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Patater Week Day 7 - Adopting a Pet Together

Kent sighs and readjusts on the couch. For the millionth time. Kent’s basically upside down at this point, head dangling off the edge of the couch towards the floor, and feet braced on the arm of the couch. Jeff just holds his book closer to his face and tries to do his best impression of someone who is completely oblivious.

“Jeeeeeeeeefff,” Kent whines.

Jeff grunts noncommittally and determinedly flips the page.


Nope. He’s not going to do it.

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Seven Day Challenge Chapter 3, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
It's Day 7 at last and our OTP is eager to reunite

A sneak peek:

“Where are you going?” Rosita questioned. The sun was just beginning to rise over Alexandria, highlighting a layer of frost coating the grass around the wall. Rosita glanced down at Rick from the guard tower, her eyes darting to Carl meandering along just behind him.

“Don’t tell me you forgot,” Rick twirled the keys to the van around his pointer finger whimsically. He could practically hear her resulting eye roll.

“Day 7,” she sighed, pouting just the slightest.

“Might want to get comfortable up there,” Rick grinned up at her, pausing to wait for the gate to be opened.

“I still say you cheated,” her response was half-hearted, her smile poorly concealed.

“You’ve got to be really clear when it comes to my dad,” Carl came to his father’s defense, cracking an identical grin. Rick patted him on the back.

“It’s a hard-learned lesson. Rosita is going to have plenty of time to think about it over the next week,” he waved cheerfully at the woman’s dour expression, climbing into the van behind Carl.

“Whatever,” Rosita stuck her tongue out, waving them off. “Tell Maggie that I say hello.”

“Will do,” Rick agreed, shutting the door behind him. He started the vehicle, the rumbling of the engine breaking the silence of the morning.

“Think she’ll be happy to see us?” Carl asked from the passenger seat.

Rick nodded. “I’m sure.”

“Think she missed us as much as we missed her?” Carl titled his hat back to glance sidelong at Rick.

Rick paused. He hadn’t had a solid night of sleep in the entirety of the week. “Maybe not quite as much as we missed her,” he ventured, chuckling.

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8 questions

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▪️last movie I watched: Beauty and the Beast (new version)
▪️last song I listened to: “Loveless” by Lo Moon
▪️last book I read: The Round House by Louise Erdrich
▪️last thing I ate: a taco
▪️where would you want to time travel to? Definitely the future, but like… a long ways. Not The Time Traveler-long, but 5,000 years or so. You know, see how the planet’s faring after we thoroughly mess its shit up.
▪️fictional character I would hang out with for a day: The Doctor (probably do our time traveling then!)
▪️If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be? In bed, napping.

I hereby tag @elvhen-apostate-hobo, @kejj, @kittlesandbugs, @fleschybits, @l-a-v-e-l-l-a-n, and YOU if you are seeing this and haven’t done it yet.

(Christmas Challenge Day 7) Christmas Miracle

   "Sorry,“ Edmund sighed. "Our new servant–he’s very cheeky.”
    (Y/n) shrugged. “You always said you wanted a witty servant.”
  "Yeah, but–“
    Edmund was cut off when Lane came back with a tray. "Your drinks, sire.”
    "Thank you,“ Edmund said handing a mug to (Y/n) and taking one himself.  
    Lane bowed and returned to his task of cleaning the ashes.
    "So,” Edmund said. “How was the trip?”
    "Fine,“ (Y/n) replied. She tried taking a sip. "Ouch! This is boiling!”
    Edmund rolled his eyes. “Don’t ask. Just wait till it cools.”
    (Y/n) shrugged. Edmund sighed. “Anyway, you were say–”
    He felt his eyes sting as something black hit them. He flinched briefly, choked by the dust. He felt something hot on his arm and heard (Y/n) yelp.
    When he blinked a few times, he saw the cocoa had spilled on them both, but mostly her.
  "I am so sorry, (Y/n),“ Edmund said. He grabbed a blanket from nearby and dabbed at her bare arm which was slightly burned.  
    "I-it’s okay,” she chuckled and winced. “I’m warm now.”
    "Lane, ice please,“ Edmund grumbled. "And please be more careful next time!”
    Lane fumbled out of the room.
    "You sure you’re okay?“ Edmund asked.
    (Y/n) nodded.
    Lane returned with some ice. Edmund moved closer to (Y/n) do he could apply the ice on the burn using the short blanket.
    "Aren’t you burned too?” she asked.
    "Just spilled on my sleeve, not on my skin,“ Edmund said.
    (Y/n) smiled and looked up at him. "Thanks, Edmund.”
    He returned the eye contact, and suddenly they both realized their close proximity.
    "Oh, sire!“ Lane gasped.
    Edmund looked up at him.
    "You’re–conveniently–under the mistletoe!”
    Edmund frowned. “That wasn’t there two seconds–”
    "Christmas miracle,“ the man muttered before rushing out of the room. He reappeared briefly. "Well…go on!” he said before slipping away again.
    (Y/n) and Edmund shared amused glances.
    Edmund took the advantage and Pressed his lips gently against hers.
    (Y/n) smiled. “Your servant is quite the matchmaker.”
  "You think he did it on purpose?“
  She kissed him again. "You got to think sometimes, Ed.”
    He shook his head. “He’s horrible servant though.”
    "What’s his name again?“
    "Lane,” Edmund said. “odd name. He said it was short for Merlane.”
    (Y/n) shrugged. “Odd indeed.”

