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1. The newspaper next to Louis is the Los Angeles Times and has an article named after a lyric in Back To You: “Baby, here we go again!”

2. The bedside table next to Louis when he’s packing his suitcase is home to a One Direction record for Midnight Memories.

3. An air freshener can be seen hanging from the car window featuring Louis’ LT logo and it’s also in the scent “Royal Pine.”

4. Outside the car window you can see a billboard advertising the music video. “Back To You, Official Video, Out Tomorrow.”

5. When Louis is bored on his phone waiting for his plane, he begins typing out lyrics to Back To You in the notes app.

6. The travel tag on Louis’ suitcase has Bebe Rexha’s name on it and Digital Farm Animals.

7. The departure sign has Back To You on it.

8. The departure sign announces that Louis will be going on tour next year! LT Tour 2018.

9. The car Louis gets into for his ride home has the license plate “DNC5STER” for Doncaster.

10. The radio is playing Back To You and teases that it will be released at midnight. You can hear Louis on the radio singing a few lines, but the driver then reaches over and turns it down.

Bonus: Throughout the video Louis wears a yellow sweater with the word “tomorrow” written on it to symbolize the song release tomorrow.

Close Quarters

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Sam shakes his head, laughing at his brother. “Always with the scissors, Dean.”

Dean doesn’t even dignify him with a response. Rock-Paper-Scissors is a sacred, binding contract for laundromat duty and he’s lost fair and square. He picks up the duffles full of dirty clothes and hoists them over his shoulder.

Cas, who has been watching this exchange with interest from the far bed, gets to his feet. “I’d be happy to assist you.”

“Oh, how sweet,” Sam practically chirps. “A laundry date.”

“Shut up, Sammy.” He looks at Cas. “C’mon if you’re coming.”

They try to time things to be back at the bunker before they’re out of clean clothes, but an unexpected addition to their last case had them heading four hundred miles in the wrong direction.

Dean slings the bags into the back seat while Cas searches for to the nearest laundromat. It’s not far from the motel and, from the pictures on the website, it looks fairly bright and cheery
as far as coin laundries go.

Dean parks out front and they each grab a bag. Inside, the washers stand in rows while dryers line the walls. Dean drops his bag on a high counter meant for folding clothes and goes to find the change machine. By the time he returns, his jacket pocket heavy with quarters, he finds Cas standing between two open washer doors carefully studying one of Sam’s t-shirts.

He looks to Dean with the same face he uses when he’s making sure a sigil is correct. “Is this considered a dark or a light?”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m sorting.”

“Well, stop it.”

“Dean,” Cas says with the utmost concern, “the label says to wash separately.”

“They all say that, Cas. Time to live on the edge.” He reaches into the second washer and grabs the couple of things that are in there and throws them in with the other clothes.

Cas frowns, but pulls some more clothes out of the bag.

Dean sighs. “The trick is to not touch any of this nasty stuff. Have you met Sam Winchester?” He shudders; there’d been Mexican food recently.

“Of course I have, Dean,” Cas grouses. “And he said I should sort the laundry.”

Dean takes the bag from Cas’s hand and dumps it into the washer, then slams the door shut with a flourish. “Ok, maybe at home that’s fine, but on the road it’s all about cheap and efficient. And as long as there isn’t anything—“ he glances around at the other patrons before continuing, “unnatural on the clothes, you can wash them all together in cold water.” He’s still pissed about the ectoplasm that ruined one of his favorite band t-shirts. Sam knows that shit needs to be treated with vinegar first.

“I don’t understand why clothing comes with rules if you’re just going to ignore them.”

“You,” Dean says. “Mr. I Rebelled From Heaven. You’re judging my laundry law-breaking.”

Cas’s scowl lightens into something close to a smile.

Grinning, Dean hands Cas some quarters. “Go get some soap.”

When the soap is added, Dean slots the quarters one by one into the washer. “This used to be Sam’s favorite part. I had to lift him up so he could reach.”

