Straight White Boy Problem #895

my bro wants to start a fraternity with a mishmash of all of our friends but he is not taking the names seriously! - he said we should be called Alpha Sigma Sigma (AΣΣ), Sigma Epsilon Chi (ΣEX) then Beta Alpha Epsilon (BAE), but when he suggested tri-kappa, i left his house. im not going to walk around school with a sweatshirt that has three K’s on it, ESPECIALLY if Devontae asks me to play basketball with him on Tuesdays again.

Constellations (M)

Summary: He was the president of one of the most notorious fraternities on campus. You had expected him to be the same as his other brothers – a sex-crazed, binge drinking maniac… But the truth ended up surprising you – in more ways than one.

Genre/Warnings: College!AU, Fratboy!Namjoon. It’s pretty much all fluff up until the smut part… Then my trash self happened and added some dirty talking and teasing, along with slightly rough sex. There’s also swearing.

Word Count: 10.7k. (is it too late now to say sorry?)

A/N: IT’S FINALLY DONE!!! I spent the whole fucking day writing this fic and it is now 2:30 A.M and I’m fucking exhausted. I love this fic so much, okay. It literally feels like I put my entire fucking soul into this (although that might just be the sleep talking lol) but I hope you guys like it!!!

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Dicking Down to Wifing Up

“Horan! Hurry the fuck up!” Harry yells through the door. “People are starting to show up!”

Niall looks in the mirror and adjusts his quiff a bit, “Coming!”  He just had the blonde redone and was more than ready for their house party.

Harry snorts from the other side, “Sure thing. Just don’t leave a mess.” He jokes and Niall hears him go down the hall.

He rolls his eyes and leaves the room. You said you were going to be coming to the party and he was looking forward to that. He had been trying to convince you for the entire semester to attend a variety of the parties that his frat put on.

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still to this day it doesn’t make sense to me how elle woods is deemed as silly for being the president of her sorority and a fashion major and all around an optimistic, sweet person??? because lemme tell you as someone in a sorority the president has a HARD job. their entire life is dedicated to everything from freshmen puking in the bushes at sigma chi to making sure that the entire thing functions, basically. and if you’re not in a sorority you have NO idea how much goes into it. i don’t even hold a position and it’s a lot of time to put in, not to mention elle had a 4.0 in a business major (fashion merchandising is not just picking out outfits), and she had good relationships with her friends and family AND had a boyfriend who turned out to be a piece of shit. and she never once engages in girl hate. and somehow elle is stupid in the beginning? miss me with that bullshit, elle woods is a fucking role model to everyone. 


This was entertaining…

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