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Sweeter Than Candy

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Prompt: i’m sick on halloween but told you to go have fun at the party anyway but instead you surprised me with a blanket fort, tons of candy and all my favourite scary movies
Word Count: 985
Rating: T
A/N: A lot of people are starting to like Steve in season 2, which I am angry about because I’ve been in love with him since the first time I saw him. But yeah, more Steve love though! Special thanks to @keithstellations for being a lifesaver.

Out of all the days that you could’ve been sick, it had to be on Halloween. You really shouldn’t have wimped out of getting a flu shot.

You sighed and sneezed, lazily slumping down on your couch surrounded by tissue boxes and uneaten sweets, while watching various trick or treaters swear at the doorstep when no came to give them candy. Unsurprisingly, the rest of your family members had their own plans on Halloween and decided to leave you. Alone. Some family, huh?

Your plan was just to keep wallowing and sulking when suddenly, the phone rang from across the room. You mentally groaned at how far away it was before pushing yourself to get up. After taking what felt like a million sluggish steps to the phone, you answered it with a snotty, “Hello?”

“Y/N? Where are you? I’ve been trying to find you everywhere,” Steve paused, and you panicked when you heard what he said next. “You didn’t forget about the party, did you?”

“It’s not that, Steve, I’m just,” you stopped to blow your nose, quickly disposing the napkin. “Sick. Like my-head’s-so-hot-I-can’t-see-straight sick. I’m really sorry.”

You heard nothing but silence on the other linefor a while, then Steve finally spoke up, panic and concern clearly audible in his tone. “You’re sick?! How come you didn’t tell me? Great, now I have to go find Dustin’s old fever kit. Wait shit, I think that’s at Max’s house. Hold on, I’m coming-”

“Steve, no! Go have fun at the party. Please. I don’t need anyone here. I’d feel better if I knew you had fun. I’ll be okay!” You pleaded, twirling the phone’s cord as you did so. You knew it would be hard to convince him, but you had to try.

“Fine. At least tell me there’s someone else with you.” You smiled, despite yourself. He really cared. But now you realized that if you told him that you were alone, surely he would come rushing over.

“Uhhh… yeah… there’s someone with me here.” Trailing off, anyone could see that you were most likely lying. “Steve…”

“I’ll be there in a few minutes.”


That son of a bitch hung up. Despite this, you grinned. Steve was probably, scratch that, the best boyfriend ever.

Just like he promised, you heard his car pull up to the curb several minutes later, and once again you forced yourself to get up and get the door just as he was about to ring the doorbell. Steve stood there, armed with pillows and a bunch of bags, smiling brightly at you. “Surprise.”

You rolled your eyes but let him in, watching him trudge through you humble abode while carrying what seemed like a thousand bags. Chuckling, you asked, “Are you staying the night or preparing for a war?”

Steve sighed, looking around your living room and the piles of tissues and candy. “Maybe both.”

You were about to go help him with his stuff when he quickly stopped you, leading you back to your couch. Before you could resist, he looked at you with eyes that told you it would be unwise to get up, while piling blankets on top of you to make sure you wouldn’t get away. “Nope. Not gonna happen. You need to get some rest.”


“Y/N.” You finally gave in, but not before voicing your discomfort and mumbling how you felt like a child. He quickly rearranged your blankets, then pressed a chaste kiss to your forehead. “Better?”

“Much better.”

From then on, you drifted in and out of sleep, often only waking up when Steve came over to change the cloth on your forehead or to check you temperature. He seemed to be hard at work on something, since you could hear his swears and attempts to get something to work. Once, you even heard him drop something, causing him to wince in pain.

Then Steve came back, carefully lulling you back awake, then took you gingerly to what he had been working on. His hand grasped yours gently, looking back to check if you were okay several times. You had to tell him you were okay a couple hundred times.

Finally, Steve opened the door to your bedroom, and you gasped, looking at him in surprise and gratitude. Your room seemed to have been transformed. There was a blanket fort in the corner, a bunch of candy lying by its side and right across from it, the television from your basement played your favourite scary movie. So that was what he was trying to carry. You smiled gleefully, turning around to embrace Steve with the warmest hug you could muster. “Did you know you’re the best boyfriend ever?”

Steve chuckled playfully, returning your hug and carrying you over to the blanket fort. “Well, I have been told that a couple times here and there.”

You huddled closer to him as he sat next to you, handing him a bowl of popcorn you found on your nightstand. He tossed it up in the air, catching it in his mouth as it fell out. You laughed, since he usually failed when he tried to do that. For a while, you both just stayed there, watching horribly made scary movies and eating candy that you probably shouldn’t be eating. You felt warm, but it wasn’t because of the sickness. It was because of Steve.

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Wishing I was spending my afternoon cuddling with Peter and watching Disney movies in a pillow fort. Cute nicknames and maybe a make out session would be lovely, sorry if that's too much but thank you for taking the time to either do this or read it. 💙

a/n: you are soo sweet! im sorry if this wasn’t what you were expecting but I can’t even contact you bc anon but if you read this i really hope you like it

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You sighed deeply, he was late again. Your fingers ceased their tapping on the table, getting up before leaving to go to your room. You and Peter were supposed to go out for ice cream and a movie. Usually, you wouldn’t get upset or frustrated with him because you knew he had a lot going on in his life but this was the third time he has done this. You checked your phone, reading the last text message he sent you.

Be there in a few x

That was over two hours ago. You closed the door to your room, dropping your head against the door frame.

“Peter..” You mumbled in disappointment.

“Yes?” You jumped up, grabbing the nearest object before turning around and aiming at the person who scared you. Spider-man himself was standing in your room, both of his hands up in surrender. You watched as a muscled arm reached behind his head to pull the mask off. You watched as your boyfriend’s hair bounced slightly from his actions. You lowered your arms, waiting for him to say something.

“Were you really going to defend yourself with a lamp?” He attempted at a joke. You frowned further, setting the lamp back in it’s rightful place.

“Are you really going to start sassing me after having me wait two hours for you?” You crossed your arms, hip jutting out slightly. An eyebrow raised and a frown etched into your features you watched Peter fumble for words. You felt your shoulders slump a little.

“I’m sorry I was late. I was driving over here to come and pick you up for our date when I heard the sirens in a distance and gunshots and I know both you and Stark tell me to stay out of it and I really did want to, trust me Y/N I really wanted to but I just couldn’t bring myself to ignore people’s cries. i went to go text you but my phone died.” You watched as he reached for his phone in a pocket of his backpack. His fingers held down the power button before showing it to you. A picture of an empty battery popped on the screen for a few seconds before becoming pitch black again. You sighed, shaking your head.

“I don’t blame you for doing that Peter, and I know I shouldn’t be mad but-”

“You have every right to be mad at me. But I did stop at a few stores to make it up to you.” Peter motioned for you to sit at the foot of your bed. You contemplated your options. You didn’t want to be mad at him for helping other people but if he really wanted to be with you, he was going to have to make some sort of sacrifice. There are cops for a reason and you are pretty sure that they would have done their job. You don’t know if it was the exhaustion or the fact that he had a bruise by his cheek that you love to kiss so much but you decided to see what he had planned. He leaned over and kissed your forehead, whispering ‘thank you’. Whether he was thanking you for sitting down and giving him a chance or for not kicking him out would be left a mystery to you. He turned his attention to his backpack, ruffling the clothes and loose papers in there.

