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Deaf!Will headcanons
  • He wasn’t born deaf, but he was born with a sever immune deficiency, which kept him from being able to get vaccinated. 
  • When he was seven, he caught meningitis and was in the hospital for 48 hours. No one was sure if he was going to make it. 
  • Apollo completely ignored Zeus’s command not to interfere and showed up at the hospital. 
  • Originally, Will had been blessed with a gift of music, but realizing that his hearing would never be as good as it was, Apollo retracted his gift, and replaced it with the gift of healing, and blessing that Will would never get sick again. 
  • Once Will recovered, he started learning ASL, then speech therapy. He caught on pretty fast, and was soon signing like a champ, and so was his mom. 
  • When the doctors offered Will’s mom the cochlear implant, she asked Will what he wanted. 
  • He said he didn’t want the surgery. He could still hear enough with hearing aids, but he kind of liked being able to take them out. He liked who he was. 
  • He missed it some days, but once he got to camp and learned who his father was and what he had done for him, he embraced it. 
  • Because his eye sight has become so much better since losing his hearing, he was actually able to  learn how to bend light at his will – an ability few Greek children of Apollo had, since Helios is technically the Greek sun god. 
  • When young kids and teens are listening to their music too loud, Kayla will go up to them and say “If you keep listening to it that loud, you’ll go deaf.” And Will will come up behind her, pull his hair back from his ears, showing his hearing aids, and just say “she’s right.” It’s a pretty good way of keeping their cabin sort of quiet. 
  • When Will gets annoyed with someone or doesn’t want to listen to them, he will look them dead in the eye as he slowly takes his hearing aids out. The first time he did this was the first time he heard his dad’s poetry. 
  • Will’s name sign is the sign for “happy” with a W 
  • Will’s name sign for Nico is literally “death boy” 
  • Will taught Nico some ASL, and Nico learned a lot on his own. Nico also tried to teach Will some Italian. 
  • “I’m learning a language for you, you can try to learn some of mine.”
  • “It is perfectly reasonable for a deaf person to ask their hearing friend to learn sings. It’s a little harder to argue that I should learn Italian.” 
  • “Fair.” 
  • Will still learned a few key phrases, and how to write Italian decently. 
  • When things got hectic in the infirmary, Will tends to turn his hearing aids off or take them out all together. He is then able to focus on what he needs done, tell who ever is helping him what he needs, and not have any unnecessary distractions. Chuck was delivered completely without Will being able to hear a thing. 
  • Will has incredibly good vision, and is often used in Capture the Flag as the look out. That’s why he was positioned at Half Blood Hill the day of the battle. That and baby delivery is one hell of an experience. 
  • When he is in his twenties, Jake Mason now a bio medical engineer, came up with a hearing aid that will fully restore hearing, but can also be turned down or turned off completely. It’s perfect for Will. While he fully embraces who he is, it is nice to hear his mom’s voice again. 
Secret Love Song - A Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 1)

The sound of your phone ringing woke you up causing you to groan. You reached over to pick it up from the nightstand and saw that it was your boss. You sighed sitting up in bed and sliding to answer your phone.

“Hello?” You said quietly.

“Y/N! Thank god! Okay, are you available this morning?” She asked.

“Uh… yeah, why?” You asked.

“Madison is sick and she had an interview at BBC Radio scheduled and I need you to take her place,” she said.

“Sure, I can do it. What time?” You asked looking over at your clock.

“Well, you have to be there in an hour,” she said.

Seriously? How did she expect you to get ready, drive there, and be prepared for the interview in less than an hour?

“Okay, I’ll be there,” you said.

“Thank you!! This is such a huge interview for us, so I’m so glad we don’t have to cancel it. I owe you big time!” She said.

You ended the call and then quickly got out of bed and went into your closet. You through on some black jeans, a nice top and a blazer along with some heels before quickly throwing your hair in a bun and putting on a bit of makeup.

Once you were ready to go, you grabbed your bag and notebook and headed out the door.


You arrived at the studio and showed your press pass. Your boss sent you an email with all the information and questions that Madison had prepared, so once you checked in you sat down and scanned over everything.

Your face flushed when you saw the name of who you would be interviewing.

Harry Styles.


Freaking out was an understatement at this point. You were used to interviewing celebrities and other semi-famous people, but this was the first time you were interviewing someone of this caliber and someone you were a fan of.

If you weren’ t already nervous, you definitely were now and after reading Madison’s question, you knew that you couldn’t ask these.

You checked the time and saw that you had about fifteen minutes before your scheduled time, so you quickly took out your notebook and started writing down different questions.

This interview was supposed to be about his new single and album as a solo artist, so all the questions you were writing down were revolved around that.

“Y/N?” Harry’s PR came said walking over to you.

“Hi, yes,” you said standing up and holding out your hand.

“Hey, we’re ready for you, now,” she said.

“Great,” you said grabbing your things and following her into the room.

With each step you took, your nerves started to take over. You were starting to feel sick yourself, but it was much too late to turn around and go the other way.

Plus, you wouldn’t want to make a bad impression by leaving and being unprofessional.

She opened the door and let you walk in before her. When you walked into the room, you saw Harry standing over to the side talking with a few people and drinking some water.

“You can just have a seat right over there,” she told you pointing to one of the chairs in the middle of the room.

You nodded and went over to the first chair. You set your bag down and took out your notebook and favorite pen. You also grabbed your phone and set it up to record the interview in case you missed a few things while you were taking notes.

You were just getting everything set up when you felt someone walking up behind you. You turned around and saw Harry Styles standing there with a smile on his face and his hand stretched out.

“Hello, I’m Harry,” he smiled.

“Hi, I’m Y/N,” you said. “I’m from “Y/Magazine/N.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m ready whenever you’re ready,” he said.

“Oh, I’m just about set up, so if you want to just have a seat or something… that’s fine,” you told him.

“I’m just going to grab some water, would you like one?” He asked.

“S-Sure, Yeah, if you don’t mind,” you said.

“Course not,” he smiled before walking back over to the table of food and drinks to grab two bottles of water.

When he came back, you took the water bottle from him and your hands gently touched causing your face to blush fifty shades of red.

You cleared your throat and sat down in your chair while Harry sat in his in front of you.

“Okay, I’m just going to press record on here,” you say mostly to yourself and then you look up at Harry. “So, Harry, first I want to say thank you for coming today.”

“No problem, thank you for having me,” he smiled.

“Let’s start off with how’s your day going so far?” You asked.

“It’s going great. A little nerve wracking, but for the most part it’s been amazing,” he said. “What about you? How’s your day?”

“It’s going pretty well,” you nod with a smile. “Now, for all the people who might not know about this, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your new single that’s coming out in a few days.”

“Well, it’s coming out April 7th and it’s called Sign Of The Times. I’m really looking to it finally coming out. I’ve been waiting for this time for awhile now and now that’s its finally time, I can’t wait for everyone to hear it,” he answered.

“I’m sure everyone is just as excited if not more to hear it as well,” you smiled.

“Would you like to hear it?” He asked.

“Sure, if that’s okay,” You said.

“Of course it’s okay, I want to know what you think about it and I’m sure everyone will want to know about it in the interview too,” he smiled.

“True,” you nodded.

Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He typed in his password and scrolled through before you start to hear music filling the air of the room.

Once the final note of the song played out, Harry looked over at you. His eyes were trying to meet with yours, but they were having a hard time probably from the nerves of waiting on your opinion.

