sighs beautiful lady

this woman here is koharu sugawara

a young choreographer from Japan who is the most amazing dancer I’ve ever seen

she choreographed a routine to Elastic Heart (which I can’t see anymore dammit-but go watch it if you can. Urban Dance Camp.) and I was like 

WHO. IS. THAT?? shit, that person can dance. 

then I spent the whole 2 weeks mesmerized by her dancing (and her always on point red lips.)

I mean

she’s feminine with the boyish haircut (I go nuts. NUTS. for short haired girls) 


she charmed my socks off when you can feel her enjoy her dancing 

but also her famous smirks

I can’t deny I was a little jealous because she’s with another dancer Suleman

but comeon they’re cute and they have amazing chemistry when dancing together

but my lady crush definitely is on point. 

Joker x Reader - Potential

After many requests here is a one shotbased off my gif imagine right here: Joker Imagine

June08- You sighed punching in the code to the Joker’s cell. Stepping in through the door you braced yourself for his endless comments. “Well well well… I guess its that time of day isn’t it??” The Joker purred as you closed the door behind you. “How has your day been so far?? Mine just got a lot better.” He grinned tilting his head to the side as he looked you up and down. “Can I get you anything??” You spoke a bit annoyed at the formalities you had to go through each day. “As always.. Nothing you can do for me.” He frowned as you took your seat in the corner of the room. You were a “personal” guard for the Joker himself while he was being detained by the government. This job paid well but the last three months had been challenging to you. Protecting the public from the Joker and also protecting the Joker from anyone who wanted to break in and try to get revenge for any of the countless crimes against the Joker. He laid on his single bunk in his straight jacket and just stared at you like he always did. He called you his favorite… Whether that be because you’re the only female guard or because you actually talked to him on your good days. “You extra lovely today.” The Joker grinned with silver teeth. “You look extra crazy today.” You noted to his un-kept hair. “Oh darling you know exactly what to say to drive me wild.” He let out an inkling of his signature laugh as you sat in the corner fighting back a smile. 

June23- “So who’s the lucky guy??” The Joker asked out of the blue one day as you sat across from him gun in hand as he ate his lunch. “I’m sorry what??” You furrowed your brow as he wiped his mouth. “Your finger doll… You can’t wear a ring when you slave for your boss so you got a tattoo…” He drawled his words out as you realized what he was talking about. “Oh.” You whispered looking down at the J on your finger. “What’s his name??” The Joker sat down his fork clasping his hands together tucking them under his chin. Wide blue eyes focused on your face. “Jasper.” You admit with a small smile. “Jasssperrrr.” The Joker lulled out a hint of annoyance in his voice. “When was this joyous occasion??” “Half a year ago…” You casually relaid as if talking to a friend. “Congratulations to you and the lucky husband.” The Joker gritted through his teeth pushing away his tray. “Thank you??” You muttered wondering why the sudden mood swing and why you even told the Joker anything about yourself in the first place. 

July1- “Question…” The Joker barked out in the dead silence of the room as you day dreamed. “Okay??” You gave him a curious look as he kept his eyes on the ceiling as he laid on his bunk. “How did you become a dog of the government??” “I’m sorry??” He huffed sitting up quickly circling his head loosing up his neck with a sigh. “You… A beautiful lady with the figure any model would sell their soul for… A guard for a high risk criminal… Other than the gun on your hip… What could you possibly do if I attacked you??” He shrugged his shoulders. “Well…” You began your sentence before leaning against the wall behind your chair passing through it like a ghost and then reappearing behind the Joker where he sat on his bunk finishing your sentence. “…this is considered handy.” You grin as he gives you shocked look. “Incredible.” He spoke in a low and raspy voice as his eyes crept across your body. A slight heat in your cheeks began to build under his eyes. 

July15- “..and then he tripped backwards and smashed everything off the table.” The Joker finished his story as you busted out laughing clutching your stomach as your ribs hurt. “That has got to be the funniest thing I have ever heard.” You struggled out through your fits of laughter. Wiping your eyes free of tears you look up to see the Joker rolling his eyes back letting out a long harsh breath as he shivered. “You my dear Y/N have the sexiest laugh… I have ever heard.” His silky voice rasped as he set hooded eyes on your face. Your smile falls from your face as you realize what is going on. “This is ridiculous.” You mutter sitting up quickly from your chair knocking it back to the floor. “What is?? Being friends with a psychopath?? Or the not feeling guilty about it??” The Joker spoke truthfully with a devilish smile that made a shiver run down your spin. 

