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Can I piss off everyone?

I have my own criticisms of Stannis’s bid for the throne, but there is no universe in which Renly had the right to claim the throne ahead of Stannis.

It’s not even a question of whether Renly “would have made a good king.” He would have been a far sight better than Aerys II, for instance. I think Renly had the disposition to be an adequate king, but after getting the throne under those circumstances, he would have had to be much better than adequate. 

The difference between Renly and Aegon the Conqueror, or Renly and his big brother Robert, is a question of what they have to offer relative to the status quo. With Aegon and his sisters, for example, they didn’t simply “conquer” the Seven Kingdoms; they united the Seven Kingdoms, and thus offered a new status quo that was far preferable to the previous one. Before the conquest, the kingdoms were not only separate but frequently in conflict. The Riverlands, especially, were a steaming hot mess and Aegon and his sisters made life on the Trident a lot easier after they melted Harrenhal. The fact that the Targaryens were riding big dragons certainly helped to cement their claim, but there’s another key difference there between the Targaryen conquest and Renly’s usurpation: nobody else in Westeros could manage dragons like the Targaryens did. Their ability to breed, raise and use dragons was exclusive, and the dragons’ later extinction was unforeseen. There was no danger of some other assholes putting the realm through another war by doing what Aegon and his sisters did, because there was no one else who could do what they did. Having a united Westeros was better for the people than multiple squabbling provinces, and having the Targaryens in charge was a stable arrangement.

Then we had Robert’s Rebellion, in which the dragons were all gone and King Aerys was taking a giant dump all over the social contract. The rebellion’s offer to the realm was to restore the old status quo of a united Westeros ruled by reasonable people, which they absolutely did not have with Aerys II and could not expect to have under Rhaegar. The rebellion succeeded because the benefit of getting out from under Aerys and Rhaegar was more than worth the trouble of being at war for a couple years. There was no reason to worry about someone else doing what the Baratheon rebels did as long as the Baratheon rulers behaved like they were not above the law.

Then we have the War of Five Kings, in which on top of a succession crisis between Robert’s middle brother and Robert’s wife’s children, there’s the additional entropy of baby brother Renly getting his friends together and shitting all over the rules of succession. If Renly had succeeded in becoming king ahead of Stannis, that would have set a precedent that the throne is up for grabs every time a king dies. Hell, why even wait until a king dies? Any jumped-up lord who can gather a big enough army can stage a coup and there’s no good argument against his doing so since Renly won the throne. And if the royal family disregards the rules of succession, what’s there to stop similar behavior in the Paramount families? Or even the subordinate noble Houses? If Renly can jump the line over Stannis, then any noble younger son who can get enough knights together is welcome to snatch the family castle away from his big brother, and who cares how many people get killed in the process? 

The question, then, is not merely whether Renly would have made a good king, it’s whether he would have made a good enough king to overcome the bad precedent his reign would have set. Now, maybe he could have neutralized the bad precedent by making a case for why he would make a better king than Stannis, but Renly did not do that. Renly’s case for himself as king was, “You have the better claim but I have the bigger army.” You want generations of bloodshed? That’s how you get generations of bloodshed. Would Renly have been clever enough, crafty enough, or powerful enough to manage the violence of a new generation of younger sons usurping their older brothers’ lordships? Would he have been clever enough to keep another sufficiently well-connected Lord Paramount from launching another rebellion for the throne? Would he even be a clever enough father to convince his own children not to do what he did? I don’t think he could have done any of that. I think he might have made an acceptable king if he’d waited in line behind Stannis and Shireen, but his refusal to wait his turn put the realm in needless danger.

Renly had no right to that throne and their backing his claim speaks poorly of the Tyrells.
Married at First Sight II, a walking dead fanfic
Rick's POV on his brand-new wife. A/N: I enjoyed writing the last chapter so much and so many of you requested a follow-up, so I decided to turn this into a mini-fic. I might write one or two more chapters along these lines. I hope you enjoy!

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“This is nice.” Michonne’s quiet compliment cut through the otherwise quiet morning. She was walking stealthily beside him, her feet scarcely making a sound as they traipsed through what would soon be their community.

“It was part of the project that created Alexandria. Took a few weeks to clear it out. In a month or two, we had a proper wall up,” he gestured behind them to the steel plates shutting out the outside world. Michonne took them in calmly, her large brown eyes inspecting her surroundings carefully. She was an interesting woman, Rick was sure of that. He’d seen her before, gone on runs with her even. She was always quiet, calculating, careful, almost studious. On the road, he had never seen her smile or heard her laugh. He’d heard her laugh last night. He also had heard her gasping in pleasure.

