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Shots Fired

Word Count: 2440

Pairing: FBI Agent Dean x Pharmacist Reader

Warnings: Language, Violence, Some Angst, Some Fluff

A/N: Written for @dancingalone21 ‘s funny quote challenge. My quote was: “That attitude right there. That’s why I always got the extra cookie.” Also written for @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms Shit My Patient’s Say challenge. I used a ton of quotes from that one. They’re all bolded. 

A/N 2: Unbeta’d and unedited. Probably a shit ton of mistakes. My bad.

A/N 3: Most/All of the stories in here aside from being robbed (at gunpoint anyway) have happened to me in my career. More than once. Fun times. 

You left your 12 and a half hour shift at the pharmacy over 30 minutes late. Some asshole had decided to wait until 9:00 to come get their prescription filled that they needed right that second. Of course, they’d had the prescription in their hand for over three weeks. Not that you could turn them down. Your district manager would surely find out and chew your ass out for it the next day.

Grabbing your bags and sliding out of your car you realized Dean wasn’t home yet either. Your husband’s Impala was nowhere to be seen. Ever since he’d taken a job as an FBI agent, he’d been working crazy hours too. The two of you barely saw each other anymore and it sucked. Sighing, you trudged into the house and dropped your stuff, kicking off your shoes. You made your way into the kitchen, grabbing all the junk food you could find and a bottle of Captain Morgan before throwing yourself in a heap on the couch.

You were mindlessly watching TV when Dean came home, discarding his jacket and tie before he lifted your legs and sat down, resting your legs in his lap. “Rough day?”

“Whatever gave you that idea?”

“The completely eaten bag of chips, the leftover ketchup on the plate where you probably had a frozen cheeseburger, oh and the uh…half drunk bottle of Captain Morgan that was totally full yesterday.” Dean pointed to the bottle in your hand and you rolled your eyes, sarcastically scoffing into the air.

“Good job, detective.

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And now I wish to God thatThe earth would turn coldAnd my heart would forget it's made of glass

His Girl ✘ Sebastian Smythe Imagine ✘

A/N: I’M SO IN LOVE WITH SEBASTIAN SMYTHE! I hope you all like it ♡ The next chapter is done ♡ 

Thanks @lyss-91 for beta 

Summary: Sebastian sees his ex girlfriend (the person he’s still in love with, by the way) dating a New Directions’s guy, Sam Evans. Of course, Sebastian is going to get his girl back, after all, she’s his girl. She always was and always will be. And he’s hers. Which doesn’t mean they’ll be back at the first look.

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 Sebastian couldn’t believe in his own eyes. You were here. Beautiful as always, he added to himself in thought.

Sebastian was not the kind of guy who got nervous easily. After all, he was a confident guy with a cocky attitude, what could make him really nervous?

You, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) could.

Well, that would, probably, be a completely normal reaction, since you were the only girl who he ever had a relationship with and who he fell in love with. His others, and few (Sebastian was always more like the One Night Stand guy), relationships were with men. And none, ever, made him feel like you did.

That did not mean you two were perfect. Arguments, jealousy, it all happened. But you both always managed to make it out somehow. Because, at the end of the day, you loved each other. And that was more than enough.

But you broke up. Your father was transferred to Vancouver and you waited until the day of your flight to tell Sebastian. You knew it was wrong and selfish, but you could not bear to have to tell him before. So, obviously, there’s a fight. And Sebastian did not even go to the airport.

Actually, that’s what you thought. His anger, sadness and frustration had not passed, of course, but it was the last time Sebastian would see the girl he loved in God knows how long. He needed every second with you.

But he wasn’t fast enough.

Sebastian just arrived in time to see your plane taking off, tears struck his emerald eyes as he felt a pain he had never felt before, even though the younger Smythe had worse break ups, but this one was killing him inside. You were the love of his life, Sebastian knew it.

And now you had left.

Sebastian cocked his head to the ground, unable to look at the sky for another millisecond. And as a tear fell quietly from his eyes, the box he was holding also fell.

But now you were here. Sitting at a table in Lima Bean, Ohio, USA. Exactly where he was. And Sebastian would not lose you again, ever.

His quick steps toward her stopped abruptly when Sam Evans, a blond trout from the New-Directions, Sebastian could add, sat down beside you and handed you a cup of coffee, receiving a quick kiss from you.

