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We’re all Basket Cases...!

Sometimes I give myself the creeps: Scorpio, Taurus, Aries, Capricorn 

Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me: Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Cancer

Am I just paranoid, or am I just stoned?: Pisces, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Leo


Happy Earth Day! 

But, really everyday is earth day. If we are going to save Mother Earth, we all have to make a conscious effort in our own lives everyday. Recycle, ride your bike more, eat less meat, pick up that piece of trash that isnt yours, be an advocate for environmental policy, and believe in science.

astrology for beginners

aries ♈: rules mars, cardinal fire sign, chemical element is iron, power color is red, lucky day is tuesday, season is spring, masculine/positive sign, motto is ‘’i am’’, sister/opposite sign is libra

taurus ♉: rules venus, fixed earth sign, chemical element is copper, power colors are green and beige, lucky day is friday, season is spring, feminine/negative sign, motto is ‘’i have’’, sister/opposite sign is scorpio

gemini ♊: rules mercury, mutable air sign, chemical element is mercury, power color is yellow, lucky day is wednesday, season is spring, masculine/positive sign, motto is ‘’i think’’, sister/opposite sign is sagittarius

cancer ♋: rules the moon, cardinal water sign, chemical element is silver, power shades are silver and white, lucky day is monday, season is summer,  feminine/negative sign, motto is ‘’i feel’’, sister/opposite sign is capricorn

leo ♌: rules the sun, fixed fire sign, chemical element is gold, power colors are gold and orange, lucky day is sunday, season is summer, masculine/positive sign, motto is ‘’i will’’, sister/opposite sign is aquarius

virgo ♍: rules mercury, mutable earth sign, chemical element is mercury, power color is jade green, lucky day is wednesday, season is summer, feminine/negative sign, motto is ‘’i analyze’’, sister/opposite sign is pisces

libra ♎: rules venus, cardinal air sign, chemical element is copper, power colors are teal and violet, lucky day is friday, season is autumn, masculine/positive sign, motto is ‘’i balance’’, sister/opposite sign is aries

scorpio ♏: rules pluto, fixed water sign, chemical element is steel, power color/shade is dark red and black, lucky day is tuesday, season is autumn, feminine/negative sign, motto is ‘’i desire’’, sister/opposite sign is taurus 

sagittarius ♐: rules jupiter, mutable fire sign, chemical element is tin, power color is purple, lucky day is thursday, season is autumn, masculine/positive sign, motto is ‘’i see’’, sister/opposite sign is gemini

capricorn ♑: rules saturn, cardinal earth sign, chemical element is lead, power shade is grey, lucky day is saturday, season is winter, feminine/negative sign, motto is ‘’i use’’, sister/opposite sign is cancer

aquarius ♒: rules uranus, fixed air sign, chemical element is aluminium, power color is sea foam green, lucky day is saturday, season is winter, masculine/positive sign, motto is ‘’i know’’, sister/opposite sign is leo

pisces ♓: rules neptune, mutable water sign, chemical element is platnium, power color is ocean blue, lucky day is thursday, season is winter, feminine/negative sign, motto is ‘’i believe’’, sister/opposite sign is virgo 

Scenery I associate with the element compatibility

+ I believe that any zodiac/element sign can work with one another and so I made sure to make these pairings filled with compatibility! (sorry if this is no good, just doing this for fun)

fire sign + fire sign: Summer or fall; the sun is just setting and the trees just compliments her like a sundress on a fair lady. Yellow, red, gold, and orange all in one place splatting the world like a children’s coloring book. Giggles and exploring is all they need when fire and fire meet. Tangled red leafs on their hair and smiley red cheeks as the other takes them off. Put fire with fire and they can destroy anything in their way.

fire sign + water sign: A passionate volcano in Hawaii and an emotional ocean separated by land. Sending whispers from afar, only rain grants their time for a kiss. They calm each other down, as elements they are like opposites attract but as lovers they create such a strong relationship, they help each other and no matter how far apart they are, there will always be a time when they’ll need and want each other.

fire sign + air sign: A small bonfire, working together to create something, something beautiful. Fire feeds off of air to become stronger, and air feeds off of fire to create a lovely atmosphere to heat up their beloveds. A windy summer, where you’ll smell every giggle and sense all the smiles who experience it.

