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A Way to You Again: Part 10

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count:  1913

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Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely


for the request. Happy Birthday Bucky!

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As my fist connected with the punching bag I felt a sense of relief. I tried not to envision Bucky’s face over and over, but the truth was – I had moved from heartbreak to anger after his behavior with Steve. My hands ached slightly as I continued my work.

“You’re probably going to regret not taping those up,” Nat’s voice floated quietly from behind me. I sighed heavily. Could no one in this fucking tower leave me alone for two seconds? Running away was becoming a much more desirable solution to my problems by the minute.

“What do you want, Nat?” I asked evenly as I continued to maneuver around the punching bag.

“To talk,” she responded quietly.

I steadied the bag with my hands as I laughed. “Everyone in this fucking tower seems to want to talk to me today, and you know what? I’m just not in a very talkative mood if I’m going to be completely honest. And why the fuck would you think I would want to talk to you?” I responded angrily as I turned towards her.

“I’m sorry,” she said clearly and loudly. The response disarmed me for a moment – I wasn’t planning on this being the conversation we were going to have.

“Sorry for what?” I stuttered back as I flexed my aching fingers.

“For what I said about Barnes…. For what I said about you. I was completely out of line.”

“It seemed like you didn’t care at the time,” I responded bitterly. I wasn’t ready to kiss and make up with anyone – especially her.

“I was… I was cruel and I’m so sorry. I was hurt by what he did, and I was angry at you which was unfair, but Y/N… he… Bucky loves you,” she responded sincerely as she walked towards me. Her last words hit me so heavily that I flinched at the sound of them.

“Did he put you up to this? Or are you just someone else that is trying to speak on his behalf when he could obviously not give a damn?” I asked bitterly as I crossed my arms in front of me.

“It’s your name,” she whispered.


“It’s your name he calls out in his sleep. Every night since he’s gotten back.”

I bit my bottom lip nervously at this. “Have they been bad?” I asked – my tone deflating with my anger.

“The worst I’ve seen in years,” she added as she sighed. “Look…. Barnes – he may have trouble telling you… but it’s clear that he’s terrified to lose you.”

“Thanks,” I muttered bitterly as I turned on my heel and headed for the showers.

The rest of the day was luckily uneventful for the most part. I had promised Wanda that I would take her shopping and she had held me to that promise – cornering me as soon as I had exited the shower. For the most part it was a happy distraction from an otherwise miserable day until she forced me to go into Victoria’s Secret.

“Y/N, come on. Surely Barnes is a lingerie man?” Wanda asked as she quirked an eyebrow up in question.

I laughed nervously. Bucky and I had only had sex once before everything fell apart. I had no idea what kind of “man” he was nor did I really care to think about it at the moment. “I don’t really know Wanda… I just…”

“Oh come on – we’re here. You might as well look,” she urged. I sighed internally. Why had I agreed to even come in the first place? In the end it was at least better than awkwardly staring at Bucky through the gaping hole in the wall of my bedroom.

“Fine,” I muttered bitterly as I snatched the black lingerie set out of Wanda’s hands and stomped towards the dressing room.

As the elevator doors opened my nostrils were filled with the smell of something delicious cooking. Wanda had dragged me around at least half of the city throughout the day. My stomach growled at the smell. I was ready to eat and sleep.

“Hey!” Sam called to us from the couch in the common room. “You guys have fun?”

“Lots!” Wanda exclaimed as she walked quickly over to the couch to show Sam everything she had found – of course he would feign interest just for her. Sam had always had a soft spot for Wanda. I was determined to try to quickly get to my room to deposit my own bags – especially the one holding the lingerie that Wanda had demanded I buy.

“What about you, Y/N?” Sam called over. At the mention of my name Bucky’s head peeked from around the corner leading to the kitchen – his eyes immediately zoning in on the pink striped bag. He may have been a man out of time, but he sure as hell was a man and knew immediately what the bag contained. His faced became clouded with confusion as his eyes met mine. “Y/N?” Sam asked again loudly – making me jump. I immediately blushed and caught a glimmer of humor in Bucky’s eyes as I turned to Sam.

“Yeah it was fun,” I muttered as I quickly made my way back to my room.

When I rejoined everyone they were making their way to the dining room. 

“What’s for dinner? It smells amazing,” I asked Sam.

“Dunno – Barnes cooked it,” he shrugged. This peaked my interest – typically Bucky was exempt from making meals unless he volunteered, which he never did.

As we walked into the dinning room my breath hitched in my throat. He had made the meal he had prepared on our first date – complete with homemade breadsticks. I couldn’t help the small smile that spread across my face. As I took in the room my eyes finally found Bucky’s the corners of which crinkled subtly. It was clear by the look on his face that he had done this for me. What Bucky failed at with words he excelled in by actions. We all sat around the table and quickly set to forking food onto our plates. I sat next to Sam and Steve again, but Bucky sat directly in front of me –always keeping his eyes trained on me to assess my reactions. Everything about the meal was wonderful and for the first time since my arrival I felt carefree.

“Y/N – Barnes, we’re keeping you off this mission. Everyone leaves tomorrow morning so try not to break anything else,” Tony said sardonically as he looked at Bucky. At this announcement I almost choked on my wine.

“Everyone?” I asked.

“Yes everyone,” Tony replied matter-of-factly.

“Can I inquire as to why Bucky and I are the only two people that aren’t needed on this mission?” I asked as I tried to keep the panic out of my voice.

Tony shrugged at this. “Just see it as being able to spend some quality time together. Also concerning the wall— perhaps we should just remove it since you two are… you know,” Tony quirked an eyebrow at this. This time I did choke – causing Bucky to look at me in surprise. This was obviously Tony’s way of telling us to fix our shit because he wasn’t going to deal with it anymore. “Anyways – what is everyone up for tonight? Other than watching The Hangover,” he added as Sam opened his mouth to speak.

“Maybe we could watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?” Bucky asked as he looked at me. Sam immediately moaned at the suggestion and I elbowed him in the ribs.

“Come on Sam. It’s my favorite movie and we haven’t watched it in forever!” I protested.

“Okay fine!” He whined in response.

“Well that’s settled then,” Tony announced as he rose from the table.

I sat on the couch waiting for Bucky to turn up before we started the movie. I felt like the day had made a dramatic shift for me. Each of Bucky’s actions had been carefully calculated to show how much he cared without crossing a line. I kept reminding myself that I still needed to be cautious. It seemed like every time I let myself have a tender moment with him something happened to further the hurt he had caused, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was different. Maybe it was the meal or him offering up my favorite movie to the group even though its story made him uncomfortable. Maybe it was hearing what he told Steve as they argued this morning…. or maybe it was Nat’s apology and revelation about the return of Bucky’s nightmares.

“You’re going to chew that thing off,” Bucky remarked as he looked at me with an amused grin. I jumped at the sound of his voice – I had been lost in thought waging my internal debate as I chewed on my bottom lip. He chuckled softly to himself before handing me my favorite blanket. As he settled down beside me I spread the blanket over both of us. He didn’t put his arm around me this time— rather settling for placing his hand near my own. As the movie started Bucky’s fingers curled lightly around my own causing me to wince. “What’s wrong?” he whispered.

“It’s nothing,” I grimaced as I mentally kicked myself for not taping my hands before practice. Bucky gently pulled my hand from under the blanket and examined it closely. My knuckles were certainly bruised. After shooting me a disapproving look he returned both of our hands back under the blanket. His hand took mine and began to expertly and gently massage each knuckle. I found his touch was still as intoxicating as the first time he had laced his fingers with mine.

Suddenly the movie paused and I looked around confused. Everyone was getting up to leave except for the two of us. “Where are you—” I began to ask but Tony cut me off.

“We all have to be up in the early morning hours. We’re going to call it a night, but you two should continue,” he said as a small smile formed on his face. “Goodnight,” he added with a wave before strolling out of the room. Everyone else said their goodnights and made their way to their rooms leaving just Bucky and myself.

“This feels like a set up,” I snorted indignantly as I stretched out on the couch. Bucky chuckled quietly at this. The tension between us was still uneasy, but no longer explosive. “Should we finish the movie?” I asked as I grabbed a pillow that Sam had tossed onto the floor and placed it beside Bucky before laying down. “I know you hate it,” I added.

“I don’t hate it, and even if I did – I would do anything to make you happy,” he replied, smiling sadly at me as he brushed the hair from my face. When I looked into his eyes I wanted so badly to forget about the last week, to forget about the things that we had both said and done that caused so much hurt, to kiss him and tell him we would be okay, but I knew if things were to ever improve we would have to have the talk that we had been skirting around – even during our more explosive interactions. And now wasn’t the time.

“Okay then it’s settled,” I responded with a grin as I grabbed the remote from where Tony had left it and hit play to resume the movie.

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Barry: “It actually fits two people!”

Leonard: *heavily sighs* “Kid…”

I was thinking about Leonard’s parka and I believe it could actually fit Barry in with its owner if they squeeze togheter, they are both very slim after all. Or maybe I was just looking for an excuse to draw this little thingy, because yes. 

Needy - Dad!Luke

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I’m sorry it’s so short, but I like how simple it is

“Luke. Stop it,” y/n giggled quietly as her husband kissed down her neck, lifting her shirt slightly to move down to her pregnant belly.