Sebastian’s feelings were completely mixed. For one side, he was angry as hell. What the fuck? She was his girl. His. No one, again, no one could have her other than Sebastian, she was his. But on the other side, he was feeling devastated. Were you in love with this shoddy trout? Had you forgotten him?

The Warbler looked at you, letting out a sigh. People did not always say that stupid phrase, “If you love, let go” ? Maybe that’s what he should do for you. He still loved you and wanted you to be happy and…

He shook his head from side to side; Fuck it. Fuck the New Directions pet trout. Of course you loved Sebastian, you were his girl. A year would not change that, for sure.

And Sebastian would take what was his back.

His confident, and, even a little convinced, posture and his usual cocky smile returned. Then Smythe took a pen and wrote his new number on the cup, holding where the number was. He walked toward your table and sat down, not even asking.

If that were possible, he would have lost his breath when he saw you closer. God, you looked even more beautiful than last time.

Sebastian almost growled when saw Sam touching your hand on the table, but he just smirked, catching your surprised expression and Sam’s confused expression. Or was he just trying to breathe oxygen and needed to get back into the water? Hard to say with that mouth. He left his thoughts and began to speak.

“What did you get for her?” Sebastian smiled wryly, asking Sam but keeping his eyes on you.

“Hm… A double black?” Sam asked more than confirmed, confused by the Warbler’s question. Sebastian laughed cynically and picked up your coffee, placing his in front of you.

Café au lait, no sweetener and with a little bit of Vodka. Votre favori, mon amour.” He smiled, as if talking to you after all this time had not been affecting him. But fuck, all he wanted was to kiss you right there in front of everyone.

You coughed, falling into reality again. You didn’t know Sebastian would be here. You thought you were finally ready to forget him. Because, come on, a year! You made out with other boys, just like you were sure he had with other boys and girls, but you didn’t get into a relationship, you just couldn’t. But when you met Sam, it was a bit easy to get a crush on him. You were together for a week or two now. He was really sweet.

But seeing Sebastian again made all the old feelings, which had never really left, came back, and through his eyes you could almost say the same about him.

“Thank you.” You said, kind of insecure about what talk. For a moment, both of you were lost in each other’s eyes, involuntary smiles on your faces. God, it had been so long. And those lips, if…

‘’Okay, it’s weird. What’s going on here?’’ Sam asked, who was still completely confused.

“I didn’t know that trouts could speak English.” Sebastian said ironic as he looked at Sam, angry that he was even stepping into Lima Bean.

‘’Sam, it’s Sebastian. Sebastian, it’s…’’

‘’I know him, mon bébé. The New Directions pet trout. Your public school couldn’t pay an aquarium for you?“

‘’Seb!‘’ His nickname slipped easily through your tongue, catching him off guard. No one called him that, but you.

‘’It’s have been a year since someone called me that.’’ He glared you, and your heart pounded a little faster in your chest. But you could not do that to Sam, he was good. Like, really good. You could not be such a bitch.

’'We have to go, we have glee club rehearsal.” You looked down, more telling Sam than Sebastian. Your ex-boyfriend grimaced at that, but quickly argued his eyebrows.

‘’Really? New Directions? Don’t we both know that you’re better than all these Losers, hottie?’’ Sebastian smirked.

“They’re my friends, Sebastian. They’re not Losers.” You rolled your eyes. “Thank you for the coffee.”

‘’Anything you need, mon bébé.’’ He winked at you, smiling malicious. You got the coffee and got up with Sam. You two leaving as you let out the breath you did not even know you were holding.

Sure enough, things got a bit complicated from now on.

A bit, just to sound cool.

A quick run down of the alcohol rules at my theatre:

It is one drink at a time per person, with a limit of three drinks total per person. The beer is all bottled, and we can’t serve it IN the bottle. If it’s being drunk in the lobby we can pour it in a glass, otherwise it has to be in a plastic cup because glass isn’t allowed in the theatres. Same for the wine, with the addition that we can only do six ounce pours of wine. The only exception is that we have small bottles of some wines that are technically a LITTLE over six ounces, but we sell those by the bottle.

