (desperate) at the moment.’

These people are honestly really good people and the book is brilliant so it would be lovely to buy it if you are a Green Day fan.
Please share this and spread the word however you can, help some good people out!

10 ways to say I love you - Peter parker imagine

summary: this is the first 5 (Part 1) of 10 ways Peter Parker shows he loves you, peter x reader. alcohol consumption is mentioned in case that’s a trigger for anyone.

a/n: I actually really liked this Idea and went with it. For Masterlist click Here. I won’t write part 2 unless this gets a good amount of notes so please if you like it, like or reblog! thank you. 

Peter turned the corner of the school hallway to find you furiously unzipping every zipper on your bookbag. You were searching for a pen through your entire bag and locker. You had history next and your teacher only allowed students to write all notes and assignments in pen. The bell rang, indicating that lunch had ended and you still hadn’t found a pen. Sighing loudly you closed your locker and were greeted by Peter. 

“Hey” Peter smiled.  

“Hey” you greeted, throwing your backpack over your shoulder and slumping your shoulders. Beginning to walk towards the stairs, “Wait what’s up?” Peter asked aware of your slumped mood. You took three steps before turning to look at him, a step below you. “I just forgot a pen for class and I didn’t answer the pop question yesterday correctly, which means he will call on me to check all of my work- which I won’t be able to write because I don’t have a damn pen” you gushed out all in one breath. “Easy, take mine” he handled you his only pen. 

“what will you write with them” you questioned, warily taking the pen. “I’ll figure it out when I get there” He said intertwining your hands together and leading you to class. 

Peter rapidly tapped his fingers against the desk, spaced out from whatever the decathlon meeting was discussing today. He was counting down the seconds until the bell rang and he could rush to meet you outside your classroom. He knew you had to return the majority of your books today and he could only imagine the literal weight on your shoulders. As soon as the obnoxious ring sounded throughout the room, he bolted out of the room. 

Flying down the stairs and taking a sharp right turn towards your class, he caught you just in the nick of time. You were walking out of class with 3 textbooks stacked over your arms and making small talk with Michelle. One of textbooks started to slip from your grasp and peter was at your side immediately picking up the fallen book. “Hey Parker” you greeted him. “Hey” he leaned in, kissing you and swiftly taking all the books onto his arms, and pulled away. “Let me carry these for you” peter signaled towards books now resting in his arms. “God I love you” you sighed out while rubbing your sore arms. “I know” He shot back with a smirk. “Okay, Han solo I need to return these after lunch so meet me at the library” you pecked his cheek and turned to walk with Michelle.

“He’s so whipped” Michelle said matter of factly and laughed. 

“Petre R u up”

A text Peter received from your number at 10:30pm on a Thursday night.

“Hey what’s up? Are you okay?”

He quickly straightened up and grabbed his phone it was unlike you to send these type of texts on a school night. At once, he received an incoming call from you He picks up and starts bombarding you with questions and to which you only answer “shhh I miss you Parker” slurring in last name a bit. 

“Are you drunk right now?” he asked quickly throwing off the covers and searching the room for a T-shirt. “Maybe, I’m at Liz’s, for a project, project for science, yep a project, I’m sleeping over and we may or may haven’t gotten into Liz’s dad’s liquor cabinet” You stuttered out. You knew it was a bad idea to get drunk on a school night but you underestimated the power of alcohol and how much of a lightweight you are.  “He’s out of town, we are in the clear… I miss youu” you giggled at something Liz said. “I’m on my way” Peter whispered into his phone as he snuck out through the fire escape window. 

“no don’t come, you can’t come, no boys allow liz’s rule” you said. “I just want to make sure you’re okay” peter says worrisome into his receiver. “Okay fine…. but how are you even getting here though? you don’t drive” you question. “Uh Uber” he says, pulling his mask over his face. 

On your one year anniversary, Peter gives you the typical flowers and love letter. Until you spot the CD attached to the back of the letter. You look up at him to see the sheepish smile on his face. “You made me a mixtape?” you question already smiling. “Yeah I memorize every song you every sang under your breath to and put them on a disc” he said staring at the ground now, blushing. 

You thought back to before you and Peter were even dating, when you were just bus partners and you sat next to him with your headphones in. You knew you hummed into to quite a few songs but now you had realized you might have sung a few as well. You grabbed your laptop from your bed and slipped the cd right into the slot. Nothing played on the first try nor the second or the third. You even tried playing it on your DVD played with no luck.

“Maybe my computer disk reader is broken” you offered after seeing the look on Peter’s face. “No i just think I don’t know how to burn CDs very well, I knew I should’ve asked Ned for help I’m sorry for ruining the anniversary” He looked down at his knees. “Hey no you didn’t ruin anything Peter it’s the thought that counts here” You put your hand under his chin, “I’m serious this, today was really great” you assure him. Looking between his lips and his eyes you begin to lean in when music starts blaring from your laptop speaker, interrupting your moment. 

“Hey at least it works” You tease and roll on your side to scroll through different songs Peter picked out for you. 

Peter snapped a picture of you leaning on the lunch tables deep in thought, the camera noise going off pulling away from your thoughts. 

“You taking pictures of me again Pete?” You point your fork at him accusingly, before grabbing another ball of noodles with your fork. He just nods examining the picture detail by detail as if he wasn’t sitting in front of the real thing. His lips twitches at the way you scrunch your eyes when you’re concentrated. He follows every curve on your face with his eyes. 

“oh come on let me see it, I hate off guard pictures I always look pissed off” you reach over the table and grab his phone. You look at the picture then back at him, “just as a suspected, I look extremely pissed off at the ceiling.” Peter immediately chimes in that he thinks you look great.

“Of course you did Peter, I could wear a sock on my head and you would tell me I looked amazing” you smiled at him caressing his kiss. ”Yeah true but i seriously think you look good in this one, its wallpaper worthy” he says like staring down at his phone again. “Only Wallpaper” you ask raising an eyebrow. “You already know you’re my lockscreen and wallpaper” he rolls his eyes but nevertheless blushes. 

“Thought so, you’re mine too by the way” You smile before turning to playfully flip off Michelle after hearing her make gagging noises towards you and Peter. 

Please lmk if you want a part 2, aka the other five reasons, cause my most recent imagine flopped.

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