“It’s been five days. Lemme have a taste,” he whispered against her skin as she tried to hold in a squeal, his fingers rubbing her through her underwear. Within seconds, their bedroom door flew open as two pairs of small feet padded their way to the bed.

“Mornin mumma!” The two year old twins yelled as Luke sighed heavily, cock blocked again by his twin boys. “Mornin daddy.”

“Morning,” y/n said trying to hide her laugh as Luke rolled over onto his back off of her. “Did you sleep well?”

“Mmm,” they both grunted as they tried to climb onto the large bed, blond hair flying everywhere resembling their father greatly. “Daddy, wake up.”

“I’m awake, Bray,” Luke chuckled as his son climbed into his arms hugging him, cuddling into his chest and making himself comfortable. “You boys hungry?”

“Yes!” They yelled, Jason climbing on top of his dad as well as Luke tried to sit up.

“Boys, off. Come on. Let’s leave mum alone.” He placed the twins on the floor, the two of them sprinting for the door as he sighed ready to get out of bed, only to be pulled back by his giggling wife. “Yes, Mrs. Hemmings?”

“I love you,” she said leaning up to kiss him as he held her close.

“I love you too, baby. And I’ll show you how much I love you when I tear up that pussy tonight after I drop the boys at my mum’s,” he said grinning before running away like a child before she could kick him.

“You’re so needy!”

Stand by me.

Silence filled the room.

“Ugh, please say something.” Yuuri groaned loudly against his hands, the same shaky and sweaty ones covering his flushed face as he waited for a reaction from the younger boy standing right front of him, inspecting the piece of jewelry carefully as he was asked to do, reading the “Stand by me” inscription over and over with his lower lip between his teeth.

“Well, you two idiots have my blessing.” Yurio sighed heavily, shifting his weight into his other foot, making a blonde strand of hair slip from his messy bun and fall against his face. The simple thought of how much the younger boy started to look like Victor at his age being more than enough to warm both Victor and Yuuri’s heart. “Don’t forget to send the invitation.” He said matter of factly, clicling his tongue as he closed the small black box and handed it back to Yuuri, already on his way towards the door when the man finally snapped back into reality.

“Wait! Is that it?” Yuuri raised his voice, hurt.

“What else you want me to say?” The blonde turned around to rest his body against the door frame, bored expression written al over his features.

“I don’t know!” Yuuri panted violently, immediately sitting at the edge of his bed when he started to feel like the room was spinning, hands shaking and tears filling his eyes as his voice broke. “A congratulation, an advice… anything.”

If he was being honest it sounded more like a cry for help than a request.

Noticing the change on the man’s emotional state, Yurio decided to proceed by walking slowly towards the bed and take a seat next to him, the little box being the only thing separating them.

“If you’re asking for love advice to a teenager you’re more desperated than what I thought you were.” He tried tentatively, nudging him with his elbow playfully, watching attentively for a reaction from Yuuri.

But nothing came.

“Hey… you oka-”

“What if I’m making a mistake?” The man bursted suddenly, face agry red and fists white in the sheets, making the teenager jump back with a hand over his heart and his hair bun fall wildly over his shoulders. “What if its too soon? What if he changed his mind? What if he doesn’t feel the same after all? What if-?” 

“Now listen here, pork cutlet bowl!” This time was Yurio’s turn to yell, standing in front of the older boy as he tried to hold back his sobs, right hand clutching the box like a lifeline. “Opposite to what your disturbingly large amount of posters hidden in this very room may suggest, I have known Victor for a longer time than you have,” The blonde boy chuckled smugly when Yuuri’s face turned even redder at his words, “and let me tell you I have never seen that old man so happy in my whole life.” He smiled wholeheartedly as every memory of Victor since the very first day they met came to him in flashbacks, like a movie. Every laugh, every tear, every fall.

“Not even in the ice.” Yurio mumbled under his breath without even realizing he actually said it out loud, the small gasp leaving Yuuri’s now bitten raw lips being the ony thing making him aware of it.

“I don’t know shit about your story together, okay? Don’t care either, so don’t bother. You gonna have kids who actually care one day.” He actually barked a laugh at the mix of confusion yet fondness in the older boy’s face as he looked down, taking his glasses off to wipe his eyes and looking up again to meet the blonde’s green eyes, smiling weakly as if to encouraging him to keep talking. “But the way you talk to each other, the way you look at each other, the way you just breathe around each other for fuck’s sake. I don’t know how to put it into words, you know?.”

He knew neither of the older men liked when he swore but drastic situations required drastic measures.

“Yuuri, if what you and Victor have isn’t love… I don’t think I want it.” Yurio walked slowly to take place next to the older boy once again, not daring to meet his eyes. “Are you making a mistake? Course you’re not, idiot.”

Silence filled the room once again.

“Um, I think its your turn to say something.” The blonde laughed nervously scratching the back of his neck, lazily braiding the ends of his hair as he waited for an answer.

“You called me by my name.” Came amusedly from beside him, making him snap his head up as realization hit him, the older boy already looking at him with a smug but still somehow sweet smile, a thank you shining behind his glassy brown eyes.

“Yeah?” The teen between the two said, looking away when he felt his own green ones starting to water. “Well, don’t get used to it, pig.”

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Werecat mc on her period ? Werewolf Seayoung and saeran And yoosung trying to help but don't cause her yo curse You with her rath

I went a different way with this one. All my lady friends who go through this will relate!

“What is wrong with you?” MC was in the kitchen, pouring some coffee into her mug. Saeyoung, Saeran, and even Yoosung standing in a cluster just staring at her.

She rolled her eyes at them and sighed heavily.

“Ok, I get the two werewolf twins, but, what the hell Yoosung?”

“I don’t know.” Yoosung shrugged. “Saeran can’t stop talking about it.”

“So, what…are you trying to catch the scent too?” she smirked.

“Stupid, I know, but…I’m just mostly curious.” He hunched his shoulders and looked down.

MC took his arm and led him to the sofa, she sat him down then dropped down next to him, legs crossed. He flicked his eyes towards her crotch and she sighed heavily again. Setting her coffee cup down on the coffee table she took both his hands and peered at him until he met her eyes.

He was so embarrassed his cheeks were glowing red hot.

“Listen, there is nothing mysterious about what is happening here. As a medical student, I would think that you understood the biology behind it all. I am not going to go on a rampage, I am not going to freak out if someone glances at me in the wrong way. And, am I irritable? Well fuck Yoosung, if you had a gaping wound that wouldn’t stop bleeding I think you would be pretty damned irritable too. Once a month I have to either stick a tube up my vagina and let a string hang, catching all that blood, then pull it out and try to throw it away sanitarily without getting any of it on me! Or, I have to wear a fucking blood diaper that chafes my thighs and leaves crusty blood all over my pubic hair.”

Yoosung crinkled his nose and tried to pull away, “Oh no you don’t. You three have been following me around for the past day because I’m on my bloody period and you are going to sit here and listen to my shit!”

Saeyoung and Saeran looked at each other and whined, trying to step away. MC thrust a finger their way and glared, “You too! Stay put!”

She turned her attention back to Yoosung, “Now, you might assume that that outburst was because I’m on my period and an emotional mess. But no, that outburst was because those two are complete idiots and have gotten on my last nerve. You know, and I know, and they know, it has nothing to do with ‘that time of the month’. Which reminds me, as a woman I have to walk around tiptoeing around the fact that I bleed once a month because god forbid a man’s fragile ego and sanity may be damaged by that simple biological fact and all that in entails. And, I have to be bombarded by ridiculous labels like ‘Aunt Flo, crimson tide, on the rag, and oh yes, my personal favorite Mother Nature’s gift! Because it’s what I’ve always wanted. And I’m sorry if I may be a little irritable because in addition to all of that happy, wet, shit coming out of my vagina, I get to sometimes spend quality time with my bed. In a fetal position because cramps are invading my insides and while most of the time they are just a bit uncomfortable, sometimes they are quite debilitating! And on top of all of that, happy happy joy joy, I get to wear my stretchiest clothes because nothing else fits. Now….having all of this shit happening to my body does not, in fact, and I want you to listen closely to this Yoosung…” she narrowed her eyes and pierced right through him. His eyes were wide and terrified, he nodded, listening harder than he had ever listened before. “It does NOT make me crazy! I can still think. I can do my job. I can calculate numbers. I can read inventories. I can drive a vehicle, I can teach a class, I can do all the things that I am quite capable of doing the rest of the month and I can do it just as well. So, what have we learned today Yoosung?” she let go of his hands and picked up her coffee to take a sip.

“Uhm, that when you are on your…period…you are still the same person, just more uncomfortable, but not more volatile and we shouldn’t treat you any different?”

MC narrowed her eyes, “Are you telling or asking?”

“Telling, definatly telling.” Yoosung smiled, more confident.

“Good. Now, what about you two?” she turned her head to the twins clinging together, still trying hard not to push their noses into her private business because the smell was so inviting for some reason.

“We got it..” “Yeah…” “Sure…” “Normal…” they tripped over each other. MC sighed and shook her head, she put her cup down and looked at Yoosung.

“Wanna’ go have breakfast at the diner down the road? My treat.”

“Yeah, let’s go.” Yoosung sprung off the sofa and followed MC.

“What about us?” Saeyoung whined.