Everyone who buys a drink also needs to have a wristband. We change the color every day so that people can’t reuse one and try to sneak in their own alcohol, We also use them to track how many drinks someone has by stamping the wristband every time someone comes back for a drink (they all start out pre-stamped for the first drink).

Side Rant: The wristbands get a lot of annoying reactions, ranging from “Don’t I look 21 to you” from middle aged guests (yes, you do, but it’s company policy and it’s about more than just age), to “oh my god, it’s like we’re at the club!” from day drinking moms who are watching a movie with their young children. And squally those moms are all together and all getting a drink and I’m just standing there thinking, “Okay, so who’s planning on driving these kids home?” Like, I know a lot people learn their own tolerance as they get older and drink more. And a lot of the time they don’t come back for a second drink and most movies at 1 ½ hours-2 hours, so I guess they think they’ll be fine to drive. But who really wants to take that risk when you have YOUR KIDS in the car with you? We’ll also get married couples with kids and both parents will get a drink and I just want to smack these people.

But back to what happened today.

So a guy comes up and asks for a beer for him and a glass of wine for his mother, and he tells me his mother is in the theatre.

Me: I’ll actually need her to come out here to get her wristband.

Customer: Well, she’s in a wheelchair…

No problem. If we have handicapped guests we’re more than happy to walk the extra drink and wristband in to make sure everything is by the book. In this case, I was alone because my mid called in and the only other Cafe employee was the Rover.

Me: Okay, then let me just see if I can get someone to walk it in.

I call the rover on the walkie.

Customer: What if you just give my dad the wristband?

Me: The person drinking it has to be wearing the wristband.

I haven’t heard anything, so I call the rover a second time.

Customer: Well, what if we just say my dad’s drinking it?

I mentally sigh, because why are people stupid enough to ask an employee questions about breaking the rules and expect me to LET them? And why when I am TRYING to help them? I TOLD him that I just needed to get someone to walk the drink in and it would be fine, but he still wants to push it.

Luckily, rover answers so I don’t have to respond because I need to ask her to walk a drink in. Turns out she’s close enough that I see her making her way over soon, so I start ringing up the two drinks.

Rover enters cafe, checks the screen to see what the drinks are, and then grabs two plastic cups. She grabs the beer and goes to start pouring it and…

Customer: I don’t need it in a cup.

A lot of people try to ask for their beers in the bottle.

Rover: Actually, you do. We don’t allow glass inside.

Customer: …Oh.

I finish up the transaction, give him his wristband and pour the wine. Rover takes the wine and a second wristband and follows them in to their theatre.

A few minutes later, she comes back out.

Rover: Was I too rude about the cup thing?

Me: Naaaah. The dude was being difficult earlier about the wristband thing, don’t worry about.

I have a lot more sympathy for the people who actually try to follow our rules, especially in regards to alcohol. The wristbands and all this is all stuff that we have to do or else we could be in danger of losing our alcohol license (at least, as I understand it), and I could get in trouble for letting you break the rules. So no, I’m not going bend them just because some guy is too impatient to wait a few extra minutes WHEN WE ARE TRYING TO HELP HIM.

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Princess and Baby-2 sounds like devastating combos. ;_; plz any chance of future-fic of the two grown-up babies breaking all the hearts, leaving swaths of swooning suitors and uncle Yurio looming in the background menacingly?

ahahaha okay anon here we go with some stuff about the Deadly Duo, Thank God They Don’t Compete in the Same Division, the Katsuki Sibs