“You spent a lot of time in laundromats as kids.”

“Yeah, and let me tell you most of them weren’t nearly as nice as this one.” He ushers Cas to a couple of empty seats where they can keep an eye on their washer. He nods toward the sign announcing free wi-fi that hangs over the row of vending machines. “Plenty of times Dad left us in one and went off to a bar.”

Cas gives him that same pinched-brow look he always gets when Dean talks about John, but Dean waves it off. “It was actually kind of fun. Sam and I played a lot of hide and seek in these things.” He nudges the wheeled laundry cart with his foot. “Raced around in these when the place was empty.”

It hadn’t been all bad. Even without a door to lock between them and the rest of the world, laundromats felt safer than motels a lot of the time. They were mostly populated by moms and old ladies and sometimes they shared snacks or gave quarters when John left them lacking in one or the other. The swishing sounds of the washer, the hum of the fluorescent lights, even the startling buzzers from the timers. These were all soothing, familiar sounds that led to the simple joy of clean, warm-from-the dryer clothing. Even after the years of having the bunker to call home, Dean still finds himself hoarding quarters just in case.

It’s funny to think that he learned all this as a child, but now he’s teaching an older-than-dirt angel how to do it. But it’s kind of nice to have him here, tagging along not because he has to but for the sheer sake of keeping Dean company. That’s been a happy realization, since the two of them became…well, whatever the hell they are these days. The way that having someone by your side can make even the most mundane tasks fun. Things like grocery shopping, where Cas studies coupons like they’re instructions for defusing a bomb, or washing dishes, which was inevitably followed by instructing Cas on how to snap a dishtowel. (Cas had gotten surprisingly good in a short amount of time with Dean’s ass as his target.) Not to mention the unexpected bonus of decreased nightmares that came with having this particular warm body next to his each night.

They sit in comfortable silence as the washers whir and the dryers tumble. Cas keeps his knee pressing against Dean’s, and sometimes Dean still can’t believe he spent all the time lecturing him on personal space. Especially now when he’d like nothing more than to pull him onto his lap and kiss him until they are both gasping for breath.  But that’ll have to wait. They’ve still got a few more days on the road before they can head home again. He tries not to think about how they’d be spending their time alone at the motel if Sam had been the one banished here.

Dean’s eye is caught by their washer accelerating into the final spin. Checking that the row is empty of people, he tugs Cas by the hand, leading him over to it. There, mostly hidden from view, he backs Cas up against the washer and kisses him, pressing against him so that the vibrations tingle through them both.

“Soon,” Cas whispers.

“Soon,” Dean agrees.

There’s time for one more kiss before the buzzer sounds.

With Eyes to See {Draco Malfoy x Reader}

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Prompt: @belle6026   I was wondering if you could write a Draco x reader where he crushes over her and he finds out she’s deaf so he learns how to sign and she is flustered and everything is fluffy plsssss 

A/N: OK THIS IS LITERALLY SO CUTE (sorry it’s so short)

Warnings: none

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Dumbledore stood in front of the students in the Great Hall. The whole room erupted in cheering and clapping. You continued to eat, unsure of the commotion. You took another bite of your apple as your friend sat down. You cocked your head at them hoping for an explanation. 

Their mouth made an ‘O’ shape as they signed the announcement to you. There was going to be a ball more specifically the Yule Ball and everyone was excited to dance the night away with beautiful French girls and kiss strange boys they didn’t know. You, on the other hand, were not as thrilled. No one wants to go with someone who’s deaf. You would spend your evening in the common room alone while everyone else partied.

The students began to file out of the Great Hall toward their first class of the day. You quickly followed suit but there was one boy who stayed behind. Draco Malfoy sat at the Slytherin table coming up with a way to ask you to the Yule Ball. 

Draco was not one for being subtle, he stood from his seat and marched over to you right away. He called your name but you never saw him and continued to walk to class.

