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Yoongi imagine; Super Psycho Love: Part One

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Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Warnings: Stockholm syndrome, yandere?!Yoongi, toxic relationship, smutty~

When one night standing becames something more. When he calls you everyday. When you saw him staring at you everytime you went to the club. You thought he was behaving like a child and he would eventually let go, but it didn’t happen. Why didn’t you stop him when you had the chance? Now you were involved with someone you shouldn’t. For some reason, you didn’t feel like complaining.

Disclaimer: Please, don’t continue if you are a sensitive person to certain topics. I don’t pretend to offend anyone. This is all fictional, and please, don’t let anyone do this to you. If you suspect, you can talk to anyone. Get help. If you want, you can anonymously send me an ask. I repeat, this is all fictional. Keep reading with caution.

Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity.” the teacher made a long pause, but didn’t stop staring at the book. “but sometimes, the hostage can actually develop true feelings, not only as an actual strategy.”

You were, as usual, paying attention to the class. It was a part of your lesson, and you were interested in the topic. Everything about this topics was awesome to you; how the brain worked, why some people developed these kind of feelings. What caused it? You questioned everything. You were so submerged in your thoughts that you didn’t notice Jiwoo staring at you. To be honest, you didn’t even notice when she sat next to you.
“Boo!” she scared you, and you jumped on your seat making her laugh her ass off. 
“Were you thinking about shit again?” 
You knew she was right, but you hit her arm playfully anyways. 
Jiwoo was your best friend since you arrived Korea. Since highschool, she introduced to you her group of friends, who warmly welcomed you. After some years you trusted in her more than anyone, and you told her everything that happened to you. Your dates, the boys you were with, who you wanted to fuck, who wanted to fuck you, everything, and so did her. She was like your sister and she never left you alone. 
“Are you going to the club tonight?” she asked, even though she knew the answer. When you opened your mouth to reply, she interrupted you; “of course you’re going. I’ll be there at 9.” and just like that, she left.

You weren’t sure if you wanted to. You always went to the club, every friday night. There was always someone you were interested in, and ever since your boyfriend broke up with you, you just followed the conversation with any person that seemed interested in you, and didn’t flirt back until they did first. It was something common for you. Making out with someone sometimes, dancing with someone you liked and then forgetting about it. You were a mature person, and it wasn’t a sin, right? After all, you didn’t play with the person’s feelings. Since the beggining you told them that it was only one night. You didn’t want feelings involved, you didn’t want anything serious, and everyone agreed, until last friday.

One week ago, you went to the club, as usual. Jiwoo drove you there, and when you entered, she started looking for her boyfriend; like usual. Everything was usual, it wasn’t strange, neither it was the first time. As usual, again, you sat on the couch of the dance club that was in the back, where people sat down to drink calmly, to smoke, to make out and get touchy or simply because, like you, didn’t feel like dancing. 
As soon as you entered the club, you saw your ex with his girl. He looked happy, and the girl was, of course, very pretty. He had his left arm wrapped on her waist and she was smiling, and your self steem dropped to the floor. 
You broke up with him because he made you feel unwanted. He didn’t compliment you, he was so submerged in his own work that he didn’t even see you. He didn’t have sex with you more than once; in your 6 month old relationship, and in all the years of friendship, he touched you only one time he got home drunk. You tried to understand him, until you discovered the reason behind his behavior wasn’t his work, but his sidechick. 
And there he was, happily hugging her. The asshole and the bitch together.
You stared at the couple with wide eyes, tears aiming to spill out, but you watched at Jiwoo happilly. If she noticed how you were feeling, she would have to stay with you and you didn’t want that. She always put you before her boyfriend first, but it wasn’t a big deal. You broke up with him a long time ago, and she didn’t see her boy very often so you just let go.
Sitting there, staring at everyone, arms crossed and a frown, you were trying not to cry or burn his house down. She was pretty, tall, and you were you. You didn’t feel like being with anyone today, not after what you saw.

Yoongi stared at you from the distance. He fell in love at first sight with you, you were gorgeous in his eyes. You always ended up with someone else, and it made his blood boil. He felt angry and he had to leave immediately before punching the guy in the face and scaring the hell out of you, discarding any chance he had with you.
When he saw you sitting there, with a sad face, he had to approach you. Whatever had happened to you, whoever tried to touch you, he had to take action on the matter. He was nervous, though; he loved you from the first time he saw you and he didn’t want to fuck up, he didn’t want to be so crazy for someone that despises him.
He sat next to you, without making any noise. He stared at you from that distance and he felt his heat rising up. Your face, your eyes, your hands, your hair, you fashion choices. Everything was perfect about you, but what wasn’t, was that you didn’t notice him. You were thinking so deeply that he had to sigh once, twice very loudly for you to see that he was sitting right next to you.
He stared at the crowd, and you stared at him. You didn’t want to be with anyone, didn’t your face tell him so? You were about to tell him that you weren’t on the mood to fuck or kiss him or whatever he wanted to, until he opened his mouth.
“So you hate clubs too, huh?”
He knew you didn’t. He knew you loved coming here, he heard your contagious laugh and saw your smile everytime you stepped into the dance floor, excepting this one time of course. But what could he say? He didn’t want to look like a weirdo, that he knew he kinda was, and he had to disimulate.
You sighed in relief. Apparently, he wasn’t direct nor he wanted to flirt right away. The anger disappeared a little bit. 
Actually, I don’t. I just saw something horrible, and I’m here because I don’t feel like dancing or drinking…” you were honest. Why would you lie? He was a random stranger, yes, but you were used to make friends or talk with people about some kind of things. You were kind of an open person, and the fact that you saw your ex with the bitch he cheated on you with wasn’t a big deal neither.
Yoongi felt his heartbeats rising, he heard your beautiful voice for the first time. But paying attention to your words, he actually got worried. There was something that was bothering you after all, someone did something to you or you felt bad because or something, so he just asked right away, shamelessly.
“Really? What is it?
You stared at him and laughed nervously, and then stared back at the crowd.
“Ah, it’s not a big deal. I saw my ex with the girl he cheated on me with.“ you made a pause. “She is pretty, so I kinda understand why he did it...” you made another long pause. Yoongi wanted to interrupt you, hold your hands and tell you that you didn’t have to think that way, and at the same time he wanted to kick that guy’s balls for not appreciating someone as gorgeus and so full of life like you; but he saw you were about to talk a little bit more, so he restrained.
My self steem kinda died a bit,” you laughed awkwardly, hidding that it hurt you. “so I just came here.” 
Yoongi wanted to talk, but when he opened his mouth, you interrupted him again. 
What about you? Do you really not like clubs? Or are you as miserable as me?” and once again, you laughed sadly. He loved and hated that laugh so much. He loved how it sounded, but hated the fact that it hid so much pain.
Actually, I like clubs.” he lied. “But this time I just didn’t feel like drinking or dancing or anything, and my friends left me all by myself.” he lied again. He went the the club all by himself. His friends were calm and didn’t go out; he went there because, even though he hated clubs, he went once just to try and he saw you. He didn’t drink that much, he didn’t dance, he didn’t flirt or fuck around. He just entered there and observed you like a creep, hoping one day he could talk to you.
“Ah, I see. So you’re not as miserable as me.” You said and smiled at him. You were happy to see that he didn’t seem like another fuckboy. He was really attractive, his voice was lazily beautiful, his hair was mint green and he looked like those boys from novels who are bad on the outside but are actually very soft on the inside; those boys on the books who were cold but loving. He was so surreal, you had to blink a million times to make sure your mind wasn’t playing a trick on you and made up a fake boy because of your low self-steem.
Don’t worry, you’re not miserable.” he added before you could continue hurting him without knowing. “It’s normal, it had happened to me,” he lied. His ex never cheated on him, he hadn’t had a girlfriend in six years. “but you have to forget about it. You seem very nice, so you shouldn’t worry. She is going to cheat on him anyways.” 
You laughed and Yoongi felt like his world was illuminated once again. He was nervous, mostly because he had to look for the right words to not scare you. If he flirted with you, or complimented your appearance, you would take it and flirt back, and then you’d hook up, and then you would forget about him like you did with every guy. He didn’t want that. He wanted to know you, to be with you, he didn’t want you to be with anyone else. He wanted you to himself, and the only way was acting like a friend, not like a fuckboy or a flirty random stranger who wanted to bang.
But when you stared at him once again with flirty eyes, he dropped everything. He stared back at you, right into your eyes; he couldn’t resist. He knew it was wrong. He knew he didn’t have to. He knew the plan was failing, but when it was about you, you drove him insane; and it happened.
After two hours of conversating, of drinking one beer between the two, the atmosphere changed completely. He was a nice guy, interesting. He told you about him; Min Yoongi. a 24 years old who liked to compose and was born in Daegu. He moved to Seoul to follow his dreams six years ago. 
Slowly, you became much more touchy. When you laughed, you placed your hand on his thigh, and he didn’t stop you. Slowly you forgot about your ex and just invited him to the dance floor, and he agreed. He didn’t like dancing, but how could he reject you? Even if you hit him, kicked him, stab him, he would still be crazy for you.
What started like an innocent dance became so much more. Yoongi forgot about the plan completely, his hands now running through your body, cupping your cheeks, slowly leaning down to kiss your lips. His lips were soft, the kiss was gentle. When realization hit him, he couldn’t stop. Not when you were already in his apartment, moaning his name, not when he was enjoying so much being inside you, touching your body, kissing your lips, hearing that the sounds that your mouth were making were because of him, because of what he was doing. Not when you were his already; at least for one night.
He slowly took off your clothes, he was the most gentle person you’ve met. Since your ex broke up with you, you didn’t sleep with anyone. You only kissed one boy per night, sometimes they got touchy, but this guy was so smooth. He didn’t have to compliment you or your appearance until things got heated up, and still, he had you on his feet. 
His dirty talk was the best. You couldn’t resist it. He was the best experience you’ve had and he was so gentle, yet so passionate at the same time. He touched you and made love to you like if he was afraid of hurting you, breaking you. Like if you were precious to him. How his fingers grazed gently your skin, your lips, how good he kissed you.
Everything was magical. You had one, two, three orgasms in one night, and you saw he enjoyed it a lot too. You cuddled, his arms hugged you tightly and he hid his face on your neck. 
But when he woke up, you were gone.
Oh god, he wanted to hit himself. He wanted to turn back time and at least ask for your address, now he had to wait until next friday. What if you didn’t want to see him? What if it really was just one night and now you forgot about him? He tried to resist, but since he had your number, he couldn’t avoid the temptation. It was wrong, you were going to hate him, but he couldn’t be rational anymore.

