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Vodka Shots

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Wonho (Monsta X), for anon

Type: Smut, College!AU

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Summary: There’s something about vodka and frat parties that bring out a side of your boyfriend you’ve never seen…

“Yo! Y/N, take another shot! You’re not drunk enough yet!” Minhyuk yelled over the blaring party music, slinging his arm around your neck. He was sloppy drunk at this point, his whole body and the air surrounding him reeking incredibly of vodka. He leaned against your frame a little too much, sloshing a bit of his beer over the sides of his solo cup as he did so.

You were in a huddle mass of over incredibly drunk people, most of which were fraternity boys. Dating a fraternity boy yourself, you seemingly found yourself in this situation more often than not: the stench of alcohol coating the hair, sweaty bodies of Greek kids milling about and constantly brushing against you. The Pi Kappa Alpha, PIKE for short, house was really quite spacious, more so than most of the other fraternity houses you’d been to, but that space just left room for more party-goers.

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Day 3/3 Johnson City, TN

Thursday, after the hateful events, the 10 person protest turned into over 100 people from all sides of campus showing us support. I ask Tumblr to please boost this picture as much as y'all boosted my previous post about Tristan Rettke and his racist actions. There was an outpouring of love, support and good conversation on Thursday and I’m so proud of my University. I refuse to let this die down, and I hope to continue to help unify our campus and teach people about racism, police brutality and social injustice.