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One Year of the 100: Favorite Female Character → Lexa

#that moment when you realize that there were so many signs in the first lexa scene #signs that she was the commander #that look she shares with gustus #the references to the commander #the way she tries to play the innocent and scared girl #now it’s all so obvious

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top 10 Kim Daily? I need Kim Daily in my life

Top 10 Kim Daily 2k15

1. Because that sun and that city is my kind of Namjoon aesthetic.

2. Because Namjoon dimples + B&W + hotel beds, I’m not okay.

3. Because this is either ‘I’m a drugged rapper’ look or ‘I gave up on how I look for college lectures 4 months ago’ and I love them both.

4. Because this is where you get lost under the city lights and Namjoon takes you on an adventure and you better believe you aren’t going home without a kiss goodbye.

5. Because beanies and black and Namjoon should get married now.


7. Because aesthetic game was stronger than Jimin’s vocals.

8. Because Namjoon + Miles Teller is heaven. Also, this song is my JAM.

9. Grey aesthetic aka. Namjoon why are you at a workhouse? aka Namjoon, can I get lost in your drawstrings? 

10. This, because smiling Namjoon in hotel hallways and those legs and I don’t know what’s the most distracting thing in this picture.

Bonus : PinkMon. Because every Namjoon post needs one. what? a post without pinkmon? lmao bitch you thought

and everything just got really … quiet. and i don’t do well with silence. or change. three times in six months i’ve found myself surrounded by boxes. and that’s just the thing, is that nothing really stays the same, you know? and getting angry won’t stop it. no amount of bloody knuckles or aggression will make it go away. i have to learn to be okay with change. i have to learn to unpack. and i’m working on it. i’ll keep working on it. i’ll learn to be okay.


Josh Dun x reader

Summary: Tyler constantly teases you about your crush on Josh which Josh apparently isn’t completely oblivious to.

Words: 1,570

Requested? Yes, by an anon :)

You sat on your couch with your legs stretched out as you read a book. The novel was very enticing and you couldn’t put it down. Page after page, you were so engulfed in the book that you didn’t even notice the door to your apartment open. The only people besides you with a key to your apartment were the landlord, your mom, and your best friends, Tyler and Josh. The keys were meant for emergencies.

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MariChat will have the most frustratingly platonic balcony scene in my whole fandom life
Of Books and Dirty Cash pt 17


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Warning: This chapter has guns and violence, if you are concerned that it might bother you, please message me! I’d be happy to give you more details or a summary of what happens <3 

You could hear sirens outside. The florescent lights were blinding in the building, especially after being outside. A police officer walked over to you, kneeling down so he was level to where you sat. He was young, a little unsure. He was also the first person to take you seriously. 

“My name’s Jay.” He said. “I just looked over the form you handed in. It says you have hard evidence?”

You nodded. When you walked in, you had tried to talk to the lady sitting behind the counter, and she had handed you a piece of paper to fill out.

“Fill it out and bring it back up. We’ll take it from there.” 

You had tried to tell her it was important, and she had given you a blank stare until you took the clipboard. 

“You’ve been through a lot, haven’t you?” Jay looked sympathetic, and you nodded again. “Look, I’m going to take you into the back and ask you some questions–”

“I want full immunity.” You interrupted, and Jay gave you a small smile.

“You’re not in any trouble. Reporting a crime isn’t committing one.”

You shrugged. “Some of the things I tell you might be incriminating, I don’t know. I want full immunity.”

Jay sighed. “Okay. Wait here, I have to talk to my supervisor.”

It wasn’t long before you found yourself in a room with a one-way mirror, sitting at a table across from Jay and another officer. The women looked bored as she looked at you, the files you brought in with you sitting in the middle of the table.

“I’m sure you understand, we need a recording of what you tell us for the court—“ Jay started, and the women rolled her eyes.

“Quiet, new kid.” She snapped at Jay. “Now you,” She said, looking you dead in the eyes. “You better have a good reason to be here. It’s a felony to report a false crime.”

You fidgeted nervously, hands clasping and unclasping. “Before you look at the files, I want to explain myself.”

“That’s fine.” Jay said, giving you an encouraging smile as he ignored the glare his supervisor gave him.

“I never meant to get involved with any of this. Not gangs, or mafias, or whatever it is that I’ve recently found myself in the middle of.”

“Get to the point.”

You cleared your throat. “I wouldn’t have done this if I thought there was any way around it, so I’m hoping you won’t make me regret that decision. This should count as probable cause to arrest them.” You pushed the files towards the two officers. “I just want to be left alone. I want to know that the people I care about aren’t in danger because of me.” Your thoughts were going a mile a minute, and the silence of the room felt deafening. Would Yoongi forgive you for this? Would he understand that you didn’t have a choice? No, probably not.

Jay opened the file on top and his eyes widened. “How did you get all of this?” He asked. His supervisor finally looked mildly interested and took the paper from him.

“It’s a long story, but I don’t think you need to know that to arrest them.”

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Ugly Duckling 

Imagine: Gladys “Juniper” Jones is the twin sister of Jughead. The two are pretty similar; they dress alike, act alike, and overall are definitely twins. One day Juniper decides to dress a little more outside of her comfort zone, and faces the harsh repercussions. 

A/N: Om my god, I love Riverdale so much. Jughead is my smol bean that I will protect at all costs! Honestly, though all the characters are so great (looking  😏) and I can’t get enough. I have already fallen head over heels for this fandom and have decided to write an imagine. This is going to a multi-part fic, with some Reggie action because honestly, Reggie is just precious. This part doesn’t give him some good light, but just wait and it will get good.

