frankly, if the han solo movie isn’t about his and lando’s tumultuous romantic relationship unfolding and ultimately failing while they bungle smuggling jobs and chewie saves their asses, I kind of do not care


@broken-roses- I finally did it, say hi to my disastrous take on the hanahaki disease inspired by this post. It turned out way longer than intended but I hope it’s still fine.

Lance missed the Earth, and it was no secret. he missed it the same way he missed his family, the two realities blurring and mingling together in a dull nostalgia most of the time. He missed the ocean and the shore, the glimmering sand under the sun, the hot white pebbles along the road, the birds chirping shrilly in the branches shook by the breeze… to the pretty flowers blossoming here and there, he had to admit, he never gave much thought. And yet, if asked, he would have loved to be given the opportunity of seeing even those again. So he thought at least, but in truth, what were the odds of him somehow finding earth flowers here in space?
As unexpected as it was, Lance did end up seeing earth flowers again, and the same small, light blue ones that grew between the cracks of his front door steps at that.
It was just petals at first. So small, so frail, the very firsts must have gone unnoticed.

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“My bill,” I said, enunciating. 
“You dragged me into this mess. You can pay me, same as any other client. Where do I send the invoice?”

“You’re…you’re trying to bill the Lord God Almighty?”

—  “Jake” and Harry Dresden, Side Jobs - “The Warrior” by Jim Butcher

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Why is everyone annoyed at the new Climon sneak peak? In my opinion, it's nicer to see them flesh out their relationship a bit more than it was in the books and to not just have it as a filler relationship.

Because for a start, nobody wants Climon. At least not in a romantic way. All would be fine if they would stay as the awesome brotp that they were but dragging them now down this romantic lane. Nope, nope, nope.

It’s just wrong because a) apparently a girl and a boy can’t be just friends for once, b) Clary only shows interest in Simon because she can’t have Jace and c) Simon doesn’t deserve this because we all know how this ends.

Besides, they’ve been “dating” for like one episode?! And we already have to witness them making out now? When we waited 1 year for the Malec date to happen? And especially after their first time was so poorly written/handled? When you see Malec being sidelined because apparently talking about having sex (not to mention the fade-to-black-scene AND ignoring Magnus’ feelings) is not as important as Climon “defining” their “relationship”?

Talk about different treatment of a straight and a lgbt+ ship here.

It was low tide, more or less. Algy flew over to the jetty where the humans did things with boats, perched cautiously on the cold, slippery surface, and turned his back to the freezing wind. It was rather a slimy spot, so Algy didn’t think that he would care to stop there long, but he liked to watch the shimmering light on the shallow water and wet sand…