The Serpent’s Lock

The seal of protection, privacy and invisibility – can be stamped or marked on documents to protect them from prying eyes, lest the witches’ venom befall them. Can also be used to hide oneself from that which walks on the astral plane. 

The Serpent’s Key

Used to see that which is hidden – aiding in the perception of the Unseen: be it spirits, deities, omens, etc. It might also be employed to find lost or hidden objects, and expose secret truths people are hiding. In addition, it can also be used to reverse the Serpent’s Lock if the key is added.

Sigils don't have to be intricate

They are just symbols with intent. Don’t get angry at yourself because you can’t create an elaborate symbol to make you confident. Draw something that makes you think of confidence like a star or something! I promise drawing a smiley face or a star on your hand works just as well as a symbol that you spent hours trying to make😊



the first thing i wanted to try when i learned about sigils was protection spells for work. as a mentally ill trans person working in retail can be extremely draining and there are days when i just don’t feel up to it. so i came up with these three sigils to give me a boost and i thought there might be others who’d like them too!

“I AM CONFIDENT AT WORK” - the shield and the horns are here for defense and offense, both of which you’ll need. focus on these as you activate your sigil to boost your confidence in your own skills.

“I AM THOUGHTFUL AND EFFICIENT” - the hourglass gives you the edge on time management. focus on being present and knowing your own pace to unlock this sigil’s energy.

“CUSTOMERS TREAT ME WITH RESPECT” - this one is about the balanced scales: give out respect, and you should get it back. focus on balance, justice, and fairness here.

i made a go at inscribing these sigils into the belt i wear to work every day, but get creative with how you might bring their power into your work!

anonymous asked:

can i write sigils on my body? what are the meanings/ pros/ cons of that?

You sure can! Doesn’t change the meaning aside from making it more personal to you.


  • It’s literally right on your body
  • Can serve as a reminder of what you are trying to achieve
  • Your body charges it with your literal life energy 
  • (this means eating chocolate is considered witchcraft as it’s charging the thing that is charging the sigil. aww hell yea)
  • “Hey pretty doodle what is it?” “WITCHCRAFT MY DUDE”


  • People might wonder what it is 
  • Some people believe that if you have a sigil on for too long it drains your energy. I generally don’t think however, that the energy exchange is big enough to be noticeable. You can always put the intent of “this sigil only consumes the energy i am comfortable to give” in it when you put it on.
  • Skin is hard to write on unless you’re pro
  • Pen doesn’t come off easily

i made a sigil because ive been struggling with some kin thing. We will reunite is what I went with, and the way it came out it,, kinda looks like two people holding hands? I know its very simple and silly but,,, its important to me.

Feel free to use or like/reblog to charge it, but please don’t delete my caption and please don’t reblog if you are against otherkin or fickin, as that is literally what this is for.

anonymous asked:

I'm traveling tonight by plane any spells/ritual you know of for protection and luck on travel?

Mercurial energy comes to mind, as Mercury not only rules communication but also safe travels. You can always create a sigil that says something like “I am protected and lucky” and keep it on your person, possibly even add the symbol of Mercury and ask the lovely planet for it’s assistance. 

Other than a sigil, you can make a sachet or spell jar with herbs and/or crystals to match your intent. 

Whatever it is, keep it with you during your trip!!

Some crystals for safe travels: amethyst, beryl, and moonstone.

an extensive list of herbs since there are so many to choose from (you’re looking for protection and luck)

How’s this for pop culture magic:

Browsing Dungeons & Dragons spells for inspo, limiting myself to 3.5 edition Druid spells since that’s what I grew up with, and I’m very much an earthy-oriented witch now.

  • Example: the spell Virtue grants 1 temporary hit point to your total HP.  “My” version charges you with a boost to your stamina if you need it for laborious tasks or something that requires deep concentration, and wears off at the end of the day (when the sun resets its cycle - lots of my magic is sun-oriented).

On top of that, I’m referring to the icons associated with those spells in video game adaptations (like Neverwinter Nights) and making symbolic runes and sigils out of them, painting them on top of spell components like smooth glass stones, etc.

Look at the cute little icon Virtue gets, for instance:

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I've been getting into this witchcraft stuff a lot more recently, and I'm sure you get a lot of questions on this topic, but how do you keep motivated as a beginner? I've done a few enchantments on jewelry and a sigil or two but I'm worried that if I don't see "immediate results" I'm going to lose motivation to keep going. Thanks ♥

Heya! I think what always kept me motivated in the beginning was monthly rituals. I know that isn’t what everyone is into, but having something to look forward to and plan every month was great. If the ritual didn’t go as well as I had hoped, I’d plan how to make the next one even better.

I think the number one thing is not to force yourself to do witchy things if you don’t want to do them or they don’t interest you. There’s nothing worse than putting yourself through a struggle that isn’t needed. My suggestion is to keep looking forward to things. Look forward to the next full moon, for when your herbal tincture can be finished and strained, when you can go out and collect a branch to make a wand from. When the longterm spell you cast finishes. It keeps both motivation and happiness high. :)

A letter from Kistenian to Riven

An envelope was delivered by retainer to Riven Pendragon’s home. It was sealed with a carmine wax, the rose of the Haillenarte sigil carefully pressed into it. Inside was a crisp piece of parchment folded only once. Upon opening a single, pressed white flower would fall out. The writing was penned in a large, elegant hand and there was not a single smudge of ink to be found anywhere on the page. The letter contained the following words:

To the right worshipful and my good lady Riven Pendragon.