“Wow. That was really good,” you smiled. “I mean wow, I’m speechless.”

“I’m going to take that as a good sign,” he smiled.

You nodded with a laugh.

About an hour later, your time was up. You stood up and held out your hand.

“Thanks again. It was really nice meeting you and your song is really beautiful. Congratulations,” you smiled to him.

“Thank you, it means a lot that you enjoyed it,” he smiled. “And it was very nice to meet you.”

“Well, I should better get going. I’m sure you have more interviews to do,” you said packing up your things.

“Actually, you were my last one of the day,” he smiled. “Grimmy and I were just about to head out for some lunch.”

“Oh, well, I don’t want to keep you from that either, so I’ll be out in a bit,” you said.

“This might be a bit forward, but do you have any lunch plans?” He asked.

“I’ll probably just grab something nearby,” you shrugged.

“Would you want to join us for lunch?” Harry suggested.

That came out of the fucking blue.

“Um, I don’t know if that’s professional,” you blushed. “I mean, I would love too, but I don't’ know how my boss would look at that since you’re technically a client.”

“Oh, right, yeah I didn’t even think of that,” he blushed running his hand through his hair.

“Sorry,” you sighed.

“No, no, I understand,” he said.

“What if I invited you?” Nick said from the other side of the room. “I’m not your client, so if I invited you out to lunch and Harry just happened to be there… “ he suggested.

“He makes a valid point,” Harry smirked.

“That he does, but I would hate to intrude on your plans though,” you said putting your bag over your shoulder.

“It’s fine really, I don’t mind and it’s obvious that Harry doesn’t mind,” Nick smirked putting his arm around his shoulder.

You looked at the time before looking up at them. “Well, I guess I do need to eat at some point today, right?” You laughed.

“Exactly!” Nick said. “We’re going to a place just down the street, you’re more than welcome to walk with us.”

“Sure, sounds great,” you said.


The walk to the restaurant was a little awkward, mostly because of you. You couldn’t believe that you were going out to lunch with Harry Styles right now and that he was the one who asked.  

Maybe he was just being polite and after the lunch, he wouldn’t want anything else to do with you. Or maybe he was hoping you would write a better article about him if he took you out to lunch? 

Honestly, whatever the reason didn’t matter in that moment because you just needed to focus on not making yourself seem like an idiot. 

When you get to the restaurant, Harry opens the door and holds it open for you. 

“Thanks,” you smiled walking through the doorway. 

“No problem,” he said. 

You all sit down at a table and look over the menu before ordering. The waitress takes your menus and you take a sip of your water. 

“So, Y/N, since you spent the last hour talking about Harry, why don’t you spend some time to talk about yourself?” Nick said looking over at you. 

“Oh, no, I don’t really like talking about myself.” you said shaking your head. 

“Neither do I,” Harry laughed. 

You giggled. “Well, if I have to, why don’t you two ask me questions and I’ll answer them. Let me be the interviewee for once,” 

“We can do that,” Nick smirked. 

“How long have you been a journalist?” Harry asked. 

“Professionally, almost four years,” you answered. 

“Wow, so what made you want to be in journalism?” He asked. 

“I’ve always enjoyed writing since I was younger and I worked for school newspapers, and when it came to University, journalism was a better degree option than a creative writing one,” you shrugged. 

“Do you not enjoy being a journalist?” Nick asked. 

“It’s not exactly that. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love being able to do what I do, but despite popular belief interviewing celebrities wasn’ t exactly the type of journalism I wanted to get into. No offense,” you coughed. 

“None taken,” Harry says. “What type of journalism would prefer?” 

“I guess one that has a bit more meaning, like traveling the world and helping others while writing about my experiences there and things like that,” you blushed. 

“Why haven’t you tried that?” Harry asked. 

“Because unfortunately, that type of journalism doesn’t exactly pay the bills. When I was in university, I got the internship at the magazine company I’m working with now, there aren’t many traveling journalist jobs available,” you shrugged. 

“Well, don’t give up on that, hopefully, one day you’ll be able to do it,” Harry smiled over at you. 

“I hope so,” you smiled. 


After you all finished eating lunch, you get out your wallet to pay, but Harry puts his hand over yours. 

“Don’t worry about it,” Harry said. 

“Are you sure?” You said. 

“Yeah, it’s fine,” he said. “But if anyone asks, he paid for it.” Harry nodded over to Nick with a smirk. 

You sighed but nodded with a laugh. Once the ticket was paid for, you all head out to leave. You walk back to the studio, where your car is, which happens to be parked right next to Harry’s. 

Nick had already gone back inside the studio, so it was just you and Harry standing near your cars. 

“Just so you know, I don’t usually do this,” Harry said leaning up against his car. 

“Do what?” You asked confused. 

“Go to lunch with a journalist, who interviewed me,” he said. “And I’m not saying that you would, but our lunch and now is completely off the record right?” 

“Of course, I would never do something that,” you said quickly. 

“I know, I just wanted to make sure,” he smiled. “And I know this might be a bit of an issue for you, but I really want to see you again.” 

“You do?” you said. “For like an interview?” 

“No, I mean just to hang out again, maybe dinner next time?” He asked. 

“Oh, um, I don’t know. I would like to, but like I said earlier…” you said. 

“I understand,” he sighed kicking his boot against the pavement of the parking lot. 

You bit the inside of your cheek. “How about this? We could exchange numbers and keep in touch?” You suggested. “But I don’t know about going out in public…” 

Harry looked up at you smiling. “I think I can handle that.” 

He handed you his phone and you added yourself into his contacts and he did the same in yours before you exchanged them back. 

“Well, I better get to the office so I can start typing up your article,” you said. 

“I can’t wait to read it,” he smiled. 

“Maybe I’ll send you a copy before it gets published,” you smirked. 

“I’ll be looking forward to it,” he said. 

“Have a nice rest of the day, Harry,” you smiled with a wave. 

“See you around, Y/N,” Harry said before the two of you got into your own cars. 

He motioned for you to pull out first, so you did and drove straight to your office with the biggest smile on your face. While Harry drove to his house, wearing a matching smile. 

you remind me

This one goes out to @amalasdraws who enables all my need for fluffy Iwaoi! Thank you!

There’s only really one thing that Hajime doesn’t like about his job, and that’s the fact that it keeps him away from Tooru more than he’d like.

He’s in town for one week, away for the next - sometimes it’s two weeks at home, and then four days away. He’s got more seniority now, so there’s less time spent away than at home, but he’d be hard-pressed to admit that he doesn’t miss Tooru when they’re apart, even if it’s just for a day.

So when he gets the chance to come home a day early and surprise Tooru? The answer is a resounding yes, obviously.

But the hard part comes in keeping the secret from Tooru.

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Jams With Java

Spencer Reid

Spencer hated being set up. It never worked out, no matter which one of his well intentioned friends was doing the match making.

Tonight had been no exception and as he wandered through the city streets back to his apartment he silently cursed himself for letting Derek convince him that this time would be different.

The girl he’d double dated with had been okay. A doctor who Savannah worked with at the hospital; she’d been very well educated and was extremely attractive, not that that was something that mattered to Spencer. But as the four of them had sat and eaten their food, it was blindingly obvious to everyone at their table that there was no connection between the two. When it got to that point where his ‘date’ was openly flirting with the waiter, Spencer pulled his friend to one side, made his excuses and left. He should have felt bad about running out mid date, but there was no love lost there. And Derek understood, even apologising to him for how the night had gone.

“It’s fine, Derek. I’ll see you at work on Monday, okay?”

And so it wasn’t even ten pm on a Friday night and Spencer was on his way home to spend yet another weekend alone in his own company. Which most of the time he didn’t mind, but now that even Morgan seemed to be settling down, there were times when it bothered him. The problem was he didn’t really know what he was looking for in a partner, all he knew what that he needed that connection, that instant spark. And he’d yet to feel it. Maybe he never would?

Spencer was just about to turn the corner off of the main street when he spotted a bright lit store front further down the road. Last time he’d come this way, the store was still boarded up and vacant, yet now it looked like it was open even this late.

He decided to walk the few yards further to check it out, seeing a brightly decorated sign ‘Jams with Java’.

As he approached the store front he could see that it appeared to be a music store combined with a coffee shop, with a sign announcing it’s late night opening. Forever on the look out for good coffee Spencer decided to check it out, pushing the door open and hearing the jangle of bells over the low melody that was playing.

Looking around, he smiled slightly to himself. There were only three customers in there sitting at booths off to one side. In the middle of each table was a mounted electronic tablet with a headphone splitter attached to it. It looked like people could plug their own headphones in and peruse the stores music choice, whilst they drank their coffee or ate the various baked goods they had on offer. A third of the store was taken up with rows and rows of albums, both vinyl and cds although Spencer was tech savvy enough to know that a lot of people just downloaded their music these days. He still preferred to own ‘hard copies’ though. The final third had various musical instruments on display, acoustic guitars and such. The smell of coffee permeated the entire space and Spencer found himself walking over to one of the tables and pulling up a chair.

After a few moments the only member of staff who appeared to be working came over and smiled at him. Her name tag read 'Victoria’ and she had one of the most enchanting smiles that Reid had ever seen. Her face looked almost bare of any make up, although Spencer knew from JJ and Emily that the so called 'natural’ look could take longer to achieve. Her hair was a mixture of honey coloured blonde with darker undertones to it and was cut relatively short for a female. She wore it in a side parting with the right side falling longer than the left and it framed her faced beautifully.

It took Spencer a minute to realise that she’d spoken, asking what he’d like to order.

“Sorry,” he shook himself out of his trance.

“That’s alright. You certainly looked like you were off in another world. Was it nice there, can I come?” her voice was like a wind chime in a light summers breeze, a sound Spencer could listen to for hours on end.

“Pardon?” he’d heard her words but wasn’t sure what she was saying.

“The other world you were just in… Was it nice there? Actually, just ignore me, it’s been a long day.”

“Sorry. It’s been a long day for me too.”

She smiled again, “If it’s been that long should you really be prolonging it by drinking coffee? Not that I should be turning down business in my first week. Decaf perhaps?” she wrinkled up her nose at the word decaf as did Spencer.

“I don’t sleep much anyway. A cappuccino would be fine though please, no decaf. I really don’t see the point.”

“Me neither. I adore coffee for both the taste, and the hit it gives me. Which is much needed sometimes. So, cappuccino it is, that’s my favourite too. Can I interest you in a pastry or a cookie? A muffin perhaps? We’ve got these amazing coffee and chocolate chip flavoured muffins, they are to die for. In fact, I really need to stop promoting them. I have two left and if they don’t sell, I get to take them both home.”

A thought passed through Spencer’s brain which he quickly dismissed, but then back tracked to it, deciding for once to act on it.

“Could I get the two muffins then and two cappuccinos please?”

“Two…. Jeez, you really don’t need much sleep. Give me two ticks and I’ll bring them over.”

She wandered away back behind the counter and Spencer found himself watching her as she walked. She was curvy, a very voluptuous figure hidden in black skinny jeans and a black long cardigan. Her v neck t shirt had been bright pink though and Spencer hadn’t been able to stop himself noticing the ample creamy cleavage that peeked out of the v.

Trying to not seem like he was biding the time before she returned, he started to swipe through the tablet, struggling slightly with the different options on there. He could work his iPhone but the interface on the tablet was different and he gave up just as Victoria returned to the table. She set out both drinks and muffins in front of him and he swiftly moved one of each to the space in front of the empty chair opposite him.

“You expecting company?” she asked him.

Spencer felt his cheeks start to flush as he shook his head and looked down at the table.

“Erm no, I was… um. I wondered if maybe you wanted to join me. There’s not a lot of people in here and you seem… god, I’m being stupid. Of course you don’t want to join me, you probably have much better things to do than talk to some random stranger….. ”

He felt a small hand touch his and then quickly retract and when he looked up he saw that she had climbed into the seat opposite, her waitresses notepad sitting on the table.

“So… Random stranger. If I’m going to eat muffins and drink coffee with you, I kinda feel like I should know your name maybe?” she took a sip of the hot drink, her lips pursing around the mug.

“I’m Spencer… Spencer Reid,” he couldn’t believe she’d joined him, butterflies jumping about in his stomach.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Spencer Reid. I’m Victoria.”

“I know.”

“You know?” she suddenly looked alarmed and Spencer couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Your name badge…. ” he pointed to her chest at the badge that proclaimed her name.

Victoria started to laugh herself,“That’s happened to me three times this week. Customers calling me by my name and every time I’m like, how do they know? My sister always laughs at me. I really need to remember that it’s attached to my chest.”

“Your sister? Does she work here too?” Reid asked, taking a bite out of the muffin. Christ… It WAS good, she definitely hadn’t been lying.

“Yup. We actually own this place. My sister, her husband, and me. Our grandparents passed away earlier this year, within days of each other. We were their only grandchildren so as sad and upset as we were, we were both pleasantly surprised to discover that they’d been sitting an a sizeable rainy day fund, which they left to us. We decided to do something that would hopefully make them proud. Our Gramps always loved music and Grandma loved baking and food. And myself and Amy love coffee as well as food and music so we thought we’d combine all three. We’ve only been open for a week but we seem to be doing okay. And although it’s hard work, it’s fun….I’m rambling, I’m so sorry!”

Spencer could listen to her ramble all day, he thought.

“You’re really not.. I live a few blocks away and wondered who’d taken over this place. It was only tonight that I saw it was open and decided to come and see what was what.”

The pair talked for a while longer, sipping their coffee and eating their muffins, tearing tiny pieces off. One by one the other customers left until it was just Victoria and Spencer. She glanced to the clock on the wall, jumping when she saw the time.

“Balls… It’s eleven. I’m meant to close up at ten thirty,” she slid off the chair, quickly moving to the door and flipping the sign to closed.

Spencer followed her, hovering by the door. “Erm, how much do I owe you…”

She waived her hands away, “Nothing, it’s on me Spencer.”

“Can I… At least help you clean up then maybe? Seeing as I’ve distracted you and kept you here longer than you needed to be?”

He didn’t want to leave, he really didn’t want to walk away from this woman.

“Nah it’s fine. I live in the apartment above anyway. Sissy and hubby have an apartment a few blocks down but I think figured I’d save on the rent seeing as we were forking out for this place anyway. And it means I’m generally always here to accept deliveries. Will you come by again? I enjoyed talking to you tonight.”

Spencer nodded and begrudgingly accepted that he was going to have to leave her company. He opened the door and bid her adieu, albeit rather sadly.

She was just about to lock the door when he turned, going with his gut instinct for the second time that evening. She stopped, holding the door ajar when she saw he’d turned around.

“Victoria…I don’t want to… erm… Christ, I haven’t even asked if you’ve got a boyfriend… But would you… Maybe want to go out with me? For dinner sometime?”

