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You Were So Brave *Steve Harrington x Reader*

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Requested by Anon:  Can you do a Steve Harrington based off of when they are in the junkyard and she’s freaking out and then a demidog pushes the reader to the ground and like scratches her arm and Steve hits it off of her with the bat and carries her to the bus and takes care of her. She’s Dustin’s sister. And can you make it fluffy, please?
Pairings: Dustin Henderson x Sibling! Reader & Steve Harrington x Reader
Warnings: Possible Season 2 Stranger Things spoilers, swearing - cause Dustin is a lil’ shit & Steve is Steve! 
A/N: My first Stranger Things/ Steve Harrington thing, so go easy on me guys. I have fallen in love with Harrington guy, despite not wanting to. Also, I always call Dustin, Dusty, Idk why– it’s a thing me and my sister say when walking about him– so, the reader has given Dustin that nickname. - Rosalie

You watched as the group of kids, plus Steve Harrington, for some reason, placed scrap metal against an old school bus in the old junkyard. They didn’t notice you, too preoccupied with whatever they are doing. You frowned, crossing your arms as you tried to figure out what the little shits were up to. Talking amongst themselves, Steve saying how they only have forty minutes of daylight left.

“Shit!” You hear your little brother, Dustin, mutter as he finally notices you.

“My sentiments exactly, Dusty.” You smile as you begin to walk over to the group, all dropping their scraps and trying to act ‘casual’ and ‘normal’. “I have three simple questions,” you hold up your left hand displaying three fingers to your little brother who sighs with annoyance. “One, what the fuck did you do to Mews? Two, why are you suddenly hanging around with Steve Harrington of all people? And Three, what the shit are you doing in the junkyard?” You crossed your arms, staring directly at your brother who struggled to find the answers to all of those questions, you raised an eyebrow.

Dustin sighed with slight frustration. “Okay, listen. You’re my older sister and I love you, but can I be interrogated after I’m done here?” He asked also raising an eyebrow, you shake your head. “We’re about to fight Demogorgon that I kept as a pet, not realising it was one; it ate Mews. No one answered my Code Red, got Steve because he’s a badass with a baseball bat, plus fortifying this place and you’re here wasting our precious time.” He breathed finally, placing his hands on his hips for emphasis.

You sighed softly and uncrossed your arms, looking at your brother and his friend Lucas. “I know you two have been through a lot, especially after last year, I get it. But, Dusty, you gotta stop with this Demo-whatever-bullshit.” He sighed loudly and rolled his eyes, “So, what, I’m expected to believe that a dimensional demon killed our cat?” He nods at you, curls falling in front of his face as you sigh and look expectantly at Steve Harrington, “And you’re going along with their silly games?”  

“They’re telling the truth,” Steve shrugs, holding a baseball bat with nails sticking out of it.

“Alright, fine. I’m staying, prove me wrong, little brother.” Dustin just smiles and nods, leading you towards the school bus that they had all fortified for the ‘fight’.


You sat against the window, peeking out beside Dustin and Steve. It had just gotten dark and the junkyard looked eerily scary at this time of night, a light fog swept across the ground and the cars creaked against the soft winter wind. You huffed out of boredom, raising your eyebrows as you saw no Demogorgon appear. Dustin had tried to explain the ‘real’ events that happened last year, you tried to believe it, you really did but it was just too ridiculous to believe.

“Since when does Steve Harrington, King of Hawkins High, hang out with kids?” You whispered to Steve, smiling as he chuckled.

He sighed softly. “Honestly, your brother can be very demanding.” You nodded in agreement, “He’s not lying, by the way. Wish he was, wish I didn’t see it but it happened, all of it.” You frowned slightly, nodding slowly at his words. “Besides didn’t you hear? Billy Hargrove is the new king.” He rolls his brown eyes, his voice mixed with annoyance at the new guy.

Before you can say anything. “Ten O’clock,” Lucas shouts, you all rush to look out of the window. Squinting through the fog to see it, you chuckle inwardly at the shadow of the Demogorgon… a dog. It’s a dog, you roll your eyes.

“It’s just a dog.” You mutter, the sounds it makes sounds as though it is sick or something, you look at Dustin who is talking to Steve about why it isn’t going to the meat. “It’s sick, probably a stray. I don’t see the big deal,” you stand up and instantly Dustin is trying to block your way. “Dusty, I tried to listen to you and I even gave you the benefit of the doubt but I will not be made a fool of.” You push past him and open the doors, stepping outside.

