sigmon freud


Psychology is my major and I sometimes get asked why I want to be a psychologist by people out of genuine curiosity. A lot of people that major in psychology end up becoming social workers but I actually want to be a certified psychologist and it piques people’s interest sometimes.

I’ve wanted to be a psychologist since I was thirteen and at that age, when asked why, I would simply say “I want to help people.”

My answer is/will always be the same. I want to help people. Pretty simple. But lately I’ve been looking at the psychiatrist side of things and it makes me more determined. It’s not to say I don’t believe in administering medicine to patients, it’s just to say I don’t believe that should be a first line of defense. I think by simply talking to people and listening to what they have to say can help a great deal. And if talking isn’t enough then perhaps medicine can be administered.

I want to bring back the old couch and chair type of therapy. And as crazy as most people think Freud was, I think he at least had the right idea with that.