Hey, I’m a lesbian trans woman (pronouns are she/they) and I’m trying to escape my abusive family and I really need somewhere ASAP and I’m looking for housing right now, whether that’s a couch or room.

I’m looking for work atm but I have enough to pay some for rent right bow. I could probably afford $200-$450/month. I’d prefer long term, around a year or two.

I’m pretty quiet and polite. I have a bad back but I can occasionally help making food. I don’t mind sharing a room as long as people don’t view me as sexual capital and you’re respectful.

Being near public transportation would p good and helpful for me. I’m okay with pets and I can help out with them around the house/apartment. Don’t really care if you drink and smoke.

Please help me escape my shitty family and build a new life for myself.
Click here to support Phoenix's Out-of-Work Survival Fund by Phoenix Singer

My name is Phoenix and I’m a 22 year old multiracial Jewish trans woman. I live in Portland, OR with my girlfriend Olivia (writeswrongs) who is a local writer of color and we need your help.

I am currently out of work. I had a temporary job in a fellowship program that didn’t have enough funding to have me continue in that position. It’s been difficult for me to find work and a lot of the jobs I have applied for have a start date that would leave me without money to pay next month’s rent, utilities and food costs. I have three years of organizing and activism experience and Olivia and I just need some assistance until I have a job again.

Olivia works as a reporter and is recovering from a recent divorce. She cannot afford to support me alone. With your help, an interracial Indigenous lesbian/queer couple can stay afloat and be able to maintain our financial needs while we seek employment.

Without these donations we will not be able to afford our apartment. As a transgender woman, finding employment is difficult and housing is a luxury. This is why I am asking for help.

Your donations would go towards: Rent, Water and Electricity, Groceries, Public Transportation, Household Items (Laundry Detergent, etc), Interview Clothing and other housing/living costs for until I have a job to support myself.

The next rent period will be October 1st.

need help immediately

So I just had a baby. Like literally JUST had a baby, 2 days ago. Before then, me and my boyfriend were staying with some friends. They suddenly got very overwhelmed by the idea of letting us and a newborn live with them, so we got pressured out. We have some money-enough to put a deposit on a place. But so far none of the rentals we’ve contacted have hit us back, so we’re trying to save money AND have a place to live. We’re running out of cash staying at motels, and SERIOUSLY need some assistance. 

I’m contacting our local homelessness assistance program today but I don’t have high hopes because they don’t like to help people who have any money on hand (they want you to just spend it all on hotels until it runs out–not the best idea)

I’ve had this gofundme up for a while & my paypal is PLEASE HELP OR REBLOG! We’re just trying to stay in the cheapest motels possible until we hear back from a rental agency. 

No gas in NS (reposted)

Submitted by idkwtfttyl

Okay, since I haven’t seen anything on this site regarding this growing issue, and I’m not even sure the rest of the country is aware of it, I would like to make it known that there is no gas in Nova Scotia right now, and will possibly not be replenished until Thursday.

What happened was the price was lowered to 99 cents. Everyone raced to fill up their cars and cans while it’s so affordable. Unfortunately we were already low, and now gas stations everywhere are empty. In my town and surrounding communities on the South Shore, there is onlyone gas station operating, and the police are having to direct traffic because people are lined up into the streets. It’s now at the point that cars are running on empty.

This is a growing problem. Just to put it into perspective, I work at a hospital, and today we had to cancel several home visits because the nurses can’t drive like they normally can. (And if this is the part where you’re asking why the hospital doesn’t just fork over the money, then I would like to remind you that the NS healthcare budget is at an all time low, and we’re already asked to do more with less.)

I’m sure you’re wondering, why don’t just have more sent in? But here’s the thing. It is here. There are two ships currently sitting in the Halifax harbor, but they are not filling up the trucks. They’re just waiting. Until when? Supposedly until the price goes back up. Why?  Supposedly so the companies can make more money.

This is only occurring in Nova Scotia, and we are the only ones who had the price drop below the dollar, so that is what I am going to believe. I’ve heard several different theories though, since they’re not giving us any explanation we can’t be sure. But I do know that my own tank is almost empty, and I need to get to work. I really don’t want to make a half-hour trip to the only open gas station just to wait an hour to maybefill it up, but it looks like I’ll have to.

This is like the start of every post-apocalyptic novel I’ve read.


