sighs this was a crazy time in america

Touch: Part One


Tony stark was the only relative bold enough to take you in, leaving you no option but to up and move to the infamous avengers compound facility. You were no more than waitress, surrounded by the likeness of enhanced humans and super soldiers - making you the outcast of the living quarters. Within just your first couple of weeks, you strike a sense of emotional attachment to none other than the man you had heard about in the media - the winter soldier. In a moment of weakness and yet a moment of clarity, you find yourself awakening to something you had never felt before - the moment you lips had touched Bucky Barnes.

Bucky x Reader

Notes: Fluff, Bit of banter and tension. if this gets to 200, I will post a part two - let me know what you think, Im genuinely excited about this one!

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You get mobbed by paparazzi (Harry and Louis preference)

Harry: You were standing in the hall of the hotel you and Harry stayed in for a couple days. It was time to leave. You stood there with Harry and a couple of security guards. Outside was really crowded with fans and paparazzi. Some bodyguards went outside to make a way through the crowd, before you and Harry could walk to the car.

You could see Harry’s eyes looking through the windows. He sighed and turned to you.

‘OK. Listen. Some rules before we go outside. You stay with me. You hold my hand. You can squeeze it as hard as you want, as long as you keep holding it. Don’t let go. If you let go of my hand because of an uncontrollable reason, you keep walking to the car. There will be bodyguards behind and beside you. They will lead you.’

You nodded. ‘You look stressed.’ You stated.

‘Yes, I am stressed. Going alone through such a crowd is not fun. But with you by my side, it feels even more horrible. It feels like I have no control over these kind of situations. And I like to have control when you are around.’

‘It’s clear! Harry, Y/N!’ One of the security members yelled. You made a line before going outside. You were basically surrounded by bodyguards.

‘Don’t let go!’ Harry repeated when he grabbed your hand.

You walked outside, into the madness. You were so glad you weren’t claustrophobic. This would absolutely kill you, if you were. You were squished between what seemed six people who all were a head bigger than you.

You felt Harry’s hand slip away. Too much people started to come between you two. When you felt his last finger slip away, you let go. You couldn’t even see Harry anymore. So many people were shouting his name. The bodyguards around you, helped you to keep standing on your two feed. The whole way to the car, you almost tripped over five times. But you never hit the ground. You prayed Harry was already in when you reached the car.

‘Are you OK?’ You heard a familiar voice say when the door closed behind you. You looked into Harry’s eyes and you saw his angry and worried frown.

‘I’m sorry I let go. There were too much people Harry. I tried to keep a hold of it, but it was too hard.’

‘I know baby. But are you OK? Did somebody hurt you?’

‘No, I’m fine!’ You smiled, while you fixed your messed up hair. ‘Are you OK?’

‘Yes, now I am.’ Finally he let his angry frown go and he kissed your forehead. ‘I love you.’

Louis: You just left the plain with Louis, Harry and Liam. You were in LAX. Niall and Zayn would arrive the next day.

‘The car is standing outside.’ One of the bodyguards informed you guys. ‘But it seems like it’s really crazy out there. Be prepared for the worst.’

You heard Louis’ angry growl.

‘We love America, but this is the part I really really don’t like.’ Harry sighed.

Louis grabbed your hand and held you close.

‘Paul, maybe it’s better Harry and Liam go first. Then I’ll go with Y/N. If we all go at the same time it will be just mad.’ Louis said to the security guard.

‘You can also go with us, Lou.’ Liam interrupted. ‘Maybe if she goes first, they will all wait before we come. So there will be less people bothering her.’

Louis thought about that statement.

‘What do you think, Paul?’ Louis asked.

‘It could work. We can try it. It seems like a good plan.’ He answered.

Louis turned to you now. ‘Would you like to try it? If you want to stay with me it’s fine, but I think it could be better and easier for you if we do it Liams way.’

You nodded. ‘Yes, of course. I’ll go first! And I’ll wait for you in the car.’

Louis kissed your forehead and your lips before he turned to Paul once again.

‘Paul, you go with her. Make sure she doesn’t get hurt. You understand?’

‘That’s my job Louis. Of course I’ll make sure nobody touches her.’ Paul comforted him. ‘You ready to come with me, Y/N?’ He said to you.

Louis saw the worry in your eyes, you tried to hide. ‘You are going to be fine with him, Love. He’s the best bodyguard we have. Be careful please and stay with him. I’ll see you in five minutes!’

You nod and left the building with Paul and a couple of other security members.

It was literally the worst you’ve ever experienced since you were together with Louis. You couldn’t even see were you were walking because of the flashing lights. Paul literally had to drag you to the car.  You heard Paul shout things, but you couldn’t even make out what he said because of the loud crowd. Before you knew it he pushed you into the car.

You heard him say things but it took you a moment to realize what he repeated over and over again.

‘ARE YOU OK, Y/N?’ Finally you hear the words. You nod confused and he shuts the door. When you look outside you wonder how the driver even can drive away. People are swarmed against the car. The only thing you see are bodies and flashing cameras. You don’t even want to think about how Louis, Harry and Liam were going to get through the crowd. Was that even possible?

After ten minutes the door suddenly opens and Harry jumps in the car.

‘WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!’ He screamed his frustration out of his lungs. Liam followed him and Louis came last.

‘I think Niall would have fainted the first second we were in the crowd.’ Liam stated.

Louis didn’t say anything. He looked just furious. He sat beside you and looked at your face.

‘Are you OK?’ You heard the anger in his voice. ‘Paul said you didn’t react. Did someone hit you?’

‘No, Lou. Nobody hit me. I was just a little overwhelmed I think. I didn’t even hear what he was saying! But he did a really great job, considering the situation.’ You said.

‘I think someone has to apologize now!’ Harry chuckled.

Louis groaned. You looked at him with confusion.

‘I may or may not kind of snapped at him when he couldn’t really give me an answer on my question if you were OK.’ He said.

You roll your eyes at him. ‘You are definitely going to say sorry,  impossible, overprotective, snapping for no reason boyfriend.’

‘Hey! I just love you. You didn’t choose for this! You don’t deserve to get hurt. That’s just not OK!’

