sight of interest

So I had a dream this morning that gave some really interesting sights and i had to doodle them down quickly before i forgot

So I was at this store, pondering over the merch when!! I saw a bunch of Jasper based toy merch on the shelves - the ones that stood out to me were the Funko based ones and I’ve drawn them exactly as i saw them in the dream.

One of them was the usual variant and the other was exclusive to the store?? The exclusive was what looked like Jasper in a swim suit outfit i guess and she was supposed to be waterproof, very soft and squeezy kinda like a bath toy?

I’d buy those Jaspers honestly

“I’m really scared
My heartbeat higher than ever
Not able to breath
Not able to think
The burning feeling
Of nerves
In my chest
I don’t know where to look
Where do I put my hands?
My body doesn’t belong to me

I’m so afraid
A black heavy tornado
On my chest
Taking my breath
Making me so scared
I want to close my eyes
But I’m afraid of the dark
Go away!
I want to scream
But I’m afraid
Of the loud noise it’ll make

I’m terrified
Everything goes on
Everyone passes
But I’m standing
Staying where I am
Around me everyone
And I’m standing still
Right where I am

It terrifies me
The big black tornado
That’s called
The world
Spins around me
Too fast
Too fast
Why doesn’t it stop?
Please stop spinning
I’m so afraid

My face is wet
I’m crying
I sit on the ground
Knees to my face
Arms around my legs
A little scared bundel of sadness

I don’t know how to handle life
Everything goes on
We never ever stand still
I know everything
But no one listens

Inside me
I have a tornado
It’s big and black and spinning
I carry the world around
And I call it my soul.”


These are all individual poems, but together they’re a poem too.


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The Armstrong Whitworth AW.681, also designated the Whitworth Gloster 681 or Hawker Siddeley HS.681 - due to industry mergers - was a pretty unique transport design from Britain’s 1960s aviation industry. Fulfilling a similar short takeoff and landing specification as Lockheed’s C-130, Armstrong Whitworth produced a solid contender in the AW.681, featuring vectored thrust nozzles, boundary layer control, blown flaps, leading edges and ailerons.

Then they took things a little further, trading the four Rolls-Royce RB.142 Medway engines for four Bristol Siddeley Pegasus turbofans, to obtain VTOL capability. These were the engines which went on to power the Harrier. It would have been an interesting sight. Thanks to the swept shoulder-mounted wings and high T-tail, it would have also resembled today’s C-17 and A400M.

The entire project was scrapped in 1964 when the moment’s Labour Government announced a defence spending review, opting instead to buy the American Lockheed C-130. As a result the company closed it’s Coventry factory, making 5000 workers redundant.

A Message

Brief moments of footage; vague words of warning. A problem that quickly got out of hand. The slow fight to the surface. Warnings to threats; moments to seconds. The battle for control. Post to post; video to video. Suddenly a shift in the war.

A finale to end it all. A shadow, a voice, a message:

I̡̓̃t̠̝̠̣̫̮̀͆ͮͮ̓͛'̮̞̖̘̭̞s̹̦ͬͬ͋̀͊̓ ̛̗̹̙͉́̉ͧͥ͑̀̂a͛̃ͩ́͞l͊̒̄ͦ͋̉̈́҉̥l̛͛ ̦͖̪͐̌ͨ̑y̛̜͉̝̱̦̐͐ͮ͛ͭoͩ̊̍ͨ́̚u̢̜̫̤̠̱͚͈͛ͧ̾̄̋͋r̖͕̆̓̒ ̞̩̤̦̙̹͇͂ͤ̔̌͌f̥̳̼̙͉͆ͫ̽̅ͪa̫u̬̠̯̗̭̖̜lț͍̗̳̫̜̙́

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To tame a beast that was once human, one must act like one, think like one, and feel like one. Still, Levi knew he didn’t need to do that. He could shape the boy back into a human without having to degrade himself, or so he thought. What if the human that had been living in the wild for more than ten years had something else in sight? ~An Ereri Fanfic (teaser)

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Imagine going on a trip with Woozi and taking lots of photos of interesting sights and things you spotted during your trip.


This is all your fault @maski for pointing it out.

The Wedding Ceremony

[Suggested listening!]