“I-I can’t believe- I’ve- I’m”

“It’s called rejection Malfoy,” Crabbe said coming up behind him.

“It happens to the best of us,” Goyle chimed in after.

“No. It happens to you. I can’t believe I was completely ignored. How rude.” Draco lifted his chin and walked to class.

He walked into Potions just to see you happy as could be with one of your friends. You smiled and signed to your friend. Draco saw your friend sign back and he frowned. A smile began to spread across his face. 

“Mr. Malfoy!” Professor Snape yelled. “If you could please take your seat and stop staring at (Y/N)(L/N).” Draco’s face turned tomato red and quietly shuffled to his seat. 

Your friend giggled and quickly explained what had happened. Your face was burning and you laid your head on the desk in embarrassment. 

The class ended and you rushed out of the class as quickly as possible. You felt your heart racing as you sped down the hall while Draco ran in the opposite direction after your friend. 

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Challenge 75: Freebie: Batgirl of Burnside!

Issue 50 of Batgirl came out today and it’s the last issue that  @babsdraws, @cameron-stewart, and @brendenfletcher worked on as a team! I wanted to create a little tribute piece to thank them for their all around awesomeness and for getting tons of new readers, myself included, into the Batgirl franchise! ☺️

Oddly enough I’ve had this sketch lying around since they announced the series but never finished it! I figured it was the perfect time to revisit it and wrap it all up!

Elizabeth B.

P.S. Just saw the MOTOR CRUSH announcement, sign me up for that!! 💜

As you probably know, the previous DCBB mod has stepped down and turned over the community to a new team. We wanted to take a moment to announce who we are and also give a brief overview of what you should expect in the coming weeks.

First and foremost, your new mods are @museaway and @jojodacrow. Together, we run the Dean/Cas Tropefest, SPN Case Fic Bang, and the Katsudon Bang. We are thrilled to be taking on the DCBB and excited to make this a better experience for everyone. We’ll be bringing on assistant moderators and we’ll make sure you know who they are as well.

So what can you expect in the 2017 round? Lots of changes.

Improved Communication

We are serious about good communication. Participants should expect to see emails from us throughout the challenge with confirmations, reminders, and team matchups and contact information (no more hunting for your artist/author!).

We will also be forming a discord chat channel for all participants. We’ve maintained chats for our other challenges and it’s a great way to get support and meet new friends. The mods will be active in the chat so you can get to know us better.

We want to make sure that we are available to you on a platform that is easiest for you to use. Here are all the ways you can contact us:

Twitter: deancasbigbang

Due to the size of this challenge, moderators will not answer any questions on their personal accounts. They will refer you to the official channels.

Change in Platform

We don’t have the same community as we did when the challenge started in 2010 and not many of us use Livejournal daily either. Going forward, our main hub for information will be tumblr. We will crosspost to LJ and twitter so no one misses out on information, but you should expect to see most of those posts directing you to the challenge tumblr for further information. You no longer need an LJ account in order to participate.

New/Revised Rules

We are in the process of revising the rules and FAQs. These will all be announced before sign-ups open on April 1st. We will address concerns from past years, including making the challenge more artist-friendly and the issue of serial posting.

We hope you are as excited about the future of the challenge and as always we are here to discuss any concerns that you have.

- Jojo & muse


It was Spirit of Beacon Day!

A day where everyone in town celebrates the culture and spirit of our lovely little city Beacon, New York! 

It was a time to celebrate the arts, good neighbors, and show everyone what the city of Beacon is really about! This event has been going on for 40 years to the date, and it was the committees last one! So it was indeed a special time! We hope to see the event continue for generations to come!

The Potatoes were super excited for this day, and every time I drove past the sign that announced this event, they got more and more excited as the date drew closer. I just knew it was going to be a really fun time with the little Peepers, so these are pictures of some of the best highlights of the day!

We went and watched a parade full of music and color! We were then interviewed by a lovely gentleman named Rick Rogers, who can be seen above holding a Potato displayed with his own art in the backdrop! He’s head of the Beacon Arts Association, and wanted to interview us on the current development of art and the community as a whole!

