Manifestation Box

Manifesting our dreams, aspirations, and wishes into reality takes time and energy. You can use a manifestation box–or wish box–to hold your energy while you gather the strength to act on your aspirations.

You Will Need

  1. A small, unfinished wooden box
  2. Markers or paint and brush
  3. A sigil
  4. A goal

If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.

The box and markers can be purchased cheaply at a local craft store.

Begin by centring yourself with your supplies before you. Take three full, complete breaths and release any tension you are holding in your body.

Start by selecting a colour and drawing a sigil in the centre of the box lid. The sigil can be one you made or one you have selected from elsewhere. Then draw the sigil again on the reverse side of the lid. You may decorate around it or not as you wish.

I write “Wish Box” on the top as a way of setting my intention.

On the four side faces, you will put quarter phases of the moon. One phase for each side. With this box, I put the earth below and sky above each phase to place it in context. Above the sky, I drew my intention lines.

In the box, copy the following charm (one line per side):

What I think
What I dream
Make it real
As it seems

On the centre of the box bottom draw a web to bind the energy in place until you are ready to use it. Mine is in brown and green to connect to the Earth’s energies.

Place the box on your altar or nightstand with the New Moon facing you. Starting on the New Moon, each morning and each night, open the box and whisper your wish into it. As the month passes, rotate the box to keep the proper moon phase facing you.

At the end of the monthly cycle, draw the energy stored in your Manifestation Box into and take positive action toward your goal. Repeat the process until you have achieved your aim.

In this, the colours and patterns are up to you. The important thing is to make sure you set your sigil to seal the box, the moon phases to guide your practice, and the charm and web to draw and hold the energies.

“I Won’t Cry”

Keep in mind that crying is a healthy act of releasing your emotions and is not a sign of weakness. There’s nothing wrong with taking some time to yourself or time with someone you trust to just cry it out.

But if you’re going through something and you’re afraid you’ll break down in an inappropriate or public situation, keep this sigil with you.

Princess Claire Bear’s Emoji Spell Masterpost

Here’s a masterpost of (mostly) emoji spells I’ve made! I’ve broken this post down into various groups for easier reading and organization. Hope this is helpful! Some are from my former account, theprincessoflight, which I think has been hacked since I changed my tumblr name.

Please remember that none of these are replacement for medical care, health treatments, or putting in work where work needs to be done away from magick, prayer, and witchcraft. Enjoy!








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Being a witch is funny because you will see pentacles or pentagrams or runes out and about and just see see signs of rituals and feel safe where as everyone else sees them and gets scared? Like i watch scary movies and paranormal shows for fun and they will go into an abandoned building and see runes and herbs and be petrified? Like chill brad… thats a protection sigil and glamour spell… betty probably just wanted to look banging for school on monday

  • What I Thought Being a Witch was Like: Rituals every full moon, mad divination powers and seeing the future, communing with crystals, one with the energy of the universe, brewing potions and making mad magic
  • What Being a Witch is Actually Like: Drawing sigils to pass tests, asking tarot why I'm anxious and it not telling me, research, random spices on random foods, salt everywhere, stuffing leaves into bottles and hoping it works
Master Post for Beginner Witches

Remember that you don’t have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with, and this list isn’t a requirement for witchcraft, just suggestions. Don’t let ANYONE invalidate you as a witch. Whether you have been doing this for 5 mins or 50 years, you are still a witch. Special love, energy, and snaps sent to all the people responsible for these amazing posts: ♥

Basic Information/Anthology etc.

Good things to research when you don’t know where to research (START HERE)

Types of Witches & Witchcraft

The Boring but IMPORTANT Basics of Witchcraft

Beginner Witchcraft

Crystals to Have on Your Altar (Altars aren’t required but if you do use one, this may be helpful)

Familiars (The Who What Hows)

The Goddess and the God (If following a Wicca Path, and just remember you need to find the path just for you. No one else can tell you how/who to worship)

Spell/Ritual Work

Ways to Cleanse

Magick of the Moon Phases (Familiarize yourself with this, many witches use the phases of the moon for spells, rituals, etc)

Spirit Work for beginners 

Crystal Cleansing (Important if you are going to work with crystals)

Salt & Witchcraft (You know witches love their salt)

Spell Writing Tips for Beginners

Divination Tips for Beginners

Spell Loopholes (A Must Read)

Reading a Candle

Color Magick (Lots of great ideas on how to include color witchcraft in your daily routine)

Simple beginner Spells 

50 simple Charms

Stock Up & Set Up! (Materials, meanings, etc.)

Basic Herbs List

Magical Correspondence and foods

Cleansing and Charging Items

Some Crystals for Beginners

Crystals/Stones Grouped by Use

Witchcraft Basics plants


How to use a sigil wheel.

A tutorial. 

I rarely use this method myself, but I know people are always looking for tutorials on different methods of sigil making and not finding any.
I’ve had a few different people asking for more graph based sigil making techniques, and this is a fairly well known one that fits that category.
I hope this tutorial is coherent and answers questions instead of making things more confusing. If you have any questions, however, never be afraid to ask.

Some concepts:

Boys who teach their non-witch boyfriends about witchcraft

Boys who aren’t witches but still get excited everytime their witch bf talks about witchcraft

Boys who become witches together and practise everything with each other

Boys buying each other witchcraft supplies and drawing sigils on them

Boys making personal sigils for each other

Witch boys supporting each other’s craft and practising together to grow as individuals