A hushed silence fell over the crowd as the Arceist minister stepped up to the altar. Cassie walked over to the altar next, projecting an air of confidence. Projecting was the key word. Behind her followed…a very, very tall…Pokemon - were they a Pokemon? - in a large dress. Their long, black appendages swung freely, nearly knocking over a couple guests as they skipped to the altar with Cassie.

The bridesmaids and ushers followed - not that there were many. Just behind them was the maid of honor. She grinned as she ran over to the altar and turned towards the crowd. Heads turned to see the ring bearer, only to be met by an interesting sight - a little Goomy making their way across the carpet, bouncing happily along with the two rings resting on its antennae. The rings were both golden, with a little yellow sapphire to represent the sun and a diamond to represent the moon. The flower girl, Dana, followed just after them, tossing petals behind her. She was wearing an adorable purple dress.

Then the crowd’s attention turned to the back again. There, wearing a beautiful floral white dress, was Lillie herself. She was walking down the aisle with Branden, her left arm linked in his right. Lillie was beaming at Cassie, who was grinning right back at her. Branden looked down at his daughter with pride as they approached the altar. When they reached it, Branden turned fully to her and pulled her into a hug, gently kissing her forehead. Taking her hand in his, Branden gently gave her hand to Cassie. Reluctantly, he let go, gave Lillie another forehead kiss, and walked back to his seat.

With that, the ceremony officially began. Lillie said her vows first, followed by Cassie. And then, the part everyone was waiting for.

“Do you, Cassie, take Lillie to be your wife?” the minister said.

Hai,” Cassie said. “I hana.”

“And do you, Lillie, take Cassie to be your wife?” the minister said.

Hai, I hana,” Lillie whispered quietly, then leaned over to Cassie and gave her a delicate kiss on the lips.

Lillie and Cassie each reached down to Goomy, grabbing the rings from their antennas. Smiling at each other, they slipped the rings onto each other’s fingers. This had clearly been planned, and they slid the rings onto each others’ fingers with grace. The two embraced and gave each other another gentle kiss. They pulled back, and Cassie turned to the crowd, grinning at everyone.

She then waved to Dosh’te, who was sitting behind a DJ booth. Dosh’te nodded over at Cassie, turned to the crowd, and…dabbed. He then immediately started up the music. The reception had begun!

An open letter to the gay guy that called me a slut,

I contemplated writing this. I thought, do I really want people knowing that someone, somewhere thinks that I’m a “slut”? Would I want people to know that in a mix of half-truths and scenarios that were taken out of context, someone got the impression that I was a “whore”? 

The more I thought about it, the more angry I became. At first, I was angry because you thought of me in this way. As someone with no self worth, no regard for themselves, as someone who gives themselves away at the mere sight of someone who’s interested in them. I, then, put the word in context: slut.

Search the word “slut” in google and you’ll get hundreds upon thousands of responses about the female “slut” - typically defined as a “woman who has many casual sex partners”. I’m not a woman, I’m a gay man. And, ironically enough, you are also a gay man. 

I’ve often wondered why gay men have the reputation they do and why being gay has to become a “lifestyle” rather than a facet of our humanity, just as it is for heterosexual people but, in this experience, I think I’ve began to understand.

As a fellow gay man, you would understand the struggles I’ve gone through. The internalised pull between what I was told was “right” and “normal” and the gravity of what I felt and who I felt I truly was inside. You’ve probably had the same conversation I had with my mother and you probably had the same fear that, in the moment you uttered those words “I’m gay” out loud, you may be shunned by the person who you felt loved you the most but (in your mind) never really knew the real you. 

Being gay is fucking hard. It’s a life changing experience. I, like so many other gay men, still don’t truly understand what being “gay” really is…but I know what being gay is not.

Being gay isn’t calling another gay man a slut. Being gay is not calling another gay man a derogatory name. Being gay is not outing another man for behaviours that you undertake yourself and then shaming them, making them feel as though they are less of a person for saying things that they have said or doing things that they have done. Being gay is not tearing another gay person down in the hopes of making yourself feel better and being gay is certainly not perpetuating the exact ideals that society uses to ridicule and shame us with.

