sighs oh well i tried

It’s the little witchy things...

It’s been bone dry and 80 to 90 degrees every day for the last month. In London. It’s getting ridiculous.

I consider trying whistling up rain for the first time. Check the forecast for my area. 0% chance of precipitation for at least the next 24 hours. *sigh* Not much to work with…

I decide to do it anyway around 11, using @stormbornwitch‘s method as my starting point.

I sit outside with my bowl of water and my pendulum, whistling low and long, trying not to lose my focus as some obnoxious idiots make a commotion in the next building over.

I look up at the perfectly cloudless sky, sigh, and go inside. Oh well. I tried.

2 hours later…

*pitter patter… pitter patter… PITTER PATTER*

“Is that… HOLY FUCK!”

I run outside just to make sure I’m not going insane. It’s not the theatrical storm I envisioned, but it’s raining. IT’S FUCKING RAINING!

My night. It’s made.

Dead Circus

Alois was bored. Or, as bored as one could be after watching a circus performance. Perhaps the dazzling costumes and dangerous stunts just didn’t interest him as much as it did commoners. That, or it was just because he was here to help solve multiple missing children cases.

Which, the Queen’s spider thought, was going absolutely nowhere. Actually, the whole night had been a bore so far. Claude was being an ass, per usual, and the people Alois was supposed to be helping hadn’t shown themselves to him yet. The Queen’s letter didn’t mention who he was supposed to be accompanying, just that they would approach him first.

“Well, they’re right asses, they are, for being late to their own case!” The blonde mumbled to himself as he stood outside of the main circus tent. Even he could see that this was going nowhere, fast.