Then we had some cookies from the Cookie Walk of Christ Church! It was a lovely little vendor that had a lot of tasty treats! The Potatoes sure did enjoy them! Thanks to Michelle and Diane for serving everyone in the community!

Then towards the end of the day, we had our name, Pony Potatoes, written in Mandarin by some lovely ladies from the MHCCA (Mid Hudson Chinese Community Association)! She loved the work she did so much with the name, that she asked to pose with a Potato! I (the mod) also make an appearance in one of the pictures. I’m wearing the cookie monster shirt. :P

The last picture is all the Potatoes that popped out that day, displayed with the means to which I make it possible for the peepers to pop out and visit! 

This day was a very special day for the Peepers and myself, as we broke 2 milestones that day. I’ve spend 4 sundays dedicating time to my lil Peepers, drawing them and having them interact with the community (I now have 14 cut outs!) and we struck 1k followers, of which the number has grown significantly since then. The Potatoes are seriously overwhelmed with joy, and we want to keep sharing so many awesome adventures with you all!

Thanks for making all of this possible through your love and support! <3 <3 <3 

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People are talking of leaving because they can't do this anymore 😞 It's too painful to watch.

This is what I don’t understand. This stuff does nothing for the GP and makes the fandom uncomfortable. So why do they keep doing it? Do they not want money? Like…ok so we’re supposed to believe that he’s signed to Syco and good enough for them to use to promote everyone else on their roster but they won’t even get excited about signing him and won’t announce it and then they bring this in to derail things. Why??? Does this not affect their bottom line?

Apply for CBYX!

For those of you who have not heard of CBYX, it is an exchange program between Germany and the United States that is sponsored by the U.S. Congress and German Bundestag. For one year, youth age 15-18 live with a host family and attend German high school. Going the other way, German high school students do the same here in the U.S. Best part is that CBYX is a full scholarship! Sound intriguing? We hope so. We bring this scholarship up now as the deadline for applications looms in the distance–December 1st. In order to arrange the details and finish the app in time, now is the time for action if you want to throw your hat in the ring for this prestigious scholarship.

To help you conceptualize the before, during, and after of being a CBYXer, we asked our social media expert Claire, who completed her year in 2010, to talk with us about her experience.

What made you initially apply to CBYX?

I applied to CBYX for a few reasons. My uncle moved to Germany many decades ago, and I’d grown up hearing this mysterious language being spoken by him and my cousins when they visited. My brother and I would sit with our German-to-English dictionary trying to pick up what was being discussed. That interest combined with a natural sense of adventure led me to favoring the more untraditional path of doing a year abroad in high school and wanting to do it in Germany. Unfortunately, being an exchange student in high school isn’t as common in the U.S. (yet), so winning a full scholarship helped convince my parents and school to support it.

How did you arrange the year abroad with your school?

Arranging a year abroad in high school is difficult if your school hasn’t had a student do it before you. I was the first at my school, and so I had a meeting with my guidance counselor as soon as I could to discuss my options. I suggest bringing materials with you about the prestige of the program, and emphasizing your flexibility. For example, I took online courses for English and History before I left for the year as they wouldn’t be comparable in Germany. I also took the SAT’s abroad as to be on track for applying to college when I returned. Basically, I’d speak in statements with your school about how you will arrange the year rather than coming with questions–as it opens up the door for them saying it isn’t possible or that you would need to repeat a year.

Was it difficult to learn German? Did you speak it before you left?

I hadn’t traveled outside of the U.S. before CBYX, so for me it was shocking to get off the train in Berlin and suddenly everything was in German–signs, announcements, labels. I had two years of middle school/high school German at my disposal which gave me limited vocab to work with. At first, I prioritized what I said because it often required running into a word I didn’t know, which was exhausting. But word by word and day by day my German improved. I was very motivated to learn because with each word I learned my daily life became a little easier and I got to show my true colors a little more. It is a humbling experience to have to lean on people a little more for help speaking or to learn the words for things, but it’s all part of the growing pains of learning a new language and tons of people have done it before you so there is no shame in it.

