sighs i love this couple so much

im literally the biggest romantic like i just love love so much it doesnt matter i could see a couple holding hands in public and i just think thats so great and i always cry at weddings and wedding proposals and i love seeing people fall in love and i love watching the way people’s eyes light up when they see their special someone and i love roses and teddy bears and that fake capitalist holiday type of love and that genuine soft smile and tentative breath pounding heart beat type of love and that gentle kind of love that creeps up on you *sigh* i love Love

real talk y'all how long did victor and yuuri really spend apart? one day, perhaps less? then they reunited and basically proposed marriage? don’t lie to me victor and yuuri are totally one of those annoying ass couples that can’t spend an hour apart without getting mopey. like i love them and im weak for it but imagine yuuri getting up to go to the bathroom and victor sighing and saying ‘i miss him so much’ meanwhile yurio looks into the camera like he’s on the office


So I was gonna do a bunch of these and put em into one photoset but they’re so much fun to play with I think I’m gonna do a regular series with them 8′)

Modern Highschool AU eremin cosplaying Prince!Rapunzel and Eugene for a nerd convention~ Eren has a secret passion for Disney movies and princesses (he thinks they’re badass) and loves doing men’s couple cosplay of them with Armin, who does amazing prince!versions of them (better than I can design gomen lol).

Eren: Please please please pleaaaaseeee it’d be so perfect, just one more princess cosplay please!

Armin: Eren we’ve already done so many, with me as the “princess”, people are starting to talk…

Eren: Just this one last one, PLEASE, she’s my favorite cuz she reminds me sooo much of you, please, I’ll give you anything you want afterwards, please!

Armin: *sigh* fine. But you owe me one.<3 *kisses*

(Armin’s eventual revenge is to make him cosplay Reigisa with him in swimwear lol it shows off Eren’s abs~ “*blushing nonstop* Do you even like this anime?!” “Not really. But you look so fine E-rei-Chan.~ *smooches*”)

Perks of insomnia

65 and 72 from the prompt list for a Newt x female reader fic please I LOVE YOUR WORK SO SO SO MUCH 💗💓💞💖💜💋💕

“you’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing’ and ‘you’re so comfy and cuddle-able’

 This is set during Newt’s sixth year at Hogwarts, you have been dating for a couple of months or so, but every time newt tries to kiss you, he gets too flustered or finds a reason not to.


Originally posted by newtafidoscamander

Newt tossed and turned in his golden yellow four poster bed, with a final sigh he flung his lanky legs out of the warm bed and into the cool night air of the hufflepuff boys dormitory. He pulled a knitted jumper over his curly mop of hair, and shuffled to the common room. it was dimly lit, only a few candles still casting their warming glow, in the corner of the cosy common room.

He knew who would be sat in the large squashy armchair, wrapped up in a blanket, book on your lap a steaming mug of tea held in your always cold hands. You had always had trouble sleeping, while you were at school.

Newt popped his head over the back of the armchair, just to make sure it actually was you, before he placed a quick kiss to the top of your head.

Startled you whipped your head around, to look at him with beautiful wide eyes. A lopsided smile graced his face, ‘can I join you love? You look so comfy and cuddle-able’. A sweet smile lit up her face, he waited for her small nod before he scooted in behind her, she snuggled her back into his chest as he wrapped his arms around her.

Newt was quiet content, simply holding you, his cheek resting on top of your head, breathing in the scent of your hair. That was until you let out a happy little hum, newt decided to ignore it, something good must be happening in your book. A few pages later it happened again, but this time the hum held a note of curiosity, his own interest peaked, he moved slightly so he could read over your head.

Newts brow furrowed, ‘what are you reading, love?’ newt asked as he quickly scanned the pages. You snapped the book shut ‘nothing, it’s a text book’ you hurriedly mumbled, with a mischievous glint in newts eye, ‘hmm I wonder when that will come up in class, you might have to give me some pointers’ at that last comment you pulled the blanket up over your face. Newt chuckled ‘why are you hiding’ he only heard some muffled mumbling, something along the lines of blushing and curiosity killing cats. “you’re  hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?’

A small ‘yes’ came from under the soft blanket, newt pulled the material away from your pretty face, with a dusting of rose across your cheeks, you were positively glowing.

He put a finger under your chin and tipped your head back gently, so you could look at him. “I was only teasing you love, read whatever your heart desires, even if it is utter filth’ newt chortled  as you prodded his stomach, an almost evil glint in your eyes, you staged a full tickle attack on him. Newt squirmed under your touch, trying desperately not to laugh to loudly, so he wouldn’t wake up the rest of hufflepuff house.

“alright, alright I’m sorry’ newt hadn’t realised that you had moved to sit in his lap, facing him while your nimble fingers attacked his sides.

Your faces were mere inches from each other, newt glanced down to your lips, finally after all of this time, he ever so gently tipped your head back and placed a soft kiss to your lips. It was fairly quick, until you pulled him for more, one hand resting at the small of your back, the other cupping your jaw. It was slow, slightly timid but still full of sincerity and love.



Requests are still open for these prompts

Have a great day and be safe

Street Food (GOT7 JB Scenario)

Request: that TOP scenario was so cute!!!!!! dont konw if your requests are open but would love got7 jaebum fluff ^^ ~ Anonymous

A/N: Our requests are, in fact, open! And thank you for saying that about my T.O.P scenario! Glad you liked it! I hope you like this one just as much :3 ~ Admin Silver

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 959 (I could’ve sworn it was longer, I’m sorry it’s so short!)

Summary: The best cure for being burnt out from working too much is spending time with someone you love.

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Make Me Feel Better

Request/Summary: I’m having a really depressing couple of days. Could you do a really fluffy and smutty Sebastian? If you don’t do Sebastian it can be Bucky. Thank you so much. ( @murielweathers )

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader

Warnings: smutty goodness, shit writing

A/N: First time writing smut but I hope @murielweathers has a great day and I hope this will cheer you up. Hopefully, as this week comes to an end, your mood will increase and I hope you will be smothered in hugs n love. 

