sighs for 7 days

Alright, so now I’ll get into a bit of detail with what was happening while making these gifs (and don’t worry, I’m fine. Sometimes it’s just fun to talk about what was happening when you acted something out, y’know?) 

1: ACTING: Okay, this day I had a really hard time getting ANY tears whatsoever. I was dry as a bone. So I ended up using eyedrops for this. *sighs*

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DAY-2~ Dance 

I watched The Eve performance and got instantly inspired for this ^^ welp, i know what i drew is kinda different from anything you see in the choreography, but it’s for another time to rethink different ideas xD

right now let’s enjoy a startled kyungsoo suddenly getting pulled down by jongin~

Day-1 . Day-2 . Day-3 Day-4 . Day-5 . Day-6 . DAY-7 . DAY-8

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Patater Week Day 7 - Adopting a Pet Together

Kent sighs and readjusts on the couch. For the millionth time. Kent’s basically upside down at this point, head dangling off the edge of the couch towards the floor, and feet braced on the arm of the couch. Jeff just holds his book closer to his face and tries to do his best impression of someone who is completely oblivious.

“Jeeeeeeeeefff,” Kent whines.

Jeff grunts noncommittally and determinedly flips the page.


Nope. He’s not going to do it.

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Sanvers Dog Walking AU (Part 2)

A continuation of this story.

She’d expected Kara to be proud, but damn, she should have remembered to bring her earplugs for protection.

Because Kara isn’t just proud. She’s shrieking proud.

“It’s just coffee, Kara,” she tells her as Kara tears through her closet, fussing about what she should wear, about which outfit is just the right amount of sexy, but the brilliance of her smile reveals the lie behind her words.

It’s not just coffee.

It feels like more than that, somehow.

So she lets Kara ramble about how excited she is – like it was her date, not Alex’s – because Kara’s voice is keeping her calm. Is keeping her from panicking.

She collapses to the floor with Gertrude while Kara raids her closet, demanding to know why she doesn’t have any shirts that aren’t grey or black and wondering aloud if Maggie is a leather or lace kind of girl.

And when they curl up on the couch together that night – Kara and Gertrude and Alex, all the Danvers girls – Kara soothes Alex’s nervous heart rate with her soft singing.

It’s Gertrude that wakes them up in the morning.

Gertrude that tells Alex that her phone just buzzed.

Alex reaches out a groggy hand around Kara’s sleeping body and fumbles for her phone.

Her heart leaps when the caller ID reads Maggie.

Because the day before, they’d exchanged numbers.

“Available as I want you to be. Wow um… excellent. I… Um. I guess we should exchange numbers then? So I can call you. About the coffee. Or the dinner. Or whatever. You didn’t answer me about the coffee.”

Maggie beamed and giggled and Alex didn’t feel laughed at, just… appreciated.

Gertrude and Spot both whined for the tennis ball to be thrown, and Maggie bent down to pick it up, to chuck it for them.

The muscles in her arm rippled, and Alex was a goner.

“Yeah, I like coffee, Danvers. Here, give me your phone. I mean, so I can put my number in. If that’s okay.”

“My sister,” Alex had clarified about the lockscreen photo, and Maggie smiled with something sad in her eyes.

“You two are close, then,” she observed.

“Closer than close,” Alex answered, proud, but trying to search for the sadness behind Maggie’s eyes.

“That’s really important,” Maggie smiled as Alex passed her the phone with an empty contact screen.

They’d laughed heartily when the pups returned with the ball, and they’d giggled awkwardly while they waited for Alex’s text to go through so Maggie could put her into her phone, too.

If Maggie was as nervous as Alex, though, she didn’t show it.

But god, she is. So nervous that she texts Alex the next morning, because she’s been up all night thinking. Up all night worrying.

Because she’d noticed this gorgeous woman in the park, and she’d seen her with that blonde girl, and relief had flooded through her veins when the girl was on Alex’s lock screen and they’re sisters, they’re sisters, but Maggie still can’t believe her luck.

