Faerie Sight

How to see faeries:

  • Wearing one’s coat inside out.
  • Wearing a posy of primroses.
  • A four leaf clover crushed and put into an ointment may give one sight of the Faeries as well as placing Faerie Ointment on the eyelids.
  • Bending over and looking backwards through your legs.
  • Looking through a Fir knot hole.
  • Looking through a loop made with a Rowan twig may cause Faerie sight.
  • Looking through a hag stone
  • Meditating on a daily basis.
  • Averting one’s vision.
  • Dawn, moon, dusk, and midnight are the best times for faerie sightings.
  • Believe - faeries will most likely not show themselves to non-believers.
  • Have good intention - faeries can sense it.
  • Looking for a long time without blinking.

Watch: This smart device could help visually impaired people “see” the world.

Text captions:

[Blind man opening medicine cabinet]
I don’t think I’m different. I think how I interact with the world is different.

[Man reaches for sight guide]
I have no light perception, no colors, no anything. I see everything pitch black.

[Service dog helps man across the street]
I have to plan ahead a lot. When I’m indoors I’m trying to figure out where the doors are, where the elevators are.

[Service dog helps man across the street]
I’m always decoding and investigating. Sounds, scents, landmarks. Trying to figure out where things are.

[Man puts on BLAID device]
Using cameras BLAID can detect various features that are important to the blind community. Doorways, restroom signs, exit signs.

[BLAID Engineer gestures to bathroom and door]
It will scan the environment and tell you what you see.

[BLAID guides man to bathroom]
The second button on there you would say “Take me to the bathroom” and the device would guide you to the bathroom.

[Computer screen shows BLAID model]
The ability just to get up and leave to wherever you want, whenever you want would just be awesome.

[Man touches BLAID, smiles]
BLAID would change my life.

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