‘Honey, I chose for you. And this is part of the deal.’

‘Yeah… I wished this wasn’t a part of that deal.’ He murmured

‘The rest of the deal is pretty awesome!’ You say to make him smile. It definitely worked when you saw a huge grin appear on his face. 

On The Ellen Degeneres Show

Title: On the Ellen Degeneres Show

Prompt / AU: Nations are not a secret / Canon

Warning: A hint of NSFW towards the end

Word Count: 1923

Rating: Mature (I guess…)

Pairing: America/England

Summary: America and England are on the Ellen Degeneres show and are put in a tight spot.

NOTE: I saw this post and instantly fell in love with the idea! So I wrote about it. Now, I do hope I did this work some justice. I really need to work on my writing.

“Bye, babe,” America said, kissing England’s forehead. The Englishman hummed and tightened his arms around his boyfriend. “Love you. Have a safe trip, m’kay?”

England laughed. “America, I’m only going to the embassy. It’s not like I’m leaving the country just yet.” America pouted and only pressed another kiss to the other nation’s cheek. “Relax, love. I’ll see you in a few hours.” And with that, England placed a final kiss on his lips and broke away from the hug. America watched him walk out the White House doors and sighed.

“Mr America,” Bracing a smile, he turned to his secretary, David. “Ellen from the talk show ‘The Ellen Degeneres show’ is waiting! We’re supposed to meet her in an hour to prepare for the interview.”

“Ah, right! Let’s go then!” His secretary sighed, but smiled and led him out the White House, and into a private car, reserved specially for him.

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10 Things I Like About You - Steve Rogers x Reader

Requested by estheletic: how about u were one of the women who helped steve out as soon as he got out of the ice (and helped him get used to the world a little after the scene in tfa where he goes into Times Square) and at first maybe he doesn’t like-like u but he likes to visit u when he’s feeling lost (which is often) so that u can keep him company and introduce him to modern things like movies, music, books, tech, social media, etc. and u think he’s gorgeous but u don’t wanna push it further than professional/friendly bc u know he’s already vulnerable but he starts falling in love with u

Everything had to be perfect. You’d cleaned your apartment top to bottom and set out enough modern day snacks that the only way to finish them all tonight is if you just spent the entire night with Steve eating them. He was coming over tonight with a newly acquired list of films he wanted to watch.

It had been rather hard to organise a day for the two of you to just spend time together, you were busy doing missions for Shield when he was free and he was just always doing something for the Avengers or Shield. But that didn’t stop the two of you from constantly trying your hardest to sort something out, because before he’d joined Shield and the Avengers, Steve had been your friend.

You were one of the nurses who’d been there when Steve woke up. You remember your first meeting, which had not gone as well as you planned. Then again, the whole thing had seemed rather daft to you when Shield told you what they wanted you to help with. You were a trained nurse and psychologist, but you prefered to use your ‘healing touch’ when you were out on missions rather than on just one man. Of course Shield argued with you for about a week and gave you no choice but to do it.

Meeting Steve will always be an experience you’ll never forget. Shield had given him his own place to stay at which was heavily monitored, you had a feeling that he had no idea about all the cameras. Sure technology had been getting pretty good around the 1940’s but you still doubted that Steve would have been able to guess where all the tiny cameras had been placed. You, on the other hand, had to take one look around Steve’s home and you were able to guess where all the cameras were. And yet, you couldn’t actually find Steve.

Panic set in immediately. At first you were going to just call into Shield and tell them it’s their problem now, that way they’d stop giving you these sorts of missions. But then you saw something that got you thinking, a pair of shoes. They were the standard Shield trainers that you’d be given when being trained, and had obviously been given to Steve because he had no other clothes other than the Captain America museum. Further inspection through the wardrobe confirmed his thoughts, he had no other clothes than the ones Shield had given him.

Keeping this in mind, you recalled his file and he didn’t seem like the crazy sort of guy you’d find walking barefoot around the streets which is what led you to believe that he mustn’t have gone far.

And like most of your hunches, it turned out to be correct. You found him on the roof of the apartment building sleeping on the floor with a blanket on top of his body. A sigh escaped your body as you finally got to assess the damage. At the time Shield hadn’t disclosed to you that he was Captain America, in fact, they never even mentioned to you that he was a soldier in his past life. All they’d told you was that he needed to get use to the modern world and they probably just assumed that he’d have told you whatever else he felt he could. They’d also probably kept some information from you so you’d just take the job without asking loads of questions.

You decided to wait for him to wake up, you sat on a box which had been placed on the roof and just stared at him, trying to gouge as much information as you could from his outside appearance. His entire body language even while unconscious told you that he was a soldier, but he held none of the physical scars a soldier would normally have. It seemed so weird and you couldn’t wrap your head around it.

It got to around 10 in the morning when he finally awoke. The reason you’d visited him early was because you had plans for the rest of your night, you were suppose to be going on a date but instead you messaged and cancelled whilst you were waiting for Steve to wake up. He was more important to you now.

Steve rolled around on to his back and began to stretch out his muscles, showing off to you his wonderful six pack which you would come to appreciate very much.

“Hello.” You said in greeting and he shot up, thankfully not revealing anything as he’d had the decency to put pants on.

Steve didn’t seem at all happy to see you. In fact, you’d dare say that you’ve never felt so unwanted in your entire life and it was very awkward to say the least. “Who are you?”

“Y/N,” you greeted, “Shield sent me over. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of me actually.”

“Does that mean I’ll always be waking up with you hovering over me?” He challenged you, but all he earned was a laugh. You liked that kind of behaviour, it was nice and refreshing to meet someone that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, even after being encased in ice for over seventy years.

You shook your head once you finished laughing, “no, tomorrow you can text me to let me know when you’re free for me to come over. But first, I’m guessing we’ll have to get you a phone.” You threw a plastic card at him and he managed to catch it with quicker reflexes than you’d expected. He looked at it with confusion so you decided to explain, “it’s a credit card, can be used in exchange of money. A gift from Shield.”

After that small exchange you went shopping with him, it was difficult for him at first and he looked uncomfortable though he did try very hard to hide it from you. Eventually it became easier for him which you were very glad about. The easiest way to get him out in the world was to go running with him, which turned out more stressful than you thought it would.

