sign mistake

  • Aries: Not seeming interested enough in the relationship
  • Taurus: By valuing material things more than the relationship
  • Gemini: Not wanting to deepen the relationship
  • Cancer: By being passive-aggressive and refusing to let things go
  • Leo: By making their significant other believe their Leo love is only with them because they can't stand not being in a relationship
  • Virgo: Through constantly pointing out what's wrong with the relationship, rather than what's going well in it
  • Libra: Seeming to love themself way more than they will ever love their significant other
  • Scorpio: Refusing to open up and let the other person love them completely
  • Sagittarius: Constant uncertainty, leaving their significant other unsure of where their relationship stands
  • Capricorn: Finding work more important than love
  • Aquarius: By always seeming to be in a different world and seeming to lack value towards the relationship
  • Pisces: Acting childish and refusing to take responsibility for what they do wrong
Oh noes, Scooby and Shaggy are gonna crash into a sign!

We see sign…

…we see crash into sign…

…we see… the sign still there, afterwards?

Hm. I guess they must have missed i–

Oh! Never mind, they did hit the sign after all. Hit it so hard, in fact…

…that it magically changed from brown with white text to white with black text.

As they speed along, the snow blows off the sign, revealing the letters benea–

…oh. Never mind, I guess the sign teleported the snow back for the closeup, so it could blow off again…

….and also made Shaggy’s sweater and leg change color, because if you were a magic sign, wouldn’t you?

Magic Sign does as Magic Sign pleases.

After accomplishing its mission, Magic Sign realizes its sacred duty is complete…

and teleports away in the wide shot, returning to its home on planet Signtopia.

Godspeed, magic sign… we shall remember your powers of shirt-color-changing and snow teleportation for generations to come.

im never gonna finish this rip but here’s an unfinished autistic!morty becoming nonverbal and signing

edit: i changed ‘speak’ bc someone pointed out it looked like ‘bitch’ lol thank u @middle1 !!

The Signs’ Responses to Making a Crucial Mistake

Aries: An Aries will always take full responsibility for their blunder, and will be the first to say so. However, they’ll be mad if anyone else brings it up.

Taurus: A Taurus will try to prove their worth by making sure everyone knows about the other good things they did. They’ll try to make sure that people know that they’ve contributed and that this mistake doesn’t define their work ethic.

Gemini: A Gemini will ask others for advice on how to fix the problem and make everyone forgive them.

Cancer: A Cancer will admit their mistake and try to ‘make it up’ to everyone else.

Leo: A Leo will want people to reassure them that it wasn’t that big of a deal, that the mistake wasn’t their fault and that it will be okay.

Virgo: A Virgo will apologize a lot and feel guilty. They’ll feel like a failure, basically.

Libra: A Libra will be devastated and will probably want to punish themselves somehow.

Scorpio: A Scorpio won’t seem too affected on the outside, but they’re probably berating themselves on the inside, and they’ll grow livid if you even hint that they don’t care.

Sagittarius: A Sagittarius will quickly be annoyed if people keep on complaining about them. They will hold themselves accountable, it’s just that they want to focus on a solution instead of spending forever thinking about who caused the problem.

Capricorn: A Capricorn will throw themselves into their work, trying to find a way around the mistake.

Aquarius: An Aquarius will try to come up with a creative way to solve the problem. The mistake will be like an obstacle to them, and they won’t want to think about why it was their fault or what they did wrong.

Pisces: A Pisces will try to come up with ways to continue on the same path despite the mistake, even if there are none. They may also try to think of excuses. They’ll also think of what they could have done better, almost to the point of obsession.

Aspects To Mercury: The Art of Communication

An interest in Mercury has sparked me tonight, so I would like to make a post about the aspects to it; how planets can modify and add to its power whether it be psychically modified by Neptune or artistically modified by Venus, Mercury gives us something very special. Our minds are gifts, each and every mind has its ways. With planetary aspects to Mercury, we get insight on how we put our element to work.
Note: I’m excluding the Sun from this post as I already put it here and the only major aspect it can make is the conjunction.

Mercury and Moon; the Expressive Mind

Mercury Conjunct Moon
The mind and emotions work together, although, one may dominate the other depending on the sign they are in (obviously if the moon is in a more complementary sign for it, it will dominate Mercury and vice versa). Speaking their emotions may be easy for them. Makes them witty and talkative, very expressive in the way they communicate, it is very easy to read their emotions based on the way they speak to you.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Moon
The mind and emotion are in complete harmony. The power of emotions can be put into thoughts, words, and writing very easily for this individual. This is an excellent placement for writers or any area that may require emotion into expressing ideas so things aren’t all robotic. Very perceptive and expressive. 