  • Victor fought tooth and nail to get them to be just Katsuki instead of Nikiforov or Katsuki-Nikiforov
    • The compromise eventually reached (Yuri felt bad about them not getting Victor’s name) is that their given names are Russian and last name is Katsuki
    • Actually it turns out everybody calls them Princess and Baby to the point that Victor once accidentally called his 22 year old son Baby on live television and Baby just said “Yeah, Papa?”
  • Princess takes after her grandmother heightwise so she’s like five foot one and a half and Baby takes after his dad, so he’s like five foot eleven
  • Princess takes after Victor in personality and Yuri’s looks and Baby takes after Victor in looks and Yuri in personality
    • Victor spent most of Baby’s toddlerhood being SLAINtm by Baby clinging to Yuri and hiding his head shyly in Yuri’s neck
    • in theory this would be “Princess is SUPER EXTRA and Baby is kind of shy and quiet” and that is mostly true and hilarious because Baby never quite got over the habit of thinking Princess is as big as her personality. So you generally see him pretending he can still hide behind her like he did when he was three and she was six
    • however the thing people tend to forget about Yuri is that he is the Saltmaster Supreme, King of Hate-To-Losers, and Baby takes after that in spades. Like Yuri, he mostly keeps it in his head. Mostly.
      • There is a legendary story that says once someone was mean to Princess Katsuki the first time she was in the Jr GPF and she cried and her little brother unfolded himself like an avenging angel and fucking eviscerated the person who dared to make his oneechan cry to the point they dropped out of competition.
        • “You can’t do that, they won’t let you compete if you’re mean to people,” sighs Yuri. “That’s stupid and I don’t want to win against stupid people,” Baby flares back. Yuri can’t argue.
  • because neither Victor or Yurio have sibs, Yuri and Mari are held up to Princess and Baby as an example of what they should be to each other. They’re very close.
  • After they retire from singles skating, they start ice dancing together and break records
  • I haven’t really thought about their dynamic but I think they’re both betas.
  • I’m sure they do break hearts, but they don’t really notice cause they’re too busy having fun skating
DC preferences #1 How you meet

Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman

She was tracking down another immortal. From what she understood, they weren’t an Amazon or a God, but they never aged. She didn’t expect her search to lead her all over the world, she had been in Syria, Somalia, South Sudan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, now she was walking the wards of a children’s hospital in Dublin.

She was almost distracted from her mission by the children. She took her time to talk and take a picture with each of them. She immediately knew it was you when she saw you, talking with one of your patient’s parents, a stethoscope hanging from your neck. Once you were done she approached you. What she didn’t expect was you to greet her with a gentle smile, “I knew it was a matter of time before you found me Miss…”

“Prince, Diana Prince” she said as she held out her hand.

“Dr (y/n) (y/l/n)” you said as you shook her hand, “I know you’ve came a long way, but would it be okay if we spoke later, my shift ends in an hour”, whilst looking up apologetically.

“I will remain here until you are done” Diana said a small smile pulling at her lips.

Kara Danvers/Supergirl

You had the same powers as her and her cousin but you weren’t Kryptonian, well not entirely. You were a well-known hero and worked as an illustrator for children’s books in National-City. As a result of your work you were going to be interviewed by Catco’s new art and literature editor, Kara Danvers.

The two of you were in the middle of your interview when your phones went off. Lucy Lanes name flashing on your screen, Alex Danvers flashing on hers. That’s when your eyes met. “You work for the DEO” you said simultaneously.

Alex Danvers

As the DEO chief doctor, the first time you met Alex Danvers wasn’t the best circumstances. “Agent Danvers could you please sit down” came the frustrated voice of your co-worker.

“Dr Williams go get a coffee I’ll take over” you said as you walked into the room. As soon as your co-worker left Agent Danvers started her protests once again.

“You may be a doctor but you are also an agent and I order you to let me go and do my job” she said as she stood in front of you. You sighed in response and Agent Danvers thought she had won.

“DEO Health Policy 1.1.A states clearly that when it comes to the health and well being of all agents, no matter the rank, the doctors have the final say, so Agent Danvers sit your ass down on that bed and let me stitch up the cut on your head and carry out a concussion evaluation” you said looking her directly in the eye. To your surprise she smirked.

Lucy Lane

You were a naval meteorologist and met Lucy for the first time during a military tribunal, you were asked to give your expert opinion on the weather conditions that may or may not have affected the flight of an army jet. After Lucy saw you were a reliable witness you became her go to for cases involving meteorology.

It had been several years since your last court appearance and you were now working in Catco, travelling the world and reporting on the weather and natural disasters. It was when you saw Lucy that morning that the two of you got talking, “Major Lane is that you?” you asked, feeling relieved that it was her when she turned around, “Lieutenant Commander (y/l/n), it’s good to see you” she said.

“Its good to see you to, but its just (y/n) now, what brings you to National City?”

Cat Grant

It was early on in both of your careers when Cat Grant first interviewed you. “So (y/n) where did you get the inspiration for your latest film” she asked relaxing back in her seat preparing to take notes on your answer. “To be honest, is it okay if I call you Cat?” you asked and she nodded back, “To be honest Cat, I took it from everyday sexism, when bringing a character like the Black Widow to life you look at what society say are her weaknesses and turn them into her strengths.”

