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Aries, Aries and Cancer friendship be like...

(talking on the toilet)

Aries 1: My friend got me this peach flavored weed last week and it’s really weird it gave me such a bad headache

Aries 2: Yeah that flavor sucks. I prefer the plain one

Aries 1: Me too… Man, I’m telling you, every time I get high I’m so damn horny!

Cancer: … you two do realize I’m right next to you and can hear everything
Sign a petition to release Leo and me on DVD!

I was looking around on that lost media wiki page I made for Leo and me, and I found that someone had started a petition to release Leo and me on DVD!

PLEASE REBLOG! We need as many people to see this as possible.

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Do you believe in astrological signs and dynamics between them?

heben likes when they tell her she’s gonna achieve greatness. i, tracy, think they’re cute but don’t really mean that much. im not the type to be like ‘i’d never date a scorpio’ because many scorpios are nice and kind and have lots of money. :) -tc

The Devil and the Devil Hunter @alfred-f-jones-world-hero

“Listen up, everyone. There has been a substantial attack to our northern domain in this human city. The attackers, although small in numbers are very high rank so we will dispatch all of you there just to be safe. Deal with them swiftly, and whenever the opportunity to pierce the enemies’ heart comes, do not hesitate. Do not face any of them alone and keep close to your assigned companion, if anyone gets in direct contact with one of them, whether signs of corruption show up or not, they are to fall back and get cleansed. Lastly, leave humans and spirits to the guardian angels, you are there to fight devils and must return immediately after the battle is over, is that clear?” A warrior archangel ordered while briefing fully armored choirs of angels about the situation that had recently occurred.

“Yes, sir” followed the reply. Having their orders, the choirs began to leave the barracks in mechanical order and even though they were going to engage in battle soon, their eyes and expression showed no fear or much emotion.

When the Archangel was left alone, he turned to the only other remaining angel there and spoke. “Seems like He is not putting any effort into this one either. Do you think He is still depressed even after all this time?” he pretended to ponder about his own question, before continuing, not actually expecting an answer from the other. “In any case, now that the King’s protégé has joined the lines that might change…apparently he is a very promising hunter that follows procedures to a T.” he smirked. “Oh well, we should wait and see how his first mission goes. Now go assess the situation and take reports of the returning angels from the previous battle will you, Kiku?”

“Understood” The raven haired angel said and then exited the barracks to do as he had been told.

Several years have passed since his return to Heaven and in that time he had only crossed words with Arthur, or the King’s protégé like most everyone referred to him now, about once or twice and always under heavy surveillance. Needless to say, he had been turned into an angel by the time Kiku had recovered from his almost fall from grace. Instead of using him as a lure right away, however, they treated him like any other angel and let him live freely in heaven without confining him.

Also, Kiku knew the only reason they had not gotten rid of them both was not because of any empty promise they had made to Arthur in order for him to accept to join them but because of the pact they still had with the Devil King. He was unsure if Arthur’s had been broken but in his case, the moment he fell or was killed his soul would go straight to him and unlike just destroying Arthur’s human body, they sort of had to make Kiku be reborn in order to erase his memories but as Alfred had once told him, not even the King’s had full control of a reborn soul. And thus, in the end they had stripped him of his previous title, made him a squire that had to remain in Heaven at all times and had him receive a cleansing every day to ensure no corruption would make him fall again.

Other than that, though, he was treated with respect and his days had been peaceful so as time kept passing, his resolve about revealing the truth to him had been waning, not because he cared about himself and his life but because, as far as he could see, the former human was leading a happy life there, just like Alfred had wanted.

Despite that, the Archangels words just now had him doubting again. Would they really just let Arthur be a normal warrior angel or would they eventually use him as a lure… at the thought, he could not help but cast a glance at the world below and wonder if the devil still didn’t regret his decision.

Meanwhile on Earth, the angels had successfully taken care of the attacking devils, fortunately with zero human casualties thanks to the guardian angels that had valiantly resisted until back up arrived, even when some of them got wounded.

“Our job here is done, rookies. Let’s go back and tell the guardian angels they can come and tend to the wounded now” One of the angels in charge of the choruses said as he opened a portal and disappeared. One by one, all the angels there followed his example and returned to heaven but there was one that kept staring at the battle scene.

“Arthur, what are you waiting for? We have to go back” His assigned companion asked.