Veronica places a small piece of cloth on my lap. I hold the shirt at arm’s length and examine it. It is very small. Holding it against my chest it doesn’t even reach my belly button. “I’m not going to take no for an answer,”

I scrunch my nose looking at my reflection. “It’s kinda small,”

“That’s the point,” Veronica rests her chin on my shoulder. I lock gazes with her reflection. A sigh escapes her lips. “Okay, here,”

She pulls a denim jacket from her closet to pair with the shirt. Betty chimes in from her spot on Veronica’s bed. “Now we definitely aren’t taking a no,”

“Fine,” Betty and Veronica squeal simultaneously.

~ ~ ~

The next morning I stare at the front of the school apprehensively. Should I even go in? I pull at the hem of the crop top that barely grazes my belly button. I release one last breath and walk into school. Heads turn as I walk past and I receive many incredulous stares.

“DAMN!” Veronica and Betty are at the end of the hall walking over. Veronica scans my outfit. “Juni, you’re so hot!”

I can feel the heat creeping up my neck. Betty takes me by the shoulders giving me her signature warm smile. “She’s right, Juni! You look amazing,”

“Juni is that you? You look so hot!” Kevin walks up and pushes Betty aside to get a good look at my outfit. “If I wasn’t gay you’d definitely be on my list,”

“Thanks, guys,” I adjust the strap on my shoulder and head down the hall. The other fall in step behind me. “I’m just worried what Jughead will think,”

“You didn’t see him?”

“Not exactly, I’ve kinda been avoiding him,” Veronica slaps my shoulder. Just then the first bell rings and I back away from the group. “I’ll see you guys later!”

For the remainder of the day, I get other compliments along the lines of ‘you look great’ and ‘nice outfit’. Some guys were a little more outright and said ‘you look hot’ but I appreciated the compliments nonetheless. It’s weird to see the reaction after changing from my normal attire of jeans and a t-shirt.

Since Jughead is working on the Blue and Gold with Betty and will be out late, I have to catch a ride with our friend Archie. My gaze is on the floor as I amble down the hallway towards the locker room.

“Hey, Wednesday Addams!” My body tenses when I hear the familiar nickname. I quicken my pace trying to flee the situation. My hands clench into tight fists.  “Guys, I don’t think twisted twin here heard us,”

Chuck and his Goons quickly surround me and corner me against a locker. Chuck’s gaze travels across my body sending chills down my spine. “Nice outfit,”

No words come out of my mouth. Unlike my brother who has a way with words, my brain short circuits in situations like these leaving me mute. “Too bad you’re just an ugly duckling thinking she can be a swan,”

The laughter from the group of guys surrounding me sounds like hammers against my skull. My heart pounds against my chest and my breathing quickens. “You know what, though?”

Chuck leans on the locker beside me so that his face is only millimeters from mine. “Do you like maple syrup?”

“You would really get with trailer trash like that?” Moose furrows his brows staring at me like I am just dirt under his feet. I swallow the lump in my throat. Please, just go away.

“Here’s the thing about trash. You use it once and then throw it away,” The guys erupt in laughter patting Chuck on his back for his clever word-play. I use this moment as a chance to break away.

I run to the boys’ locker room only a few doors away, hoping that Archie is still here. The locker room is oddly quiet when I walk in. “A-archie?”

When there is no response I realize that I’m alone. I lean my head back against a locker and sink to the ground. Tears roll down my cheeks. I bury my head in my arms rested on my knees. Why was I stupid enough to dress like this?

“Juniper?” I jump to my feet as Reggie emerges from behind a locker. He looks at the tears on my cheeks which I wipe away with the sleeve of my jacket.

“What? Are you here to finish off the job? Tell me I am delusional for thinking I could ever dress nice, could be anything other than trash you will throw away? I think your goons got that covered,”

I storm out of the locker room. My body hits something hard. Jughead takes my face in his hands holding it up for inspection. “What happened?”

“J-juggie. I-I just couldn’t d-do anything,” I choke out between sobs. Jughead buries my face in his chest rubbing my back. I soak his shirt with tears.

“It’s okay, Junie. I’ll fix it,”

You Don’t Do That!

Reader: 18+

You were currently in the shower, Jamming out to your favourite song before going to your brothers to Massachusetts for a hunt. Cas has been AWOL, Not answering any prayers you three threw his way, So you stopped waiting for an answer months ago.

You turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around you; Turning off your music before you walked to your room, Your wet feet colliding with the smooth floor, Feet marks following behind you.

Once inside your room, You made your way to your drawer; Picking out a pair of panties before dropping your towel and drying the remaining damp skin. You slid on your panties, About to pick out a bra before a deep voice stopped you.

“So (Y/n), What did come first? The chicken or the egg?”

You whipped around, Shrieking while covering your bare chest.

“Get out! Out!!” You threw the towel, But he dodged and knocked over your lamp, Causing it to shatter.

“(Y/n)!? What’s wrong!? Your brothers knocked, But eneded up barging in.

“Cas?! What the hell-?!”

Your brothers eyes land on you, Half naked. 

“What the hell Cas?!”

“I was just asking (Y/n)-”

“You don’t just appear in peoples rooms Cas! Especially when (Y/n) is half naked!!” Your brothers covered Cas’s eyes, And dragged him out.


Once clothed and ready, You walked out of your room, Going to get your broom to clean up the shattered lamp.

You go into the kitchen, Your brothers whispering to Cas before laying their eyes on you.

“Cas has something to say (Y/n)” Sam stands up, Pushing Cas in front of you.

“I apologize (Y/n). It was unkind of me to appear in your room like that. I promise it will not happen again.”

“And??” Dean tries to coax him further.

“And- And I’ll clean up the mess and buy you another lamp.” Cas gives you puppy eyes and you sigh.