Groggily pushing the master bedroom door open, you sighed loudly, falling face down on the soft cushion of the bed. “Ughh.” You groaned loudly in your pillow.

It was one of those moods you were in. You were sad, angry, mad, annoyed, and irritated at the same time. You didn’t know why. Maybe it was hormones, maybe it was the people you were surrounded by. Your job? Maybe. It was just one of those days that made you sad.

“I hear a painful call silently shouting that they need my help.” You heard a voice call from the door. You didn’t bother to lift your head up to know who it was. You knew that your boyfriend was leaning against the doorframe of the room, watching you in amusement as you groaned your feelings out.

Sebastian walked towards you as you still laid face down. You felt the bed move as he jumped on the space beside you, landing on his stomach with a grunt. “What seems to be the problem today?” He asked, propping himself up on his elbows, laughing when you still grunted.

“Shitty day, shitty life. Shitty..Everything.” You said into the pillow.

“So..Nothing really happened right?” Sebastian asked. “No one hurt you…No one did anything..”

“No, Sebastian. Nothing like that happened. Im just in a really bad mood and I feel like trash.” You yelled into the pillow, voice muffled from the sheets.

The next thing you heard was the joyful tune of Sebastian’s laughter. Grabbing your hips, he began to turn you over so that you were now on your back, facing him as he looked down at you. You noticed he was shirtless, earning a small blush that crept onto your face.

“Well then.” He smirked. “At least give me a hello kiss.”

You huffed, slipping strands of hair behind your ear as you pulled him into a warm kiss. He smiled between the kiss, cupping your cheeks in his hands as he deepened the kiss. “Hello.” You mumbled as your lips moved in sync with his, smiling.

His lips moved faster against yours, hiking your leg up his waist indicating that he wanted more. You obliged, quickening the kiss as he bit your bottom lip between his teeth earning a soft moan from you. Sebastian began to softly grind his hips onto yours, earning a small gasp from you. You pushed at his chest, pushing him away.

You panted, leaning your head back onto the pillow to get a quick look at him. You pushed his hair back from his face as he let out quick breathes. “Do me a favor?” You asked him before he took his shirt off.

“Of course.” He fumbled with the buttons of your jeans, then the hem of your shirt.

“Make me feel better, please?” You pleaded, arching your back so he earned more access to get your clothes off. He didn’t have to say anything. Only smiled then dove to your neck as your heel rested at his back.

He began to leave soft kisses on your neck, grazing his teeth at certain spots that he knew would make you feel better. He sucked at the spot below your ear, making you arch your back in pleasure. Leaving trails of kisses down your cleavage, he took this as an opportunity to get your bra off, unhooking the garment and discarding it to the floor.

He smiled down at you in awe, rubbing your sides and leaving his hands at your clothed hips. You pouted up at him. “Mmmh. Hurry up.” You said with eyes closed, stretching your arms above your head to arch your chest up, knowing this would make haste.

Sebastian’s eyes widened, tugging down eagerly at your jeans, making you laugh down at him. He threw them to the side as they landed somewhere in the room, and quickly pulled at the cloth that kept him from wanting more. You lifted your hips and he hooked his fingers between the garment, pushing them down to your ankles.

You let out a moan, louder this time as he pressed a finger to your heat, squeezing your eyes shut as he rubbed your juices together, slowly inserting a finger in. You bit down on your lip, watching him and his fingers move in concentration. Sebastian had his bottom lip between his teeth, eyebrows furrowed as he was working with concentration. With every noise you managed to let out, his fingers would only move faster and faster, using his free hand to rub the small bud of you.

“Seb…” You whispered, heart beating as sweat dripped down your forehead as you began to feel the knot in your stomach. His pace quickened, curling his fingers upwards to finally get you to your high. Lifting your hips, you grind your waist up to meet his hand, soothing the friction. He slowly pulled his fingers out, replacing them with his mouth making you gasp louder. “Holy shit.”

He had your legs on his shoulders now as he rested on his stomach, putting his tongue to work. Your hand reached down to grip the strands of his hair in-between your fingers as you propped yourself upright with your elbow.

You watched as he moved his tongue around you, lapping at your juices, fucking you with his tongue. He rubbed your clit with his other hand, soon getting you to your second orgasm as he felt you clench around his mouth. Your back arched again, moaning and pulling at his hair as you began to feel yourself coming again, this time even harder than the first as you felt the warm liquid roll down your thighs.

He crawled up to your upper body, grinning at your reaction as he placed his lips onto yours. He snuck his tongue into your mouth, allowing you to taste yourself. “That was so hot.” He whispered, kissing your jaw.

You laughed. “What was?” He leaned his head in the crook of your neck.

“You, in general, but you may or may not have…” He laughed.

“Wh-Ohh…” You said, realizing what you’ve done. “Hmm. But I’m still not satisfied.” You sighed, telling the truth to him.

His head shot up, raising an eyebrow at you. “That so?” You nodded up at him. “Naughty girl.” He muttered.

Before you knew it, he pulled at your ankles, pulling you down to him. You laughed once he met your glance again. Once again, he tapped your hips, telling you to put your legs around his waist. You did so as he took his jeans and boxers off, his hard on now poking at your inner thigh. He gave himself a few hard strokes to ease the tension before rubbing himself at your entrance.

You whined. “Stop teasing.”

He smirked before finally easing in slowly, groaning as he felt your walls press against his length with every push he gave. He moaned out, dropping his head to your collar bone as he sheathed himself inside you. “You’re so tight.” He grunted, pulling himself out completely, then shoving himself back in.

