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Say You

Aries: Care when someone’s crying even if you dont know what to do

Taurus: Don’t want them, and why, before you walk away

Gemini: Are sad when you’re feeling down. Let someone hold you

Cancer: Know you’re right when you are. Don’t let self doubt consume you

Leo: Are sorry when you did something wrong. Don’t let pride overtake you

Virgo. Want someone to love you when you’re isolated. Someone IS there for you

Libra: Are wrong when you are. Don’t constantly blame others for actions that are partially are wholly yours

Scorpio: Want to solve your problems. Don’t let anger affect your relationship

Saggitarius: Are busy instead of running off, hurting others, or you’ll have no one at the end

Capricorn: Don’t like someone when you don’t. Don’t be scared of confrontation. Stand up for yourself

Aquarius: Wanna sleep when you’ve been working too hard. Don’t kill yourself honey

Pisces: Are mad when you are. Don’t bottle up your feelings. People are dumb, people are selfish, let yourself be too sometimes

The Signs As Stephen King Novels

Aries: The Shining

Taurus: Cujo

Gemini: The Dark Half

Cancer: Misery

Leo: Bag of Bones

Virgo: Dreamcatcher

Libra: The Dead Zone

Scorpio: IT

Sagittarius: Insomnia

Capricorn: Under the Dome

Aquarius: Needful Things

Pisces: Carrie

Signs As Romance Anime

Aries: Toradora!

Taurus: Anohana

Gemini: Clannad

Cancer: Your Lie In April

Leo: Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!

Virgo: Say I Love You

Libra: Ore Monogatari!!

Scorpio: Sword Art Online

Sagittarius: Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun 

Capricorn: Amnesia

Aquarius: Ao Haru Ride

Pisces: Angel Beats!

the way the signs say i love you
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> hits you on the shoulder with a grin, asks you to play with their hair, smiles at you when you're angry<p/><b></b> "i need you to stay"<p/><b>Taurus:</b> lets you cuddle them on the bus, gets worried when you're talking to someone they don't like, buys you food<p/><b></b> "i'm glad you're mine and i am yours"<p/><b>Gemini:</b> tells you how they really feel, cries in front of you, tries to make you laugh<p/><b></b> "i want you to know every side of me"<p/><b>Cancer:</b> cuddles you in public, talks to your mum, is there for you when you don't feel like talking<p/><b></b> "i am so glad i let you in"<p/><b>Leo:</b> makes you things, holds your hand and drags you places, stares at you when you're not looking<p/><b></b> "i hope you always like me"<p/><b>Virgo:</b> brings you to dinner with their parents, does the dishes with you, lets you reorganise their things/room<p/><b></b> "i'll clean up any mess you get yourself into"<p/><b>Libra:</b> kisses you on the shoulder, lets you take your anger out on them, shows you negative emotions<p/><b></b> "i like everyone, but you're my favourite"<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> texts you first, hugs you extra long, draws you things even if they're not very good at it<p/><b></b> "i'm really attached to you"<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> commits to you, lets you talk over them, lean on you when you're sitting together<p/><b></b> "you are the most important to me"<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> is overly sarcastic with you, prioritizes you over work, braids your hair no matter how short it is<p/><b></b> "i'm more confident around you"<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> talks to you about your favourite book series, writes you poetry, pays full attention when you talk<p/><b></b> "you're my anchor"<p/><b>Pisces:</b> takes lots of pictures of you and shows them to everyone, gives you a second chance, does your makeup (even if you don't usually wear it)<p/><b></b> "i'll let you get away with anything"<p/></p>
5 ways the signs say “I Love You”


“I’ll wait.”

“Just because.”

“It looks good on you.”

“You can have half.”

“ I want you to have this.”


“We can share.”

“I made your favourite.”

“Drive safely.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“I’ll help you study”


“I think you’re beautiful.”

“You don’t have to say anything.”

“Stay over.”

“I’ll do it for you.”



“It’s not heavy. I’m stronger than I look”

“Don’t cry”

“Don’t worry about me.”

“I made reservations”

“Go back to sleep.”


“No no, it’s my treat.”

“It brings out your eyes.”

“I was just thinking about you.”

“I’ll pick you up from the airport”

“No reason.”


“You can borrow mine.”

“I made this for you.”

“You’re important too.”

“I want you to be happy.”

“Can I kiss you?”


“Sit down i’ll get it.”

“ Is this okay?”

“Cross my heart and hope to die.”

“Call me if you need anything.”

“Sorry. I’m late”


“It’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyways.”

“After you.”

“Call me when you get home.”

“ I don’t mind.”

“I’ll meet you half way.”


“Can I hold your hand?”

“I like your laugh.”