Mercury Square Moon
The complete opposite of the harmonious aspects. The mind and emotions are at conflict with each other. Emotions need to be controlled wherever Mercury is sitting in (check the house). Decisions may be based on emotions, needs to be more reasonable. Needs to stop switching between rational and irrational feelings. Easy attitude adjustment can fix this. On the positive side, carries unconditional love. 

Mercury Opposite Moon
Opposition usually represent outer forces. Opt to be the victim of gossip and criticism. Should also not be the cause of gossip and criticism themselves as it will create more karmic debt. Like the square, could have issues with being reasonable. Needs some attitude adjustments. Likely to be very nervous and restless too often. May likely possess some of the positive traits from the harmonious aspects making them good writers.

Mercury and Venus; the Artistic Mind

Note: Venus can only ever be 78 degrees apart from Mercury. We are always aware of the power of love in our mind, thus they cannot be separated too much. The only major aspects it can make are the conjunction and the sextile. It can make minor aspects semi-sextile (harmonious), quintile (harmonious), and semi-square (inharmonious), but the orbs on them would have to be extremely tight to be noticeable and I have not researched enough on those aspects to feel comfortable spreading too much information on them. You can get a basic idea that the semi-sextile is similar to sextile, but just a minor form of it and a semi-square is similar to the square, but a minor form of it. Quintiles symbolize awareness or lack there of; things we do without realizing. Aaaand I’ve rambled on, but maybe you guys learned something new.

Mercury Conjunct Venus
The mind is very refined and artistic. Soft and charming. Ideas and voice can be almost hypnotizing. Very friendly when unafflicted. Speaks beauty so effortlessly.

Mercury Sextile Venus
Great placement for musicians; it combines the mind with artistic abilities. Very artistic. Friendly, charming, and social, may come off a little fake though.

Mercury and Mars; the Passionate Mind

Mercury Conjunct Mars
Mental process is passionate, aggressive, and fiery (especially if the planets are in fiery signs). Can make the individual sharp tongued, sarcastic, and blunt. When discussing passion for something, the energy is likely to be extremely bold unless other placements can tone down this fiery force.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Mars
Put mind into action. Extremely passionate about their ideas and arguments. They love to argue. The mind seems to always be working. A new day is a new opportunity for these people. Maybe blunt and sarcastic. 

Mercury Square Mars
Hot-tempered, too blunt, and too sarcastic. Must stabilize their animal-like ways to fix aggression. Control the rudeness.

Mercury Opposite Mars

Unlike the square, these people are likely to encounter people like the square especially if the planets are tied to the seventh house; be sure to check all houses though, because, personal houses affect the individual internally whereas a very public house such as the tenth house has to do with aggressive outer forces trying to balance karma again. Great potential and ambition. Passion is still there like the harmonious aspects.

Mercury and Jupiter; the Good Spirited Mind

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter
Jupiter gives the mind some philosophical links. Very generous and jovial. Humorous, optimistic, and intelligent minded. Mind is kind of lazy, may need Mars to give it a push for bigger goals. The mind find interest in literature, art, and religion. Its good nature leads simpleness to the individual’s life, you could even say their life is easy, but it may just be because they hardly wish to act upon big opportunities. They are always quite content.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Jupiter
Very intelligent and wise despite the age the individual may be. Makes for a great teacher. Like the conjunction, strong interests in the areas of literature, art, and religion. May hold strong faith. Contagious optimism.

Mercury Square Jupiter
Good spirited and easy to speak to. The mind tends to procrastinate and be forgetful. Difficulty with rejecting and tend to be “yes-men.” Money smart. Superstition, but skeptical towards religion. If Jupiter lacks good aspects with other personal planets, judgement may be poor. Has a hard time keeping secrets if this aspect is prominent. Difficulty with pulling together mental resources quickly when being questioned or argued with.

Mercury Opposite Jupiter
How this aspect acts will really depend on what signs Mercury and Jupiter are in. It is mental activity versus all areas Jupiter manifests. May be seen as a difficult aspect in fixed signs as it creates stubbornness in the matters of truthfulness. Other than that, it can possess many of the traits the harmonious trine or sextile carries.

Mercury and Saturn; the Serious Mind

Mercury Conjunct Saturn
Very serious, unless Venus or Jupiter loosens the individual. If Saturn is something that is very prominent and persistent in the individual’s chart, they may be gloomy or pessimistic. Deep thinker. Tendency to loneliness if self-centred thoughts are expressed. Make good teachers as they are very orderly and strict. Through hard work, they will see great success. 