   Edmund sighed as he sat down by the fire. One of the new servants, Lane was cleaning some of the ashes.
    "Spilled it again, Lane?“
    "Sorry, sire,” the young man cringed. “You know I’m clumsy.”
    "Just be careful,“ Edmund smirked. He leaned against the column.
    "Waiting for Miss (Y/n)?” Lane asked innocently.
    "Yes,“ he said. "She’s putting her horses in the stable. I say, could you get some cups of cocoa? To warm us up?”
    "How thoughtful,“ Lane sighed. "She’ll like that.”
    Edmund narrowed his eyes at the man’s tone. “What do you mean?”
    Lane shrugged. “In all due respect, sire, if you became any more in love with the girl, I’d want to kiss her myself.”
    Edmund blushed a deep red as he cried out in indignation. “Goodness, Lane! Keep your opinions to yourself, thank you!”
    Lane chuckled and bowed. “Of course, sire. I’ll get those cups straight away." 

    He disappeared just as (Y/n) came in. 

    "You’re in a cheerful mood,” she scoffed.

1. He stops texting you back even though he used to text you first.

2. He’s busy with life and living and excuses.

3. When he kisses you it feels like he’s thinking too hard, as though he can’t wait to get away. When he stops, he turns and doesn’t look back.

4. When you ask him a question the replies are short, or not at all. When you’re silent he doesn’t make the effort to speak.

5. I love yous are met with awkwardness. I love yous are met with, ‘why?’ I love yous are met with, ‘you shouldn’t.’

6. He sighs. A lot.

7. He looks angry on some days and sad on others. Either way you don’t know what to do. Hearing your voice used to calm him down, now it seems to have the opposite effect.

8. He dismisses your fears as ridiculous. You tell him that you’re worried but he just rolls his eyes. You think he’s being insensitive but it’s because he doesn’t want to lie. You’re looking for comfort where there’s none.

9. You make him unhappy so you give him space. The gap keeps getting larger and larger and you feel him slipping away. Do you hold on, or let go, regret it for the rest of your life?

10. He tells you that things change and he’s changed his mind. He tells you that it wasn’t your fault but somehow that doesn’t make things right. He tells you a lot of things but you stopped listening at ‘I don’t love you anymore.’ He tells you he doesn’t want to hurt you but all you feel is pain.

—  S.Z. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #236 // The ten ways that he’ll leave you

Ugh, I had a little idea for day 4 First Sleepover but didn’t end up having time yesterday. And now I’ll be busy all day today as well. If I end up doing it it’ll be pretty late in the day at this point. *sigh* well, if not, I suppose 5 out of 7 days is still way better than I’ve done the other 2 years I was around for sherlolly week. At least the following 3 days are ready and waiting!

not a date

A/N: Guys, I’m so so so sorry about how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything! I’m only on my second week of school and it’s already kicking my ass. All my professors are hard asses this semester. I’m really sorry, but maybe expect fewer pieces from now till my next break. Also, I decided to make this one on the longer side and combine two asks, since the prompts are all along the same lines.

