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I can't get enough of your writing omg, back with more requests! one for each, if you're up for it: 23 ash, 31 mikey, 24 luke and 8 cal, please ♥ or even just one of these, or literally anything of your choice, I just love everything you do & don't know how you do it, you're a superstar

(I’m sorry this took a bit longer than it should have, I’ve already done Cal 8 but here are the rest. Hope you like them even though they’re so short, you’re amazing and awesome and loads of other great things xx)



I make a noise of acknowledgement, rolling over and burying my head in the pillow. Ashton doesn’t say anything else, and I let out a sigh.

“Ash?” I reply, my voice cracking from the face I’d been asleep only moments ago.

“What’s the rule about sharing a bed with your room mate?” He asks, causing me to sigh again.

“What’s wrong?” I mumble, shifting so I was sitting. I rub my eyes, before opening them and finding Ashton’s figure in the darkness. He stands in the door frame, sweats hanging loosely from his hips and chest bare.

“I can’t sleep.” He replies, shuffling his feet. “I thought that maybe-”

Just once.” I tell him, moving over to the side of the bed. He hurries over, sliding in beside me before pulling me into his chest. “Ashton-”

“Just let me cuddle you.” He mumbles, and I’d have rolled my eyes had they been open.

“I feel like this is all a plot to get me to cuddle you Irwin.” I whisper, my lips brushing his chest as I speak. I move my arm so it’s across his abdomen.

“Maybe it is.” He replies, and I can hear his smile.

“Well like I said, just once.” I yawn, snuggling into him.

“I’ll make the most of it then.”


My jaw drops as I enter the flat to find Michael on the sofa, slouching in his sweats playing GTA. I gape at his back, kicking the door closed. The noise causes his head to tilt back, a smirk on his lips.

“Hey Princess.” He grins, sitting upright again before standing to face me. I grin, running forward and launching myself into his arms.

You lied to me.” I giggle into his neck, pulling back to cup his face with my hands. “You said you wouldn’t be home for two more weeks!”

“Did I?” He grins. “How silly of me.”



“You’re home.”

“Yes I can see that.”

“Will you be serious for a second? Why did you lie?”

“It’s called a surprise Y/N.” He chuckles, dropping his forehead to mine. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”  I mumble, unable to keep the smile off my face. “And you’re home.”

“Can I kiss you now?” He grins, and I nod, giggling.

“Please.” I whisper, tilting my head up to capture his lips with mine.


You’re the only one I trust to do this.” Luke mutters, making me roll my eyes.

“Don’t be so dramatic Luke.” I grin. “It’s your hair.

“My hair is my pride and joy.” He frowns, watching me closely.

“What about me? Your music? The band? What about-”

“Look Y/N if you aren’t going to take this seriously-”

“Again, it’s your hair.”

“-then I’ll just do it myself.” Luke finishes as if I didn’t interrupt, punctuating it with a glare. I sigh, hopping up onto the counter and pulling him by the collar in between my knees.

“You’re such a drama queen Hemmings.” I mutter, putting some gel on my hand before raking my fingers through his blond locks.

“You’re supposed to love me.” He pouts, his hands resting on my knees as I style his hair for him.

“I do love you.” I roll my eyes. “Apparently not as much as you love your hair, but I do love you.”

“I feel like you aren’t understanding the importance of my hair here.” Luke grumbles. I stop, pulling back to life my eyebrows at him. “See! You aren’t! I knew I should have done it myself.”

“Then why’d you ask me to?”

“I don’t know but it won’t happen again.”




“You’re gonna finish it now thought right?”