sigilyph wings

I decided to start my splicing adventure by editing the BW2 sprites of the Hoenn Gym Leaders who appear in ORAS (poor Juan) so that they would look closer to their remake counterparts’ VS. Portraits.

The catch? Any missing colours could only be extracted from ‘mons they have in any of their teams. For example, Wallace’s… things that he has draped over his shoulders is coloured by his Walrein and Ludicolo, and Norman’s light tan is thanks to Slaking. Winona and Flannery are the only ones with actual splicing involved - Sigilyph (leg wings and google eyes), Tropius (glove wings), Pelipper’s right foot for Winona, Camerupt for Flannery’s belt - but it’s just not the same if I only upload the two of them…

For being my first time splicing and editing (far as I remember) it’s not too bad, is it?