It was only after he’d run ten laps before you’d finished running your first, that you were hit with the news that he was a super soldier. You also convinced him to start going for a cup of tea after each run, you’d sit in your favourite cafe and share a fancy bun which was overly priced whilst people watching.

You were doing all these things to help Steve get back into the world, and you had no idea that you were actually helping yourself in a way.

Steve began to depend on you and you began to depend on Steve. He’d come to you whenever he needed help with something or if he just needed to talk, Steve knew that you’d be there for him. And you went to him whenever you needed a distraction, or you just wanted to smile. You and him shared a specific banter that was almost magical with how it could just distract you and simultaneously cheer you up. And that’s why you formed a friendship that lasted even after Steve stopped needing your guidance. It’s why together, you forced the world around you to stop for a moment so that you could have more moments with one another.

He arrived at your apartment building with alcohol, you took the bag off of him as you invited him in and began to set out the drinks as well. Then you pulled out a flask, “what the hell is this?” You asked, admiring the many jewels covering the flask.

“It’s from Thor. Apparently it’s alcohol for God’s, might even get me drunk.”

“Ohh,” you released a low whistle as you placed it out. “Okay, so did you bring the list?” He pulled it out of his pocket. “Great, so, I’ve got all my DVD’s, Netflix and Amazon. So if we don’t find them, well then I’ll just have to pirate them but don’t tell anyone.”

He continued to stand behind the couch, looking at you with raised eyebrows. “I’m pretty sure I only understood half of that sentence.”

You rolled your eyes and stood up, grabbing his hand so that you could pull him into the seat next to you. The excitement to get tonight started made everything else, like explaining Netflix, unimportant. The list from Steve wasn’t very long, which was fine, there were five movies on there and you had that night and most of the next day to watch them.

The first one you watched was going to be Star Wars but you told him that would have to be done another night as there are seven movies needing to be watched. Seen as that would have to be delayed you ended up watching a movie you knew Steve had only put on there because it was your favourite: 10 Things I Hate About You.

Steve was practically an expert on the movie because you’d talked about how much you’d loved it so much. You’d shared many facts you had about it, even quotes it in the odd conversation though he usually never noticed.

That night was also the night you introduced him to your favourite food, skittles.

It got to the part where you got to quote the characters poem and you managed to do it word for word. “I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair, I hate the way you drive my car, I hate it when you stare. I hate your big dumb combat boots and the way you read my mind, I hate you so much that it makes me sick, it even makes me rhyme. I hate the way you’re always right, I hate it when you lie, I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry.” As your eyes began to brim with tears at your favourite film moment, you were too blind to see the way that Steve was staring at you. Not the movie. You. “I hate the way you’re not around and the fact that you didn’t call, but mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.”

The scene ended and a tear trickled down your chin, you let out a little sniffle and quickly wiped it away. “Sorry, I just get really into this movie.” You laughed off your emotions, finally looking over to Steve who had yet to stop looking at you. He didn’t understand why he was so drawn to you in that moment, but there was just something about you getting really intense feelings over a movie line that made his heart sore. Maybe it was seeing you crying, or maybe it was the way you showed off your dedication to this one movie by being able to quote it. Whatever it was, it had Steve feelings very strange.

“It’s okay,” he said softly. Then you did something that surprised the both of you, you laid yourself against his chest.

Though the two of you had been friends for a while now, you’d mostly avoided any romantic interest with him because it just seemed unprofessional. At first anyway. You could easily admit that you were attracted to him from the first moment you met him, but it was like some sort of taboo. He was your job, but now you’re beginning to see things a little differently.

You took a break after the first movie to go to the toilet, refresh the drinks and stuff like that. As soon as the credits rolled you stretched out your limbs, feeling very comfortable whilst being pressed against his chest. He was way more soft than you’d thought he’d be, all those times you’d seen his abs you’d just imagined them to be rock solid but he was a nice sort of squishy. “So what did you think?”

“I liked it, I can see why you enjoyed it so much.” He also began to stretch his arms upward, and instead of returning his arm to the edge of your couch, he placed it around your waist. You shuffled so you were laid on your belly, that way it was easier for you to look him in the face but you came to find that you were actually closer than you thought. “So, is that the sort of guy you’re into?”

The question threw you off a little as you’d never expect him to be asking you it, but you answered anyway. “Not really, I don’t think I have a ‘sort of guy’ yet… what about you?”

“I had a type I suppose, back when the war was going on. I suppose now I’m going to have to find a new type though, there aren’t many girls like Peggy anymore.”

“Wow,” you snorted, “that’s so nice of you to say.”

“I didn’t mean it like that.” You sat up to get away from him and he quickly followed.

You don’t know why, but you had this sudden sense of rejection drowning you. It felt like Steve had basically just said he didn’t like who you were because you didn’t act the same as the way girls back in the 40’s did. “Well it came off like that Steve.” Rather than sitting around and probably causing an argument to break out you went to the bathroom to cool off. Whilst you did feel hurt, you also felt like you didn’t have the right to be feeling such things when you’d told yourself time and time again that nothing could happen between the two of you.

Whilst you were in the bathroom pacing with your arms crossed, you heard a knock on the door. “Y/N,” Steve called, “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too,” you sighed, mentally repeating to yourself that you shouldn’t be feeling this way. You moved closer to the door, resting your head against it. “I just took it the wrong way is all.”

The door creaked slightly and you guess that Steve had also placed himself against the door frame, “can you come out then? We’ve still got moves left.”

“Yeah, just give me a moment please.” You were tempted to start hitting your belly, thinking that maybe then the dumb feeling of heartbreak would realise you were more threatening than it was and proceed to cower before you.

Even though you said that he didn’t move away from the door. “Y/N, I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I don’t hate the difference, I was just saying that there was a difference. I like you, you’re different to Peggy but I still like you a lot. I like the way you’re tough just because you are, not because you have to be. I like the way you speak your mind, and the way you dress and how you behave. I like how much compassion you have despite them maybe not deserving it. I like how you treated me the day we met, not like a broken man out of his time but like a friend who just needed help. I like- look, I can’t do this behind a door can you please open it?”