Mercury Trine/Sextile Saturn
Practical, intelligent, responsible, ambitious. Likely to have grown up well disciplined. Their minds are very good at absorbing knowledge. Great self control. A favourable aspect to have for good physical health as Saturn gives strength to bones. 

Mercury Square Saturn
A polar opposite to the trine/sextile. May not be so great where education is concerned. The mind is just not very good at absorbing knowledge like the harmonious aspect is. Squares are to teach us to be persistent. Where gaining knowledge is difficult, the individual needs to be patient and overcome this difficulty. Learn how to improve memory skills and studying habits. Avoid depressive thoughts of “I can’t do this” and stay away from bad habits.

Mercury Opposite Saturn
Brings lack of communication and issues from outer forces, especially family and relatives when aspected to the 3rd, 4th, or 7th house. Brings on feelings of being uncared for. Early life is generally unhappy and disrupted where education is concerned, but as they get older, intelligence and success should come their way. Feeling limited is only temporary. If Saturn is prominent in the individual’s chart, they are likely to be very serious and distrusting. 

Mercury and Uranus; the Genius Mind

Mercury Conjunct Uranus
Mercury and Uranus work together like PB & J. You could easily call an individual with this aspect a genius as they can easily come up with new concepts and ideas. Their minds think on a whole other level. Will and mind is strong.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Uranus
Originality and extraordinary intelligence. Inventive, keen, quick minded, especially in air signs. Excellent communicators. Independent and even a bit eccentric. 

Mercury Square Uranus
Although a square, does not lack intelligence. Probably just as original and intelligent as the conjunction, but attitude is somewhere else. Very independent, kind of snappy, sarcastic, and blunt. If lacks harmonious aspects to Venus, they may need to learn how to speech more gently. The independent mastermind, maybe too independent. 

Mercury Opposite Uranus
Needs to control their erratic tendencies as although they can gain some things for this individual, they can also bring sudden loss. By checking what houses are associated with this aspect, you can see where the spontaneous behaviour is being expressed. Nervous and impatient, still opt to be intelligent. 

Mercury and Neptune; the Dreamy Mind

Mercury conjunct Neptune
Of course with such a strong aspect to Neptune, the individual is going to have some difficulty with the reality of things. Fact and myth sometimes just blurs into a singular meaning. If lacks aspects to Saturn, likely to live more in the mythical land versus reality. Romantic and a wishful thinker. Sensitive and psychic. Needs to work on focus. Great aspect for musicians and poets.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Neptune
This quote best describes this placement better than I ever could, “Inspirational, poetic, and creative mind, Aptitude for psychic and mystical fields. Can benefit from dreams and visions. Practical idealist. Is able to use his inspirational powers constructively. Exquisite sensitivity toward the subtler aspects of life. Strong love of the sea and should live near it. Has the ability to contact higher planes of consciousness in sleep and in meditation and bring instruction through to the conscious mind.” - Astrology, A Cosmic Science

Mercury Square Neptune
Again, we are to learn from squares, they build strength. An individual with this aspect needs to learn to focus and take off the rose-filtered glasses. Needs to be more honest and direct. Thoughts need to be more clear. Psychic ability may be there, but also may cause difficulties. Deception brings on more deception; its the way karma works. May be as sneaky as a snake, but karma will get them eventually and it won’t be good. No more lies and unnecessary secretiveness. Truth brings truth.

Mercury Opposite Neptune
Great imagination, but may need to be reminded of what is real. Quite emotional, a lot of mental activity based on emotions. Should be careful of deceptive people; don’t put your guard down. Check what houses are associated with this aspect so you know where the deception could come from. 

Mercury and Pluto; the Perceptive Mind

Mercury Conjunct Pluto
The aspects brings that ability to bring the unconscious mind into thoughts and words. a great aspect for investigators or anything that requires careful research. You could say their mind is very penetrating, it can pierce through the unknown. The individual has to some degree, the power to manipulate. They are very perceptive and know exactly what to say to a person to trigger specific thoughts and emotions. Some individuals may use their ‘powers’ for negative purposes.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Pluto
Similar to the conjunction, but not likely to use their ability to obtain power like the conjunction might. This individual is logical and original. 

Mercury Square Pluto
Skeptical and impatient. May not be as perceptive as the harmonious aspects, so they need to slow down, especially when reading people’s gestures. The obsession for knowing the unknown for power-related reasons is common with this aspect.