“People are complaining about there being a female dominated cast in a super hero movie what do you have to say about that” she said, sighing slightly at the stupidity of the people complaining.

That was when a broad grin took over your face, “I never even noticed that it was female dominated”. That was when Cat Grant knew that she would get on well with you.

Harley Quinn

“Touch my friend again and I swear to god you’ll be drinking from a straw for the rest of your sorry miserable life” you threatened the guy who was easily a foot taller than you. Harley was kind of shocked, she was about to step in and beat the no good creep into a pulp when she saw you.

“If you’re jealous sweet cheeks, I don’t mind you joining us” he said as he grabbed your hips and pulled you towards him. That’s when he was suddenly doubled over in pain, holding his hands between his legs. Before anyone could react he was on the floor twitching and electricity was coming from your hands.

You didn’t notice his friend come up behind you. But Harley did. “Hey Mista, sneaking up on people isn’t nice ya hear” she said as she hit him round the head with her bat.

By the time the two of you had beaten up every guy in the bar it was late and way passed closing. “Harley, nice ta meet ya” she said offering you her hand and a wide smile.

“(y/n) and its good to meet you too, thanks by the way god knows what those guys would have dome if you didn’t help” you said taking her hand and smiling back at her.

“Don’t mention it, ya need a hand getting your friend back home?” she asked looking at your friend who was out cold in the booth where you had left her.

“That would be amazing” you said, giving Harley a grateful look.

Poison Ivy

Once she herd of your powers she knew she had to meet you. How did you have the same powers as her? She needed to know. That was how she ended up sat in front of Gotham city hall, looking at you from a distance. She watched carefully as you gently touched a rose on one of the rose bushes that lined the walls.

Then she noticed the movement of the dandelion poking through the paving stones. She touched it lightly, feeling its message. “If you have something to ask Miss Ivy, just ask it”, she looked across at you with an eyebrow raised only to see you smirking at her.

Winn Scott

You needed a second pair of hands and fast. Of course the first person who your bosses at the DEO though of was Winn. You were in your office typing with one hand and trying to untangle wires with the other. “Agent (y/l/n) this is Winn, he’s going to give you a hand with the thing you’re doing that I don’t really understand” Kara said as she looked around your office, eyebrows knitted in confusion at the absolute chaos.

“Hi Winn thanks for jumping in” you said, briefly looking up at him “Right now were hacking an unknown alien system in a coding language we don’t understand, whilst connecting up Kara’s pod to use Kryptonian tech to create confusion and make them think the hack isn’t coming from a human source”. You said as Winn reached out and took the wires untangling them allowing you to type with both hands now.

“So hook this up to the CPU and create a Kryptonian firewall using the pods basic coding for reference” he said, “That pretty genius” he said as he connected the wires. “Well see if it works first” you said smiling.

J'onn J'onzz

You thought you were the last of the Green Martians, until you saw him. “You seem to have fitted into the human world well” said the Martian standing in front of you.

“How” you said as you looked up at him in awe, “I thought…”

“That you were the only one left” he said, looking at you as you transformed in front of him.

Jimmy Olsen

As Catco’s war correspondent you travelled the world with you laptop, notebook, pen and your usual photographer. However your usual partner had changed job, looking for a slower pace of life. So you sat in your office waiting for your new photographer before you planned out your new trip. That was when you saw the head of photography at the door. You looked up in confusion, “I’m assuming you’re coming to tell me that you couldn’t find a photographer for this trip” you said.

“I couldn’t find a willing photographer, so I will be going with you” he said as he held up his camera.

“And Cat’s okay with this?” you asked, wondering whether she would really let her award winning head of photography go into a war zone.

“She wants good pictures, you and me are the only people crazy enough to go into this particular war zone” He said as he sat down on the chair opposite you.

“Fair enough” you shrugged as you pulled a map out of your desk.

Clark Kent

You worked at the Daily Planet as part of the world political section and you both covered American Politics. You met him after you returned from reporting on a NATO summit, “Hi, I’m Clark Kent” he said standing up to shake your hand once he saw you. “I’m (y/n) (y/l/n), it’s nice to meet you” you said as you shook his hands.