When he called the first time, you both talked for half an hour. When he called the second time, he asked how you were doing. When he called for the third time, you started to get scared. He didn’t get the message? You enjoyed it, but you didn’t want to develop feelings for someone that probably slept around with everyone. Yoongi wasn’t like that; but you didn’t know. You started suspecting that he didn’t call to fuck again, but simply to talk to you. It hurt you, rejecting him like that, because he was interesting. But you knew about that; you fucked him two hours after you met him, he probably did that with every girl. You didn’t want to remind yourself about the past. You wanted a normal relationship, where your partner doesn’t cheat on you. After all, you saw him every friday. You didn’t pay attention to him, but what was he doing there if he wasn’t fucking around? Of course he was. He was a man. He slept with you, he could sleep with anyone else. He probably was just a flirt.
Oh, but were you wrong.

You started declining every call, not daring to block his number. It drove Yoongi crazy, he missed you so much, and he fucked up. Now he was regretting his life choices. If he didn’t call you more than four times, maybe he still would have a chance: but he didn’t stop. He wanted to hear your voice. He went to the club every night, hoping to see you there, to talk to you, even if he knew you had to attend college. He knew. But he didn’t care. 
He started to get obsessive over it. You were clouding his mind day and night, and all he thought about was you. He didn’t recognize that feeling; he wasn’t like that with anyone, specially girls. Not since it broke his heart leaving his ex girlfriend behind to chase his dream; and ironically, the work he was doing, his “dream” was interrupted by the thought of you. 

That’s why you didn’t know. That’s why you weren’t sure of it, what it you saw him there? After he did love to you, after you enjoyed it so much, after all his calls, you couldn’t just stare at him like if nothing happened. But you couldn’t tell Jiwoo, she was such a mom. Her boyfriend wouldn’t want to switch clubs, after all, he worked there. Your friends were there too, they would have to switch just because you were scared of a fuckfriend you had for once? It was ridiculous. After being scared for a whole afternoon, you decided to get ready and go there anyways. If you saw him, you were to flirt with some random boy for some minutes until he got the message and drop it.
But, once again, you were wrong.

I do too

Word count: 1503

Kai tells you that he loves you but thinks you don’t feel the same

‘You’re crazy! You know I would never do something like that!’ You said and threw your head back a bit, laughing loudly as Kai wrapped his strong arms around you, keeping you warm and safe from the chilly December weather.

'You’re just too, what’s the word, uptight.’ Kai answered and laughed, waiting for your reaction. He was always teasing you and joking around and that’s why he was your favorite person and the only person you wouldn’t mind spending your time with every day.

'Uptight? I’m uptight?! Oh I’m sorry, mr. - I’m too busy to go talk to the girl who was a feet away from me -.’ You said it, imitating Kai, even though it came out pretty badly and it only made Kai laugh.

'Was that suppose to be me? If yes then I have to admit, you’re pretty bad at it.’ You looked at him wide eyed and hit him playfully on his arm, a smile never leaving your face.


'Oh you know you love me!’ Kai trailed off.

'Of course I do. You’re my idiot, who I love to tease a lot.’ You said. Your head was pressed against Kai’s chest and right at that moment, his heart started beating a little bit faster. You quickly shook your head of and ignored it, silence suddenly taking over the room. You were trying to find the words to blur them out and end the awkward silence, but your mind was suddenly empty. You shifted in your seat and pulled yourself up a little bit, Kai’s arm leaving your side.

'Do you know that everyone thinks that we’re going to fall in love and then end up together? It’s like they all know us better than we know ourselves.’ You blurted out and looked at Kai, but when you saw he was serious and didn’t even smile for a little bit, you felt like you said something wrong and that those words should’ve never come out of your mouth. His eyes suddenly left yours and he kept staring at the distance, completely getting lost in his thoughts.

'Kai? A-are you ok?’ You asked him, placing your soft hand on his shoulder, keeping it there for some ammount of time, until he got up, your hand falling down on the couch on the place he was sitting just a few seconds ago.

'I’m just, fine. Just really confused.’ He muttered and rubbed his forehead with his index finger and his thumb, leaning on the fireplace, the warmth of the fire warming up his bottom half. He sighed deeply multiple times, but still no words came out of his mouth. You pulled your blanket higher up to your chin while your eyes were focused on Kai’s back.

'Kai!’ You said it a bit louder, making Kai snap out of his thoughts and turn around, his eyes finally meeting yours again.

'What’s wrong? You changed your mood like at the snap of my fingers and now you’re just quiet. What happened? Did I say something wrong or?’

'You’re not gonna let this go, are you?’

'You know me too well and you know the answer to that is no. Talk to me.’ You motioned him to sit down next to you on the couch, but you saw that he hesitated at first. That never happened. Everytime he got a chance to be close to you, he took it, but not at that moment. It was like he was afraid to get closer, like something bad would happen if he sat down on that couch. Moments later, he walked towards the couch and hesitatingly sat next to you.

'I don’t know how to say this. I don’t even know if I should say this to you. It’s too hard and I don’t want to ruin everything.’ He said quietly.

'It’s me. You can tell me anything.’ You said and placed your warm hands on top of his, squeezing them a little bit, gesturing him that it was ok and that you were there for him, no matter the cause.

'Exactly. It’s you.’

'What does that mean?’ You looked at him befuddled, your eyebrows furrowed as you moved your hands from his and crossed your arms, his eyes staring at the single spot on the mahogany coffee table in front of the couch.

'It means that- ugh- why is this so hard?!’ He said, his voice a bit higher than before as he stood up and ran his fingers roughly through his hair in frustration. You followed him and stood up and placed your hand on his arm, making him turn around. You faced him, his blue eyes that were more blue at that moment than ever before.

'Tell me.’ You whispered ad placed your hands on his cheeks, your thumb gently caressing his cheek, your eyes never leaving his.

'I think I’m in love with you.’ He blurted out, watching your face expression go from confused and worried to something completely different. He was’t sure if it was sadness or nervousness.

'C-can you say that again?’ You stuttered and let your hands fall down from his cheeks, your heart suddenly beating faster.

'I know! I wasn’t sure what these feelings were but everytime I’m around you, I feel this sort of feeling in my stomach and my heart beats really fast, which is confusing to me and I just want to be with you 24/7, listen to you talk, your funny stories and I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re always on my mind and-’

'Kai, listen-’

'No, you listen. I love you and nothing can change that but I know you don’t feel the same and that’s fine. Even though it hurts because I can’t have you in my arms, I can still have you as my friend and I’m ok with that.’


'Sorry, I need some time alone.’ Kai said and took his coat, wrapping it around him and put a simple black scarf around his neck.

'Listen to me, Kai, I l-’

'See you tomorrow.’ He closed the doors behind him, cold breeze and a few snowflakes flying into the hallway, leaving you all alone in your house. You grunted in frustration and ran your fingers through your hair, Kai’s interruption driving you crazy because you didn’t have the chance to tell him you felt the same about him. He was perfect. Even though he had flaws and did some bad things, you loved him because he was being himself and you accepted him just the way he is.

You got dressed, put on some warm clothes, your big white scarf keeping you warm as you stepped out into the cold, snow covering your new boots as you started walking to the first place you thought Kai could’ve been. Footsteps that were being left behind you were quickly covered with big snowflakes. Your cheeks turned red, cold winter breeze and snow covering them, making your body shiver. You were walking for half an hour and there was still no sign of Kai and the weather was getting worse and it was getting darker, with only a few street lights shining down on the street, making the snow reflect a faint intermittent glow.

'C'mon Kai, where are you?’ You said under your breath and looked around one more time before you gave up and went back home, deciding that mybe it would be better if you tried again tomorrow.

You opened the front door and walked in, taking your coat and your boots off, both heavily covered in snow. You looked up at one moment and saw Kai standing right in front of a fireplace, his hands shoved down in his pockets.


'Hey’ he murmured softly as you approached him, both of you scared and nervous to make a move.

'Look, I wanted to s-’ you cut him off with your lips suddenly crashing with his, your fingers instantly intertwining in his hair, trying to pull him even closer even thoughnit wasn’t possible. He pulled away and pressed his forehead on yours, his breathing heavy.

'What was that for?’ Kai breathed out, his eyes closed.

'I love you Kai. Always have and always will.’

'But, I thought you were-’

'In love with someone else? Never. You were always the only one I wanted and I loved spending my time with you but all I could think of is how much I wanted to kiss your soft lips.’ You whispered and ran your thumb across his bottom lip. A smile splashed across Kai’s face, his hand gently placed on your cheek.