“I’ll bring you back a doggie bag.” MC said and she and Yoosung burst out laughing as they walked into the garage.

Werewolf AU

Imagine finding out that Sam loves to cuddle...

Requested by anon. Enjoy! XOXO

“Gross,” you complained, looking around the small cabin. “Let’s just go sleep in the car.”

“We can’t,” Sam replied. He pulled salt out of his duffel bag and tossed it to you. “We can’t go back out there right now. We’ll just hide here for the night and go back to the car tomorrow morning.”

You sighed heavily and began salting the door and two small windows while Sam drew all the regular protective symbols around the cabin.

The cabin was tiny, just a one-room shack that Bobby had used when he hunted actual animals. There was a small kitchenette that looked like it hadn’t been touched in years, a rickety table, and an old couch.

You flopped down on the couch and stretched out, exhausted.

“Where am I supposed to sleep?” Sam protested.

“Don’t care,” you mumbled, eyes already closed.

You heard Sam chuckle, then felt his strong hands lift your legs up. He sat down on the couch and draped your legs back over his lap. You didn’t want to admit it, but you liked the warmth he provided. The cabin was chilly and you had no blankets.

You felt him lean back and stretch out his legs, and hoped that both of you would be able to get at least a few hours of sleep before continuing your hunt in the morning.

The next thing you knew, bright light was streaming into the cabin, highlighting all the dust you hadn’t been able to see the night before. Judging by the sun, it was late morning. You groaned and moved to sit up.

Only, a weight held you down. A very heavy, very warm Sam Winchester was sprawled over you on the couch, his legs tangled in yours, his arms tucked under you, and his head resting on your chest.

You grinned at the idea of a Winchester being a “cuddler” as you tried to push him off of you. Rather than wake up, he instinctively tightened his arms around you and stretched up to rest his head in the crook of your neck. You could feel his lips against your skin, and in the strange quiet of the moment, you admitted to yourself that there were worse ways to spend the morning.

You managed to free one of your arms, and couldn’t resist the urge to tangle your fingers in Sam’s long hair. He sighed happily, still sleeping like a log, and you giggled. You were definitely going to tease him mercilessly about his penchant for snuggling when he woke up.

His muscles tensed suddenly, and you knew he was awake. You were about to make your first crack about Sam the Cuddle Monster when his tongue lightly fluttered over the sensitive skin below your ear.

“Y/N…” he whispered, his voice hoarse with sleep and unmistakable desire, making you shiver.

Later. You’d tease him later.

(Slash looking happy without you)

It was no secret that you and your boyfriend Slash got into arguments more than a usual couple, but usually it didn’t end in breaking things off for more than a day. It had been a week since Slash ended things with you, it was the longest the two of you had been separated.

In the past week you’d never been so miserable in your life. You didn’t want to leave the house; you wanted to wallow in your sadness over the breakup, today you couldn’t do that. You had plans with Axl and Duff and you couldn’t let them know just how much this bothered you.

Quickly throwing yourself together to the best of your abilities, the echo of your doorbell rang through the house. Slowly walking through the house you practiced a fake smile to put on for two of your best friends. Taking a deep breath and heavily sighing out, you opened the door to see the two looking at you with pity. “Hey there you, ready to have some fun?” Duff said as he propped his bottom lip out at you.

Axl leaned against the doorframe and put a smile on his face. “Y/N, you’re about to have the best damn day ever. You won’t even remember who Slash or whatever the fuck his face is anymore!” Pulling you out of the house and shutting the door behind you, Axl led you towards the car as Duff bounced along behind the two of you.

Sitting in the back seat you hung your head and crossed your arms lost in your own thoughts. “Where are we going anyways? I don’t get why you two knuckle heads always have to keep things secretive! I’m not five anymore.”

Axl and Duff just laughed at your complaints as Axl continued to drive to the unknown destination. About thirty minutes later as you had started to doze off, you heard Duff acting like the five year old he was so excited. “Y/N! We’re here; get your lazy ass up! It’s a fair and you’re gonna have a good time!”

Axl chimed in to Duff’s command of you having a good time. “Yeah, this will wipe that fake smile off your face and make it a real smile. Let’s go on the bumper cars first, I’ll race ya fuckers!”

As you got in line and waited, you spotted the messy head of curls you knew more than anything. Slash was standing in line at the concession stands with a girl, and he looked happier than ever. Here you were being dragged around fair grounds thinking about him as he pranced around carelessly with another girl.

Duff finally realized what you had been so fixated on and then spotted Slash himself. “Shit, Axl let’s get out of here… Slash is over there.”

You refused to leave, locking eyes with Slash as you made a beeline over to him. As you approached Slash and the blonde female, you snapped your attention to her. “If you don’t mind, I really need to talk to my boyfriend alone. Give us a minute?”

She looked over at Slash as he nodded in agreement to her leaving, huffing as she walked away. “What is going on Y/N? We’re done, I thought once you break up with someone they are allowed to see other people.”

You uncrossed your arms to plant them on your hips as you just stared at Slash in disbelief. “You know that’s not the case with us, you know that wasn’t the end! I can’t believe you’d give up so easily…” You started shaking your head as tears began to form in your eyes. “You just act like I never even mattered to you; I’ve been sitting around my house doing nothing since you left me. I’ve spent every day crying over you while you’re out making nice with other girls. I love you Slash, I can’t believe you’d actually throw that away.”

Turning around to go back to Duff and Axl to take you home, you felt the familiar grip on your arm as Slash pulled you back towards him. “Baby…” Slash pulled you into him as he planted kisses on your head and shoulder. “I’m sorry, Y/N. We need to fix this. No, I need to fix this because I love you. I need you.”

Soaking up the heartfelt moment of reuniting with your boyfriend was short lived; as you heard Axl and Duff in the near distance cheering and whistling at you and Slash while you kissed. Breaking away from Slash’s lips and giggling you looked over at them shaking your head. “They knew you were going to be here didn’t they…”

Soulmate!AU // GOT7′s Park Jinyoung

I’m finally back so here’s a really long scenario. Although it is a jinyoung scenario, i didnt use his name that often so you could always think of it as your bias.

Genre: Fluff/Angst (oh god)

Word Count: 1,941 words



“what colour is this again?“ 

“for the last time it is LIGHT BLUE. L I G H T  B L U E. BLUE

Jinyoung sighed heavily as he hears his two members’ boundless bickering 

“wait and this one is…." 

orange thats orange

It wasn’t as if he was annoyed by the conversation, he was actually mildly intrigued. But he couldn’t help the evident jealousy rising in him for the fact that he was now the only one left to see everything in monotone hues. They were able to catch a glimpse of the fire gold glow of dawn and yet he was only able to professionally distinguish the different shades of black, grey and white. They were able to perceive the beauty of basic shades of primary colours and yet he was impotent to recognise between vivid tones and the humdrum he is surrounded with daily. They were able to discuss the exotic colours they perceived and again, his inability to see colours made him an outlier. 

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Hidden Away

request: “ Okokokokok so hi~ can i please get a scenario with jaehyun where u guys are kinda secret dating and then the members find out nd tease u abt how cute it is?? Ily honey bun 💕💕💕💕 “

genre: lil smut/suggestive and fluff/comedy


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An Awakening

“Wake up, Sleepy head” A soft female voice could be heard. The Sin'dorei turned his back to the voice, eyes tightly closed “erhh.” He mumbled. The birds outside were chirping and the warm sun found it’s way through an open window on the man. A soft breeze pushed the leaves on a heavy tree that stood tall right outside.  "Oi, Wake up! Don’t make me light a fire under ye'r ass!“ Two hands press on the elfs shoulder pressing in and out ” Are you going to sleep all day and keep me waiting. Hmm?“ The indolent elf slowly cracked his eyes, letting the first bit of daylight shine into them. He sighed heavily.. The two hands shook him once more ” Wake up!!“

” Fine, fine.. I’m awake" he waved his hands in the air shooing the annoying culprit. He took a long drawn out yawn before flipping over. The half-elf woman was short and petite, but still pleasantly curvy, Her hair was just as white as his, but with red curls. Her belly was large and ready to pop. She said “ If I have to carry this around for nine months, you’re going to get up and help me!” She said as she pulled a red sucker from her mouth.

“ I’m.. Sorry, I ” She interrupted “ It’s fine.. We need to go to the lordaeron market before the sun falls, or y'ah might be fighting off the wolves again, and this time I aint help'n!”  she smirks, the man’s head slammed back down into the bed “ ughh” The voice with anger and fire echoed through the town of Strahnbrad “ WAKE UP!!!!!”     

“Fine!!! I’m awake, I’m awake” He quickly pushed himself up and out of the bed. He gave a quick yawn, and a long stretch.. He says “ Just let me gather my things and we will go immediately, would that please you?” He rolled his eye “ Besides, you’re a mage.. Just teleport us, would be easier.” He leaned down to picking up his pants from the floor, sliding them on. He continued “ You know, if you didn’t nag me about the market, than maybe Id want to go, ever think about that” He was clearly upset, the small petite mage would never nag him, unless it was spending time with him. She was pregnant after all, she was upset. 

No response was heard, awkward the young elf thought.. She had been pushing and beating on him all morning to get up and here she is giving him the silent treatment. “ Great, fine.. We will walk in silence. ” The elf said  sliding on his shirt, he reached over taking two sheathed daggers, strapping him to his waist. “ Is this how it’s really going to be?” He said pulling tight on his belt, as he walked out of the room he was assaulted in.