That this woman – Alex. Alex Danvers. She can’t stop running the name over in her head – seemed to like her. Asked her out.

A beautiful, smart, tough woman like that, asking her out? She can barely believe it.

So she texts her – not particularly early, she thinks, for an FBI agent – and she tells her she’s looking forward to coffee, and does Alex want to sit in the park so they can bring their dogs?

Because – she rubs her face against Spot’s nervously – she could probably use some moral support.

She’s surprised by how immediate the response is.

Good morning! Sure! If you want to, I mean. The park’s really close to my place, so it works well.

Maggie grins and blushes and shows Spot the text. “Twenty bucks she didn’t mean to say it like that,” Maggie tells her, and sure enough, her phone buzzes again not twenty seconds later.

Damn, I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant I can easily get Gertrude from home. To go to the park. With you and Spot and coffee. Not… I’m sorry…

She chuckles and she bites her lip, and she doesn’t know whether to be amused or disappointed. She is, irreparably, both.

Because there’s something about this Alex Danvers.

Something about her that Maggie wants. Badly.

And that something feels like everything.

But maybe Alex just wants a friend? Because – but her phone buzzes yet again.

Not that I would mind. Other… with you… eventually. If you want there to be an eventually. With us. If you want there to be an us. Eventually. I mean, I just didn’t want you to think I only wanted one thing from you. With you. Okay, I’m gonna stop texting now. If you still want to, I’ll see you at the park at one like we planned. Wow. Okay. Have a good morning.

Maggie’s heart slams with something like exhilaration as she reads Alex’s ramblings – her adorable, sweet, thoughtful, sincere ramblings.

Other than Spot, Maggie can’t remember the last time she met someone this sincere.

“Whaddaya think, Spotty? I think this is an eventually kinda girl, huh?”

Spot leans up to lick her face, and Maggie beams. “Thought so.”

She trembles as she types, part from nerves, part from excitement.

No worries, Danvers. I’d love to see Gertrude again. And you. One pm it is. I’m looking forward to it. All of it.

It’s 7:16 am.

Maggie sighs. It’s going to be a long day until 1pm.

SD&S for the lovely @vivacityandserendipity and @driftlessmemoir!  And, tagging @liikeahummiingbiird, @helloweightwatcher, @amater-photographeur, and @healthyontheinside–if you’re so inclined!  Typical Sunday morning over here–pjs, coffee, and a book!  Currently, I’m reading We are Called to Rise by Laura McBride and it’s good so far!  I just got an email that three of my library holds are in, too.  How is it that even if I’m in widely different places on the wait list for different books, they all seem to come in at once? Every. Single. Time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Now I must rush to finish all of them in time.

I got up early this morning to go for a walk–hoping to go before it got hot.  No such luck–7:00am…already hot. *sigh*  Dammit, Texas!  Oh well, 23 days until vacation!  Cooler temperatures, all day everyday outside, no thinking about work for two straight weeks–heaven!  I think our last vacation was a full year ago when we went to Germany.  :/  No good!  That is too long between breaks!  These little sanity restoration times are good for the soul, so I need to start planning something again soon so we don’t go a year between vacations again!  Maybe the Grand Canyon or Big Bend later this year…


The first picture is from s07e20 trailer. It sort of looks like an injured/battered/sick Spencer waking up in a coffin. When I saw this it reminded me of the opening scene, where a girl is being placed in a coffin with a frilly shirt that kind of look like Spencer’s.
A few second later we see the liars in front of the coffin with different expressions on their faces.
Emily and Hanna seem curious/oblivious while Aria and Spencer seems guilty/aware for some reason. But notice how Aria is looking down as though she’s guilty of doing something, and Spencer looks in her direction in a ‘I know what you did look’.