“It’s okay. Here.” You hand him to broom and dustpan, Watching as he takes it and walks toward your room.

“You sure you’re okay (N/n)?”

“I’m fine Dean. It’s not like he saw me fully naked. It was an accident.”

“He saw you half naked” Sam adds, And you roll your eyes.

“It’s fine Samuel. So when are we leaving?”

“20 minutes tops. So go pack up.”

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Rafael Barba made it a habit of coming home late. Not that you usually minded, you knew how important his job was and made it a point to hide your disappointment at your frequently cancelled plans. Tonight was different. In the past few weeks, you’d been feeling out of touch with your friends. The recent work assignments you’d been allocated had kept you incredibly busy and away from your support network.

Rafael smiled as he climbed into bed beside you. “Cariño, how was your day?”

“Fine,” you said dully, not looking up from the book you were hiding your face in.

“Is everything alright?” Rafael asked, concerned by your lack of enthusiasm. Normally you’d have pounced on him with your contagious smile by now.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?” you tried to deflect his question with one of your own.

“Nice try, cariño. Talk to me. What happened?”

“It’s nothing, Rafael. It doesn’t matter.” You’d kept your nose buried in that book.

“Sweetheart, if it matters to you, it matters.” He put his hand on your arm and gently pulled the novel out of your hands. “Por favor, cariño. I hate to see you like this. Let me help. Digame (tell me).”

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Beer Pong and Powdered Donuts

prompt: A’s been arrested and is waiting handcuffed to a bench in the police station, B is there to deliver donuts and can’t help giving A one

prompt by @writing-prompts-list

Originally posted by archiegifs

Request: Being Kevin’s sister and dating Veronica 💜💜

A/N: I hope it’s okay that I put this in an imagine instead of a “would include”, if you’d like me to make a list just let me know :)

A/N: Also, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I’ve just had a lot of homework load. Still have to work on it all weekend, but I found sometime to write tonight <3

Word Count: 770



Night air swept across your face. Cold metal dug into your wrists. Your face was highlighted by the red and blue light flashing above you. 

When the car pulled up, the wind got stronger. Your hair whipped around you. The Riverdale Sheriff’s office.  You were going to be in so much trouble.

The police officer grabbed your cuffs and hauled you towards the front. As the large doors opened, your brother rushed towards you. 

“y/n what the hell!” Kevin’s blue eyes glimmered, “Dad’s going to kill you! What did you do?”

It was a simple party. At someone’s house that was trustworthy….

Okay maybe simple wasn’t the correct word. But never-the-less what you did wasn’t that bad.



The music was booming so loud you could feel it in your feet. People laughed all around. Red cups were being passed around, beer pong was being played. Striding over to the table, slinging an arm around your girlfriend. “Hey Ronnie” Her face beamed, her arm slinging around your waist, “Hey babe, want to join”

You shook your head, “I’ll join in a minute, I’m gonna get a drink” You smiled at her before disappearing back into the crowd. Sweaty people dancing surrounded you before you were passed a drink.

Two hours later, after 4 rounds of beer pong, you and Veronica were lying on the couch, her head resting on your chest. Your hair was splayed on the couch, veronica’s manicured hands playing with it. “you know…we should probably get home…”

“mmm” she hummed, “But I’m so comfy…”

“I know…if I’m not home soon my dad will start looking”

She sighed, “okay..I’ll stay here though..make sure Archie doesn’t do anything stupid”

You slid off the couch and kissed her forehead. “See you tomorrow”


Tomorrow. If you were let out by tomorrow.

“Oh my god Y/n! Dad’s going to kill you. You went to a party, make out with Veronica, then drive a car drunk?!”

“Shh Kev…”

His eyes widened, “You didn’t tell him yet!”

You looked down. “How am I supposed to? His son is gay, what would he do if he found out his daughter was too?”

Kevin just looked at you solemnly.

Not even a minute after, the doors flung open, raven hair flew around. 

“Y/n? Kevin? What the hell happened” 

Veronica rushed towards you two, Kevin taking the queue to leave, probably walking outside to go find Joaquin.

Two power donuts rested in a Tupperware that was peeking out of her purse.

She looked at you sternly, monitoring the scratches on your face, “What happened after that party?”


You opened the door to your car, and slung the seatbelt across your body.

With your hands at ten and two, you jumbled around for your keys in your pocket.

The engine started, you pulled out of the driveway, but next thing you knew, you saw bright red and blue lights. Your foot slammed on the break so quickly, that the next thing you saw was the stop sign.


Her hand rested on the side of your face, eyes calculating. “if you crashed, why would they take you here?”

You looked down, “I was drunk, and didn’t stop the car”

“Yes, but your father is the Sheriff, wouldn’t you get let off?”

Shoes clacked along the tiles on the floor.

Speak of the devil.

“Y/n..” You looked up, Veronica retreated her hand from yours.

You father stared at you, disappointed. 

“I’m sorry dad…I just really wanted to go this party..”

“Don’t tell me you went to that party for some boy. I know Kevin might have an influence on you, but if its going to be with anything just don’t let it be his choice of men”

He cleared his throat.

“You’re off the hook. Luckily you didn’t do much damage to the car, or the stop sign. We’ll talk about this at home” His eyebrows furrowed as he walked off, saying goodbye to you and Veronica. 

“well..” Veronica started, “that was sufficiently awkward”

She reached into her purse to grab the container. Flipping the lid off, she handed a powdered donut to you.

“I came as soon as I can but I thought I’d get the chef to make some powdered donuts, I know they’re your favourite” You smiled at her, but it was wavering.

Sure, you should be happy that you were off the hook, but you were scared. Not only had you gone to the party, didn’t stop for the cops, and got drunk, you also had something huge to tell him, and you weren’t sure he would take your girlfriend lightly.