“Don’t you think that if someone sees Spider-man with the same backpack as you it wouldn’t raise some questions?” You asked, trying to see over his shoulder as he reached almost elbow deep into the backpack.

“No, a lot of people these days have black backpacks, if anything people can narrow it down to a high school student and even then it’s too broad.”

“Not every teen has a “Stark Industries” patch on theirs though…or a captain america patch either. I think it’s a little obvious.” You retorted. Peter finally found what he was looking for. He pulled out three things from the bag. Your eyes focused on the objects held in his hand. “The Tonight Dough” (your favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor), with another flavor balanced on top, and in the other hand he had small stack of Disney movies. You smiled when you saw the ice cream, immediately going for a pint. You went to open the lid until you realised that there were no spoons. You were about to ask if he had brought any by any chance until your eyes landed on him. He had two spoons held in his mouth.

“Surprise.” He mumbled through them. You laughed a little, admiring how cute he was and how he never failed to make you smile. You grabbed the spoons from his mouth before rising to your knees, leaning over, and planting a kiss on his lips. He tilted his head to deepen the kiss, scooting up the bed further. You heard a small thump on the floor before feeling his cold, glove-covered hand on your hips, indicating that he had probably dropped the other ice cream. His hand guided you over his lap, lips not daring to detach from yours. You moved your left hand to remove the movies from his hands before moving his hand to your hips. Peter leaned back until you were both lying on the bed. You swiped your tongue on the bottom of his lip, wanting to explore his mouth. His stomach rumbled, causing him to chuckle before pushing your head back with his lips and dropping his head back on the bed. You pouted a little, eyes glazing over his red and plump lips. He didn’t move either of you, using his web shooters to grab the other ice cream from the floor. You grabbed your mini tub and the spoons, handing Peter one.

“What movie do you want to watch?” He asked, grabbing a few of the movies. He shuffled through the movies, naming each one until you picked one.

“Didn’t we watch that last weekend?”

“Well we can watch it again. The Little Mermaid never gets too old, Parker. Besides you don’t know half the songs so you can’t say anything.” You got up from the bed, putting on the movie in while Peter plugged his phone in. Peter half-sat half-jumped on the bed before outstretching his arm. You grabbed your spoon and ice cream before snuggling up to his side.

Throughout the movie you and Peter continued to silently eat your ice cream, occasionally sharing with each other. You both had eventually finished the ice creams and opted to cuddle instead. You were slightly dozing off, missing some chunks of the movie at a time.

“You still up, babe?” You heard Peter mumble, the sleep evident in his voice.

“Mhm…” You replied, turning towards him. He had taken his suit off at some point during the night, finding some sweats and a t-shirt of his (which shouldn’t of been hard because you keep some of his spare clothes in your room in case anything happens where Spider-man is needed) before coming back to bed with you. You snuggled closer to him, wrapping an arm around his torso. You looked up at him, studying his features. Your eyes traveled to the same bruise you saw on his cheek earlier in the evening. You raised your hand up to his face, your fingers gingerly tracing the edges of it, scared that even the slightest pressure might cause him pain.

“Flash.” He breathed. Your eyes focused on his. He had dark circles under his eyes, his lips set into a frown and you weren’t sure if it was from his tiredness or from the memory of Flash.

“Peter you shouldn’t let him do that to you. You can defend yourself.” His gaze dropped from yours, only nodding in response. You stretched your neck slightly, pressing a gentle kiss on the bruise that had formed. He turned his head, pressing a kiss to your lips once more. He pulled you closer, before turning his head and reaching for the nightstand, turning the light off. You closed your eyes, resting your head on his chest. You listened to his heartbeat, finding it somewhat like a lullaby. His breathing was gentle, the light rocking of the rise and fall of his chest added a nice rhythm. You yawned, planting a kiss on his chest.

“Goodnight, I love you.” You whispered.

“I love you too.”

Its Tough To Be A God

So, we were traveling through a swamp one time, an Elf Ranger, Half-Elf Druid, Half-Elf Bard, and Draconic-blooded Human Bard, and we all get ambushed by these giant insects and a talking, barnacle infested crocodile. He’s all like, “You DARE trapse about in my territory?? I. am. a. GOD! And I SHALL EAT YOU ALL”

An epic battle ensues, ending with the Druid disemboweling the croc to rescue this Murloc they’d witnessed get eaten. (Its not actually a Murloc, but it looks like one, and I can’t think of anything else) That Murloc stumbles out and declares: “You have killed our god, Floopdoogal! All hail new Floopdoogal!” And a whole bunch of others come pouring out of the woods, hailing the Druid.

The Druid, disturbed, is like, “How do we get rid of these guys?”

The Elfy Bard: “I could pretend to stab you??”

Druid: “Yeah, but then you’d be cursed.”

Ranger: “But they’re so useful?? We could use them as bait.”

Draconic Bard:  "Or meat shields!“

Druid:  Sigh “Let’s see if we can get this lifted somewhere.”


Cut to sometime later. The Murlocs are back, of course, and someone happens to notice barnacles growing out of the Druid’s skin.

Druid: “No, no, no, no, no. Can someone just kill me? Literally, kill me, I don’t even care right now.”

The DM is obviously having way too much fun with this.


Cut to us exploring this sunken fort. After someone opened a chest, the DM rolled the dice and smiled cruelly. In the middle of the Druid speaking, her eyes start bulging out of her head and pop out on stalks, granting a bonus to perception checks even as the others look on in horror.

The Druid just sighed, reached for her scabbard, and started drawing her scimitar, turning the blade to her neck while the Elfy Bard tugged her arm down.


The curse did get lifted, eventually, and there was much rejoicing.

Druid OOC: I’m not a god anymore??? FUCK YEAH

Uptown Girl [2]

Summary: Y/N comes from one of the richest families in New York. Peter crushes hard on her but knows they could never happen.

AN: thank you so much for all the nice responses to part 1!!! here’s part 2 hope you enjoy :) (this one’s gonna be in your/Y/N’s POV)

Peter Parker x Reader


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I woke up feeling completely spent. The memories of that night came crashing down on me, making me relive the anxiety and fear that rushed all over my body as that man pointed the gun at me. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths. Tears pricked the corners of my eyes when my thoughts flashed to my masked hero.


The warm hand that comforted me while I broke down. The softness of his voice when he made sure that I was alright. The way I felt more at ease talking to him than I did with people I actually knew. 

My heart raced fast again but not from fear but because of… something else. 

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“How’s that hot chocolate, bud?” 

Jack took a sip and gave a small smile, “It’s good, daddy. But….”

“But?” Aaron questioned with a slight stern voice. It was beyond past Jack’s bedtime but he had insisted on staying up until Aaron came home and by the time that came, he had wanted some piping hot chocolate. 

“I should have asked [y/n] to make it.” Jack mumbled softly, taking another sip.

Aaron chuckled, “Did I not make it like [y/n]?” You had been babysitting Jack for almost a year now, falling into the job on accident when you had substituted his class one day. Jack had adored you so much that he made Aaron hunt you down to become his new babysitter. 

“No…[y/n] doesn’t use the packets, she makes it from scratch and adds big fluffy marshmallows.” Looking up at his father, he sighed. “I really like [y/n], daddy.” 

“I’ll make sure to get her recipe.” Raising a brow, he nodded. “I like her too, buddy.” 

