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I came across this story this afternoon on buzzfeed and it literally warms my heart, and give me more  confidence about my education.

Ja’Andra Imani Wheeler is a 22-year-old living in Savannah, Georgia. When Wheeler was a sophomore in college, her mom died from a rare disease called sarcoidosis. “My mother really instilled the importance of education within me, holding a master’s in education herself,” Wheeler told BuzzFeed News. “With her passing, I began to lose sight of the bigger picture,” she added. The college student’s grade point average eventually plummeted to 1.4. But she dramatically bounced back. “I retook all of the classes I’d failed,” Wheeler said. As for the future, Wheeler has ~goals~. On Dec. 10, Wheeler successfully graduated from Savannah State University AND she has a full-ride scholarship to a graduate program in Africana studies.

Wheeler has a few pieces of advice for students who might be struggling: “Take care of your mental health (anxiety, depression, etc.). Surround yourself with people who create safe spaces and offer healthy relationships. Find a mentor within your major department. Go to summer school if you must catch up or boost your GPA with electives.” As for the future, Wheeler has ~goals~. After graduating with her *free* master’s degree, she wants to obtain her PhD and become a professor.

Sources: Buzzfeed

I’m gunna make a hobby out of the universe. I wanna get in the habit of watching documentaries about space and physics, of immersing myself in images of stars and galaxies. I wanna experience this reality as vividly as possible. I wanna read books by astronauts and hear them describe what it feels like to exist somewhere other than the surface of this planet; I wanna be reminded that there are other spaces in which to be.

It’s so easy to forget that this is just one tiny dot in an endless universe. How many times during the day do I really remember the stars? It’s so easy to get distracted, to lose sight of the bigger picture.

I only have the opportunity to be here once and while I am, I want to actually feel like I’m here. I don’t want to spend my whole life in a daydream and I think this could really help with that. 

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Sam and MM were spotted together at Whole Foods according to the antis. Do you think it's true?

Maybe? Who knows? Is there proof? If not then no I don’t think it’s true. Any sighting without a picture should be taken with a grain of salt. That counts for sightings on both sides of the fence.



“"I wanted to explore the relationship between the present and memory. All of us sleep with ghosts from the past, we carry them with us and they have a permanent effect on our daily lives. These ghosts embody all the people we loved, who have been important in our lives, who have changed us. While a lot of people spend their lives in therapy to manage them, I have the chance to carry them through music.“ - Brian Molko, Les Inrockuptibles, 2003

“The album title’s about carrying the ghosts of your relationships with you, to the point where sometimes a smell or a situation or an item of clothing they bought brings a person back. For me it’s about the relationship that you have with your memories. They inhabit your dreams sometimes. There can be a lot in the future that’s gonna remind you of the ghost of relationships past. So I see the album as a collection of short stories about a handful of relationships. Most of them mine. In a way writing the songs helps me to get a lot of the nasty feelings off my chest and put them in a box, and therefore have a bit more of an objective discourse with those emotions because you’ve done something positive with them, you’ve rid yourself of them.” - Brian Molko, Guest Programmers and Specials, 2003

“Inspired by a crazy American psychologist who believes in the cliché of eternal love. He thought two of his patients were soulmates who’d been reincarnated through many previous lives.” - Brian Molko, Rock Sound, 2003