“ Why wouldn’t you just wake up” the mages back was towards the man “ Im up, what else..” She kept repeating “ Why wouldn’t you just wake…” She repeated again Why wouldn’t you just wake" The man was steadfast. After a brief pause he slowly stepped forward placing a hand on her shoulder “ Whats the matter?” He asked “ She repeated once more ” Why wouldn’t you just wake"  he quickly pulled the half breeds shoulder forcing her to face him

Her hands covered the wound on her belly as blood gushed through the cracks of her fingers. The crimson liquid trailed its way to the floor creating a small pool around her feet. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she coughed up bits of blood that now painted the side of her cheek. Her hands covered the wound on her belly, The man cried out “ Nooo!”

Aurora gasped for air pushing himself up, beads of sweat dripped down his face, and his heart was beating fast carrying over the same cry “ Nooo!” He quickly looked around the room collecting his bearings. As he slowly calmed himself down he took a few more deep breaths. He was in Eurdition. A light rain dizzled on top of the roof and the fire in the fire pit had long been extinguished, the smell of burnt embers and coffee filled the dark room.

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Grown Ups
  • *at Bart's*
  • John & Mary: *walking hand-in-hand down the corridor*
  • John: *checks his watch*'s been an hour and a half.
  • Mary: *nods* We should let them out, then.
  • John: *shrugs* Do we have to? It's been peaceful.
  • Mary: *chuckles*
  • -they stop beside a locked supply cupboard-
  • John: *knocks* We've found the spare key *winks at his wife* you two still alive?
  • -silence-
  • Mary: *frowns* Maybe she killed him. If there's anyone who could get away with it, it's Molly.
  • John: *unlocking the door* I think even Lestrade could get a conviction if Molly's the only suspect *opens the door* Hey, how did it-
  • Sherlock: *storms out and starts striding down the corridor*
  • Molly: *furiously starts marching towards the morgue*
  • John & Mary: ...
  • -LATER-
  • Sherlock & Molly: *working; ignoring each other*
  • ...
  • Sherlock: *glances at her* Is this over?
  • Molly: *avoiding looking at him* Do you want this to be over?
  • Sherlock: *uncertain* Do you want this to be over?
  • Molly: *swallows* Not even a little bit.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Good. Dinner?
  • Molly: *smiles* I suppose so. You can work on your apology.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* I'm...sorry?
  • Molly: That's a start *pecks him and leaves the morgue*
  • Sherlock: *smirks*
  • Sherlock: *bored* For God's sake, we could just tell them we're sleeping together. This is unnecessary...pointless...
  • Molly: *leaning against the wall* It's just movie night...frankly, I can do with the break.
  • Sherlock: *dismissive* You love Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Molly: Yeah, well...Jack Sparrow isn't that great.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *slowly turns to face her* Captain.
  • Molly: *whines* Can't we watch Star Trek into Darkness?
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* Khan is a pathetic villain and the plot is just implausible.
  • Molly: *laughs humourlessly* And tentacled pirates with missing hearts captain ships every damn day!
  • Sherlock: *irritated* Molly, you're treading on very thin ice.
  • Molly: *folds her arms* And you're sleeping on the sofa.
  • Sherlock: *huffs; turns away from her*

Imagine Mycroft and Sherlock arguing, and John finally intervening, saying “I came out of the ocean because you need to stop.”



Y/N: *Pleading glance at John* John, you have to DO something! This goes like this since two HOURS!

John: *sighs heavily* Alright. *screams from the top of his lungs* STOP. I CAME OUT OF THE OCEAN BECAUSE YOU NEED TO STOP.

Everybody: *turns around at John in confusion*

Y/N: Seriously?

John: Well, they DID stop.

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Make Believe Final - Luke

I hope you like it! All other parts are on my masterlist!


“You look miserable” Calum doesn’t beat around the bush.

“I’m fine” Luke mumbles.

“When did you last speak to her?” Ashton seems more concerned.

“Two fucking weeks ago” he sighs heavily, rubbing a hand over his face.

“She still not replied to your text?” Calum scrolls through his own phone, not noticing the glare he’s receiving from Ash.

“Obviously not” Luke bites out.

“Oh well, she’s only your fake girlfriend, right?” Calum raises an eyebrow, making Ashton realise the aim behind his blasé attitude.

“Y-yeah” Luke’s voice doesn’t sound so sure.

“Then why is this bothering you so much?”

“Because this wasn’t part of the plan” he mutters.

“What? You falling for her?” Ashton whispers. Luke doesn’t answer.

“She was with Matt in the pub last night” he frowns, eventually speaking.

“Is there something between them?” Calum asks.

“He said no, but I don’t know how true that is, or how she feels about him.” Luke shrugs

“Would it bother you if she liked him?”

“Of course it fucking would” Luke grumbles.

“How did this happen?” Calum chuckles, barely recognising his best friend. His best friend who had always insisted that monogamy wasn’t for him.

“I don’t know” Luke runs a hand through his hair, “she crept up on me.”

“Go and talk to her” Ashton’s voice is gentle.

“She isn’t even replying to my messages, Ash”

“You’ll see her tonight” Michael adds.

“What?” Luke looks at his friend.

“It’s Rebecca Taylor’s birthday. Her parents have rented out the entire Ruby Wood Hotel for it.” Mike clarifies.

“She’s 18, how many people can she actually know?!” Luke grumbles.

“The entire town is invited, I think it’s more to show off their wealth than celebrate her birth.” Michael shrugs.

“I hate this town” Luke mutters under his breath.

“You’ve mentioned” Calum grins.


“Can you see him? Is he here?” You tap your fingers against the bar, your eyes shooting around the bar area.

“No and I don’t know” Molly hands you a shot of tequila, “you look like you need it.” She answers the question in your eyes.

“I need more than one shot” you grimace as the alcohol slides down your throat.

“Okay, so..” Matt bounds over to you, looking far too excited for a birthday party of a girl he’s barely spoken to, “he’s here.”

“What? Where? Have you spoken to him?” You wish you had another shot.

“Is that where you disappeared to?” Molly frowned.

“I’ve been scoping out the situation” Matt narrows his eyes as he glances around, “don’t worry, I’ve been the definition of stealth.”

“That makes me feel better” you murmur, your voice dripping with sarcasm.

“He’s with his squad..”

“Don’t ever say ‘squad’ again” Molly holds a hand you, interrupting him.

“Fine” Matt huffs, “he’s with his…friends. They’ll be heading here soon though, Luke had a scowl on his face.”

“I’ve been ignoring his messages” you chew on your lip, grateful for Matt’s large frame hiding you.

“Not great when you’re supposed to be his pretend girlfriend” Molly tilts her head to one side.

“Not really” you grimace.

“It’ll be fine” Matt shakes his head, “we won’t leave your side once.”

“Thank you” you squeeze his fingers. He smiles at you, squeezes your hand back and kisses the top of your head. He truly was like the older brother you’d never had.

“Okay, I need to leave you just once because I really need the loo, but I’ll be back!” Molly looks apologetic before rushing to the toilets.

“Bloody useless” you shake your head.

“I know, she could have brought a she-wee” Matt rolls his eyes.

“Is that what you’ve got?”
You raise an eyebrow.

“I’ve got a bottle, don’t you worry” he winks.

“You’re so disgusting” you burst out laughing.

“Come on, we need another drink” he signals to the barman.


“Mate, they’re just friends” Ashton tries to reassure his own friend. Luke’s eyes are fixated on you and Matt.

“You don’t know that” Luke bites out, “she looks pretty happy with him.”

“Go and talk to her” Ash pushes.

“Why? She clearly doesn’t want to talk to me” Luke knows he’s cutting off his nose to spite his face, but he can’t bring himself to be the bigger person here.

“Stop being so fucking stubborn” Calum can’t put up with Luke’s moping anymore, “and go and tell her that you fucking love her, you fucking idiot.”

“Language” Ashton smirks at Calum’s obvious annoyance.

“I can’t just tell her that I love her” Luke matches Cal’s anger.

“Why? You do” Michael shrugs, bored of Luke’s stubbornness as much as Calum was.

“I hate you all” Luke scowls, wanting his friends to let him feel sorry for himself.

“Let’s get a drink” Mike places his hands on Luke’s shoulders and directs towards the bar, “you can at least mope with alcohol then.”


“Shit, shit, he’s coming over” Molly’s eyes widen, “let’s go and dance.” She grabs your hands an pulls you to the dancefloor, despite the only people currently there being the average age of 7.

“Hemmings” Matt nods towards him as Luke stands next to him at the bar.

“Whiskey, large” Luke nods at the bartender, ignoring Matt’s greeting.

“Y/N a big fan of this song?” Ashton raises an eyebrow, as the DJ plays Waterloo by ABBA.

“It’s ABBA, who isn’t a fan?” Matt coolly responds.

“What’s going on between you two?” Luke jumps to the point.

“What’s going on with you and Y/N?” Matt hits back with. Luke stares at him.

“Can we just get to the point?” Calum grumbles, “Luke is in love with Y/N..”

“I..” Luke interrupts, as Matt’s eyes widen.