A Day With You

Originally posted by bw-shawn-mendes

Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Request: Can you make an imagine where shawn brings you to a Jon Bellion concert, we rock out get drunk and go back to the hotel laughing and singing (even though I can’t sing)

Note: I’m not entirely sure if this is what you asked for but I hope you enjoy nonetheless!!

“Shawn can I take the blindfold off now?” You asked and you heard him chuckle, smug bastard.

Shawn said he had a surprise for you which lead you to your current situation, being blindfolded in a car.

“Not yet, but we’re almost there though.” you loud out a sigh in frustration and threw your head back, soon you felt a hand on your thigh.

A few moments have passed and you were guessing that Shawn’s focus was on the road, it wouldn’t hurt to take a little peak. You put your hand on the blindfold ready to move it when you felt a Shawn playfully smack your hand away

“Tsk tsk tsk, What did I say?” he teased and you groaned in frustration

“Relax babe we’re almost there.” You started feeling in front of you trying to find the radio to put some music on to kill the silence, you kept trying to find it when Shawn opened it for you.

“You know all you had to do is tell me to turn it on for you

“You’re driving.”

“I cant multitask.”

“I don’t wanna die.”

“Says you, I always snap while drive.”

“Which is dangerous. Anyway are we there yet?” 

“Almost.” You put your head on the window and let out a frustrated sigh

“Okay, we’re here.” you were about to take your blindfold off when Shawn playfully smacked your hand.. again.

“What? You said we were-”

“I said we were here, not that you could take your blindfold off.” You could sense him smirking, bastard.

He got out of the car and opened the door for you and took your hands leading you to wherever the two of you were going.

“You aren’t going to take me to the woods and kill me are you?” You heard him let out a laugh.”

“No, and we are nowhere near the woods.” he said when he let go of your hands to take your blindfold off.

“Open your eyes.” he whispered, never noticing that you kept them closed, you opened your eyes and a gasp escaped your lips.

“Shawn- You- I-i thought they were sold out!” you barely put your words in a meaningful sentence

“I’ve always known how much you wanted to go to his concert so I got us some tickets.” 

“Shawn! Jon Bellion?! This is amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” You pounced on him

Originally posted by couplenotes

“I also got you,” he said placing you down gently to reveal backstage passes which made your jaw drop.

“No!” you squealed and he only laughed at your reaction, you pounced at him again showering him with kisses.

After you let him go, you two entered the concert, enjoyed it, met Jon and had a great time.

But as soon as you left, you two stopped for drinks on your way hime, and let’s just say you got a bit tipsy..

“Shawn!” you yelled


“I loooove you.” you giggled and he only laughed

“Can we go swimming?” you asked out of the blue

“Y/N, its one o’clock in the morning. I’m pretty sure pools are closed at this hour.”

“We don’t have to go to the pool, we could go to the lake.”

“Y/N, it’s dark out and-”

“Please?” you begged like a child

“Okay, Fine. But I’m only doing this because I love you.” he said taking a turn.

You turned the radio on and starting singing as loud as you can and Shawn only watched, amused.

“Shawn can I-” you stopped mid-sentence to see that the bastard was recording you in your drunken state

“Shawn!” whined covering your face and he only chuckled, you tried reaching for his phone but he put it out of your reach, and you couldn’t just jump over him for the phone while he was driving,

“Y/N, you’re drunk get back in your seat.” he laughed at your attempts to reach for his phone.

“I am not drunk! I’m just tipsy, there’s a difference.” 

“Whatever you say.” he said parking the car

You started fiddling with your seatbelt trying to take it off but unfortunately you were too drunk to do it properly.

“Shawn, can you help me out of this?” you said tugging at it, you soon stopped as soon as you felt Shawn put his hand on yours, you pulled your hands away as he did them for you.

“Thank you.” you said getting out of the car and due to the affect of alcohol you felt dizzy and nauseous causing you to hold onto the door.

“Still feel like going for a swim?” he chuckled and you stuck out your tongue

“Yup, i’m not changing my mind.” you said letting go of the car door and walking towards the lake.

As soon as you got to the lake you started stripping down to your undergarments.

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You felt Shawn’s gaze behind you and you smirked a little, you turned around and put your hands on your hips.

“Well? Are you gonna just stand there or join me?” Soon Shawn took his shirt and pants off, joining you.

You stood by the dock with him by your side and he looked a bit hesitant.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” he asked and you only replied by jumping in.

“Does that answer your-” you were cut off when Shawn jumped in, you were basically drenched because of all the water he made fly around, you turned around to see the bastard laughing. You only smirked when an idea popped into your head, he has been laughing the whole night its only fair you had your fun so you dove into the water, Shawn not noticing.

“Y/N?” You heard him call, no answer.

“Y/N!” he called again and you could feel the panic rising in his voice as he kept looking around for you and calling. You swam up to his legs and grabbed them causing him to yell, you swam up to the shore to see his face and to say the least you were pleased and started to laugh as he splashed water at you.

“That’s not funny! You almost gave me a heart attack!” he laughed a little

“Aww is Shawnie worried about me?” you asked wrapping your arms around his neck pulling you closer to him.

“Damn right I am!” he yelled lightly and you only threw your head back in laughter and leaned in, capturing his lips with yours and wrapped your legs around his waist.

Originally posted by true-love-is-everything

You both soon pulled away for air and rested your forehead on his.

“Thank you, for the best day ever.” 

“Thank you, because a day with you, feels like eternity.” he whispered connecting your lips

anonymous asked:

Totally sounding like "that guy" and I hate it. But in Overwatch you are not suppose to have a "Main" you need to play all heros semi-well. I know no one does this though, but it would help you in the 1v1 duels.


okay, here’s the deal. I literally do not have enough free time or skill to actually learn to play every hero at a decent level. 