You’d been staring at the door open mouthed as Steve said these words, it was so surprising to you but it didn’t at all feel unwanted. You’d thought that this wall you’d put up had been much stronger but hearing him say these things made it crumble in a second and suddenly all you could think about was having a relationship with Steve. One where you sat down and watched movies a lot more than you do, one where dates are a thing and not running competitions, one where you can cuddle and kiss and just smile.

Your hand shook and it’s movements were slow as you went to open the door. It’s like a part of you was screaming this was wrong because once he was your patient, but that was a long time ago now. The other part of you knew that, and you were thanking that part so much.

Once the door was open it revealed a nervous looking Steve which was a sight to see. His body had tensed up and he kept rubbing his hands through his short hair. “I like you Y/N,” he said, not daring to wait any longer in case his nerves got in the way, “I like like you.”

You didn’t know how to tell him your feelings with ease, you weren’t as brave as him and though you felt like the words needed to be said, fear was holding you back. So you did what you do best, you quoted the movie. “Some asshole paid me to look after this really great guy.”

Thankfully Steve caught on rather quickly, and the smile that exploded onto his face made your legs go weak. “Is that right?” He said, performing the line of Kat Stanford perfectly.

“Yeah, but I screwed up, I, um, I fell for him.”

jeswinchesterwho221b  asked:

Sam/Darcy - the avengers don't know but we've been best friends/soulmates since college

Darcy looked at her phone: no messages.

With a sigh she leaned her head back against the elevator wall.

“Ugh. If I never see another would-be kidnapper again, it’ll be too soon.”

Jane hummed in agreement.

“Thank goodness for Tony Stark.”

Darcy snorted and glanced over at her boss.

“Now those are words I never expected to hear you utter.”

Jane grunted this time in response.

In truth, Darcy never expected to even meet Tony Stark. But then post Nightmare on Elves’ Street, Thor decided to introduce Jane and Darcy to his fellow Midgardian warriors. And now Tony was offering a safe haven because Thor was off world and Steve had gone and decided to topple a secret government agency; thereby leaking out hers and Jane’s secrets and names on some top-secret list. 

Darcy had always thought she was unimportant but here she’d made it into the Villain’s Burn Book of Murder and Mayhem.


She checked her phone again out of habit.


The doors of the elevator finally opened and Darcy and Jane dragged themselves upright and out.

They were both going on thirty-six hours without more than a couple of cat-naps and even longer without a shower. Tony had taken one look at them on video chat and promised both. Literally.

Voices were coming from somewhere nearby, so the two women shuffled their way over.

Pepper Potts and Rhodey sat on the couch in disheveled suits probably having come from political meetings; Tony was at the bar fixing drinks for himself, Natasha, and Clint; and Steve “Cady Heron” Rogers was slouched down in a nearby chair.

Darcy was too tired do more than raise her eyebrows at the assortment.

“Ah, my intrepid travelers. Welcome.” Tony raised a bottle of what was probably heinously expensive alcohol. “Come see me for spiritual sustenance or we’ve got Wilson on food patrol.”


Before anyone could answer Darcy’s question someone else came into the room with a tray of food piled high. When he set it down on a nearby table and revealed his face, Darcy let out a gasp drawing everyone’s attention to her. 


She stood there flummoxed and Sam suddenly rushed forward to pull her into a bear hug.

“Damn, it’s good to see you, D.”

Darcy sank into the familiar feel of him for a minute before she remembered her righteous and very well-deserved anger and pushed at him until he let her go and she could poke him in the chest.

“Don’t you ‘D’ me, Samuel Thomas Wilson! What the hell are you doing here?!”

He knew better than to try and reach for her again and instead sent a guilty look over at Steve Rogers who was now watching them with interest along with everyone else in the room.

“Seriously? This is why you’ve been ducking my calls? Because you hitched your caboose to the Captain America crazy train?”

Jane let out a sigh and wandered over to a couch while the younger woman ignored her and continued to glare at the hero in front of her who was now avoiding eye contact.

“I wasn’t ducking your calls exactly.”

“Then what were you doing?”

He raised a hand to rub the back of his neck and took a deep breath before looking at her with his head tucked down.

“My phone might have been taken and I didn’t exactly have a whole lot of free time over the last couple of days.”

“Taken? No time? You mean you’ve been teamed up with these maniacs for days and didn’t tell me?!”

A laugh came from the bar.

“How could you miss it? He was on TV getting arrested with Cap.”

Darcy glared at Tony and gestured towards Steve.

“I was in the middle of trying to not be kidnapped in the aftermath of that guy getting arrested.”

“Kidnapped?” Sam interrupted but Darcy ignored him.

“Plus, I’m not in the habit of watching my childhood hero/celebrity crush get arrested!” She turned back to poke Sam in the chest some more. “Not to mention, my soulmate usually doesn’t go off doing stupidly heroic things without telling me, let alone without calling, texting, or emailing me for an entire week!”

“You had a crush on Cap growing up? And Wilson’s your soulmate? Classic!”

Sam glared at Tony and without looking grabbed Darcy’s hand, which was still poking him in the chest, holding on despite her trying to pull it back.

“Not helping, Stark.”

“Oh, I wasn’t trying to help.”

“Tony,” Pepper called from across the room.

The still-gleeful inventor raised his hands in surrender as he went back to mixing drinks with a snicker.

Sam ignored everyone else as he pulled Darcy back in for a hug. She attempted to fight for a while but finally just let him hold her as she stood there stiffly; trying to resist hugging back because he’d always been ridiculously comfortable and she was way too tired for any of what was happening.

“So, wait, when did you two find out you were soulmates?”

“About eight years ago,” Sam answered.

He put one hand in Darcy’s hair dragging his nails along her scalp while he used the other hand to keep her in place and rub circles into her back just as she liked. With a sigh she finally relaxed against him and turned to face Pepper who had asked the earlier question.

“I was thinking about doing ROTC for a scholarship but wanted to see how badly it would suck. So I went to the closest military base and talked to the first soldier I could find.”

Clint snorted into his drink.