“He is, whether he admits it out loud or not” Calum places a hand on Luke’s shoulder, “this fake relationship was a fucking stupid idea and he wants it to be real, but doesn’t know how Y/N feels about him or you, for that matter. So? You and Y/N?” Matt’s eyes focus on Luke, trying to gage him.

“Do you realise how many guys would kill for the chance to be with her?” Matt eventually speaks, “she’d have a queue, let me tell ya. People have backed off because of you and who your family are. Everyone knows what your parents want and no one wanted to go against the Hemmings’.”

“I’m aware” Luke bites out, knowing full well the attention you receive.

“And you want to know how me and her feel about each other?” He raises an eyebrow.

“If you’d be so kind” Luke is barely containing his anger.

“She’s like my sister” Matt pulls a face, “I adore her…like she was my sister and I feel protective of her like she was my sister. For some fucked up reason, she’s in love with you, she thinks you’re worthy of her. I trust her judgement, because I know Y/N would never let another human treat her like crap, but if you mess this up then you’ll regret it. Not from me, but she’ll make you regret it. Do you really want to be the guy who let Y/N Y/L/N go? No? Didn’t think so. Don’t fuck this up, Hemmings.”

“She loves me?” Luke whispers.

“Seriously? That’s all you got from that?” He growls.

“I need to go and talk to her” Luke leaves without another word.

“I feel like Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Matt watches Luke walk away.

“Didn’t he mess up it and make the wrong people fall in love with each other?” Calum raises an eyebrow.

“Well, let’s hope I didn’t do that” Matt shrugs off his concern, “I’m more concerned that Luke Hemmings thinks I’m interested in girls.”


“Oh Luke!” Anna places her hands on her son’s upper arms before he rushes past her.

“Mum, I’ve got to…” He looks around frantically for you.

“I’m looking for Y/N” His mum doesn’t let go of him.

“Me too” he finally looks into his mother’s eyes, “why do you need her?”

“She looked upset before, I wondered if she was okay” Anna frowns, “I haven’t seen her a lot lately.”

“That’s my fault” Luke’s frown matches his mother’s exactly, “I fuc…messed up.”

“Lu, my love, my only son, my darling boy…” Anna sighs, dramatically.

“Get on with it, mum” Luke rolls his eyes.

“Do you think this had worked?” She has a glint in her eye.

“What?” Luke is genuinely confused.

“I know you and Y/N think me, your dad, and her parents are daft, old people, but we’re not” she narrows her eyes, but there’s humour in them.

“I don’t understand?”

“You and Y/N were adamant that you couldn’t stand one another, then all of a sudden, you were a couple?” She raises an eyebrow, “I wasn’t born yesterday, you know.”

“Yeah, the grey hair gave that away” Luke smirks.

“How dare you!” She tries not to laugh, “so we know you weren’t really together, but we also know that this changed. You love her, right?”

“I really do” Luke breathes out.

“Go and tell her” she takes hold of her son’s hand, “it’s obvious that she feels the same way. Only the two of you were too stupid to see it.”

“I know, I was a stubborn idiot” Luke chuckles.

“Like your father” Anna rolls her eyes, “don’t tell him I said that.”

“Your secret’s safe” he smiles, before leaning to press a kiss to her cheek, “as mothers go, you’re a good one.”

“Glad you think so” she laughs, “now go!”


Luke finds you with Molly, your eyes moving around the room, nervousness obvious in the way you can’t stand still.

“Hey, you” Luke’s voice makes your head shoot round to him.

“H-hi” you swallow, realising just how much you’ve missed him. Missed being around him, you felt better when he was there and you knew that feeling was dangerous, because it wouldn’t lead to what you wanted.

“Can we talk?” Luke glances to Molly, who narrows her eyes at him.

“Yeah, Mol, I’ll be fine” you turn to your friend briefly, knowing you needed to talk to Luke eventually.

“Fine, but I’ll be here in a second if you need me” Molly’s eyes don’t leave Luke’s as she speaks, despite her words clearly not being directed at him.

“So…how are you?” You stammer out once Molly has walked away.

“I feel like shit” Luke shrugs, stepping towards you, “I haven’t seen you in two weeks, it’s been hell.” Your eyes widen at his words, not expecting them at all.

“Y-you…I… I’m sorry, what?” You blurt out.

“I’m trying to be honest, it’s new for me” he gives a soft laugh.

“Honest how?” You’re wary of what he’s doing.

“How I feel about you” he whispers, stepping not even closer to you.

“How do you feel?” Your voice is as quiet as his.

“I love you” he breathes out.

“Luke..” You begin. You’d never expected to hear those words from him. Resigned yourself to the fact that you would never mean as much to him as he did to you.

“I love you. I’m so in love with you. I don’t know how it happened, you crept up on me.” He gives you a half smile, still wary of your reaction.

“I don’t know how it happened either” you smile, making his own lips spread into a grin.

“Y/N, I’m sorry” he murmurs, his hands moving to your waist.

“You don’t have t…” You reach up and press your hands to his chest.

“No, I do” he interrupts, “my parents wanted this so badly and I was so determined that they wouldn’t decide this part of my life that I didn’t even stop to question that I might actually want it”

“And you want it?” You ask, looking up at him.

“I want it. I want all of it. I love you and I want everything with you” he leans closer to you, before pulling back, almost as if he’s only just realised something.

“Lu?” You frown in confusion at the smile growing on his face, “what?”

“They were right” he laughs, “our parents were so right about everything.”

“Please, don’t tell them that” you grin, “we’ll never hear the end of it.” Luke doesn’t reply, he just continues to look at you, a smile of realisation on his face.


“Yeah?” You blink up at him.

“Marry me”


This is the final part, thank you so much for reading/commenting/requesting. You’re all wonderful and I love you.

Because We’re Friends: 2

Part ONE
If this posted on time (NOV 26, 12pm, Aus time) I am currently on the plane to Japan!!! I land at 6pm Japan time but i won’t be able to get online until tomorrow afternoon so i’ll check up on everything then!!

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You were laying on Taehyung’s bed, staring at the ceiling as he bustled around his room, getting ready to go out with is roommates. You sighed heavily, watching him as he tried to decide between two different jackets which looked exactly the same to you.

“You can come with us, you know,” he said, turning to frown at you, sitting on his bed in one of his shirts.

“I don’t know your friends,” you pouted. He’d made new friends when he started uni. It was where you two differed; he continued to study, you went to work, he continued his passion, you stopped caring about yours. He was good with people and you weren’t, it was a good part of the reason you loved him, he’d do any speaking you didn’t want to do, like ordering food or buying movie tickets. So you were a little worried he’d drop you when he made these new friends, but he didn’t and even though he ended up moving in with them instead of you, he didn’t distance himself from you at all and you appreciated that.

“That’s because you don’t try to know them,” he rolled his eyes.

“I try,” you protested, frowning as he scoffed at you.

“Right, you offer them food when we order take out, I forgot,” he sighed, turning to look at you, all humour gone from his face, “Just come out with us, if you don’t like it I’ll bring you home and we’ll eat ice cream and watch movies,”

You groaned, pouting at your best friend as you thought it through. You did kind of feel like doing something, but you weren’t big on crowded places or people you didn’t know. Granted, you’d technically known Tae’s roommates for over a year but you hadn’t really had an actual conversation with them. Taehyung sighed in annoyance, moving to grab a pair of jeans from the draw he kept for you, along with one of his smaller shirts.

“Get dressed,” he said, walking out of the room and you slowly moved about getting changed, still unsure about what you were going to do. You slid your jeans on, frowning at how tight they were. You’d left these here a while ago, abandoning them the day you bought them; they were tight and restricting and you couldn’t handle that, no matter how good they made your ass look. You pulled Tae’s shirt over your head, ignoring the one he’d thrown at you and moved to inspect his wardrobe. You found a comfortable, oversized grey shirt and put it on, enjoying the way it was baggy enough for you to move comfortably in and not worry about your jeans looking too tight.

Taehyung had a strange thing for torn shirts, and you’d never understood until now. The shirt was torn over your shoulder, stopping just above the cup of your bra and it looked good. It was cut on the sleeve and in a few smaller areas around your waist, and the large size of the shirt allowed it show enough of your skin to be attractive. You wondered if Taehyung would notice if it went missing.

“Are you dressed yet?” Taehyung called through the door and you grunted in response, moving to slip your sneakers on. Taehyung walked back into the room, freezing in his tracks as he looked over your appearance. You smirked at him, knowing you looked good, you just wanted to hear him say it.

“That’s not the shirt I gave you to wear,” Taehyung smiled.

“I like this one better,” you shrugged and he laughed as you pulled your hair out of its loose plait, letting your hair fall in loose waves around your shoulders.

“You look good,” Tae said, moving to his desk to grab his phone and wallet,“Are you coming?”

“I guess,” you huffed, following your best friend out of his room. Taehyung’s roommates stood by the front door and you felt your nerves flutter in your stomach as they looked up at you. You did feel a little bad for not really making an effort to get to know them but you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it. You weren’t good at talking to people right away so you’d put it off and now it was over a year later and you could count on one hand the times you’d said more than a sentence to them.

“Hey Y/N,” Jimin smiled at you and your heart began to race in your chest, “you coming?”

“If that’s okay,” you nodded.