'You’re so beautiful.’ Kai whispered and kissed you again as his hands slowly found their way to your thighs as he lifted you up and placed you gently down on the couch, his body laying on top of you, supporting himself with his arms.

At the end, everything was just the way you wanted. You got the perfect Kai and after all you’ve been through, you were finally happy.

A Faulty Goodbye

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“But I live with my heart in pain. It’s completely unfair.” 

- Bolbbalgan4′s Hard To Love 

Genre: angst

Summary: You’re spending the day at your favorite coffee shop and at some point, you get an uncalled for visit by a familiar face that leads to anything but a happy ending.

Word Count: 1698

Written By: Admin Smuttyfairy

A/N: So I just wanted to first say thank you to @xiustories for provoking these feelings and for helping me from the beginning to end on this short one shot (u da real MVP boo💕) and to the admins and friends who gave some feedback and insight on this before officially posting it to the blog here! 

So this based on a true story that happened…in a sense. Okay, but more or less, it’s based off on a real experience of mine and I felt that writing this out would somehow make me feel better or just somehow build a small bridge for me to get over this. This is a sensitive topic for me as I’m still in the healing process and I hope that all of you who read this will catch just a small glimpse of what I went through c: & the reason for using this gif is to depict a memory from the past. I felt this was appropriate since this is based on a true story and that while I may still feel some hurt, the happy memories still stay with me and are what I remember most.

ALSO. If you guys haven’t already, definitely listen to Bolbbalgan4′s song Hard To Love just to get in the mood for this fic. It’s also a song that pretty much reflects how I feel/felt about what happened. Anyway, hope you all enjoy this small short piece!

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PAIRING- reader x Pietro 


WARNING: slight angst and fluff 

Request from Anon - Hey doll! May I request Pietro Maximoff x reader oneshot based on Robbie Williams “Angels”?

My first Pietro imagine!  slight angst but with a happy and fluffy ending!! Enjoy x 


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I sit and wait
Does an angel contemplate my fate.
And do they know

Pietro looked over at you from the living quarters of the Avengers Compound. You were both bruised and beaten from your latest mission, the silver haired man sighed. After you had joined the Avengers Pietro had unofficially taken up the mantel of your silent protector. Even though you were more than capable to look after yourself the young man couldn’t help himself, from the moment he first heard your laugh it was like an unexplainable power over him, it was a sound that he wanted to keep for himself forever. He tried not to let jealously consume him as you laughed at something Sam had said to cheer you up. I should be the one to make her laugh, not pigeon wings Pietro through bitterly as you laughed again.

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Pains of a Woman

Prompt; comfort during a period

Requested by; Nonners!

Levy wanted to murder something.

She wanted to cry and scream and throw up at the same time.  

She wanted to track down the blasted pharmacist who gave her the painkillers, rip out his innards, and force feed them into him. Through his rectum.  

She groaned as she rolled over in bed, counting the minutes till she felt normal enough to try to move. For now, the cramps that incapacitated her were enough to bring even her dragon slayer to his knees. Normally, the cramps were rather tame and easy to deal with; just pop a pill at the first sign and deal with the rest of it as best she could. Cramps like this were rare for her; she supposed that she was due for a belly buster one of these days anyways.  

But what made this cycle particularly irritating was that she was supposed to start training with Gajeel and Lily in an hour, and she wasn’t sure how she was going to be able to walk by then, let alone be able to spar. Hopefully the painkillers would be enough to dull the pain to where she could just manage.  


Running was a lot harder than she had anticipated, but she wasn’t about to complain when Gajeel refused to let her do anything else. Rather, he was very close to sending her back home when she shuffled onto the training grounds, white as a sheet and breathing heavily. He hadn’t even asked what was wrong, instead glaring at her when she winced, victim to another cramp. ’Stupid dragon senses,’ she thought darkly, huffing as she pushed through another wave of cramps. She winced as she nearly tripped over a stone, jarring her sensitive body more than it needed.  

She had been adamant that she at least tried training, not wanting to let the boys see her as a weakling wanting to drop training due to not feeling well. Gajeel didn’t buy her tough girl act, however, and to her frustration Lily had agreed with him, offering to fly her home so she didn’t have to walk. While it did sound tempting, she refused to leave without a little bit of a workout.  

“Fine, run the track and that’s it,” growled Gajeel, crossing his arms over his chest. “I ain’t having you pass out when the real training begins. You showed up and that counts enough for today.” Lily nodded in agreement, copying Gajeel’s pose. She opened her mouth to protest, but Gajeel merely pointed to the track, looming over her a bit. “Track, Levy.”  

Defeated, her shoulders slumped as embarrassment burned hot in her face, and she turned to hide her quivering lip as she made for the path. She could barely hold in the tears once she started jogging, wondering if humiliation just made the pain worse. To add insult to injury, he had left the training grounds, leaving Lily behind to watch her as she ran (or rather, fast walk at this point). She didn’t even try to hide her tears at this point, gasping as she stopped for breath. How many laps had she managed since she started? She’d lost count of the turns, too focused on not passing out or vomiting to pay attention.  

A soft paw touched her forehead, and she looked up to see Lily frowning at her. “That’s enough for today, Levy,” he said, concern lacing his voice. “Anymore and you really will get sick.”  

She blinked, about to argue again when she spotted Gajeel returning to the field, a plastic bag in hand. Curiosity won over determination then, and she sighed as she nodded, finally accepting their words. She felt a small measure of relief as the dragon slayer made his way across the track; she could at least say that she did something rather than limp home in agony. But she was far more interested in what was in the bag, for he was reaching into it the closer he got to them.  

To her utter surprise, he pulled out a bottle of sweet tea and passed it to her. Stunned, she couldn’t say a word as she took it from him, and was even more shocked when he touched her forehead. His rough palm was cool against her skin, and she released a breath she hadn’t realized that she was holding. What on earth…?

“You feelin a bit better, Lev?” He asked, and she suddenly wasn’t sure what to say, perplexed by the show of concern he was showing her right now. His version of care (at best) was usually to tell others to suck it up and get over it, but then again she was rarely ever sick. Was she hallucinating? Had she passed out and was having a fever dream?  

“Ah, not too much better,” she admitted finally, biting her lip as his hand began to thread itself through her sweaty hair. Definitely not a fever dream.  

His eyes narrowed, and he huffed before pulling back. He passed her the plastic bag, grunting at her to take it. As she did, she could’ve sworn that there was a bit of a blush on his cheeks, but didn’t mention it was she peeked inside. Her own cheeks started warming up when she saw the items; a box of tampons, painkillers, chocolate and vitamins.  

“Juvia used to have killer cramps as well,” Gajeel said, and she glanced up at him. He was scratching the back of his neck awkwardly, looking away from her. “I know it’s a bit weird, getting ya all that stuff, but I get it.” He turned his eyes back on her, and her heart skipped a beat as she clutched the bag to her chest. She bit her lip, trying to keep the tears at bay, but she was incredibly touched that he had gotten her the stuff, even if he didn’t need to. She nodded slowly, still at a loss for words when he leaned closer, taking her chin in his forefinger and thumb, and tugged her closer.  

“That’s why I said to go home and rest, Lev,” he said gently, stroking her lower lip with his thumb.  "Training ain’t as important as your health, so you gotta keep that in mind. I don’t want you hurting yourself either cause of cramps.“ He was close to her face now, his breath brushing over her skin. Time was beginning to slow as she stared at him, conscious of his warmth as his nose just barely grazed hers. She could feel her own breath starting to hitch as she leaned closer, suddenly desperate to close the distance between them.


Startled, Levy jerked back from Gaeel as Lily cleared his throat and flapped up to them. Blushing madly, she awkwardly mumbled as Gajeel sighed, deeply disappointed that the moment was gone far too soon.  

“Sorry to interrupt, for I’m sure you two would have continued had I not,” Lily said, crossing his arms while shooting Gajeel a sardonic look. “But I think it’s past time to call it a day for Levy.” She jumped a little, then sighed, nodding as weariness began to settle in. Rest was beginning to sound like a wonderful thing, and her stomach was rumbling as well, but with hunger this time. And thankfully, the raging pain that nearly crippled her earlier was now a dull throb, giving her a small measure of relief.  

She was about to bid them goodnight and hobble off the field when Gajeel swept her up, cradling her close. Too tired to even squeak in surprise, she didn’t resist as he carried her away, muttering something about taking care of her for the rest of the night. She smiled softly, wondering if his nurturing would be just as gentle as he had been.  

The Maze Runner: Newt - You’re The Prettiest Shank I’ve Ever Met

Thank you for your request! Sorry it took me a while, I didn’t have a laptop to type on :(

Prompt: You are the only girl in the Glade, until Teresa comes along… You would love to be her friend, but the feeling of jealousy takes over. And it doesn’t help overhearing a conversation between a few Gladers on what they really think of you…

You stretch out your legs over the grass and lean back onto your elbows, looking up at the blue sky. It’s clear, of course. It’s always clear. Not a drop of rain since the first day. Sometimes you wish it would rain, to be able to feel the icy drops splash over your sun-kissed skin but you know it would never happen. The Glade’s weather is consistent and constant –never changing. And you suppose you’re fine with that, but then again, you’d like some kind of change in this place once in a while.

And then that’s when the alarm blares throughout the Glade, sending everyone to look up from their duties. Then, as if it happens all in the same second, everyone is up and jogging towards the Box to welcome the Greenie. You slosh over, somewhat exhausted from gardening all day, but you make it there in time for the boys to pry the doors open.

Newt’s beside you in a second, eagerly peering down into the pit of the Box. You watch as he jumps down into the Box, an echo of his feet slapping the concrete on the bottom. His blond head turns back up to us, “It’s another girl.”