It seems a lot darker when you step out of the bus, a lot colder too. A chill shivers down your spine as you walk towards the dog, the noises or growls, whatever sounds it makes, are louder and terrifying. You stop walking and the fog clears a little, you gasp softly once you see the dog up close. It’s furless and skinny, a black and yellowish, hints of green colour to it. The face, if you could even call it that, was something from a nightmare.

You step backwards, your back hitting something hard, yet soft. “Don’t move.” It’s Steve, you want to laugh because you’re literally frozen in place. “That’s some ugly dog.” Steve tries to mutter a joke, only he can feel you shaking in fear as you stare at the thing before you. You can hear someone yell at Steve, only you can’t hear them, your focus trained on the monster in front as it stalks silently towards you both.

Steve pushes you out of the way as two more pounce from behind; you fall to the floor just a few feet away from the bus. You sit up, instantly regretting it because the blood rushes to your head makes you dizzy. You hear Dustin, Lucas and Max, all yelling at you and you turn just in time to see a demogorgon jump at you. The little strength you have you manage to roll and face it, pushing your hands out to stop it from fully jumping on you. It feels disgusting as it looks, slimy and sticky, you scream slightly as it’s face opens up. Rows, upon rows, of sharp teeth stare directly back at you.

You’re too distracted to feel the claw of its foot scratch your shoulder and collarbone, you try to push it off as it’s saliva dripped down onto your face. You see Steve run up and swing the bat, hitting the demogorgon on the head, sweeping it off of you. He leans down and helps pull you up, wrapping an arm around your waist and essentially carrying you back towards the bus where the kids are waiting for you. You both fall into the bus, Lucas and Max shutting the doors before the monsters get in.

Your heart is racing in your chest, you can hear the blood thumping around your body as well as the demogorgons outside, trying to get in and kill you. You feel the bus rattle with every push they make, you can hear the growls and snarls through the metal. You can’t seem to breathe, the pain in your shoulder becomes slightly unbearable too now that the adrenaline is wearing thin.

“Y/N, hey, it’s okay.” A voice startles you and a hand is pressed against your good shoulder, your eyes fly to dark brown ones that are comforting and safe. “They’re gone now, okay?” Steve’s voice is soft and calm. “We gotta get you back somewhere safe, you got a nasty cut.” Your breathing begins to even out, you follow Steve’s breathing unintentionally.

“Where’re the kids? Where’s my brother?” You ask frantically, trying to see around Steve’s body but the pain in your shoulder stops you and you hiss in agony.

Steve presses a hand against the cut, numbing it slightly. “They’re just outside, waiting for us. The demogorgons ran off, being called someplace else. We have to get going, can you stand up?” He asks, you nod.

You slowly push yourself up, facing Steve he smiles encouragingly at you. You start to see black spots in your vision, frowning slightly as the world becomes dark around you. The last thing you see is Steve’s concerned brown eyes and him calling your name, plus your little brothers.


“Y/N, wake up!” Your eyes blink open, straining against the dim light. “Heyyy, there she is.” Steve leaning over you, smiling slightly down at you, he helps you sit up and you don’t recognise the room you are in. “We’re at the Byers, we ran into them on the way back.” He mentions, sitting on the bed beside you.

“Is everyone okay?”

Steve smiles softly and nods. “Most, Bob Newby… unfortunately didn’t make it. Will… there’s a lot going on with that kid, that’s for sure.” You nod slightly, your shoulder feeling tender and you see it’s all bandaged up neatly. “I did the best I could, I’m used to minor injuries.” Steve shrugs and you smile.

“Thank you,” you mutter. “For just about everything today, if I wasn’t so dumb I wouldn’t have gotten in the way.”

“What you did wasn’t dumb, dangerous? Yes, but dumb? No way. I should’ve gotten to you quicker, would’ve saved you from a scratched up arm!” Steve sighs, his voice holding an air of defeat like it was his fault you got hurt tonight.

Shaking your head, you sit forward closer to him. “No, don’t do that. It could’ve been a lot worse if you weren’t there, I’m glad you were there. Protecting my brother, the kids and me, okay? You were so brave, really, Steve. I don’t even want to think what could’ve happened if you weren’t there.” You tell him sincerely, he nods looking at you, staring at you intensely.