These things may mean nothing but the writers have made it their duty to try to bring everything full circle. E.g..Mona reverting to LoserMona, most couples getting back together, etc. That’s why I think it isn’t far fetched to think that these little clues might mean something.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I believe Aria was involved in what happened that night. Both Aria and Mona. Spencer may have a twin and she might be Bethany.

But the thing is, if Bethany is alive, which I believe she is, who is in the grave??? So many questions. Sigh. 7 days till we get all the answers we’re ever going to get!

And the countdown begins.

1. He stops texting you back even though he used to text you first.

2. He’s busy with life and living and excuses.

3. When he kisses you it feels like he’s thinking too hard, as though he can’t wait to get away. When he stops, he turns and doesn’t look back.

4. When you ask him a question the replies are short, or not at all. When you’re silent he doesn’t make the effort to speak.

5. I love yous are met with awkwardness. I love yous are met with, ‘why?’ I love yous are met with, ‘you shouldn’t.’

6. He sighs. A lot.

7. He looks angry on some days and sad on others. Either way you don’t know what to do. Hearing your voice used to calm him down, now it seems to have the opposite effect.

8. He dismisses your fears as ridiculous. You tell him that you’re worried but he just rolls his eyes. You think he’s being insensitive but it’s because he doesn’t want to lie. You’re looking for comfort where there’s none.

9. You make him unhappy so you give him space. The gap keeps getting larger and larger and you feel him slipping away. Do you hold on, or let go, regret it for the rest of your life?

10. He tells you that things change and he’s changed his mind. He tells you that it wasn’t your fault but somehow that doesn’t make things right. He tells you a lot of things but you stopped listening at ‘I don’t love you anymore.’ He tells you he doesn’t want to hurt you but all you feel is pain.

—  S.Z. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #236 // The ten ways that he’ll leave you
Seven Day Challenge Chapter 3, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
It's Day 7 at last and our OTP is eager to reunite

A sneak peek:

“Where are you going?” Rosita questioned. The sun was just beginning to rise over Alexandria, highlighting a layer of frost coating the grass around the wall. Rosita glanced down at Rick from the guard tower, her eyes darting to Carl meandering along just behind him.

“Don’t tell me you forgot,” Rick twirled the keys to the van around his pointer finger whimsically. He could practically hear her resulting eye roll.

“Day 7,” she sighed, pouting just the slightest.

“Might want to get comfortable up there,” Rick grinned up at her, pausing to wait for the gate to be opened.

“I still say you cheated,” her response was half-hearted, her smile poorly concealed.

“You’ve got to be really clear when it comes to my dad,” Carl came to his father’s defense, cracking an identical grin. Rick patted him on the back.

“It’s a hard-learned lesson. Rosita is going to have plenty of time to think about it over the next week,” he waved cheerfully at the woman’s dour expression, climbing into the van behind Carl.

“Whatever,” Rosita stuck her tongue out, waving them off. “Tell Maggie that I say hello.”

“Will do,” Rick agreed, shutting the door behind him. He started the vehicle, the rumbling of the engine breaking the silence of the morning.

“Think she’ll be happy to see us?” Carl asked from the passenger seat.

Rick nodded. “I’m sure.”

“Think she missed us as much as we missed her?” Carl titled his hat back to glance sidelong at Rick.

Rick paused. He hadn’t had a solid night of sleep in the entirety of the week. “Maybe not quite as much as we missed her,” he ventured, chuckling.

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LeviWeek II Day 7: Happy Christmas Birthday
Tch. I’m getting older. Happy Holidays to all of you too, you little shits. Now, I want this place spotless and confetti free by the end of this party, is that clear? ~Levi~


oh boy ._.


somewhere in the underground prison, V is being tortured :(

😢 V drank the elixir but because Saeran was provoked, he forced V to drink more and V became unconscious😭😱

anyway, Yoosung is insisting that Seven should let him tag along to Mint Eye because he wants to talk to Rika

but Jaehee knew what he was trying to do. anyway, it’s way too dangerous for anyone other than Seven to go :/ well, other than Jaehee because she is trained in martial arts right?