The division that comes with being gay starts when you first realise that you are so. You become divided in yourself, between morality and impulse, between nature and nurture, between who you thought you would be and you actually are. This division continues all through your teenage years as you begin to understand the gravity of your difference and, just like that, you label yourself “different” in your own head: further widening the division between yourself and everyone else.

The “gay community” is based on this division. It’s based on bridging the gap and creating a group in which people of all sexual identities can feel supported, bonded and free to be themselves in - without fear of judgement. 

The “gay community” is not a place for division amongst ourselves. The term “slut” has no place in the gay community as division has no place in an area built to unite those already divided.


In which Jackie and Clarkson ask the really important question.

something that interested me in the space mall episode was that security guard galra with the zarkon poster. it made me realise that he’s the only galra we’ve seen who wasnt a blade of marmora or part of zarkon’s army, and in general we’re never seen a normal civilian galra.

it makes me wonder, what do average civilian galra think of zarkon? Are they brainwashed via propaganda into thinking that zarkon is doing the right thing by conquering planets? if posters of him exist, there probably is something like that happening on the galra home planet.

i know i’m probably looking too deep into a character that was basically just a joke but still, food for thought


Walther 1921 Patent shotgun, 1st variation

Manufactured earlier by Deutsche Werke A.G. in Erfurt, Germany c.1922-1923 - serial number 1060.
12-gauge 5+1 round tubular magazine, toggle action semi-automatic, brass bead front sight.

An interesting design of semi automatic shotgun kind of eclipsed by the Auto 5, with a unique reload system.

The Daddening

And this will be the last one that’s like a series~ The rest will be random drabbles in whichever order! Feel free to send in requests for scenarios on this that you’d like me to write ;) 

Part: 3/?

~Admin Kat

“Osamu, come to bed!” you groaned as you woke up for the tenth time that night alone. 

It wasn’t like Dazai had to go anywhere. He just spent hours pacing the room, completely nervous about your pregnancy. It was an interesting sight, really. The only time you ever saw Dazai this nervous was when he failed in stopping Odasaku from annihilating Mimic.

His face was dead serious and he didn’t speak. If your belly wasn’t completely swollen, you would’ve gotten up and dragged him into bed yourself.

However, none of that mattered when you felt a sharp pain in your lower abdomen. Or rather, it was less of a sharp pain and more of an unbearable tightening of your muscles. You winced and placed your hand on your belly. “O-Oh god…”

Dazai was immediately by your side, placing his hand on your back to steady you as you sat up. “What’s wrong?”

“I-I think…I’m going into labor.”

Although it was the middle of the night, Dazai immediately called Yosano. You begged him to leave the poor woman alone, but he said that he didn’t trust any other doctor to deliver your child. Plus, he didn’t want to strain you with moving. 

However, Yosano convinced him to at least take you to the Agency’s office in case of any complications in which you’d need actual medical equipment.

He didn’t want you to walk and briefly disappeared before coming back with a wheelchair. You eyed him and he shrugged.

“I stole it~”

Your eyes went wide but before you could respond, he already had you in the wheelchair and was wheeling you out of your apartment and into the elevator that led up to the office.

The entire process was gruesome. Dazai held your hand the whole time and at some points, he thought you were gonna squeeze his hand so hard that you’d break a few fingers. But he still held onto you. This was one of the very rare times that he let himself completely go.

He’ll admit it.

He was terrified.

His heart was racing; he was visibly sweating. He was terrified for if his daughter would be raised right, if she was going to be safe, and if she was going to have a good life. He had never thought that he’d be able to have this opportunity and that full realization that he does have it didn’t hit him until now.

You gave his hand a squeeze while breathing heavily and gave him a smile. “S-She’ll love you…Just like I do.” You were comforting him although you had to put in everything to hold back a scream.

Dazai smiled at you, trying to hold back his own tears of worry and joy (he wasn’t sure which one it was). “Marry me.”

“?!?!” Between pushing a baby out of you and trying to comfort your boyfriend, that response was the last thing you expected.

“I’m serious,” Dazai looked at you, gripping your hand. “I love you. And I want to raise this child right…Marry me.”

Your lips quivered as you smiled with tears flowing down your face (from both pain and happiness, but mostly happiness). You nodded and let out a joyful sob. “I love you too, Osamu…”