sighs oh well i tried

Trans-joker part 4!

I’m totes coming up with a plot lol.

Part one is here! Part two is here! Part three is here!

The word curious could be applied in both popular senses to the Joker, he was both a curious man and a curious man.

He couldn’t stop himself thinking now, having been back home for over 20 hours with his stockpile of T hidden away now rather than just stashed in his sock draw.

Who else was trans?

Himself, Batman, Riddler, Two-face.

He would never have expected so many.

Maybe there was something in the water around here?

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Lola just shit in my room 🤢🤢

It’s the little witchy things...

It’s been bone dry and 80 to 90 degrees every day for the last month. In London. It’s getting ridiculous.

I consider trying whistling up rain for the first time. Check the forecast for my area. 0% chance of precipitation for at least the next 24 hours. *sigh* Not much to work with…

I decide to do it anyway around 11, using @stormbornwitch‘s method as my starting point.

I sit outside with my bowl of water and my pendulum, whistling low and long, trying not to lose my focus as some obnoxious idiots make a commotion in the next building over.

I look up at the perfectly cloudless sky, sigh, and go inside. Oh well. I tried.

2 hours later…

*pitter patter… pitter patter… PITTER PATTER*

“Is that… HOLY FUCK!”

I run outside just to make sure I’m not going insane. It’s not the theatrical storm I envisioned, but it’s raining. IT’S FUCKING RAINING!

My night. It’s made.

Honest Carmilla Episode Titles
  1. “Before Laura Gave Up On School”
  2. “Where’s Betty?????”
  3. “My New Hot Roommate”
  4. “Introducing Actually Married LaFerry”
  5. “Carmilla Takes Off Her Shirt!!!!”
  6. “Laura Thinks Carmilla Is A Bitch”
  7. “Introducing Tall Gay Danny”
  8. “Gay Frat Boys”
  9. “Wow Is Laura Really That Short and Is Danny Really That Tall?”
  10. “Brainwash Is Cool Too”
  11. “Sexual Tension??”
  12. “Carmilla Is Probably Evil”
  13. “Carmilla Wants The V”
  14. “LaHollis Adventures!”
  15. “Hot Lesbian Vampire Roommate FTW”
  16. “Sexual Tension Increases”
  18. “The Only Time They Ever Locked The Door”
  19. “She Didn’t Want To Eat You In That Way”
  22. “OOO No Baby Please Don’t Go”
  23. “FLIRTING??!!!”
  24. “The Hollence Ship Sinks”
  25. “Perry Is Still In Denial”
  26. “LaFerry Fight”
  27. “WHERE’S LAF??”
  28. “Waltzing and Sexual Frustration”
  29. “LAF IS BACK”
  30. “‘Best Friend’ Yeah Okay Perry We Believe You”
  31. “The Hollence Ship Takes Another Blow”
  32. “Mother Pls”
  33. “Cheek Kiss and Heartbreak”
  34. “WAIT WHAT”
  35. “Why Didn’t LaFerry Kiss???”

Do you ever accidentally wander onto a ship, and your first impression is “oh, this is kind of cute/yeah, this is alright” and you’re just casually scrolling through the tags looking for well-drawn art. But then you realize what happens when you get into new ships, so for self-preservation you try to get off the ship.

But guess what, bitch.

That ship has sailed.

And you are on it.

And that’s it.

There’s no going back.

Enjoy your AU fics, you piece of shit.