What was living with a host family like?

I lived with a family in a residential part of Berlin. At home in Pennsylvania, I had a single parent, was the only girl, and was the youngest of four. In Berlin, I was the middle child and had two sisters. The family welcomed me as one of their own, and despite my preconceived notion of all Germans being tall and blonde, I found myself blending in in a family of short brown-haired females. My first day with the family, my host sisters and I played dress up– giggling as we threw leopard print bras over our shirts and wore big clown-like glasses. I knew then that I’d found myself in the right home.

At the same time, it isn’t all easy–nor is your normal family. Living in someone else’s home requires some flexibility to their set routine, and communicating why you do what you do–which your mom doesn’t have to ask because she has seen you since you were born– but your host family has not.

What were the biggest cultural differences you experienced?

As cliche as it is, I was shocked by how blunt Germans were. I was used to a lot of sugar coating and it took a while to appreciate how Germans communicate. I also had to get used to the independence given to people my age, as there was a lot more hand-holding and rules back in the states. In Germany, I was treated mostly like an adult, which was duly awesome and scary as it meant quickly taking on a lot of responsibility. Lastly, using public transport was a big difference from taking a school bus or being picked up in a car by your parents. It put a lot of new pressure on me to know how to get home or remember bus routes and schedules.

How is German school different than American school?

German school was WAY different than an American high school. At least in my school–which was an Oberschule, I ended and started at a different time almost every day, depending on which subjects I had. I had a class of about 20 kids who I had my core classes with and my teachers rotated to us instead of vise versa. Exams made up the majority of my grade rather than homework or participation and exams didn’t include multiple choice but rather short answers and essays. Also, there was no such thing as substitute teachers, rather if a teacher had vacation or was sick, you just didn’t have that class. This said, every school is different, so yours may resemble an American school more.

Is there a “good” year to do it?

I did my CBYX program during my junior year. This is arguably the most tricky year to do it, as colleges are looking closely at your grades and most people take the SAT’s that year. It is definitely possible though and I had no issue graduating or getting into a good college. There are pros to doing CBYX as a gap year between high school and college, in that you don’t have to stress out as much about your grades at your German school and can defer your college acceptance.

Did you get to travel during the year?

I got to travel a lot. Some host families will take you on their family vacations. With other CBYXers living across the country and the abundance of train options, it is easy to visit them too. Additionally, going back to young people being given more independence in Germany, it is not unusual to go with friends to other countries and stay in youth hostels or travel in general without parental supervision.

Have you returned to Germany since?

I have been lucky enough to have returned to Germany several times in the years after my program, and also to have had my host family visit me in Pennsylvania. My host family still refers to “my bedroom” and when I’m back I curl up on the couch eating Erdnussflips with my host sisters and watch German soap operas like no time has passed. There are certainly still things about Germany I don’t understand and words I haven’t learned yet, but CBYX solidified Germany as a second home.

How has having completed CBYX helped you in the years after?

CBYX truly changed my life course, academically and professionally. Seeing an entirely different tax, welfare, and education system in Germany inspired me to study economics in college. I’ve volunteered supporting high school exchange students ever since I returned to the U.S. and have helped choose new generations of CBYXers. Speaking German has connected me with Americans and Germans alike in my city which has been the core source of a lot of my friendships. I also eventually found myself working at the German Embassy, which obviously wouldn’t have been possible without my year living there, the German skills I acquired, and the connections that came out of that. There are people who walk away from CBYX and don’t use their German again or don’t feel the draw to return back to Germany, but if you do choose to keep involved in German relations, CBYX is a very supportive, diverse, and well-connected community.

What advice would you give those applying to or on the program?