A comforting silence surrounds you both, you only just now realise how close you are sitting next to one another. You watch as Steve’s eyes dart from your eyes to your lips, you breathe hitches slightly at the thought of him kissing you. You never gave thought to Steve Harrington, he was just Nancy’s boyfriend, your friend’s boyfriend but now… there was something different. You couldn’t place your finger on the feeling but there was something happening.

“You’re awake!” A voice startles you, you throw yourself back and muffle the slight groan of pain your feel and glance to the doorway where your brother is stood grinning like the idiot he is. “Was I interrupting something?” He asked, a mischievous grin coming upon his face and you shake your head, watching as Steve stands up.

“I’ll leave you two to talk,” Steve mutters and walks to the door, turning to see Dustin sit where he did. He catches your eye, you smile slightly before going back to listening to your brother explain everything you had missed. He sighs silently to himself, shutting the door and leaning against it. “What the fuck!”

(I didn’t know how to end it, so hopefully, this is good enough for you anon? You didn’t specify an ending. Room for a part two lol I have like 20 Steve requests, thank you to everyone who sent them in. - Rosalie)

So I saw this manip from @nahrky and suddenly I’m imagining Harry as a young agent or techie or what have you who’s saddled with the duty of being Lord DeVere, the object of a supposed ‘honeytrap’ for the Lancelot recruits. Of course he knows that the drinks will be laced. It’s all a way to catch them off guard and test their loyalty, but that doesn’t stop him from finding Eggsy utterly charming while Charlie and Roxy argue over each other’s pulling methods. 

Him watching the way Eggsy eyes Charlie in bewilderment until Eggsy catches his gaze over his glass of champagne, a small conspiratory smile spreading over both of their faces as that look holds. It really is a shame that the lad will be dead to the world in sixty seconds flat.  

Posh boys really do like a bit of rough. 

They Don’t Love You Like I Love You (Archie Andrews x Reader)

Request: Reader suspects that Archie is cheating, and she sees him kissing another girl, so tries to get him back by flirting with guys and stuff. You can choose how it ends

I sat staring at my phone, waiting for my boyfriend to respond. He’s been distant lately, and always has excuses. He was supposed to be coming over to my house today, but there’s no trace of him. I have the need to know, is he cheating on me? I have never loved a guy the way I loved Archie. I just didn’t know what else to think at this point. I know that I’m not perfect, but I give him anything and everything he wants. 

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listen…. @biwheelers made me do this. they said ‘i have a headcanon’ and i said ‘when should i write the ficlet.’ (that’s a dramatization but you get what i mean.) this is also on ao3 because there might be a sequel already in the works??? sue me. anyways…. here’s wonderwall.

Mike Wheeler was a beautiful mess.

He danced like no one was watching when everyone was. He said the wrong kinds of things a little too loudly. He protected his friends like he was the only one who could. He didn’t care what people thought, unless those people were his friends, in which case, he cared way too much. He drank and he grew out his hair and he played the guitar.

And Will Byers was in love with him.

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guardian! daniel

member: kang daniel

summary: you got drunk at a party and daniel just happens to be there and then looks after you…. hehehehe

genre: fluff??? like 5%

a/n: requested by an anon!! i actually like this request but idk if i can write it nicely……….. 