You yelped at the impact, gripping the sheets with your hands as he rocked his hips with yours. He started out with a slow pace, then once he felt you were comfortable, he met his hips with yours as his pace grew with stronger, and harder thrusts. You heard the bed squeaking at the hard thrusts he gave you. Finding the headboard, you reached up to grab it as leverage, as he did the same.

He bit his lip and groaned, seeing your small frame from his view in a mess. The headboard hit the walls so hard, probably making a dent, but you didn’t care at this point. With his free hand, Sebastian reached down to take your leg higher up his back, hitting you in a different place.

You gasped out as he quickly hit your g spot with this position. He saw your reaction and began to try and hit you in the same spot. He smiled down at you, panting and moaning out when he felt your walls clench around him.

Fuck..” He whispered. “Ohh god.” He moaned out loudly now. You felt his thrusts begin to quicken now. They began to speed up as his hips quivered, loosing his neat tempo into another one.

I’m so close.” You moaned out. You pulled him closer so that his chest met yours, hands on his back to meet his eyes.

He groaned. “Touch yourself.” He said. You gladly did, dipping your dominant hand down to meet you clit, you rubbed harsh circles to get you to your final high. Sebastian helped you out by placing his hand on yours.

C’mon, baby. Almost there.” He moaned. With a few sharp thrusts, he helped you come, riding out yours and his high as his thrusts came to slow ones. The two of you cleansed each other before he pulled out and collapsed beside you.

“Wow.” You breathed out. “That was the best we’ve ever done.”

“You got that right.” He laughed, pulling your sticky bodies together. “Three times, too. Holy shit, doll.”

“Mhmm.. Shut up now.” You smiled, hugging him tight.

anonymous asked:

can i just say that i follow larries and they kept saying 'louis compared his 'kid' to a dog amsjdjdj' i was like what the fuck, seriously? but now that i've seen the whole quote that's obviously not the intention. its them that manipulating shit to fit their narrative



and because they’ve decided they can just come up with their shitty hateful masturbatory fantasies and declare them to be true and everyone else gathers around and tells them how right their bullshit is and rubs one out, moaning ecstatically about how much Louis hates his son, because that’s the sort of thing that gets them off. And meanwhile in the real world Louis gives increasingly cute quotes about how much HE LOVES FREDDIE.



i know better than to look at their blogs after anything nice happens but i got linked to a couple posts and i scrolled too much and now i’m just so disgusted by how hateful and lying they are and so disturbed by how far their vision of reality is from the real world.

and I guess I have no way to reach them and they’re just going to keep being dickholes no matter what i say but at least I know that I’ve written out publicly that I think it’s shitty to call someone a bad, unloving dad just because his fatherhood doesn’t fit your fantasies.

Safe and Sound (Laf x Reader)

Anon: hey! I was wondering if you could write a laf x reader where they get into a heated argument and she ends up getting hurt but there’s a happy fluffy ending? thanks! :)

Warning: You get hit.

You loved Lafayette to the ends of the earth. He was the light of your life, the reason you woke up in the morning. All couples fight but you never thought it would happen with you two.

“(Y/n), you don’t understand! I don’t have a say!” He sighed running a hand through his hair. “But you could try to do something instead of just sitting there and taking it!” The two of you were fighting about his arranged marriage back in France. He was just letting his parents plan everything, hell the girl was writing him love letters!

“(Y/n), you are the love of my life you know that. Why do you doubt me so much.” You sighed, “Lafayette! It’s not you! It’s the fact that we’ve been dating for three years and your parents don’t even know we’re dating!” “If you have such a problem with my family why are you even dating me?” You froze. He looked at you with seriousness. “You’re right. I’m leaving, goodbye Lafayette.” His face immediately held so much regret but, he stepped aside and let you leave anyways. You got to the door and turned around, “So, this is it? I’m going to leave, you’re going to go back to France and marry that girl and i’ll never hear from you again?” He didn’t respond and lowered his head to the ground. You sighed, walking out the door. “I love you.” You mumbled as you shut the door.

You walked a far distance away before you realized you were lost. You turned around thinking you could go back the way you came but instead came face to face with redcoats.
“Ma’am, it’s awfully late to be out by yourself this time of night.” One of the two said, smirking at you. Fear shivered down your spine. “I was just walking home, I was visiting a friend.” You prayed they would believe you and let you leave but, they both just smirked and went on either side of you.  “Please miss,” The other one said. “Allow us to accompany you home.” You nodded slightly knowing if you say no they’ll be hell to pay. You walked for a few blocks before one of them whispered to the other. “Miss, we think we recognize you. Aren’t you ‘friends’ with Lafayette? The rebel?” You froze in shock. “N-no.” You could barely finish the word before you felt his hand across your face. “Walking around, trying to get information for your fuck buddy!?” The other one hit you. They took turns insulting you and hitting you, anywhere really. At one point you fell and they started kicking you. “The information is the only reason he stays with her.” The tears were falling down your cheeks onto the ground. “HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” You heard Hercules Mulligan yelling at the redcoats. They turned to each other and fled. “(Y/n)? Oh my god… Are you okay. Don’t worry i’m gonna take you home.” He scooped you up effortlessly, walking towards Lafayette’s house. You didn’t have the courage to tell him you guys were fighting. He knocked on the door and a teary eyed Lafayette opened it. “Look, I really don’t- (Y/N)?! What happened?” Hercules walked in setting you down on the couch. “I don’t know, I saw some redcoats beating on someone so I went to stop it and it was (Y/n).” Lafayette’s face dropped. This was all his fault, he had let you leave. He fell to his knees next to you.

“(Y/n), mon amour s'il vous plaît Ne pas mourir, je suis tellement désolé . tout cela est de ma faute. je t'aime tellement. Je ne laisserai jamais votre aagin côté est que vous me pardonnerez plaît mon amour ne meurent . Je ne peux pas te perdre.(my love please don’t die, i’m so sorry. this is all my fault. i love you so much. I will never leave your side again is you forgive me please my love don’t die. I can’t lose you.)” He cried. Holding onto your hand placing endless kisses on it.