I can play a varied number and style, however. For example, characters I count as my ‘mains’ include Reinhardt, D.Va, McCree, Soldier 76, Pharah, Bastion, and to a very very limited degree Lucio. It’s a diverse enough lineup that I can fill pretty much any spot on a team. 

Which is my problem with the duels. I play Overwatch as a team game where I work together with others to achieve a goal. I can’t function on my own in any real capacity. I need a Rein to shield my 76, I need an Ana to heal my Rein, etc. Is that a problem with my skill level? Hell yeah it is. I’m just upset that in order to gain rewards right now I have to do literally the opposite of what I normally do: play heroes I’m not used to in order to win in single combat. 

I’ll admit this is mostly just salt, but that doesn’t change the fact I hate this gamemode with a fiery passion.


Here’s another one of my own little ideas, this is quite confusing but I hope you will enjoy it xx

Y/N instantly frowned as she shifted slightly onto the bed, her head nearly exploding at the movement. Hungover. She blinked a few times, adjusting to the light. As she looked around to the bedroom, she quickly realized something. This wasn’t her bedroom. This was a house. A house that she hadn’t been in before. She lifted herself up very slowly as she tried to focus on what had happened the previous night but there was no memories left. Not a single trace of what had happened in her mind. But there was still one thing that she remembered and it was the reason why she had been drinking that much.

She suddenly froze as she heard a man’s voice and it wasn’t familiar at all. “Oh, you’re finally awake.” The stranger said, smiling up at her. He was only in his boxers and it was worrying her. She looked down to her body but noticed that she was still fully dressed. She blinked a few times once again, the headache being too much for her to handle. She found the strength to get up and looked through the window, under the hard stare of the man. “I’m sorry. I should probably get going.” Y/N shrugged, sitting down on the edge of the bed as he quickly put her shoes on and caught a glimpse of her purse on a table. She searched through it, grabbing hold of her phone to check the time before placing into the back pocket of her jean.

“You could stay.” The man offered, glaring up and down at her which instantly made her feel uncomfortable. “Nah, I don’t want to bother you anymore longer.” She admitted, smiling up at him as the man weirdly got closer to her. The stranger brought a hand to her neck as he leaned in to kiss it but Y/N quickly brushed him off. “What are you doing?” She exclaimed, surprised by his actions. She didn’t want him to get the wrong idea but then she also wasn’t sure if anything had happened the night before. “Oh come on, don’t be such a brat.” The stranger exclaimed, a slight of annoyance in his voice as he grabbed her by her waist, pushing her against the wall harshly. “You know you want it.” He mumbled as he tried to press their lips together. “No, get away from me!” She called out, trying to get out of his grip and he only held her tighter. Luckily she was clever and without thinking, she brought her knee up hardly where it would kill any man and before she could understand what was going on, she was racing out of the house.

She kept running for a moment, not caring to look behind her. She had no idea if the man had been following her but it didn’t matter, she had to get away from him as much as she could. She spotted a small street at some point and ran until she was hidden between the close walls of the street. She stopped, taking a minute to catch her breath when she came to the realization that she had left her purse there. Luckily, there wasn’t any important papers in it, just her ID. “Fuck.” She cursed, throwing her hands in the air. She then remembered that she still had her phone on her and grabbed hold of it from her back pocket. As she unlocked it, there was only one person that she wanted to call but was it a good idea? 

Without thinking, she clicked on his contact name before bringing the phone to her ear. In the  space of two ring tones, she heard his voice. “Hello?” The young man replied, the surprise evident in his voice. Why would she call him? “Hey, I’m really sorry to bother you right now, Joe. But something happened and I’m not even sure where I am and you’re the first person I wanted to call. I know it’s inappropriate and all but-” Y/N rambled, the panic growing in her chest as she explained everything to him. “Y/N, it’s alright. What happened? Are you okay?” Joe asked, worry suddenly flashing his body. “Can you just come and get me? I think I’m near Castle Road.” She asked, crossing her arms as she let out a sigh. “Okay, I’ll be here soon. Don’t move.” Joe stated before he hung up and was already climbing into his car.

Joe and Y/N had been together for a few months but their timing was wrong and it was too bad because they both hadn’t been in a serious relationship in a while. They decided to end things before it got out of hands and after 1 month since that break up, neither of them was okay. They had loved each other to pieces and despite being apart for a long month, they still needed each other. And Joe was the reason why Y/N was messing up her life.

About fifteen minutes later, Joe was parked next to the street, waving at her to get in which she quickly did. “Tell me what happened.” Joe ordered as soon as she was in the passenger sit, a comforting hand resting on her arm as his eyes darting over her face. Y/N sighed as she looked up to meet his blue eyes. “The last thing I remember was dancing out at a club with this guy. And then I woke up this morning in this stranger’s bed. I don’t even know if something happened with him.” Y/N admitted, looking down to her lap as a voice crack escaped her throat. “Hey, it’s okay. I’m here now. Did he hurt you?” Joe questioned, reaching out for her hand. “I wanted to leave but he pushed me against the wall.” Y/N explained as Joe drove off to his apartment, where he knew she would be safe.

The ex lovers stepped into the flat, a heavy silence between them. “Still as tidy.” Y/N teased as she looked around the living room that she knew all too well. They exchanged a look as Joe smiled at her. She walked further into the apartment, sitting down on one of the tools as he moved around the other side of the counter. Joe opened a drawer and took some tablets out as he poured down a glass of water. He moved back around the counter, facing her as he sat down, handing the hungover cure to her. “Thanks.”Y/N said, giving him a small smile. It went silent again for a long minute. 