Jack handed off his mug to his father, nestling into bed, he hesitantly spoke out. “Do you like her, like her?”

Tucking him in, “What do you mean, Jack?” 

Yawning, Jack closed his eyes. “I wish she never had to leave. I wish she could be my second mommy.” Before Aaron could utter a response, Jack was fast asleep, dreaming about building a gigantic fort with you. 

Pressing a kiss to his forehead, Aaron quietly left his room. His son’s last words were replaying in his head. Sure, he had found you to be attractive, it was one of the first things he had noticed when you had introduced yourself. He was stunned by your beauty and captivated by your charm involving children. Aaron noticed that kids gravitated towards you and Jack being no different. 

Never had he thought about pursuing something with you until now. It was extremely important to him for Jack to like any woman he would bring into his life. And if he could guess, Jack would never like anyone more than he liked you. 

Pulling out his phone, he dialed your number. “Hey, [y/n]. Sorry for calling, did I wake you? No, okay good. Oh no, no, Jack’s fine. Actually he just fell asleep, but I wanted to ask you something.” 

Leave This Town Pt 3 (Mechanic!Bucky AU)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Natasha (mentioned)

Summary: Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way.

Song Inspiration: Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers

Warnings: Mentions of drinking. The mildest of swearing I guess?

Word Count: 2.8k

Tags are at bottom (TAG LIST IS CLOSED I’M SORRY)

**This fic is for @bionic-buckyb ‘s 5K AU Writing Challenge**

A/N: You guys. This fic has taken on a life of its own and I’m oddly okay with it. Once upon a time I planned 3 parts, then 4, and now it’s 7. :D Oops. That’s what I think, anyway. Who knows? Not me, apparently. ha! I really hope you’re loving Mechanic!Bucky as much as I am!! Any feedback and comments are appreciated. Love you guys!!

<<Part Two   Part Three   Part Four >>>

Leave This Town Series Masterlist

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A/N: This gif applies, I promise. ;) 



Reaching your room, you flicked on the tv mostly for background noise and took a hard look at the detailed budget you had written up for your trip. Paying for 3 days in a motel and adding the car repairs, your wallet was taking a hit, but Bucky’s willingness to lower the bill would definitely help. You were grateful to this kind stranger and the thought of spending the whole day with him tomorrow was strangely exciting. Surprised to feel a few butterflies flutter in your stomach, you shook your head to clear away the feeling and got ready for bed.

I’ll be gone in a few days, you told yourself as you drifted off to sleep.


Morning came and luckily your body woke you around 7am because you’d neglected to set an alarm. You hopped in the shower and then rummaged through your duffel for something comfortable to wear that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. Slipping on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and sneakers instead of your trusty sandals, you pulled your hair up away from your face and headed out the door with an apple in hand.

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Yes, I like to go out. Yes, I like to bar hop and drink with my friends. But not right now. I want a girl to come lay on my couch with me. Lay back between my legs and put her head on my chest. Let me play with her hair while she runs her fingers along my thighs. I want to watch movies and eat our favorite things. I want to talk about life and the universe and myths. I want to listen to her tell me about her dreams and her fears and her favorite things. I want to feel her take that last sigh, you know the one. Where you just relax and finally let go into the person you’re tangled up in. I want small kisses and long ones. I want hand holding and blanket forts and beer and laughter and everything.
I just want calm and happy and time to breathe with you.

Other Side | Will Byers / Mike Wheeler

Will x 006! Reader x Mike

Angst? Spoilers for season 2 - Reader has a similar appearance as El, having short hair. It’s just easier to imagine!

If there are any mistakes, please let me know! :’)

Summary: Ever since the disappearance of Six after he came back, Will keeps having visions of her in the Upside Down. But, he has no idea who she is.

The girl stood in front of him, her short (h/c) hair slick down with some unknown substance. She turned around when she heard his footsteps, and she stares with wide eyes. Dark rimmed her eyes, and Will frowns.

“Who are you?” Will couldn’t help but ask, shivering at the cold. This was the second time he was brought to the Upside Down since he came back, and every time he would see this girl. She wouldn’t talk, just stare: but he felt safe when he was with her.

A smile broke onto her face, and she walked closer. He quickly looks back to the Upside Down arcade, the lights flickering from inside. A warm hand grabbed his, and he made eye contact with her. She looked down and tugged at her stripped long-sleeve, slowly pulling it up her scarred arm. Tiny white marks - more like indents - littered her skin, but what caught his attention was the small black letters on her up-turned wrist. He looked closer, realizing they were numbers. 006.

“Six? What does that mean?” He questions. Her arm pulls away, and he watches Six take steps back. “Help me.” Was the only thing she uttered before everything flickered..

“Will? Will, where are you?” Mike shouts over the arcade games and chattering teens, Dustin and Lucas behind him. They too called out for their friend, before Dustin spotted the Byers through the windows. “He’s outside!” He pointed. He was just standing there, staring off into the distance. Mike was the first to run out and grab Will, “Will! what’s wrong?” He shook his shoulders, and felt Will tense before he looked up at him.

He started shaking, tears fogging his sight. “I’m fine.”

“Come on, what’s wrong?” Lucas pushes, his own hand resting on Will’s arm. They were all worried ever since he was saved from the Upside Down. “I..” Will breaks eye contact and looks down at his shoes, swallowing his emotions. “Who is Six?”

Dustin gives a knowing nudge to Lucas, who responded with a quick glare. Mike made Will look at him again, “Six? Why? She..Six is gone.” Will says nothing more and turns away, returning to his previous position.

“I don’t think so,”

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The Body (Mike Wheeler x Reader

Prompts: –



I turn to the direction of Mike’s doorway, and see his mom standing there with a tear rolling down her cheek.

“Mrs. Wheeler, is everything all right? What happened? Is Mike home?”, I bolt up from his bed and meet Mrs. Wheeler by Mike’s door.

“(Y/N), sweetie, Will is-”, she gasps and cuts herself off. She coughs, “Mike will tell you, he’s down in the basement.”, she says sternly and goes downstairs.

Frazzled, I make my way down to the basement and I immediately hear screaming.

“Are you deaf? I thought we were friends, you know? But friends tell each other the truth. And they definitely don’t lie to each other. You made me think Will was okay, that he was still out there, but he wasn’t. He wasn’t! Maybe you thought you were helping, but you weren’t.  You hurt me. Do you understand? What you did sucks.”, he sighs, “Lucas was right about you. All along.”

I gasp, but quickly ignore the lump in my throat.

Did all of that mean, Will was gone?

No, he can’t be.

“Mike?”, I squeak from the staircase, “What do you mean Will isn’t out there?”

He doesn’t look up from the drawings.

“El?”, I look to her.  She doesn’t say anything just closes off her fort and plays with the walkie talkie.

“Look, Mike I’m sorry for ditching you guys.”, I apologize and move closer to the couch.

He doesn’t flinch.

You sigh,“Stop acting like your the only person who’s friends with Will! You act all mopey and all that, but you don’t see that you’re not the only one who’s hurting!”, I exasperate and he finally looks at me.

“Oh yeah, who’s the one who never showed up to our sleuths-”

“I told you that I was under house arrest! Why can’t you understand that?”

“Well, guess what? I’m under the same circumstances as you are and I still show up and sleuth!”