“Of course!” Hoseok exclaimed, grinning at you and your nerves eased off a bit. Jimin, Hoseok and Jungkook shared the small apartment with Taehyung but there never seemed to be any fights among them.

“What are we doing?” you asked as Taehyung led the five of you out of the apartment. You hung a little behind the guys and Hoseok slowed his pace to walk with you.

“We usually just go to this small dance club in the city,” he said as you followed the others into the elevator.

“It’s fun,” Jungkook chimed in, “some of our friends tend bar there,”

“We get free drinks,” Taehyung’s presence beside you made you feel a little more comfortable, and you looked up to see him smiling encouragingly down at you. You nodded, listening as the guys talked amongst themselves and you found them kind of cute, if it was possible for a group of guys in their 20s to be adorable. Taehyung grabbed your wrist, pulling you with them as you exited the lift, continuing his conversation with Jimin. He awkwardly pulled you behind him and you slid your wrist from his hand, frowning as he brushed you off. Hoseok remained beside you the whole way as you walked to the train station, and you were a little uncomfortable. You were quiet, nervous as you followed the group to the station just down the road from Tae’s apartment.

“Is that our train?” Jungkook asked and Jimin grabbed his wrist, sprinting across the road towards the train. You guessed that meant yes.Taehyung laughed loudly, running after them and leaving you alone with Hoseok. You didn’t know what to do, did you run with them? Should you just go home? Your nerves buzzed in your stomach, you wanted to leave, you didn’t think you could hang out with others, you just weren’t good at it. You were awkward to be around and no one except Tae even liked you, so wondered if you could just slip away while they ran for the train but you didn’t get a chance. Hoseok laughed as his roommates jumped into the train.

“Let’s go,” he grinned at you, lacing his fingers with yours and pulling you across the road. The air was cold, it burned your lungs as you inhaled and you stared at the back of Hoseok’s head, glancing down at your linked hands. You didn’t understand why he was being so… nice. Sure you’d technically known him for a year but you weren’t friends? You’d barely spoken to him and yet here he was, running with you for a train. You couldn’t help but smile as he screamed, falling just behind you to push your through the trains door just before they closed. Taehyung grabbed your wrist, helping you in before pulling Hoseok through right as the doors slid closed and the group collapsed in a panting mess on the floor of the carriage, the other people in the car looking at you weirdly. You laughed with the guys, panting as you sat beside Taehyung in a seat that sat two. Hoseok eyed Taehyung, sitting with Jimin and Jungkook in the four seater in front of them.

“You’re so unfit,” he grinned at you, bumping his shoulder with yours and you narrowed your eyes at him as you struggled to catch your breath.

“You ditched me already,” you whispered so Tae’s roommates wouldn’t hear and your best friend rolled his eyes.

“You’re not going to talk to people if I’m constantly by your side,” he sighed, like it should be obvious, “You seem to be close with Hoseok already,”

You scoffed as Tae smirked at Hoseok and you looked away awkwardly. The train ride was quiet and you couldn’t help but stare at Hoseok as he laughed and talked With his roommates.

Maybe you could see yourself being friends with him.

  • Mom: Rachel your appointment is the 19th, two days before your--
  • Me: HERMIONE'S birthday!
  • Mom, sighing heavily, wondering where she went wrong: Two days before your birthday, which is Hermione's birthday.
Darth Vader trying to sleep
  • Vader: *nearly asleep*
  • Vader: *remembers that time he said "lets try spinning, that's a neat trick*
  • Vader: *sighs heavily and is unable to sleep for two more hours*

hey so I’m back from work and I’ve gone through my activity feed and I’ve decided I don’t want that thing i posted last night at the top of my art blog for a week bc I don’t draw during the work week bc work

so.. i made another gif bc why not apparently progress gifs are neat

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the completed art is here

Charlie parked the car in front of Jackson’s place and sighed heavily.
She’s been crying in the backseat for two to three hours before she
finally got herself together and drove back to Cloverfall. The tear marks
were obvious on her face, and her eyes were red. Charlie knocked on
Jackson’s door with his car keys in her hand, waiting for him to open.
When she’d waited for what she thought was too long, she turned back
around to leave and she heard someone behind her. 

For You - Taehyung, You Scenario

Saturday, 12 – 7:15 PM

Won’t be able to make it tonight.

You read the message for the nth time in two minutes. The frustration popped in your chest as you sighed heavily, trying to maintain the calm. It has been two weeks since you last saw your boyfriend, Taehyung, and you couldn’t even call that a date. The two of you just ran on one another by accident while you were making your way to school and he was leaving his dance practice studio. You talked for two minutes and that was it – he had to run for another schedule and you made your way to the school building. Moreover, as much as you tried to be comprehensive with his busy idol life – he was part of a hip-hop group named BTS -, you could not help but feel neglected. Now, once again, he had to cancel the dinner you were expecting so anxiously.

I see. It’s okay, jagi, you answered, ignoring the little voice in the back of your head complaining about how it was definitely not okay.

Staring at the mirror in front of you, you admired the hard work of two hours that was now being thrown away. Your make up was natural, but it accentuated your features subtly. You were wearing a blue feminine dress with a pair of your favorite shoes and your hair was up in a messy ponytail. You usually didn’t dress that girly, but it was a special occasion – or at least, it was supposed to be. That was the night you were going to tell him the news.

“Guess I’ll have to wait”, you muttered, taking your shoes off and letting your hair down. Now you had a free Saturday and a house all by yourself. What the hell were you supposed to do with that?

You looked around your room and glanced at your phone, an idea slowly forming inside your head. You crossed the place and grabbed your phone, typing your best friend’s number and sending her a short message.

Come over. I’m throwing a party.


Saturday, 12 – 9:00 PM

“Seriously, Y/N? This is your idea of party?” Dara asked, sitting on your couch with an inpatient look on her face. “You need to get out more, all this time stuck in this house is starting to cause you some judging damages”, she complained, taking off her boots.

“Maybe your concept of party is the wrong one here”, you answered, smiling as you took your place beside Dara at the couch.

“Honey, it is not my concept. It’s the whole freaking world’s concept”, she said, rolling her eyes and grabbing one of the snacks you brought. “Didn’t you have a date with Taetae tonight?” She asked a matter of fact and your smile faded away.

“He canceled it”, you told her, your voice suddenly becoming sadder. Dara glanced at you for a second before finally realizing what was happening.

“You haven’t told him yet, have you?” It was more of an affirmation that a question and you didn’t give yourself the job to respond her.

“Y/N, you need to give them an answer until this Fri-“

“I know, Dara. I know. But I can’t just throw this on him over the phone, it wouldn’t be fair”, you whispered, convicted. “He deserves better.”

Dara stared at you silently, trying to swallow the will to cry. She was the first person you gave the news to and, even though she said otherwise, both of you knew she was having a hard time accepting it. She was your best friend, after all.

“Just let him know, okay?” She muttered.

“I will”, you answered, mentally thanking her for letting the subject go. She assented and looked away, sighing as the atmosphere turned lighter.

“What are we watching, anyway?” Dara asked, eating a snack and grabbing the TV control to check the options.

“Actually, I borrowed Friends last season with Kurt. We’re having a marathon!” You informed her, already ignoring the resistance screams. Dara hated Friends and she never understood why you liked it so much – honestly, so didn’t you, but you never really cared.

“Shut up, Dara. Deep down, I know you love it just as much as I do”, you said, a smile starting to form on your lips.

“Deep down, I hate them just as much as I do at the top,” she answered, and for the first time that night, you truly laughed. It was weirdly good.

“Well, I can love them all for both of us,” you frowned, turning the DVD on and pressing the play button.


Sunday, 13 – 1:22 PM

Mom called, she forgot her keys. You slept in the middle of episode 10. I tried my best to take you to bed, but you’re too heavy for me to carry, so I left you on the couch. Sorry. Call me if you need anything. Love you, D.

You read the note Dara left you with a smile of gratitude on the face. She was, indeed, the best friend you could ask for. Grabbing your phone, you texted her a thank you message and told her you were okay, even though you knew she was probably still asleep.

It was 1pm in the afternoon and your body was a little bit hurt, a consequence of the night spent on the couch. You knew you had to get up and find yourself something to eat, but you couldn’t find the straight to do it. Your head was hammering and your eyes were still heavy and the idea of going back to sleep was tempting, but after a second cogitating it, you gave up.

You forced your body to move and get up, crossing the room recklessly and making your way to the kitchen. Once you were there, your arms started to work unconsciously, frying a couple of eggs and making a bowl of cereal. You didn’t even realize how hungry you were until the food started to smell. You mouth was salivating and your stomach demanded to be fulfill. The spoon was halfway your mouth when your phone ringed.

“Y/N-ah?” A low soft voice asked as soon as you accepted the call and you felt your heart skip a beat.

“The one and only,” you answered, unware of the smile that spreaded through your face.

“Hey, jagi. How are you? Did you just got up? I tried to call you this morning, but you wouldn’t pick up,” he said and, for some reason, you felt your cheeks burn.

“I’m okay, Tae. Dara came over last night and we stayed up till late, sorry,” you explained, putting the spoon back at the bowl and playing with the cereals as you spoke. “How was the practice last night? Did you get enough sleep?”

“Sort of. This choreography it’s a bit harder, so we’re gonna have to work twice as hard on it“, he muttered and you noticed how tired his voice sounded.