They had a doctor come check you out and make sure you were okay. A couple bumps and bruises but you were okay. Lafayette was overjoyed when he heard this but soon realized why you were in this situation. He couldn’t shake the guilt that this was all his fault. When you finally got the strength to speak Hercules was asking you what happened.

“I- I got into a fight with Laf, he told me to leave and… They found me wandering the streets and recognized me… Herc… If you hadn’t been there…” You started crying again. Hercules shushing you as he pet your hair. Lafayette watched from the doorway, scared he’d hurt you by going in. Hercules looked up at him motioning him to take his spot. Lafayette gently took your head in his chest petting your hair gently. You noticed the change but were too upset to care. When you looked up you saw Lafayette crying. “L-lafayette…” He shushed you. “(y/n)… I- i wrote my parents as soon as you left. I told them how I won’t marry her, I love you. I only love you. Please, forgive me. I’ll leave my family behind if I must but,” You kissed him softly. “It’s okay. I believe you, and I’ll never stop loving you.”

I don’t think I’ll ever get over Goblin.

OMG I’m choking up again. I watched Episode 15 & 16 for the 4th time and I’m kinda coming into terms with the ending. Though I’ll prolly be posting countless stuff related to Goblin for the next few weeks.

The last moments after Kim Shin says “The first and last…. Goblin’s bride” the way they gaze at each other with their tears welling up and Winter is Coming playing in the background, as the camera zooms out. Our Goblin couple still gazing at each other with the scenery around them. It was perfect. I feel weird but warm.

I’m gonna miss them so so much. I loved every single character so so much. Even the ghosts. Especially the ghost in the grey knitwear (I hope in one of Ji Eun Tak’s lifetime they meet and become bffs). I can’t stop sighing now. I think I have been crying since Friday non-stop.

Even now as I listen to Winter is Coming and First Snow (첫 눈) and type this, I’m tearing up.

Late night drives were something you and Luke did all the time. The wind blowing through your hair, The 1975 cranked up on the radio at a stop light and your best friend Luke to the left of you in the drivers seat looking at you with his lip rig between his teeth and a slight smile tugging at the corner of his lips. “Luke” You say to him looking him in his blue eyes you’ve grown to love over the years. “Yeah, whats wrong?” He responded resting his right hand on your knee.”Have you ever thought about us being a thing?” You asked him. Luke looked ahead as the light turned green the car moving forward. “Yeah, I have. I don’t know I just travel so much you know” He let out a sigh. “It’s just complicated (Y/N).”

You and Luke were that couple that everyone thought you guys were dating but you two were just extremely close. He felt like you’re hot older step brother to you. You always wanted to date Luke but he just never made the move or you just didn’t have the courage to.

One day while Luke was on tour you decided to call him on skype something you guys did often when he was on tour. You were in bed with your laptop waiting for Luke to answer but he hung up and it said he was busy. You called him again and yet again it went to busy. You called him up one last time and this time he answered. 

“He Luke, why do you keep pressing busy, it’s 3am for you right now.” You asked him confused. 

“Um” Luke said then you heard a female voice in the background that you didn’t recognize.

“Who’s that, it’s 3 am Luke” You said in a stern voice trying to get his attention.

“I gotta go (Y/N)” Luke quickly hung up the call.

Was Luke seeing someone that you didn’t know about. You didn’t want to come to any conclusions so you closed the laptop and went to sleep. The next morning your twitter was blowing up with tweets from Luke’s fans. One said “ I shipped (Y/N) and Luke so hard and now he’s with Arzaylea :( ” Who was this Arzaylea? You started scrolling through twitter and then you saw a picture of Luke with some girl walking out of a club. Tears started pricking your eyes as you came to the realization of the situation. You’re hands were shaking and you went to Luke’s contact in your phone to call him. The time it took for him to answer his phone seemed like forever until he picked up his phone. “Hello? (Y/N)?” Luke said.

“Luke” You said your voice shaky from crying.

“What’s wrong baby girl?” He asked you worry in his tone.

“Luke don’t act like you don’t know, I saw the pictures” You said still crying, sniffling your nose.

“(Y/N) I can explain, it’s just complicated.” He said with a sigh.

“Luke you always say that, why don’t we just make it official. Everyone thinks we’re dating.” Your voice became louder and louder and you were practically yelling. 

“ (Y/N) I’m sorry but I have to go. I swear I’ll make this work for us” 

“Luke I love you” You said. It was silent for about a minute until Luke finally replied.

“Me too”





  🗢 ; //   She couldn’t complain, Pandora had sent a good majority of the day
           alongside with him, a day needed for herself a little but she was positive
           Jacob didn’t mind that she was spending time with him. Laying down,
           head on his chest she could feel him pick up her wrist, kissing down
           against where her pulse should be. Sighing softly, it was in content,
           peaceful with one of the only people she would willingly give her heart
           to and trust. Her feelings for him blossomed every time they spent time
           together, no matter what it was.

           Opening her eyes, she moved her head to glance up at him, amber eyes
           meeting hazel. “What was that for?” Calmly asked, Pandora smiling softly.

                                    🗢 ; //   @tophatandbrassknuckles // 

fic: and I'll be yours until the stars fall out the sky

fandom: the lunar chronicles

characters/pairings: cinder, kai, kaider

summary: cinder is not stealthy

notes: i wrote this before winter came out, so no winter spoilers, but i still think it can fit in, timeline wise, even after finishing winter


Cinder stumbled into the room, dead tired and tried but failed to enter the room stealthily or at least soft enough that the other occupant in this room could stay asleep.

She slid into the bed with a sigh, the sheets soft and warmed by the already sleeping body in her bed, trying to move as quietly as possible. She didn’t want to wake Kai.