She looked surprised to begin with and Spencer began to panic thinking he’d made the biggest mistake ever. But then her lips started to twitch upwards into a smile and she slowly nodded.

“I don’t have a boyfriend… And I’d very much like to go out with you sometime.”

“Really?” his voice squeaked causing her to grin even wider.

“Yeah, really. In fact, I’m actually free tomorrow. We only open late on a Friday. We close at six on Saturdays.”

“So I could maybe pick you at seven?” Spencer tried to control the nerves that were creeping into his voice.

“I think you definitely could.”

She rummaged inside her apron and pulled out her pad and pen, scribbling her number down on it and handing it to him.

“Text me, when you get home so I have yours too. And I’ll very much look forward to seven pm tomorrow.”

“So will I.”

Spencer took the paper, his fingers brushing against Victoria’s as he did.

And there it was, that spark he’d been so desperately waiting to feel.

In The Spotlight

TITLE: In The Spotlight


AUTHOR: crazypsycoticfangirlhere

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki taking you to see your favorite artist/band live. You were sceptical of going at first because he never seemed very interested in your music. But when you got there, he was dancing and singing with you the entire performance. When they played your favorite song, he teleported you on the stage.

RATING: PG-13 (Because someone says ‘OMG’)

NOTES/WARNINGS: Warnings: None // Notes: This is my first submitted fic so forgive me for any mistakes I make. Please give me what ever feedback you think is needed both good and bad. I want to improve my work and do better. Thank you all!

You sighed softly with relief looking at the clock. Five o'clock finally arrived. Even though you’d finished working out the bugs in the software Tony had assigned you to patch up for him you had been working on it for almost twenty-four hours and felt more than ready to go to your apartment. You gave it another look over before shutting everything down for the day. Pulling out your iPod you clicked on by Maroon 5. You hummed along as you made your way from the office to the elevators down to the seventh floor to your apartment. When you went to push the numbers in to deactivate the lock Agent Romanoff had stepped beside you waving her hand to get your attention. You pulled out the buds but didn’t pause your music, Animals had started playing through the set.

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You’re Gorgeous: Josh Dun x Reader fanfic

A/N: Okay if any of you are anything like me, you’ll still be wishing it was Halloween and you’re not even ready to think about Christmas. Sorry this took so long to get too, geez. Lol it’s snowing right now, but Josh fluff is perfect for any season, so let’s just roll with it… love you guys and thank you xoxo

Anonymous said:
Since it’s getting colder out I was wondering if I could request a Josh Dun x reader where the reader wears his sweaters and they cuddle and play outside with the leaves or something. Everything you write is so amazing and I’m a big fan or your work!

“Wake up babe,” Josh nudged you lightly. You had fallen asleep on the couch together eating leftover Halloween candy and watching a horror movie. While the movie kind of freaked you out a little, Josh’s arms were so comforting, and you couldn’t help but slowly drift off into sleep. “Hey y/n, it’s time to get up.”

“I’m comfy,” you whined, snuggling up beside him. “Don’t want to move.”

“But then how are we going to get caramel apples?” he raised an eyebrow. Your eyes opened, you sitting up, staring at him, excited.

“Caramel apples?” you raised your eyebrows.

“Yeah,” Josh laughed. “That woke you up alright.”

“Come on, let’s get dressed,” you decided, tugging him off the couch and traveling to the bedroom. You decided to put on some leggings, a tank top, and you slid on one of Josh’s sweaters, earning a playful glare.

“Is that mine?” a smile curled on the side of his lips.

“Maybe,” you admitted. “But it’s so cozy and it’ll keep me warm.”

“It is a bit chilly out,” Josh sighed, slipping on a sweatshirt himself. “I guess I’ll let you slide.”

“Thank you,” you giggled, and he hugged you tight.

“Let’s go,” he suggested. “Maybe we can even get pumpkin pie while we’re at it.”

“That’s a lot of sweets,” you reminded.

“There’s never too much,” he argued. You guys drove to the farmer’s market downtown, something your town had set up every time it got to be around autumn. Josh turned up some of your favorite music, you leaning back in the shotgun seat, one of his hands holding yours, both of you humming along to the song. Something caught the corner of your eye, the Starbucks sign at the side of the road, and you tugged on Josh’s sleeve.

“Hey, I hear it’s PSL season,” you hinted. “Aren’t you tempted just a little?”

“Fine, one small detour,” he agreed with a smile. After picking up delicious Starbucks, you finally arrived at the farmer’s market. There were little children with their families picking out pumpkins, scouts selling baked goods, and a light chill in the air. Red, orange, and golden leaves littered the ground, warm apple cider being sold in mugs, and plenty of scarves and boots. It was definitely fall.

“Everything’s so pretty,” you grinned, taking in the sight. “It’s like stepping into a fairy tale.”

“Yeah, it’s really gorgeous,” Josh nodded, putting his arm around you as you walked down the street. “But it will never be as gorgeous as you.”

“Shut up,” you teased, kissing him on the cheek. “You’re such a flirt.”

“Sure,” he rolled his eyes. “I’m the flirt.”

“Whatever,” you laughed. “Let’s go find the caramel apples.”

After passing by the kettle corn, cobbler, pork roast, sweet potatoes, and soups, you finally spotted the table full of caramel apples. “Awesome,” Josh smiled. “Go pick out four, that way we can give some to Tyler and Jenna.”

“Are you sure you’re not going to eat them all?” you joked, picking up one and holding it out to him.

“I’m sure,” he promised, pulling out money from his pocket and handing it to you. “I’m going to go buy a basket and grab a pumpkin pie.”

“Great,” your eyes lit up. “Let’s meet by that tree over there when we’re done. Okay?”

“Yup,” Josh nodded. He gave you a kiss on the head before taking off, leaving you to choose a couple of caramel apples. You picked out several before going to the register, greeting the old lady before handing him the cash.

“I saw you with that young man with the pink hair,” she chuckled. “You two seem very friendly.”

“He’s my boyfriend,” you informed with a laugh.

“He must be very sweet,” she gave a fond smile. “It’s so nice to see young love in the air. Young couples are so adorable to watch.”

“Yeah, he’s extremely sweet,” you agreed as she handed you the apples in a small crate and your change. “Thanks so much. You have a great day.”

“You too, sweetheart,” the old lady waved you goodbye. You walked over to the tree, spotting Josh sitting underneath it, basket beside him, talking to a couple little kids. A smile spread on your face as you approached him.

“I want to play drums too,” a little boy in a sweatshirt told Josh.

“That’s awesome,” Josh grinned. “I bet you’d be great.”

“Who’s this?” a little girl with pigtails wondered, looking up at you as you sat beside Josh.

“Y/n?” Josh laughed, turning to face you. “This is the love of my life.”

“What?” the girl tilted her head to the side in confusion.

“Josh is my boyfriend,” you rolled your eyes.

“Oh,” her eyes lit up. “Are you married?”

“No,” you frowned.

“Hopefully one day,” Josh replied, nudging you slightly.

“Yeah,” you giggled. “One day.”

“You should play with us,” the boy in the sweater decided. “It will be fun.”

“What do you think, y/n?” Josh raised his eyebrow. “Up for a little bit of playtime?”

“Absolutely,” you chuckled. You placed the candy apples in the basket and the little girl helped pick you up from the ground and led you guys towards a small park. Josh carried the basket, as well as the little boy on his shoulders, and you glanced at him. He’d be such a good dad. He was so good with kids and full of laughter and love, you’d love to start a family with him one day.