(Christmas Challenge Day 7) Christmas Miracle

   "Sorry,“ Edmund sighed. "Our new servant–he’s very cheeky.”
    (Y/n) shrugged. “You always said you wanted a witty servant.”
  "Yeah, but–“
    Edmund was cut off when Lane came back with a tray. "Your drinks, sire.”
    "Thank you,“ Edmund said handing a mug to (Y/n) and taking one himself.  
    Lane bowed and returned to his task of cleaning the ashes.
    "So,” Edmund said. “How was the trip?”
    "Fine,“ (Y/n) replied. She tried taking a sip. "Ouch! This is boiling!”
    Edmund rolled his eyes. “Don’t ask. Just wait till it cools.”
    (Y/n) shrugged. Edmund sighed. “Anyway, you were say–”
    He felt his eyes sting as something black hit them. He flinched briefly, choked by the dust. He felt something hot on his arm and heard (Y/n) yelp.
    When he blinked a few times, he saw the cocoa had spilled on them both, but mostly her.
  "I am so sorry, (Y/n),“ Edmund said. He grabbed a blanket from nearby and dabbed at her bare arm which was slightly burned.  
    "I-it’s okay,” she chuckled and winced. “I’m warm now.”
    "Lane, ice please,“ Edmund grumbled. "And please be more careful next time!”
    Lane fumbled out of the room.
    "You sure you’re okay?“ Edmund asked.
    (Y/n) nodded.
    Lane returned with some ice. Edmund moved closer to (Y/n) do he could apply the ice on the burn using the short blanket.
    "Aren’t you burned too?” she asked.
    "Just spilled on my sleeve, not on my skin,“ Edmund said.
    (Y/n) smiled and looked up at him. "Thanks, Edmund.”
    He returned the eye contact, and suddenly they both realized their close proximity.
    "Oh, sire!“ Lane gasped.
    Edmund looked up at him.
    "You’re–conveniently–under the mistletoe!”
    Edmund frowned. “That wasn’t there two seconds–”
    "Christmas miracle,“ the man muttered before rushing out of the room. He reappeared briefly. "Well…go on!” he said before slipping away again.
    (Y/n) and Edmund shared amused glances.
    Edmund took the advantage and Pressed his lips gently against hers.
    (Y/n) smiled. “Your servant is quite the matchmaker.”
  "You think he did it on purpose?“
  She kissed him again. "You got to think sometimes, Ed.”
    He shook his head. “He’s horrible servant though.”
    "What’s his name again?“
    "Lane,” Edmund said. “odd name. He said it was short for Merlane.”
    (Y/n) shrugged. “Odd indeed.”

   Edmund sighed as he sat down by the fire. One of the new servants, Lane was cleaning some of the ashes.
    "Spilled it again, Lane?“
    "Sorry, sire,” the young man cringed. “You know I’m clumsy.”
    "Just be careful,“ Edmund smirked. He leaned against the column.
    "Waiting for Miss (Y/n)?” Lane asked innocently.
    "Yes,“ he said. "She’s putting her horses in the stable. I say, could you get some cups of cocoa? To warm us up?”
    "How thoughtful,“ Lane sighed. "She’ll like that.”
    Edmund narrowed his eyes at the man’s tone. “What do you mean?”
    Lane shrugged. “In all due respect, sire, if you became any more in love with the girl, I’d want to kiss her myself.”
    Edmund blushed a deep red as he cried out in indignation. “Goodness, Lane! Keep your opinions to yourself, thank you!”
    Lane chuckled and bowed. “Of course, sire. I’ll get those cups straight away." 

    He disappeared just as (Y/n) came in. 

    "You’re in a cheerful mood,” she scoffed.