"Listen, Michael.“, My voice breaks, “I am this close to leaving this town. My parents are ready to pack up and leave. If I went sleuthing with you guys, I probably wouldn’t be here anymore. I wanted to be with you, believe me when I say that.”

I sigh and sit down beside him.

“Tell me what I’m doing wrong.”, you say and start sobbing, “Y-you make i-it seem l-like I-I’m such a b-bad f-friend.”

You pull your knees to your chest and start crying.

You suddenly feel a twisting on your right ankle, and you look up to see El with a concentrated expression on her face.

“Ow! Ow! O-Ow!”, you groan in pain and fall to the floor.

“El, why’d you do that?”, you hear Mike say.

“She hurt you.”

“El. Fort. Now.”, you hear Mike say and feel arms pull you up.

“Can you walk?”, Mike says gently.

“N-No I d-on’t think s-so.”, you whisper and groan.

“Here. Um, stay on the couch. I’ll go get some ice.”, you see Mike walk up the stairs.

You look around the room and see El looking at you with worried eyes.

“Hey, El, It’s all right. I’ll be fine. Don’t worry. Now go do something on the walkie-talkie.”, you smile and wince. A sudden pain shoots all through your leg.

“I-I’m sorry.”, she stutters and looks at you with sorry eyes.

“It’s okay, now go. Will might be transmitting something somewhere.”, I shoo her away.

As much as I missed all the sleuthing, news travels fast about Joyce and Her Lights.

El retreats and closes off the fort again and Mike comes back.

“Here.”, he says and moves a stool so he can prop the ice on your ankle.

“Uh, thanks.”, you shiver as another gust of pain shoots up your leg.

The silence lingers.

“Will wouldn’t want you to be like this.”, you sigh and look over to Mike who is now beside you.

“Dead or alive, Will wouldn’t want you to be like this. Sad and angry and taking it out on your best friends.”, you lightly punch Mike on the shoulder but end messing up the ice pack on your swollen ankle. Another gust of pain.

Mike takes you in his arms.

“Thanks.”, you mutter against his chest and bury your face deeper into it.

“I’m sorry.”, he whispers and leans his head on the sofa.

“Don’t apologize to me apologize to El.”, you chuckle and he goes over to El and apologizes.

“And help me get up the stairs when you’re done will ya?”, you shout and lean against the sofa.

Attention (Mike Wheeler x Fem!Reader)

Pairing: Mike Wheeler x Fem!Reader

Request: “Can I get a request for Mike from stranger things? Something really cute? +I requested the cute Mike! Can you make it about him being so busy with something, and the reader wants his attention. So he surprises her? Im sorry I am not good with stuff like this.”

Warnings: None :)

A/N: I love Mike so much but this sucks


“Hey Mike!” Y/n greeted, seeing her boyfriend in the hallway.

“Oh! Hey Y/n! Um, I’m really busy. I’ll talk to you later, though.” Mike smiled, kissing her cheek quickly and running off.

Y/n frowned. It was the third time this week that he had blown her off!

She knew that he, Dustin, and Lucas had been looking for Will whenever they got the chance, but it still hurt whenever he kissed her cheek and ran off.

Y/n sighed, walking out of the school.


Y/n quickly bid goodbye to her mother, hoping on her bike and riding to Mike’s house.

She decided to visit him and confront him about blowing her off.

When she arrived, she quickly knocked on the front door, pulling her jacket closer to her to shield herself from the cold air.

Mike’s mother opened the door and smiled.

“The boys are in the basement.” Mrs Wheeler smiled, letting Y/n inside.

“Thanks, Mrs Wheeler!” Y/n called, walking down to the basement.

The boys’ eyes widened when they heard footsteps walking down the stairs.

“Hide her!” Mike whispered harshly to Lucas and Dustin.

They were too late, however, when Y/n made her way down the final step.

Her eyes widened when she saw Eleven sitting in the blanket fort that Mike had made.

“Woah. Who’s this?!” Y/n turned her attention towards Mike, gesturing towards El.

“Um, Y/n meet El. El, this is my girlfriend, Y/n.” Mike smiled sheepishly.

“Friend?” She asked Mike, looking at Y/n.

“Friend.” Mike confirmed, smiling at Y/n.

“It’s nice to meet you, El.” Y/n smiled.

She gently pulled Mike aside.

“This is why you’ve been blowing me off?!” Y/n frowned.

“I-I’m really sorry, Y/n! I didn’t mean to ditch you.” Mike sighed.

“I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” Mike nodded.

“You better, Wheeler. I’m gonna get going.” Y/n forced a small smile and kissed Mike gently.

Mike pulled away, his face bright red.

Y/n giggled.

“Bye guys! Bye El!” Y/n bid, walking back up the stairs.

The next day, Mike decided to surprise Y/n. He gathered up a couple movies and biked to her house.

Y/n smiled when she opened the door and saw Mike.

“I told you I’d make it up to you.” Mike grinned, holding up the bag of movies.

Y/n grinned, pulling Mike towards the living room.

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BTS Reaction - Their s/o is scared of thunder/lightning storms

Anonymous said: BTS react when their “love of life” calling to them in the middle of the night, crying, sobbing and being freaking scared 1)because she hear some noise in the flat 2)and maybe if I can another one react because she’s scared about storm (its me😂)

okay this is gonna be really fluffy and also under a read more because its loooong


You lie awake listening to the pouring rain as your boyfriend snores beside you. You’re too anxious to do anything, and poor Namjoon needs his sleep. At the crack of the thunder in the distance, you jump and begin pacing the floor. You always get scared during these storms, but prefer to ride them out alone in case your anxiety over them bothers Namjoon.

The lightning brightens the room for milliseconds before everything fades back to black, dark circles swimming in your vision. The thunder that followed must’ve somehow awoken Namjoon, who’s eyes cracked open to see you pacing the floor. 

“Babe,” he said, his voice laced with sleep, “what are you doing?”

Your head whips in the direction of his voice, and you can see his head lifted off the pillow in flashes from the lightning. He’s waiting for an answer, you realize, so you pause your pacing and look down at the floor.

“I’m scared.” You said quietly, and you hear Namjoon move the covers off of himself and he’s behind you within seconds. Wrapping an arm around you, he puts his chin in the crook of your neck just as another crack of thunder omits. 

You spin around and press yourself against his chest, hands in fists resting below his collarbones, forehead pushed against his shoulder. His arms stay around you and he holds you close to him and quietly whispers, “Don’t be scared, you have me here to protect you.” 

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got my heartbeat racing

“I’m pretty sure this is a fire hazard,” says Eddie, watching Richie warily, a superman print cased pillow clutched to his chest.

They had gathered all the blankets and pillows from Richie’s room and the spares from the linen closet and strung them along the threadbare couch, mismatched chairs, and soda ring stained side tables in the Tozier family’s basement.

“Get your ass in the blanket fort, Eds,” Richie replies, pinning the final quilt between the arm of the couch and his father’s favorite lazy chair and stretching it across the furniture to drape the other side over the table lamp.

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With All My Heart - Part 9

Word Count: 2562

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst, some mentions of depression/anxiety, medical situations

A/N: Tags for this series are closed. Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. 

Feedback and constructive criticism always welcome

With All My Heart Masterlist

The week leading up to your surgery you felt mostly numb. You weren’t scared or anxious. Just numb. Your parents had come to Texas and were staying in your house while you still stayed with Jensen. Jensen had noticed your change in demeanor and while he was trying to change it by staying upbeat, he wasn’t pushing the issue. He didn’t want to come on too strong.