  • you always wonder if it’s really worth it to go to a party when you’re practically have a lot of assignments to do
  • but unfortunately for you, you have those friends who always say how boring you are
  • no matter how many times you say no to their invitation, they would just bribe you with food
  • and to you, food is like e v e r y t h i n g
  • (but that’s not the point)
  • anyway you finally agreed
  • and now you’re at someone’s party and you’re talking with one of your classmates about this assignment which is hella boring to which your friends roll their eyes on
  • so they just shoves you a bunch of drinks and you just go “i don’t need this”
  • your friend, jaehwan: “look, the last time i remember is that i’m supposed to be at a party, not some classroom talking about some boring ASSIGNMENTS”
  • “okay i really don’t have time for your ranting on me, so please try to loosen up and have fun, okay?”
  • basically jaehwan just leaves you like that, with you judging him hard
  • “jaehwan’s right, you gotta have fun a little”
  • “minhyun, please, not you too”
  • “well, i like to talk about assignments and all but i have to agree that this isn’t a place to talk about that”
  • and you just stare at minhyun and he gives a smile and pats your shoulder
  • “go have a drink”
  • “but–”
  • minhyun leaves you alone and you’re looking at the cup and sigh
  • “maybe just one drink…”
  • there’s a reason why you hated to drink
  • and it’s because you get drunk easily and you do dumb stuff
  • not that it’s that dumb but it’s the kind where you just walk around and smile creepily and just start a drunk conversation with people
  • to which you bump into daniel
  • and you weren’t that drunk yet, you knew daniel and he somehow makes you nervous 
  • and you’re trying to move away from him
  • but your legs gave away and your back hit his and you’re like
  • “oh my god, i’m so sorry– oh my god, i’m so stupid, i’m so–”
  • and you’re like walking away while hitting your head with your hand and yeah… it’s a funny scene
  • to daniel, it is though
  • like he’s just smiling while witnessing your drunk state talking to yourself
  • and he finds it really amusing that you’re still drinking
  • and also he knows who you are because you’re friends with his friends and he often sees you with jaehwan, like most of the time you look like you’re about to murder jaehwan
  • but apparently daniel never talks to you before because you both don’t really have any relation besides having mutual friends
  • but then he sees your drunk self right there and he suddenly gets worried
  • because you’re bumping into people and drinking more and people starts to get annoyed by you
  • and your ass just thinks everything is fine but it isn’t because some guy just pushes you away
  • and you stumble away weakly
  • but then you feel something against your arm and you look up to see daniel looking at the guy
  • and he isn’t smiling like how you would always remember him to be
  • and you look confused because why is daniel here
  • “don’t push them like that”
  • “like as if i care–”
  • the guy just turns around and then sees daniel and he just had the biggest scare ever like his eyes widen in shock
  • “d-daniel… i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to say that to you”
  • “apologize to them”
  • the guy stares at daniel before looking at you quickly and you still have your confused look
  • “i’m sorry for pushing you”
  • and you’re like so drunk so you just smile over it
  • then you feel daniel taking your hand and drag you away from the guy
  • “you’re really drunk, huh?”
  • “no i’m not”
  • “you literally just smile when someone was apologizing to you”
  • “that’s because i didn’t know what was happening!”
  • daniel just chuckles, and his hand travels to your head and pats it
  • “stop drinking, okay?”
  • and you swear your heart stop beating for a second because daniel’s voice was so soft and caring
  • and it confuses a lot more because you still don’t know why daniel is here with you when he could be with his friends
  • “hey, are you alright?”
  • “o-oh.. yeah, i’m fine, well i’m a little drunk–”
  • “a little?”
  • “…. a lot drunk– okay hold up, why are you here again?”
  • “i’m taking care of you”
  • “taking care of me? look, i’m fine! i don’t need to be taken care of”
  • “yeah right”
  • you see daniel smiling at you and you feel your heart stopping again and you look away from him
  • “why are you smiling that”
  • “nothing… it’s just that you’re really…cute”
  • cute
  • did kang daniel say that you’re…cute….
  • “you’re drunk, daniel”
  • “well, maybe, a little… it still doesn’t change the fact that you’re cute”
  • “…can you stop saying that”
  • “say what?”
  • daniel’s lips turn into a playful smile and you wish you could wipe if off….with your own lips but you knew this is your drunk self thinking…like no way will you ever going to kiss daniel…. right.
  • “are you thinking about drinking again”
  • you snap yourself from your thoughts and you just want to leave him before you do something dumb
  • but daniel is so damn persistent about looking after you because his hand is still holding onto yours
  • and his smile never left him and you really just want to get the hell out of his trap
  • “can you let go off me because i’m very much uncomfortable right now”
  • “because of me holding your hand?”
  • “yes obviously, daniel”
  • “are you getting nervous over it or something?”
  • “seriously daniel, are you here to play around or what”
  • “chill, i just want to get to know you”
  • “whatever, just stop– wait, what?”
  • daniel smiles again
  • “i. want. to. get. to. know. you. do you understand me now?”
  • “i….oh look at the time, i have to go…. BYE”
  • and you just forcefully pull away your hand from his and FLEE
  • you didn’t need anymore of that tbh like what if daniel really is just playing around
  • and probably he’s just DRUNK
  • but you being dumb again, gets more drink and taking a lot of shots and become drunk again
  • daniel at the side: “are they serious about this”
  • you walking around again, and bumping into people
  • doing some lame dance moves on the table
  • jaehwan at the side: “that’s my friend right there!!!”
  • minhyun at the other side: “….maybe it was a mistake to let them drink”
  • and finally you feel like throwing up
  • and you run to the toilet which you find yourself feeling awkward because hello….people are making out…. lol
  • “are you just going to stand there and look at them”
  • you feel your body being pull away from the toilet by the one and only, kang daniel
  • but you’re at the verge of throwing up so you push him away lmao
  • and run to another bathroom and finally throws up
  • you didn’t care if daniel sees that or what because you just needed to let everything go
  • then you feel your back getting patted softly and gently
  • “are you alright?”
  • and you just nods and you wonder when daniel decide to talk to you when you look horrible and messy
  • “do you want me to help you up?”
  • and you shook your head but daniel is one stubborn guy so he pulls you up from the floor and his huge hands just hugs your waist to pick you up before making you sit on the cold sink
  • “you look ugly now”
  • “wow thanks daniel, i don’t need that reminder”
  • “you still look cute though”
  • “…. you’re definitely drunk, daniel. can you just leave me alone?”
  • “i can’t”
  • “why not?”
  • “i don’t know… it’s just that you’re really just attracting me”
  • “with my ugly face right now?”
  • daniel laughs lightly, his smile reappears on his face and he just looks at you and you got really SHY
  • “everything about you seems to attract me…”
  • “but daniel, you don’t know me”
  • “didn’t i tell you that i want to get to know you? you know, before you left me hanging”
  • “…. right… about that…. i’m not sure about that”
  • daniel’s gaze turn into something different, a hint of serious yet playfulness
  • and you look at him, your heart is beating fast because his face got closer to yours
  • “let me look after you and get to know you… and then we let the night decide the fate between us… what do you think?”