She froze as the bed dipped, and Kai snorted at her. “I guess I should be glad that you’re so terrible at sneaking around,” he mumbled, staring at her with sleepy eyes.

“This isn’t what this looks like…” Cinder insisted but Kai pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her waist. His breath feathered over her neck and she shivered slightly as he spoke. “And besides, I’m at a disadvantage,” she countered, gesturing to herself, and her cyborg limbs.

“It seems to me that my wife is a hypocrite,” Kai started, pressing soft, sloppy kisses to her neck and her toes curled. “It looks like my wife is probably working herself to the bone again,” Kai continued, pressing more kisses to her neck and his nose brushed the side of her neck.

“It looks to me,” and his hands roamed as he brought her tight against him and he kissed higher up her neck, “that my wife needs more reason to come to bed at night.”

Higher he kissed and the more giggly the couple became until Kai was straddling her to kiss the corner of her mouth.

His calf pressed up her thigh and she knew it must be cold, she pressed her thumbs soothingly into his hips, “Is my leg too cold?” She breathed and he laughed, shaking his head.

He brought her hands up from his hips, kissing them, then kissing her knuckles and finally brushing his lips against her palms before she could catch his face and hold his face in her hands for a moment.

Her lips quirked in a smile as she asked, “And how are you, my husband?”

Late Night Talks

The reader is mgg girlfriend and they love have late night conversations that always end up with little make out session and cuddles and i love yous.

And I love you!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Sighing as you roll out of bed, you look at the clock and realize that it’s after midnight.

“So much for that wonderful sleep,” you mutter as you plant your feet on the floor.

Creeping towards the bedroom door, you inch it open before slipping out, being careful as to not wake Matthew.

He had asked you to move in a couple weeks ago, and one thing that you had refused to tell him was your sleeping habits.  Yes, the two of you had wonderful late night conversations, and you loved them.

You didn’t have the heart to tell him that you didn’t get much sleep as it was.

It wasn’t that you had nightmares or bad thoughts, or even insomnia.  You just…woke up and wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep.

Shivering as your feet fumble across the cool tile flooring in the kitchen, you open the refrigerator door and bend over, only to be startled by a voice behind you.

“Up again?”

Yelping as you rear up, you careen your head in to the roof of the fridge, cringing from the pain as tears involuntarily riddle your eyes, your feet inching you out as Matthew rushes to your side.

“Y/N, you ok?” he asks, holding onto your hips as he helps guide you out of the pigeonhole.

“Yeah…yeah I’m alright,” you assure him, rubbing your head as the involuntary tears stream down your face.

“You’re crying, you’re not alright,” he says, his face furrowed in worry as he begins to check your head for bleeding.

“Really, I’m fine.  It just stings,” you hiss as he finds the spot you hit.

“Well, no blood…thank god…but you better sit down,” he says as he takes your hand and pulls you over to the couch.

Sighing as your head begins to pound, you see Matthew drift out of your view.

“What were you looking for?” he calls back.

“Just some…some juice…wait-wha-…what did you mean by ‘up again’?”

Turning your head as you hear him pour liquid into a cup, he grabs the cup of apple juice along with what looks like two Tylenol capsules and walks back over to the couch.

“You don’t sleep well.  You think I didn’t know?”

Staring at him as he places the objects in your hand, you slowly look down as you put the pills in your mouth and chug the apple juice in your hand.

“I’m so sorry,” you mutter.

“About what?” he asks, putting his hand on your knee.

“For waking you up every time.  I didn’t realize that I was being so loud,” you admit.

“You’re not,” he chuckles lightly, “if anything, you’re pretty sneaky.”

“Then why’re you waking up?” you ask, scrunching your face as you look at him.

“Because I always know when you’re not beside me.”

Just like that.  Not a statement to guilt and not a fact to be doted upon.  He said it as if it was just…a basic truth of life.  Like gravity or…or air.

Staring at him as your headache begins to subside, Matthew must have caught a change in your demeanor.

“Helping?” he asks as he squeezes your knee.

“Y-yeah…yeah, it’s helping,” you say as you bring your hand to your head, lightly fingering the knot already forming at the back of your skull.

“You know when I get up because…you just know?” you ask incredulously.

“Well, yeah,” he says, “Your warmth and comfort disappears and it just…feels empty.”

Searching his eyes as he casts his gaze downward, his fingers drawing invisible shapes on the top of your skin, you pick up your hand and lightly put it over his, interlacing your fingers with his as you scoot closer.

“I don’t know why I don’t sleep well,” you start.

“So, it’s not nightmares?” he asks almost breathlessly.

“No!  Oh my god, Matthew…no.”

You could see the relief wash over his face.

“Is that what you thought?” you ask, cupping his cheek as you guide his eyes towards yours.

The sadness behind them is all the answer you need.

“No,” you say, shaking your head, “no nightmares.  I’ve always been this way.  I don’t know why, I just…wake up and can’t get back to sleep.”

“Have you ever tried?” he asks.


“Get back to sleep.  Have you ever tried?” he repeats.

Wrinkling your brow as you snicker, you nod your head lightly.

“Of course I’ve tried,” you say.

As Matthew holds your gaze, his hand migrating from your knee to your arm, he slowly trails his fingers up, making you shiver against his feather-light touch as your eyes flutter closed.

Feeling him scoot closer as his other hand migrates to your waist, you feel yourself leaning forward as your lips land on his as the warmth of his hands slowly guides you into his lap.

As your lips move in time with the ticking clock in the room, you wrap your arms around his neck as you plant your knees on either side of his hips, digging into the couch cushions as your pelvis settles to match his perfectly.

You love how the two of you interlock…like two puzzle pieces in a grand landscape.