Mercury Opposite Pluto
This individual can sometimes be oversensitive. Feels lonely ever when clearly not; lack of contentment in groups of friends. Constantly feeling of needing to self-improve to seek inner contentment. Needs to think carefully before making judgement or decisions. On the positive side, these people have great motivation to their desires. They will work for them.

When I finished the piece, I just realised I made a mistake ^^; (Signe is supposed to have rowlett but eh nevermind xD)

Youtube kept recommending comic dubs of Pokemon Sun and Moon, so yeah, I was inspired to draw the trio with pokemon!

By the way, I’m sorry for the lack of updates. Currentlt art blocked.

The signs as mistakes
  • Aries: Hoping for a miracle to happen.
  • Taurus: try to get everyone to like you.
  • Gemini: Doing drugs.
  • Cancer: Telling secrets and regretting it afterwards.
  • Leo: Being on your phone too much and waking into a tree.
  • Virgo: Trying to appear strong although you aren't.
  • Libra: Eliminating your feelings.
  • Scorpio: Trusting wrong people.
  • Sagittarius: Forgetting about time and missing an important appointment.
  • Capricorn: Taking things too seriously and forgetting to take a break.
  • Aquarius: chasing after wrong person.
  • Pisces: Not being able to make up your mind and decide what you want.

“The main thing with people of that sort,” said Holmes,“is never to let them think that their information can be of the slightest importance to you. If you do, they will instantly shut up like an oyster. If you listen to them under protest, as it were, you are very likely to get what you want.”

The Signs as Terrible Mistakes
  • Aries: trying really hard drugs because you don't "have an addictive personality"
  • Taurus: refusing to forgive somebody for something they did years ago just for the sake of being bitter
  • Gemini: hooking up with your friend's ex and then lying about it when they find out
  • Cancer: turning off your phone and refusing to leave your room or talk to anyone for days
  • Leo: getting overly involved in a situation that has nothing to do with you
  • Virgo: criticizing and judging someone who does not wish to be criticized or judged
  • Libra: getting back with an abusive ex despite the warnings of those around you
  • Scorpio: wishing bad on an "enemy"/ praying for their downfall/ seeking revenge
  • Sagittarius: leaving town with no job, no money to your name, and no resources
  • Capricorn: setting someone else up for failure do you can ensure your own victory
  • Aquarius: throwing the first punch in a physical confrontation, or turning a verbal argument physical
  • Pisces: sleeping through important events/ backing out of long held promises

They’re finally done. I could cry. 

For the past two weeks I’ve been making mantic discs from a fallen holly tree. It’s been pretty tough work, but I’m so happy with the results!

I wanted my own runes, but I didn’t want to use Norse ones. I also didn’t want to call them “runes” since these letters aren’t in the ancient Germanic alphabet. So I decided to do one with the Greek alphabet.

So I got discs from a holly branch, sanded them down three times, traced on the letters, burned them, applied mod podge, and then finally today I was able to apply a sealant. 

Each disc is two-sided, with the lower-case on one side and capitalization on the other side (this is demonstrated in the top two pictures). I figured I could use this as a divination advantage as well - lower-case means just a little, upper-case means a lot!

“But the Greek letters don’t mean anything.” I know. I provided my own solution for this! I went through the wikipedia pages regarding what Greek letters are currently used for in math and science and tried to simplify those into basic ideas, similar to tarot card descriptions. (Also similarly to tarot, there is some overlap, and sometimes meaning seem contradictory - as with all divination, use your intuition.)

In case any other Hellenics would like to use the meanings I derived for their own uses, here they are!

Greek Alphabet Divinatory Meanings
Α α (alpha): powerful force, attack, source
Β β (beta): supporter, logic, balance
Γ γ (gamma): foundation, heart, guide
Δ δ (delta): threshold, error, change
Ε ε (epsilon): mistake, sign, permission
Ζ ζ (zeta): obstacle, delay, movement
Η η (eta): illusion, clarity, efficiency
Θ θ (theta): recovery, damage, time
Ι ι (iota): a map, space, size
Κ κ (kappa): attraction, communication, charm
Λ λ (lambda): steadfast, flexibility, adaptability
Μ μ (mu): infinity, measurement, chance
Ν ν (nu): error, autonomy, recurrences
Ξ ξ (xi): unity, collaboration, surprises
Ο ο (omicron): limits, patterns, abilities
Π π (pi): gain, reality, wits
Ρ ρ (rho): resistance, fault, ideology
Σ σ/ς (sigma): end, a crossing, split
Τ τ (tau): consistency, openness, drear
Υ υ (upsilon): freedom, energy, vice
Φ φ (phi): reciprocity, beauty, worth
Χ χ (chi): transformation, stability, consequence
Ψ ψ (psi): potential, flow, purpose
Ω ω (omega): domination, zealousness, pressure