“Is she hot?”


You look around at the boys as their faces light up with excitement, you’re excited too because finally you will have another girl around to understand the things that goes on the way you do. Maybe you and her will be friends, you hope. But you’re practically pushed to the back of the crowd as everyone floods forward to take a peek at the newcomer. You drift away from the rest of the Gladers, and soon you find your way back to the Gardens. Maybe you’ll catch her later, besides, Newt knows what he’s doing. He wouldn’t let anyone touch her, just like he did with you when you first arrived. He kept you close immediately, keeping watch over you for the longest time until you grew comfortable with the Glade.

Later that night you grab your dinner and find the Greenie, already surrounded by boys. You couldn’t introduce yourself earlier as the Med-jacks had to take a look at her and she’s been pretty busy with everyone today anyway.

“Ah, the other girl has arrived.” A boy shouts, you think might be called Troy. Since when did you become the ‘other girl’?

You frown for a moment, and look the other way suddenly dreading talking to this girl with the other Gladers around. But you put a smile on your face and lean over to her, a hand outstretched. She grabs onto it and shakes it well, “My name’s Y/N. Sorry I didn’t say hey earlier, I’ve been quite busy with the Gardens all afternoon.”

She smiles, and only now do you notice her electric blue eyes, “That’s alright, and it’s good to see another girl in here. My name’s Teresa.”

You smile down at her and sit close by as you eat your meal, you two chatting about anything and everything. The boys don’t seem to mind although you can feel them grow bored and slightly annoyed. It only makes you feel anxious and insecure about yourself, they’ve never behaved like this around you before… and it can’t be because of Teresa. They’re so excited around her. What if it’s you?

You don’t really take much care into what people think of Teresa until Thomas, Minho and a few other Gladers that you aren’t so friendly with decide to have a conversation about her. You know it’s wrong to eavesdrop but you can’t help it, you’re curious to know what they see in her that made them act so… different.

“So you think Alby is keeping her for himself?” One of the Gladers laugh, and the others join in too.

“She’s a beauty though isn’t she, you think maybe one of us would ever have a chance with her?”

Thomas and Minho glance at each other, and then both nod their heads up and down. Minho goes on to gush about how nice it was of the Creators to send another girl down so that they could have a change in the Glade.

And then somehow, you fall into their conversation.

“It’s weird, I look at Y/N but its… I don’t feel that sort of attraction I do with the Greenie.”

“Y/N is nice, but she just isn’t the same.” One of them says.

Thomas then agrees, “Yeah, you’re right. I just… I suppose I just don’t see her that way, you know? I don’t think I ever did.”

You take a few steps back from your hiding spot and then make your way around the Glade, trying to hide the already fallen tears. You’re not sure why that upset you, it’s just Thomas and Minho. You’re their friend. But… it was more than that. It’s like you bore them. You start to think to yourself as you turn a few corners, are you ugly?

You try to keep to yourself but suddenly Newt is in front of you, his eyes searching yours worriedly. “Hey, you alright?”

“Um… yeah. Are you doing anything right now?” You just want someone around you for a while, just to cheer you up or take your mind off the conversation you overheard. You don’t want to have to end your day on this negative feeling.

Newt starts to walk passed you, “Sorry Y/N, but I was just on my way to go talk to Teresa…”

“Seriously!?” You shout, and as soon as you do you cover your mouth. He looks at you, confused, but you just turn away from him and head over to the Homestead. The anger… no, the jealousy bubbling inside you only irritates you further. You expect to be restlessly tossing and turning tonight.

The next morning you wake with a startle; Teresa is by the foot of your bed. “Sorry, Y/N, I just was wondering if you would come down with me to breakfast. Some of the guys offered to take me but… I’m not sure I feel so comfortable around them, you know. Being the only girl around them. Sometimes I wonder how you did it.”

You fight the urge to roll your eyes, and instead smile up at her, “No, it’s okay. I get it, they can be a little intimidating.” You roll out of bed and put on a fresh change of clothes while Teresa waits outside. And soon you’re off towards the Kitchen to collect your breakfast.

It’s remarkable, really, how many heads turn as you both arrive. But not one stare is upon you, and you feel that insecure feeling again rising from the pit of your stomach. Flooding your brain with negative thoughts. Teresa must just have one of those attractive, pretty faces. Something you clearly lack. So you bottle up your emotions and lead her through the maze of picnic tables. After you both grab a plate of food you lead her towards a table of your friends, Minho, Thomas, Newt and Alby. Although it looks as though Alby is scolding some of the Slicers instead.

You go to sit in your usual place, next to Newt, but Teresa slides in before you can. You walk around the other side of the table but stop abruptly, suddenly the feeling of irritation overcoming you. “I’m just… going to go.” Your words don’t convince them of course, but you just need to leave before you say something you’re going to regret. You’re good at that, using bursts of anger to make horrible decisions.

So you sit down by a tree and eat your breakfast, keeping your eyes on the scenery in front of you. Occasionally you glance over at Teresa and the boys, watching them laugh and smile and practically fawn over her. That used to be you, you were the one they laughed with and joked with. The one they ate breakfast with. The one they talked with. Now it’s as if Teresa has just stolen your place –stolen who you are in the Glade. Who you used to be.

It’s not fair.

And that’s not where it stops either, countlessly Teresa is chosen over you. When you hang with a few people they instantly decide it would be better to bring Teresa along, which you know is okay and shouldn’t bother you but it does because every time she is around you feel like a small, little insect. Something no one notices. Something no one cares about. And soon enough you stop trying to be better than Teresa, you stop being friends with any of the Gladers. You leave them be in their own little Amazing Teresa world. You push everyone away.

You’re tending to the Gardens, and you used to hate it but it’s like this job is the only thing you have anymore. You used to kick off earlier and hang out with some of the boys, but now you barely even eat your dinner. You’re so consumed in this job that whatever is happening around you doesn’t even interest you.


You already know who calls out to you before you turn around. You look into his brown eyes and suddenly feel overwhelmed with emotions, it’s been a while since you two spoke. “Yeah?”

He frowns, holding out a plate of food, “You haven’t eaten yet. Everyone’s on break, you know.”

You laugh, a weird fake noise escaping your lips that doesn’t sound like your own laugh at all, “I must have not realised!” You lie.

“Actually,” He places your lunch on the log beside both of you, “I’ve noticed over the past week or so that you’ve distanced yourself, is everything alright?”

“N-nothing is the matter; I suppose I just like gardening too much.”

Newt crosses his arms over his chest, “Don’t lie to me, Y/N. I know you. You never really enjoyed gardening.”

“I promise, there’s nothing wrong. I’m just-

Newt tilts his head slightly, his eyes staring deeply into yours as if he’s searching for the truth. “Don’t promise to me when you know what you’re promising is untrue.”



You take in a big breath of air and then sigh, knowing that you’ve been defeated. “You’re right. I’m lying.” You shake your head and toss the shovel onto the ground, “But the thing I’m so mad… so irritated over is… it’s ridiculous. It’s stupid. But I’m still mad, I can’t help it.”

“Just because it seems stupid doesn’t mean your feelings over it aren’t valid. You know you can tell me anything, you’re my friend. That’s what friends do, they help each other out through crappy times.”

“You’re right… like always, but it still makes me feel selfish.” You sigh again but somehow muster up enough courage to just tell Newt what’s going on. “I’m jealous of Teresa.”

Newt almost looks dumbfounded, “Why?”

“She… everyone is always talking about her. I know she’s new but… I don’t know. It’s just the way that all the boys look at her. Besides, I overheard Thomas and Minho, and a few other boys, going on about how great Teresa is and then they say that I’m ‘just not the same’. They they’ve never really ‘seen me that way’.” You pause for a moment, “It makes me feel… ugly. Am I ugly?”

Newt’s eyebrows raise, and he immediately shakes his head from side-to-side, “No way, you are not ugly Y/N! Those boys are just… well, it was what, four or five boys out of the whole Glade who said that about you?”

“Yeah, but how is it that they all just happen to have the same opinion about me.”

Newt smiles, “You never know what really goes on inside someone’s brain. Maybe one or two of them just jumped on the bandwagon because they thought they would get singled out for not liking the same girl or having the same opinion.”

“I don’t know…”

“Besides, as mean as this may sound, I would be extremely glad if they didn’t think anything of you more than their friend.”

You frown for a moment, “Why?”

Newt then smiles giddily, “Because then I wouldn’t have any competition.”

You chuckle and then punch his shoulder, “You’re such a shank.”

“What?” He drags out the sound of the ‘a’. “I just complimented you! And…”

You shake your head, “No way, you just lied to me!”

He shakes his head this time, “Uh, no! I just confessed my feelings for you! Wow, you’re such a heartbreaker.”

“I am not!” You shout, a frown on your face again. “Wait a second… you… you have feelings for me?” You immediately blush.

“How can I not, you’re the prettiest shank I’ve ever met.”

You roll your eyes but then laugh, “Yeah, well, so are you.” Your voice is a little nervous as you start to realise he’s telling the truth.

“I’m pretty?” He asks, his big, brown eyes staring straight at you, with an enormously, large smile.

You nod your head, “Yeah, and a shank.”

You both laugh as you walk together, and it finally feels like you’re home again. No longer the outside, and no longer this feeling of jealousy. As long as you have Newt, you wouldn’t give a damn if the whole Glade disliked you.

A Night Like This

Daryl Dixon Imagine

Based on a request.