fire sign + earth sign: A campfire while camping with family and friends surrounded by trees, light up the eyes of any of those who find them together. They create a peaceful sound when reunited, but beware when fire adds too much heat. They compliment eachother on certain things; this pairing will still love each other even if the other were to burn them along the way, earth will do anything to keep this fire going.

water sign + water sign: Under the sea a place where all the sea animals like to call home. They feel like home just with their company alone. They are one, they are all the make up the ocean, and all they have to make up love itself. They are the listeners when a person talks to themselves at the beach, they are the company.

water sign + air sign: The beautiful sound of waves crashing together, a scene people enjoy watching while the sunset behind these elements sits and gives them such a pleasant view to look at. Can be difficult as if water were a merperson and air were just a human, can be different but their love is stronger.

water sign + earth sign: A waterfall in a tropical forest, where everything is peaceful and green. They create such a lovely environment that people will crave to have. Clear waters passionately touching the grass closest to them. The earth feeds off of water, and the water does not mind for they would die for their lovely earth. 

air sign + air sign: Heaven, giggly little voices high up in the sky watching over everyone. Together as one, help nature herself. Powerful together and adventurous together. Like a tiny piece of dandelion from someone’s wishes floating in mid air, calling out for these pairs to grant them. They are the kisses they give strangers on their skin on windy days.

air sign + earth sign: Found everywhere on windy days, the cries of the breeze kissing the trees. Cold and difficult, but oh so nice for both the elements. The kisses and the chemistry they make no one will ever understand; air nymph and earth nymph joined together.

earth sing + earth sign: Mother nature herself has been created with such love among this pairing, its a pleasant forest; a home to all wild animals. Sunbeam cutting through some trees, and beautiful animals hugging their home. This pairing understands one another so much; this is the home of the dryads and the fairies.

anonymous asked:

I'm going to the Scientists' March on Washington this weekend and I want to be sure that I help this march be inclusive of all people. What are some intersectional environmental issues that I can address in the signs my friends and I bring?

What an awesome question, and a great thing to be thinking about. For me, without overstating, nature is just as much about a way to “world peace” as anything else. Because it is one true common denominator for every person on earth. Wildlife conservation can become a unifying theme for people all over the world from all walks of life and all political beliefs because the wildlife conservation we need HAS to include the human element. A wild planet is good for all of us. We all need the things nature provides - clean air, fresh water, natural resources - so at the end of the day we’re all environmentalists and we’re all ecosystem neighbors. John Muir said it best….“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it is attached to the rest of the world”. I believe that includes people. We’re all in this together. So walk for the wild in all of us and send us a picture of you in action with your signs :).

Power in Each Element

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Their power is Dependability.

Earth Signs are gifted people. Giving everyone a “stable rock” to be on, when you are overwhelmed, or when you are sad, they are very patient people and will always be there by your side. Out of the whole Zodiac Signs, these people are the most loyal.

The Signs that need them the most are Water Signs. They crave the patience and “a rock” they can ground themselves on. They also need help with finances, as Earth Signs are very preservative, Water Signs, well, not so much. (Except for Cancer, they know how to ground their selves SOMETIMES) Water Signs also need someone who will stick up with them, are loyal, and are patient enough when Water Signs are at their stormiest times. No other signs will do these except for the Earth Signs.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Their power is Communication.

No other signs in the Zodiac LOVE to talk than these windy Air Signs. The Signs that gives you Knowledge and Lessons, they have a lot to tell you. They are quite patient, usually, and are people pleasers, again, usually. They can also be quite shy and impulsive, but that is hidden in their forever changing indecisive nature.

The Signs that need them the most are the Fire Signs. The Fire Signs need someone that is at least patient enough and will listen to them. Air Signs give Fire Signs the sense of being calm and being serene. Fire Signs need someone that isn’t dreamy and emotional as they are already, they need someone who is focused and someone that will be with them through thick and thin. Air Signs are able to do this, just as long as Fire Signs don’t become too aggressive towards them.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Their power is Enthusiasm.