“Can I ask you something?” Joe suddenly blurred out as he was looking down to his lap. “Sure.” She frowned, taking a sip of her glass. “Whose name made you forget your own last night?” Joe asked, looking up to her. There was a slight glow of hope in his eyes as he waited for her answer. “Isn’t it obvious?” Y/N replied, fiddling with the hem of her shirt. 

Joe took a minute to admire her. He used to always do this, watch her when she wasn’t looking. That’s when she was the most beautiful to him. And he found himself smiling. 

Joe put a piece of her hair behind her ear, allowing her to meet his eyes again. He brushed his fingers against her cheek as she leaned onto his touch. “I’m glad you’re okay.” Joe admitted, feeling his heartbeat increase as she smiled back.

Within a second, Joe had pressed his lips to hers and when she kissed back, he knew they wouldn’t leave each other again. They were giving their story another chance. This was their new start.

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…*coughs* Blind…I want you to know, before doing anything, thag this is some sort of stupid game and I can’t avoid it…okay? *sighs* …Here we go.

*Kisses him on the nose* This is because you make me smile everytime I see you.

*kisses him over the wrist* This is because I think you are beautiful…

*kisses him on the fingertips* I care about you. A lot.

*kisses him on the knees* I want to be by your side, even in youe darkests days.

*Gives him an almond kiss* I want to know you better.

*Kisses him on the cheek* And this is…well…*sighs*

I’m sorry Blind. I cannot hold it anymore…

*Kisses him on the lips*

Tom Wilson Imagine - Chapter 15



Tom’s POV:

One Week Later


Today was huge. I was picking up Y/N’s parents from the airport to surprise her. Her mom and dad had decided to fly into the city after the break in, just to see her and make sure that she was okay.

“Tom!” A woman shouted from the baggage claim area where I was waiting. “That’s you, right?” She laughed as she walked over to me. She had Y/N’s eyes, so I knew it was Brenda.

“Mrs. Y/L/N! It’s so nice to finally meet you.” I said as I grabbed her suitcase and pulled her in for a hug.

“Please, sweetheart, call me Brenda.” She answered as her perfume rubbed off on my shirt.

“Mr. Y/L/N, pleasure to meet you, sir.” I said, kind of nervous to meet her dad.

“You too, Tom. Thank you for taking such good care of our girl.” He said, shaking my hand and giving me a small hug.

“Absolutely.” I responded. “My car is out this way, I was thinking we could stop by Georgetown and pick up Y/N from her class, grab lunch and then I’ll get you guys to the hotel? But if you’re tired now I can take you to the hotel and we can meet you guys a little bit before the game?”

“You are so sweet to plan all of this.” Her mom said as she grabbed my arm as I lead them to my car.

“I try.” I laughed.

“I can see why Y/N is so into you.” Her dad, Mark, said.

“I don’t know about you Mark but I’m dying to see her. I want to go pick her up at school.” Her mom said.

“Whatever you’d like.” Mark chimed in from the backseat.

“Alright, off to Georgetown.” I said as I pulled away from the airport.

Driving through the city I made my way, to Georgetown, stopping in front of the same big brick building that I was becoming all to familiar with.

“There she is! I see her! Oh, she looks so beautiful.” Brenda exclaimed from the passenger seat of my car.

“Brenda just stay in the car and let her find us.” Mark laughed.

“Okay, okay,” She sighed. “Ooh! Here she comes!”

“Hi babe—- ah! Mom and dad! What are you guys doing here?” Y/N screamed as she opened the door, not being able to see through my tinted windows.

“Surprise!” Brenda said as she jumped out of the car and hugged her.

“How are you, sweetie?” Her dad asked as he pulled her in for a hug after her mom squeezed.

“I’m good. So much better now that y’all are here. Are you coming to the game tonight?” She asked as everyone climbed back in my car.

“Yes! Tom got the hook up for us.” Her mom laughed from the front seat, rubbing my arm. I smiled and carefully pulled away from the school, dodging college students walking in front of my car.

“I’m so excited. What made you guys decide to come into town?” She asked as she pulled her seatbelt on.

“We really just needed to come check on you after the break in. We just didn’t feel right about not coming into town after that happened. We’re so glad that Tom called us.” Her mom said as she turned around, placing a hand on Y/N’s leg.

“We just want to make sure our little girl is safe and okay.” Her dad chimed in.

I looked back from my mirror to see Y/N’s excited expression fall. Her eyes trailed out the window and her eyes welled up with tears.

“Babe don’t cry.” I said out of habit, forgetting that her parents were in the car. Whenever I see her get upset I just go into protective mode. Nothing hurts my heart more.

“I mean, Y/N – stop. What’s wrong?” I corrected as I cleared my throat.

“It was just so scary.” She began quietly.

“I’m sure it was sweetie. I’m sorry that we couldn’t be there for you. That’s how it is when you go to school far away.” Mark said as he rubbed her back.

“Mark, please.” Brenda yell-whispered to him.

“I’m just really glad that Tom was able to get there. I don’t know what I would’ve done without him,” She continued.

“We are happy he was there too. We’re glad that you have someone to look out for you while you’re here.” Her mom said with a smile as I pulled up in front of their hotel.

“Here you are, guys!” I said with a smile, trying to lighten the mood.

“Thanks for picking us up, Tom.” Mark said as he got out of the car.

“Of course.” I said as I met him at the trunk, helping them with their luggage.

“Thank you so much sweetie.” Brenda said as she gave me another hug.

“Alright, beautiful.” Brenda began, pulling Y/N in for another hug. “We’ll see you in a little bit.”

“Yeah, I’ll come by and pick you guys up at around 4:15.” I told them as they walked inside the hotel.