July30- Your heart felt like it weighed a thousand pounds as you forced the door shut behind you. “Ah… My sunshine…” The Joker chriped as he rolled over to face you on the bunk. His face fell when he saw your dark demeanor through your body language.  “Who are you and what have you done with my Y/N??” The Joker sat up from his bunk as you plopped down in your chair arms crossed over your chest. “Shut up prisoner 234. Protocol does not call for conversation.” You barked out like your original training. The Joker gave you a shocked look as he swung his legs over the side of the bunk to look at you better. “Talk to me.” He walked over to kneel infront of you. “I’m warning you.” You stuck our your hand. Your fingertip one millimeter away from ghosting into his chest and grabbing his heart. “Is this what you’re wanting to do… to that husband of yours?? Jasper??” The Joker asked tilting his head to the side in question. “How did you…” You gasped pulling away your hand. He nudged your knees open with his shoulder so he could sit closer to you where he knelled. “Y/N Y/N Y/N… The light of my sad life… I know you… Now tell me everything.” He looked up at you with what seemed like honest caring. You swallowed hard and took a deep breath. “He left me.” “For what?? A secretary?? The nanny?? Your yoga instructor??” The Joker listed off. “… A lawyer…“ You admitted as the Joker scoffed and paused for a long time just staring at your defeated face.“Jasper’s a dick!!!!” The Joker shouted making you jump. His voice spoke softly now as he leaned further between your spread legs looking directly in your eyes almost like he was staring through your soul. “You need a man… A real man who would respect you as an individual and as his better half…” He winked. “A man who would treat you like the sexy woman you are… And I would do that if I was a freeman… If you were willing and I was able…” He struggled against his straight jacket. “I could show you love… Mind and… Body…” He purred out the last word as you blushed like mad as he ran his shoulder along your inner thigh. “Love worthy of a woman of your beauty grace intelligence…” He whispered out as your breath became labored. He leaned up and placed a hot open mouth kiss on your neck that melted your heavy heart. He trailed his lips down to your collar bone before you jumped up from the chair leaving him kneeling on the cold floor. You gasped for breath holding your neck. You weren’t scared of getting in trouble with the officials because there were no cameras in the cell… Out of fear of them being hacked… You were scared of where your mind wondered under his toxic words and touch. The Joker watched as your chest rose and fell harshly. Your bright red face hosting your wild eyes as they darted blankly. He let out a soft laugh from where he knelled. 

August5- You ran down the hall of the prison as fast as your feet would carry you and ghosted through the door to the Joker’s cell. Both him and the guard on shift jumped as your ran into the table in the middle of the room. “Agent Y/L/N.” The guard stood up alarmed gun drawn as you leaned over the table catching your breath. “What’s going on??” He went to open the cell door but you kicked his hand knocking his gun loose, catching it in your hand and then hitting the guard over the head with it. He collapsed in a lump at your feet. “If my arms were free I would applaud you.” The Joker smiled behind you as you threw the gun down and spun around to him. “Where is your closest hide out??” You ask him pulling our your knife to cut him free from his straight jacket. He flinched way from the knife leaning back on the bed. “What is all this about??” He asked eyes full off concern at your panicked state. “I just got transferred.” You spoke quickly. He gave you a look that urged you to go on with your story. “The officials assigned me to a mission out in Outer Saints… I over heard them saying it was a no return mission… They are using me as bait for some other men to get into a headquarters…” You rambled out shoving the Joker over onto his stomach so you can cut him free. “So they finally saw the threat you could be…” He noted over his shoulder. “Or they finally saw that you could be used for their own personal agenda…” He grinned as you jerked the material off him. He flipped over and sat up slowly stretching out his arms. “Why did you come for me??” He grabbed your arm quickly with one hand and the knife with the other making you think you might have made a mistake by coming here. “You could have just left with that neat little trick of yours… Left everything behind… Your boss… Jasper… Me… But no… You came for me.” He drags the tip of the knife up your arm as he speaks. “I would miss your ugly mug too much…” You glared at him as his eyes flickered up to your face. “And I was hoping that offer from the other day still stood… Because I’m more than willing and you… Are clearly able now…” Your heart pounded as waited for his answer. “You want a life with me??” The Joker gave you a surprised look. Before you could answer he placed a cold finger on your lips. “Don’t answer in haste… I don’t deal with liars very well… And a life with me is permanent. I will be yours… But you will be mine and mine alone. For my protection you have to do what I say when I say… No excuses no exceptions…” You wrap your arms around his neck and kiss his lips quickly. He groans and deeps the kiss as his hands grip your hips tightly. You jerk him towards you as stand up walking backwards. Lips still connected you ghost through the wall with him to start a life of danger with the crazy-ass man who saw your potential. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… i got a lot of requests to do a one shot based off my imagine… i hope this is pretty good… if anyone wants a mini part two let me know… if anyone likes my joker stuff please let me know… any and all feedback is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING