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the1directioner  asked:

How do you know / why do you think that Liam is gay and closeted? He seems so happy with Cheryl - much happier than Louis seems with Eleanor. I ship Ziam/Niam but not romantically because I don't see Liam, Zayn, or Niall as being gay. Larry, however, I believe is real.

First of all, I’m going to say that the way a celebrity “looks” is never a good indicator of anything.  Part of the job of a celebrity is to project a certain image, so anytime you see them in public, especially at work events or times when there are pap pictures or pictures with fans taken, you have to assume they may be projecting a certain image.

I intended to answer this privately like I usually do for asks that are off anon.  I hope you’re ok with me answering publicly instead.  I had to save a draft because it was so long and I forgot that takes away the option to answer privately.  I know it’s long, but do me the favor of reading the whole thing and looking at all the resources linked before you ask me any other questions about this topic.

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Friendly reminder that
• Gansey once bought a Fair Trade coffee drink only so he could tell Blue he bought a Fair Trade coffee drink
• Ronan googled “How to take care of a baby raven” at some point
• Apparently, each boy has a knocking sign for Monmouth Manufacturing
• Malory is obsessed with pigeons
• Gansey compared Blue to a platypus or a mini sandwich once
• Adam keeps a picture of a male model in his glove compartment
 - For “inspiration
 - He then proceeds to compare their new Latin teacher to said model
• Ronan calls Adam by his first name once in each book
• Chainsaw apparently has special names for people
 - Ronan’s (and the only one we know so far) is “Kerah”
• Ronan used to participate in Irish music competitions
• Helen Gansey is a queen
• Gansey sleeps in the living room of his own house
 - Even after they find out Noah is a ghost, he does not move
• Ronan made Adam a mixtape
 - Granted, all that was one it was the Murder Squash song, but still
• Ronan chews on his leather wristbands when he’s thinking
• Adam’s character development is absolutely gorgeous
• Noah likes to pet Blue’s hair
• Blue made trees out of “repurposed canvas”
• Calla does aerial yoga
• Orla painted Blue’s nails in the colour of the Pig because Blue made a comeback that Orla approved of
• Adam’s eyelashes are described as “pretty enough to be a girl’s”
• Gansey’s mother gave Adam a rubber plant as a gift for no reason at all
• Gwenllian puts things she’d need later in her hair
• The Greenmantles have an appallingly ugly dog called Otho
• Gansey-on-fire exists
• Matthew is a ray of sunshine
Aurora Lynch is a sleeping beauty
• Maggie Stiefvater is the Queen of Cool
• Ronan dreamt up some hand lotion for Adam and it worked like miracles
• Ronan and Adam have a grading system for racing shopping carts across parking lots
• Noah always makes sure his friends are save
• Adam frequently runs out of money for food
• Noah had two sisters
• Gansey, Adam, Ronan, and the Grey Man all suffer from untreated PTSD
• Gansey is going to die

anonymous asked:

I've seen it said around that common theory holds that Zayn and Liam didn't get together until a ways into One Direction's existence. What's the theory/backstory/timing/reasoning/anything you want to give me on that? I'm still on the fence about Ziam, and not super well informed.

My rule of thumb is always that logical inconsistencies are more important than how intimate you think people act.  The second is too subjective.  If you’re already sure the relationship is real, heart eyes are cute, but they’re not something you should base your reasoning on if you want to get rid of doubts.

When looking at the evidence people have gathered, try to find patterns in the weird things.  One thing might be meaningless, two of the same could be a coincidence, but when you get three or more, something is up.  When you get multiple patterns of weird things, it’s significant without a doubt. 

All you have to do after that is figure out what the connecting factor is.  What is it that all these things have in common and what theory explains everything the best?  

This got long, so my take on the most generally accepted story of how Ziam got together is under the cut along with some helpful links to other resources at the bottom.  If you want me to expand on something in particular, let me know.

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For my 400th post I thought I’d look at some of the Wankel-engined cars that never made it, or never were. By the early 70s great hopes were being attached to the rotary engine and some speculated that it could replace piston engines altogether. Among the manufacturers signing licenses to develop Wankel engines were Alfa Romeo, American Motors, Citroen, Ford, General Motors, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Suzuki and Toyota. Mercedes experimented with a triple and 4-rotor engines in their C111 prototypes (see previous post) with a view to using Wankel engines in their saloons and coupes. Meanwhile Citroen set up a joint venture with NSU, Comrotor, to manufacture engines for the GS. By the mid 70s Mazda were producing a full range of rotary-engined cars, coupes, saloons, wagons and even the world’s one and only rotary pick-up truck. They sort to expand their range further by importing bodies from General Motors Holden in Australia (the HJ/HX Premier) and fitting their 13B Wankel engine to make a large luxury saloon for the Japanese market, the Roadpacer. Meanwhile General Motors in the US planned on offering a rotary-engine option in the Chevrolet Vega for the 1975 model year and the new Vega-based Monza was designed from the outset to house a Wankel engine. The Chevrolet Aerovette concept of 1973 was developed under John DeLorean’s management into a 4-rotor mid-engined supercar (using two Vega 2-rotor engines bolted together).

Though the Wankel engine offered advantages of smoothness, compactness and power over piston engines there were also some fundamental problems. The rotary engine was uneconomical and the 70s fuel crisis was in full swing, exhaust emissions were also an issue. In Europe the NSU Ro80 had a reputation for blowing engines, the GS Birotor turned out to be so unreliable that Citroen calculated it was cheaper to buy back every GS Birotor they had sold than to honour the warranty claims that were being lodged on them. In Japan the Roadpacer’s 13B engine lacked the torque needed to haul around the heavy Holden Premier body so the car developed a reputation for being slow and uneconomical. Sales were tiny and most were sold at discounted prices to the Japanese government. 

Only Mazda persevered with the Wankel engine, eventually using it exclusively in their RX7/8 sports cars. Currently they’re not making any at all.

Fun fact about Felix Wankel (1902-1988) inventor of the rotary engine, he was extremely nearsighted and never held a driver’s licence