Daryl overhears you talking to Maggie and Glenn about your feelings for him. Later that night you have an unexpected visitor at your door.

 word count: 1730

approximated reading time: 9 minutes

I sighed deeply while the fire in front of me was cracking leaving a comfortable feeling in all of us.
“Daryl again?” Maggie looked at me. She had long figured that whenever I sighed, stared into the distance or had an overall miserable look on my face it had something to do with Daryl. Love was unfair and one-sided love was pretty much only despair.
“When exactly hadn’t it been Daryl anyway…” I sighed again. I wanted this to end but that would mean confessing to him… or letting go. And I didn’t have the courage to do any of it. “I really don’t know what to do… I’m so sure he’s gonna run away if I even do as much as start talking about feelings in general…”
“Maybe you should just blurt it out”, Glenn suggested throwing another piece of wood into the cracking fire giving off sparks into the air. The dim light barely illuminated their faces but I could still see their honest encouraging smiles.
“Yeah, sure”, I shrugged with a sarcastic smile. “That’ll do…”
“You’re not gonna get anywhere by complaining either… So why not!?” Glenn looked me up and down obviously still considering his idea the best. Me on the other hand… I still preferred getting nowhere above blurting out my feelings in front of Daryl. I was nervous enough as it was. No need to make it worse.
“I’ll think about it”, I said to shut him up when a movement to my right caught my attention. I flung my head around to look for the source of the movement but there was nothing. Just darkness. No sign of anything living… or dead.
“I saw it too”, Maggie whispered next to me.

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Luhan : I'll Find You [Scenario; Request]

“Aha! Look at that!” One random guy nudged you by your arm and you tilted your head to blankly stare at whoever that touched you. He gulped nervously and hurriedly patted your arm with a small frown, “S-Sorry, I mean, look over there.” He pointed again and he sighed in relief when you did, turning your head to face forward where you saw a girl on the ground with her books everywhere, her glasses somewhere on the ground and it seems like she couldn’t find it.

You stared at the girl from a distance and as you narrowed your eyes, you could see that there were a group of people surrounding her, making fun of her eyes and the way she looked.  Teasing and definitely playing around with her as if she was a new toy.

No denying that she was the new girl here but that doesn’t mean she’s a new play toy for dogs to chew on. It wasn’t a pleasant sight as well. You sighed deeply, shaking your head as you pushed yourself off the lockers with your hands shoved into your pockets before you walked towards the group of people down the hall.

The girl was still on the ground pitifully while you stood in front of her, having this strong and cold aura around you but it easily dissolved when you crouched down before the girl. Everyone’s breaths hitched.

It’s you, everyone thought.

The school’s well-known rebel, the school’s sort of ‘ice princess’ – whatever they called you here. You lived by one simple rule which is not to let anybody treat you like crap unless you allow them to which leads to the reason why they never dared to mess with you. They didn’t even dare to mess with your group of friends who never got picked on as long as they knew you. You never really thought of yourself as a rebel but you’ve thought yourself as someone who won’t take bullshit from anyone and with that, you lived up to a very spine shivering name along with a very strong and bold image; in which only one guy in this school found attractive.

You lifted the girl’s chin up and she winced as if you were going to break her (which you could) but you simply smiled at her when she saw that look in your eyes. A look so sincere to help, a look so loving as you whispered only for her to hear, “Can you see without your glasses?”

With a gulp, she shook her head frantically.

“Wait here, alright?” You whispered softly and even though people had warned her about staying away from you, she nodded once diligently. She felt as if you were going to protect her – and that was exactly what you did when you got up to glare at the guy ahead of you who was standing behind her. The leader of the whole pack of monkeys who was messing with her.

“Where are her glasses?” Your voice was low and dangerous that it made him waver as he weakly pointed at the side of the hallway.

Your eyes followed his finger before you met gazes with him again; one that he was very afraid of.

“Go get it.” You kept a monotonous and stable tone, that it made him flinch as he scrambled to reach for it on his own, not daring to call his other friends to help him get it when he easily could. He handed it to you, but you simply pointed at the girl with your head, “Put it on her.” You kept staring at him and he couldn’t even move a single inch – he was too petrified of what you were capable of doing that he didn’t want to do move. If it was possible, he wanted to get out of here but he knew you’d come to find him personally to finish things.

You scoffed and snatched the glasses, almost making him faint from how swift and quick your movements were. “Idiot…” You mumbled, crouching down where you smiled at how adorable and fragile she was.

She reminded you of your little sister.

A sister… that you’ve lost when you were young.

Maybe that’s why.

“Hey,” You called her softly, causing her to emit a soft “Huh?” as she lifted her chin to eye you. Her doe eyes definitely reminded you of your younger sister. “Stay still.” You warned her carefully before your hands reached up to put the glasses on her. She smiled like a little kid for doing something right; even though she could sense that you may just be a year or two older but she felt the very loving and warm aura you had just for her. “Let’s get out of here.” You told her with a small pat on the shoulder before you got up. You smirked when she was hurriedly trying to reach for all her books but you called her out again, causing her to freeze with her arm extended to reach for a book. You motioned her to come closer and the moment she did, you yanked her up with her gasping until she stood up. She blinked at you rapidly while you motioned her to the side.

She obediently went over to the side where people made space for her, while you glared at the monkeys that messed with her. “You have five seconds to pick all the books.”

You saw how flustered they became that even before you started counting, five boys had scrambled to pick up all the books in less than three seconds before they handed it to her but you motioned them to hand it over to you. You held the books in your arms as you peeked at the name of the girl, ‘Lu Mei’.

Pretty name, you thought with a small smile before you lifted your chin to let it fall, going back to sending a death glare to all these boys. “Mess with her again, and I can gurantee you won’t be able to walk from the immense pain from your little junior. Beat it.”

With that two words you gave, they ran off down the halls, making a left turn to head back to the cafeteria. You then noticed how everyone was looking at the two of you that you cleared your throat, silently telling them to resume what they were doing and that was exactly what they did. You looked over your shoulder to see her still standing there, with an awkward look of not knowing what to do.

“Hey, Lu Mei.” You called her quietly, causing her to look at you carefully, “Y-Yeah?”

“Follow me.”

“Luhan!” Xiumin hollered down the library, causing Luhan to scrunch his nose at the sound of his friend’s booming voice. A chorus of hushes were given to Xiumin but he only grinned out of apology. He then yanked Luhan away from the bookshelf, “I heard a few punks messed with your sister today.”

Luhan’s eyes grew wide, a dark look sent shivers down Xiumin’s spine, “Who?”

“I-I don’t know, Tao told me about it and I came rushing to you.”

Luhan hissed, shoving the book away with a death threat ready to be sent but, “But I heard that someone helped her.”

Luhan’s eyes widened a little out of shock, his heart skipping a beat when he was sure there was only one girl in his mind to be able to help in this situation, “I-Is it-?”

Xiumin smirked slyly, “Yes, Luhan, I think it’s her.”

“Where’s Lu Mei?” Luhan asked, making his sister a priority when Xiumin could easily sense that this other girl was also important. “People say she’s out by the garden, do yo-?”

Before Xiumin could say anything, Luhan had already dashed out of the library.

“Such a sensitive idiot.” Xiumin chuckled, shaking his head at his friend who was now gone from the library.

“So where’s your brother?” You asked quietly as she was now tapping her feet on the ground, sitting in front of you as she was down on the bench while you chose to stand in front of her. “I don’t know…” She muttered adorably, bringing a small smile to your face as you looked down to notice her shoelaces were untied. You let out a soft “Hold still…” before you crouched down.

Luhan’s eyes stopped scanning the garden when he saw that you got down on your knees just to tie his sister’s shoelaces. His sister didn’t even budge as she remained still calmly – she didn’t even put up a fight as she obeyed your orders as if you two had a silent connection.

How does she do it? Luhan thought, wondering how his sister could connect with someone like you so easily when if he were to try, he bet you’d shove him away like a piece of branch even though he’s considered as someone important in the school.

“There.” You breathed out quietly, head lifting up to smile at her when she was staring at you in awe. When your hand reached up to rake your hand through your hair, she noticed how pretty you were. How your hair complimented your eyes, how deep behind that mask you put up, you were actually a very nice and caring, warm, person. Luhan had his breath taken away too when he was merely a few steps away from you and his sister but he chose to remain quiet when he saw his sister was going to say something.

“Thank you, Unnie.”

You felt your heart stopping with your eyes staring at her. She simply give you a smile when your lips parted in adoration, wanting to hear her call you that again. “W-What did you call me?”

Luhan saw how you stammered, how endearing you actually were to his sister’s eyes.

How endearing and fragile you actually were.

“Unnie.” His sister obliviously repeated her calling for you, making you smile widely as you got up, shaking your head at her. You shifted closer to pat her head, “Take care, kid.”

“Lu Mei!”  Luhan gathered his guts to shout, causing his sister to whip her head at his direction with you following her gaze. She shot up almost instantly just to run over to her brother where she hugged him tight. You stared at them in awe as they hugged and the way that he wrapped his arms around her waist, the way he checked whether she was alright, whether she was fine, it made you feel warm at the sight; not until his eyes met yours.

“Oppa, that’s the girl that helped me! She’s really nice…” His sister commented quietly, causing Luhan to smile at you as he nodded at his sister before he resume to make eye contact with you. He wanted to drink in as much as he could from your image just so he could remember to find you again in the school.

“I can see that, Lu Mei.” Luhan chuckled lightly, patting his sister’s head with a grin.

But just as Luhan looked up again to meet your eyes or to take a glance at you, your figure was gone.

Just wait, I’ll find you. Luhan made a mental note before he returned his attention back to his sister.

anonymous asked:

“My life accomplishment was eating an gallon of ice cream in under 10 minutes and barely feeling dead or sick.” Kari stated, staring into the distance with a blank stare.