Things I care about:

  • This
  • Nothing else
  • Just watch it ok
Study Break (Peter Parker x Reader)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! After an extremely long week, long nights, binge watching Revenge, here’s the Peter x Reader fic I’ve been working on. I hope you guys enjoy! :)

Summary: You and Peter are helping each other study for a history test when he tells you something important.

Other Characters: Aunt May

Warnings: Fluff :)

Word Count: 637

Originally posted by spiderholland

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Snow Days - Part 6

Genre: fluff, angst, highschool!au

Pairing: reader/jungkook

Length: 3.9k

Summary: Although you’d been warned about the snowstorm that would affect your area, you decided to go to school anyway. Several hours later, you were trapped in the library, the weather too severe to go outside. Fortunately, you had your headphones so you could listen to your favourite artist: a boy who went by the name JK. Unfortunately, you were stuck with the new transfer student, Jungkook, who was a right pain in the ass.

A/N: thank you for the patience!!! only two more parts left 💛💛

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 [End]

Flicking through the pages of your textbook, you heard the chair next to you scrape back, and a warm presence joined you at your desk. Jungkook waved his long fingers in front of your face as you continued to stare at the textbook in concentration.

“Have I gone invisible again?” Jungkook asked jokingly.

Slightly dazed, you looked up at the smiling boy, taking in his usual slightly pink nose and shining eyes. “Sorry,” you sighed, snapping your book shut disgruntledly. “I think I’m falling behind already. I know we’ve already learnt most of this stuff,” you said, indicating to the textbook, “but it all seems foreign to me. I think I need to study more.”

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peaceandlove77  asked:

Hey could you please write a something about Carlos getting kidnapped by Harry and him bringing him to Uma. But Jay and the others come and while Mal and Evie take on Uma, Jay rescues Carlos from Harry. Carlos is still a bit shaken up so Jay comforts him and reassures him that he will always be safe with Jay. ❤️

One of these days, I will write Carlos being captured by Uma and Harry and the whole thing will be dark and smutty. But until then, I kept this a little lighter.


Rated: PG13 for unwanted touching and because Harry is creepy

Uma just has this aura about her, like she’s constantly disappointed. Her crew isn’t what she wanted, her mother isn’t what she wanted, she isn’t what she wanted.

It’s not less degrading and belittling when she looks down at Carlos, clicks her tongue and sighs “you’re not a king.”

“But,” Harry sings, curling his hands through Carlos’ hair, “he is a friend of Mal’s. She won’t leave without her little pup,” and kisses Carlos’ temple.

Great. He’s no value to Uma, who has the power and say to kill him with any number of swords, but he does have value to some psychotic pirate who thinks it’s appropriate to haul Carlos over his shoulder and grab his ass like he owns Carlos.

Well, more likely, Harry knows it’s not appropriate, he just doesn’t care.

“Fine,” Uma sighs like Carlos is a dead fish instead of the seahorse she wanted for her sixth birthday. “Keep an eye on him. Tell the rest of the crew to find Mal and let her know we have the runt.”