“Do you love Josh too?” the little girl wondered, tapping on your leg. “He said you were the love of his life.”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “I love Josh very much.”

“That’s really nice,” she beamed. “I hope I fall in love one day too.”

“You will,” you reassured. “Everyone does eventually.”

“That’s gross!” the little boy exclaimed overhearing your conversation. “Girls have cooties.”

“Oh just you wait,” Josh laughed. “You’ll change your mind about that later.”

“Here we are!” the little girl exclaimed, spinning around in circles happily, racing towards a pile of leaves before jumping in it.

“Come on,” the little boy begged when Josh put him down. “Play in the leaves with us.”

“I don’t know, buddy,” Josh contemplated it. “It might get a little messy.”

“Please?” he gave him sad puppy dog eyes, and Josh couldn’t resist.

“Okay,” he complied. “Let’s go play in the leaves. You going to join us, y/n?”

“Of course!” you giggled, letting your little kid side out for a bit.

“Yay!” the little boy laughed, racing towards the leaf pile and jumping in it.

“You ready?” you turned towards Josh, extending your hand.

“Heck yeah,” he smiled, intertwining his fingers with yours as you both raced towards the leaf pile, barely big enough for the two of you to jump in. You laughed as the leaves crunched underneath the two of you, the two kids cheering happily, the little boy sprinkling leaves on the tops of your heads and the little girl trying to scoop up the leaves on the sides to make the pile even bigger.

“You have a little something in your hair,” you joked.

“No kidding,” Josh rolled his eyes playfully. He moved closer to you, surprise tackling you until you were covered in leaves.

“Ah! Josh!” you cried, both of you laughing as he kissed you on the lips. He pulled away and the two of you grinning. “You’re so sneaky.”

“You’re so gorgeous,” Josh smiled.

“Whatever,” you smirked, deciding to get revenge and you tackling him this time, pushing him into the leaves with a hug.

“Oh gosh, y/n!” he shrieked, and you giggled, before feeling someone else hug you from behind, and another person.

“Group hug!” the little girl announced.

“Dog pile!” the little boy insisted.

“I think there’s a huge difference between a group hug and a dog pile,” you chuckled.

“It doesn’t matter,” Josh shook his head. “We’ve got little friends and lots of sweets, comfy sweaters and fall leaves, and love is in the air. And I’ve got you, that’s all I could ever ask for. Right?”

“Was that an attempt at a really shitty poem?” you raised your eyebrows and tried not to laugh.

“An attempt,” Josh blushed.

“You’re ridiculous,” you laughed, kissing him on the cheek.

“You’re gorgeous,” he insisted.

“I love you,” you giggled.

“Love you too, y/n,” Josh grinned.


I just got back from a hiking trip in Malibu and although I am exhausted (especially from sitting in the bus for a long time), I don’t regret it.


Bitty didn’t speak. He was a siren, a creature whose voice is the downfall of others, who can drive men and women into madness with a single word. As a child, his request for candy resulted in every person in earshot rushing to the nearest store, loading their arms with sweets to satisfy him. The novelty waned quickly into a curse, for he never knew who truly cared for him and who was responding only to his voice.

By the time he started at Samwell, he had gone three years without saying a word, and he was happy to let his classmates believe he was incapable of speech. His teammates took signing classes to understand him, and rallied around him when a professor told him he had no medical reason to skip his oral exam.

He had friends. For the first time in his life he knew the people that surrounded him liked him for him, that made him stifle his laughter into his fist, that cheered as he attempted spins in his bulky hockey skates.

He believed that someone could love him of their own accord. Every time he locked eyes with Jack and shared a secretive smile, or crashed into him after a goal, Bitty let himself think that, just maybe, Jack could feel an attraction that had nothing to do with Bitty’s voice. Bitty’s stomach leaped every time it crossed his mind.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do the zombie apocalypse au with 17 performance unit please?

vocal unit ver (here)  //  hip hop unit ver (here)
also find vixx (here)  // bts (here)         


  • before the apocalypse he was just this troublemaker who kept being chased around by the student council for always playing pranks and making jokes and like to be honest no one ever regarded him as being smart, they just thought he was being silly for attention
  • but in reality hoshi’s like a creative genius, like he’s always making things out of scrap metal and a lot of his clothing is like DIY stuff with patched and badges and like probably he’s worn paperclip earrings before because he doesn’t care it looks cool
  • hoshi has like a ton of ear piercings in this au. eyebrow piercing too let’s throw that in there
  • and so when the virus breaks out and everyones scrambling to get their hands on ammo or guns or whatever, hoshi’s like nah let me just dumpster dive for materials to make weapons
  • and like honestly he’s made due with an old broken golf club that he tapped back together and chain locks he got off abandoned bikes and whatever else he can find
  • and you meet him because you’re scavenging the area for weapons of your own and you see these two feet sticking out of a dumpster and you’re like …… is it a zombie? is it a person? what the heck is it
  • and you get just a bit closer and throw like an empty can of soda at the legs and all of a sudden they disappear and boys head pops out and he’s like heY who THREW THAT and you’re like OH you’re a survivor
  • and hoshi looks over at you like “did you throw this at me???” and you’re like yeah i wanted to see if you were a zombie and he’s like when have you seen a zombie fishing around in a dumpster and you shrug like idk man anything can happen
  • and hoshi like jumps out of the dumpster, brushes himself off and picks up his golf club and you’re like what’s that supposed to be and he’s like it’s my weapon and you’re like …………a golf club? and he’s like it’s all i need
  • and tbh you’re like well whatever and you wanna be on your merry way but then you hear something behind you, the familiar sound and you’re like ……… dumpster boy we have a problem
  • and hoshi’s like eXCUSE me my names - and you’re like not important zombies coming 
  • and you think like damn i have to protect this boy now too because what can he do with a golf club
  • but the minute the hoard comes hoshi like runs ahead of you and you’re like WAIT but then he’s like??? mowing zombies down no sweat??? and you’re like oh,,,,,,he’s better than i thought
  • and you run after him and start helping and like 
  • you guys make a good team
  • a good enough team that when you guys are done with every last zombie in the attack hoshi’s like we should do this more often so you guys kinda like stick together for the rest of the time
  • and it’s kinda funny because hoshi tries to get you to use his golf club during fights and you’re like “listen, i feel safer with this pistol” and hoshi’s like LIVE A L I T T L E 
  • at first you’re like hell no im not getting into a dumpster but hoshi convinces you at some point and like it’s not as bad
  • you two smell really bad and are always on the lookout for somewhere to shower which is hard to do in a time of crisis but it’s ok because you smell bad…..together???
  • and hoshi at some point tells you about his past and how he’s used to people calling him dumb and shit like that and you’re like a little guilty because you didn’t think much of him either but now you see that he’s really innovative and actually quite charming what no you didn’t say that
  • and hoshi keeps pestering you about what kind of ~partners~ you’ve had in the past and you’re like hoshi bye and he’s like “you love me the most though??? forget about the past ones~~” and you’re like HOSHI BYE
  • you drop kicked a zombie in front of him once and finally took his golf club to like hit the zombies head off and as you watched it disappear into the sky hoshi was like
  • “hole in one”