“Sounds about right.”

Darcy shrugged and sank further into Sam who relaxed and just held onto her.

After a moment, he murmured in her hair.

“You okay?”

She shrugged again and he leaned back to look at her face.

“Seriously. What’s this about kidnappings?”

She let out a snort.

“What’s this about going back into a war-zone and not warning me?”

He winced.

“I’m sorry, Darce. It’s been a shitty week.”

Sam brought his hands up to cup her jaw and she let out a quiet harrumph.

“You’re telling me.” She raised her hands to cover his with her own and gave him a small, tired smile. “We’re talking about this later. Right now I need a shower and sleep.”

He nodded and stepped back to talk to everyone else who was still politely pretending not to watch; well, except for Tony, he blatantly stared.

“We’ll see you all later.”

Darcy looked over to see Jane already asleep and drooling on the couch.

“Can someone make sure she actually makes it to a bed at some point?”

Pepper gave her a kind smile.

“Don’t worry, Darcy. We’ll take care of her.”

Sam grabbed her hand and started to lead her back towards the elevator.

“Come on, I’ll get you one of my shirts to wear and let you fall asleep on top of me.”

Darcy hummed and leaned into his side.

“Good. You always made the best pillow.”

*Eurovision Party going on inside Europe house with lights and loud music*

America: *outside* Hmmph, crazy old Europeans. Having fun and partying without me. notjealous

Canada: *dragged along by America* Bro… Can we just go home? They weren’t let us in anyway-

Australia: Hey mates! How’s it goin’?

Canada: Australia? What are you doing here?

Australia: I came for the Eurovision Party, of course! Denmark invited me over this year~! Been watching the competition for a long time now. Anyway, gotta go! *allowed and heads inside Europe house*

America/Canada: …

America: …How come Aussie gets invited and not me?! And he’s nowhere near Europe!!

Canada: *sighs*

(Requested) Preference: DDM, He Sees You With a Boy Part 1 (his POV)

Zayn, Age 17: Pulling into the driveway, I let out a long sigh and ran a hand through my hair. With my wife visiting her parents in America for the next two weeks, only taking the baby with her, my life had been a little crazy lately. It was hard to keep track of the other three kids who seemed to have things to do every second of the day. But it was ten at night on a Friday, which meant Aiden was sleeping at his friend Ashton’s house and Sophie was staying with my mum downtown for the weekend. Only (Y/N) would be home and I was grateful I could have a little alone time with my oldest without the little one’s running around. I grabbed the pizza I got from the passenger’s seat and opened the car door. I could hear them the second I opened the front door of the house but it wasn’t until I walked into the kitchen that I saw my daughter and a boy, cooking together, with him behind her, hugging her into his back as he stirred the pot in front of them. I cleared my throat, making (Y/N) jump around and look at me with wide eyes, “Dad! I didn’t think you’d be home for at least another hour!”
Louis, Age 15:
I was the most energetic and loud dad on the stands. It probably didn’t help that I had five other little ones sitting around me and a wife that were just as loud as me, cheering as well. People were giving us looks, someone even told us to settle down, but I couldn’t help it. My oldest kid, my daughter, and her team were playing their final football game of the season and they were at Nationals. The closer we got to the end of the game, the louder I got. And when they won the tournament on my daughter’s scoring goal at the last minute, I was jumping up and down screaming. I grabbed my youngest, putting him on my hip, took my other daughter’s hand before racing down onto the field with the other excited fans, desperate to grab my daughter and hug her. I had to weave in and out of loads of teenagers before I could even spot (Y/N) and when I saw her, it wasn’t a welcome sight. She was in the middle of snogging some boy I had never seen before. Right there in the middle of the field where everyone could see them. I was stood frozen, ignoring Emmy’s tugs on my hands and Thomas pulling on my hair. All I could do was stare at my oldest. My wife had finally caught up to me with the other three kids and was looking at our daughter with raised eyebrows and a smile, “Looks like someone had a secret boyfriend.”
Niall, Age 16:
“Does she know you’re picking her up from school Daddy?” Lily, my youngest daughter asked from the backseat. I smiled back at her in the mirror, “No darling, just like you didn’t know daddy was home, she doesn’t either,” I explained. “We’re going to surprise her! Sounds fun right?” “No daddy,” Lily shook her head, making me raise an eyebrow. “(Y/N) doesn’t like surprises. She don’t let mummy pick her up from school anymore and she told me it’s cause she’s got a secret.” A secret? I bit my lip, pulling into the school parking lot and parking the car, waiting for the last bell to ring. Lily was staring at me so I sent her a smile and reached back to squeeze her foot, “Well your sister will like this surprise, okay doll? Let’s get out and wait for her.” We didn’t even have to wait ten minutes before (Y/N) was racing out of the building, pushing some other kids out of the way, laughing loudly and being chased by some guy. It didn’t bother me until the guy seemingly caught her, throwing his arms around her waist and dragging her back into his chest. My eyebrows went up as he tilted her head back and kissed her lips lightly, making her giggle. “Daddy what’s (Y/N) doing?” Lily asked loudly, somehow catching the attention of my older daughter not too far from us and making her head snap over. We mad eye contact, my eyes narrowing as hers widened and I answered slowly, “You know what Lil? I have no clue what she’s doing. Why don’t we ask her?”
Harry, Age 10:
The genuine last thing I wanted to see was my ten year old daughter holding hands with a boy when I picked her up from school. She was way too young for this! Grant it she was my only daughter so the anger that bubbled up inside me when I saw this little guy kiss her check might have been an over reaction but I couldn’t help myself from storming over and crouching in front of them, “What are you two doing?” “Daddy! This is my boyfriend! Greg!” “(Y/N), don’t you think you two are a little too young for this?” I asked, trying to sound nice but cringing as her face twisted into an angry pout. She looked at Greg once more before grabbing my hand and pulling me to the other side of the classroom, “Dad! That was so embarrassing! Why would you say that?” I rolled my eyes, “I mean it kiddo. I think you’re too young for a boyfriend and I’m sorry but I gotta put my foot down on this one.” “What are you saying?” her eyes widened and she pulled away from me. “I’m saying you can’t be dating Greg anymore,” I sighed as her eyes teared up and rushed on. “You can still be his friend baby but no dating until you’re older. Much older.” “I’m not a baby anymore dad! Go away! I want mummy to bring me home not you! I don’t want to see you again!” she pushed my hands away from her before running out of the classroom and leaving me with a confused teacher staring at me.
Liam, Age 12:
“Aren’t they the cutest things ever?” my wife gushed, leaning into me and smiling. To be honest, I had had the total opposite reaction when I walked into the house with dinner and saw my twelve year old daughter cuddled on the couch with a boy and watching Tangled. I had stormed into the kitchen, whispering angrily to my wife and pointing out at the living room, “Are you aware our daughter is out there with a boy? Cuddling!?” She had quickly hushed me and grinned, “That’s her little boyfriend, AJ! They’re so adorable Li!” Adorable definitely wasn’t the way I would put it but there wasn’t much I could say when my wife continued doting on him for the next ten minutes. I was sat angrily at the kitchen table, keeping my eyes trained on the two of them on the couch and listening to her go on and on about AJ. “When is he leaving babe?” I finally interrupted, still not looking away from the living room. She looked up at me with a pout and moved towards the dining room table, starting to set it, “Liam. You better play nice because the boy is staying with us for dinner.”