Carlos grunts as Harry tosses him over a shoulder, hookless hand firmly planted on his butt, and walks them both to the middle of the ship.

“Harriet!” The pirate snaps. “Go find some others and search the Isle for Mal. Tell her to here at noon with the wand or we’re drowning her dog.”

Carlos just rolls his eyes as Harriet pouts and nods, grabbing two other girls before running down the dock to find Mal and probably kick children or whatever the pirates do for fun.

When Harry sets him down, makes sure Carlos’ bound hands are tied to a pole too so he can’t wander around, the pirate sits at his feet and smiles like Carlos is about to read him a story. “Long time no see, pup. How ye been?”

“Pretty spectacular until some jerk grabbed me and tied my up to a boat.”

“Ohhh,” Harry purrs, “yer voice is deeper now. Finally becoming a man?”

“As if you know anything about being a man. Picking on people who are smaller than you,” Carlos spits. “Harassing kids. Abducting people.”

“Stealing food, breaking into stores, fighting people on the barges,” Harry lists idly, pushing himself up and moving closer. “All the things ye use to do?” He leans down, breath against Carlos’ lips, foreheads touching. “Ye’re just a dirty Isle boy, runt.”

Carlos shakes his head. That’s what he was, not what he still is. That’s what Harry is, but…not who he should be. Maybe.

“Ben might let you guys come to Auradon. That’s what Uma wants, right?” He would move back but the pole behind him keeps he and Harry closer than what is comfortable. “You’d like it. They have this thing called theatre and it’s all dramatic and crazy make up and you would fit in so well.”

There’s not a single part of him that genuinely wants Harry Hook to come to Auradon, but Harry was right earlier. Carlos had been an Isle boy, stealing and fighting. He was never as bad as Harry, he would never kidnap someone, but Carlos knows that he wouldn’t have stopped to help if he saw it happen either.

Harry grins, still close enough that their noses are touching. “If ye wanna pretend ye’re a good boy from Auradon, fine. That’s how I’ll treat ye.” He grips Carlos chin painfully, his mouth twists into a grin with too many teeth, “the good boys are so much more fun to break.”

Even if he’s fuming and enraged, Jay can at least appreciate what a pretty distraction Carlos is.

Harry Hook, the dead man, is so preoccupied with punching Carlos in the stomach, making him wheeze and double over in pain, that he never realizes Jay behind him until it’s too late.

Really, Jay wishes he had some witty remark. Some hilarious, one-liner that makes him look cool and suave, but he has to move quickly. He grabs a fistful of Harry’s hair, drags the pirate backwards toward the rails of the ship.

“What the hell?” Harry snaps, clawing at Jay’s wrist, twisting and fighting out of the hold. “Get off of me, ye ass!”

“Shut up.” Wow, good comeback.

With one hard shove, Jay pushes Harry over the side of the ship, nearly goes over himself too, and smirks at the giant splash.

“And your eyeliner is stupid!” Okay, he really has to stop, this is just embarrassing. 

Jay rushes back to Carlos, barely picking up the sound of swords clashing together and Mal and Uma having their weird, flirty, verbal spar. Evie is holding her own against CJ, he notes proudly. And three of the pirate crew, Harriet and two other girls, are tied up outside of Mal’s old hang out spot still.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t more pirates and more swords that are excited to impale them, so Jay works quickly at the knots around Carlos wrist, growls at how the rope has cut into his skin.

“Jay?” Carlos gasps, still fighting for air after having the wind knocked out of him.

“I gotcha, C,” Jay digs a knife out of his pocket and just slices through the ropes.

Carlos groans and fights for deep breaths before smiling up at him. “Thanks. You’re my knight…in shining armor.”

“Or your boyfriend with gorgeous hair.”


Jay does so immediately, not an ounce of hesitation in trusting Carlos, and misses a sword to his neck. He throws his elbow back, gets Gil in the stomach, and kicks him to the ground. Grabbing the sword, Jay smirks at Carlos. “Now we’re even.”

“Harry didn’t touch you or anything, right?”

Carlos looks over from the passenger seat, checks in the mirror to make sure no one is paying attention to them. Ben and Mal are engaged in a heart-to-heart and Lonnie and Evie are not so subtly eavesdropping. “Um. He punched me and scratched me, but you saw that.”

“No, like,” Jay focuses on the materializing bridge before them. “Touched you. Cause he’s always kind of had an obsession with you.”

Oh. “He kissed my face and touched my butt,” Carlos mumbles. “But that was it.”