“And make sure you’re outside waiting at 4:15 because Tom has to be at the game at 5!” Y/N called after them. I laughed.

“Surprise baby.” I whispered to her as I pulled her into a hug before we got back in the car.

“Thank you for doing this.” She said as she kissed me.

“I rented out a suite for you guys tonight at the game too. It’ll be really special. I know they don’t get out here much.”

“I love you so much. Thank you for doing that.” She said with a smile as I helped her into the passenger seat.



The suite that Tom had set up for my parents and I was incredible. We got the arena at 5, and there was a four course meal waiting for us when we got there.  It was so nice to catch up with my parents and hear about life back in Texas. Two hours of chit chat passed quickly, and the horn sounded as the game began. We made our way to our seats as the puck started to move around the ice. The Caps were playing the Penguins tonight… always a wild game to be at.

“Is that Tom, fighting?” My mom asked as she pointed to the ice. Tom had dropped the gloves halfway into the first and left a Penguins goon with a broken nose and a bloody face.

“Yes mom, Tom is an enforcer.” I laughed.

“How could anyone so sweet just kick someone’s ass like that?” She questioned.

“It’s his job, Brenda!” My dad chimed in. “I like the fact that he can take someone out.”

The first period went on to be scoreless, and then things picked up in the second. Tom scored on the first shift of the second period, erupting cheers and applause throughout the already bumping Verizon Center. His goal boosted morale among the fans and the team, causing him to score once more not even a minute later. The three of us were on our feet screaming and yelling as the goal light went off.

“He’s amazing!” My mom yelled over the cheers as she clapped.

“I’ve never seen him score two goals in one game before. Maybe you’re his good luck charm.” I nudged her with a wink.

“He’s a very good guy, Y/N. Please keep him around. I know he takes good care of you.” She answered with a soft smile.

“He does. I love him very much.” I answered. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it, silently telling me how lucky I was to have someone who loved me and wanted to protect me.

The screen inside our suite showed Tom sitting on the bench, his smile still big after scoring his second goal. I knew he was so proud of himself and that he was so excited. I was too. I needed to do something for him. To say that I owed him was a complete understatement. Not only was he there for me in my time of need after we had a bad fight, he let me move in with him, he took complete care of me, and even reached out to my parents to surprise me. Yeah… he needed a surprise of his own.

Hey Carly, remember that black lingerie set you bought awhile back but you never got to wear because you and your boyfriend broke up?


I texted to Carly… realizing how insensitive it sounded after I already pressed send.

Wow, thanks for the reminder. But yes, why?


Could I borrow it? Tom surprised me. My parents came into town and he was in on it. Picked them up from the airport, hooked them up with a suite for the game… the whole enchilada. And he scored twice tonight. I want to “surprise” him if you know what I mean….


Okay, yes I get it. I don’t need details. Could you swing by and get it? My car is in the shop and Ava isn’t here. Plus I want to say hi to your parents.


Yeah. We’ll take an Uber that way after the game. Thank you so much! And put it in a gift bag or something so my parents don’t ask questions… lol


You got it. See you soon you soon!


The third period went on without much action, leaving the Capitals ahead 2-1, thanks to my baby.

A few minutes after the final horn blew, I got a text from Tom.

Hey babe, getting pulled for interviews so I’m going to be a late. I called you guys a car that’s waiting outside. It will take your parents back to the hotel and you back home. I’ll see you when I get back : )


Amazing game, babe. So proud of you. Thanks for the car. See you soon.


I told my parents about the car situation and they followed me outside, where we met a gentlemen in a big black SUV.

“Could you please make a stop at a house in Georgetown? I just need to pick something up.” I asked the driver as we got inside.

“Of course, Ms. Y/L/N. You must be so proud of Tom tonight. What a talented young man!” The driver said as he pulled off into the post game traffic.

“We most definitely are! He is just such an exhilarating player to watch in person!” My mom answered, still on an excitement high from the game.

Their conversation about his skills on the ice continued as I notified Carly of when we would be arriving.

“Sweetie, where is that we are stopping in Georgetown?” My mom asked after she was down fawning over my boyfriend with the driver.

“I just want to stop by the townhouse, Carly has to give me something. She also wants to see you guys.” I explained.

“Such a nice girl. Do you miss with her?” She asked as we crossed the bridge.

“Yes, but – “ I tried, only to be interrupted.

“But she is safer staying with Tom.” My dad chimed in firmly.

“Yes.” I answered with a deep breath, trying not to let my mind go back to the night of the break in.

“Here we are.” The driver said as he pulled in front of the townhouse. Carly was waiting for us on the stairs outside.

“Thank you so much!” I said as I rolled down the window and she handed me a blue gift bag with the lingerie inside. She made small talk with my parents for a few minutes, but I rushed their conversation as I was eager to get home.

“Alright, it was really nice seeing you guys. Enjoy your visit!” She called as she stepped away from the car.

“Thanks Carly!” My parents called to her in unison.

“What’s in the bag?” My mom whispered to me as the driver pulled away, making his way to the hotel.

“Nothing, mom.” I said as I quickly pulled the bag away from her.

She gave me that look like, “I know exactly what you’re doing.”


“Alright, I’ll see you guys tomorrow? I’ll text you in the morning and we can make plans.” I told my parents as we stopped in front of their hotel.

“Sounds good.” My dad said as he kissed me on the cheek and got out of the car.

“He deserves it.” My mom said, motioning to the bag. “Have a fun night. Be SAFE.” She winked.

“Ugh! Mom!” I screamed, shoving her a little.

“What! I’m just saying. Love you, honey.”

“Love you too.” I said reluctantly.