Chapter 9: Home, Sweet Home {Tony + Fem!Reader}

~Part 1~ The Life of an Avenger

Prompt: (Y/N) has been a street kid since, “the incident.” After the Battle of New York, she made a very unlikely friend that might be able to help her out.

Warnings: cursing

“Oh, come on, Frank! Just one more day! I don’t have anywhere else to go!” (Y/N) pleaded with her landlord (but, don’t get that confused with begging. (Y/N) did not beg. Ever).

“I’ve given you an extra three days, (Y/N). Time’s run out, so, you’re out!”

“I just need another seventy-five bucks, then I’m on a plane to Amsterdam, alright! I’ve got a couple coming to see my last four paintings this evening, so just, please, wait.”

“(Y/N), I’ve got a reputation-”

“Remember that time I caught you stealing that X-Box from the Jacksons down the hallway?” (Y/N) asked.

“You cashed that in this morning when you stole that croissant from my office!”

“I was hungry!” (Y/N) waved her hands. “That’s in the past, now.”

“Exactly, so pack up your shit, and get out!”

“You know, you’re mean without your morning croissant,” (Y/N) stated, not at all helping her situation.

“Out by two, then I won’t call the cops,” the complex owner concluded, marching his fat ass out (Y/N)’s door.

“Glad I stole your croissant! You don’t deserve it!” (Y/N) called after him, knowing it was over. She didn’t care. The streets have been her home for years now. She was just lucky to have a friend who worked at Michaels down the street who smuggled her paint and canvas. She made good money. She was very talented, with a mind full of vivid colors and free roaming spirits despite her dark, dreadful past. She should have taken a cheaper apartment more inland, but she had her mind set on Amsterdam, so the studio apartment was a necessity. It was one of the very fewest places she had never been. So, she had to go. 

  ‘Guess, I’ll just sell them to those vendors a few blocks down, and hope I don’t get caught,’ (Y/N) thought to herself.

(Y/N) began to pack her few belongings: two jackets, three t-shirts, a grey tank top, a few pairs of Levi shorts from Goodwill, black skinny jeans, a pair of black and white Converse, all-black, used Doc Martins (used a lot), a toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb, some drugstore lotion, mascara, Chapstick, paintbrushes, wallet, and some smuggled snacks.

Oh! And her absolute, would die without, portable record player complete with The 1975, Guns N’ Roses, Stevie Nicks, Green Day, Rolling Stones, and Elvis Presley vinyls.

Can you guess where most of her money goes?

The day dragged on as she watched the sun travel slowly across the sky over the Long Island City skyline from her favorite spot in front of the wide-open windows of her apartment, sunlight dancing on her already tanned skin in rainbows of color. She’d been here in Long Island City  three weeks, called by her friend Eleanor that apartment a few blocks up from her was vacant and in need of a tenant. The price had been so good, (Y/N) worked three odd jobs in Berlin, despite the family whom she had been staying at’s willingness to pay for her plane ticket to New York, as not to overwork her, but (Y/N) did it anyway, seeing herself already as the burden staying in their home.  Two and a half of those weeks in Long Island City had been spent simply attending her local coffee shop to chat with either Eleanor, her father, or one of the employees such as Derek or Sharon, all normally giving her breakfast reduced or free. Such good friends. She would miss them. Then, she would paint the rest of the day, dancing, a lot, and selling her work for $30-$120 per piece, gathering the money to travel to her next destination.

But there were two days that just…didn’t seem real. (Y/N) thought she had maybe passed out after not eating for three days after the thing that may or may not have happened.

She had saved New York City (and technically the world, but whatever).

She was contacted by a group of agents called SHIELD who initiated her into the Avengers Initiative with Iron Man (a guy who built robot suits for himself with his billions upon billions of dollars to fly them around and fight crime), Captain America (who should’ve been dead, but merely zombied himself back into life after 70 years), The Hulk (a man turned into a raging green monster that had feelings), Thor Odinson (a Demi-God from a different “realm”), Black Widow, and Hawkeye to take down Thor’s half-brother, Demi-God of an asshole because he wanted to rule the Earth with a glowing blue stick.

Oh, yeah. That totally happened.

But then, she looked down at her fingertips which were glowing silver. Glittering magic lifted into the air as she casted a ball of silvery-blue light in front of her and released it into the ceiling.

‘Huh, maybe…

‘Nah, that’s fucking crazy. Captain America did not drive you to your apartment on the back of his vintage motorcycle. Fucking, no.

‘Maybe I got drunk on that cheap Tequila Derek has…’

(Y/N)’s thoughts were interrupted by a loud knock at the door. Well, actually it was more of a pounding. She sighed and lifted herself from her favored spot in her windowsill, taking in the New York skyline one last time. 'God, I’m gonna miss this view.’ She picked up her bag, but was startled by two more pounds in the door.

“Christ, Frank! I’m coming! Don’t get your tampon in a twist!” She heard a muffled laughter from behind the door.