“So if I turn the limo around to go kill him, you would think I’m dumb.”

“Not dumb. Just ridiculous and overreacting.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Jay, no,” Carlos sighs, reaches for his hand on the steering wheel. “It’s not your fault, it’s Harry’s. I should have been faster but he grabbed me and hauled me away and-.”

“It’s my job to protect you.”

“And you do a fantastic job,” Carlos smiles, leaning over to kiss his cheek. “You saved me after like 15 minutes. It was kind of hot.”

“Yeah?” Jay peaks at him. “Tell me more.”

Carlos laughs, entwines their fingers. “You always save me, Jay. You’re like a natural protector. And you’re blushing.”

“No I’m not.”

“Oh yes you are.”

Jay sticks his tongue out. “I just want you to know that you’ll always be safe with me. In Auradon, on the Isle, anywhere.”

“Yeah,” Carlos grins. “I know.”

I really like how I wrote Uma in the beginning, I think I’m going to try her more often.

This turned into a little more Harlos than I was expecting, but I think the Jaylos shines too.

I hope you enjoy!

Sleepless Nights

Here’s a request I wrote for @randomness-at-its-finest-here This is my second time writing Elide and Lorcan and I hope I did well in portraying them! Anyhow, if you want to make a request for a fic, just contact me in anyway from the prompt list I have on my blog or by asks/messenger.

Title: Sleepless Nights

Characters: Elide and Lorcan

Summary: Lorcan awakes from a passing out in the hall, being comforted from by Elide within her room. He has some explaining to do to her.

“You fainted…Straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

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Talk to Me [2]

part 1

Featuring: Yoongi, You

Warnings: slight dd/lg themes

Written by: Admin V

He never would have imagined you would like him. You never would have imagined he would like you. And yet somehow, he became Daddy, and you became his most beautiful, most precious Babygirl.

Originally posted by notjustaphase

Yoongi doesn’t hate grocery shopping.

He just “highly dislikes” it.

It’s Sunday and he’s at the supermarket, pushing his cart along amidst the rest of the various other shoppers. In front of him the fruit and vegetable displays are a hodge-podge of colors, but Yoongi can’t help but feel absolutely nothing.

All he’s thinking about is you.

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Auston Matthews #3 - Tall

Anon asked: since youre also a certified tall person, can you write one abt being tall (like around 6 ft)? matthews preferably. Thank you so much and i love your stuff!!!!

So I guess just a disclaimer of sorts - I do not know the heights of any of the Maple Leafs SOs, for the purpose of this story I am just imagining they are all around 5′7″ or below so there is an apparent height difference. The general plot of this imagine was taken from an personal event in which I was the only girl in a photo in the line of boys. I have gotten much more chill about my height as I have gotten older. Anon I hope you enjoy this! 

Growing up you had always been the tallest in your class, that included out of the boys. It wasn’t so much of an issue when you were in elementary school, it was actually beneficial in some aspects. You were picked first often when everyone was playing sports because your longer legs made you faster than the others. Middle school was a rough patch because that was the time when boys and girls were starting to like each other and no boy liked being the short one in the relationship. High school is when it started to even out again; boys hit their growth spurts and you were no longer the tallest. You learned to use your height to your advantage and when playing sports, it made you almost unbeatable.  

Your boyfriend Auston had three inches on you, so on a normal day all was right in the world. It wasn’t until after he was drafted and invited to yet another fancy charity gala that your insecurities made a reappearance. He needed a new suit and you needed a new dress so to make the whole shopping process more bearable you decided to go together. You tried on dress after dress and none of them sat right on your frame. Either the waist rode too high or the skirt wasn’t long enough and soon you grew frustrated.

The one you were wearing was shorter than you would have even thought to try on but Auston had picked it out so you tried it on anyway. It was supposed to hit just above your knee but instead stopped mid-thigh. There was no way you could sit in this dress without it riding all the way up your leg. You emerged from the dressing room to be met with wolf whistles from your boyfriend.

“Auston I can’t so much as turn without feeling like everything is going to be on display.”

“Well I like it,” he said a little too quickly.

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i hate the fact that i can’t just ENJOY something after someone has said it’s badly written… like…i don’t have to agree with that…these people aren’t the authority on what’s badly written and what isn’t….but i can’t help it, i constantly feel distressed like…am i dumb for liking this? is it actually objectively bad because this random person said it is? i mean, of course it isn’t, but i can’t help but also feel like it’s a little ruined after that, which is stupid.