“Yeah, I know. It’s just…”the green eyed angel replied. When the other looked in the direction Arthur was staring at, he found some wandering spirits that were utterly terrified and crying for the angels not to go, undoubtedly afraid the devils may come back and engulf them.

“We are not supposed to pay the spirits any attention, remember? They will send other angels to take care of them.”

“But they don’t know that. We might as well tell them. It will only take a minute.” He said and before his companion started to complain again, the angel swooped down from the sky and kneeled near the spirits in order to comfort them.

“It’s alright, other angels will arrive soon and guide you to a safer place so don’t worry.” Just as he said that, a group of healing and guardian angels began to appear all around the place. “See?” Arthur smiled and the young spirits smiled in return. With that, the archer flapped his wings again and rejoined his companion who was still waiting for him to return.

“What were you thinking disobeying orders on our first mission? Even if you fought really well, you are going to get scolded when we go back…”

“Yeah I know. It was worth it though.” he replied with a sheepish smile and finally opened a portal to Heaven.

things the zodiac signs do when you're friends with them

Aries: the friend who chews like a dinosaur in jurassic park and talks themselves into a rage once you’ve mentioned something they know a lot about, unintentionally addresses you with wrong names several times a day

Taurus: always buys gifts for you and lends you books and cds and gives you their food without you even asking for it, it’s a bit awkward but endearing

Gemini: accidentally drunk calls you instead of their mom, cries over dog pictures at 2 AM at sleepovers and makes you wonder why you even invited them

Cancer: sends you a ton of snaps of their cat and artsy photos of the water when they’re in the bathtub

Leo: drinks so hasty the drink dribbles down their chin, burps really loud and doesn’t even care you’re staring at them

Virgo: buys truck loads of washi tape (the expensive one) and cardboard with pretty patterns to make birthday and Christmas cards, gives the ugly and screwed up ones to you

Libra: puts their hand on your arm and hits you with their legs under the table when they want your attention, won’t stop until you tell them to

Scorpio: looks like they listen to you but doesn’t, stares at you for an eternity and then says something really weird like “ Did your teeth grow? they look bigger than they were yesterday. ”

Sagittarius: that one who’s so full of energy and in such a good mood everyday it makes you feel like a lifeless sack of meat next to them, the child your parents always wished they had

Capricorn: stays calm in almost every situation, a soft smile resting on their lips, a dreamy sparkle in their eyes when they look at you. it seems like there is nothing that can upset them. but when they get angry with you, oh boy. OH BOY better run

Aquarius: wears clothes no one else would buy and looks gorgeous, will support you in everything in everything you do even if you go through a super edgy emo scene hardcore neon anime xD sOrANdom phase they’ll give you a thumbs up and say “You do you, buddy.”

Pisces: squeals and laughs and talks and argues way too loud in public and doesn’t even care when you tell them to be a bit more quiet they’ll get even louder just because they can and they enjoy embarrassing you

so in the Ep. 10 teaser, viktor asks yuuri what yuuri is going to get him for christmas and yuuri says “something round and gold.”

we all know he’s talking about a gold medal BUT JUST THINK OF THIS:

  • yuuri loses the grand prix (maybe still places but doesn’t get gold). 
  • viktor is, of course, totally proud of him either way, obviously. 
  • but anyway, after the grand prix, for christmas (and viktor’s birthday too, technically), they’re sitting on the floor exchanging presents. 
  • yuuri hands viktor his present and says “even though i didn’t win the gold medal….” 
  • and viktor is confused, looking down at the box, but starts unwrapping his gift.
  • when he opens the box, he finds a pair of gold bands and yuuri says “i still wanted to get us* something round and gold for christmas.” 
  • and viktor picks up the ring meant to be yuuri’s and picks up yuuri’s hand, slipping the ring on his finger. viktor’s hands are shaking. yuuri’s hands are shaking. 
  • and then yuuri picks up the ring meant to be viktor’s and places it on viktor’s hand. 
  • they probably both have tears in their eyes at this point and viktor pulls yuuri into a hug (picture: yuuri and viktor both on their knees on the floor, arms wrapped tightly around each other, one of viktor’s hands is clutching at the back of yuuri’s head like he did when he cushioned yuuri’s fall in ep. 7). 
  • and then viktor says something like “you know, i’ve had the chance to wear a lot of gold in my life… but this? i think this fits better than any of my medals ever did.” or something equally corny and life-destroying. 
  • and then they’re kissing and showering each other in “i love you”s because they’re so damn in love and i’m going to die just writing this.
  • (and later, when viktor and yuuri are in bed, and yuuri is asleep, viktor slips the ring off of his finger to look at it in his hand and he notices a tiny engraving in japanese on the inside of the band. the next day, he asks yuuri what the characters mean and yuuri blushes, but tells him “it’s ‘stay close to me’ in japanese…” and then viktor is grabbing at yuuri’s hand and yuuri is low-key resisting because he’s embarrassed but when viktor finally gets it off of his finger, he notices that “stay close to me” is engraved on the inside of yuuri’s band in russian. and then viktor is smothering yuuri in love and affection again because really. this boy. is too much. <3 )
  • (also, even though they can’t actually get married in either of their home countries, it’s a promise that one day, when they can, they will make that commitment to each other. but until that day comes, they know what the bands mean to them and what they stand for - a promise to stay by each other’s side.)