  • was visiting the country on a vacation and now…..he’s stuck in this mess that he DOES NOT want to be stuck in 
  • literally he was right at the airport, about to board his flight back when they shut everything down and now he’s so mad he could rip his passport in half but he’s ike jUN just….calm down…….
  • and for the most part he decides just staying in the airport for now is ok because it’s on lockdown
  • and you, well you are a part-timer at the juicebar in the airport and tbh you have no clue what’s happening and you’re sitting under the counter, eating some fruits in panic because zombies???what the fRICk???
  • and you’re like just breath it has to be a dream UnTIL you hear someone clear their throat from above you and you’re like ??? who ??? the 
  • and you slowly get up, holding your basket of fruits you used to make juice with, and in front of you is this chic, stylish dude with his briefcase and some sunglasses and you’re like yes??? and he’s like “do you have juice?” and you can hear a bit of an accent and you’re like …….sir……we are in the middle of a lockdown
  • and he takes off his glasses with a sigh and ok he’s kinDA cute not the point but he’s like “so what?? can i have some juice or?”
  • and you’re like “i…..mean………..there’s no electricity so i cant make the blender work……”
  • and the guys like …..oh……good point….valid point……
  • and you guys kinda stand there awkwardly until finally he opens his mouth to say something wHEN screams start coming from everywhere and all you hear is ZOMBIES and you’re like SHIT 
  • and the guys like HIDE QUICK and he jumps over the counter and like pulls you under to where you were before and you guys like squeeze close and you’re like omf dude you’re crushing the bananas im holding and he’s like shh also my names jun not dude
  • and so you guys are cramped together silently praying that the running footsteps you hear are majority people and not zombies
  • and you’re holding your breath and when you look up you’re like wait 
  • and you’re looking right into jun’s eyes and they’re so pretty, like a sparkling brown and your heart flutters a little and you’re like o - oh- 
  • and like you guys stay there for a longtime till you cant hear anything and finally you like get out from under the counter and the whole airport is like empty and jun’s like well….at least the zombies left too
  • and tbh you’re like gonna cry this is too much whats going to happen and jun turns to see the like tears well up and he’s like oh oh god no don’t cry listen it’s gonna be ok listen lisTEn im far from my own home country and im telling you its going to be fine come here
  • and he like pulls you into his arms and you cry into his sleeve and it’s so EMOTIONAL even though you’re strangers basically 
  • but from then on jun like can’t leave you alone and you don’t really wanna leave jun’s side and you guys like make rounds around the airport to make sure no zombies are around
  • and you live off whatever snacks are left throughout the stores in the airport and every now and then zombies will wander through and you and jun search through luggage for anything that can be used as a weapon to defend yourselves
  • and the more you are alone with him the more you learn he’s not some chic snob he’s actually a greasy, easily entertained boy that like looks at himself in the mirror too much
  • but it’s kinda cute he’s like “well my hair is a mess so we know this is serious” and you’re ike omf
  • you offer to like brush it for him once and he gets kind of flustered for the first time but then makes some joke about how you’ve apparently been ‘dying’ to get your hands on him and you’re like HA no thanks
  • but lbr he’s cute and all you can think back to is that moment where he held you close the entire time and ok idk
  • you guys in a big airport giggling to yourself sitting on the counter of a juice bar and jun’s like i miss home and this is scary, but this person is ,,,,,,,so special to me now………
  • corny

the8 & dino 

  • didn’t know the apocalypse was happening because they were getting ready for a dance battle …….against each other 
  • they’re like mortal enemies of the dance battle world or something 
  • each of them always has like headphones on and literally doesn’t listen to what anyone else has to say 
  • all they wanna do is dance basically EVEN When therES ZOMbIES EVERYWHERe
  • but like actually dancing comes pretty in handy because their reactions are really fast and they have good instincts 
  • also can you imagine dino like moonwalking and then punching a zombie in the face 
  • while minghao does some kick flip and throws up the peace sign at the end??
  • but ok so like they’re gonna face off right but when they get to the place no ones there??? and they’re looking @ each other like what’s going on
  • and you, well you’re actually hiding out in the underground studio and at first you just hide and hope these two go away but then they start???
  • playing music??? and??? dancing
  • and you’re like shit it’s too loud the zombies might hear so you like jump out and turn off the music and the8′s like what the hell and you’re like 
  • what in gods name are you two doing in the middle of a zombie virus outbreak
  • and dino looks at you like ??? zombie???
  • and the8′s like are you having a bad nightmare or something??
  • and you’re like ARE YOU TWO BLIND didn’t you see the mobs of people and the news?? and they’re like no we woke up, got ready, listened to music and came here
  • and you like bring your hand up to your face and you’re like
  • you two need to leave and go get weapons to defend yourself-
  • but before you can finish the8′s like can you judge our dance battle?? we need someone to decide the winner
  • and you’re like ?????? what?????Did you not hear me????
  • and dino’s like yEAH zombies but also we need to settle this score so can you help us out
  • and you’re like skdhgkfha WHAT
  • and they’re like hellbent on you picking a winner and you’re like ok ok dance
  • and so they start again and you’re like what am i doing i should be out looking for food but im watching two boys dance battle
  • and like its all ok until you hear a scratching at the door and you’re like gUYS THIS ISNT A JOKE STO P 
  • and they’re like it’s nothing but then
  • the zombies come in and the8′s like oh god what is that
  • and you’re like that’s it. we are all gonna die. because these two wanted to dance battle till the end. i would like to write my will-
  • but before you know it the8′s highkicked the zombie in the neck so hard it’s head rolls off and dino like punches one square in the face and you’re like 
  • wait
  • and before you know it the zombies who’d found you are lying motionless on the floor and you’re like holy shit
  • and minghao and dino are like so where were we. dance battle
  • and so you’re forced to sit through it again and tbh like 
  • you feel safe with them actually now that you’ve seen what they can do so youre not protesting as much
  • but when it’s over you’re like 
  • hmmmm i don’t know 
  • and they’re like you HAVE TO ChoOSE
  • so let’s say you choose the8 and the8 is like of course i knew it and dino’s like sticking his tongue out at him 
  • and the8 goes over and he’s like “im glad you recognize real talent when you see it, you should stick by my side through this” and dino’s like gross hyung don’t be romantic
  • and the8′s like ??? romantic??? and you’re like ahdgdlakshfn 
  • and idk you like take him up on the offer and you guys break off from dino who’s still salty over the loss and the8’s quite an efficient fighter and really crafty so you guys like 
  • wander but he’s always there to protect you and somehow (you don’t know how) he manages to keep his ipod charged you’re like how he’s like solar energy you’re like please explain and he just smiles
  • and it’s that soft, angelic smile and youre like you know what dont question it and you guys do well together sometimes you catch the8 still practicing his dancing when he should be sleeping and you’re like its cute that he doesnt lose his passion
  • the8 jokingly asking if you really chose him as the winner because of dancing our because you think he’s cute and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and he’s like hehe oh my maybe i need to battle dino again since you’re so biased and you’re like shUT it,,,,
  • BUT if you chose dino, who like celebrates by doing some groovy dance and the8 rolls his eyes and is like whatever im out of here before disappearing out the door
  • and dino’s like “he’s being such a sore loser!!” and you’re like ?? so are you going to like go and take this situation seriously now and dino shrugs like i guess
  • but then he comes up really close to you and is like “wanna come with me????”
  • and you have no better place to be so you agree
  • and dino’s cute he like is really energetic and keeps you positive in a time of like chaos
  • he like gets along with all the kid survivors you meet 
  • and he keeps insisting that he teach you some dance moves on your off time but you’re like dino we cant play music the zombies 
  • and he pulls you up by the wrist and is like we DOnt need the music, the music is insIDE of us
  • and you’re like that’s cheesy but dino’s already spinning you
  • and moments like these make this whole thing so much brighter
  • but when zombies come around dino’s no joke, he protects you within an inch of his life
  • and idk it’s cute you two are like so cheerful and full of fun while everything else is so dreary and horrible and people see you and are reminded that there’s you know still hope ^^ 
  • dino getting flustered whenever you mention that his fighting style reminds you of dancing because what no,,,,,,,really???? 
The Upstairs Neighbor (Rucas OneShot)

Prompt: Rucas OneShot where Lucas can’t fall asleep at night because his neighbors makes way too much noise. So what happens when he goes upstairs to confront them?
Word Count: 3,016

♡ ♡ ♡

“Dude, you look like shit.” Zay laughs, forcing his way through the door entry.