His wife. It was a strange reality to confront in the light of day. Like waking up in a dream, he was sure he’d imagined the night before. She was so shy, so tentative, nervous even. It caught him off-guard. The Michonne he knew was always sure of herself.

Then again, he didn’t really know her. At least, not outside of the Biblical sense.

“Which one is ours?” her voice startled him from his musings. He turned to look at her. She was staring back expectantly. He took a moment to observe her, her long, dark lashes, her round nose, her full, heart-shaped mouth. Her dark hair was pulled back in a simple ponytail. The effect was just as pretty as her elaborate updo had been for their wedding. She was beautiful and she was married to him.

“I thought I would ask you to pick,” he nodded in the direction of the large houses. “I figured maybe you should get a say.” He meant it as a joke, but instantly regretted it. Michonne had not picked him. He had been chosen for her. It was a daunting thought.

She smiled at him, the corners of her mouth lifting prettily. “Can we pick together?” she adjusted the katana strung across her back. Rick felt himself touch his Colt Python almost instinctively.

“I’d like that,” he reached for her hand before he could think better of it. He had dated a girl once before, a pretty, waifish brunette. She hadn’t been cut out for this world, and he couldn’t save her, but he did learn everything he knew about romance from the experience. She had told him that he was too touchy, always kissing or hugging on her when they were alone. He wondered if his wife would feel the same.

Her slim, dark hand tensed for just a moment at his touch, then she relaxed, lacing her fingers around his. “Lead the way,” she instructed.

They strolled through the street in silence, listening carefully for any sign of walkers. Michonne’s eyes stayed on a constant swivel, bouncing from the houses to the yards between them.

“Do you like any of them?” he wished he had something better to say than these simple questions, but the woman who was now his wife robbed him of his ability to be clever. He had never found the confidence to say more than a few words to her all those times before. That did not stop him from jumping at the opportunity when his parents began to mention picking a partner for him. Their system may have been antiquated, but following his parents’ orders had kept him alive this long.

“The blue one is pretty,” her girlish comment brought a smile to his face. He had hoped she would pick that one. Glenn and Daryl had helped him paint it before it occurred to Rick that he should ask his wife what she thought.

“We can go look at it. Just give me a second to clear it out,” he released her hand, reaching instead for his gun.

Her fingers clutching his arm made him pause. For a moment, he thought she might have been frightened, but her resolved expression soon dispelled that myth. “Together,” she said simply.

He held the door open for her, watching her draw her sword. From the foyer, to the kitchen, to the living room, they quickly canvased the downstairs. When they reached the upstairs bedrooms, Rick felt his heart begin to race.

“What do you think?” he watched her circle the bed in the master bedroom, trying and failing miserably to not think of their first night together. All her uncertainty had vanished once he pressed his lips to hers last night. He could still feel her fingers in his hair, her legs wrapped around his waist, the heat of her, pulling and clutching at him until he felt like he might die of pleasure. Her gasps and moans still rung in his ears.

“It has a good vantage point,” she went to the window, peering out. “You can see almost all of the community from here. That could come in handy.” She gazed back at him, then looked quickly away. “Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked quietly.

“Like what?” Rick was certain that he was drooling a bit, but he could not help it.

“Like that,” she found the courage to look up again, the hint of a blush beneath her coppery cheeks. “Even before the wedding, you would look at me.” She turned to face him, waiting expectantly.

Rick felt his own cheeks coloring. “You’re beautiful.”

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And that’s it! Project Bumble Bee was a success. The yellow paint came out perfect, the building of the lower was smooth, and the sling point was a great idea. I feel that I know how the rifle works better than if I had bought it off a shelf and I highly recommend building a lower at some point to anyone considering it.

Price and part list, In order of purchase:

Anderson Manufacturing Lower (From a gunshow)
Background Check
Total 68.00

Radical Firearms AR-15 Carbine Buffer - 3.0oz
Anderson Manufacturing AR-15 Carbine Length Buffer Spring 
Shockwave Blade Pistol Stabilizer - Black 
DS Arms Carbine Stock Castle Nut 
DSG Ambi Sling Loop 
Shipping & Handling
Total $‎90.75

Palmetto State Armory MOE K2 LPK
Shipping & Handling
Total $73.49

PSA 10.5" 5.56 Lightweight Keymod 9" Freedom Upper - With BCG & CH
Shipping & Handling
Total $299.99

MBUS Generation II Backup Sights Front & Rear Set
Shipping & Handling

Grand Total:
Grand Total (w/o shipping and taxes)

I’ll be hitting the range this weekend to zero the sights, expect a video on Saturday!

