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“You look so bored, jagiya.”

     The voice surprised you as you were almost about to doze off. You looked to your side to see Sehun staring at you. Both of you were laid down on the snow covered ground of a park. Since it was winter, not many people came so it was a perfect time to have a date… but you both haven’t done anything else in the park beside laying down on the snow.

“Not really, Sehun. I always like being with you. You make me happy.” You faced him, making sure Sehun knew that it was true.

“But why do you look so bored?” He pressed on, worrying you as you could sense his mood changing.

“Maybe we could have watched a movie instead of coming here.” You sighed.

“You wouldn’t be giving me your attention if we were.” Sehun pouted, not liking the idea.

     You smiled at him before looking back up to the sky. You could tell Sehun felt upset at what you had just said. It was true though that you wouldn’t be paying much attention to him if you both watched a movie.

     Sehun sighed as he sat up. His eyes were low and filled with sadness. His lips were pressed into a line. You never liked seeing Sehun upset because if he’s upset, you get upset. Without thinking, you reached for Sehun’s sides and hugged him. His warmth made you feel comforted as you hugged him tighter. Sehun went closer to you, hugging you back.

“I love you so much, Sehunnie. Don’t get upset.” You told him, trying to relieve his stress. You could feel his body relax at your words.

     Sehun seemed to be fine, so you were pulling back from the hug. Before you could release Sehun from your arms, he suddenly started to tickle your sides, bringing you to a fit of panic laughter. You fell to the ground, trying to avoid his hands. Sehun laughed at the sight of you laughing and panicking as he tickled you. Finally, he stopped and laid down beside you as smiles appeared on both of your faces.

“You always make me so happy, ___.” Sehun said, reaching for your hand and bringing it to his chest.

“If I could give the world to you, I would… but it wouldn’t be enough. I want to give you the whole universe.” He told you, his eyes gazing deep within yours, “I love you no matter what, ___.”

“Giving me the universe would be useless because I already have it. I have you, Sehun and I love you very much.” You said, leaning in to give him a passionate kiss.

valentine’s drabbles;

anon requested: Yugyeom + Candy Hearts → you share a sweet moment together that is promptly ruined by his members

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anonymous asked:

S/O asks (with puppy eyes) Hara, Takao, Himuro, Mayuzumi, Kagami, Murasakibara, Aomine to take a couple photo together to post/use on Instagram? Yay ask box's open I hope I made it this time ^^

You did, anon! Short answers ahead, though! I hope you won’t mind!

Aomine: “What’s in it for me?” he asked, eyes still glued on the screen as he watched the NBA. You simply said that it would really make you really happy before begging once again, now with your puppy eyes. “Eh? Don’t do that,” he sighed. “You know you always get be with those eyes of yours.” He scooted near you putting an arm around your shoulder and whispered huskily, “you better reward me after this. Go on, take a picture, babe.”

Hara: “I think it’s stupid,” he remarked before continuing to chew on his bubble gum. With that being said, you automatically put on your puppy face, begging him for one more time. Oh how he hated it whenever you use that. It’s an old trick in the book, yet it never failed to get Hara everytime. “Fine, fine. Just be sure that I’d look good on the picture before posting it.”

Himuro: You immediately put on your puppy eyes even if he haven’t said no yet. You just thought that his face was really Instagram-worthy, so why not adding a picture of you and him to your feed? With your puppy eyes totally convincing the raven-haired male, he smiled at you, giving you a peck on the forehead and asked, “so, should I put my arms around you? Or should we just do a cute pose?”

Kagami: He became a stuttering mess at the mention of the couple picture. He wasn’t really the type of guy who’s into taking pictures, but you giving him those puppy eyes, how could he possibly say no? “J-j-just be quick,” he said, smiling sheepishly. “For Instagram only, okay? N-no Facebook. Alex might see it. I-I don’t want her to attack you with kisses once the two of you meet before fussing over how cute you are…”

Mayuzumi: “Can we do it some other time? I’m reading here,” he complained before going back to his newly purchased light novel. Pouting, you quickly took the book away from him and threw it to God knows where. He glared at you for a second or two, but his disappointment was easily taken away by those puppy eyes you were showing him at the moment. You had the word ‘please,’ screaming all over your face. “Okay, okay. Just be quick. I need to look for the novel you just threw away,” he sighed wrapping his arms around you. You gave him a questioning look, putting down your cellphone. “What? aren’t couples supposed to look like this in pictures?”

Murasakibara: “Eh? I’m too lazy (l/n)-chin,” he replied to your request before continuing to munch on his potato chips. Pouting, you tried to beg once again, showing him your puppy eyes this time. “Okay, fine. But you should buy me Pocky after this. And please don’t give that face. It makes me want to crush you.”

Takao: “You dont have to use that face, you know, (f/n)-chan?” he giggled before pinching your cheeks. “You know that I can never resist you!” He smiled at you before plopping himself beside you to be nearer. He took your phone from your hand and opened your camera app. “Okay now, say cheese!”