Bruce Wayne

You found him battered, bruised and unconscious in the dumpster at the side of your apartment building. You immediately ran in doors and got your neighbour to help bring him in side. Being a nurse you had medical supplies in your apartment.

You were patching him up when he woke up, “Who are you?” he said as he looked up at you realising his mask was sitting you your coffee table. “I am (y/n) (y/l/n) but I feel more like Claire Temple at the minuet” you said as threaded the needle, preparing to stitch the cut on his head. “Now this might sting a bit” you murmured as you leaned towards him.

I hate Clowns (Part 2)

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Requested by:

“Can I have a prompt where the reader is friends with the bat fam and has never met Jason until they go against the Joker and the reader says she hates clowns? […]”

Hope you all enjoy Part 2 Part 1

Tell me what you think

Warnings: non I’d say

Note: “(Y/SH/N)” stands for “your superhero name”


Jason pulled you back as you were almost hit by a bullet one of Jokers man fired at you. “Thanks,” you looked at him before you two started fighting back to back.

“We’re a dream team,” he commented as you used him as a springboard to kick the opponent right in the face.

“Indeed,” you agreed. You fired your grappling gun, holding your hand out. He took it and you swung Jason and yourself over to the other side of the hall where Joker, Robin and Batman fought.

Jason landed right in front of Joker.

“Ayyy, my favourite Bird,” he snickered. Jason grabbed him and punched him right in the face. A second, a third time. The anger taking over him.

“Hood.” A soft voice brought him back. He let go of Joker letting him fall to the ground and looked at you.

Policemen stormed into the building and the vigilantes disappeared into the shadows, meeting at a rooftop near by.

“That was not necessary,” Batman told Jason. “Robin!” He called before jumping off the roof, Damian right after him.

“We did a great job,” you told the others.
You hated how Batman could never compliment their work and their efforts.

“At least we have someone who tells us,” Dick kissed your cheek and left, jumping off the building with a flip.

“Hope to see you soon, Hoodie. Bye, Tim,” you said and disappeared as well.

“You co– Okay?” Tim frowned as Jason followed you.

“(Y/SH/N), hold up!” The former Robin called and dumped into you as you so abruptly stopped. “Woah.”

“Ouch,” you held your arm that was now hurting. “You’re hard… well, that sounded wrong,” you blushed and chuckled. Jason laughed.
It felt good to laugh.
He didn’t laugh in a while.

“What’s up?” You tried not to smile, but you couldn’t deny that you hoped he would follow.

“I think we should team up again soon… without masks and costumes at a bar or restaurant… maybe,” he fumbled with his hands nervously.
Usually he stayed away from stuff like this. The last thing any girl needed was Jason Todd, but how could he… you were amazing.

You blinked, “and they always say Dick is the lady’s man. Wow, Hoodie, that was so smooth.”

“Is that a yes?”

“It is,” you smiled. “Well, it’s not that late. Here in one hour?”

“Here in one hour.”

“We have a blind date. I haven’t seen your face and you haven’t seen mine,” you chuckled, walking to the edge of the roof.

“How in gods name am I going to recognize you?” He joked.


You looked around yourself making sure there was no one as you climbed onto the roof.
You were nervous, but you were sure Jason was too that made it better.
You haven’t had a date in a while.

“Holy shit!” slipped out of your mouth the moment you saw him without mask and in normal clothes.

“Goodness gracious,” out of his. You just were staring at each other for a good while.
His eyes were like galaxies; so deep and sparkly it was breathtaking. His hair. His lips. There was no way those lips will stay unkissed tonight even though that usually wasn’t your style.

You inhaled deeply, “I’m (Y/N) by the way.”

“Jason,” he was still staring into your eyes.

“How about we grab some fast food and alcohol, sitting down on a nice roof?” You suggested and he finally snapped out of it.

“That’s perfect,” he nodded, swallowing hard.
You two jumped off the building and you linked your arm with his as you walked down the road. Jason slowly relaxed.

“You and Damian get along very well,” you let go of a sarcastic laugh, looking up at him. He was a good head taller than you.

“How can you not have the urge to kill him?” He said so serious it made you wonder if he tried already. “Can I ask something, (Y/N)?”


