Hey, You’re HOT!

Aries: yeah i AM hot. AND YOU’RE NOT! XP

Taurus: hahahahahaaa….- I know. 

Gemini: haha thanks! you too….! *looks again* I guess… maybe in a darker room.

Cancer: *red face* tHNX *runs away*


Virgo: wait until you know me. THATS HOT. but I guess you’ll never get to see that~~~

Libra: OWWWWwwwwwwwww<3333333 ^~^ thats so sweet thank you!!<33 who’re you again?

Scorpio: yeah whats new

Sagittarius: thks man wanna fuck later?

Capricorn: *cold glare* be careful not to get burn than. *continue on walking*

Aquarius: thank you… though I kinda find it offensive. I mean I AM MUCH MOREEE THAN A HOT BODY I ACTUALLY PREFER YOU TALKING ABOUT MY HOT SOUL

Pisces: really?…… I actually DID felt kinda sick this morning, you think I need to check that?

Most to Least likely being in Dark Forest
  • <p><b></b> 1. Scorpio<p/><b></b> 2. Leo<p/><b></b> 3. Virgo<p/><b></b> 4. Aries<p/><b></b> 5. Taurus<p/><b></b> 6. Capricorn<p/><b></b> 7. Aquarius<p/><b></b> 8. Gemini<p/><b></b> 9. Cancer<p/><b></b> 10. Sagittarius<p/><b></b> 11. Pisces<p/><b></b> 12. Libra<p/></p>

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160723 Kiss Ent’s Twitter Update

あまがさきキューズモールに来てくださった皆さんありがとうございます!!明日はいよいよSHOWCASE & FAN MEETINGです!期待してください❤︎
#MAP6 #맵식스 #魅力発散TIME

[trans] Thanks everyone who came to Amagasaki Kyuzu Mall! Finally tomorrow is the SHOWCASE&FANMEETING! Pls anticipate #MAP6

Transby officialmap6ph
Translation may not be 100% accurate

Could you sign here please, Frida? #abbasignaturesnyc #abba #abbasignatures #agnetha #agnethafaltskog #agnethafältskog #anna #frida #annifridlyngstad #fridalyngstad #norway #instadaily #photooftheday #blackandwhite #jazz #sign #here #please #thanks #love #beautiful #1960s

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Signs as Idioms
  • Aries:❝Eager Beaver❞ — a person who is keen, hardworking and enthusiastic with an overwhelming amount of energy, sometimes considered overzealous.
  • Taurus:❝Old Fogey❞ — a person who is excessively conservative or old-fashioned person, unadventurous and who resists change.
  • Gemini:❝Alter Ego❞ — a person's very close friend who is very like himself; person's 'other self'; secondary or alternative personality.
  • Cancer:❝Wallflower❞ — a person who is a type of an introvert that can be very shy, chooses or feels the need to blend in and remain silent.
  • Leo:❝Dark Horse❞ — a person (in an competition or ranking) that looks nothing out of ordinary or weak but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds.
  • Virgo:❝Tough Cookie❞ — a person who is a tough cookie is one who is strong willed and will do what is necessary to achieve what they want.
  • Libra:❝Social Butterfly❞ — person who is friendly with everyone, flitting from person to person; an extroverted person who loves to socialize.
  • Scorpio:❝Rough Diamond❞ —a person who is generally kinder and more pleasant than they seem to be from their appearance and manner.
  • Sagittarius:❝Rolling Stone❞ — a person who is always moving, with no roots in one place or another, avoid responsibilities and cares.
  • Capricorn:❝Devil's Advocate❞ — a person who expresses a contentious opinion in order to provoke debate or test the strength of the opposing arguments.
  • Aquarius:❝Wild Card❞ — a person or thing whose unpredictable or whose qualities and effects to certain matters are uncertain.
  • Pisces:❝Daydreamer❞ — a person who is stuck or decides to stay in their own mental fantasies and spends their day ignoring everything around them.