This Was Suppose To Be Easy

Prompt: Ooh… I just want tythan struggling to assemble Ikea furniture Thanks for the prompt anon!!







Tyler sighed in relief.

“It just fell out of place.” Ethan blushed.

“Need a hammer or screwdriver?”

“Uhhh screwdriver.”

“You hold the piece in place, ok?”

“Yepppp! I can do that.”

Tyler laughed.

Soon they had finished putting together all the dining chairs.

“Now, how do we open this.” Ethan asked, looking at the upside down box that held the pieces for a dining table.

“We flip it over.”

“Do you not see the ‘HEAVY’ label on the box?!”

“It can’t be /that/ heavy.”

“Alright big boi, then you try flipping it over.”

“I will.” Tyler said before doing it with ease.

“Show off.” Ethan mumbled.

Tyler laughed.
“Do you have the box cutter?”

“Uh no. I’ll go get it.” Ethan scrambled to his feet.



Tyler grabbed Ethan by his legs and pulled him into his lap.

“I told you no running!” Tyler chuckled.

“No you said no running with a knife. I wasn’t.” Ethan grinned.

“Yes you were.” Tyler chuckled before tickling Ethan.



Ethan couldn’t reply, he was laughing too much.

~small time skip~

“I’m use to sets coming with extra screws. But extra table tops? That’s just weird.”

“Have you ever even put a table together before?”

“As a matter of fact I have.” Ethan grinned proudly.

“Then how do we put this together?”

“Uhhhmm… You put the flat piece here,“ Ethan started singing to the tune of Hokey Pokey.
“And the small piece here. You put this piece here, and you screw it all in.”

“That doesn’t go in there, Ethan.”


Tyler chuckled at him. “Good try though.”

“Did we order the wrong table?”

“I don’t think so… the label on the box is correct…”

“So we’re just being fucking dumb.”

“Honestly we probably are.”

“Should we google it?”

“What would you even search?” Tyler chuckled.

“I don’t know! What to do with too many tabletops?!”

Tyler fell back laughing.

“What?! You have a better idea??”

“Why don’t we check the website?”

Ethan ran to find his laptop.

“Oh fuck. We’re fuckin dumb.” Ethan sighed.

“What is it?” Tyler looked over Ethan’s shoulder.

“We bought a table with extending leafs.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. We spent, how long trying to figure this out? A half an hour? Just for something as simple as this?!” Tyler let out a frustrated groan.

Ethan burst out in laughter.


“You’re yelling at a table!”

Tyler stared at him for a minute. Then he cracked a smile.

Then a chuckle.

Then a light laugh.

Then he was rolling on his back with laughter.

“Tyler. Tyler! You need to breathe! You can’t die on me now!! I need help with the table!!”

That just made Tyler laugh even harder.

~time skip~


Ethan burst into laughter.
“You’re holding it upside down, Tyler!”

Ethan was too busy laughing to realize that Tyler stood up.
Then suddenly Ethan was being held upside down by his ankles.


“Can you read it now?” Tyler grinned.

“Oh fuck off and put me down.” Ethan squirmed.

“Stop squirming or you’ll fall.”

“Yes let me fall to my death. The sweet release of death!”

“Why are you so over dramatic?”

“Because you love me.” Ethan grinned.

Tyler layed him down on his back and hovered over him. Ethan looked up at him. Tyler leaned down as Ethan leaned up.

“Hey! No fair! I was gonna kiss you!”

“Well too bad. I’m kissing you.” Tyler grinned before kissing him.

“Ok come on. We gotta finish this fucking table.”

“Sounds like a plan.”
Afternoon Gifts (3)

 This one actually has ya know, baby in it. Whoo.

Noctis huffs, laying naked and spread on their bed as Prompto makes a low humming noise in agreement, head pillowed on the slight softness of his husbands stomach.


“Dunno what to tell you, the face you make is too hot Noct.”

They end up like this whenever Noctis tries to have a serious conversation with Prompto, not that he’s upset by it. There’s a lot of sex in their marriage and that’s…really fuckin’ great. It’s just slightly inconvenient whenever they have time constraints, but for once there’s nothing pressing so it’s just them, lying together trying to gather their fleeting thoughts.

“So…you gonna tell me?”

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“I’m sorry…”

Happy belated birthday, @ka-zu-ya​! IMOUTO IS HELLA LATE BUT YEah ok I have no excuse

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