#8: “Just pretend to be my date.”

#9: “He/She did it.” “No he/she did.”

#10: “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

#11: “It’s not a double date. We’re just third and fourth wheeling.”

#12: “No no—it’s alright, come here.”

summary: Your friend told her new boyfriend that you would go on a double date with them and you enlist Barry’s help.

pairing: barry allen x reader

Y/F/N = Your Friend’s Name

“You did what?!” you scream into the phone, nearly dropping your can of pop all over your couch.

“I’m sorry,” she tells you on the other end. You can practically feel her wincing. “I just panicked because I really want to go out with him somewhere nice but I feel awkward since we just started getting serious.”

You sigh, pinching the bridge of your nose. “Fine, fine. When is the date scheduled?”


Tomorrow?!” you shout again. She apologizes once again and you tear her a new one, angrily yelling for the next fifteen minutes.

“Barry!” you exclaim as he zips past you and up the stairs at the CCPD to his lab. You hurry after him, since he just sends you a questioning look and keeps jogging up the stairs. “I’m glad I caught you so quickly!”

“What’s up?” he asks, walking into his lab and going to the computer immediately.

“I need you to go on a double date with me.”

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LeviWeek II Day 7: Happy Christmas Birthday
Tch. I’m getting older. Happy Holidays to all of you too, you little shits. Now, I want this place spotless and confetti free by the end of this party, is that clear? ~Levi~

[ camp ]

you and hoshi are forced to spend a week at camp over the summer away from technology and fully exposed to the worlds natural atmosphere. however over the week some disasters are bound to happen;)

Hot and sticky. That was the only suitable way to describe the summer weather as you dragged your suitcase through the bright green grass. Just up ahead you caught sight of the old wooden cabin that was your new residence for the week causing you to suppress a sigh. Going to camp for 7 days was hardly your idea. You just brought up the topic one night at dinner about how you’d never been to camp and your parents seemed to share the same evil grin. The next day Hoshi greeted you at school with an apparent frown as he tightly gripped your arm and pulled you aside. “Thanks for getting me sent off to camp this summer.” And that’s when you knew you were in the same boat he was.

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10 ways they'll leave you.

1. They’ll stop texting you back even though they used to text you first.
2. They’re busy with life and living and starts making excuses.
3. When they kiss you it feels like they’re thinking too hard, as though they can’t wait to get away. When they stop, they turn and doesn’t look back.
4. When you ask them a question the replies are short, or not at all. When you’re silent they don’t make the effort to speak.
5. I love yous are met with awkwardness. I love yous are met with, ‘why?’ I love yous are met with, ‘you shouldn’t.’
6. They sigh. A lot.
7. They look angry on some days and sad on others. Either way you don’t know what to do. Hearing your voice used to calm them down, now it seems to have the opposite effect.
8. They dismiss your fears as ridiculous. You tell them that you’re worried but they just roll their eyes. You think they’re being insensitive but it’s because they don’t want to lie. You’re looking for comfort where there’s none.
9. You make them unhappy so you give them space. The gap keeps getting larger and larger and you feel them slipping away. Do you hold on, or let go, regret it for the rest of your life?
10. They tell you that things change and they’ve changed their mind. They tell you that it wasn’t your fault but somehow that doesn’t make things right. They tell you a lot of things but you stopped listening at ‘I don’t love you anymore.’ They’ll tell you they don’t want to hurt you but all you’ll feel is pain.

Part 1.

Summary: You find Sophia when she’s missing and help her back to the group.
Warnings: Swearing, angst.
A/N: This will be in either 2 or 3 parts.