“Why do you hate clowns exactly?”

“Oh, well.
I’m not telling you that on the first date,” you smiled not meaning to be mean. “Doesn’t beat your story though.”

“I died. Is there something that could beat my story?” He raised an eyebrows.

“My theory is you’re an angel,” you pursed your lips in thinking. “There is no human being that can have eyes and thighs like yours.”

“You make me blush,” he held the door that lead into the fast food restaurant for you open like a gentleman.


Several hour later, several conversion about everything and nothing at all later, several burst out laughing kind of situations later your fingers were laced with each others as you were walking down the empty street at 4 a.m.
Both your minds were racing in the silence that ruled now. How foolish it was to feel such attractions for each other after meeting just a few hour ago.

“I’ll drive you home.” he insisted.

“With what?”

He pointed to the motorcycle standing in an alley.

You needed a second to answer, “okay, my first thought was ‘can he get any hotter?’ and my second ‘how the fuck did no one steal it?’”

“Hm,” he grinned. “Try.”

You reached out for it and the second you touched it electricity run through your body, making you jump away, “ouch!”

He wrapped his arms around you from behind, burying his face into your shoulder, kissing it tenderly.

“If you drive me home… the probability is high that–”

As your muscles tensed he looked up immediately… right at an asshole in a clown mask.
He had heard about this stupid trend. Stupid people.

He sighed, “fuck off, dude. We both really hate clowns, okay?”

The clown pulled a knife out.

“C'mon,” the vigilante rolled his eyes and pulled out a gun. “I’m warning you once.”

“Wow, wow, chill dude!” The clown raised his hands and ran away.

You took a deep breath, relaxing again. “You brought a gun to our date?” Your hands wrapped around Jason’s neck.

“Hey, we are in Gotham,” he whispered, looking at your lips. You got closer and closer to his face until your lips met his in a passionate kiss.
Your fingers twirling the hair at the back of his head while he brought you even closer. “Romeo and Juliet met and married in two days,” he pulled away, pushing some hair behind your ear.

“You read literature?”

Jason nodded, “Romeo and Juliet is not my favourite work of Shakespeare, though.”

You laid your head on his chest, “yes. Yes, he can get hotter.”


I had an interesting dream a few nights ago. I dreamt I was back in high school. Also, my mother owned a time machine. 

I remember it was a kind of Harry-Potter-esque time control device; a little hourglass you could turn to rewind time a certain amount. I asked to borrow it from her so I could drive to some play I missed. After enough cajoling she eventually caved in and lent the hourglass to me, but she seemed very worried and near-tears about doing so. When I asked her why she was so upset, she explained: the hourglass couldn’t rewind during or past its last rewind. if I died or something happened to me while I was back in time, she wouldn’t be able to use the hourglass to undo it.

This is where the dream gets kind of interesting to me. The drive to the theater was incredibly stressful. Every intersection felt super dangerous, going more than a couple miles an hour was a terrifying experience, and I was constantly hounded with thoughts that a play wasn’t worth this, and I should go back home where I was safe. Driving, of course, had always been dangerous - but all of a sudden it was dangerous because of something I was doing. The hourglass, left unused, could’ve saved my life if I was in a car accident. I discovered that I had power over my own life and death, and I was consciously giving it up for what? To watch a play? Was it worth it? And furthermore, had my mother experienced the same feelings from owning the time machine? How many times had she gone without using it, specifically so she could still turn back time if something happened to me?

Toward the end of the dream I ended up accidentally breaking the hourglass. In addition to feeling guilt over doing so, I admit there was a certain sensation of relief that I no longer had to deal with the responsibility it entailed. I could just do the things I wanted without the looming guilt that I had misused my power in a way that would cause harm later.

It was a weird dream.

We very often talk about power, or how people should behave with power, how everyone with power becomes corrupted. What we don’t talk about are the negative feelings that holding power can elicit in someone. When you recognize you have power over something, it doesn’t just tell you that you determine the outcome - it tells you that a negative outcome will be because of what you did. 

We recognize this most readily in leaders. A person leading a project, for example, is going to drive a lot of the creative decisions as well as choices about who they are working with and how these people are organized. By extension, they are also going to be at blame if the project fails - every mistake was something that they had the power to prevent, and didn’t. It can be a very stressful activity, especially in a culture that is quick to label people as objectively “good” or “bad” based on their mistakes - but I would argue the attitude that this leads to is even more harmful.