“See, I told you she was great!” The voice complimented from the hallway. (Y/N) cocked her head to the side like a puppy-dog ('why do I always do this?’), then opened the door to find…

“Tony! You’re not above knocking on the door! I am not your personal-” The woman stopped mid-sentence, then straightened herself up and introduced herself to the bewildered girl. “Sorry about that. He’s just- Anyway, my name is Pepper Potts of Stark Industries, and-”

“Pepper, she’s not a damn client. She’s a good friend,” Tony signed emphatically, interjecting Pepper. “Sorry, (Y/N). We came a bit early,” he winked.

“Tony? What are you… the fuck are you…wait, how did you know about my eviction?” (Y/N) asked, still beyond bewildered that he actually knew her. (‘So, that means I actually…’)

“Well, you told me…and everyone else your-damn-self when you ran out of the Schwarma joint, leaving a very nice Schwarma barely touched by the way, rude. You screamed, 'Oh my god! I’m getting evicted today!’ Then ran out of that place like a bat out of hell,” (Y/N) just stared at him, completely baffled and letting it show, which never happened. “Plus, you’re carrying a bag, so- is that really all you have?!” Tony exclaimed, now him just as bewildered as (Y/N), but he snapped out of it faster when Pepper slapped him on the shoulder.

“Hello?” Tony continued. “Earth to (Y/N)? We’ve got a problem. You’re finally being evicted today.” 

(Y/N) shook her head, composing herself.

“So…if you knew, why didn’t you come that day to…wait, what are you here for?”

“We’ve got a home for you! Well, a room, at least. Back at Stark Tower. I asked Jarvis to search up your apartment to see what was happening with the eviction, and where it was. Sorry if that was invasive, but eh. So, I saw your landlord took your key and implemented a new Craigslist ad for your apartment. That sucks, but we’re here, and you can just live at the Tower, no charge,” Tony finished, glowing due to his good deed. (Y/N) just had a dead look in her face again.

“Okay, (Y/N). Tony had an idea. Well, it was my idea too,-”

“Only 12% of the idea,” Tony interrupted, again. Pepper just ignored him.

“We thought of making the Stark Tower a base for the team, The Avengers. We’ve invited Steve, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, and yourself to live at the Tower with us-”

“Yeah, and there’s plenty of room. Nobody has to share a bed, unless Steve-”

“Oh my god!” (Y/N) snapped, everything coming back to her in a new sense of reality. In-prompt-to skydiving out of the Quinjet, taunting Loki, getting blown up on the Helicarrier, fighting the Hulk, having a small thing with Steve, taunting Loki again, Tony carrying (Y/N) through New York City, blowing up Chitauri with Thor, Tony almost dying…then taunting Loki again.

“What?!” Tony and Pepper both exclaimed.

“…damn,” (Y/N) paused, “…I taunted Loki a lot.”

“Yes. And also me, and Steve, and Thor, and basically everyone. Not that I’m complaining. It was great, but I’d like to hear more. So, what do you say, roomie?” Tony opened to (Y/N).

“Roomie?” Pepper asked.

“Tower-ie. Whatever.” They both stood, a huge grin on Tony’s face as they waited for (Y/N)’s response. (Y/N) almost slammed the door in their faces to dissapparate the deluded visions before her.

“Are you serious? I mean, thanks, but you don’t have to take me in. I can take care of myself-”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, (Y/N),” Tony waved his hands before him. “You think I’m just going to let you live…wherever, when I have more than enough space back at the Tower? Do I come off as that much of a dick?” 

Pepper mouthed a 'yes’ behind Tony, but he didn’t notice.

“…is that a rhetorical question, or…” (Y/N) asked.

“(Y/N), this is not a charity case. We would be so happy to welcome you into the Tower along with the rest of the team. Please accept our offer,” Pepper concluded with a genuine smile on her face, probably due to (Y/N)’s response to Tony a second before.

“And hey! If worse comes to worse, I’ll pay for your first-class ticket to Amsterdam myself,” Tony offered.

“…First off, this 'Jarvis’ thing gives you more information than any person should ever have,” (Y/N) proposed and Pepper nodded, while Tony just narrowed his eyebrows. “Secondly….first-class, you say?” Tony was about to argue further, but (Y/N) just laughed. “I’m kidding. I’d be glad to accept your offer.”

“Good choice! So, do you need a moving truck, or…” Pepper and (Y/N) swatted each of Tony’s shoulders at the same time, then laughed as they walked past him and started talking about how annoying he was.

“You know, I’m right here! (Y/N)? Pepper?” They both ignored him all the way to the roof where a jet was landed. (Y/N) just laughed.

“Deja vu,” she stated as Tony walked up next to her.

“I told you I’d send you a plane,” Tony whispered.

“It’s a jet,” (Y/N) whispered back.

“Close enough,” Tony shrugged as they all boarded the jet back to the Stark Tower.

Steve and Bruce had already unloaded their possessions into their rooms when (Y/N) arrived. Apparently, Natasha and Clint were off on a mission together, so they had not unpacked their boxes yet.

“So…” (Y/N) started. “Why the hell was I the last one invited?”

“Because I like you the least,” Tony answered sarcastically as he retrieved an apple from the refrigerator, like any asshole would. It reminded her of Draco in Harry Potter.

“Tony would you just- It’s due to your impressive skills in talking people out of stuff,” Pepper explained.

“It was an experiment. We wanted to see how long you could go for,” Tony finished as he took a chunk out of his apple.

“Huh…to be honest, I could’ve gone longer had I not sent the Janitor into the apartment above me’s room while they were having sex,” (Y/N) hypothesized while Pepper and Tony stared at her. “What? I wanted them to stop. They were killing my Stevie Nicks vibes, which is never acceptable!” Tony almost died laughing, dropping his apple on the tiled floor. 

“Or, you could’ve not stolen the guy’s croissant. He posted that in his tenant report on you this afternoon,” Tony continued laughing after that.

“Goddammit! You see? Too much power. Show me this 'Jarvis’ thing, p-”

“Yes, I am Jarvis,” (Y/N) fell onto the floor as if a bomb exploded in the tower, searching the ceiling with wide eyes.