The little fuzzball in these pictures right here? His name is Vinny. He’s about 10 weeks old now and fighting for his life. Small breeds like Pomeranians often have blood sugar problems when they don’t get enough to eat, and Vinny has been reluctant to eat lately. Worried that he was going down the same path that his little brother Vellum did about a week ago (sadly, we lost him), he was rushed to the emergency vet.

After a few days there he’s stable, and will be coming home in the morning (September 1, 2015). Though that’s certainly not without problems of its own.

After emptying savings we’re still short paying the vet bills, and he’ll need antibiotics and special nutrient-rich food for a while to avoid any more crashes.

As much as we hate asking for help, we really need it this time, which is why I’m posting it here. I’m hoping that people will be kind enough to spread this around, and maybe donate a little bit if they’re able.

By no means am I trying to guilt anyone into donating, we just really need help, and every penny counts.

Thank you to anyone that reblogs, donates, or both, and I will do my best to keep you all posted on his condition. <3

Lately, there have been shootings in theaters. Is there anyway movie theaters in America could get metal detectors? We already have them in airports bc of 9/11 so why not? I wouldn’t care if my tax money went toward that! Some people might complain that they can’t sneak candy in, but at least you won’t be dead..
And maybe have an alarm when the exit doors are used?


Custom orders are open!

If you can’t find a jewelry/trinket design you like that’s ready-to-ship in my shop, please message me on Etsy or send an email to frozencrafts @ (no spaces) and we can discuss a custom order for a personalized piece! Paypal only.

The prices range from $19 to $70 - that’s a big gap but it all depends on complexity.

$19 would be a simple bottle design with nothing on it while $70 would be a complicated design like that owl up there as it takes much more time to make, many more supplies and requires a lot of planning. More examples of my work here.

You can use my shop for price references on current glowing jewelry. And if you are even uncertain, just message me and I will give you an approximate cost! Shipping is $2 for UK, $2.50 for Europe and $3.50 everywhere else. Tracking is extra.

If you’d like to sign up for a glowing jewelry & general updates newsletter, please email glowingbottle @ instead!

Frozen Crafts: { shop } { youtube }
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Hey guys, I’m reaching out into the Rooster Teeth community for help in getting a service dog. I opened up a Go Fund Me and a Facebook page. You can find both at and
About my campaign: Hello, my name is Simonne, I’m a 20 year old college student looking for help to get a psychiatric service dog for myself. I live with severe social anxiety and moderate general anxiety as well as bouts of depression. Things that most people don’t think about such as going to the grocery store or mall, hanging out with friends, or even something as simple as driving is nearly impossible for me to do alone. I have always relied on my family to help me through these issues, but next year I will be moving out to finish school. I belive a service dog would help me greatly to become more independent.
I will be adopting the dog from a shelter and doing most of the training myself, but I will also need help from a professional trainer with the specialized tasks the dog will need to preform such as medical alerts for when I’m begining to have a panic attack and deep pressure therapy. The average rate for a trainer is $150 an hour and it will take many hours to assure a dog is properly trained as a public acess service dog.
So please, if you have a little extra money and would like to help me out, please follow the links and donate!!
I hate using this phrase, but please signal boost to help me out!

Hey there guys, as some of you may know, I just started my first year in art college (Which is out of state) and i’m currently living off the money I made over this summer. Sadly, this money is going really quick since I have to pay for toiletries/supplies, my weekend meals, (My meal plan doesn’t cover weekends) my medication, tuition costs and school supplies. (300+ dollars for the art supplies alone) I’m in a really tight spot here and I don’t have the time to get a part time job since my classes are all very homework heavy and demand almost all of my time outside of class. So i’m using the last bit of my time to open up commissions so my bank account doesn’t hit zero. Please help if you can or signal boost this post if you don’t have the funds.

What I don’t draw:



-Robots (mechanical limbs are okay)

If you’d like to contact me about commissioning please send a fanmail/ask or email me at

Paypal only, these prices are set for USD


Hi guys! I know I haven’t been around much lately; I’ve had so much going on and I just haven’t had nearly as much time to draw as I used to. A lot of the changes that have taken place in my life recently have been positive & exciting. I moved a few weeks ago to a bigger place. I’ve also finally grown the guts to embark on a new relationship (and yes, for anyone who pays attention- with the cutie I mentioned before… for a couple months now haha). 