You were walking through the woods looking for your 8 year old brother, you had both been sleeping in a car on the highway but when you woke up he had gone. You’ve been looking for him for about 4 days now, but you refused to give up hope. You heard a small yelp, it sounded like a child, so you followed the noise with your bow drawn and found a young girl cornered by two walkers. You made quick work of eliminating them and ran to the cowering girl.
“Hey sweetie, are you ok? Have you seen a young boy around here?” You ask as you crouched to her level. She looked at you, assessing if you were a threat or not.
“No sorry, I’m lost. Some walkers came and I ran and got separated from my mom and the group.“ She cried. You reached out and took her small hand in yours.
"What’s your name? Do you remember where the group was?” You asked softly.
“Sophia and the highway.” She nodded. You thought for a moment, the highway was quite far to walk now and you knew you’d have to set up camp for the night for safety.
“Ok, well it’s getting dark now, so we will have to find somewhere safe to sleep for tonight and we will make our way to the highway tomorrow.” You smiled. She gave you a small smile and you stood up, still holding her hand. You walked around and then found an old abandoned house in the middle of the woods. You went in and made sure it was safe, then pushed the sofa in front of the door. You rummaged through the cupboards trying to find something for you both to eat, coming up with just a tin of sardines. You gave them to Sophia with a bottle of water from your bag and she took them with a grateful smile. After she ate she looked tired, you made her a little bed in a cupboard and you stayed awake and kept watch. You were exhausted but you couldn’t risk sleeping, you needed to get Sophia back to her mother.

It had been 3 days now, a small herd of walkers had stopped you getting to the highway and now you were a little lost. You’d camp up in a tree and let Sophia sleep while you kept watch. The tiredness was really taking a toll on you now and you were starving. You’d managed to catch a few squirrels but you gave them to Sophia. You had taught Sophia how to use a knife just in case of emergencies, but you always kept her out of harms way. You were walking through the woods when you heard the tell tale sounds of hungry dead people behind you. You looked and there was about 5, but when you turned around there was a few more in front.
“Shit! Sophia climb the tree sweetie!” You yelled as you started to take out the walkers with your bow. She scrambled up the tree after letting out a terrified squeak.

Daryl had been searching for Sophia again, it had been 3 days since she went missing and people seemed to be giving up already, it was pissing him off. He heard something that resembled a scared child and he ran towards the noise. He came to a clearing and saw a woman fighting off walkers with her bow, switching to her knife when they got too close. Daryl couldn’t help but watch you in awe, you seemed so lethal yet graceful. You were easily the most beautiful woman he had ever come across. He watched curiously as you put down the last walker and then turned to the tree.
“Sophia you can come out sweetie.” You called softly. Daryl watched shocked as you helped the lost girl out of the tree and saw her hug you as if you were her life line. He couldn’t help but smile at the fact Sophia was safe and that you were caring for her. It made you more beautiful to him. He didn’t know what the hell had come over him having these thoughts, he was clearly going soft. He slowly made his way over to you. When you saw him you protectively pushed Sophia behind you as you narrowed your eyes at the man.

“S’alright, I’m lookin’ for Sophia.” Daryl said calmly, holding his hands in the air to show he wasn’t a threat.
“You know him sweetie?” You asked her as she looked up at you.
“This is Daryl, from the group.” She smiled, still holding your arm.
“Ah, the hunter. I’m y/n.” You smiled extending your hand out to him. He looked at it briefly before shaking it.
“Thanks for takin’ care of her, we’ve been real worried.” He sighed.
“Its fine. Go on Sophia, go with Daryl. Your momma will be waiting for you.” You smiled at her as you moved her forward towards Daryl.
“Aren’t you coming with us y/n?” Sophia asked sadly.
“Honey we already went through this. I told you I wouldn’t be coming.” You told her. She looked up at you with glassy eyes and you had to look away.
“I’m sure the group would wanna meet ya, ‘specially Carol.” Daryl chimed in, earning a smile from Sophia.
“I can’t, my brothers missing. It’s been 7 days now, I gotta keep looking.” You sighed.
“I could help ya look? I’m a good tracker and two pairs of eyes are better than one.” He suggested. You nibbled your lip, thinking about the offer. Of course you’d be more likely to find him with the both of you, and you’d been incredibly lonely. But joining a group meant getting attached to people and its not something you wanted to do.
“Please y/n, at least stay one night?” Sophia pleaded.
“Alright fine, but just one night.” You gave in. She hugged you and smiled excitedly.

