@anyone who attacks people that put so much hard work into something that YOU watch for free…..grow the fuck up! It is THEIR show and you are only an observer of THEIR story. A story that you haven’t seen the entirety of to make sound and accurate judgments about. Seriously, nothing pisses me off more than people attacking the writers, cast, or crew of this show. Sure attack fictional character with your stupidity, but as soon as you cross that line and start attacking REAL people…shame on you and seriously i hope karma is a REAL bitch to you.

Anonymity brings out the best in some and the absolute evil in others. Hell! even people like who shalt, who isn’t anonymous spews hatred too…so I guess there are stupid/cruel people and even STUPIDER people that take ownership of their cruel words and behavior. This ownership that I hope affects their careers in a negative way.   

I am normally a calm, collected, and kind person, but people that lack empathy or compassion I cAN’T STAND. Yes, voicing your opinions about the show is good, but as soon as your criticisms become non constructive and attacking…you need to STOP. 

Okay. vent done. (yes, the tweet @ dorothy on twitter that Jason defended spurred this rant)

Pass It On

Summary“She grabbed his arm and forced his hand to close around the thornless stem. “Go find someone to give it to. Pass on an act of love, will you?” - For @rivendell101′s birthday. Nalu Modern AU Oneshot.  Found on here.

AN:  This is the most random AU ever.  SORRY IT’S LATE BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALISHA I mean I’m already several months late with other presents so I thought I’d try to get yours more on timeish for once.  :3  

“But I just don’t know what to get her and I mean we’re going out to dinner but is flowers too cliche or is there something that she’d rather have that she’s mentioned to you Mira oh my gosh I’m the worst boyfriend ever I never know what to do for her and she’s so perfect with gifts every time I mean they used to be creepy gifts but she got better and I haven’t-”

Natsu couldn’t stand it anymore.  He slammed his tankard onto the countertop of the Fairy Tail bar.  “Fullbuster, would ya mind shuttin’ your bullshit pourin’ trap for five minutes so that a man can have a drink around here without hearing yammerin’ about Juvia?”

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“Silly. <3″

Happy Valentines Day everyone! have a Kristanna kiss and a little bonus that Anna actually forced Kristoff to get her up on a lil’ stool so she can kiss him silly after giving her chocolates. 

these two are too adorable.. the way they fit together gets me every time. ;u ;/