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by Jock Kinneir 

New York : Whitney Library of Design ; London : The Architectural Press, 1980
191 p. : ill. ; 29 cm

A city without directional signs, streets and shops without names, hosues without numbers - we have only to conjure up this vision to realize the vital part played by graphics in our everyday lives. Without them, life in our towns and citiews would become confusing.
But the effect of graphics on buildings and in the environment goes far beyond functional necessity. From the monumental lapidary inscriptions of ancient Rome to the flashy neon of New York City, words have been carved, painted, molded, and fixed on or near buildings to convey a whole range of complex messages to the public.

Words and buildings is an invaluable source book and guide both for professionals in the fields of architecture and graphic design as well as for students in the disciplines. It will also fascinate anyone with an eye for the rich and varied contribution which words can make to surroundings.

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