But of course there has to be some bad to balance out all the good, right? One of my biggest sources of stress right now is car trouble. As a result I’ve decided to bite the bullet and try to get a new car. Unfortunately my financial situation isn’t the greatest and I need a little help, so I’m hoping to take some $10 sketch commissions. 

They’d be single character, simple/unclean sketches, something similar to these:

If you’re interested in something shippy/cute and couple-y, it will be $5 for the additional character.

I will not be shipping these drawings. They will be done traditionally and will I scan and email the file to you. You are then free to upload it to your blog, use it as an avatar, etc. (if you do upload please tag me so I can see!)

I will draw whatever fandom/character/oc you have in mind; it doesn’t have to be Frozen/Disney. Remember that I now only draw SFW material. Also keep in mind that I do stylized drawings like those pictured above. Please do not ask me to do realistic/portrait type drawings. That’s not my thing. 

I accept payment via paypal. 

If you’re interested or need more details, shoot me a message or an email at If you’re not interested, please, please signal boost for someone who might be! I’d really appreciate the help guys! Thank you in advance!! <3<3<3

Making another one of these (bc I apparently never get tired of begging :/)

I am a 20 yr old trans agender and for the last year and a half I have been house hopping. I’ve been doing sex work for a living (since being diagnosed with bpd w partial schizo and severe depression) and I have to say it’s not a largely booming business where I am. I need to pool in savings enough to be able to afford some small fucking fragment of a better life before I lose all the energy I have left. 

My body is shutting down from stress more and more as time goes on, due to consistent stress, abuse and assault trauma, body dysphoria, and psychosis. I am on my last leg with life. 

I am absolutely tired of begging others for money, but I’m to the point where it’s all I can do in the position I’m in right now, and I’m absolutely desperate. Please, my paypal is if you’re willing or able to help. 


So my  mom “kidnapped” my siblings from where they lived with her and my step-dad in Idaho and she is driving them to New Jersey. I believe they haven’t made it there yet and no one has been able to get a hold of the girls phones or my mom’s.

Please, my mom is mentally unstable and has had abusive drug addictions in the past. I’m helping my dad try to get full custody of my siblings. If you see Lauren (16), Madison (13), Chassie (Almost 5), or Jack (11) PLEASE CONTACT ME AT (760)8773609

My mom is driving a lightish-blue mini-van (I’ll update the post when I find out the make, model, and license plate number) Please help me help my little siblings.

Why do you need the support?

I am a college student currently attending full time at the Academy of Art University. Because I am attending full time I don’t have the time to get a part time job and have been living off some ridiculously high interest loans along with the small amount of money I get from commissions and my business. It’s been tough so some extra support would be much appreciated!

What will you do with the money you receive?

The money I get from monthly support will go towards my commute fees and food as that’s probably one of the biggest hits to me financially. To get into SF everyday it costs me around $200-300 via bart as its $11 round trip. I also like food - and as much as I love ramen it’s probably not the best thing to eat for every meal. Though I’m not going to lie, I’m probably just going to buy more ramen. Maybe some waffles. Mmm, waffles.

What is your comic?

My comic is called “Kings Folly” and it’s about a young man named Elliot who partakes on a thrilling adventure with his younger brother Philip. My comic will hopefully make people think about what morals mean and how power can be used for both good and evil. You can read it at:…

Stuff you can earn by helping me:

  • Read the newest Kings Folly a week early!
  • An exclusive badge shown on your profile on my comic site!
  • Access to all Tutorials and Help Guides written by me
  • Access to transparent line art for you to play with/color.
  • Access to low resolution PSD’s! Lower resolution, but with all the layers!
  • Early Bird Preorder privilege. You can preorder new products a week before everyone else!
  • Book previews! View the PDF version of any book I currently have in print, entirely for free!
  • Entries to a monthly sketch raffle
  • Free Kings Folly Merchandise.
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  • Your name printed in every copy of my comic!
  • Comic Cameo - have yourself drawn in as a background character at some point in my comic!
  • 20% off all commissions, forever!

One of our SPN Family on Twitter is in need of some encouragement tonight. She has a past history of self harm, and is Tweeting that she has nothing left to live for.

Please, stop whatever you are doing and message her on Twitter. Or pass along any messages to us and we will Tweet them for you.

FYI: If this triggers anything in you, and you need to talk to someone, please reach out to us.

Thanks everyone!