A Part of You

(NaLu Week Intertwined Prompt- 7/7/17)

‘Senior year’ The 18-year-old girl sighs to herself on the first day of school.  Walking into the cafeteria she spots her friend’s Levy and Cana and plops down with them.

Cana- “Did you hear, that boy Natsu needs a kidney transplant.”

Lucy is concerned but doesn’t show it, “He’s kind of young to need that.”

Levy- “Apparently his family went on vacation over the summer and he contracted a really serious case of E. coli that damaged his kidneys.”

Cana- “Wow, that’s major.  Poor guy.”

Levy- “They are asking any students that want to volunteer to be tested as a match to go to the health room after school tomorrow.  There’s a consent form you can fill out before you go.”

Lucy- “Are either of you guys going?”

Cana- “No…”

Levy- “Probably not…  Are you?”

Lucy- “I don’t know, maybe.”

Cana- “You don’t even know the guy, why do you care?”

Lucy- “I feel bad for him, and his family.  I probably won’t be a match anyways.”


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Fictober 5 Sentence Challenge day 7 Zombie

Sanosuke sighed after he left the bar he had gone to drink that night; he was more than used to help Shinpachi and Heisuke every now and then after drinking too much, but he never thought he would have to help Shiranui too.

It seemed a bad joke, but he was sure Shiranui would have been crawling and groaning like he was doing right then until the sunrise at least, so he decided to stay with him for a little longer until he was feeling better (something that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon though). Still, why always him?


“Tsk, can you stop groaning like a zombie?”

not a date

A/N: Guys, I’m so so so sorry about how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything! I’m only on my second week of school and it’s already kicking my ass. All my professors are hard asses this semester. I’m really sorry, but maybe expect fewer pieces from now till my next break. Also, I decided to make this one on the longer side and combine two asks, since the prompts are all along the same lines.

#8: “Just pretend to be my date.”

#9: “He/She did it.” “No he/she did.”

#10: “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

#11: “It’s not a double date. We’re just third and fourth wheeling.”

#12: “No no—it’s alright, come here.”

summary: Your friend told her new boyfriend that you would go on a double date with them and you enlist Barry’s help.

pairing: barry allen x reader

Y/F/N = Your Friend’s Name

“You did what?!” you scream into the phone, nearly dropping your can of pop all over your couch.

“I’m sorry,” she tells you on the other end. You can practically feel her wincing. “I just panicked because I really want to go out with him somewhere nice but I feel awkward since we just started getting serious.”

You sigh, pinching the bridge of your nose. “Fine, fine. When is the date scheduled?”


Tomorrow?!” you shout again. She apologizes once again and you tear her a new one, angrily yelling for the next fifteen minutes.

“Barry!” you exclaim as he zips past you and up the stairs at the CCPD to his lab. You hurry after him, since he just sends you a questioning look and keeps jogging up the stairs. “I’m glad I caught you so quickly!”

“What’s up?” he asks, walking into his lab and going to the computer immediately.

“I need you to go on a double date with me.”

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I missed another day of OFFtober…

*sigh* Well, then, another two posts in one!

Day 7: The Puppeteer!

I actually only stayed up until 2:00 AM ish, but still.

Day 8: Dedan!

I was gonna color this, but then I realized I have no idea what color Dedan is canonically. So. No color.

[ camp ]

you and hoshi are forced to spend a week at camp over the summer away from technology and fully exposed to the worlds natural atmosphere. however over the week some disasters are bound to happen;)

Hot and sticky. That was the only suitable way to describe the summer weather as you dragged your suitcase through the bright green grass. Just up ahead you caught sight of the old wooden cabin that was your new residence for the week causing you to suppress a sigh. Going to camp for 7 days was hardly your idea. You just brought up the topic one night at dinner about how you’d never been to camp and your parents seemed to share the same evil grin. The next day Hoshi greeted you at school with an apparent frown as he tightly gripped your arm and pulled you aside. “Thanks for getting me sent off to camp this summer.” And that’s when you knew you were in the same boat he was.

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