Feeling his tongue finally swipe out, your lips part to accept his offering as his tongue dances across your mouth, lapping at your cheeks as his head turns, his body deepening the kiss as he presses his hands into your back, pulling you closer to him as your body collapses into his essence.

Moaning lightly into his mouth, your hands migrate to his hair as your fingers get tangled within its bed-headed mess as his hands migrate to your ass, his large palms cupping your ass cheeks as he urges you forward more.

You knew that signal.

Slowly rolling your hips into his, you hear his breath begin to hitch in his throat as his torso ever-so-lightly begins to tremble as you feel him growing underneath you.

Breaking the kiss as Matthew whimpers, you trail large, wet, open-mouthed kisses down his neck, nipping at his protruding veins as they roll between your teeth, his body lurching and jerking with every suckle you leave.

“Oh, Y/N…” he breathes into the darkened living room.

Feeling his hands slip under your pajama shirt, you grind your pelvis deeper into his as his fingertips trail lightly up your spine, the skin on your body standing on end as your breath hitches in the crook of his neck.

“I…love…you…” Matthew says in between pants as he peppers the side of your exposed neck with kisses, his hands dancing on your back as your body begins to tremble in his wake.

Slowly lowering you onto the couch, your legs parted to accept his body as he lays on top of you, he laps at the dip in your collar bone before trailing his tongue up your neck, your hips raising up off of the couch as your hands press into his bare back.

“Oooooh, christ, Matthew,” you hiss as your breath catchs once more, his teeth catching your earlobe as he rolls it around playfully, feeling your body buck and writhe beneath him.

Feeling him quickly move, he captures your lips once more as he grinds his growing length into you, your legs coming up to wrap around him as the two of you pant and moan into the night, the darkness of the room shrouding your dripping want for one another as his hands roam your bare skin, lighting you on fire as his tongue dances across the roof of your mouth.

Whimpering into the kiss, he breaks it momentarily as he slowly runs his fingers through your hair, watching your eyes flutter open as he meets your gaze.

“I love you so much, Y/N,” he says once more, his voice breaking with the flood of emotion.

“I love you, too, Matthew,” you say, smiling lightly as you bring your hand up to his face to tuck a strand of loose hair behind his ear.

Then, after a brief moment of silence, you see a yawn begin in his throat, resulting in a jaw-dropping moment for Matthew as his eyes well with tired tears.

“Come here,” you whisper, scooting yourself to the side of the couch as he slips in beside you, coddled between your bosom and the warmth of the couch cushions.

And as the two of you nuzzle within each other, your head resting on his chest as his hands slowly draw circles on the bare skin between your shoulders, you feel his breathing steady out as your eyes, shockingly, begin to droop back into a distant slumber.

Xiumin Scenario When You’ve Had a Bad Day and He Makes A Bubble Bath For The Two Of You

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Scenario Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Could you do a xiumin fluffy scenario where you had a really bad day and he makes a bubble bath for you and takes it with you. Love you!!! And thank you!

“Hey Xiumin,” You said tiredly into the phone as you stepped out of the library to take his call.

“Hey Jagiya, I was just calling to ask when you’d be home.” He said with his bright and happy voice. You sighed, rubbing your forehead while letting out a tired sigh not directed at him personally.

“Probably be a couple more hours. I have to study a lot.” You sighed, thinking back to the exam coming up. You felt guilty for spending so much of his precious time off studying but you had to do well. “I’m sorry I’ve been unable to spend that much time with you.”

“It’s fine. I know that this is all important to you. You’ve been studying so much lately. I’m getting worried.” He said and you sighed again.

“I’m fine, Xiumin. I’ll be home soon, ok? I really am sorry I have exams while you’re off.” You sighed wishing you could be doing things together, either holing yourselves up together and cuddling all day or going out and having fun.

“I understand, Y/N. Just make sure you’re not going to burn yourself out.”

“You’re one to talk given what you do…”

“Which is why I know what I’m talking about.” He said.

“I have to go back, I’ll text you when I leave. I love you.” You said turning back to the library doors.

“I love you, too.” He said.

Really things had just not been going well for you recently. That very morning one of your professors had returned your paper and you’d done a lot worse than you had intended to. With the stress of everything else, you almost broke down crying right there. Then, some stupid underclassman had spilled his damn drink all over your notes in the library and you had to spend an hour that you could have used for something else re-copying them. It had just been a bad day but you still had to keep studying for your psychology exam in a couple days. All you wanted to do was play ostrich and pretend nothing was happening burying your head in the sand. You kept yourself from doing it though, parking your butt back in your chair at the table in the library and getting yourself back to work for another two hours. When you could hardly breathe without thinking about psychology, you decided you’d done enough studying and could head home. As you walked out the doors, you texted Xiumin that you were on your way and that you hadn’t had the best of days. You hadn’t looked at the reply as you just went home.

“Xiumin, do you want to just order take out tonight? I don’t feel like cooking.” You called into your apartment as you unlocked your door, dropping your things in the entryway. You looked around for your boyfriend but you didn’t see him.

“Hey Jagiya!” He said popping out of the door to your bedroom.

“Hi…” You said, silently wondering what he was so excited about.

“So I did something for you because I know you’ve been stressed and you said you were having a bad day…” He said with a big grin.

“Oh, what?” please tell me he either made me some of his delicious coffee or set up the bed to take the best nap in the world, you thought.

“Just come on, close your eyes.” He said reaching for your hand and pulling you into your bedroom. When you walked in, you noticed it smelled nice - had he gotten an aromatherapy candle for a really good nap? But to your surprise, you noticed you turned away from the bed. Where were you going? you thought to yourself.

“Here.” He said and you opened your eyes to see your bathtub full of bubbles with a couple candles. You glanced at Xiumin surprised, and he just looked happy and excited, and kindacocky - very ‘I did well, right?’

“You made me a bubble bath?” You asked him and he nodded.