“We’re on a farm not far from here, shouldn’t take us long to get there.” He explained and he led the way. You kept feeling him glancing at you every few minutes, about half way there you looked up and caught him looking. His eyes quickly went to something else and he blushed slightly before clearing his throat.
“So when did ya find Sophia?” He asked, making you look at him again.
“The day she went missing. We were trying to head back to the highway but a small herd of assholes cut us off. Ended up getting a little lost.” You chuckled, making him smile at you.
“Ya stay at that old house with the bed in the cupboard?” He asked curiously.
“Yeah, that was before we got lost.” You sighed.
“I was on the right track then.” He smirked to himself.
Before you knew it you’d come to a clearing. You accidentally dropped your knife and when you picked it up, you ended up a little behind Daryl and Sophia. Sophia was already running into her mom’s arms as you came through the clearing. Daryl turned around to look at you, not noticing that you’d lagged behind. All of a sudden you heard a loud bang and felt intense pain in your left shoulder. You instantly hit the floor clutching the pouring wound.
“Y/n!” You heard Daryl yell. You also heard Sophia screaming and people shouting at each other, then everything went black.

Your eyes fluttered open and you squinted at the light. It didn’t take you long to identify that you were lay in a bed. You shot up, only to have a pain rip through your shoulder, and then you remembered, you got shot.
“Fuck!” You hissed, putting a hand over the bandage.
Well this was a good start.

Mistletoe [Jungkook]

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Summary: In which Jungkook has a crush on his best friend and tries to confess his feelings, despite the possibilities of you not feeling the same way.

Word Count: 3 278

Type: Christmas! AU, fluff

Member: Jungkook of BTS

A/N: So, this is the first imagine I will be posting amongst my Christmas series that I would like to prepare for the big and great holiday. I hope you guys enjoy this! I love you all and I hope you have a great day!

happy reading! x

[Day 2], [Day 3], [Day 4], [Day 5], [Day 6], [Day 7], [Day 8], [Day 9]


Jungkook sighed for the thousandth time that night, looking up at his reflection in the mirror and solemnly staring into the object, hoping the nerves that were eating him alive the week before and even more so tonight would fade away or somehow mysteriously disappear but it wasn’t that easy and they remained, eating away his confidence chunk by chunk.

You can do this, you can do this, you can do this…” He whispered to himself three times, assuring himself that he could take charge of the situation he was currently stuck in and come out victorious, winning the battle with himself and basking in the glory of what came out of this.

He quickly got his handy lip balm, applying it to his lips quickly but with precision before he corrected his hair, placing the hairs that stood up or were out of place back where he wanted them to be just for that night. After that, he took his breath spray, spraying it but the spray accidentally being sprayed towards the back of his throat, causing him to choke on the bitter taste before he tried to cough out the taste. 

After the bitter ordeal, he checked his appearance once again, satisfied with the way he looked, smiling at himself in the mirror before he left the bathroom, sending a shy but sweet smile at the elderly women who had been patiently waiting outside to use the bathroom. As Jungkook walked away, hoping the elderly women didn’t hear him choking on the breath spray, he happened to glance up from the wooden floor beneath his feet and his eyes immediately landed on you, his pace slowing down before he stood a few feet away from you, staring at you with the purest and most beautiful form of fondness ever known.

Even with the house filled with people, enjoying the party currently held at your household, cliché pop and Christmas tunes blasting from every corner of the house, loud people cheering for the festive season, celebrating and dancing around and just being down-right crazy like there was no tomorrow, like this was there only moment to be free without any rules or regulations, Jungkook still found silence, his world turning black, everything and everyone faded away and you only left, still acting like you did before the real world faded away - he still found himself breathless, he still found himself staring at you with fascination and he still found you to be the most beautiful creation ever made.

In summary, Jungkook liked you. Liked you a lot. More than he possibly could like any other human being in the entire world. It all started he was sitting in the quiet and empty study hall at your school, earphones in as he wrote lyrics to a song he’d been working on at the time. That’s when you walked in. Clueless, you had found yourself wondering into the room and into his world, politely asking him where the dance studio at your school was. He removed his earphones when he felt a tap on his shoulder, looking up from his lyric sheet and having his breath being taken away and his pupils dilate. For a moment, he didn’t know what to do except for stare at the perfection in front of him before he realized the staring must have been creeping before he stopped and listened to you speak.

“I’m really sorry to bother you, but I’m new here and I heard there was a dance audition here and I was wondering if you knew where it is,” You inquired politely, sending him a half smile that mostly consisted of embrassment as you said, “Sorry once again.”

He couldn’t speak right after you had spoken, his voice and breath taken away by your beauty. You watched his effort to speak to you with big eyes that he adored from the second he saw them, chuckling at bit as he sent you an embarrassed smile and laughed lightly at himself. 

“No need to apologize,” Jungkook found himself first saying to you, noticing how much you had already apologized to him even though you had just met and that you didn’t even do anything wrong. “Umm, well, I’m actually suppose to be headed there too, so we can walk there together if you want.”

“I’d love to,” You smiled brightly, Jungkook thinking how you resembled a beautiful angel from above when you smiled as he heard your angelic voice say, “Thank you so much.”

“No problem.”

All-in-all, you two walked to the dance studio that was on the other side of the small building of the three buildings on the big school campus, first not talking at all which both of you found extremely awkward and Jungkook couldn’t stand it but you couldn’t settle for that and started asking Jungkook questions which sparked a conversation between the two of you. That day he learned a lot about you, as well as the fact that you could dance, dance like something he’d never seen before, something so unique and so flawless that he couldn’t believe his eyes when he watched you dance. From that day onwards, he liked you and you became very good friends after that day, his feelings growing more and more as the days went on as he discovered the different sides of you that he wouldn’t alter or change for that would mess with perfection at its finest. 

With these strong feelings came bumps in the road, you only referring to Jungkook as your best friend and never something more which always upset him every time you introduced him to different and new faces, but it was useless to get upset about when he could easily just tell you how he felt but he didn’t, he was too scared. Too scared of that damned thing that always stopped anyone for doing anything like this: rejection. 

Rejection is one of the many things we all fear in life, especially when it comes to someone that we really care for and only want to be ours, so this is why Jungkook didn’t confess to you. He was too afraid of the embarrassing but mostly painful emotion of rejection and plus, he valued your close friendship too much to mess it up with his more than friendly feelings about you.

Jungkook train of thought was immediately brought to a halt when he was pushed over, almost falling flat to the ground and embarrassing himself in front of everyone at the party, including you. Jungkook steadied himself, regaining his balance before he looked to see who had almost knocked him over, seeing none other than his best friend, Taehyung who was also known as V, laughing at him.

“Oh, you should have seen your face when I pushed you over,” Taehyung laughed, his hand covering the broad smile that was spread across his face as he laughed at the memory of his friend almost falling over just a few seconds ago.

“You were like, shit!” Taehyung explained humorously, reenacting the amusing moment of his friend almost fell over, overly exaggerating the small stumble to which earned him a punch in the arm from Jungkook. 

“Not funny.” Jungkook deadpanned in a grumpy mood, not entirely in the mood for Taehyung’s silly antics now when he was thinking about whether it was the right thing to do when it came to confessing his feelings to you.

Geez, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today,” Taehyung insisted with a tiny amount attitude he showed only when the times was right, swinging his arm over his friend’s shoulder and leading him away from you, causing him to mentally curse at Taehyung from looking at you, “What’s up?”

“It’s just that-” Jungkook started to explain truthfully but cut himself off when a girl walking by had noticed Taehyung and not Jungkook and decided to greet the boy.

Hi Taehyung.” She greeted sweetly with an pretty eyesmile, a blush spread across her pale cheeks when her eyes laid on Taehyung.

“Hi.” He greeted back kindly with a closed mouth smile, acknowledging the girl who seemed quite taken aback from the greeting, flushing a deep color of red in her cheeks before she shyly giggled and she walked onwards, Jungkook glancing back to see the girl covering her mouth and trying to calm herself down from what just happened.

The two boys wondered into the kitchen, Taehyung acting totally drunk and falling into the nearest stool near the counter, the blue hippie style glasses on his face falling from their place on the bride of his nose, all before the boy chuckled and pushed them back upwards.

“That girl likes you, you know.” Jungkook notified his drunk friend, standing over the kitchen counter that had multiple snacks and beverages laid out, placing his arms on the surface and holding his hands as he looked at his friend across him.

“Why do you say that?” Taehyung asked with his eyebrows furrowed, stomping his foot against the ground when he asked Jungkook this question. 

“She was blushing like no person I have ever seen and was basically having a panic attack after you greeted her, she likes you.” Jungkook explained, amused by his friend’s drunk state but also amused by the stupid question his friend asked as he heard the music that once pounded against his eardrums fade.

“You do the same thing around you know who, you know that right?” Taehyung mentioned, taking his glasses off with one hand before his eyes widened in surprise as he yelled, “Oh, pudding!”

Shocked, Jungkook just gazed at his friend with an offended look, watching as he quickly took the bowl of chocolate pudding and dropped three fingers into it, licking it off his fingers slowly before Jungkook heard his friend moan at the taste. 

Jungkook pulled a disgusted face, saying with a cringe, “Dude, do this when you’re alone please. I’m not in the mood to know what my friend’s moans sound like.”

Taehyung’s head shot up, his mouth covered with pudding since he decided to now lick the bowl clean of any pudding either like a small child or a small puppy, either way it was cute. With widened eyes, he placed the almost empty bowl of pudding down onto the counter and looked at Jungkook as he said, “You will be, once I seduce you with my killer looks.”

What looks?” Jungkook quickly shot back at Taehyung, smiling and chuckling towards what he said as he watched Taehyung slightly frown before he shook his head towards his friend’s comment.

Rude,” Taehyung explained with a fake hurt expression before he carried on talking, dipping his chocolate covered fingers into the pudding once again, “Anyways, when are you two gonna get together? I’m tired of you being such a third-wheel when you come over to my house.”

“I wouldn’t be such a third-wheel if it wasn’t for your girlfriend always being there!” Jungkook argued loudly, “What’s up with that though? Why is she always there? Does she live there? This is so sad. She’s spending so much time over there that I actually thinks she lives there.“ 

"We just enjoy each other’s company, something you don’t have because you’re single as fuck,” Taehyung explained, sitting back in his chair and glancing towards the pathway to the kitchen to see one of their other friends, Namjoon, walking past, “Hey Namjoon, please tell Jungkook-”

Jungkook, you got no jams.” Namjoon quickly said with so much amount of sass in his sentence as he was fast approaching the two who sat at the kitchen counter. 

I didn’t mean that!” Taehyung yelled at him with fake anger, slapping he guy on the arm as he quickly walked past them who was smart enough to know Taehyung would do this and quickly hit him back, harder than Taehyung hit him, causing Taehyung to yelp in pain.

Namjoon walked away from the scene in the kitchen quickly, making Jungkook wonder what was so important that was making the boy ran throughout the house like a madman since the time he set foot inside the house for the party. Jungkook shook his head, turning his attention back to Taehyung who just finished all the pudding, licking his fingers with the hum of satisfaction.

“I think you should do it, you know. Just go ahead and confess shortly about how you like her and then, BAM! Kiss her and walk away like a boss.” Taehyung encouraged Jungkook to confess, Jungkook watching his friend as he stumbled to the kitchen sink and washed his hands, stumbling back and lazily plotting back down on the stool he originally sat on.

“It’s easy for you to say when you’re not the one with an entire friendship hanging in the balance.” Jungkook expressed, standing up straight once again and stretching as he stood up.

“Look Jungkook,” Taehyung commanded, Jungkook immediately looking in his friend’s direction when he heard how serious he sounded when he said this, “We all know that you guys deserve each other and love each other but are just too chicken to admit to one another because you’re scared of I don’t know what because rejection isn’t going to happen. Plus, it’s Christmas, it gives you an excuse to kiss her because of the mistletoe.”

Jungkook playfully rolled his eyes at his friend, knowing that he was friend could be right about what he said but Jungkook, no matter how confident he was, couldn’t find enough confidence in himself to admit his feelings to you. He valued you so much that he didn’t want you to ever leave him, especially over you being creeped out by the fact he had feelings for you so he didn’t want to confess and scare you away. But on the other hand, there could be the slight possibility that you liked him back and confessing would finally bring you two together romantically and Jungkook liked the idea of that, too much actually and wanted that to be a reality. So much so that despite the doubts he had earlier before and still had some of now, he wanted to tell you how he felt because he deserved to at least know whether you felt the same or not.  

Jungkook stopped thinking when he felt himself being dragged by Taehyung to who knows where inside the house, Taehyung yelling for back-up which he quickly got as Suga, J-Hope and Jimin began to push Jungkook to a destination unknown. With all this chaos going on around him, he didn’t see that the same thing was happening to you, your friends and Jungkook’s friend, Namjoon and Jin pushing you towards a place you didn’t know even if this was your own house. They stopped when you arrived in the hallway leading to the kitchen, confusing you for a second but making you internally scream when Jungkook was being pushed towards you.

You wanted to flee the scene, not wanting to stay to see what your friends had planned for the two of you but your plans were foiled when you bumped into Jin’s chest, who chuckled lightly with a cute smile and turned you around as he said, “Oh, you’re not going anywhere.”

“Why do you hate me?” You asked the boy as he started pushing you towards Jungkook who was also still being pushed by his group of friends that were your friends too.

“I don’t,” Jin chuckled again, still pushing you closer and closer towards the boy you developed a crush on the first second you saw him walking in the hallways, smiling brightly as he did a little dance move to the music blaring into his ears from the headphones over his ears before he happily walked off to his class, making you wonder who he was and if you were going to see him again. “I love you and that’s why I’m doing this for you: out of love.”

He stopped pushing you as Jungkook stood not even a meter away from you, a shocked facial expression spread across his face as to how close you two were to each other before he cracked a nervous smile, unknowingly swallowing a nervous lump in his throat as he watched the scene unfolded before his very eyes.

“Look guys, we both know that you’re like, crazy in love with each other,” Suga explained with no facial expression as usual, his statement causing yours and Jungkook’s cheeks to flush a pink color.

“But too chicken to admit to each other.” Taehyung interjected loudly, still a bit tipsy from the alcohol someone managed to slip into whatever ever non-alcoholic beverage served at the party. 

Thank you, Taehyung,” Suga commented, not really meaning what he said as he gave the drunk boy a glare that Taehyung didn’t notice at all. “Anyways, we know you guys are in love with each other and too scared to admit to one another and it’s sad and annoying as hell to watch you guys think the other person doesn’t feel the same way. Now, as loyal and amazing friends, we’ve figured out a plan to get you guys together.”

“And that is?” Jungkook spoke for the first time since this incident while you still remained frozen, not believing the reality of the situation that was for you, only getting worse and getting worse as the painful and agonizing seconds went by.

Look up!” Jimin yelled out of patience, his yell only meant out of pure love for the two of you as you two dared to look above you and gaze upon the significant mistletoe tied to the ceiling exactly right underneath your heads.

It was awkward for a while, the both of you not knowing what to do while your friends had just watched you go ahead and make the only decision which was to kiss since there was no escaping the situation at hand. That was until your eyes landed back on Jungkook, seeing the nervous smile that once decorated his face to be replaced with one that you rarely saw. He playfully winked towards you, your cheeks immediately flushing a pink color and feelings like hot rocks were pressed right against them before Jungkook cupped both of your cheeks with his warm hands and pressed his lips against yours. 

Your lips remained frozen against his, the reality of the situation not making any sense to you and not registering at all but you quickly figured that maybe this was the last time you’d ever get the opportunity to kiss Jungkook ever again and went for it, closing your eyes and kissing the boy you loved. Your hands gently gripped his arms as your lips moved together slowly and passionately, all the love you hid from one another exposing itself in that moment - in that one kiss.

Even if you didn’t want the moment to end, the moment losing the magic within it and losing the feeling of his lips against yours, you two managed to pull each other’s lips away from one another, hearing the loud cheers and claps from your friends that were more than proud of themselves for setting this whole bulletproof plan up.

“Merry Christmas,” Jungkook stated happily with truly happy smile spread across his face that made your heart flutter in your chest and you instantly smile because of how precious he looked when he was happy, “Jagiya.”

You smiled at the petname he already had for you, him going back in for another kiss while your friends cheered you two new lovers on as you kissed underneath the mistletoe. 


Pokeshipping Week - Day 7: Reunion

Aaand we’re done already, sigh. It was a fun ride! I’d like to thank everyone for participating, it was amazing seeing so many beautiful fanworks and so much activity! <3

This was the last entry and also the one to be posted on Pokeshipping Day, so I put a little more effort into it than I did the rest. Ash turned his hat around for my own drawing convenience to muster the courage to walk into the gym and greet Misty.