sigma shut up

*Points at OC* You get all my feelings of inadequacy and fear of never being good enough as well as obeying my abusers so to not face conflict with them.

*Points to other OC* You get all my fear of abandonment and over romanticizing of certain things in my life.

*Points at another OC* You get all my frustration over showing my emotions and are going to be allowed to say all the mean/truthful things I’ve always wanted to say about others but only say internally to myself.

*Points at another OC* You get all my insecurities about myself and fears about how other perceive me.

*Point at yet another OC* And you get all my cockiness but it’s to mask the fact that deep down I really hate myself.

*sets OCs free* Now go my children, go fuck up your lives.

AU where Sigma isn’t a diabolical piece of shit it’s just a regular piece of shit and it likes to tease Maine a lot about his soft spot for Wash and Maine calls bullshit b/c Sigma will pull strings and draw up statistics showing they’re more compatible with Wash if it means they can get partnered with him specifically so it likes him too and Sigma is so appalled it doesn’t speak to Maine for like two days. 

Okay but imagine Adrien and Marinette get together but still don’t know about each other’s secret identities. But then they share their first kiss like on the lips full kiss and Marinette stands there stunned, Adrien thinking it’s from the shock of the kiss but no

It’s from everything hitting Marinette at once as she thinks of the kiss back during Dark Cupid and valentine’s cards left unsigned and the poem Adrien threw away and how can she be so stupid to never figure it out.

Then, after defeating another akuma and they’re both about to turn back Ladybug grabs Chat’s hand, telling him it’s okay and she knows and they don’t need to keep it a secret anymore. And of course he asks what’s up with her and she leans in and kisses him just as they’re changing back and just goes

“I know, Adrien…I know.”

You know, Megaman’s newest issue coming out has me thinking back on shit in the series. And the other day I said how Light was a bad dad for multiple reasons


However, we do have evidence that Dr. Light has realized his mistake in not looking for Blues and he actually does think the kid is legit dead.

And hell, when he does realize Blues is alive

He does legit want to find his kid again and make this all right.

But we’re moving past Light to ask a question. Would Blues forgive Light?

I’m going off the comics (and wiki) and having never played a game, as well as listening to The Megas too many times tonight.

But yeah, would Blues ever forgive Light for everything?

I mean, in his mind

Even if what Lalinde says is true

Even if Light still kept records of Blues in the house and kept his codes active so he could come home.

And he still feels like he can’t let his dad down.

I feel like if anything, he’d just do it for his siblings than for Light. Because he has shown signs of caring about Roll (like when he almost killed her, long story) and he helps Megs with Ra Moon. 

IDK, if the two had a heart to heart and a good cry I still feel that there’d be anger on Blues part about how shitty of a dad Light was when he was younger. Because Light didn’t go looking for Blues when he lefts and didn’t listen to him even though he’s pretty much a person. Light treated Blues like a son until he remembered he was a machine. 

Now, it seems like Light has more of a grip on how to treat his robo kids (RMs aside but that’s another day’s topic). But I just can’t see Blues forgiving Light so easily over just realizing the misunderstanding he saw at the Lab. 

MAybe it’s an arc they can go with in the comics, and maybe the games have played with this before but I feel like Blues would always resent Light for what he did and while trying to move past that always feeling angry towards Light and jealous towards his siblings (not enough to harm them but just coldness, mainly Rock, I think he’d be cool with Roll since, you know, almost killed her and she hasn’t done anything wrong).

IDK, Meganerds, what do you think?

TL;DR: Would Blues/Proto/Break ever forgive Light for what happened between them?

Realizing that the characters in the Wreck-it Ralph universe are just video game characters so if something happens to the arcade outside of their world it could affect them greatly

Remembering that to the outside world they’re only video games so the effect they have is minor at best to the humans.

Realizing that if Litwack dies and the arcade is closed they could all be sold to different owners and possibly never see each other again.


Over the Garden Wall headcanons inbound:

  • Wirt and Greg still have dreams about The Unknown. Gregs being a lot happier than Wirt’s.
  • Wirt’s birth father was not informed about what happened to him on Halloween.
  • Wirt did try out Marching Band after the events of OTGW 
  • Whenever Wirt has to watch Greg, they put on their costumes and play pretend (Wirt doesn’t enjoy it as much as he lets on though)
  • Wirt will usually poke his head in Greg’s room every so often to make sure he’s still there. Greg has taken notice and will usually invite Wirt in to play with him and Jason the Forg.
  • Greg doesn’t remember almost becoming a tree, in his mind he beat the Beast after winning the game and got him and Wirt home. Wirt lets him believe this.
  • Wirt and Greg’s parents were at first taken aback by Wirt’s over protection towards Greg, but decided that it was due to the accident, and having him be nicer to Greg is a nice turn.
  • Wirt has learned to play the Potatoes and Molasses song on his clarinet for Greg.
  • Wirt is extremely apologetic/overbearing towards Greg now.
  • While staying over night at the hospital, Greg would crawl into Wirt’s bed with Jason the Frog. Not because Greg was scared, but because Wirt obviously was. This still happens when they go home, and they have made “Wirt’s room sleepovers” a regular thing.