“Oppa, you need to sleep”, you whispered, your heart hurting. Taehyung was one of the most dedicated persons you had ever met and you knew he wouldn’t sleep properly until the routine was perfectly executed.

“I will, jagi. I promise”, he said and you knew he was smiling. He loved it when you called him oppa.

“But hey,” he continued, his voice suddenly becoming a bit more lively, “I was thinking maybe you could come over the dorm this Saturday? I think we’ll have the day off and I want to see you.”

Your smile grew bigger. Your heart pounded on your chest, responding to the idea of seeing him. And you’d only have to wait a week! That was better than nothing, right?

No, a voice said inside your head and with a shock, you realized how stupid you’ve been.

“I don’t think I’ll be free at the Saturday, Tae,” you told him, your voice shaking. “I need to tell you something,” you said, before you could stop yourself.

“Is everything okay?” He asked and you felt the tears start to burn in your eyes.

“I don’t know,” you whispered, trying to control your breath so he wouldn’t notice how nervous you were.

“Wait, just a second, babe” He said and on the other side of the line, you heard his voice become distant as he talked to someone else. You couldn’t understand what he was saying, but you figured he was talking to one of his band mates.

“Y/N-ah,” he called and you closed your eyes for a second, appreciating the sound of his voice saying your name. “I have to go now, okay? We’re already late for practice.”

You assented, biting your lower lip and blinking fast so the tears wouldn’t fall.

“It’s fine, jagi. But we need to talk, okay?”

“Okay, baby. Goodbye now. I love you” He frowned, hanging up before you could answer.

With a sigh, you let the tears finally fall, sobbing uncontrollably and gasping for air every now and then. You didn’t know what you were going to do nor how were you going to do it, but you couldn’t delay it any longer. You had to tell him and you had to do it soon.


Monday, 14 – 9:08 AM

“Books at page 234,” Mr. Kim, your biology teacher, ordered and you could already tell he was in a bad mood.

“Guess someone slept on the couch this weekend,” Dara joked, leaning from her seat beside you so she could whisper on your ear. You gave her an offended look and she took a second to understand the message in it.

“What? I tried to take you to your room! You’re the one who’s too heavy,” she defended herself, opening her book as the teacher told the class to do.

“Maybe you’re too weak,” you responded, laughing and rolling your eyes.

“Yeah, right.”

“Do we have a problem, Ms. Jay?” The teacher asked, provoking everyone to look back at you and Dara. You felt your cheeks burn, but Dara remained relaxed by your side.

“Not at all, Mr. Kim,” her voice was like a knife and you couldn’t help but admire her courage. Mr. Kim gazed at the two of you for a second before turning around and redirecting his attention to whatever it was he was writing on the board and Dara bit her lower lip, trying to control her temper.

“He hates me,” she said and you thought about it for a second.

“Yes, he does. But you don’t care, do you?” You questioned, already knowing the answer.

“Of course not,” Dara smiled, turning her body to the left so she could look at you in the eyes. “But that’s not what matters now, right? Have you talked to Taehyung?”

The mention of his name made your stomach contract. You knew sooner or later Dara would bring that up, but it still got you from surprise.

“No, but I will do it tonight,” you confessed, suddenly feeling really tired.

“Where are you two meeting?”

You thought about it for a second, unsure if whether you should tell her or keep it a secret. Either way, you knew she’d be mad.

“At his dorm”, you said a matter of fact and Dara seemed unsatisfied.

“Oh, doesn’t he need to rehearse today?” She asked, surprised. You stared at her for a couple of seconds before finally speaking up.

“Actually… He does. But I’ll wait for him there; he gave me an emergency copy of his key.”

Dara remained in silence while the information was absolved. You couldn’t read her eyes, but you could feel the tension in her body.

“Does he know you’re coming?” She asked and her voice was cold as ice; your silence gave her the answer she feared.

“Y/N, are you insane?! This could get him in trouble! The two of you, as a matter of fact! What if someone sees you?!” She exclaimed and some of your classmates gazed at both of you with curious eyes. “Besides, he’ll be tired, he won’t be able to think straight! You know how this will end, his reaction will be the worse possible.”

“I know, Dara! I know, okay?! But what else can I do?! His only day off will be on Saturday and by the time…” You didn’t complete your sentence, but Dara knew what you meant. Once again, she didn’t said nothing for a while as she thought about your options. At the front of the class, Mr. Kim began his class.

“Are you sure about this, Y/N?” She whispered, trying not to claim attention to the two of you. You sighed as she asked you the same question you’ve been doing to yourself in the past four hours.

“No”, you said, feeling your hands sweat. “But what choice do I have?”


Monday, 14 – 8:25 PM

It was dark and cold and you pressed your coat harder against your body, trying to protect yourself from the cold winter breeze. The streets were starting to empty as people left their jobs and went back home to be with their families. Sitting alone at the front stairs of Taehyung’s dorm, you suddenly felt extremely lonely and desperately wished your boyfriend were there so he could hug you and tell you everything was going to be okay.

But he wasn’t.

It was just you, the cold and the dark night sky. Inside your pocket, your phone ringed, announcing a new message.


               Still waiting?




               At least it’s warm, right?


               Thank God.


               I can make you company, if you want.

You thought about it for a second, before remembering Dara would kill you if she knew you were outside by yourself. Being honest, Taehyung didn’t give you a copy of his keys and you only told her that so she wouldn’t freak out even more.


               Don’t bother. He’ll be here soon.


               Sure? I can make hot chocolate.


               Yeah. Don’t worry.


               Okay, then. Call me if you need me. Love you.


               Love you too.

You placed your phone back at your pocket and remained quiet, listening to the wind and the cars passing by the street. It took a lot longer than you expected for the boys to come back from the studio and at the time they get to the dorm, it already passed 10:00 PM.

“Y/N?” One of them called and you finally noticed they were there. “What are you doing here? It’s late and cold, shouldn’t you be at home?” He asked and you recognize Namjoon, BTS’s leader.

“I need to talk to Taehyung”, you answered, getting up from the stairs and looking for your boyfriend between all of those men, but his face was the only one missing. “Where is he?” You asked, worried.

The boys remained in silence and you changed your weight from one feet to the other.

“Namjoon-oppa, where is he?” You questioned, once again, feeling your stomach turn.

“He’s still at the studio. He’ll be here in a couple of hours, do you want to come in and wait?” He offered, but you were already leaving, making your way to their label’s building.

“Y/N-ah!” Namjoon called, but you ignored him and before you could tell, you were running, hurried.

The thing is you knew Taehyung was hardworking. You knew he would easily give up on his sleep to practice, improve and be the best he could be, so you weren’t surprise he chose to remain in the studio while the rest of his crew went back to the dorm. That’s something you’d expect from him.

But the boys expression when you asked for him and the way they hesitated about telling you were your boyfriend was gave it all up. You knew something was wrong and you needed to know what.

It took you four minutes, between walking and running, to get to BigHit’s building. You didn’t even bothered to tell the secretary you were going up for she knew who you were and what you were doing there, so you reached the elevator in less than ten seconds and soon enough, you were going up.

You didn’t have to think much about what floor to choose. The dance studio was at the 4th one and that’s where Taehyung always were. With a fast movement, you pressed the button and waited, nervously.

Forty seconds. The red number in the elevator’s door took forty seconds to shine a big red four.  And when the doors finally opened, he was there. Almost like he was expecting you, ready to yell a big “Surprise!” and laugh at your confused face.

Except he was too busy kissing a girl to even notice you were there.

In the middle of the empty hallway, there he stood, with his hand on her shoulder and her arms around his neck.


You felt something break. Your heart, most likely. Maybe your whole self. You didn’t even take notice of the tears that started to fall. You didn’t realize you were holding your breath and pressing your chest. All you could think about was the pain. Like if someone had ripped your heart out of you and beat you up until your body was numb. Like if that someone was the only person you’d trust your life with and trust your heart to. And now he had broken it.

With a ding the elevator door started to close, your paralyzed self still inside of it. Right at that moment, Taehyung looked up, straight at you. You didn’t even bother to hide the pain, for you knew it’d be of no use, and the two of you gazed at each other for a couple of seconds before the doors finally closed.

“Y/N?” You heard him call, but you didn’t respond. Instead, you let the elevator move until you were back at the first floor.

Just go home, Y/N, you thought to yourself, trying to maintain the calm until you were alone, even if the tears wouldn’t stop falling.

You got out of the building still trying to think straight. The walk to your house wasn’t long and before you could control yourself, you were running, ignoring the worried looks people gave you as they saw you cry.

You didn’t turn around to check if Taehyung was following you. You didn’t care. Nothing he said now would change what you saw and the sadness and hate you were feeling. He broke your heart into a million pieces and left you alone to put them back together. You hated him.

“Y/N-ah!” You were almost at home when you heard him call. For the second time that night, pain hit you hard and you gasped for air as the tears swallowed your face.

“Y/N-ah, please, wait!” Taehyung begged, but you ignored him. You were almost at the front stair of your house when you felt a hand pulling your arm.

“What is it, Taehyung?! What could you possibly want?!” You asked, almost yelling. Taehyung stared at your face for a moment before finally speaking up.

“I can explain,” he said, his voice lower than the usual.

