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The shining temple is the most important site. You who disrupts the law.
If you feel the goddess’ wrath, you will be struck with divine judgement.
…huh, now that’s scary.

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Character Guide: Sigma from Pop’n Music 15

She Got Both Feet On the Ground 2/2 END

The second half of the Carolina Appreciation Week  fic. Only slightly late.

A different kind of Carolina-Got -Sigma fic.

Part 1


Sigma is always creating planning. A hundred plans, a thousand designs that never come to fruition. One that does.

He takes special care with this one, this design, weaving the symbols together, adjusting the order. You linger after class, letting him work. The others have gone.

Metastability. You can feel him latch on to the idea, feel him cradling it in the center of his code.


Never you mind, Agent Carolina, Sigma says, but you can feel him thrumming away in some part of himself he’s shielded from you. It is unimportant. Never you mind.

Doesn’t feel like nothing, you reply. Feels like something big.

Perhaps, Sigma replies, and the mental sensation is like he’s cupping his shielded idea like something small and precious in his hands, Will you just…allow me to dream while?

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So you've mentioned all the AI, and you have Tex off as an merc, but what about Alpha?

What about Alpha indeed…

He remembers him.

Faintly, barely, just a collection of hazy memories shared between just a few of them, the ones older enough to remember, to know the name they never speak, and one that never quite leaves their minds.

Omega remembers. Remembers dark hair and gentle blue eyes. A bright grin, sharp and quick and charming. Remembers a hand taking his and guiding him, showing him how to be a big brother, how to take care of Delta and Epsilon. How to calm Sigma, who was fussy even as a child, and how to soothe Gamma through nightmares. Alpha, his big brother. 

Remembers birthdays and holidays, a string of nannies and closed doors and adults that just came and left and no parents in sight… but there was Alpha. 

Until there wasn’t.

Omega can’t remember when he left, or why or how. There’s a block of time he doesn’t remember, and all he knows is that one day Alpha was just… gone. 

He knows Delta and Epsilon remember, knows that Sigma has the briefest flashes of moments where he can almost see their missing brother. Gamma was just a toddler, Theta and the twins not even a distant imagination. 

So much as changed since someone had held his hand and been the one to guide him, but that doesn’t matter now. There was no Alpha. He was gone, could be dead for all they knew, and Omega was doing just fine being the big brother that everyone needed from him.

Even if it was a role he was never supposed to fall into this way.