Fire Signs are happy, adventurous, curious people. Quite emotional, and quite feisty, these signs are not the ones who will stay at home and watch television, they love to move and work. They also love to cheer people up, they like to see everyone happy, feel great, and in turn, that makes them feel happy.

The Signs that need them the most are the Air Signs. Air Signs are quite unemotional and bored, always living the same, boring routines. Fire Signs are able to switch up their schedules just a tad bit, giving them some excitement, and some emotional stability they need. Air Signs need someone who will give them some mind games and take them to places that they have never imagined they can ever go to. Fire Signs are able to do this, just as long as Air Signs doesn’t press the ‘Wrong Button.’

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Their power is Love.

Water Signs are as refreshing and as caring as long as they want. Very kind, very nurturing, you will be very lucky to have them in your life. They are sweet, outgoing, calm people that will instinctively know what you are up to. They like to “go with the flow.”

The Signs that need them the most are the Earth Signs. They cannot reach emotional depths, as Earth Signs are emotional, they just prefer to hide it deep inside them until someone that is capable of taking it out, they will feel much better. They also need someone who will spice up their routine, always working, always focused, always determined, Earth Signs do not have any time to laugh, or be with someone, and Water Signs really just know how to brighten up their day. Earth Signs like that the Water Signs are emotional, because they themselves need someone who will cry with them. Earth Signs also need someone who is caring, nurturing, and compassionate, and that is all what Water Signs are happily offering.

By God the pleasure that a believing man attains from waking up in the middle of the night, gazing at the sky full of stars reading the verses: “Surely in the creation of the heavens and earth and the nights and days are signs for the believers” which is the voice of the universe and comes from the heart of existence and his voice becoming in one with creation - the pleasure of that moment is equal to a whole life of material pleasure in the world.
—  Shaheed Motaharri
Autistic Galra Keith (Part 1)

Because I wasn’t kidding when I said I had a million and one headcanons about this, and it’s gotten way too long for a single post.

[Follow-up to this meta about autistic Keith and autistic Pidge.]

Autistic Galra Keith Series
[You’re reading Part 1]
[Part 2: Reveal and fallout]
[Bonus: Purring is the best stim]
[Part 3: Fluff and general headcanons]

In this part: A lot of musings about Keith’s backstory, working under the assumption that he is both autistic and half Galra/half Altean. (Two different things.) Featuring: conspiracies about the Garrison, mentor!Shiro, Keith-Shiro bonding, Iverson being a douche. Covers everything prior to canon.


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asianregret  asked:

Hey you! Favorite headcanon for supercorp in college? I've been thinking about how they would meet and where. :)

hiiiiii love!!!

awwww my angels in college <3

obviously MYIY has this on LOCK, but i definitely love a few other HC’s for them

-definitely a lab partner scenario where they both are put together in some sort of chemistry lab…could totally see that happening and being hilarious and goofy and adorable

-im not one for sororities BUT, i could TOTALLY see lena being forced to rush in one because lillian would probably be like a founder and therefore it would be expected that a luthor would pledge…and imagine kara getting mixed up in all of the pledging and nonsense because she’s just trying to fit in (and maybe alex encourages her in order to blend in and make friends?)… this literally just popped into my head this second …anyway that would be classic

-these two adorable nerds somehow join the same club of sorts (awwww like lena is trying to get people to sign up for earth day or recycling or something totally ‘save the earth’ related and kara signs her little petition and then is enamored and joins and tries to help)

why did you ask me this now i’m weeping

Observations of Venus signs

Venus in earth signs need to see you every day in their physical presence and in part of their daily routine to know you will be there and have the security of a long lasting relationship. They need the practical things like their job and responsibilities to be attended to before they enjoy a relationship which can be why they take awhile to enter one and then when they do, they’re in it for the long haul. They make for reliable and simple partners.

Venus in air signs need that feeling of we’re buddies, we’re partners in crime, we have tons of inside jokes, we’re going to make a good story in order to be interested in a relationship with someone. You don’t necessarily need to be smart or intellectual as some astrologers emphasize but you need to be lighthearted and have a unique point of view. Venus air types are fun and easygoing in relationships but the biggest issue is probably their demand of freedom. They want space and to have their own life but they also love relationships and sharing and relating to others so it can be a balancing act to integrate both qualities of life.

