Never leave your house without making the Sign of the Cross. It will be to you a staff, a weapon, an impregnable fortress. Neither man nor demon will dare to attack you, seeing you covered with such powerful armor. Let this sign teach you yourself that you are a soldier, ready to combat against the demons, and ready to fight for the crown of justice. Are you ignorant of what the Cross has done? It has vanquished death, destroyed sin, emptied Hell, dethroned Satan, and resurrected the universe; will you then doubt its power?
—  St. John Chrysostom

“The villainess Claudette Colbert played in "The Sign of the Cross” bathed in milk, requiring her to sit under bright light in the smelly, spoiled liquid. Shooting was continually halted as the milk receded below the level of Claudette´s breasts, and the stench reached such a state that Claudette pronounced “Well, it´s supposed to be a cheesecake shot, isn´t it?” One woman´s suffering turned out to be many women´s treat: The scene inspired the invention of bubble bath, giving regular women a touch of luxury.“

The 50 Most Unforgettable Actresses of the Studio Era: Leading Ladies


I got a couple asks requesting to see Orie and Eli’s height difference when standing, so i decided to go ahead and make it tonight’s warm up. it’s pretty drastic, to say the least

Orpheus stands 6′4″ or 193 cm, and Elias is just about 5′0″ or 152 cm


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21 Things We Do When We Make the Sign of the Cross - Catholic Exchange

The Sign of the Cross is a simple gesture yet a profound expression of faith for both Catholic and Orthodox Christians. As Catholics, it’s something we do when we enter a church, after we receive Communion, before meals, and every time we pray. But what exactly are we doing when we make the Sign of the Cross?

How to behave during Mass, by Saint Padre Pio

Enter the church in silence and with great respect, considering yourself unworthy to appear before the Lord’s Majesty.  Amongst other pious considerations, remember that our soul is the temple of God and, as such, we must keep it pure and spotless before God and his angels. Let us blush for having given access to the devil and his snares many times (with his enticements to the world, his pomp, his calling to the flesh) by not being able to keep our hearts pure and our bodies chaste; for having allowed our enemies to insinuate themselves into our hearts, thus desecrating the temple of God which we became through holy Baptism.

     Then take holy water and make the sign of the cross carefully and slowly

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Colbert landed her famous role as a femme fatale in Cecil B. DeMille’s films where she wore fetishistic costumes which lose layer after layer of clothing. In the 1932 historical epic, The Sign of the Cross, she starred opposite Fredric March as the Roman empress Poppaea. For an instant, glimpses of her bare breasts and nipples were visible in a scene where her character was bathing in asses’ milk, a scene that came to be regarded as an example of Hollywood decadence prior to the enforcement of the Production Code.


3 Things to know about The Sign of the Cross - Fr. Mike Schmitz