He wasn’t lying. Lucas just moved in to this apartment a few weeks ago and at the time he was super excited. Finding a reasonably priced apartment in New York was hard enough but this one was actually in his budget and in pretty good condition. It was small and only had one bedroom but he was single and still in vet school so it wasn’t like he needed anything bigger.

What he didn’t know when he signed the lease was that the walls were apparently paper thin. He could hear everything. His next-door neighbors having sex, his downstairs neighbors playing loud music but the one that annoyed him the most was his upstairs neighbor.

Whoever lived in the apartment above him seemed to never sleep. Because he’s finishing up school and working in a clinic, it took him awhile to notice. On his days off when he wasn’t in class there was nothing but silence, but every day around 6 pm they’d start making noise. The floor between them muffled it enough so he couldn’t actually hear what they were doing but whatever it was, was loud.

So loud that he hasn’t gotten sleep in 2 days because of it.

So when Zay kindly mentions how terrible Lucas looks, he doesn’t even bother firing back, or looking in the mirror, he knows he looks just like he feels.

“My upstairs neighbors never sleep.” He yawns, grabbing a red bull from the fridge. “They are constantly walking back and forth, and I swear to god they’re wearing shoes made of cylinder blocks because it’s so freaking loud.”

“I don’t hear anything.” Zay shrugs, staring up at the ceiling.

“That’s because its still daylight. Once the sun goes down…you’ll see.”

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doodleddaisies  asked:

Dwsa stands for deaf west spring awakening (it's a revival of the musical spring awakening that was on Broadway). I like this revival better because along with the acting and singing the actors also do sign language and some of the actors themselves are even deaf or hard of hearing. It's great you should look it up!!

Oh wow that sounds really good! I will!

anonymous asked:

whenever we touch im so nervous and i cant keep my magic in check and i slip up so whenever ur hand brushes mine for a brief moment you see spirits/ghosts or light bulb bursts or door slams open and i’m so sorry cause now you think i’m haunted or something; exr? :D

(I meant to get more ficlets written today but then I fell into a black hole of John Oliver monologues. There are worse reasons to be unproductive, I suppose.)

Enjolras thinks he’s going to have time to figure out his feelings for Grantaire, after he realizes that he loves him.

Enjolras isn’t counting on his magic.

“What the hell was that?” Grantaire asks, alarmed, springing away from where he was leaning over Enjolras’s shoulder to look around to see what made the lights flicker.

“I have no idea,” says Enjolras, and ignores the way Combeferre, across the table, sighs.


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The signs as things that make me happy

Aries: Seeing art you like ● Hugs ●  Getting a message from someone who is important to you

Taurus: Getting/giving small gifts without any real reason ● Glitter  ●  Talking about things you like alot

Gemini: Finally buying something you saved up for ● Plushies ● Getting home after a long trip

Cancer: Sleeping late ● Getting new friends ● Succeeding on something hard

Leo: Wearing an outfit you really like ● Hearing good news ● Listening to music you like alot and singing along

Virgo: Meeting animals ● Walking outside without shoes ● Pretty hair accessories

Scorpio: Having fun with your siblings ● Getting compliments/giving compliments and making the person happy  ● 

Libra: Seeing other people be very happy ● Balloons ● Finding something you thought you lost

Sagittarius: Dogs/cats wanting to come to you ● Getting your favourite candy ● Stickers

Capricorn: Learning something interesting/to do something ● Buying new art supplies ● watching a great show

Aquarius: When something hard is finally over ● Noticing that spring is coming ● Positivity

Pisces: Hello Kitty ● Pretty packaking ● Laying on the floor

Monster Movie - Part 1

Word Count: 2410

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

You jumped as the lightning flashed by your eyes driving down the dark road into Pennsylvania, luckily nobody noticed or Dean definitely would have made fun of you. Instead, he was complaining about the radio stations all being horrendous, finally turning it off. “The radio around here sucks.” He muttered under his breath.

“Yeah, it does.” You agreed. “It’s about time you turned that shit off.” You turned to Sam who was holding a flashlight reading over a folder with info on your next case. He looked completely nonplussed over it and Dean took notice.

“Come on, man. Jobs don’t get much sweeter than this, you know?” Dean said. “Dead vic with a gnawed on neck, body drained of blood, and a witness who swears up and down that it was a vampire.”

“I’m excited.” You clapped your hands together. “Morgue visit!”

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Do I wanna know – part 3

Two people from different worlds fall in love in a world they created for them own. But a shadow hunts her and as it gowns darker and darker, it threatens to destroy everything.

This is a high school AU and some parts could be triggering I think so if they are or if you just want to talk, you can always come and talk to me. My ask box is always open and I’m always here if you need me. If you liked it, you can like/reblog/message me and I will be eternally grateful and happy. Y/n = your name, y/l/n = your last name.

I’m so so sorry this took forever! I’m the worst writer ever but here it is at last. I want to give a big big thank you to my bestest friend and my Nugget for helping me with figuring out a lot of things about this story. She’s the best and I couldn’t do this without her! There literally wouldn’t be a story if she isn’t there with me for every step. Go give her some love!

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“Music lover, classical scholar, and mass murderer.”

Let’s think about this description of Tarn here a little. It leads to some interesting points (not only linked to his character). And excuse this long post - but sometimes there is a sentence in MTMTE that needs further exploration.

First the music lover:
That seems to be an obvious thing with Tarn. He is introduced to us in his murderous business to use music while the victims of the D.J.D. get tortured, and to play music just until the moment he went in for the kill.

Then his statement to Fulcrum - “Come out an face the music!” At first it sounds a little bit odd or funny but then it is logical when compared to Tarn. I think, that he is well known for his faible for music by his fellow Decepticons. And equally feared - because when you hear Tarn playing his music it normaly isn’t a good sign for the listener. 

Furthermore, it seems a save bet to assume that Tarn himself listens a lot to music. There is that scene where he is contacting the Scavengers in the Symbol Ship. Krok: “… I’ve been combing the upper frequencies … an I swear I can hear music …” And then Tarn appears. Music is some kind of trademark related to Tarn’s character.

But what kind of music may Tarn prefer? That is up to our imgination right know until we have further proof how we can define cybertronian music in general. We can only speculate how it may sound.

There is the famous Empyrean Suite. Compared to our human definition a suite is a set of instrumental pieces in a given oder in different (dance) modes. Suites had there high times in the Renaissance and the Baroque. So we may assume that the Empyrean Suite is a piece of music from Cybertrons more distant past. But how does it sound?

Sure, we have seen some performances related to music - the best (and funniest) example here is Cyclonus singing his songs of the good old times much to the horror of his crew mates. 

