The Signs are transported into Supernatural
  • Aries:Can't believe what is happening
  • Taurus:*screams while spraying holy water and salt everywhere*
  • Gemini:LOLLL can I be a vampire now
  • Cancer:Cas is very suspicious of you
  • Leo:Flirts with Cas, Meg,and/or Charlie
  • Virgo:Studies all creatures
  • Libra:Has already been declared an angel
  • Scorpio:Somehow is already in Hell
  • Sagittarius:makes their own room in the bunker
  • Capricorn:Tries to find a way out
  • Aquarius:is prideful about being a hunter now
  • Pisces:chants "CasDean! Casdean!"
Please Sign this Petition

Ok guys I know this seems lame but I believe in this show and you should too. TV now and days is filled with stupid, mindless, and immoral content. Except for this one. Girl Meets World has brought life and meaning back to TV just like in the 90s. Shows used to teach moral values and life lessons and Girl Meets World has brought that back in an amazing way. Not only is it a spin off of an iconic show it’s capturing a new audience and teaching them all the wonderful things that need to be taught in this world. That’s why I believe they deserve to continue forward just like the original. Shows like this need more than 4 seasons, shows like this need to be able to reach more than just 12 year olds in middle school. Don’t let this show die because it’s loosing its audience to high school, just as the show grows so does the audience, therefore the need of the continuation.

Let Girl Meets World live on! We need to keep teaching the population what’s important in life, and this show can do just that. Don’t let our younger generation fall. The millenniums got their why can’t we.✊🏽