*I’m saying “us” because winning a gold medal would be just as much for Yuuri as it would be Viktor and getting engaged would be just as important to both of them.

the signs as 2016 kpop releases

aries: fire by bts
taurus: all in by monsta x
gemini: lucky one by exo
cancer: only one by apink
leo: how’s this by hyuna
virgo: hard carry by got7
libra: I am you you are me by zico
scorpio: I like that by sistar
sagittarius: boombayah by blackpink
capricorn: tt by twice
aquarius: why by taeyeon
pisces: navillera by gfriend

Thanks BigHit

Right now I’m feeling really appreciative toward BigHit. Although they may milk us for money and be relentless when it comes to concert security, they more than make up for it in the creative freedom they give their artists. And this comes from before Bangtan.

Jo Kwon was allowed to be a diva and wear studded high heels on his performance of Animal. GLAM have performed songs blatantly about bisexuality, gay pride, and hating your body. And now Bangtan is able to criticize society as much as they want, from School of Tears and Shut up and Vote to N.O. and Am I Wrong. Bangtan is allowed to base their entire promotional/story-telling short film series on a German book most fans had never even heard of before! They are allowed to release songs where they sing about mental disorders and self-love! They are allowed to self-write, compose, and produce! To gift songs to fans for free! To write about more than just love! They’re even allowed to criticize their own company and bosses!

And clearly, this endeavor has more than paid off. BigHit is doing right by letting their artists be genuine. By letting them be real, honest, flawed, and human, BigHit is allowing fans to feel more connected to the message of the songs, and form a more personal and meaningful bond with the artists. And this is what I love about them.

The signs as IVE known them

Saw this floating around the horoscope tags and decided to do one of my own. Disclaimer this is the signs as actual people I have known and does not account for the behavior and personality of the signs as a group.

Signs as I’ve known them:

ARIES: Homestuck, anime, world of war craft. Glasses. Short red hair. Goofy jokes. Feminist as fuck. No seriously don’t fuck with the angry feminist. Pan sexual. Open minded. Lover of all things cats. Odd little British southern cinnamon roll. Ramen noodles, toast, cheese, coffee. Baking is life, not a hobby. Art, creativity, so smart but doesn’t see it. So sweet but will stand up for what’s right. Doc martins.

TAURUS: Good food, healthy while also being comfort food. Cheesecake with berries and pecans. Nature walks with her golden retriever mix. Bedding so fluffy it’s like you’re sinking into a cloud. Painting the walls earthy Gemtone colors. Paintings everywhere, art studio with a glass wall looking out over the backyard. Champagne blonde curly hair pulled up into a messy bun,tan skin. Green tea and Panera bread when we’re on the go. Incense burning in the living room. Knows all the celebrities. Friends with George Clooney. Getting me autographs the entire time I was growing up.

SCORPIO: opinionated. Never wrong. Overly confident. Mustang convertible. Pink everything. Spoiled af. Pasta all the pasta,Olive Garden fuck me up. No seriously, what’s a vegetable? Mani-pedi’s every week. Hot tub Sunday’s. Traveling. Christian when it’s convenient for her. Harry Potter. Twilight. Basic bitch, but still hella cute. Cali life. Superstitious. Terrified of ghosts. Biology major. Goal orientated. Self centered. You either love her or hate her, there is no in between, and she couldn’t care less either way.

SAGITTARIUS: prayer beads. Incense. Messy unkempt curls. Thick beard full of tufts of cotton from work. Blue eyes. Goofy smile. Weird sense of humor. So incredibly intelligent. Bollywood movies.