What we surely can say: the tastes of music change - just like our human tastes. Otherwise the reaction to the singing would be different. Only Tailgate can enjoy it no wonder given his age - for the others it seems to be an awefull noise (or something worse).

Then we have Jazz playing a kind of bass. How does it sound? I like to think that it has a resemblance to our contemporary bass instrument(s) - but with a much wider range of tones and frequencies. 

I can see a lot of instruments on Cybertron similiar to ours but also unique and different, enhanced and modified over the millenia.

Why not asume that Transformers not only hear far better than we do and thus can grab very high/low tones, but that they also can see music (not so uncommon) and feel the sounds (also not so uncommon) in a variety so wide that it would overwhelm our tiny senses.

That leads us somehow back to Tarn and his voice falling into step of the listeners spark and thus destroying it with sound.  But that aside -  I like to think of his tastes as “high” in the meaning of enjoying/prefering classical music (whatever that means on Cybertron) over the mass tastes; he himself says that his music is fine.

Well, here comes the classical scholar into play. What makes Tarn a classical scholar? We have no information about his past so far that can confirm this - but we have the statement as shown in the picture above: “Vos is something of a linguistic purist. He only speaks the Primal Vernacular - what you Philistines call Old Cybertronian.”

Let’s take a step back here to grasb the meaning. Tarn accuses Black Shadow to be a Philistine.  What does that mean? There are some definitions of the term given the historical context.

First a Philistine was someone without a higher education/universitary background, then the term got a judging meaning:  a Philistine was despised as anti-intellectual - ignorant of the deeper meanings of arts or culture; narrow minded and based in the material world. Later on it was/is used as a synonym for Bourgeois (Spießbürger). All definitions is common that a Philistine lacks education and intellectual activity/culture. 

Imho with that statement Tarn shows his contempt about the ignorance of certain mechs for the arts, culture and - especially in this context - spirituality.  I think one can read the term “Primal Vernacular” in two ways: primal as in “first” and primal as in related to Primus himself and thus being a devine thing. 

I also think that Tarn sees the Primal Vernacular from am asthetic point of view. It is an art to speak and understand it. Tarn surely can do it - that may be some kind of proof that he is indeed a classical scholar. He certainly has some kind of higher education given his mannerisms as far as we have witnessed them. 

But he is also not above (ugly) kiling - and here comes the mass murderer. We do not know how many mechs fell as Tarn’s victims. Since when is he the head of the D.J.D.? How many defectet Decepticons can be hunted in a certain time? How many Autobots or neutral beeings stood in the way? There must have been a lot - or there must have been some huge incidents to qualify as mass murder.

It is somehow disturbing to think that an educated, cultured being has this second face (sic!) but otherwise there are so many real live examples that those who should know better are the worst.

I really hope that MTMTE will give us as a deeper look on Tarn - before writing him of. He is a very interesting character precisely because we know so little.

EXO react to their musician significant other going deaf

Oh, so you’ve seen Beethoven Virus? :P

Xiumin: He’d do everything he could to find a cure or operation that would help, calling and making inquiries at hundreds of hospitals. “You don’t understand - my jagi is an amazing violinist. She needs her ears.”

Luhan: “I’ve got an idea. Beethoven could feel vibrations through the piano. We can teach you to feel sound through this!” He’d pull out the boom box - knowing it might seem silly, but it’s the most he can do, feeling so helpless to save your hearing.

Kris: “We’ll have to enjoy and fill every moment with music.” He’d pull you close to him as he plays cello for you. “Even when you can’t hear it anymore, know that I love you and that everything I play on this, I’m playing for you.”

Suho: He’d do everything in his power and spare no expense to try and restore your hearing, taking you to the best ENT doctor and doing his research. He’d refuse to believe the situation is hopeless. “Can’t you give her a new cochlear implant?”

Lay: “I can’t let you just lose that memory.” He’d play and sing for you when you can’t bring yourself to play music. “Remember how music made you feel - how you’d cry when you heard Liebestraum or how your heart beat faster playing Tchaikovsky’s first piano concerto.”

Baekhyun: He’d try to bring your spirits up, but when you’re not around he’d be just as frustrated. He’d take every chance he could to listen to you play, making recordings. “I want to show our children someday… what an incredible musician you are.”

Chen: As the loss progresses and you start losing range, he’d stay closer by - pointing out, after your final performance, everyone clapping and cheering for you. “It’s all for you.” he’d mouth to you as he smiles, trying to hold back tears.

Chanyeol: You’d barely be able to get him away from the computer as he does his research, pulling you into his side on the couch. “It says here that to preserve what you have, you should start wearing musician’s earplugs and take breaks while you practice.”

DO: He’d place your hands back on your instrument. “You know how to play and you know what it sounds like in your head. I’ve seen you compose concertos in your mind. Write them.” He’d keep music in your life no matter what.

Tao: Though he’d be very sad, because he knows sign language, he’d teach you everything he can, holding you hands in his as he positions your fingers, squeezing reassuringly. “And now you know the most important one - ‘I love you’.”

Kai: When you say you’re done playing music, he’d hold you tightly and sit down with you, pulling out large sheets of paper and pencils. “Let’s draw the music. That way, we can still see it if we can’t hear it.”

Sehun: He’d pick up your instrument carefully, looking at it but not believing he’ll never hear you playing it again. “This has so many good memories in it, like when you played in St. Peter’s Basilica with the symphony… Don’t get rid of it." 

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A Week in Mistward 12/13

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What to Do if You Bomb an Audition

It’s happened to everyone. It’s happened to me, multiple times. You show up to an audition feeling completely prepared (or maybe not), you take a deep breath, start to perform, and everything goes to hell in a hand-basket. It sucks. It makes you feel like a bad performer. It makes you wanna crawl into a cave and pull the entrance in after you. The good thing is, those feelings do pass, and it’s a learning experience. You’re going to come better prepared/better dressed/better hydrated.

For now, though, it’s time to focus on get to a point where you don’t hate yourself.

  • Don’t take it out on other people. This is self-explanatory. Just because you’re stressed doesn’t give you free reign to yell at or badmouth others. 
  • Take deep, even breaths. I have a tendency to hyperventilate after bombing something, and it’s good in general for calming down.
  • Remember you’re only human. Mistakes happen. This isn’t the end of the world - there are other auditions, other events, and other opportunities. Missing this one doesn’t make you a bad person.
  • Analyse the performance OBJECTIVELY. Every mistake is amplified when you’re the one making it. Think through your performance and identify its high and low points. Think of how you would have judged someone else if you saw them do the same exact thing. You’d probably be a lot kinder to someone else then you’re being to yourself!
  • If objectivity doesn’t work, then accentuate the positive. Try to pick out at least three things you did well for every thing you did poorly. You’re a well trained musician - a lot of what you did probably went great! Even if all you feel you did right was not bailing off stage, that’s a sign of composure. Good job!
  • Look up stories of other people’s awful auditions. There’s something soothing in commiserating with other people about a bad audition, and hearing what other people have done can bring your own issue into perspective. You may have knocked over the music stand or forgotten your lyrics. Someone else knocked over that music stand, AND a judge, or swore like a sailor when they couldn’t remember what to sing next. 
  • Sleep on it. Everything is so so so much better in the morning. Take a good night’s sleep and use it for clarity tomorrow - things will seem better then.

I promise you, someone has done something worse in front of a judge than whatever you did. It’s going to be okay, I promise.