“The ceiling just spoke! The ceiling just fucking spoke!” (Y/N) yelled, ass glued to the tile.

“What! What’s going on?” Steve ran in, prepared for a goddamn war, Bruce right in his tail, only to find (Y/N) screaming about the ceiling talking from the floor, Tony dying laughing almost underneath the counter top, and Pepper rolling her eyes with a grin on her face, shaking her head at Tony and (Y/N).

“(Y/N), calm down,” Pepper got on her knees next to (Y/N) and put a hand on her shoulder. “Jarvis is Tony’s computer program. He’s programmed basically everywhere the electricity runs in Tony’s life.”

“Everywhere,” Tony affirmed, finally composed and on his feet next to (Y/N). “He didn’t mean to scare you. He’s just used to having free-range with only Pepper and I in the Tower.”

“Truly, my apologies, (Y/N). It will not happen again.” Jarvis apologized.

“It knows my name,” (Y/N) whispered to Pepper.

“'It’ is a 'he,’” Tony defended. “And he’ll be speaking freely quite often around here, so you might want to get used to him.”

“Uh, huh, yeah. Perfect. I got that.” (Y/N) stuttered as Tony and Pepper helped her up.

“So, you want a tour, or do you want to unpack your things?” Pepper asked.

“No, I think she’d like to just roam, right (Y/N)?” Steve asked her, remembering their journey through the Helicarrier.

“Hell yeah!…hm, where to start though?” (Y/N) searched the room, eyes landing on the elevator. “Ohhh, yeahh,” she began to walk towards the door and pushed the button. She turned back expecting someone.

“Steve?” (Y/N) asked, her forehead crumpled in mock confusion.

“Oh, right!” He jogged to meet (Y/N) as the doors opened. They walked in as (Y/N) inspected the elevator buttons for a second. “So, which floor?” He asked. (Y/N), then, graced her hands down the entirety of the buttons like the scene from “Elf,” pressing literally every button inside the elevator.

“I don’t fucking know?” (Y/N) shrugged. Steve just laughed as (Y/N) waved back to Tony, Bruce, and Pepper.

“Just stay away from floors 8 and 79!” Tony called out as the doors were closing.

“Thanks, mom,” (Y/N) responded sarcastically, sticking her tongue out at Tony.

Sooo…this is how (Y/N) almost got kicked out of the Stark Tower on her first day there.

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chapter 1  |  chapter 1 ((Y/N)’s POV  |  chapter 2  |  chapter 3  | chapter 4  |  chapter 5  |  chapter 6 (part 1)  |  chapter 6 (part 2)  |  chapter 7  | chapter 8 (part 1)  |  chapter 8 (part 2)

September 5th, 2014

AUTHOR: Angie Garcia

5th of September, 2014

England smiled staring at the clear pond, his reflection as perfect as can be. A blue skinned, pink haired fairy came up to him and whispered something to him.

“That would be nice but there is no point dear. America is blinded by the science of man which has made him impure. If only, if only. One could only hope.”

The fairy pouted and flew away.

England sighed and sat down near the pond. He saw a butterfly flying freely. Smiling he held out a finger, which the butterfly happily accepted.

The wind’s breeze got stronger and England just laughed. Soon night time came and he laid on the grass making no effort to get up and go back home.


When England woke up he saw himself in his room.

Was everything just another dream?

As he started to ponder about the new ‘memories’, a hard, loud knock was heard.

Soon America came in a little unpleased, carrying a tray of tea and a plate of scones.

“What’s next? You’re gonna sleep in a parking lot? You’re lucky I was even in that forest.”

England rolled his eyes and took a look at the scones.

“You made these?”


England bit the scone and sipped his tea. He sighed and looked out the window. He saw the fairies flying around the window and Flying Mint Bunny near the desktop, sleeping. He smiled and kept looking at the bunny.

“Yello? Earth to England? He-llo?…Hmmm…Your scones taste like shit!”

England snapped out of his trance and bit his lip.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say bloody wanker.”

“Dude why were you looking at the desktop?”

“Because Fl-…Because it looked clean,” England lied.

If he said he saw a green, winged bunny America would think he was crazy, just like all the other times.

“Ok then. So what do you wanna do today?”

England got out of bed and simply replied,

“Let’s go for a walk.”


England held America’s hand, looking at all the fairies and gnomes. He felt like crying.

Were all these things just figment of his imaginations? Was he really the only one that could see these critters? Was he just already insane?


America stopped walking and grabbed England by the wrists.

“What is wrong with you today? You’re spacing out and you seem depressed. What’s wrong?”

Sighing, England looked to stare at his boyfriend. He felt fear clutch him as he opened his mouth.

“Do you think I’m crazy?”

The question caught America off guard. America stared at the older nation. If it weren’t for the dead and sad looking eyes, America would have laughed himself all the way back to the States.

“I-I…w-why…o-of course not. Why would you say that?” He sputtered.

“Because of the fantasies I see.”

America’s heart almost skipped a beat. This bull crap again? Groaning, America shook his head. No no no, not this. Whenever England started to talk about fairies, America would always think there was something wrong going on.

“E-England I…I won’t lie to you ok? Sometimes I do think you might have hit your head-”

“I knew it.”

“Ah! No no no! Let me finish! Then again that could just be me. Look, people, uh I mean nations, have different insights, outlooks, interpretations, and explanations of life. I relatively stick to science, laws, theories, rarely anything beyond those boundaries unless proven. Like fairies! Unless there were scientific evidence besides books and children’s movies, I wouldn’t label them as real. That’s how I see life. It revolves around science and pure facts, give or take some things. You see life the same way an innocent child does-”

“Not really America, don’t forget how old I am.”

“Don’t forget I’m talking. Anyways you like to look at life through child like stories. That’s how you understand it. So just because I think you’re crazy doesn’t mean you are. Trust me In pretty sure I have some more loose bolts then you…”

England laughed, and nodded his head. Slipping his hand into America’s they continued to walk down the path. America kept complaining about the insects on his neck, while England merely laughed.

After all, there wasn’t a bug in this enchanted forest. Just fairies.