sighs goodnight

I have exams all of this week so I’ll be less active until Friday afternoon because I need to study. I also need to make sure I don’t have a mental breakdown from the stress because rn I’m running on barely enough energy to cope. pls bear with me if I’m not posting much new content for the next few days 💕 I appreciate you all as always !!

Possible reveal scenario

Chat and Mari are hanging out till she gets sleepy and knocks out. Chat carries her and tucks her into her bed and even gets her cozy and then just as he’s about to leave he hears a sleepy sigh.

“Goodnight Adrien.” She says dreamily with a smile.

Then Adrien starts freaking out like “How did she figure it out?!”, “Did she even figure it out?!”, “And if she didn’t figure me out then she was dreaming about me?!”

And generally he’s just a big worried dork while Marinette is confused why both Adrien and Chat are suddenly acting strange…


5x12 || 7x11

This is you breaking up with me. Yeah.

Jin: *Getting ready for bed* Goodnight Yoongi

Yoongi: …. 

Yoongi: *looks pointedly at his acrylic standee perched on their TV stand*

Yoongi: RUDE

Jin: *sighs* 

Jin: Goodnight to Acrylic Yoongi too.  

Yoongi: That’s Better

How strange. We both come from different kingdoms and yet….we have a bond that ties us together as if we were meant for each other…..I certainly wouldn’t mind it. It’s a comforting thought after everything that has happened.

So self indulgence drawing? A Karen and Takumi drawing? Yes….after working on this for weeks (and I’m still not satified with it OTL) I have finally decided to post it and yeah *embaressed face*

So yeah, I’d like to think that Karen and takumi share a bond that no one can really touch and that’s what eventually leads them to fall in love (at least in revelations since they can’t really be “together” in conquest) why? Well out of all the siblings, takumi is the only one able to get possessed and Karen also has that possibility as well if she doesn’t get s-ranked towards the end of conquest. So because of this, I think they would feel some sort of connection (which takumi would think it’s some sort of trick in the beginning) just because they are septible to ankos. They technically could be a possessed couple too (hmmmnm should I draw that out?) But yeah.

Sorry if none of this makes sense, I’m tired and yeah OTL

*whispering* it’s very attractive when a guy steps up to the plate and makes himself available to lead and pray in agreement with other people that are younger than him.

*still whispering* it’s very attractive when you can see in his eyes how much this guy cares when the youths are telling him what they need prayer for and he nods along as they force the sometimes painful words out.

*never not whispering* it’s very attractive when after praying, the guy grabs the kid he’d just prayed for and envelops him in a big sincere hug and tells him how much God loves him.

I just want ace and aro people to feel safe always. to have safe spaces where they don’t feel broken or different or wrong. to be allowed to express their discomfort/indifference with sex and romance without being shunned, and to be allowed spaces where none of that matters and where they can just be surrounded by people who understand and feel the same way. I want ace and aro people to know that’s it’s okay to feel the way you do and it’s not wrong to demand respect and understanding. You deserve to feel comfortable, to be understood, to be seen. you’re not broken. you’re okay. you’re normal.


I really wanna scanlate this doujin that I bought in Japan, but *sigh* there’s barely any time to do that these days