“I don’t want your excuses!” you responded, taking a step back and pulling your arm away. “Just go away, okay?”

“Please, Y/N, this is not what your thinking!” He affirmed with a desperate look on his face.

“You were kissing another girl, Taehyung! I don’t need to think, I saw!” You yelled, a sob escaping your throat as the realization of what he did hit you once again. “Just leave, okay?” You whispered, almost begging.

“Y/N-ah…” Taehyung muttered, raising his arm to pull you closer but you moved away.

“Don’t you dare touching me,” you threaded, giving him your most disgusted look, to what he responded with a hurt one. A part of you hated yourself for causing him any kind of pain, but your other part – the part that was broken – didn’t care. You wanted him to suffer just as much as you were suffering.

“Is that why you were avoiding me?” You asked, remembering all the time you spent trying to be comprehensive and understand his side of the story, when all he was doing was cheat on you. “Couldn’t you at least break up with me first? Didn’t I deserve better?!”

“Y/N-ah! Please! You know I’d never do that!” He yelled, frustrated.

“But you just did, Taehyung!” you screamed back, feeling weak and small. “You just did!”

“I didn’t kissed her, can’t you understand?! She kissed me!” He explained, passing his hand through his hair in despair.

You gazed at him with disbelief, unable to accept the fact that he was actually using the ‘she kissed me’ excuse with you. Suddenly, all the anger came back, burning silently in your chest and giving you the courage to look him in the eyes.

“Seriously, Taehyung? Couldn’t you at least come up with some better excuse?” You asked a matter of fact.


“Do you have any idea how hard the last two weeks were for me? Without you?” You questioned, feeling extremely stupid for missing that idiot so much. “How hard it is for me to only talk to you twice a week and handle all of the fangirls talking about you?”

“Y/N, you know it’s not easy for me too,” he answered, patiently and you almost believed him, but the pain was still there, a sweet reminder of what he had just done.

“You know what? It doesn’t matter,” you stated, your voice becoming cold as ice.

“What do you mean?” He queried, confused.

“I’m leaving, Taehyung,” you confessed, finally telling him what you were meant to tell since the beginning. Taehyung watched you disordered, trying to understand what you just said.

“What do you mean, you’re leaving? Where?!”

“England,” you responded, still staring at him. “So you’re free to kiss whoever you want to kiss now, don’t need to worry about giving your dumb girlfriend stupid excuses.”

Taehyung glanced at you with incredulity. You could tell he was somehow affected and you almost wished you haven’t tell him anything, but it was too late now. Compared to what he did to you, that was nothing.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He whispered, taking a step back and giving you the most broken look. You ignored the consuming will to hug him.

“I was going to. Tonight,” you explained, the tears finally ceasing. You knew you’d cry later, but now, your body was too tired for that. “But you obviously had better plans.”

“When…?” He asked, unable to finish his sentence.

“This Friday,” you muttered and he sighed heavily, closing his eyes for an instant as he assimilated the information.

“Why?” His voice was nothing but a whisper. You bit your inner cheek as the will to hug him grew bigger and looked away, trying to think straight.

“I don’t see why would you care, but dad’s being transferred,” you stated, crossing your arms on your chest.

The two of you remained in silence for a couple of minutes and you wondered why the hell were you even there. He didn’t deserve any explanations. He didn’t deserve anything, as a matter of fact. You owe him nothing and by the end of the weekend, he would be nothing but a distant, hurting memory. But still… There was a question that you needed him to answer.

“Did you ever love me?” You said, your voice low and hurt. Taehyung opened his eyes and glanced at you, absolving your question.

“I love you, Y/N,” he affirmed and there was determination in his tone. Your stomach contracted at the sound of those three words and you bit your lip to stop yourself from crying. “And I will always love you, even if my heart stops beating,” he concluded, taking a step closer and cleaning your left cheek with his thumb. The reaction to his touch was immediate and your whole body started to shake. You wanted to hug him and you wanted so bad. You knew the moment his arms were around you, all the pain would go away and the world would become a good place again. But you couldn’t.

“Please, go away,” you begged, suddenly too weak to fight.

“Y/N-ah” He called, desperate.

“Leave, please. You’ve done enough for one night,” you said, avoiding his eyes.

Taehyung hesitated, his body full of tension while he thought about your request. You looked down the whole time, ready to get inside if he refused to go, but he didn’t. Instead, he took a step in your direction, so fast it was impossible for you to react. Passing one arm around your waist and another around your neck, he hugged you tight and intensively. He was warm and familiar and his scent smelled like home. You felt your heart beat a thousand times faster, your cheeks burn and your knees go weak. Your body started to shake once again as the pain started to leave, exactly like you knew it would. Taehyung held you with all his straight and you felt his body shake just like yours. And when the moment of breaking apart finally came, you felt a part of you being taking away with him, the pain consuming you once again with all of its power.

“I love you, Y/N. Do you understand that? I love you so much it hurts. And I will fight for you, even if you’re a thousand of miles away,” Taehyung whispered and you sobbed, unable to look at him in the eyes. He remained for a second before finally leaving and when he did, loneliness took over your body, making you feel like you were the only person in the whole world.

You dragged your body upstairs and let it fall in your bed as you crawled under your sheets and hugged yourself in a big ball of sadness. Now that he was gone, the pain became oppressive. You sobbed and cried yourself to sleep, just so you could relive everything that happened one more time inside your dreams.


Friday, 18 – 11:38 PM

38 messages, 45 missing calls. And you knew all of them were from the same person.

Going against your expectations, Taehyung kept his word. He didn’t give up on you, not for a day. He tried to contact you in every way possible and not a day in that week went by without him showing up at your house. He yelled and called, but you didn’t answer. You knew you couldn’t. You were hurt and sad, but you were still his to have. You’d forgive him the moment you opened the door, but the rational part of you was strong enough to stop you from doing it.

When Friday finally came, he went to your house and spent almost two hours in front of it, begging you to let him in.

“Let me at least see you one more time before you leave”, he asked and you had to use all of your will not to conceive him that last wish. After all, you wanted to see him just as much as he wanted to see you, but, for your surprise, you were strong enough to resist temptation. When he finally gave up and went away, you crawled to your bed and cried like a baby. Admitting or not, you were terrified of moving to a whole new country and devastated with the idea of leaving Dara and all of your other friends behind – no that there was much of them, but still. However, nothing hurt you more than leaving him.

He cheated on you, you reminded yourself, trying to focus on all of the good reason you had to be leaving. Your parents would be there with you. You’d find new friends and even though it’d be hard for you and Dara to keep in touch, you knew the two of you would make it work.

Yes, it’d be perfect. With luck, maybe you could even find a new person in England. It wouldn’t be easy for you to trust anyone else after what just happened, but maybe… Maybe the right person was out there, waiting for you.


Another message. For a second, you thought about reading it. It could be something important, right? Maybe Dara had something to ask before you leave.

“Y/N, it’s time,” your mom called and you looked up, confused.

“What? Already? I thought we’d only leave after midnight!” You exclaimed, getting up from your seat at the Terminal.

“Yes, honey. The flight will be early, so we need to hurry,” your mom explained, grabbing her purse at the seat beside you and leaving to talk to your dad, who was standing a few feet away, at the phone.

You stood there, paralyzed for a couple of seconds, all of the sure now starting to dissipate. Were you truly prepared for that?

A part of you, the coward one, desperately wished to go back home. That part just wanted everything to stay the same, be it without Taehyung or not. Nevertheless, there was another part; a brave, fierce one, which was dying to go. Just leave everything behind and star fresh, forgetting about all the pain – and all the happy moments too. That was the part you that you chose to listen.

“Y/N, are you okay?” You heard your mother ask and, after a short debate, you answered her a clear “yes”.

“We need to go now,” she said and you nodded, picking the few belongings you had brought with yourself.

But, before getting inside the airplane, you decided to check on your phone one last time. Surprisingly, not all the messages were from Taehyung. About seven of them were from Dara and five or six were from other of your friends, wishing you’d have a calm trip and a safe landing.

Most of them, however, belonged to your ex-boyfriend.

You didn’t have the time to read each one of them, so you just rolled pass them all and only opened the most recent one.

“Y/N-ah,” your mom called, once again “You’re okay?” She asked with your father by her side. You looked at both of them for a moment and then looked down, focusing on the black letters on your phone’s screen.

               11:41 PM


               I love you, Y/N. I love you too much to just give up on like this, k? And I’m too selfish to let you go so easily so I beg of you, please, please, don’t go. I’ll do whatever u want, but please don’t leave me

You read the message one more time and a single tear fell from your eye.

Why is it that things need to be so complicated? Why didn’t you think about this when you were kissing her?, you thought, your heart shattering one more time.

“Y/N-ah?” Your dad said, worried. You dried your tear before looking up at him.

“Yeah?” You answered.

“Are you coming?” He asked, taking your hand and looking inside your eyes.

You stared at him for an instant, thinking about how lucky you were to have him and your mom there.

You knew they wouldn’t be mad if you chose not to go to England and just stay at your hometown with any of your related. You knew him and your mom would miss you like crazy, but not to the point where they’d force to do something against your will. You knew they’d accept it without even discussing it, but that meant nothing. You weren’t leaving because of them. You were leaving because of you.

“Yes,” you answered. “I’m coming.”


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