I thanked the driver and ran upstairs in the apartment complex. I turned on CSN to gauge how much time I had before Tom would be home. He was wrapping up an interview, so he would still need to shower and drive home. I jumped in the shower just to shave my legs. Not allowing my face or hair to get wet, I carefully moved the razor from my ankle to my hip. I stepped out of the shower and moisturized, making sure every part of my body is smooth and ready for his touch.

I stripped out of my plain bra and underwear and stepped into the back lingerie. It wasn’t your traditional bra and underwear set…. It was a one piece lace outfit with a neck line plunging to my belly button. The thin lace barely covered my nipples and showed most of the skin on my breasts. I freshened up my makeup and sprayed on some perfume on my neck.

I returned to the bedroom to find that the after game talk show had taken over CSN. By now, Tom was probably on his way home. Deciding that something was missing from my ensemble, I put on one of Tom’s dress shirts. I picked a white one and rolled the sleeves up just a little. Messing up my hair In the mirror and taking one last look, I heard the front door unlock.

“Babe?” Tom called as he walked through the door.

I slowly got off the bed and walked to the doorframe of the bedroom. “Hi, baby.” I cooed, playing with the buttons on his shirt that I was now wearing.

“So I was thinking about grabbing a drink with the guys to celebrate the win-“ He began, setting his bags down at his feet. He hadn’t looked at me yet. “Oh.” He said as he looked up at me, starting to shoot me that sexual smile that always made me wet. “No I’m not.” He laughed, still staring at me.

“Or, you could just stay in and celebrate with me.” I said as I let one of the sleeves fall off my shoulder.

“Yeah I think that’s a better idea.” He said as he walked over to me. He pressed me up against the bedroom door running his hands down my sides and kissed me intensely. I lifted my right leg and hooked it around his hip, allowing my wet and warm center to press against the side of his leg.

“I like this.” Tom said as he pulled back and ran his fingers against the lace that barely covered my breasts.

“I’m so proud of you, baby. I thought you deserved a surprise.” I murmured as I let the dress shirt slide off my shoulders and onto the floor.

“I like this surprise.” He whispered into my neck as he left gentle kisses on my soft spots. He slid is hands from my waist down as he moved to his knees.

“No, baby. Tonight is about you.” I said sweetly as I ran my fingers through his long hair.

“Shhh.” He smirked as he ran his fingers along my slit over the lace the covered me. I moaned and bent my knees, shooting my hips forward and into him.

“Don’t baby, I don’t want to come just yet.” I winked at him. “I’m so horny for you.” I whined as I tugged on his hair again.

“Those fights turn you on? And the goals?” He asked, still running his hands over my center.

“You have no idea.” I said, still bending my knees to feel his fingers more, as if he was going to enter me.

He ran his hands up my legs as he stood up, letting his mouth stop at my sex. He bit me gently through the fabric, causing my knees to go weak.

“Don’t do that to me. Not yet.” I scolded as I regained my strength and dragged him to the bed.

I threw him onto the bed and climbed on top of him, sitting on top of his growing erection. I slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt and pulled it off of him, running my hands up and down his chest and abdomen underneath his undershirt. I swiftly pulled his undershirt off of him and slightly gyrated my hips on top of his clothes, making him harder and harder.

“Baby,” He got out after a series of sharp breaths.

“Shhh.” I said as I kissed him gently to silence him.

Moving to his pants, I unbuckled his pants and slid them down to his ankles, moving myself so I could remove them completely. I did the same with his briefs and freed his erection from confinement. He moved his right hand to his cock, slowly stroking as he looking me up and down.

“No.” I scolded as I moved both of his hands above his head.

“Oh, this is how it’s going to be tonight?” He asked with a sexy smile.

“This is how it’s going to be.” I answered with my bedroom eyes.

“This thing is kind of itchy.” I began as I pulled the fabric away from both of my breasts. “I think I should take it off.”

“Please.” Tom said as he moved his hands to my breasts.

I slowly moved my hair to the side and undid the halter knot that was keeping me covered. I slowly slid the fabric down my body and climbed out of it, placing my center on top of his throbbing length.

“God.” Tom sighed.

“What?” I asked with a smirk.

“My baby is so sexy.” He answered as he pulled me down to suck on my breasts. I let him lick both of them, moaning out in pleasure as my center grew more and more warm. As he sucked, I moved on his dick, not letting it enter me just yet. I moved slowly, just slow enough to drive both of us crazy. I gently bit down on his shoulder as my pussy throbbed against him.

“Fuck me, baby.” He whispered softly as he bit my earlobe.

I took his orders and sat up just a little, allowing his length to match up with my entrance. I slowly slit down, stabilizing myself on his abs. I moaned as he filled me and his hands pressed firmly on my hips, pushing me farther and farther down.

“Ride me.” He begged.

I moved forward and placed several gentle kisses on his lips as my bottom half pulsed up and down on his length. He moaned out in pleasure as I kissed from his neck to his shoulders, picking up the pace. My center grew more wet as we continued, some of my juices making noise as I increased my speed.

“I think your pussy is calling my name.” Tom whispered as his bit at my earlobes.

“That’s the only name it knows.” I shot back with a seductive smirk, sitting upright and moving my hands to his lower abs. Tom placed his hands on my breasts and squeezed as I continued to move faster and faster, dancing on him dick. He bucked his hips into me to increase pleasure as I continue to bounce up and down on top of him. Reaching behind me, I grabbed his balls and massaged as I rode him all the way into oblivion. His breathing grew erratic as he neared completion, taking me by the hips and flipping me over. He slammed into me until we both reach our climax together.

“Scored three goals tonight.” Tom whispered as we collapsed next to each other.


[June 6] Happy Birthday, Akira Mado!  ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノ

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