Huge shout out to @therevenantrising for a ton of help with questions and for finding the deal I got on the upper.

Tagging @mojave-wasteland-official because he wanted to see the build.

so @bisexualice and myself have come to the conclusion that despite his tough snickity snake exterior, young fp

i. hates the sight of blood
ii. gets carsick on long drives
iii. is petrified of roller coasters

and if that’s not great news to u idk what to tell u


The Human Body And Its Marvelous Perfection (Color Anatomical Charts), n.d.


The Dragon Age (9:00–present) is the ninth and current Age in Thedas. The previous several years have seen two dragon flights ranging out of the Frostbacks and Orkney Mountains, even though it was thought that dragons had been hunted to extinction by Nevarran dragon hunters during the Steel Age. The dragons devastate the countrysides in Orlais and Nevarra, and all attempts to slay them end in disaster. Despite the devastation, some see the return of dragons to Thedas as a glorious sign – Chantry scholars, however, claim that this is the worst of omens. Because of the dragon sightings, Divine Faustine II names the next age as Dragon Age, while she was ready to name it as Sun Age, predicting that it will be an age of violence and upheaval.

Love at second sight (II/III)

Part II of III - Part I

Paring: OC Sand Snake Reader x Thoros of Myr

Warning: SMUT! 

As Beric told you he already died six times, you did not believe him. You thought it was just a stupid joke, so he and Thoros could make fun of you. But Berics face was serious. “… so the first man who killed me was Gregor Clegane with a lance, which he stabbed through my chest”, he explained. You weren’t really listen to him, until you heard this name. Gregor Clegane?! Suddenly Beric had your full attention. 

“Wait – Did you said Gregor Clegane killed you? The mountain?!”, you asked. “Aye”, Beric confirmed. “Why are you asking?”, Thoros wanted to know. You shrugged your shoulders. “I’m just curious”, you lied and stood up from the ground, where you sat together with the two men. You left them and decided to take a walk. The mountain killed Beric, you suddenly realized. He really killed him, and Thoros brought him back. If I die will Thoros bring me back as well? You sat down at a tree trunk in front of a lake and stared at the water, thinking about your life, your father and the brotherhood without banners. You had no idea, how long you have been away, when somebody sat down next to you.“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”, Thoros asked you, nodding to the sun which slowly disappeared behind the water. “It is”, you answered shortly without looking at him. “Why are you so sad, (Y/N)? You’re such a beautiful and strong woman, you should never be sad.”

“We’re all sad sometimes.”

“Aye.” Thoros nodded. “Do you want to talk about it now?”

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From the outside, it looked like any of the other mugs in the Auschwitz museum.

But on the inside, this one had a secret — faithfully kept for seven decades.

A false bottom concealed a gold necklace and a gold ring inlaid with stones.

The enameled mug was one of more than 12,000 pieces of kitchenware that Nazis stole from people sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp in occupied Poland.

For 70 Years, A Mug In Auschwitz Held A Secret Treasure

Photos: Mirosław Maciaszczyk/Auschwitz Museum

mending a broken heart using magic

   introduction: how to fall out of love forever

    chapter i: carefully erasing memories of choice
             • part a: scents & touch .
             • part b: voice & phrases .
             • part c: sight & other fragments .

    chapter ii: disconnect old pleasures from those you wish to forget
            • part a: songs & melodies .
            • part b: cinema & books .
            • part c: gardens, cafés, & other locations .

    chapter iii: cleaning out the remnants of a spirit
           • part a: pianos & teacups .
           • part b: the bedroom & sofa .

           • part c: letters, albums, & journals .
           • part d: little corners you may forget .

    chapter iv: signs of a malfunctioning enchantment
            • part a: i can’t banish them from my dreams .
            • part b: i’m drawn to someone with the same eyes .

            • part c: a scent or record made my mouth go dry .
            • part d: i still haven’t forgotten them yet .

NO PEACE FOR THE WICKED — for the restless spirits who walk dreams, their feet nestled in the dirt and their eyes set on the stars  [listen]

i. sights — london grammar ii. evergreen — broods iii. strange mercy — st. vincent iv. you can tell — astronauts, etc v. little red lung — fangs vi. medicine — broods vii. flicker — lorde xiii. youth — daughter ix. feel real — deptford goth x. wait — m83 xi. it’s hard to get around the wind — alex turner xii. still — daughter xiii. halfsleeper — chelsea wolfe xiv. cherry wine — hozier xv. give out — sharon van etten xvi. various storms and saints — florence and the machine xvii. i won’t mind — zayn malik xviii. cold ground — love like birds xix. drowning — banks xx. warm foothills — alt j xxi. roslyn — vashthestampede