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Anonymous asked: RTD era or Moffat era?


Tom and Sybbie play Poohsticks.


Lucas & Peyton Appreciation Week
Day 7 -  Free choice (quotes by others)


Swan Queen Diner AU - Every day, Emma would find herself gazing across the diner, seeing the same gorgeous brunette who would order the same coffee everyday after a hard days work. It’s only when Emma starts to slowly find herself in Miss Mills’ company, does she find that she rather enjoys her daily diner adventures. 


Make me choose between;

shwaas: Naina Talwar or Leela Sanera

jhilmila: Naina Talwar or Dimple Dixit


Before you say anything, I need you to listen to me very carefully. Can you do that? Jake– Can you do that? Yes. Good. I have an offshore bank account. It’s in the Caymans. The password to access it is “Emily.” It was my sister’s name. There’s no name on the account, just a number– 942540920. Why are you telling me this? You want to write that down, or can you remember it? I can remember it. Good. I want the money to go to my mother. She lives in Bloomington– Indiana, not Illinois. God forbid you should get that part wrong. There’s nothing she hates more than people mixing up the two.