I was nervous, understandably. Humans had a remarkable, fearsome reputation. First contact with the human race had been when the Shianb research colony had selected a familial unit for study and the genetic-mother had torn her thumb from it’s socket in order to escape a binding, strangled a Shianb scientist guard with her bare hands, and violently killed any Shianb that had tried to stop her until she had retrieved her young and mate and then piloted the ship colony back to her home planet. It was a terror inspiring event, but one that was quickly shown to not be unusual. As we figured out how to speak and deal with the human’s peacefully, the InterSystemAlliance had adopted a human phrase directly into the ‘Language, Physiology, and Behavior of Inter Stellar Species Data Collection’: Don’t fuck with humans. Which oddly enough had a completely different meaning to the phrase “don’t fuck humans”.

Hirriib linguists were practically oozing excitement pheromones over the flexibility of the word ‘fuck’.

But I had managed to hire a pair of humans to my ship. Genetic-siblings they were, which ensured previously established pack bonds which were essential to human health, and one was a scientist as well as a weapons expert, a dual specialization common among humans. They were boarding today and I was excited and nervous, my cranial ingota flashing despite my efforts to keep myself under control.

With a trill of the automated doors opening, the humans stepped into the meeting room. They were tall, one ducking through the doorway and the other a length of their skulls shorter. The tall one had their dark cranial hair shorn off and was wearing a loose fitting torso covering with the words #redinstead written on it. Their eyes flitted around the room, never once looking at me directly while their hands made a rhythmic flapping gesture that seemed quite similar to my own habit of contracting my spinal spikes to soothe myself. That must be Danyell Jimson, the scientist and weapons expert. The shorter one had to be Damon Jimson, the hand to hand combat expert. He had impressive cranial hair that stood out from his head in dark, tight curls and pieces of metal inserted through the flesh of his brow hair and the cartilage of his ears in a display of fierceness. He was also wearing a torso covering that proclaimed #redinstead. I would have to query what that phrase meant and log it. He stepped forward and held his hand out in the traditional human greeting of ‘not immediately aggressive’ and clasped my paw gently which meant he was friendly. I held my paw out to the taller one, Danyell Jimson, but Damon Jimson held a large hand out to stop me.

“Don’t touch them.”

My ingota flashed with confusion and anger. “You are isolating them? Human’s require contact to strengthen pack bonds! That is cruel!”

Damon Jimson shook his head, a visual negative cue. “No, not all humans are comfortable with physical contact.”

Danyell Jimson was staring at my ingota and made several gestures with their hands that I was not familiar with.

“They want to know why your crest is changing colors.”

“It is my ingota. It is a visual communication of my emotions. How did they communicate with you? I was told that humans are not telepathic and do not communicate outside of my species’ auditory range?” I was flashing confusion again and Danyell Jimson was staring at my ingota with the hyper focus of a predator. I contracted my spinal spikes.

“It’s sign language, their hands are making words. It’s a visual communication language. Danyell doesn’t communicate verbally.”

“Amazing!” I blurted out, broadcasting awe and fascination. I had been unaware that humans communicated nonverbally beyond simple body language. The only other species besides my own with a form of visual communication beyond basic body language within the contacted solar systems was humans! I couldn’t suppress a flash of giddiness at the thought that my species held a similarity to the intimidating humans.

Danyell Jimson spoke with their hands again and Damon Jimson bared his teeth in a amused/friendly/pleased visual cue. “They said they’ll teach you ASL if you teach them what your crest colors mean.”

My ingota lit up with excitement. “This is excitement. I would be most interested in exchanging non verbal language knowledge with you, Danyell Jimson.”

Danyell Jimson tapped rapidly on their handheld device and held it to their head with the excitement color emanating from the screen, making a gesture with their other hand, a clenched hand with the ‘thumb’ pointing up, a visual cue for approval/excitement/agreement.