“You still should not have done that.” Sighing deeply.

wheat-byproduct  asked:

McKirk. Any McKirk. Inspired by the song 'I Got you' by Leona Lewis. That would just be the most fantastic thing that's ever happened to me.

Leonard could see the pattern developing pretty early on in his acquaintance with Jim. The funny thing was that he didn’t mind.

What had started out as a sociable drink to apologize for throwing up on Jim’s shoes had quickly become a friendship that both of them desperately needed. They were on different tracks, none of their classes overlapped–yet–and they had dorms on opposite ends of campus, so their friendship had to be restricted to lunch in the cafeteria and going to bars together on Friday and Saturday nights. So Leonard was a little surprised when his comm chirped late one Sunday night with a message from Jim. Roommate threw me out. Can I crash on your floor?

Leonard replied immediately. No, but you can crash on my couch. He sent Jim the particulars about his room number and building. Jim showed up five minutes later, a pillow and blanket under one arm, wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt that, inexplicably, made Leonard’s heart skip a beat.

“Thanks for this, Bones,” Jim said, sounding tired.

Leonard didn’t have the heart to chide Jim about the nickname, which he had initially found annoying but was starting to find endearing (which, frankly, was even more annoying). “Hey, any time, kid. I got you.”

He didn’t ask why Jim’s roommate had thrown him out, and Jim didn’t tell him. That time. But it happened again and again. After the fourth or fifth time Jim asked to crash on his floor, Leonard put a hand on his shoulder when the other man arrived. “You don’t even have to ask anymore, Jim. Just tell me you’re coming over and you can crash here. I told you, I got you.”

Jim’s smile was like the sun coming out. “Thanks, Bones.”

Leonard rolled his eyes at the nickname. “So what’s the issue, anyway? What do you keep doing to piss your roommate off?”

The smile disappeared. “Nothing. I mean, it’s not–it’s not a big deal. He just…hell, I don’t know. It’s nothing.”

Leonard didn’t press him.

He realized, just before they started their second year, that he was falling in love with Jim, and the thought scared him. Jim was a love-‘em-and-leave-'em type, a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am kind of guy, whose affairs with the various female cadets were numerous and legendary. Even if he were into guys, which he didn’t seem to be, there was no way he would be willing to date Leonard, who wanted more than a one-night stand.

But Leonard kept his mouth shut. Jim had a different roommate that year, but he still crashed in Leonard’s room every once in a while. Leonard had learned that Jim was prone to nightmares (Jim never said about what, but Leonard knew he’d been on Tarsus IV, which was enough to give anyone nightmares), and he had a code to Leonard’s room, so four nights out of seven Leonard woke in the middle of the night to Jim coming into his room and crawling into his bed–and usually into his arms. Leonard simply held him, rubbing his back and whispering again, “I got you.”

They bickered frequently, argued a lot, but their first big fight happened three days before Jim was due to report to the Bradbury for his first term as a midshipman. Leonard never remembered, in years afterwards, what it was actually about–only that they’d gotten really angry, shouting at one another at the top of their lungs, and ended with both of them storming away. Leonard made it all the way back to his dorm room before it hit him that the last time he’d fought with someone like that–loudly, publicly, and with that much pain behind it–had been his fight with Jocelyn as she was throwing his belongings out the front door of the house they’d bought together. And two days later, she’d served him with divorce papers.

Leonard waited for Jim to contact him–Jim always commed him first–but he never did. Two nights later, Leonard sat at his desk, drinking from a bottle of whiskey and staring at a second one he’d bought four days prior, intending to have one last drink with Jim before he shipped off. He didn’t want to apologize–he wasn’t in the wrong, dammit–but it also didn’t feel right, letting Jim go to serve a term or two in space without a single word from his best friend…even if they were “broken up” or something.

At the bottom of the whiskey bottle, close to two in the morning, Leonard picked up his comm and messaged Jim. Go ahead and say goodbye–I’ll be all right. And when you need a place to run to, for better or for worse, I got you.

He passed out somewhere around four, slept through the departure he’d had every intention of still going to, and woke up hung over and miserable. His comm was still silent, and he wondered if Jim had blocked his messages. Leonard wouldn’t have blamed him, after the things he’d said…

Suddenly, Leonard had to run for the bathroom.

He bowed his head and put his shoulder to the grindstone. They were halfway through the semester, just beginning a new term or quarter or whatever the official Academy wording was–they’d just had midterms, anyway–and Leonard threw himself into his studies and into his work at the clinic. He found himself checking his comm constantly, almost obsessively, although he didn’t actually expect Jim to reply. Still…

He stopped himself–with difficulty–from messaging Jim on Christmas, on New Year’s, on Jim’s birthday. They wouldn’t have gone through, anyway. He’d convinced himself at this point that he’d lost his best friend for good. He was friends with a few people–Christine Chapel and Dixie McCall, two of the more competent nurses, and Jackson Fisher, the geologist he’d helped learn to walk again after losing his leg on a survival exercise the previous summer–but they weren’t Jim, they didn’t understand him like Jim did. They didn’t make him feel like Jim did. Still, he tried his best to act normally.

Two weeks before the Bradbury was due back, Leonard’s comm chirped while he was burning the midnight oil trying to study for a xenopathology test. His heartbeat quickened when he saw that it was from Jim. Flipping it open, he saw only two words, but they brought tears of relief to his eyes.

Thanks, Bones.

Leonard was at the shuttleport an hour before the transport from the Bradbury was due, holding two cups of coffee and trying not to fret, because the last time he’d waited for Jim’s shuttle it had been twelve hours late and Jim hadn’t been on it. But this time all was well. The transport touched down right on schedule, the relieved cadets streamed out, chattering animatedly about their experiences…and right at the end was Jim, looking tired and somehow older than Leonard had ever seen him. He kept his eyes down and would probably have walked off the platform without a word if Leonard hadn’t called out, “Jim.”

Jim’s head shot up faster than Leonard had ever seen it. His eyes widened in surprise. “Bones! I, uh–I wasn’t expecting to see you.”

“You’re my best friend, Jim. Of course I was going to be here.” Leonard held out the coffee cup in his left hand. “Here, one steaming cup of diabetes, with an extra shot of espresso.”

“I don’t know what I did to deserve a friend like you, Bones,” Jim said, grinning as he accepted the cup, but there was absolute sincerity in those brilliant blue eyes…and something more, too, something Leonard couldn’t quite identify, but it made his heart skip a beat.

He made himself smile normally. “I told you, darlin’, I got you.”

“I’m starting to believe that,” Jim murmured, sipping at the coffee.

A year later they were lying together in Leonard’s bed, which might as well have been Jim’s too at that point, both of them naked. Jim was sprawled across Leonard’s chest, completely spent. “If I ever call you 'old man’ again, just remind me of this, would you?” he muttered. “You’re gonna wear me out.”

Leonard chuckled, running a hand lightly down Jim’s back. “Oh, come on, where’s that legendary Jim Kirk stamina?” he teased.

“It wasn’t designed to keep up with you. Holy shit, Bones, that was amazing.”

Leonard laughed harder. “Thanks, darlin’.”

Jim hummed, snuggling against Leonard. For a minute Leonard thought his lover had fallen asleep, but then Jim spoke quietly. “Bones?”



“For the sex?” Leonard raised an eyebrow as he looked at Jim.

“For…everything.” Jim was staring off into the distance. “For the sex. For loving me. For making me feel like I’m worth loving. For being there for me all this time, even when we weren’t…well, us.

Leonard tightened his arms around Jim. “I’ve been telling you from the beginning, Jim,” he said quietly. “I got you.”

Jim sighed, deeply and contentedly, his blue eyes fluttering shut. “Thank you for that most of all.”

Broken Hearts Pt. 5

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Part 4

Sehun looked down at you sleeping on his chest.  He studied your face, every feature seemed to be perfectly placed.  He watched as you jut out your bottom lip, and your eyebrows seem to tense slightly.  You let out a soft whine, and shift on the couch, your head lowering slightly.  He noticed how you shiver, and you let out one last whimper when he decided he was going to wake you up.

“(y/n)” he shakes your shoulder softly.  “Wake up.. Wake up, (y/n).”

You slowly rise up and bring your hand to your eyes to rub them.  You looked up a Sehun curiously, “is something wrong?”  

“I should be asking you that.  Were you having a bad dream or something?  You seemed really distressed and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving you in whatever dream you were in to suffer..”  Sehun said, reaching over to grab your hand.

You look down at his hand, and your eyebrows furrow.  You didn’t want to tell him you were dreaming of one of the worst days of your life.  You shook your head, “I don’t remember anymore.  Do you want to go to bed?”  You stood up from the couch and reached to pull Sehun up.  

You both made your way to the bedroom, you didn’t notice Sehun’s hand on the small of your back.  Sehun smiled behind you, he was excited that you didn’t retract from him like you once did.  You were becoming comfortable with him.

You both crawled into bed, you laid on your side facing away from him.  You felt him turn his back towards you, also sleeping on his side.  Within seconds, his breathing changed, signifying that he had fallen asleep. 

You looked out of the window, into the dark night, remembering the dream.  You were pulled into it completely, your senses being taken over by memories.  You were no longer in your house with Sehun, you were in the classroom, classroom 305.

I felt his arms wrap around my waist, pulling me in closer.  The smell of his cologne was intoxicating, I missed it every second I wasn’t around him.  He leaned into my ear, “I’m so proud of you.”

I looked up at him, placing my hand on his cheek, staring deeply into his eyes.  “Really? You’re proud of me?” I had never felt this feeling before, there was a warmth that couldn’t be denied flowing through my body.  Is this what it feels like to make someone proud?