Now that the IV was out of your arm you could go in the pool and that was where you could be found most of the time, floating on a raft or just on your back in the water, eyes closed, lost in thought. “Hey.” Jensen approached, sitting on the side of the pool and dangling his legs into the water. “Everyone’s gonna be here soon for dinner. Unless you wanna cancel.”

“We can’t cancel now.” You sighed and dragged yourself out of the pool. “Besides, your parents are coming and I’ve never met them. I don’t want them to hate me for canceling.”

“They wouldn’t hate you.” Jensen grabbed your towel and wrapped it around your body. “You’ve talked to ‘em on the phone. They love you just as much as I do. We’ll make dinner quick and kick everyone out and then it’ll just be me and you.”

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Infatuation or Greed

Originally posted by woojinnies

Characters: Kang Daniel x Reader

Genre: poorly attempted fluff? idk, I’m not really good at these things.

WARNING: slightly explicit? idk again. sorry. I’m just really detailed on certain aspects.

A/N: not sure if this is a scenario or a drabble. hmm, whatevs. I know I haven’t been updating, but rn I’ve got other priorities so due to lack of updates, here’s some Kang Daniel lovin’! sorry if this isn’t what you expected, but I’m obviously not good at fluff, it isn’t really my forte. nor is writing in general. enjoy i guess? and thanks a bunch. <3

The sun shines brightly and straight through the window and closed curtains, you hiss at the sudden exposure that forces you to be awake now. With eyes still droopy with tiredness, you simply crane your neck and stare at the clock, it blinks 10.26 am.

Sighing, you rub your eyes for a few seconds before trying to stretch out, which resulted to chase away the arms that had been wrapped around your naked body. Besides your own, there’s another heavy movement from the left, you look over and see him now on his back, both arms over his head and mouth slightly agape as loud snoring follows right after the body movement dies down.

“Boo, wake up,” You roll over and come chest to chest with your sleeping naked boyfriend, who groans at the extra weight, “it’s almost lunch.”

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Request: Sleepover with your bias (Mingyu or Wonwoo) can it be platonic to romantic? I live for friends to lovers aus.

Member: Seventeen’s Wonwoo x Y/N

Type: fluff

“Your blueprints are smeared,” Wonwoo hummed, chewing thoughtfully on a pretzel as he began to tilt the paper in his hand. “I can’t interpret the blue blobs.”

“Well if you didn’t use it as a coaster,” you snapped, taking the paper from his hands. “Maybe we wouldn’t have this issue.” 

“You told me not to leave drink rings on your coffee table…” he muttered. “I was following instructions.” 

“My instructions didn’t include ‘ruin our plans for the night,’“ you argued. You attempted to blow on the still damp paper, but to no avail. It was soaked completely through. 

Wonwoo rolled his eyes, remaining quiet and opting to not argue with you. He was good at picking his battles and his silence confirmed that this would not be one of them. 

“I’m going to have to draw it again,” you nodded confidently. You pulled yourself up from your position on the floor and stomped across your apartment in search of a notebook and pen. 

“Does a blanket fort really require an architect though?” Wonwoo called after you. 

“Does an idol group really require four rappers?” you spat, digging around in your desk drawers on the opposite side of the room. 

“Your hostility has nothing to do with my question,” he sighed. “So I’m going to save you the grief and pretend like I didn’t hear you say that out loud.” 

“Pretend all you want, but it’s in the universe,” you grumbled. You returned back to the living area and plopped on the couch beside your friend. You looked up at him through your lashes, mildly annoyed that he was choosing to ignore you this time. 

As you internally urged him to pay attention to you, you flopped on top of the couch, hoping to draw attention to yourself. You kept your eyes glued on the underside of his jaw, tensed as he continued to chew from the never ending bag of pretzels in his hand. 

He had a wonderful shape to his jaw. You had never really thought about it before until you were looking at him from this odd angle. He had a wonderful complexion as well. How had you not noticed how flawless his skin was? And his hair…his hair parted perfectly to reveal his forehead which wasn’t too big or too small. 

His face was just a lot more appealing than you had remembered it being previously. 

“As much as I enjoy your thrashing,” he sighed. “I’m getting tired. Can we build this thing and go to bed?”

It took you a moment before your brain was able to process the words he had spoken. 

“Right, build, bed,” you nodded hopelessly, sitting up. “Tired.” 

He lifted his brows before immediately furrowing them and shooting you a curious expression. He shook his head before standing up and heading over to the small table near the door where you had set an array of sheets and blankets. 

Sleepovers were not an uncommon occurrence between you and Wonwoo. As you had never had feelings for each other, it was never an issue of having a weird romantic tension. You had operated on the lines of friendship you had built for yourselves. He was constantly crashing on your couch when he needed a break from his group members and had even crawled into your bed on a few occasions when he had complained about how stiff your furniture was. 

So why did you feel so different this time? 

You watched as his thin, yet muscular arms began to navigate through the pieces of fabric before him. He chewed on his lip, deep in whatever thought was crossing his mind. His shirt fell perfectly across his shoulders and down his lower back. 

His skinny jeans accentuated what small amount of butt he had. 

But it was still a good butt. 

You shook your head, nearly smacking yourself to try to get back to reality. 

This was Wonwoo. Jeon Wonwoo. The Wonwoo you had know for years. 

Not some sexual deviant attempting to steal your heart. 

But damn, he could if he wanted to. 

“No!” you shouted, verbalizing your argument with yourself. Wonwoo froze, a stack of blankets dangling from his arms. 

“What?” he whispered, not turning his head, but looking around carefully. “What’s wrong?” 

“Oh, I…I uh wanted to use that blanket for the floor of the tent,” you nodded, laughing nervously. “Not the main part.” 

“Okay,” he said, drawing his brows close together. “That’s cool?” 

“Very,” you giggled. You cursed at yourself. You felt like someone had completely taken over your body. You had become someone you weren’t familiar with at all. You had never been the giggling mess with hearts in your eyes, especially not with Wonwoo. While legions of people quite literally lined up to try flirting with him, you had always stood in the background. You knew when you had first began your friendship that Wonwoo was aesthetically pleasing, but it had never crossed your mind to actually harbor some sort of feelings for him. 

It was never an option. 

So why was it that you were trying to make it an option when things had been going along so smoothly for so long? 

You tried to search your brain. You know it hadn’t suddenly happened when you were looking at him on the couch, but when? You felt an odd tingling in your stomach when he had come over that evening, but you had attributed it to indigestion. Upon further reflection, maybe it was butterflies? 

When did your heart and mind decide to conspire against your better judgement? 

“Does this look right?” Wonwoo’s deep voice asked, breaking through your thoughts. 

You looked up to see him attempting to balance a few cushions against each other to create some sort of base to your blanket fort. 

Maybe you could just power through whatever this was. 

“Not at all,” you grinned, walking over, and shouldering him out of the way. He immediately began to blush and drop his hands to his sides. Rather than making fun of him as you usually would, you felt guilty for a moment. 

“Come here,” you cooed, nodding your head toward the cushion you had just taken from his hands. “Grab the blanket and drape it over here…like that.” 

You nodded to him as he did as instructed. You both worked carefully in silence for a few moments, only exhaling once you could take a few steps back and view your work. 