I mimicked the gesture with my paw, extending my prehensile dew claw in lieu of a thumb. I could tell that I would greatly enjoy developing a pack bond with Danyell.

ten things that i associate with the signs.

aquarius: heart eyes, deciding to learn a new language at midnight, mismatched socks, blushing cheeks, being unable to hide your excitement, having a folder on your laptop dedicated only to the evidence of cryptids and aliens, suspenders, squeezing your feet into the converse you’ve owned for six years because you can’t bare to part with them, the erasers on top of all your pencils, covering yourself in temporary tattoos because you can’t bare the thought of the pain real ones come with.

aries: fluffy socks, red lipstick, polaroid cameras, picking strawberries in a field, wide brimmed hats, rain clouds, hoop earrings, braids, laughing until you cry, over exaggerating how big the spider you saw in the bathroom was.

making playlists at 3am, sunflowers, long walks, musical theatre, flower crowns, horror movies, running into a loved ones arms, having hundreds of books but only reading the same one over and over again, video games, band shirts.

: forests, low light selfies, dark purple, coffee dates, carving pumpkins, long flowing cloaks, pulling all nighters because you don’t want to stop reading, tucking flowers behind your ear, pretty tea cups, the crunching of leaves beneath your feet during autumn.

love letters, photo albums, black coffee, losing track of time when you are in nature, misty waterfalls, ombré hair, complementing strangers you see on the street, holding onto plane tickets to remind you of the places you’ve visited, writing cute notes and leaving them around the house for your significant other to find, instantly researching topics your friends say they find interesting.

ballrooms, soft pink, roses, comfy sweaters, family portraits hung above the fireplace, waking up to the sound of crashing waves, holding hands, daisy chains, silk nightgowns, wild imaginations.

dark eyeshadow, dyed hair, hidden diaries, decorating your room for every season, contagious smiles, long hugs, singing at the top of your lungs with your windows rolled down, running down the stairs in the morning for your first cup of coffee/tea, knee high socks, colouring your nails with a sharpie.

neon lights, mirror selfies, your old school bag being covered in badges, loud and contagious laughs, karaoke nights, speaking your mind, having that one song that can always make you get up and dance, rhinestones on your clothes, stickers on a nintendo ds, the feeling when you win a game of mario kart.

loud music, tall platform shoes, sarcastic eye rolls, dramatic makeup, deep red, scrolling through an online store for hours, vodka, leather jackets, the cheers from the crowd when the contestant you were rooting for wins, being full of energy throughout the entire day.

: friendly smiles, relaxing at the beach, the proud feeling you get when people laugh at your jokes, frequently changing your aesthetic, big headphones, back and forth texting with your significant other while they’re supposed to be working, pulling pranks on your teachers during class, fishnets, chapped lips, messy bed sheets.

huge earrings, smudged eyeliner, rose coloured lipstick, your hair blowing in the wind, binge watching tv shows, small concert venues, loud laughs, thrift stores, donating hours of your time to pet shelters just so you can hang out with all the animals all day, procrastinating homework.

messy buns, spontaneous tattoos, the smell of cigarette smoke at a jazz concert, witty comebacks, mascara that has run down your face, wearing clothes that make you stand out - not on purpose, you just don’t care for the current fashion trends, having a large CD collection, only buying alcohol that looks aesthetically pleasing, high heels, lip bites.

Are those whiskers?

Pairing: Wolfstar

Warnings: Drinking, mild smut, all the feels 

Remus was cold, again. Even under his bed covers and surrounded by books. It was as if the transition had sapped the warmth from his body, even days later. He drew the covers closer and tried to ignore the empty feeling in his bones. His eyes were beginning to droop closed, and he might even have fallen asleep if it weren’t for that thumping noise drawing closer and closer.

“YOU!” The dormitory door screeched in protest as it banged open. 

Books and papers slid across his duvet as the curtains of his four poster bed were whipped open.

“Where have you been?! I’ve been looking for you all night!” The deep voice bordered on theatrical. Remus didn’t have to look to know who it was. 

Instead he dived to save the large tome that was about to fall on Sirius’s foot. 

“I think you have the answer to that one Pads, I’ve been here.”

“And what have you been doing here?!” Accused Sirius, unperturbed.

Remus looked about the room, affronted. 

“I thought I’d work on the map…Sirius, have you been drinking?” Questioned Remus, frowning slightly. 

“Of course I’ve been drinking Moons.” Sirius’s voice had become a little throaty, Remus thought. It sounded kind of good.

Sirius swung around the four poster bed, and Remus just about managed to sweep the rest of his books aside before he collapsed on top of the bed, sighing deeply.

Remus was suddenly aware that he was wearing little more than a pair of boxers under the sheets.

“The question is, why weren’t you drinking Moony? You're​ missing the party of the year. I only left because I couldn’t find you.”