My full trusted lady I recommend me to you. I have received your kind and concerning letter and well understand all things therein contained, whereof I thank you and for your good and true heart.

As such I cannot discuss the meanings behind the most recent ongoings of the Skysteel and Congregation, though might I suggest it would be best if any outstanding work for the citizenry in Foundation be completed with due haste.

With respects in that regard I have recently acquired a sizeable sum of coin from a most charitable noble, and I hope soon to be able to renew our efforts with more force and fervour. Though again I must confess I cannot be outright with detail, let it be known I wouldst seek out those able to further your cause as soon as I am possibly able. My only recommendation until such a time would be to further continue your steadfast and unyielding work with the tireless conviction you always seem to bear.

My humblest apologies for my hurried response, but for now I must end my ambiguous ramblings and see to current matters at hand.

May the great and good Halone long preserve your self and your husband dragoon in safety.

In witness hereof I set my seal at Ishgard the 25th Sun of the Third Astral Moon of the seventh year of the Seventh Umbral Era.

- per Kistenian de Haillenarte

( @scrollsfromarebornrealm )

magickatmidnight asked:

Any tips on writing sigils on ones self? To keep them from fading or rubbing of onto clothes or smearing during exercise.

Uhhh…sharpie maybe? I’d choose a stubborn liquid eyeliner as an option maybe but I’m not sure, usually Rose answers the questions if you can’t tell but she’s on a 13 hour flight right now so…I figured I’d at least attempt to answer it for you. Sharpie might be your best bet but that still fades and has to be touched up on every now and then. but its something. Sorry if this didn’t really answer your question. -Kumora

A friend sent me this and pointed out how Dean always uses his fingers when he does math. At first, I laughed because he did this more than once on the show. But then I realized that counting back on your fingers is a strategy I used to have my 4th grade math students use if they were struggling. I was teaching the students who had delays in memorization, the ones who would mix numbers up in their head, or if they just needed that extra visualization how to use something physical (that will never go away, like fingers) to make sense of the numbers.

From what we know about the boys when they were little, schooling didn’t exactly come first. Now, don’t get me wrong; DEAN IS SMART. He’s a freaking genius! All of the lore he knows better than anyone. All of the signs and sigils and languages he remembers and understands. BUT… I read a headcanon (several, actually) that Dean is dyslexic and it would explain so much, especially if he was never at a school long enough to be identified.

If there’s a point to any of this, it’s just that Dean is smart and possibly has a learning disability so he counts on his fingers and in so many ways I wish these boys could just have lived a “normal” life. Oh! And it’s okay for a grown man to count on his fingers.


It is honestly pretty rough. I don’t know how your skills are tho maybe it’d be fine for you? I’m easily the worst player out of my raid team tho I like to think I’m good at this game haha…

If you can find friends tho I recommend that. The Elder Sigils give good shit tho, a weapon for completing the high score part and an armor piece for completing the cumulative. Will drop at 335 if you light is high enough when you pick up the loot from Variks. Basically you have two guaranteed pieces of Good Loot per week per character. Highly recommend challenge of elders.

first talks || robb & asha


Robb kicked his horse into a canter as they finally started approaching Castle Black. Upon seeing his sigil, the gates were already opening. He had heard that several of the Ironborn were here, and that had him curious enough to make the trek. The complaints of raids along the Western coast were never-ending. He hoped that the neutral ground at the wall would better facilitate some sort of diplomatic solution. He hoped that the two house guard members he had with him would be enough should something less diplomatic break out.

As he rode into the courtyard of the keep and dismounted, he tried to push those fears aside. He had sent a raven ahead of him, informing this Asha Greyjoy he had heard of that he was coming and wished to speak with her. He glanced around, not quite sure who he was looking for.

What I want, general version

I oh so dearly want to:

Work with Crystals
Work with Energy
Work with Dragons
Do witchcraft
Do spirit work
Be a spirit companion
Work with herbs and flowers, trees, and fungi even
Do dream work
Commune with guides and other deities
Create supportive/progressive Sigils
Concoct supportive/progressive spells
Heal through music
Foster my intuitive abilities
Visit astral (not too much)
Visit other spiritual planes/homes

More that I can’t think of now at 2am but will later.

anonymous asked:

Hello! How are you? I hope you've been well! I have a question. I'm learning a new language and a new alphabet for English for creating spells/sigils (I'm a witch as well as a polytheist). Which deity could I dedicate this to? Do you have any ideas? Also, if it's not too much to ask, do you have any recommendations of which areas (such as tarot reading, writing spells, performing a spell or using a sigil, etc...) of witchcraft I could dedicate to certain deities? Thank you so much!

Hi! the language you can dedicate to Hermes, Apollon, and/or Hekate (the latter bc it’s for creating sigils/spells).

Divination of any kind can be dedicated to Apollon, and in some cases to Hermes, like divination by marketplace: walking into the middle of a busy marketplace with your ears covered; uncovering your ears, and catching snippets of conversations. I hope this helped! :)