“It’s going to collapse on us while we sleep,” Wonwoo whispered, shaking his head. 

“Well, maybe if you didn’t ruin the blueprints, we’d have more of a sound structure,” you giggled, elbowing him playfully. 

“Maybe next time I’ll just draw my own instructions,” he teased. “And we’ll have the most impressive blanket mansion anyone has ever seen.” 

“Blanket mansion?” you gasped. “Then what is this?” 

“This is a hut, Y/N,” he hummed. “But it is our hut.” 

Your heart skipped a beat when he said the word “our.” You thought you would vomit in reaction to your own emotion. You couldn’t believe what a mess of feelings you had become. 

“I like our hut,” you whispered with a small nod. You felt your feet begin to sidestep toward Wonwoo. You tilted your head, allowing your temple to rest lightly on the side of his arm. You had stood next to him dozens of times, but never noticed how much warmth his body had radiated. He remained still as you rested against his bicep. You didn’t dare look up at his face, but if you had, you would have seen how red it had grown. 

He looked down at you, surprised by your action, but not upset by it. He liked to have you close to him. He could admit that. 

“Should we get comfortable?” he asked slowly. He was afraid to disturb the moment, but the tired ache in his bones was overpowering his will. 

“Oh, right,” you whispered. You looked hesitantly into the small hole of the tent before crouching down to crawl in. This was your first attempt at a blanket fort, but not the first time you had shared a pallet on the floor together. 

Wonwoo climbed in after you, flopping onto the blankets with a content sigh. 

“Long day?” you hummed, turning on your side to face him. 

He nodded, closing his eyes. His breathing was already ragged and heavy, sleep beginning to flood his senses. He wanted so desperately to engage in conversation, but his brain was already shutting down. Words were becoming increasingly more and more difficult to pass through his lips. 

“Then rest,” you said quietly. You reached down, pulling at a few quilts to surround the both of you. Once you had made sure that his long body was properly covered, you went to work at making yourself comfortable. Wrapping your arms around your torso, you closed your eyes and took a deep breath in. “Goodnight Wonwoo.” 

His silence was expected, but still made you unhappy. 

After a few moments you heard him cough lightly. He stirred a bit before turning to face you, his eyes mere slits. 


You groaned to yourself as you wiggled, trying to follow the source of warmth within your blankets. You were incredibly comfortable, especially considering you were resting on a hard wood floor, but the source of that comfort was the blazing heat beside you. 

You cracked your eyes open slowly, your brain foggy as to why you should be so warm. You nearly screeched as you noticed your face was buried deep within the t-shirt Wonwoo had gone to sleep in. 

The t-shirt that was very much still attached to Wonwoo. 

“Mmm…” he hummed, beginning to wake himself. You cringed, waiting with baited breaths for him to realize the precarious position you had gotten yourselves in while you slept. His arm was draped lazily around your hip, his fingers tensing every now and again as his muscles began to come to life.

“Goodmor-YAH,” he gasped, springing away from you. 

“Yah!” you repeated, your eyes wide. “You scared me! Who wakes up their friend like that!” 

“You were sleeping on me!” he gasped, sitting up and running a hand through his hair. He wasn’t necessarily displeased with the situation, just surprised. It was a lot for his brain to process so early in the morning. 

“Well maybe if you didn’t have your arms all wrapped around me, I could have escaped!” you argued. You were aggravated with yourself. Why act like you didn’t enjoy what you just woke up to? You had felt safe and wanted. Was that so bad? 

Well…maybe it was if Wonwoo being unconscious was the only way you would physically connect with him. 

He shook his head, attempting to rub the sleep from his eyes. “Let’s get this thing cleaned up.” 

“Our hut?” you asked, trying to mask the mild hurt in your voice. 

But…it was “our” hut. 

“Yeah,” he sighed. “Let’s get it picked up so we can go grab breakfast.” 

Wonwoo wouldn’t let on that he wanted to destroy the blanket fort as quickly as possible. Those sheets held all of the conflicted feelings pulsing through his head, and the sooner he dismantled it, the quicker he could forget what had just happened. 

Because friends didn’t cuddle. And you were his friend…

Weren’t you? 

“Right,” you nodded. So he was just going to ignore what had happened. That was fine, you could do the same. 

You launched up from your position, knocking down several cushions and blankets. You knew you were being petty, but you wanted the small things to matter to him as much as they had started to matter to you. You knew this was an unexpected development, and these feelings were so new that you almost didn’t recognize them, but you knew that you couldn’t ignore them. 

You would have to come to terms with them eventually. And so would he. 

“Aigoo, what are you? The hulk?” Wonwoo chuckled. He stood as well and attempted to stack the cushions you had pulled from the couch. 

“Yep, that’s me,” you grumbled. “The hulk. I have the emotional range of a teaspoon.” 

“What’s gotten into you?” he sighed. “Did you get up on the wrong side of the pallet?” 

Wonwoo knew exactly what was wrong. It was exactly what was wrong with him as well. 

And had been for some time. 

“Just help me fold this, would you?” you muttered. “Make yourself useful.” 

Wonwoo looked up to see you struggling with a blanket twice your size. He couldn’t help but smirk as you dropped another corner. He shuffled over, taking the side of the quilt that kept falling to the floor into his nimble fingers. 

“Come here,” he hummed. You both stepped forward, meeting the edges of the blanket together. You nearly stood chest to chest, but you still attempted to avoid eye contact. Wonwoo, however, had other plans. 

Just as you began to release your fingers from the quilt, you felt his hands close over yours. You looked up, biting your lip as you searched his face, completely at a loss from his action. 

“What are you doing?” you whispered, your voice barely louder than a breath. 

Wonwoo remained silent, his mouth slowly turning upward at the ends. He held tight to your fingers, moving his face, and by extension, his lips, toward yours. 

“Something I knew you wouldn’t.”  

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thank you to my beautiful @novaurora13 for the fic idea. she’s always the best when ya girl is suffering from writer’s block. 


Author’s Note: Hey guys! @lucifer-in-leather sent this gif in to me a while ago (sorry this took so long!) and I decided to combine it with a challenge…it seemed to fit well! This is for @beckawinchester ‘s Birthday Challenge! Prompt will be bolded in the fic. I hope you enjoy it and as always feedback is welcome and appreciated! I love all of you. If you would like to join my tag list, send me an ask. I don’t bite. ;)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,000-ish

Warnings: Fluff, SMUT, Language

Prompts: #5 “How the hell am I supposed to fit in that?” and #1 Bar (Place)

Song: “Teacher” by Nick Jonas (I highly suggest you listen to this song. I love it!)

Originally posted by frozen-delight

“Fort Wayne, Indiana,” Sam confidently slid his laptop toward you as you sipped on your whiskey while Dean sighed and laid his head back in frustration. “String of female deaths at a bar. Apparently they do an amateur night for girls to dance up on the bar. The girls make some tips while they compete. The top two girls who collect the most cash move on to the finals, ya-da ya-da…”

You rolled your eyes and set your drink down, “Classy.”

“But get this,” Sam started and Dean raised his eyebrows expectantly, “The past three females that have died were one of the finalists. All found in the same dressing room. No forced entry, no sign of struggle. And the cameras show no one going in or out of the room but the girls.”