Remus concentrated on piling the books onto his bedside table.

“Pads, what party are you talking about?” He said to his nightstand.

Sirius rolled onto his stomach, pushing Remus across the bed and propping up his head on his hands. Remus did his best to ignore the way he could feel Sirius’s warmth at his side, even through the sheets.

“Sirius, what party?” Remus pushed, if only to distract himself.

“What party?!” Sirius’s exclamation turned into a frown, as he fell deep in thought.

“Actually…it was sort of impromptu…” He admitted. “I’m not entirely sure how I got there if I’m honest.” Sirius’s eyebrows knitted together.

An exasperated smile was creeping across Remus’s face. “And…why do you have…I mean, are those cat whiskers?”

Sirius gasped and nodded somberly, drawing himself even closer, so that Remus could see the smudged face paint quite clearly.

“I saw those two Hufflepuffs we tricked into doing our potions essay last week….I needed a disguise.” Sirius raised his eyebrows, as if he expected Remus to be impressed.

Remus couldn’t help the snort that escaped his lips. “Yeah, well… they don’t suit you. You’re a dog, remember?” 

Sirius slapped a hand across his face, as if he’d somehow managed to forget this fact about himself. 

“By all means” He smirked, “take them off.” 

Remus smiled, he couldn’t help it. “Maybe I will.” 

He reached into his bedside drawer, pulling out a towel and wetting it with his wand. “Stay still.” 

Sirius smirked, pushing back his hair and closing his eyes ceremoniously. 

For a moment the thought flickered across Remus’s mind that it would take just a few centimetres for him to close the gap between their lips. 

Instead he sighed and pressed the towel to Sirius’s face. His free hand drifted to Sirius’s jaw, holding him in place. It was hard not to spread his fingers out, not to slide his hand back and lose it in Sirius’s hair. To pull him forward and…

Remus shook his head and moved to the other cheek, working quickly now. 

When he moved his hand away Sirius followed. Did he imagine that, or did Sirius just lean his face into his cupped palm? Remus stayed frozen, mesmerized by the trust of Sirius’s closed eyes.  

He dropped the towel, and took the liberty of running his fingers across Sirius’s newly clean cheeks. When his eyes flickered open Remus dropped his hands guiltily. 

“All done.”

Sirius smiled. “Back to my beautiful self.” 

Remus’s snort was quickly replaced by a gasp as Sirius rolled over and wriggled under the covers.

Suddenly Sirius’s body was against his bare skin. Sirius was in his bed. Remus tried to control his erratic heartbeat, but he was only wearing boxers and Sirius was in. his. bed. Tingles burned across his skin as an oblivious boy flicked off his shoes and socks. 

“Why is your bed so much comfier than mine?!” He asked, throwing his head onto the pillow dangerously close to Remus’s face and staring at the ceiling.

“I…I thought our beds were the same.” Muttered Remus weakly.

He was suddenly intensely aware of how the back of his hand was brushing up against Sirius’s.

“Nope, yours is definitely better than mine.” Sirius said decidedly, letting out a contented sigh.

After a few minutes pause, in which Remus tried desperately to control his heartbeat, he broke the silence.

“So…you’re just going to sleep here are you?” He tried to keep his tone light as he stared determinedly at the ceiling.

“If you want me to move…” Sirius yawned, clearly crashing after his busy night, “…you’ll have to make me.” He turned his face towards Remus and closed his eyes, putting out the light with a lazy flick of his wrist.

Remus didn’t want Sirius to go anywhere, so he kept his mouth shut. If he stopped staring at the ceiling and turned his face sideways he would be practically nose to nose with Sirius, and he couldn’t decide if that was a brilliant idea, or a terrible one. Remus closed his own eyes and sighed. There was a comfortable fuzz of warmth and tiredness creeping over them.

The back of Sirius’s hand was still touching his, and one of his legs was now hooked over Remus’s. There was a steady wave of tingles rolling back and forth across Remus’s body, and he thanked Merlin Sirius hadn’t taken any clothes off, because he was pretty sure his body would have exploded.

“You’re drunk.” He murmured, as much for himself as Sirius.

“Not as drunk as you think I am.” Came the low reply.

Remus’s heart leapt, but his mouth couldn’t quite form any words.

Sirius lapsed into a sleepy silence, until, quite naturally, Remus turned his face to the side. Even though his eyes were firmly shut, he could feel Sirius’s hot breath on his lips. Sirius must have felt him too, but he didn’t move an inch. Was he asleep? Was he just drunk?

