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I made a great crafty discovery and I want to share

Sister (and Brother) Witches!

Did you know that you can buy adhesive paper that has the qualities of a chalk blackboard?

I think it’s meant for kids - you stick it onto any flat surface like the wardrobe door or whatever, and the kid draws on it until it reaches the age where it doesn’t like messing about with chalk drawings anymore, and then you take it off.

However, this is a really great tool for anyone doing witchcraft or any kind of ceremonial magic or rituals! You can stick it onto the surface you do rituals on, and draw anything you like - your sigils, whatever-grams, symbols of your deity, your intention, anything - on it, in chalk, and afterwards you can wipe it clean off. Better yet, don’t even stick it, just unroll when you want to and roll up again when you don’t!

And for closeted witches, you can put it on a table that normally has a tablecloth on, or - like I did - stick it onto the back of a cutting board that normally stays mundane side up. Then just flip it for rituals and bam, instant altar. Just add chalk.

The one I found comes in black and green, too, so basically perfection.

Making Sigil Chalk

   Make 4 hard boiled eggs. Remove the egg, and peel off the thin membrane inside the eggshells. Wash them with hot, soapy water, then let them dry completely. Once dried, grind them in a mortar until powdered.

To a bowl, add:

  • 1 teaspoon of flour,
  • You may also add a very small amount of ashes, produced from herbs which are aligned to your cause.
  • 1 teaspoon of hot water (with dye, if desired).

Mix until a paste, then add:.

  • 1 generous tablespoon of egg shells,
  • 3 drops of essential oil relevant to your uses/intent.

Mix the ingredients until they are of an even consistency. Lay out the paste on a clean, smooth surface. Then, roll the paste into cylinders or spheres. Allow them to dry for a while before carefully wrapping each piece of chalk in black cloth. Wait 3 days till fully dry.

Banish Someone From Your Thoughts (aka Fuck Off From My Brain You Fuck) Spell

A banishing spell to banish certain people (abusers, stalkers, creeps, etc.) from your thoughts and dreams, turning it right back onto them.

Things You’ll Need:
An article of their clothing (or any cloth if you have none) and thread for a poppet
A piece of paper
Red ink
A knife
Anything else of theirs to add to the poppet (ie ring, any form of jewelry)
A binding sigil drawn in chalk on concrete or somewhere outside


  1. Cut the material in the shape of the poppet, be sure to measure it to the proper size so you can fit a piece of folded up paper into them. Sew your poppet, adding whatever details you wish, but leave a hole big enough to insert a folded piece of paper and other things into it.
  2. Take your piece of paper and red ink. Write just what they did to you, or if it’s too triggering, what you think of them. Fold it up, and insert into your poppet.
  3.  If you have anything else of theirs, whether it be a ring or various forms jewelry, add it inside or around their neck, then sew it closed. (I recommend putting it around their neck, so they’ll suffocate in overwhelming thoughts of you)
  4. Place the poppet in the center of the binding sigil. Start chanting (or think, if you’re mute, non-verbal, or just don’t fuck with chanting) the following while viciously stabbing the poppet, channeling your anger into each jab, showing no mercy:

    [Full name of person] of [wherever the fuck their from], you have committed atrocities against [your name or name of victim] of [wherever you or the victim is from]. I hereby bind you and commend you to a lifetime of suffering for your deeds. May [whoever or whatever you worship] show you no mercy for what you have done.

  5. Ignite the poppet, visualizing their misery and suffering as it burns. 
  6. As the embers die down, say the following.

    You are banished.

  7. Sweep up the remnants of the ashes and toss them among the rest of the rubbish because they’re garbage.

For @ladystardvst


Supress, bind, stop, and crush spell

This spell was written to stop someone in their tracks. It doesn’t require herbs, crystals, or special componentss, but feel free to add them as you feel.

What you will need:


-6 (preferably black) candles (if not available, use other source of energy i.e. crystals, herbs, etc…)


-6 needles

-A poppet of the person you wish to bind

What you shall do:

Place the object of representation on your surface and draw the first ring with salt while saying the following incantation:

Hunc anulum dabo veritatem

Draw the sigils with the chalk and place your 4 candles in their respective place. Draw the second ring with the salt and while you do so repeat:

Huis ego slugged vobis

Draw the sigils for the third circle in chalk and then the circle with salt while reciting:

Tertio actu prohibere te

Trace the last sigils, place your candles and draw the final circle while repreating:

Haec ego stridebo super vos

Now, let the candles burn down and fuel the spell. Once the candles are down to a stub, take the poppet and drive a needle in each limb, the head, and the heart. Fold the poppet on itself and drive the needles through the folded part, in order to make the poppet face itself. Then, take each stub and drip wax unto the poppet.

Store in a dark place. The person targeted should not continue to do you wrong.

How to summon a Luciel

Step 1: Before summoning, do your research. You’ll need to know what the Luciel likes so you can have the right offerings for it.

Step 2: You will need Honey Buddah Chips, Phd Pepper, and other offerings similar to them. Cat pictures and dank memes will work.

Step 3: Using the Luciel’s favorite color, begin to draw a sigil with chalk. Don’t forgET THE DRAWING OF ELLY IN THE MIDDLE.

Step 4: Put all of your offerings in the triangle and pray to God Seven. This will increase your chances of the summoning being successful!

Step 5: Don’t forget to say the magic words “God Seven Zero Seven, I need your help." 

Step 6: If all else fails- Start crying.

“This home is watched and protected.”

A personal sigil for my new home. There have been a number of instances in the area where teenagers and kids are opening [unlocked] cars and stealing things, as well as stranger peering through windows at night and then speeding away when caught.

For my use (and yours, if you like): Mark every corner of your home with this sigil in chalk in early morning on a clear day. Let the sunshine charge it during the daylight hours and let the moonlight charge it during the nighttime hours. Check the sigil after a rainstorm to see if the energy remains. If not, cleanse and repeat.

If you are in an apartment or other enclosed space, use a pencil to mark the bottom corners of the walls. 

– Rook


A few photos of my portable wizard’s kit! Everything folds up nicely and there’s still plenty of space in my bag for all my practical and mundane necessities, too.

There’s a small case of sigil chalk, a bottle of all-purpose candle dressing oil, blessed salt, an energy amplifying powder and a banishing powder of my own recipe, two tea lights (one black, one white), a pendulum, an altar cloth, and of course… A wand! It’s wire-wrapped lemon wood and Quartz crystal; it tucks up nicely behind the altar cloth when packing everything away! All I need now is to restock my matches.

I was going to make one of those [Place] Gothic posts

But honestly? I grew up in Cornwall. We have moors and old mines and wreckers and spirits that will get you lost on the moors. We have Bronze Age barrows next to places where people get off their faces on every party drug known to mankind.

We have off-season desolation and iron-grey sky as you walk through deadened towns honeycombed with subterranean tunnels, where people have been digging for four thousand years.

I live in Lancaster now. Which has :

 A bona fide castle that was a prison up to a couple of years ago, which housed convicted witches known the world over. A place called Golgotha Village. Thousands of college students living in the town and on a campus where the daffodils always come out earlier than anyone lelse because there is so much fucking going on and it. makes things blossom.

Crossroads where hooded figures leave offerings to ancient gods; chalked sigils on concrete walls, charging from the back-brain attention of thousands of busy minds on their way to lectures.

How many daemons stalk the space in the corner of your eye, called up by careless fools? How many shadows stalk those who walk the campus bounds in the middle of the night?

Like I said. I was going to write one of those posts..

And then I realised, I’m living in one, and always have been.