sigma 8mm


Milky Way by Scorpion-66
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La via lattea da Tenerife The milky way from Tenerife


Diver Approaches Ianthella sponge; Apra Harbor, Guam by Russell Gilbert
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I’m told that Apra Harbor is the only place on Guam that these large Ianthella "Elephant Ear" sponges are found. Not sure if I believe that, but I’m planning to check all the known dive sites and more. I’ll let you know. Sigma 8mm circular fisheye lens.


I present a 5-minute music video featuring the Northern Lights – the aurora borealis – captured in still images, panoramas, all-sky images, time-lapse videos, and … in real-time videos! All are from early February and early March of 2016.

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