It was then Remus realized that their fingers had become intertwined. It was subtle, almost accidental, but it couldn’t be a mistake. Could it?

With his heart in his mouth, Remus made the tiniest of movements, dragging his pinky finger in the smallest of circles across Sirius’s skin.

Sirius’s wordless reply came quickly, as he mirrored his movements with his thumb, which had found its way to the top of Remus’s thigh. Nerves and pure excitement coiled in Remus’s chest. Was this really happening? He couldn’t be mistaking these signs.

Still, no words passed between the boys, and Remus stayed frozen to the pillow. But the tension in his chest kept building as the circles Sirius was teasing on his upper thigh grew bigger and bolder. With each circle he knew he couldn’t be mistaking it.

This was it. He had to do it. He wanted to do it, Merlin he wanted to do it so badly.

Hiding behind closed eyes, he inched his lips closer and closer, pulse hammering in his ears. It took almost a full minute until Remus was so close he couldn’t possibly go back. Still, he wasn’t quite sure who closed the gap, but it was happening

Sirius’s lips were soft, teasing. Remus felt the tension in his chest expand into something like euphoria. He was lost in Sirius’s musky smell, the soft feel of his hair, the press of his body, his lips, Merlin his lips. Why hadn’t he been doing this his whole life?

Remus all but moaned in protest when Sirius broke the kiss.

Finally. Merlin, I’ve been waiting so long to kiss you.” Sirius said, his voice deep and raspy.

Remus tried to form words, but Sirius’s hand was travelling along his waist, tugging their hips closer together. What left Remus’s mouth was more like a growl.

Sirius let out a chuckle that was quickly stifled by a kiss as Remus’s hand slid to his face. He leant into the touch, releasing a wave of something excitement that flooded every nerve in Remus’s body. He was greedy now, every inch of Sirius was a too-long forbidden place he could finally explore.

Their mouths came together harder and more desperately this time, and after a few moments Remus tugged at Sirius’s bottom lip, sucking and grazing his teeth over the soft skin. Before he knew it he’d let out another soft growl of satisfaction.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He murmured.

Sirius’s grin was visible even in the half darkness. “Oh I might have an idea.” He replied, sliding on top of Remus and grinding gently onto his hips. 

He leant down to Remus’s ear, “There are a few things I’ve been waiting to do to you.”

When Sirius’s fingers reached down past the soft waistband of his boxers, Remus took in a sharp breath. His face must have betrayed him, because the corners of Sirius’ mouth fell. 

Sirius pressed his hand flat against Remus’s chest, and he was sure Sirius could feel his frantic heartbeat underneath it. 

“Tell me this doesn’t feel right.” Said Sirius, his voice edged and desperate.

He leant down, pushing Remus further into the soft bed, and pressing his lips to the skin of his neck. 

“Tell me this doesn’t feel right, and I’ll stop.” He breathed. 

Remus shook his head, fighting hard not to let himself go “You’re drunk.”

Sirius drew back, focusing a long hard stare into Remus’s eyes. 

“A little.” He rasped, sliding backward and pulling Remus into a sitting position.

Sirius slid his hands around Remus’s neck, pressing their foreheads together and concentrating very hard on slowing his breathing. 

“Yeah.” He breathed. “I’m a little, little bit tipsy. But I’ve been thinking about kissing you for seven years. And I’m not sure I can wait another seven seconds.”

Sirius pulled away just far enough that he could focus on Remus’s face in the dim light. 

“But if you ask me to I will.” 

Remus stared at the boy in front of him. He already knew his world had shifted.

He pressed a thumb into Sirius’s lip, trying to convince himself this was real.

“Promise me you’ll feel the same in the morning, Sirius.” 

Warm hands cupped Remus’s face, forcing his eyes back to the grey pools in front of him.

“I promise, Remus” The way Sirius said his name already had Remus leaning forward, grabbing a handful of his soft shirt, kissing whatever skin he could reach, but Sirius didn’t stop. 

“I promise.” He murmured into Remus’s neck. “I promise.” He breathed as his lips brushed against his ear. 

“I think I’ll feel this way for the rest of my life.”

The Signs as ‘Vices & Virtues’ Songs

Aries: Let’s Kill Tonight

Taurus: The Ballad of Mona Lisa

Gemini: Turn Off the Lights

Cancer: Memories

Leo: Hurricane

Virgo: Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)

Libra: Always

Scorpio: Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met…)

Sagittarius: The Calendar

Capricorn: Kaleidoscope Eyes

Aquarius: Sarah Smiles

Pisces: Trade Mistakes