“I know you used to have one when you were stressed when you were younger so I thought I could do one for you now…And join you, if that’s ok.” he said with a softer smile, more relaxing.

“Of course, and thank you! I love you!” You said, reaching up to wrap your hands around his neck and standing on your tiptoes to kiss him. He was smiling when you pulled away and dropped a kiss on your forehead before he dropped his fingers to your shirt, pulling it off over your head. You couldn’t help but giggle as the two of you took care of the rest of your clothes before getting in. He got in first with you gettingin in front of him in the tub between his legs letting your back relax against his toned chest. The second you hit the water, you felt your body relax in the warmth and Xiumin’s arms. This really was just what you needed and he had thought of it before you had. You were both quiet for a while, enjoying the warmth of the water and each other, relaxing with each other while your fingers lazily moved in the bubbles and over his leg next to you. His fingers traced circles lightly over your skin. As you relaxed, you rolled your head back onto his shoulder, feeling more at ease than you had in what was probably weeks. 

“You’re getting relaxed. I can feel it.” He said in a low voice, chuckling slightly.

“Hmm? How?” You said twisting to look at him. He smiled and leaned in to your cheek, kissing you before he answered.

“Your back, your muscles were tense when you got in. Now they’re less so.” He said running his fingers over your arm. “Your arms too.” He said.

“I want to thank you, Xiumin. This was perfect.” You said reaching back to run your fingers through this hair softly.

“Hmmmm….I’ve wanted to do something for you…And I always wanted to do this with you for a while.” He said and you laughed.

“You really are the best boyfriend.” You said and he smiled happily. He reached for your hand and bringing it to his lips for a kiss.

“I have to try when I do get the chance to see you.” He said.

“And I promise I’ll make up for this lost time as soon as my exams are over.” You said and he smiled.

“Oh I plan on that happening.” He said with a laugh.

“Of course you are.” You said kissing him.

“But I can wait.” He said and you nodded going back to relaxing against him.

“I love you Xiumin.” You said with a content sigh.

“I love you, too, Y/N.” He said combing his fingers over your hair.

This truly had been the perfect way to get over your bad day and your stress and you had Xiumin to thank.

iamyoursafehouse  asked:

Congratulations on the 5K!!!! You have earned every damn one of us. You were the first fanfic blog I found and you pulled me straight in and set the bar WAY high. Oh my Chocolate Cream Pie! but as a Sam girl I prompt: Would you paint my toenails? smut and/or fluff are welcome So much love and praise to you!

Atomic Orange

You stretched, trying to reach your toes, stopping when you felt the stitches in your lower back and the ones in your left thigh pulling taut. You sighed loudly. You’d only managed to paint a couple of your toes and those ones didn’t look so great. But you sure the hell weren’t going to sit here with eight unpainted toes.

“Sam!” you yelled. You waited a couple of seconds, but when you didn’t hear him coming down the hallway, you tried again. “SAM!”

You heard the sound of boots running down the hall and then Sam appeared in the doorway. “Y/N, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

You nodded, grinning sheepishly. “Would you paint my toenails?”

“Will I what?” Sam asked.

“Paint my toenails,” you replied. “I can’t reach because of the stitches and I was hoping -”

Sam sighed and leaned against the doorjamb, a defeated look on his face. You felt kind of bad for him; it had been a trying week for all three of you, but probably more so for Sam than you or Dean. After all, Sam had been the only one not hurt during the vamp hunt, he’d walked away unscathed, while you had ended up with stitches in your thigh and lower back, and Dean had dislocated his shoulder and gotten a pretty bad concussion. Sam had run around all week taking care of both of you, back and forth between your rooms, cooking for both of you, waiting on both of you, basically your slave. Maybe asking him to paint your toenails was too much.

“Nevermind,” you muttered. “I shouldn’t have asked.”

“No, no,” he grinned, stepping through the door. “I’ll do it.” He sat at the end of your bed, pulling your legs into your lap, careful not to touch your stitches. You couldn’t help but stare at his hands, they were so huge, the fingers long and strong. His thumb brushed against your ankle, sending a shiver through you.

Sam looked questioningly at you over his shoulder. “Cold?” he asked.

“N…no,” you whispered. You held out the bottle of nail polish, avoiding looking directly at him.

He took it, a tiny smirk playing at the corner of his lips, his dimples showing. “Orange?” he chuckled.

“Excuse you,” you grinned. “It’s Atomic Orange.” You crossed your arms and glared playfully at him.

“Okay,” he laughed. “Atomic Orange.” He spun the lid off, staring at it like it was a monster he had to kill, watching it drip back into the bottle.

“It’s just nail polish, Sam,” you said.

“Yeah, sorry,” he sighed. He held the nail polish between two fingers as he held your foot, gingerly, examining it carefully. He set to work, carefully painting each toe, stopping every few seconds to critique his work.

You relaxed back against the pillows, smiling at Sam, even though he couldn’t see you. You kind of liked the feel of his hands on your legs and feet. Actually, you liked it a lot. And when he blew on your toes, attempting to dry the polish, you felt heat pooling in the pit of your stomach. You closed your eyes, imagining that this was happening under completely different circumstances, wishing it was happening under different circumstances.

“All done,” Sam muttered far too soon. He closed the polish and tossed it to you. But instead of getting up and leaving like you expected, he stayed at the end of the bed, your feet in his lap, his long fingers gently massaging the pads of your feet.

You were afraid to move, to breathe, for fear that he would stop. You weren’t sure what was happening, where this was going, but you never wanted it to end. You watched him, waiting for him to say something, anything.

“Sam?” you finally murmured when you just couldn’t take it anymore.

He stood up, laying your feet gently on the bed. He smiled gently at you. “I like that color,” he said quietly. “It looks good on you.” He turned to leave.

“Sam, wait,” you pleaded.