The best advice I received was as I was leaving on the airplane. A chaperone told me to “say yes to everything”. This year is a chance to try out a new sport, a new way of talking, a new style, a new way of being–lots of things that wouldn’t be possible or easy back home where everyone knows you. It is a chance to ask questions and expose yourself to new viewpoints. So just say yes. Personally, doing so led me to visiting my first nuclear power plant (I did not know the word for this and said yes anyhow) or to a planetarium show that blasted nothing but Queen (which if you haven’t done before, I highly recommend). I tried cow’s tongue, which is surprisingly delicious on bread, and fell off my bike twice during a community bike tour. I exited my comfort zone more than I stayed in it and came back feeling like I’d lived years within just one. I’d broken outside the bubble of home and gained a new understanding of myself in the process.

If you want more information on applying for CBYX or hosting a student, check it out here:

Hello again everyone ! As we mentioned last post, there are a few things we need to take care of / clean up ooc before we can properly get back to the story. One of these being the cast and masterlist in general. As such, THE MASTERLIST HAS BEEN WIPED CLEAN. 

This is mostly for our own sanity, as from our last time of activity a lot of blogs on there have been moved, deleted, and so on, and tracking them all down would cause us a very high workload in comparison to simply starting fresh.

We ask all the muns for the muses who are already a part of this verse to RE-SUBMIT THEIR APPS ( don’t worry, you are still very much still accepted into the verse, this is to help us more than anything. ) AND this also means that WE ARE ONCE AGAIN ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR FABRICATED WORLD. 

The app can be found on THIS POST but we will also repost it below: 

Name/Age: (this can be anywhere from a child to an adult. No restrictions!)
Brief explanation as to why they were at the Guertena exhibit: (employee? visitor? etc?)
Rose color: (check here for colors && here to see if your color is claimed)
Painting or Prisoner?: (Paintings hold a loyalty to Mary, and CANNOT participate in the murder game. However, they ARE capable of interacting with other prisoners at other points in time. Prisoners cannot tell the difference between other prisoners and the paintings.)
Weaknesses: (things that would MAKE them want to kill, for example. What is so important to them they want to go so far to escape?)
Strengths: (what would keep them from killing another prisoner?)
Important People to your muse: (mother/father/siblings/friends/pets/beloved uncle jerry….etc…. Incl: name/relation!)
Would you be willing to play the role of a murderer?:
Would you be willing to play the role of a victim?: 
Triggers?: (ie: suicide, cannibalism, etc. a list will be kept to ensure the murders don’t include things like this, but please do expect some sort of dark touch to this story && all. It is a death game after all.) 

Once again, we thank you for your patience & continued interest !

Lost and Found

Hoard was their name. It didn’t matter much to them, though. As long as they knew they were being addressed, they’d respond. The name had been given to them by their roommate, who was constantly complaining about how they seemed to never throw stuff away- even things they found laying around campus.

They knew that picking things up from the ground was dangerous, even back home. But the new location did not stop their need to collect, and so, despite the warnings, they did. Each bauble or odd coin or jewelry they found would be scooped up, and held in their pocket until they got back to their dorm. There, they would carefully empty their stash, and sort through the day’s findings.

In the beginning, they kept all they had collected. But after a couple incidents with very irate students and small warnings from the Good Neighbors, they decided to do something else with the stuff. So they built a small stand outside their window, which conveniently faced the small open area just before the woods. It was divided into two parts: clearly harmful things to the Gentry to the right, and everything else to the left.

The sign above the stand announced “Take What Is Yours.” A smaller second sign swung creakily underneath the first, warning “Steal At Your Own Risk.” For several days, nothing and nobody took notice of the little patch of neutral offerings. The piles in each side grew and grew, and none was claimed. Mornings were no longer exciting because the stand remain untouched overnight. But still, things were collected, and sorted, and put on display.

Instead of being discouraged, however, Hoard instead chose to spread the word of their project as much as they could. They made fliers, they talked to their friends and got their friends to talk to others- they even reached out to Jimothy. A bulk bag of the plastic bead necklaces it likes (ordered online in advance), in exchange for it to tell everyone who it talked to about the stand at least once.

