sign of the jackal

The colour in which jackal hieroglyphs are painted, where this can be established, has been mentioned briefly. With one exception, all the signs connected with the jackal deities appear originally to have been painted black. The exception is the very rare glph of a mummiform jackal deity on the wp-m-nfrt stela, where the animal is coloured yellow and his wrappings and base red-born. Despite the fact that Egyptian wild canids are rarely if ever black, this colour symbolizes night, mystery, and fecundity, and is highly appropriate for Anubis.
—  DuQuesne, the Jackal Deities

I prayed to Anpu yesterday and on my way home from dinner last night, a coyote crossed the road in front of us. He sat and watched our car pass from the bushes on the other side of the road. I know Anpu is a jackal, but I see coyotes as signs from him as there are no jackals round here. I think he was letting me know he heard me call to him. ❤

the signs and random observations of them
  • Aries: angry and confident exterior but secretly very afraid, enjoys drama for the interaction, but actually hates fighting
  • Taurus: has a more complicated relationship with food than just "loves it". might be lazy, might just be really depressed.
  • Gemini: really two faced, living up to the sign. outwardly charming and friendly but is too obsessed with the flaws in everything
  • Cancer: doesn't cry as much as most zodiac posts would claim. this doesn't mean they aren't depressed. they just don't cry. their claws aren't just for attracting mates either.
  • Leo: always has some sort of "mane". stylish and popular but very anxious and paranoid about the people they surround themselves with
  • Virgo: walks a fine line between being a virgin and not. wants to do everything in the world but seems to have never taken a health class. they have the best intentions but don't always work things through.
  • Libra: wants to do well in school and work, but can't commit. poor work ethic and can't ever stick to a good plan, ESPECIALLY a healthy diet.
  • Scorpio: Timid. Shy and quiet, doesn't actually enjoy the company of others in the slightest.
  • Sagittarius: outwardly strong emotionally, but inwardly tumultuous. they're good at holding it together for the sake of others, but the straw that breaks the camel's back will unleash hell.
  • Capricorn: enjoys having fun with friends, and often makes a fool of themselves trying to make the group laugh. always seems to be the one to take a joke too far.
  • Aquarius: emotionally distant, with poor communication skills. extremely defensive over these things, and has no idea how to escape this cycle
  • Pisces: acts close, but is secretly distant. never always seems to be quite there. very smart and sweet but they honestly seem so hard to get close to.
Forms of the couchant jackal sign, indicating Anubis, include very large figures from Old Kingdom tombs, usually in the forumula of offerings. A spectacular example is found on the sarcophagus of Htp, where the jackal is shown about ten times larger than the surrounding glyphs, obviously to provide an icon of the deity as well as to write a text. H Schafer remarked on the fact that figures of jackals are often renderd with a considerably elongated tail, which he regarded as not being exclusively for asthetic reasons. Such writings are extremely common in the formula of offerings. In the tomb of Ty, which I have recently visited, the couchant jackal is rendered in beautiful detail, with the very long tail in evidence. The tail even overruns the bars which divide the vertical lines of hierohlyphs. One cannot but be reminded of the importance of the animal tail in royal and divine dress, and of the fact that the divine name Sd also means ‘tail.’
—  DuQuesne, the Jackal Deities

scene from the stele of Osoroéri (Wsjr-wr), priest of the God Amon at ‘Uaset’-Thebes, III century BCE; now in the Louvre Museum…
Osoroéri (Wsjr-wr) raising his hands in adoration before the God Osiris enthroned (wearing the White Crown with the two feathers, holding the 'Heqa’-scepter and the Flail), the two Goddesses Isis and Nephthys (both raising Their right in blessing and holding the 'Ankh’, the 'Djed’ and the 'Heb-Sed’ sign, that is the symbol of the Royal Jubilee), and the God Anubis (jackal-headed, holding the 'Ankh’ and the 'Uas’-scepter)


Sign of the Jackal - Night of the Undead


Night of the Undead - Sign of the Jackal

you know whats good? dogs. i love those good boys. theyre amazing. big dogs? perfect. small dogs? a work of art. medium sized dogs? hell yeah. i’m not fucking around here. and don’t forget those wild dogs. jackals? sign me up. coyotes? a blessing. hyenas? i am audibly screaming. foxes and wolves? this kills the man.