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Deaf!Will headcanons
  • He wasn’t born deaf, but he was born with a sever immune deficiency, which kept him from being able to get vaccinated. 
  • When he was seven, he caught meningitis and was in the hospital for 48 hours. No one was sure if he was going to make it. 
  • Apollo completely ignored Zeus’s command not to interfere and showed up at the hospital. 
  • Originally, Will had been blessed with a gift of music, but realizing that his hearing would never be as good as it was, Apollo retracted his gift, and replaced it with the gift of healing, and blessing that Will would never get sick again. 
  • Once Will recovered, he started learning ASL, then speech therapy. He caught on pretty fast, and was soon signing like a champ, and so was his mom. 
  • When the doctors offered Will’s mom the cochlear implant, she asked Will what he wanted. 
  • He said he didn’t want the surgery. He could still hear enough with hearing aids, but he kind of liked being able to take them out. He liked who he was. 
  • He missed it some days, but once he got to camp and learned who his father was and what he had done for him, he embraced it. 
  • Because his eye sight has become so much better since losing his hearing, he was actually able to  learn how to bend light at his will – an ability few Greek children of Apollo had, since Helios is technically the Greek sun god. 
  • When young kids and teens are listening to their music too loud, Kayla will go up to them and say “If you keep listening to it that loud, you’ll go deaf.” And Will will come up behind her, pull his hair back from his ears, showing his hearing aids, and just say “she’s right.” It’s a pretty good way of keeping their cabin sort of quiet. 
  • When Will gets annoyed with someone or doesn’t want to listen to them, he will look them dead in the eye as he slowly takes his hearing aids out. The first time he did this was the first time he heard his dad’s poetry. 
  • Will’s name sign is the sign for “happy” with a W 
  • Will’s name sign for Nico is literally “death boy” 
  • Will taught Nico some ASL, and Nico learned a lot on his own. Nico also tried to teach Will some Italian. 
  • “I’m learning a language for you, you can try to learn some of mine.”
  • “It is perfectly reasonable for a deaf person to ask their hearing friend to learn sings. It’s a little harder to argue that I should learn Italian.” 
  • “Fair.” 
  • Will still learned a few key phrases, and how to write Italian decently. 
  • When things got hectic in the infirmary, Will tends to turn his hearing aids off or take them out all together. He is then able to focus on what he needs done, tell who ever is helping him what he needs, and not have any unnecessary distractions. Chuck was delivered completely without Will being able to hear a thing. 
  • Will has incredibly good vision, and is often used in Capture the Flag as the look out. That’s why he was positioned at Half Blood Hill the day of the battle. That and baby delivery is one hell of an experience. 
  • When he is in his twenties, Jake Mason now a bio medical engineer, came up with a hearing aid that will fully restore hearing, but can also be turned down or turned off completely. It’s perfect for Will. While he fully embraces who he is, it is nice to hear his mom’s voice again. 
The signs as things that make me happy

Aries: Seeing art you like ● Hugs ●  Getting a message from someone who is important to you

Taurus: Getting/giving small gifts without any real reason ● Glitter  ●  Talking about things you like alot

Gemini: Finally buying something you saved up for ● Plushies ● Getting home after a long trip

Cancer: Sleeping late ● Getting new friends ● Succeeding on something hard

Leo: Wearing an outfit you really like ● Hearing good news ● Listening to music you like alot and singing along

Virgo: Meeting animals ● Walking outside without shoes ● Pretty hair accessories

Scorpio: Having fun with your siblings ● Getting compliments/giving compliments and making the person happy  ● 

Libra: Seeing other people be very happy ● Balloons ● Finding something you thought you lost

Sagittarius: Dogs/cats wanting to come to you ● Getting your favourite candy ● Stickers

Capricorn: Learning something interesting/to do something ● Buying new art supplies ● watching a great show

Aquarius: When something hard is finally over ● Noticing that spring is coming ● Positivity

Pisces: Hello Kitty ● Pretty packaking ● Laying on the floor


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So each warped tour I try to meet as many people as possible.
First I met Mayday Parade, since we weren’t allowed to take pictures I put you iPod in my pocket to take a video for my friend Shannon ((it ended up being the wrong camera but you could still hear everything)). The sign said no crying but I did right as I got up to them because they’re music got me through a bad time last year and it was the exact year anniversary of that. They seemed tried but did everything in their power to make my laugh and smile which they were all so amazing.
Then right after I literally had to run to go meet Echosmith and thank goodness they were still there with a few people still in line. When I met them the first time they were really sweet. I handed them my ((extremely messy)) journal and they asked me how my warped tour was going so far. Then I got to Sydney and right as she handed me my journal after signing it every single piece of loose paper in it fell out and that’s when the string of “I’m Sorry"s and "oh no the journal” poured out while Jamie, Noah, and Graham were laughing at us while it was all going down. Then she said if i wanted to get a picture I could wait till the last 5 people were done. So i waited and we took a picture and as i almost walked away she yelled WAIT YOUR MONEY as all of us laughed again. Meeting them was amazing and so memorable.

Then ((I’m not sure if this is in the right order)) I ran to Travis Clark’s Clothing merch tent early so I could get in line. We waited and waited and waited ((and making friends in line)). I was the 5th person in line and at that point Bowling for Soup already got off stage and The Summer Set was playing. When he got there we all freaked out but to stay calm i was taking a video of me dancing along to TSS. While still taking the video i was next inline and for a few seconds he danced along too ahaha. Then i gave him a huge hug and he goes “That was one hell of a hug little lady” and we talked about how much i liked his hair and we took a picture!

All in all meeting them Was amazing :D