Finally, finally, people began to notice. The stand became a pit stop for many students who had lost things, or needed a quick bit of protection to get them back home (it became an unspoken agreement to bring back anything borrowed from the protections pile). And though the Gentry were rarely seen, things from the miscellaneous pile were also getting claimed at a greater rate than students stopping by.

Hoard became known as “the lost and found person,” and over time that was shortened to simply Found. They didn’t mind.


anonymous asked:

Melly The Sun said that Z2 will come out in August and if I remember correctly in August are exactly two years since Zayn signed his contract with RCA. You think there's some connection?

Ok so don’t mind me, I’m having a real moment over here, because after you said that, all of these dates for Zayn read like standard contract periods and now I’m

So just, bare with me here a minute. INDULGE A HOE, because I’m wondering if Zayn’s contract with Syco maybe-ish expired (and I know this contract speculation isn’t new, but that tattoo coupled with those dates really gave me ho(e)pe). 

A lot of folks have speculated that Zayn’s last show with One Direction was really meant to be OTRA Dubai, given how much it was publicized and how big Zayn’s fanbase is in Asia. That show date was April 4, 2015.

Zayn gets a tattoo on April 2, 2017 underneath his finish line flag and Instagrams it:

 April 2, 2017* is 2 years to the very day from April 4, 2015. 

Other important dates:

July 28 & 29, 2015 - Reports surface that Zayn signed a management deal with Sarah Stennett

July 29, 2015 - Zayn’s signing with RCA is announced (30 days exactly from the end of Q3, which is a standard grace period). 

August 2017 - Potential Z2 album release date as reported by The Sun, 2 years after signing with RCA is announced 

So basically what I’m trying to say in my own windbaggy way is that if August rolls around, and Zayn emerges with brand new management (please), a brand new album, and suddenly starts promoting shit like the glamorous little nerd king boss he is, then I will cackle forever but also take out the celebration snacks.

*I’ve also got Boob Instincts tingling because Harry’s music release date was April 5, 2015, so I wonder if contracts expired for all of them. 


The third installment of The Live On Tour Series:

When Y/N went to San Francisco that first night, she missed half of Harry’s show; her flight had reached San Francisco’s airport on time but there was a lot of traffic on the way to the venue.

When Y/N was in L.A, she stayed backstage.She didn’t go out to watch the show because she was overcome with emotions at the sight of Harry before the show, so to see him in his zone, doing what he loved, would have overwhelmed her.She also didn’t go out because she knew a lot of fans would be attending as well as Niall and the girl Harry’s interested in.

When Y/N was in Las Vegas, she wished she stayed in L.A. for one more night, so she could have gone to see Niall perform in The Troubadour.Y/N has never physically seen Niall perform on stage since the hiatus began which saddens her because after Harry,Niall was the one she favoured the most; and unlike with Harry,she wants nothing more than to support him.

When Y/N is in Nashville, she contemplates on going to Harry’s show.She’s read online that the Ryman Auditorium has a capacity of 2,362 people, which is much less than the capacity of The Greek Theatre.Besides the fact that there are less fans attending the show, Y/N thinks she should go to the show so she can support her best friend - which is the reason why she even flew out to San Francisco in the first place.


When Y/N leaves her hotel room abruptly,she ambles through the corridor at the most slowest speed before she arrives at Harry’s room.She forms her right hand into a fist,raising it to knock on the door ahead of her.She knocks on the door roughly,so that he can open it.But he doesn’t.Someone else does.

Removing her fist from the door,Y/N feels her eyes widen in shock as she gazes at the person in front of her.She lifts her right hand upwardly,bringing it to the nape of her neck so she can massage it softly.

She brings her bottom lip in between her teeth,biting it nervously, eventually releasing it. “Hi,is Harry here?” The question flies through her mouth before she can stop it.

