How to Recover From a Broken Heart

Aquarius – will celebrate being independent again as they love to live their lives with “no strings attached”.  Freedom is their favorite “f” word and intellectual stimulation is far more rewarding for them.

Pisces – will watch their favorite romantic movie, have a good cry and wonder why they always choose partners that are not the best for them.  They’ll promise themselves that next time, they’ll go with their gut feeling earlier if things aren’t working out as their hunches are usually correct.

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Compliments For The Signs

Aries: You’re important too. Very important. Never forget that.

Taurus: You have great music taste. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Gemini: Who cares if you weeb over your favourite t.v. shows and movies? It’s what you’re passionate about, which is beautiful.

Cancer: Your ass is amazing. Do they got the booty? They dooooo.

Leo: You’re doing a good job staying strong. Keep it up.

Virgo: You’re super cute especially with your evil side. Slay.

Libra: You look nice today. And everyday.

Scorpio: It doesn’t matter if you have intense eye bags and coffee breathe, you’re still amazing and could conquer Ba Sing Se anyday.

Sagittarius: Sing that song you love. You sound beautiful.

Capricorn: You are a precious cinnamon roll.

Aquarius: Your smile is beautiful. Never be afraid to show it. 

Pisces: You are a treasure. Anyone would be grateful to find you, and keep you.

Signs Symbolic Meanings
  • Aries:-Ram- Just like the Ram they are willing to butt heads with those they think are standing in their way. Brave and Headstrong, they approach manners directly and forcefully. They are always striving to get the job done quickly, and they hate deceit so much that they can sometimes be too honest for their own good.
  • Taurus:-Bull- Like their symbol they are stubborn, stable, and resolute. They have an understanding of the material world. While they may not be the first to jump at a new idea, once they get started they will embrace it and follow it through to the finish. They are dependable and extremely loyal-to ideas, traditions, and the people in their life.
  • Gemini:-Twins- As if there exist within the Gemini two different people with different sets of values and opinions. Are known for functioning best when they have two or more things to do at the same time. Among the best communicators of information.
  • Cancer:-Crab- Have the tendency to feel insecure at times, and when they experience this emotion they want to withdraw into their own version of a crab's protective shell. A crab carries its home on its back wherever it goes in the same way a Cancerian strives to make a metaphorical home even out of the most temporary surroundings.
  • Leo:-Lion- Not only is a group of lions referred to as a "pride," but also the importance of a personal pride to those born during the time of Leo cannot be overstated. They do not want to be connected to anyone or anything that they do not feel is up to their high personal standards.
  • Virgo:-Virgin- It is important to note that in ancient times the word "virgin" actually had two meanings: it was used not only to refer to a sexually inexperienced individual, but also to describe an independent woman who did things on her own terms and to whom no man held dominion. Virgos thrive when they are able to do things in their own way.
  • Libra:-Scales- The scale is a representation of equal measure and justice. The perfect balance of the Libran scale was also a reminder that the first six warming full moons of the lunar year have passed and that the challenges of the next six cooling full moons were to come.
  • Scorpio:-Scorpion- Most Scorpios are as fearless as their symbol, the scorpion. As well as their symbol, they can be so intent on stinging something that they end up stinging themselves. They are often misunderstood because of the intensity of their passion.
  • Sagittarius:-Centaur- They share the love of travel, animals, the great outdoors, and natural healing with their symbol. They keep the torch of learning alight; they actively seek out knowledge and the wisdom to use it properly. They have a reputation for being blunt. Only interested in the ultimate truth, because, otherwise, it would not be worth knowing and teaching to others.
  • Capricorn:-Goat- The mountain goat is tireless as it makes its way to the tops of mountain after mountain. Equally tireless in their efforts to get to the top of their respective professions. It is accurate to say they crave the respect of those whom they, themselves, respect.
  • Aquarius:-Water Bearer- The symbol of this sign is the Water Bearer pouring out his bounty to quench the thirst of the world. Mistaken as a Water sign frequently, the sign is associated with the element air, the realm of ideas.They like to think broad and theoretical terms and want to "pour out" their ideas to quench the intellectual thirst of the world.
  • Pisces:-Fish- The symbol suggests-two fish locked in tension, forever pulling each other in opposite directions-one side of this conflict can represent the personality whose inner self is always preparing to retreat from the world. Associated with both empathy and telepathy. Their natural ability to be invisibly connected to those around them and those around the world is both a blessing and a curse.
The signs words they might like:

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