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UFO Sighting: Darlington, UK. August 23,

Witness report:

I was travelling East along the A66 approx 8 miles from Scotch Corner when i noticed a cluster of lights on the South West horizon. At first i thought the closest resemblance i could think of was a squadron of helicopters with lights on. However after a good few miles they hadn’t moved at all and i managed to take a photograph and video. It wasn’t a great day for visibility and i couldn’t make anything else out other than the lights and their apparent lack of movement. I was mystified at the time and still am, especially after seeing the video again.

Zen's Lullaby
  • Zen's Lullaby
  • Mystic Messenger

It’s me. Are you still up?
Uhm… Sorry to call you all of a sudden. But I had this dream and it keeps bothering me.
…Ugh… I feel so complicated. I’ll try to organize the details and send the message to everyone.

MC: Did you have a nightmare?

No, it wasn’t a nightmare… You might not believe me even if I tell you.
I shouldn’t have woken you up. I was just so surprised that I had to call someone.
If you can’t sleep, do you want me to sing you a lullaby? Oh… maybe Jumin won’t like that.

MC: Sing me a lullaby.

Ahem… let me just get my voice ready… Ah- good.

Good night my baby~
The birds and baby lamb are sleeping~
on your front yard~
The moon is singing you to sleep~
Good night my baby~

…You’re asleep, right? I’m sorry I woke you.
Good night… and talk to you later.