“He’s gone for a run.”

“Oh okay..Can you tell him that I need to speak to him when he comes back?”


Nodding her head,Y/N flashes a smile at the girl in front of her.Releasing her right hand from the nape of her neck, she points towards her hotel room. “I guess I’ll go,” she laughs awkwardly.


In spite of the fact that it may have taken her a long time to think about going to the show,Y/N is stood front row at the Ryman Auditorium dressed in a pair of jeans and a top.

The opening act have just left the stage and Y/N can barely make out the conversations the girls right next to her are having “I can’t believe this is it.We’ve waited ages for solo Harry and here he is.I swear I’m not gonna survive this”.

Suddenly,all the lights turn off and all she can hear is screaming from everyone as beams of flourish pink lights hit the stage.


Y/N is in awe.

She’s in awe of her best friend that’s prancing around the stage like he owns it,she’s in awe over his suit (that hasn’t really affected her much),in awe over the fact that he’s so comfortable performing on stage in front of strangers that he acts like they’re his best friends.She’s in awe that when he sings,majority of the auditorium falls silent and when he prances or does something silly,they start shrieking.How he has the ability to do that, makes her go ‘wow!”

Y/N looks up at Harry with a smile playing on her lips.Physically seeing him perform,seeing him in his comfort zone doing what he loves most, makes her heart hurt.

She’s so proud of him,proud of everything he’s done.She remembers back in March, the night before the announcement of Sign Of The Times was being released, he called her fretting that he couldn’t do this.That once they released the announcement, there was no going back.That he was happy to release his music after working so long on it but as much as he was happy, he was more nervous over to see everyones reaction.That he was extremely nervous of everything that was to happen.


After singing one of his songs,Harry nods at the crowd with a smile beaming on his face.He loves performing,loves the crowds,loves touring.

He walks to the side of the stage,and slightly bends down to get his water bottle.Unscrewing the lid,he stands back up and as he brings the drink to his lips, he tilts the bottle to drink it.

After quenching his thirst,he places the lid on top,screwing it tightly so it doesn’t open in case he knocks it over and bends down to put it back.

He nods again at the crowd but his eyes aren’t looking at them.He’s looking straight ahead at his best friend who makes a funny expression on her face when she notices him staring.Even then,she still looks beautiful.

Harry bites back a laugh and clears his throat.Shaking his head, he walks towards her, crouching down right in front of her.Y/N looks at him,confused.’What is he doing?’ she thinks.

Her question is answered when he takes a hold of her right hand,bringing it closer to his lips before pressing a pert kiss on it.

Harry removes himself from her and stands up straight,moving to the other side of the stage, acting as if nothing has happened - like he never just kissed his best friends hand in front of all his fans.

Y/N’s eyes widen in shock as she pulls her right - hand towards her chest,enclosing it with her other hand.

What the hell did he just do?

dazeli  asked:

Oh man, you're taking prompts, I have a mighty need from some Jack/Bitty and French <3

I DIDN’T FORGET ELI!!!! I JUST…. ACCIDENTALLY WROTE… A LOT…. please enjoy my transparent excuses to use metropolitan french whenever possible and also my sister’s brief cameo under a pseudonym about which she knows nothing!

translations provided via hovertext–i’m fsl so it’s very possible there are mistakes, but i was pretty diligent about proofreading so *crosses fingers.*


“Papa, j’peux pas faire ça.”

Bitty is definitely not eavesdropping.

Ransom is in full panic mode in their bathroom, so he’d had no choice but to use Jack and Shitty’s. Shitty’d told Eric it was alright on his way out the door.

Plus, all those French vowels, so much rounder and more satisfying than in artsy Parisian films, just sort of reach out to the ear. They demand to be heard, if not understood.

Plus, Jack’s voice is so strained, so sad, so terrified that Bitty only manages to stay on his side of the door because his not-eavesdropping probably wouldn’t help.

“Ouais, j’veux jouer, mais—j’suis gay.”

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