“Later, Y/N,” he promised. “When you’re in one piece, healed.” He chuckled low in the back of his throat. “Maybe I’ll paint your toes again. But next time, I get to choose the color.”


book pairings:Isabelle Lightwood and Simon Lewis
from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

I can tell myself I don’t want you to be part of my life, but my heart knows differently. You weaseled your way into my life, Simon Lewis, and I don’t know how or why or even when but it happened, and I kind of hate it but I can’t change it, and here it is.

anonymous asked:

Harvey goddamn Specter?


hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  MIKE ROSS. ALL THE WAY. I am a big Marvey fan, as you can probably deduce from my Suits tag. Harvey just loves him so much, and Mike loves him back. The lenght these two would go to for each other *dies*. Also, with Scottie. If I can’t have Marvey, I’d really want Harvey/Scottie. They just have so much history and Harvey loved her so much and seemed happy with her. I mean, did you see how hard he tried to make it work? And he told her about his therapy. Voluntarly. He just wanted her to know. Yeah, if I can’t have Marvey, Hottie (?) is fine by me. 

friendship them with: Donna. They are so popular as a couple (…and it’ll probably happen in the show, sigh), but I like them way more as friends. I just can’t see Harvey loving her in that way or a romantic relationship between them working at all. Also, with Louis (I love their scenes together) and Jessica (mentor/mentee relationship. They are awesome.)


send me a character

But I loved you. - CH

It’s when his back is turned and he is shaking with anger that it hits you. You realize this is it and that after tonight you and Calum won’t be a couple anymore. You want to hold onto this moment forever even if it is tarnished with words of annoyance and words neither of you meant. He lets out a sigh and turns to look at you, his eyes are glossed over and you can’t help but walk up to him and cradle his face.

“I love you so much, you need to know that.” His lips tremble and you feel a tear slide down your cheek.

You can’t speak so you plant your lips on his instead, the kiss is slow and you both savor every second of it. You know this is your last conversation and you want to bring up every little thing that has ever bothered you, you don’t want it to stop but no words can come out and you are frozen, unable to move. Calum steps away and clears his throat, everything is in slow motion and suddenly you find yourself watching his every move, taking in everything about him, the way he messes with his fingers when he is nervous and the way his face creases when he is thinking about something serious.

You can already feel it, you miss him and he hasn’t even left. You miss the way his hair curls in a morning when it is untouched and wild, you miss the way his eyebrows furrow together when he is angry and most of all you miss the way his whole face lights up when he laughs and how dimples appear that you swear you have never seen before. You try memorize every little detail about his body and the tattoos which adorn his skin, how you trace them when you can’t sleep and how he took you with him to get some of them inked. You miss his voice and how it echoes throughout your house when he is happy and excited, calling out for you to watch some silly video or to read some lyrics he has finally perfected. You miss him and yet he is still right in front of you.

You see the first hints of daylight stream through your bedroom window and want to burst into tears. Calum is next to you in bed and all you can do is stare at one another, remembering the night before and how you held each other like never before. How he carried you to the bedroom and he touched you with so much love that you are certain nothing will ever compare, no one ever will. His favorite shirt is on your body and you contemplate giving it back but decide to keep it instead. It smells like him and is the last piece of his memory you can still actually hold.

“I’m sorry.” He says. The words hang thick in the air and there is nothing to reply.

“You need to go, Calum.” The words leave your mouth so fast you don’t know if it’s real.

“If that’s what you want. I’ll leave.” You want to laugh, you pretend like it’s your decision to make, like you have a choice.

And now you sit in your bed that feels far too big for just you, wishing for his body to be curled around you and his breath on the back of your neck. You go through your phone and torture yourself with all the old pictures of you two smiling like Cheshire cats, It pours salt into your wounds and lets them open up wide to burn and allows you to relive his memory. Maybe tonight you won’t look at him and cry about how you wish he would have loved you a little bit harder or that you had laughed at his jokes more. Maybe, just maybe you won’t look at him the same ever again. Or maybe that’s all a lie. You don’t realize how long a year can feel until you are drowning in his absence and know there is no way out.

It hits you when you see him in the city, he is ten feet away from you and you can’t go tell him how much you love him and miss him, instead settling for turning around and walking away. It hits you when you see his face across a billboard, he is smiling with his band members and you remember the day he went to that photo shoot, how excited he was to finally take you with him and show you off. And most of all, it hits you when you are watching him through a screen, bass in hand and smiling like nothing ever hurt him. You remember the way he used to smile at you and tell you that this was it for him, he had found someone who made his whole world light up and he wasn’t letting you go.

You are tempted to go get the box out of closet, the one filled with his letters and notes he would randomly leave for you when inspiration struck. Books filled with unfinished song lyrics and quirks of yours he loved, ideas that randomly hit him throughout the day that he just had to write down, you have memorized it all. You sometimes go back and read them, to remind yourself how quickly everything changed. You read them over and over again to feel the torment of his words and let them sink into your brain.

You repeat his name as if it is a song, hoping that somehow it will bring him back to your flat to be beside you. But it never does. All it does it leave you with an acidic taste in your mouth. Just as he did with his false promises of forever. The same taste that fills you when you realize there is no one else in the universe meant for you.

Picking up your phone you scroll through your contacts and land on his name. Just one phone call, that’s all it has to be, just so you can hear his voice. You want him to be happy. You want him to know how happy he once made you and even though it is over, you are a better person for him loving you. You want him to know that the secrets you shared will never be told to another soul and you want him to know that the piece of his heart you still have will always be kept safe. But most importantly, you want him to know that he was your home and he always will be. You want him to know that most of all.

He picks up almost immediately but you are greeted with silence.

“We were always meant to grow apart, weren’t we?” Your voice is trembling and it takes all your willpower not to cry to him.

“Yeah, I think we were.”

“But I loved you. I loved you so damn much.” Your voice is full of frustration and he knows it.


“I know, I know you did.

I loved you too.”