Venus in water signs need to be taken care of and to take care of others. Not to be gross but their romantic relationships most resemble parent-child relationships. The girlfriend will do her boyfriend’s laundry type of stuff etc. Watery venus natives can enter into deep, beautiful relationships but they feel every up and down very deeply and remember every partner with pain and pleasure.

Venus in fire signs need to be challenged and need a personal cheerleader. They’ll push you to spoil them or put on a bossy front but what they really need is someone to call them out on their BS /and/ simultaneously encourage them in their goals and believe in them, which is why I think venus in fire signs can sometimes make difficult significant others because underdeveloped fire signs demand a lot without always giving it back. Ultimately, venus fire signs can be fun and open.

icarus and the sun (stenbrough)

the angel au that no one asked for

teaser | part one (soon) | …

Stan Uris likes to think he’s pretty logical. He has always done what’s right when it comes to dealing with humans—he’s never kissed one, never held one romantically, never fallen in love with one. His instructors used him as an example almost every class, his work on Earth something to be very proud of.

Signing day was every month, at precisely eight in the morning, which to most seemed dreadful, but Stan absolutely loved it. He loved going out into the human world as the sun rose, casting beautiful colors upon his sandy toned wings, the freshness of the blossoming morning filling his lungs. Today should have been no different.

The grand council woman sat high up in her chair, looking down upon the jury.

“Stanley Isaac Uris?” She called out, an eyebrow raising. He reluctantly stood, bowing his head. He shouldn’t be here. This felt like a fever dream.

“It has come to my attention that you are in violation of Code 446, which strictly states that no angel should by any means fall in love with a human, lest they become a fallen angel.” Her eyes held an immense amount of displeasure, from which Stan did not know. Maybe it was court duty, maybe it was his conviction, maybe it was the fact that out of everyone, it was him.

He had fallen in love with a human.
Stan never saw this coming, not in a million years, not since he had died and gone on into the above to become a guardian angel. But he had fallen and hard at that.

The signs as cute Valentine’s Day ideas

Aries: Get dirty in the bedroom ;) rent a concrete truck, smash through the window while your partner is asleep, and pour concrete over your shared bed until your partner is cemented into the sheets. They’ll never want to leave the bed!

Taurus: Go for a pleasant walk in the park. Feed the birds! Smell the roses! Tell your partner how much you love them. (disclaimer: make sure you feed the birds a proper diet of rusty nails and human fingers, preferably freshly cut off of your partner’s hand. Also make sure the roses don’t bite your noses off when you sniff them. that would really kill the mood.)

Gemini: Get healthy together! Hire someone with a chainsaw to chase you through the forest, and run for your lives. As you run and hold hands, eventually you’ll have to let go of your partner and split up, forcing the chainsaw man to chase one of you down and murder you.

Cancer: Have a romantic candlelit dinner. Laugh together and hold hands as you listen to the screams of the people you’re eating.

Leo: Murder your partner’s parents and use their entrails for demonic sacrifice, as you usually would on Valentine’s Day.

Virgo: Cuddle by the fireplace. But make sure you feed the fire enough wood, or else it’ll get angry and consume you, your partner, and your house. The Fire Gods must be appeased.

Libra: Reenact the movie Saw, including all of the deaths.

Scorpio: Recite an ancient prophecy in a long-dead language. Your partner is the Chosen One. Accompany them on a journey that will change your lives, complete with a romantic subplot.

Sagittarius: Buy them chocolate, then tie them down to a chair and force-feed it to them. Every piece. As the chocolate gushes blood and tiny mouse bones, you’ll remember that your partner is allergic to chocolate.

Capricorn: Fill the bathtub for some steamy fun! Make sure the blood you fill it with is freshly boiled, or neither you or your partner will be able to get in the mood.

Aquarius: Create a giant maze with real horrors- actual murderers broken out of prison, toxic gas, pits of scorpions, and other romantic stuff- and go through with your partner. The fun is in the surprises at every corner!

Pisces: Go all Romeo and Juliet and pretend you’re dead. Your partner will be so devastated that they’ll hold a funeral and you’ll be buried alive. Your plan didn’t work, and now you’re in a casket under 6 feet of earth. Good luck.