“Coyote Ugly gone bad,” You muttered and Dean snickered, enjoying your reference. “I will assist on this hunt under one condition…I am not dancing on a bar under any circumstances. You understand me?”

“Crystal clear,” Sam smiled and you stood up, then made your way to your room in the bunker to start packing. “Let’s leave within the hour.”

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love.exe | ch 1

Originally posted by mimimochi

characters: wen junhui/original female reader

genre: fluff, angst

summary: his own creator rejected him. he was created to love and that is exactly what he will do.

word count: 2.1k

a/n: happy birthday to chinese prince wen junhui, here’s a new series

chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 8.5

Y/N! Take this trash out to the dumpster before you head home!”

Yeah, I got it,” you yelled back at your manager in reply, counting the money one more time before sticking it back in the register, which closed with a ding.

Rain began to pour outside, and before you knew it, you were soaking. “Man, now I’ll need to wash this uniform..” With a yell, you threw the heavy bag of trash into the dumpster.

You were about to run back inside, until something caught your eye.

A finger. No, a hand. Sticking out of the dumpster. It could have seemed like some dumb prank, and two kids would have been waiting to get a video of your reaction, but it was dark, raining, and this was an alley on the bad side of town..

Curious, you reopened the dumpster, plugging your nose, but also hoping for the best. “Please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead,” you pleaded.

Surely enough, there was an arm. Two of them, a torso, and moreso, an entire body.

Your initial reaction was to recoil, and you sighed, seeing the interval of their stomach rising up and down. Picking up their hand, it felt cold, hard, and you couldn’t pick out a pulse, but from what it seemed, they were sleeping. You weren’t very strong, but with a bit of straining, you managed to pull them out.

Odd enough was the sound of metal hitting the floor when you did put them down, and with the rain pouring, you couldn’t make out much of their appearance, except for their face.

You shook their shoulder, moving to a spot where the rain didn’t hit as much. “Hello? Excuse me? Wake up, it’s raining!”

You grabbed their hand, meaning to check for a pulse again, but their eyes shot open.

You screamed, feeling your back hit the brick wall as you jumped. Surely they were awake now, and they blinked at you a few times.

Shaking, you removed your sweater, and gently draped it over them.

“S-sorry I can’t help you any further, but it’s cold, stay dry and get home safe!! Also, please stop sleeping in dumpsters!”

You ran off.

“Love..?” The person muttered, watching as the rain seemed to roll off his skin.

You got home that night just fine, but the following morning, you groaned as you felt your nose stiffen. It was just a small convenience store job, but it paid decently, so you decided on heading back to work that morning. You called your boss, who you reassured that you were fine.

The bus ride there was less traumatic than yesterday, but the skies were still grey.

Sniffling, the doors to the back of the convenience store jingled, and you pulled your sweater closer to you, sighing as you felt the air change.

“Oh, there you are!” the cheerful voice of your manager chimed. Greeting her, you took whatever you could of the cold medication. “Is it my shift yet, or is Wonwoo still holding up the fort?” you asked, referring to one of the other workers, Wonwoo.

“He’s only got about ten minutes left, but I don’t want you covering for him quite yet, so you can just restock the shelves.” Sighing, you nodded, leaving the employee backroom.

“Morning.” Shoving some of the boxes aside, you began stocking shelves, the store still sparingly empty.

“Y/N.” Looking up, you saw Wonwoo calling you over frantically. “What’s up?”

“Some guy’s been standing outside waiting for you for about the past half hour—yah, are you sick?”

You blinked. “Some guy? And yeah, but I’m fine. Who’s out—” “No clue. I asked what his name was, but all he said was ‘love’ and ‘girl’. I asked boss, and she said Nayoung’s last shift was a couple of days ago, so if it’s not you, it’s probably her.”

He leaned in, “Also, he’s kind of creeping the customers out because he keeps on coming onto every girl that comes within a 10 foot range, so I hope it’s you.”

Wonwoo stood at about nearly six feet, jet black hair framing a relatively handsome face. Girls came by from time to time just to stare at him, but most of the time he simply waved them off. He stood in front of the register idly flipping through a magazine. He was also kind of your next door neighbor, but considering it was only your first month living in this town, you weren’t very close.

“Well, thanks,” you muttered, going to the front of the store. 

The doors jingled as you pushed them, and a silhouette quickly rose. “Love!”

In one fell swoop, you were pulled in by some remarkably strong arms, but because they were quite tall, you didn’t get to see who they were. Struggling, you yelled, “Let go!”

You were quickly released, and finally got to take a look at the person. They cocked their head to the side, confused. He was about your age, if not close to it. He was also oddly skinny, but had human-like features so you at least assumed he was human. His eyes were a striking green that seemed to revert to brown every second.

“Are you alright..?”

No response, just another cock of the head.

“Do you understand me?”

More silence.

“What’s your name?” you asked, sighing until you recognized the familiar jacket lining his shoulders. Under that, he wore a plain cream colored t-shirt, with dark jeans and sneakers. He seemed perfectly normal, if anything, so why was he in a dumpster last night?

He moved his wrist, and under it, the name ‘Jun’ was etched, almost like a tattoo.

“Is your name Jun?”


That itself seemed to set something off. His demeanor changed, and he straightened his posture, now making correct eye contact.

“Thank you for activating me,” he spoke, a smoothness to his voice that you enjoyed.  He bowed. “My name is Jun. It’s a pleasure to meet you, my love.”

It was all quite nice, and definitely respectable, except for that last part. “Your love..? Say, I think you’ve got the wrong person, I just moved here, I don’t—” “—You found me last night. You were the first person I saw, therefore you are my love. Or would you rather be known as Master?” You quickly put your hands on his shoulders, shushing him, glad no one was around. “You don’t say things like that in public! Look, Jun, it’s nice to meet you, but I really think you have the right person. Do you have someone I can call?”

He blinked.


You nodded. “Like, on a cell phone..?”

That seemed to confuse him even further. “Cell phone..?”

“Hey,” a deep voice called out. The two of you turned to look at Wonwoo, who raised an eyebrow, but ignored it. “Uh, it’s kind of your shift now.”

“Shift? As in working shift?” Jun asked, an eager tone filling his voice. You sighed. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Chop chop, Y/N,” another voice chimed, and you turned to see Nayoung. “Oh, I didn’t realize you were with your boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?” Jun asked. “He’s not my boyfriend!” You cried.

You groaned, taking a final look at Jun, who still didn’t seem to get the memo. “Come inside if you want, and I can get my manager to help you. But stop pouncing on girls outside!”

“Whatever my love Y/N wants,” Jun replied. 

“Can it.”

“Um, Y/N…” Nayoung asked, a tense tone in her voice. You looked up from the register. “Yes?”

She motioned to behind her, where Jun currently stood, reading the magazines, making an odd facial expression every once in a while.

“How long is he going to be here?” she asked in a hushed tone, hands wrapped around a broom.

You shrugged. “Wonwoo said I should take him to a concert and let him get lost on his own, and Boss said I should just take him to the police and let them handle him.”

“I second the police part,” she murmured. “Wonwoo’s just jealous because he was the only guy in our lives, as he believes,” she rolled her eyes. “Anyway, you down to hang out with him and I after work? It is still your first month moving here, but you should at least make a few more friends. Warm up to the place, you know?”

You nodded, coming out from behind the counter. “That sounds like an okay idea. Let me get rid of him first, though.”