He lowered his head slightly, whispering yes, his lips were a few centimeters away from mine.  He closed the distance between our lips, pressing into mine with such passion.  We both let out a sigh of pleasure, being in each others presences made us both calm, we felt at peace.  He always suggested it was because we were soulmates, two pieces that fit perfectly together.  

“I love you, (y/n)..” he mumbles, pulling away a little bit to stare in my eyes.  I open my mouth to reply, but the door swings open.

“(Y/N)!” the intruder screamed.  It takes me a few seconds to register that it is my father, what is he doing here?  

“Dad?” I ask, pulling away from my boyfriend.

“What do you think you are doing?” I notice that my fathers face is tinted red in anger, his breathing a bit heavier.

My boyfriend steps forward, extending his hand fully to shake my fathers hand, “hello.  I’m (y/n)’s boyfriend, Chanyeol.  It’s a pleasure to meet you sir.”

My father’s glare turns to Chanyeol, and returns back to me.  He ignores Chanyeol’s hand, and Chanyeol just let’s his hand drop to his side. “I will repeat it one more time, what do you think you are doing?”

“I.. I don’t know what you mean.  I’m with my boyfriend, we were about to get dinner because I won the internship for teaching sociology here,” I said. “Aren’t you proud?”

“No! Why would I ever be proud? A teacher?  What kind of pathetic profession, is that?  I have told you time and time again, you can’t be a teacher,” he stated.

“But dad, it really means alot to me, and I can’t just turn down the internship.  I’ve worked really hard to get it.  They picked me, out of 300 people that applied, they picked me.”

“Are you talking back to me?” my father asked.  “Did you forget who pays for your tuition for you to go here?”

“No sir.. I didn’t forget,” I said, lowering my shoulders in defeat.  “I’ll call right away and decline the offer.”

“And you will immediately change your major, I heard that you changed without telling me.  You will change it back to business,” Chanyeol coughed.

“Sir, with all due respect, you can’t force your daughter to just do what you say.  She is her own person, you can’t control her life.”  Chanyeol stepped forward, not backing away from my father’s glare.

My father let out a low laugh, “and who do you think you are?” My father stepped towards Chanyeol. “Do you think I don’t know who you are? Park Chanyeol, 19 years old, major: undecided, your father owns a bakery shop, your mother owns a dry-cleaners. You’re nothing, but a bug, just like your parents.  You don’t deserve my daughter,  She can never love you, I won’t allow it.”

Chanyeol’s fist tightened, and I stood there with my head down.  Nothing to say, tears running down my face.  The tension in the room was thick. 

“Come now, (y/n).  It’s time to go home.  Say your final goodbye to the poor boy and let’s go home,” my father left the room.

Chanyeol came to me, placing his hands on either side of my face.  “(y/n), are you okay?” I shook my head.  “Don’t listen to him.  You don’t have to do anything he says, it’s your life.”

“You don’t understand.. It’s not my life, it’s his.  I cannot go against him,” I whispered.

“What are you saying? You don’t.. You’re going to do what he says?!” My eyes started to fill with tears.  “You can’t.  You can’t just leave me like this.  We’ve been together for 2 years, you can’t just throw me to the curb because your father told you too!”

“I’m sorry, Channie..” I pulled his hands off of my face, I looked up at him, his face filled with confusion, anger, and sadness.  I leaned forward, pressing my lips on his.  “Goodbye.”

I turned and walked out the room, as fast as I could.  

“Good girl,” my father said, appearing by my side.  “I’m so proud of you.”

And for the first time in my life, my father said he was proud of me.  But I wasn’t proud of myself. I was a monster, and I didn’t just break Chanyeol’s heart that day. I broke my own.

I came out of the memory, with tears streaming down my face.  Did I still love Chanyeol?  How did I feel about Sehun?  Was my love growing? I don’t know..

I turned on my other side, facing towards Sehun, who had moved onto his back at some point.  I placed my hand softly on his chest, needing something to ground me to the present so I didn’t go spiraling back into the past.  

The moment I put my hand on his chest, a feeling of relief set through me, and I looked at Sehun’s face and his lips curled into a small smile.  His hand lifts from his side to lay on top of mine.  

I scoot closer to him, burying my face in his shoulder.  I don’t know how I feel, but why does Sehun ease my heart so easily?  Why does this feel like the beginning of love?


“We need to make this quick, Soo,” he whispered.

Kyungsoo rolled his eyes and swatted at him, “I know what I’m doing.  I can’t believe it was so easy to get into his office, though.  I expected some high tech security systems.”

“We’re professionals, dude.  Just hurry up.”

Soo got done installing the last of the implants in the office, and Kyungsoo let out a chuckle.  “This is going to be so entertaining.”

“Oh yes, it will be.  Now, you just have to all the giant and tell him the plan for tomorrow,” Kai said.

“On it.”

HEY GUYS. It’s admin Cindi.  I hope you enjoyed that chapter.  It was just some insight on what happened between the couple.  Did you enjoy it?

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sunday prompt! Dorian tries to make bull's life nicer with little secret gifts, acts of kindness, hidden magical help. When Dorian finally goes over the top Bull brings it up that he knows.

When Bull found the jar of cream sitting on the table in his room, a small piece of paper beneath it reading “For aching joints.  Topical…do not consume” he chuckled and told himself to thank Stitches later.

Then there was the little bottle of oil that appeared next to his pack when they were on a mission in the Hissing Wastes.  The same label as the stuff Varric used to oil Bianca down every night and he assumed the rogue had heard his brace squeaking as the sand worked its way into the joints.  When Varric frowned and glanced over at Dorian and the Boss when Bull thanked him the next morning, Bull decided that any further shows of appreciation would be done privately.  Obviously the dwarf didn’t like having attention called to his deeds.

When they finally returned to Skyhold Bull had to see Ser Morris about getting a new pack requisitioned, the desert heat finally too much for the old stitches to take.  That Ser Morris had a spare pack sitting in the back that actually fit Bull wasn’t as much of a surprise as the jar of horn balm he found tucked into the corner pocket when he went to change his gear out.

The funny thing was, the only person he remembered even discussing horn balm with was Dorian.  The mage had been applying that fancy lotion he favored, the stuff that smelled of sandalwood and freesia and Bull had teased Dorian about needing his skin to be as soft as a newborn babe’s.  Dorian had countered that he was certain Bull’s horns didn’t stay that shiny naturally and he had admitted to the mage that he was almost out of his balm.

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Sometimes you get so used to the noise
To the chaos and the doing of things
That when the silence comes
You don’t know what to do with yourself.
You’re left
In this wasteland of quiet
Left to your thoughts
Left to your dreams
Left to your memories of how things ought to be.
You get so used to the warmth of another heart curled around yours
That when that security blanket is gone
You’re neither alone nor lonely
But some amalgamation of the two.
You breathe
You sigh
You whisper into the darkness
You stare unblinking into the light
And you shake at the silent judgement that comes in the stillness.
You become a statue
Sculpted from the fires of hell
Molded from days which words cannot do justice
Brought to bear by the ache rooted so deeply within you
It cannot be excavated with mere conjecture and a pretty turn of phrase.
You are trapped within this web of quietude
Deaf to all the world
Save the beat of a heart
The heart
Your heart
That throbs in the distance calling you home.

© Courtney Turley 2016

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Hello! I just read all of your blog in one sitting and it was absolutely marvelous~ Could you maybe do the Karasuno boys studying with their s/o? Thanks so much! ♥

Aww, thanks so much! Now, since it’s finals time for many people, I thought it’d be nice to do these studying scenarios. It was a super cute ask, and hopefully, it’ll help you get through finals alive. Stay strong guys. ~ Admin Megwara

Noticing how heavily you were concentrating on writing your English essay, Sugawara was worried that you were overworking yourself again like you always did. “(Y/N)?” After hearing him call your name, you shifted your gaze to the grey-haired boy sitting beside you. “I think it’s about time for a study break, don’t you?” Smiling gently at you, he gradually moved your binder to the side and took your hand. “That sounds nice, Koushi!” you reclined back in your chair for a moment just as a spark flickered in Sugawara’s eyes. “Here, I know just the thing!” Curiously watching him head over to the kitchen, you saw Sugawara open a few cupboards in search of a few study snacks. “How about cookies?” he suggested. “Sure, here, let me help with that!” Getting up to open the fridge door, you poured two glasses of milk while Sugawara cleared the table and set up a plate of chocolate chip cookies for the both of you to enjoy for a moment before going back to hitting the books.

While you were enjoying the peacefully quiet atmosphere as you studied for finals, you gradually noticed that something was amiss. It’s unnatural for it to be this quiet, you thought to yourself. Just as that thought crossed your mind, you heard a noise come from the opposite side of the table. “Zzzzzz…” Glancing up from your books, there was Tanaka with his face buried in his textbook and notes surrounding him. You sighed loudly in exasperation. Not again. Picking up a spare piece of paper, you rolled it in your hand as you got up and walked over to his side of the table. “Study for your exams Ryunosuke!” you exclaimed as you swiftly hit him on the head with your paper. “Ouch… Five more minutes please.” he muttered as he turned his head the opposite way, still using his textbook as a pillow for the rest of your study session.