“Do you want to come too?”

“ I noticed.”

“It can wait until tomorrow


“That’s okay. I bought two.”

“We’ll figure it out”

“I picked these for you.”

“I was in the neighbourhood”

“I’ll walk you home.”


“I dreamt about you last night.”

“Well what do you want to do?”

“It’s two sugars right?”

“Stay there I’m coming to get you.”

“ What do you want to watch first?”


“Close your eyes and hold out your hands.”

“It reminded me of you.”

“Try some.”

“I did the dishes.”

“ You can tell me anything.”

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i’m trying not to let it in. it’s just that every time i look at you i feel something different. i know it’s silly because summer is coming like a boulder down a mountain. but i see you and think of better futures. my horoscope says “You want to tell a loved one just how much you care about them, but you can’t find the words.“ what words would there be. when i’m around you everything is lighter and i forget how to talk about things. i want to impress you too much to speak. i know it’s silly. today’s love sign says “You just need to walk past the fear, and all will be well.” what about if i kiss you. what about if i ruin this whole thing. there’s bruises on me from the last time we held on to it. that’s the thing about wounds, see. they still hurt in the morning.


Hundreds of Muslims marched to Manchester Arena to denounce bombing

  • Hundreds of Muslims filled the streets of Manchester, England, on their way to Manchester Arena on Friday to denounce the bombing carried out on Monday during an Ariana Grande concert, the Manchester Evening News reported. 
  • The bombing killed 22 people, including many young women and girls.
  • The march, organized by the North Manchester Jamia Mosque, featured children and adults holding signs saying, “We Love Manchester,” as well as brightly-colored balloons. 
  • They walked from the mosque to Manchester Arena. Read more. (5/27/17, 10:12 AM)

Remember when John’s love for Sherlock  was compared to be equal as John’s love for Mary 

Remember when Sherlock’s love for John was compared to be equal as Mary’s love for John by both Mary and Sherlock 

Its almost like Mary loves John platonically 

Taurus & Scorpio

1. Made the first move: Taurus
2. The big spoon: Taurus
3. The little spoon: Scorpio
4. The cuddler: Taurus
5. Cries during movies: Scorpio
6. More affectionate: Scorpio
7. Their favorite non-sexual activity: Sunset walks on the beach
8. More nervous to meet the parents: Scorpio
9. More protective/jealous: Both
10. Sneaks into the shower with the other in the mornings: Taurus
11. Initiates sexy times the most: Scorpio
12. Fuck or make love: Fuck
13. Behind the wheel more often during road trips: Taurus
14. Gives the silent treatment when they’re mad at each other: Scorpio
15. Reaches for the other’s hand first: Taurus
16. Whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear at inappropriate times:
17. Comes up with cheesy pick-up lines: Taurus

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150 days of harley quinn — day 81

Batgirl Adventures (1998)


ROAR DANCE PRACTICE - Valentines Day Ver.

if you don’t think betty and veronica are the type of couple to furiously make out in front of anti-gay protesters than you are so mistaken my guy

There’s not a lot to be patriotic about as a British person. We’ve done some terrible things.

But one thing that will always, always make me so proud to be British is our absolute unfailing ability to simply brush ourselves off and continue after tragedy.

Blow up a tube train and a London city bus? People are on the tube the very next day. Waiting for busses.

Today Manchester city centre is still open for business. Signs saying ‘I love Manchester’ are all over the city.

We do not let fear break us. The blitz spirit really does live on. That’s one thing that makes me proud to be British.

To quote someone on twitter ‘Fuck terrorism, stick the kettle on.’

hello!! so i think i’m speaking for a lot of us when i say that louis’ interview with the observer left us all very sad and very upset and so so full of love for our precious boy. “and then there’s me,” might just be four words but they’re four words that show us how vulnerable louis has felt because of the way he’s been treated by some people, and how he’s be relegated to the sidelines so often. he doesn’t realize just how truly  fundamental he is to the success of one direction and how much he means to all of us.

so that brings me to a little fan collaborative i’m calling “and then there’s louis.”

if you feel comfortable, i’d like you to send me a photo of yourself holding a sign that says something you love about louis, or something he’s helped you with. if you’d like, you can send a clip of yourself saying it, or if you don’t want your face to be shown, just a photo of the sign is cool. i’d like to compile it all into a short video for louis as a small token to show him how much we appreciate him.

photos/clips can be submitted or emailed to me at! (you can send as many entries as you’d like!)

please reblog and retweet to spread the word, i’ll be accepting everything until a week after the release of back to you. if you have questions, feel free to message me!

- much love, syeda @audreil ♥️

banner by the lovely sarah @iamlouis !