LIBRA: Blonde hair, amber eyes that are warm and mesmerizing. McChickens only mayonnaise. Country music and pretty little liars marathons. Talking about boys and being set up with one of her cute friends. BEST LAUGH I’ve ever heard. Inside jokes. Sister like bond that is unbreakable. Always having each other’s back, even if they’re wrong. Being there for each other through heart ache and abuse. Understanding each other like no one else could. Cigarettes and bonfires. Staying out all night, lying to your parents about where you are. Riding around in a jeep going no where in particular, windows down, hair blowing in the wind, freedom. Best friend. Soul mate. Platonic love of my life.

VIRGO: Road trips filled with loud music, LAUGHTER, Taco Bell quesadillas EXTRA SAUCE and sun drop, lots of sun drop. Staying up late at night dying each other’s hair and making art with oil pastels. Matching tattoos. Getting ready for a party, trading clothes, throwing them on the floor until you find the right outfit. Waking up late extremely late and rushing out the door in a hurry. Unwashed hair pulled up in a ponytail. Sitting in the bathroom floor In front of a mini heater playing with her makeup and talking to her while she showers. Ice skating with a hangover. Cats. A strong love for all animals. Hookah. smoking for the first time in a cold attic, making jokes and laughing til our stomachs hurt. Shady house parties in basements. First girl I ever kissed. Rise against. Being close and sharing everything, having someone you can be 100% real with,just yourself, no facade.

Opinions, lots of them. Stubborn as FUCK. Sharp tongue, soft heart. Passionate about everything, music, politics, art, cinema. Captivating smiles, Green eyes lighting up when they’re talking. Wanting to share their hobbies and passions with you. Sending you music, making you playlists. Loves all music. Crying during movies. Love for sci-fi. Love for human kind. Chips for dinner. Lemonade vodka and strong bow. Toboggans (as he calls them) through all seasons. Love poems. Snuggles and talks about aliens and conspiracy theories. So soo intelligent. A smile that could stop your heart.

Very studious. Smart. Glasses. UFC.
Mustache. Funny. Red hot chili peppers. New shoes. Principled. Phlebotomist. Football. Coffee obsessed.

CAPRICORN: Tiny human. So fake. Will stab you in the back for a French fry. Spoiled brat. Disrespectful to her parents. Queen bitch. Pop music. New car every 6months. New boyfriend every 3.. OMG IM SO
FAT. Weighs 100 lbs soaking wet. Dog lover. Cat lover. Great Britney Spears impression. Gave her rabbit chocolate one time. Thinks she invented steak and eggs for breakfast.

CANCER: I don’t think I know a cancer????

Football. Long black hair. Stories on Native American culture. The Grateful Dead stickers on an old dresser. Reptiles. The smell of weed lingering on his Tshirt. Playing golden eye in the living room. Dinner consisting of beef jerky, Doritos, snickers and dr.pepper.

GEMINI: Marlboro reds. Curly brown hair. Deep brown eyes. Broken nose. Heath ledger doppelgänger. Perfect teeth. Led Zeppelin. Skate board shoes. Foster kid. Nick names. Has a cat named kitty mow mow. Promise ring after 3 months. Very troubled. Compassionate. Loves deeply. Secret tattoos. Protective. Possessive. Red.
Hoodies. Awful friends. Video games.


sorry i’ve been quiet lately. here’s some old wip paintings that i probably will never get around to finishing because painting is hard and i am weak


“Trust fall”

Here it is! My small but oh so time consuming Iwaoi comic! As you may notice, I have experimented a bit with lineless art, colors and such. The theme isn’t exactly new for these two, but I felt that I have to start at the basics to get to know them! (I feel like I still have a bit left to a good characterization, but I’ll be getting there.) I hope you like it!


The signs as Fantastic Beasts quotes.
  • Aries: "Hey! Mr. English Guy! I think your egg is hatching."
  • Taurus: "I love house elves. My uncle is a house elf."
  • Gemini: "New York is considerably more interesting than I expected."
  • Cancer: "Sorry, we call them muggles."
  • Leo: "What did you do today Jacob? I was inside a suitcase."
  • Virgo: "But I made me' cocoa."
  • Libra: "Pickett, come and give me a smile."
  • Scorpio: "Because your skull is susceptible to breakage under immense force."
  • Sagittarius: "The locals call it the Swooping evil."
  • Capricorn: "Just a smidge."
  • Aquarius: "Are you a seeker, a seeker of truth?"
  • Pisces: "We have a plan, right guys?"