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Bog Beacon (Mitrula paludosa) by BiteYourBum.Com Photography
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Bog Beacon (Mitrula paludosa)at Rackham Woods, West Sussex England


Some photos from | 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!

I can’t really say 2016 was a good year for me. First 3-4 months were very nice actually but later I couldn’t travel as much as I wanted, I tried to continue studying in another university but coup d’etat in Turkey happened at the same time so some universities changed their terms, my whole summer just passed by dealing with this. After the summer I started the new semester and that’s it. Again for this year photography stayed just as a hobby for me. Made a terrible mistake by selling my old lens and grabbing a Sigma 17-50 f/2.8, I think this is a good lens in general but mine has autofocus issues. I tried to contact with Sigma and the store I bought it from but as how these things works in Turkey nobody responded me in a helpful way. Hopefully I am planning on upgrading my camera body in 2017, we will see. Other than that I was developing myself on cinematography, didn’t post anything online yet because I still have a lot of things to learn. Right now I am working in a short film which I shoot for a non-governmental organisation in Adana, it will be the first thing I share on this manner probably. I have no resolutions for new year, juuuust waiting to see what it will bring and hoping crazily for a new season of Rick and Morty! Take good care of yourselves, wish you a good new year with lots of travel! :)

Hi!! I´m an amateur photographer from Uruguay a small country of south america. I am a fan of urban photography, people photography and, focusing primarily on animals and landscapes. 

 My camera is a Nikon D5100 and lenses that I use regularly are: Nikon 18-55 , Sigma 120-400 mm , Rokinon Fish eye, Nikon 50mm, Sigma 17-50

I firmly believe that photography is a sublime art form with which we can reach the soul of those who see it. Through it we can leave a mark that will never be erased

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Photographer: Muhammad Usman
Instagram: @totallytrashed
Tumblr: iamtotallytrashed
Gear: Canon 60D, Flash: Speedlite Flash 430EX II with sigma 10-20mm, tamron 17-50, Canon 50mm, Canon 85mm, Canon 55-250
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom & Snapseed

“Islamabadi through and through, I’m an ex-blogger, self-employed photographer and fixer with a major in Psychology. My photography career started as a hobby in 2012 from the roads of Islamabad and since then I’ve been out and about capturing the beauty of my city. I’ve worked with clients like USAID, UNICEF, UNESCO, BBC, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation etc., and some of my work has been published in major newspapers and online media.”

Pictures featured, top to bottom:
1.) Monal Restaurant in Margalla Hills From Trail 3: An avid hiker since childhood, I have always enjoyed Trail 3 in Margalla Hills for its picturesque view of the capital city. A place of peace, calm and tranquility which is a signature of Islamabad.
2.) North-East view of Islamabad from Trail 3.
3.) F9 Park: Evening walks in this park are a ritual, and every visit presents a scenic view that demands to be captured. 
4.) Misty forest: Clouds descend on Margalla Hills giving the forest a very spooky appearance. 
5.) A roadside view of Murree Hills that made me fall in love almost instantly.

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