 “Are you done yet?” Nishinoya lazily played with a few of your extra pens while lying on the floor next to your table. Giggling at the tired look on his face, you gently scolded him. “Yuu!” You took one of the pens from his hand and turned your attention back to your notes. “Don’t you have an English test to study for or something?” Finishing your final thought on your page, you glanced down once again to see him completely relaxed with his eyes shut and his books still resting in his bag, remaining unopened like they had been for most of the semester. “You know me, I’ll be fine.” You rolled your eyes. “Last time you only got a 52.” His smile gradually turned into a smirk as he proudly stated, “Well I passed, didn’t I? Now c’mon, that’s enough work for today. Let’s do something fun~”

As you concentrated on the re-reading your notes, you could hear a loud sigh come from the orange-haired boy beside you. “Shoyo, are you alright?’ you asked after looking at him squish the sides of his face with his hands in annoyance. “I’m okay. It’s just that this lesson was so confusing today…” As Hinata pouted childishly at the pages in front of him, you walked over to his chair and leaned over his shoulder to figure out what he was struggling with. “Oh, I think I have some notes on this if you want to see them!” After nodding his head, you flipped through your binder until you found exactly what you were looking for. Calling him over, you explained exactly what that particular unit was all about, pointing to the bullet points and diagrams on your notes when necessary. While normally, Hinata lost interest quickly as he tried to study, he was always entranced by the way you explained everything so enthusiastically. With a sparkle in your eye and excitement in your tone, he could listen to you talk for hours…

“W-what are you looking at Hisashi?” you lifted your eyebrows in confusion as you found Kinoshita blankly staring at you, loosely holding his pencil up to the point where the eraser touched his cheek. “Hmm?” he blinked, and you could see his eyes coming back into focus. “Oh, don’t mind me (Y/N). I was just thinking…” You playfully curved your eyebrows. “Thinking?” You watched his smile turn into a smirk. “Yeah, I was just thinking about how beautiful you look today.” He winked at you just to seal the deal and make you laugh before explaining his real reason about how the latest lesson in his class was so confusing that all he can do is stare off into the distance and try to make sense of it all.

 “Kageyama,” you looked at him inquisitively across the table. “How’s your studying going?” You watched him stare blankly at the book in front of him, seeming to be contemplating something deeply. Sighing and bringing his gaze to the words in front of him, he realized that he had been on the same page for ten minutes. He didn’t want to ask you for help again… “It’s fine.” Squinting your eyes at his response, you didn’t necessarily believe him, but if he didn’t flip the page in the next five minutes, you were going to help him whether he likes it or not.

“How are you doing so far (Y/N)?” you heard Narita politely ask. Lifting your gaze from your notes, you smiled at him and commented, “So far, so good Kazuhito. How about you?” He put his pencil down and casually stretched out his arms while he answered your question and put aside his schoolwork to chat with you. After studying with Narita a few times before, you began to realize that every once and a while, Narita checked in with you by asking questions like ‘how are you feeling?’ or ‘do you need help with anything?’ Although it might seem like a minor thing to just anyone, you liked the way he genuinely cared and supported you as a study partner. “Well, we better get back to work” Narita replied after chatting for a few minutes. Picking up his pencil once again, he smiled as he said, “Well, if you need any help, feel free to ask!”

After feeling a slight tap on your shoulder, you turned around to see Yamaguchi next to you. “Oh (Y/N)! Sorry to bother you, but can you explain what this means?” Shyly playing with his hair, he was a little self-conscious about interrupting your perfect concentration, but that feeling quickly disappeared when he saw your beautiful smile. “Oh, you’re not a bother Tadashi. I’m happy to help! Now, what exactly did you need me for?” Handing his textbook over to you, he pointed out the section he was having trouble understanding. Since this subject just happened to be your strong suit, you were able to enthusiastically describe the concepts he needed help with in great detail. Not only that, but later that afternoon when you came across some troubling questions, you were able to tap on his shoulder and get the help you needed. Smiling at each other as you waved goodbye at the end of your session, you couldn’t help but think that the two of you really made the perfect study pair.

“I’m not sure how to approach this problem.” Tapping your pencil against the page, you stared at the question for a few moments longer before glancing over at Daichi for help. He lifted his head at the sound of your voice “Hmm, let me see for a second.” Leaning closer to read your textbook, you both huddled together over the table as you attempted to find the answer you were looking for. “Maybe I could do this?” You started to write down a formula you used often, but quickly moved to erase it. “No…” Daichi scratched his head. “Huh, there has to be an answer to this.” Taking a piece of paper from his binder before shoving it aside, he started to scribble down a few ideas. “Wait, don’t you have a ton of work to do Daichi? I can always ask my teacher for help the next time I see her.” You started to close your book before he stopped you. “No, I have a few minutes to spare.” His lips curved into a grin. “Let’s figure this out together, as a team (Y/N)!”

“Hey… Tsukishima?” When he didn’t answer you, you turned around and soon realized that he was completing his homework with his headphones on full volume. While you were about to tap him on the shoulder to get his advice on a math question, you suddenly stopped just before you tapped his shoulder. It wasn’t often that you got a chance like this. Taking your opportunity, you started to loudly whisper, “Hey.” “Blondie.” “Cutie” “Mr. Sarcastic” “Tsuki” All of a sudden, you heard a huff come from the boy sitting next to you. “Tch, don’t call me Tsuki.” Tsukishima proceeded to help you with what you needed without another word on the subject, but in the back of your mind, you knew he was going to tease the living hell out of you once finals were over.

All was quiet at your study date with Ennoshita. For the past few hours, you had been reviewing all your notes for a chemistry test coming up later that week while Ennoshita finished his calculus and physics homework without saying a word. Wondering how he was doing, you looked up only to find him glancing up at the same exact moment. “Ah—“ the both of you quipped at once, your hearts skipping a beat at the sudden scare. “I’m sorry—” You waved your hand at him. “No, you go first—” “No, you—” Putting his hand up, Ennoshita decided to go first. “I just wanted to check up and ask if you needed anything.” While you reassured him that you were fine, he reached across the table to stroke your hand. “Alright, just tell me if it gets too quiet for your liking~”

Snap. The sound of your lead breaking for the third time since you started your math homework. “Again?” you sighed loudly. You roughly grabbed your pencil case and began to rummage through for another writing utensil. For the past fifteen minutes, you had been stuck on the same question, which was driving you insane. Your hatred for this godforsaken subject could be felt from the other side of the table. “Um, (Y/N).” Asahi nervously whispered. “Is something wrong?” You took a deep breath in before explaining your dilemma, and as you were speaking, you felt yourself slowly being calmed down by Asahi’s presence as he listened to you and appeared to be genuinely concerned. “Huh,” Asahi remarked. “Maybe you should take a break and go back to it later? I don’t know, I just don’t like seeing you so stressed out.” He admitted sheepishly.

Request 39

You pressed your hand against your forehead, trying to calm down, trying to empty your head. It was too much at the moment, way too much. Too much schoolwork, too much family-trouble, too much of a struggle to listen to Derek, to hold up a conversation with someone who barely talked. You couldn’t anymore, couldn’t listen anymore, couldn’t talk anymore, couldn’t play nice anymore, couldn’t concentrate anymore. All you could do was falling asleep, trying to forget the world, trying to forget all the things you had to do. You knew it must be annoying for Derek, annoying that you weren’t talking, weren’t listening, were shutting him out, were shutting yourself out. You knew you had to be thankful that he didn’t get mad, didn’t get angry, didn’t scream or didn’t yell, but you wondered how much longer he could take this, how much longer he would take this, how much longer he would let you do, would let you just be. It’s not that you didn’t want to talk to him or didn’t want to listen, you did, you really did. Derek was still the best thing that ever happened to you, the love of your life, the one you wanted to share everything with. You’ve known him for years, trying to gain his trust, slowly, carefully, making sure not to hurt him, making sure not to harm him. You had been the happiest girl on earth when he had finally let you in, had finally trust you, had finally talked to you, had finally asked you if you had wanted to be more than just his best friend. Now you were shutting him out, shutting the world out, shutting everything out. He didn’t deserve it and you knew that, but you just couldn’t help yourself, it just happened and you didn’t know what to do about it, how to change it. The problems wouldn’t solve themselves, schoolwork wouldn’t make itself, family trouble wouldn’t get easier. “I’m done with it.” Derek yelled at your ear and you looked up, sighing deeply. “You’re shutting me out.” He stared at you and you stared back, not able to argue, not able to tell him that he’s wrong. “You’re shutting everyone out.” He raised his voice a bit and you saw the coldness and distance that you hadn’t seen for a very long time. “Are you hiding something?” He asked and you shook your head, not knowing what to say, not knowing what to do. “Did you stop liking me?” He started to whisper and you shook your head again, wanting to scream that you loved him, that you would always love him, that that would never change. “Are you like Kate?” He almost didn’t dare to say the name, not out loud, not without the pain in his eyes, the loss in his mind. You exploded, inside, outside. Every bit of energy, every bit of stress, every bit of anger, all desperate unscreamed screams for help, reacted on her name, the comparison with that name, Derek even thinking that a part of you might be like her. “Are you comparing me to Kate Argent now?” You raised your voice, screamed and stood up. “The girl who used you to kill your family?” You sighed, searching for breath, searching for control over your muscles and heart. “The girl who tortured you without feeling anything?” You felt the tears on your cheeks, tears of anger, tears of sadness, tears of pain and stress. “Do you really think that low of me?” You screamed, yelled, shouted and you didn’t know what was happening to you, why you were acting like this, reacting like this. “No.” Derek spoke softly and stood up, grabbing your arms, pressing you against his chest. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” He waited for you to calm down, waited for your heart to slow down, for your blood pressure to lower, for your breath to turn back to normal. “Just don’t shut me out.” He whispered and you nodded, giving in to all the emotions you had been shutting out, had be hiding, had been pushing away. “I can listen.” You nodded again, nodded and pressed your face to his shoulders and your chest to his chest. “Please, don’t shut me out.”