Lonely without you.

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Summary: Harry doesn’t cope well with the break-up, even though he was the one that left.


He was alone. He was empty, and he was broken. All the emotions anyone could possibly feel, he felt all at once. He was angry, he was sad, and he was full of regret. He knew the moment he walked out of your life that it would be something he would regret for eternity. You were his rock. The one person who could make him laugh, cry and love. He never knew what the word love meant until he saw your eyes for the first time, and even then, when someone would ask him what love is, the only answer he had was, ‘Y/N.’

He knew he had to get you back when he brought home a woman who looked just like you. The same hair colour, the same eyes- No. No one in this entire universe could possibly have the same eyes as you.

They slept together that night. Him burying himself into someone else while calling out your name was not something Harry had planned. But even after the girl slapped him across the face, leaving his apartment in nothing but his robe, he knew, that no one could replace you.

He needed you, and only you.

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Hi Sea, have you done a review of the Bleachers 'Alfie's Song'? Two parts specifically: 1- "how I love those days we didn't get out of bed Left your taste in my mouth Your strange voice in my head" reminds me of No Control and Medicine, and 2- "You'd leave the cities and chase bullet holes That's actually star light And in those rare moments you and I were brilliant We were gonna be alright" which is making me look as SotT in a whole new light. Curious what your thoughts are. Thanks!!


I talked about it a little bit here, when it first came out.


It’s hard enough for me to interpret lyrics, even on Harry’s solo songs, let alone a Bleachers song. The difficulty is in the number of songwriters. Alfie’s Song also sounds very much like a Bleachers song to me, with a typical Jack Antonoff chorus. In the context of “Love, Simon,” I tend to think the song has more to do with the movie. It’s not that Harry didn’t contribute lyrics, just that we don’t know who wrote what.

I do agree with your observations about No Control and Medicine, though— they seem two peas in a pod. The line about starlight also made me think about “looking at the stars, and wishing you were them” from JHO.

harry styles track by track aesthetic.
  • meet me in the hallway: wandering the streets at two am on a thursday morning. rain hitting against the windows. half remembered dreams. laying in bed with your headphones on.
  • sign of the times: the last warm day of the year. too hot coffee. sitting outside of a party listening to the muffled music playing coming through the door.
  • carolina: the hottest day of the year. dive bars. the feeling of being in the middle of a crowd at a concert with everyone singing along. a cold beer.
  • two ghosts: growing up. sitting on the roof of your house and crying. pretending to not notice an ex when you walk by them on the street. missing someone.
  • sweet creature: driving with the windows down on the first day of summer. seeing your loved ones for the first time in a long time. iced tea. petting your dog.
  • only angel: the build up right before you kiss someone you're into. walking down a city street. that sweet spot when you're drinking and you feel like you can fly.
  • kiwi: heartbeat going a little too fast. being on a roller coaster right before the drop. going to a twenty-four hour diner with your friends and laughing too loud.
  • ever since new york: watching the sunset. saying goodbye. the moment in between being asleep and being wide awake after a good night's sleep. sitting in your friend's backyard staring at the stars.
  • woman: ducks.
  • from the dining table: sitting on the floor with your knees against your chest. staring at your cell phone and waiting for a text. the day you realize all the holiday lights have been taken down. realizing that this chapter in your life is over.

Harry Styles - Sign of the Times