Nayoung put a hand on your shoulder. “And in case you don’t, you could have always used a boyfriend.”

Shushing her, you walked out from behind the counter, Nayoung taking your place as you walked over to Jun, who looked up from his magazine. “My love!”

Hearing snickering from behind you, you forced a smile. “Right. Anyways, how would you like to go with me somewhere after work?”

Jun blinked. “Somewhat of a date?”

You sighed. 

“Is it alright if I take this magazine with us? It has been a great source of knowledge.”

You eyed the magazine, narrowing your eyes. It was a teen girl magazine, the deepest shade of hot pink.

“As soon as you pay for it first,” you replied.

He cocked his head to the side again. “Pay..?”

You nodded. “Paying; the form of exchanging currency for goods or services…?”

Jun blinked. “I have no currency.”

Considering you didn’t own a car, and that she and Wonwoo were going to hang out later anyway, Nayoung let you borrow her car. You had a license, but with barely having moved into the town, you sort of lacked funds for a car, thus making the bus your main mode of transportation.

Jun continued flipping through the magazine, but he eyed the car with a sense of curiosity.

“So this is the contraption they call a car..” he muttered, dazed. “You act like you’ve never seen a car before.”

“I have not.”

The sky is still pretty grey, you noticed as you got in the driver’s seat, pulling the seatbelt on. You had to help Jun with his, as his got stuck.

“This is not my car, so please treat it nicely.”

The car ride there was mostly filled with Jun talking, as he rambled about the magazine and its contents. You figured that it would have been nice to at least get some background information, at least figure out if he remembers anything. Wonwoo helped you deduce that he was most likely an amnesiac, and woke up in the dumpster having head trauma, causing him to lose his memory.

Hell, neither of you were doctors, but it was better than nothing.

“So Jun,” you began, “do you know where you’re from?”

“Sort of,” he replied, attention still focused on the mag.

“Alright. Do you know any family?”

“Family? I believe I am the first of my brand.”

“Do you even have a last name, Jun?”

He blinked. “Wen?”

“Wen Junhui. Okay. We’ve at least got a starting point,” you breathed, and the car halted to a stop. “We’re here!”

Jun looked at the edifice outside. “Why have you taken me here? The magazine did not mention this of being anywhere near an ‘ideal date spot’.”

“We’re not on a date, we’re here to get you some help! To help figure out where you belong!”

Jun looked dazed, facial features beginning to soften. “Ah. I see. You’re trying to get rid of me.”

You nodded in agreement up until the last part. “Hmm?”

“It’s because I lack common h-human features, is it not?” Jun stuttered, but it sounded more like a computer glitch than an actual stutter. He stared down at his fingers. “It would appear my feelings are not reciprocated. Research indicates that the common thing to do here would be to run away, therefore, I will be taking my leave.”

He unbuckled the seatbelt, but unaware of his own strength, pulled on the car’s door handle too harsh, and ended up ripping it off. “I will apologize to Nayoung about that later.”

He still exited the car, and you took off after him. “Wait, wait, wait!” 

You latched onto his hand, and feeling the touch of human warmth hit his own metal hand, a circuit sprung in Jun’s mind. Emotional sensors…. rising.


Jun, please, that isn’t what I meant, I just—” you coughed, but you were quick to look up. “You called me by my first name.”

“Is that what you want?” Jun asked, a smug grin replacing the features on his face.

You blinked, confused. “What are you..?”

He stepped back. “I should re-introduce myself,” he bowed. “My name is Wen Junhui, and you are correct, I am not human. I was created to find and understand the human emotion of love. Please take care of me!”

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BTS imagine Request #9- Jungkook

This request confused the hell out of me. She didn’t exactly follow the rules, but I don’t mind at all.

Request 9
7-“You were talking about me in your sleep, you were begging me to go faster”

“Time to get up, Y/N”


“Y/N…” the voice grew somewhat stern, but you really had no regard for it.

“Jungkook!” You spat on the same manner. “I love you, but would you please kindly go away?” Your voice was muffled from being tangled beneath the fort of bedsheets.

“You have to wake up. It’s the middle of the day.” He grew exasperated, crawling on the bed to find you.

“Meaning I can go for another three hours!” You whined. “Don’t take my sleep away from me! ITS ALL I HAVE” your voice was cracked and hoarse.

The room when silent and Jungkook let out another sigh. Suddenly, the covers were ripped off your body. Jungkook slowly began crawling over you, his body hovering above yours.

“Do I have to make you get up?”

“I’ll sleep like this too, and you know I will ” you mumble flatly.

“You know, you talk in your sleep” he mumbled, taking a minute to look at you.

“So I’ve been told. Let me guess, I was chasing bunnies last night?” You sarcastically laughed.

“No…you were moaning, and calling my name” his words caused your eyes to shoot open and look up at him.

“Say what now?” You said, mortified that he would even say something so crazy.

“You were talking about me in your sleep” he said again. “You were begging me to go faster…deeper” a smirk crossed his face as he saw you duck under your pillow to hide.

“Stop lying!"You whined. "I did not say that”

“Oh, yes you did.” He laughed again, dipping his head down to meet your neck. “You said some other things you. How you wanted me to…” his fingers slid down your stomach and started playing with your shorts until his hand slid in. “How you wanted me to touch you here” he whisked, pressing burning kisses down your clammy skin. His fingers slowly rubbed against you, creating a somewhat heavy friction.

“Or was it my mouth you wanted?” He teased.

“Okay, I’m awake now!” You said, attempting to get up. Only to be pushed back down.

“Not after I’m done with you” his growing dominant voice growled in your ear.

(…………So yeah…that happened)

Highway (Part 9)

Originally posted by winter-barnes

Summary: There’s a charming man that enters the diner like he owns the place, like he owns the town. And when he’s calling you baby doll, with a devilish smirk on his face and a twinkle of silver in his baby blues, you know you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling for the infamous Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 2,908

Part 1  / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 (COMING SOON)


When Wanda Maximoff came knocking on your front door, the sun had just about reached its highest point in the baby blue sky. The brunette had rushed herself right out of bed just to come at noon, just like she promised she would, because there was something you weren’t telling her and what Wanda wanted to know, Wanda would eventually know.

And this was a fact that you knew all too well; it was an obvious trait in your good friend that was clear to absolutely everyone that was close to her. She was a gossip monger with no boundaries, but you’d grown to accept and love that about her.

So, at precisely noon, when the knocking at your door burst through your invasive thoughts, you lowered the volume on your television and rushed over to the front door, knowing that your good friend would simply knock incessantly until her knuckles bled. When you opened the door, Wanda grinned in relief and lifted a rectangular pink box.

“I brought donuts,” She chirped as she stepped over the threshold of your front door and onto the hardwood floors of your quaint home. She kicked her shoes off and shoved them next to yours before she rushed into the living room and placed the box on the center table. Wanda made herself right at home.

“Lemme go get some napkins,” You spoke with a chuckle, the smell of the fresh donuts filling your nostrils and the area that Wanda resided in. She smiled at you and nodded when you disappeared into the kitchen for a few moments to grab a few napkins. You’ve seen Wanda eat mountains upon mountains of glazed donuts before, and where the breakfast foods were involved, she was a pig.

When you returned to the living room, you plopped yourself down betwixt your friend and the arm of the small couch. You get a few seconds to raise the volume of the comedy show that was playing before Wanda spoke.

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