We, as a culture, fetishize helplessness. The same way a transformation fetishist might draw a bizarre image sequence in which a panicked person yells “what is happening?” as they transform into a dog, we continually play out these contrived scenarios in which we are emphasized as being powerless in a chaotic world. If people continually disagree with us, we will sigh it off with the phrase “people are stupid”, elevating stupidity to some otherworldly force that would be hopeless to fight. If someone manages to successfully spread their views to these “stupid people” we couldn’t affect, that person is “manipulative” - they are delivering their message using tactics that someone of our moral standing simply could not touch. And even when the world around us has major problems, we are quick to dismiss it as being held in place by “politics”, some ethereal force that can only be manipulated by conservative white men over 50 and it is hopeless for us to do anything more than talk about it. 

Rather than seeing ourselves as bad speakers, we see the world around us as being bad listeners. We go to great lengths to convince ourselves that our actions don’t have power - they are ineffective and the outcomes solely dependent on others. The idea that we could have done things better terrifies us, so we seek solace in the lie that the result was out of our control. One vote wouldn’t’ve made a difference. Leaving sooner still wouldn’t’ve got me there. We are so afraid of making mistakes that we would rather view ourselves as powerless victims of circumstance. 

This phenomenon is also visible in art, and part of what got me thinking about it was a discussion I had the other night with a friend. I’m pretty open about the fact that I don’t view art as being something “magical”; to me, it’s just another form of communication that can be effective or ineffective for whatever its intended purpose is. Flowery language like saying “it comes from the heart” or “they put their soul into it” conceals the more concrete mechanics by which we determine something’s quality, pushing this idea that art is fundamentally chaotic - that there are immeasurable elements to its quality that cannot be understood or emulated.

It’s easy for someone to point to an artist like Jackson Pollock and say “the fact people think this is good proves art is beyond understanding”, but doing so undermines a lot of things Pollock’s paintings did very well on an aesthetic level, as well as the entire historical context in which he created his art and got notoriety through its nonconformism. It would be very difficult for anyone reading this to make a painting that carried the same visual appeal as Pollock’s work, and impossible to make one that gained attention by delivering the same message. 

Someone trying to do art professionally does not have the luxury of reveling in powerlessness. An artist truly working “from the heart” and not concerning themselves with the aesthetic quality of their work would be leaving their success up to chance - an occupation no more viable than being a professional scratch-off player. Professional artists know that there are rules and theories they have to abide by and apply in order to make it in a competitive field. They have to assess what works and doesn’t work, and adjust their approaches according to what they find. 

It’s easy to label this behavior as “cold and mercenary” but, well, it’s not. The same underlying theories will determine a piece’s reception whether or not you acknowledge them, and once you know about them you don’t have a choice in whether or not to think about them. An experienced artist can’t just say “I will put the character in a random place in this image” - they know that one location will lead to well-received composition abiding by the Rule of Thirds whereas another place might be unbalanced or boring. Once you recognize the effects your choices will have, you can’t just ignore them. You know you have power, and that outcomes will pivot on the decisions you make. 

Even beyond artists hurting their own success, ignoring power is something that can actively cause harm to others. If anyone has been following me a real long time, you probably remember a contentious essay I wrote a few months back called Weaponizing Fear, about a situation that almost drove the author of Gunnerkrigg Court to suicide. I got a lot of very heated criticism for that, particularly my opening statement that Tumblr “almost killed a guy”. To quote one person, I “accused hundreds of people of almost murdering someone”.

My first thought on that, of course, is “it could’ve also been an accusation of almost manslaughtering someone”. My second thought: is such an accusation actually false? The essay described a series of conscious actions that, by all accounts, almost led to someone’s death. It would have been death at his own hands, sure, but still the attacks and a lack of understanding from other people that pushed him to do it. Why do we downplay that?

You see this a disturbing amount with suicide in general. If someone does it, they were sick. They needed help. It’s all them. All too often, the people and circumstances around them - some of which may have been a direct antagonist - are not held at fault. We treat ourselves and others as utterly powerless, telling ourselves that suicide is just a thing that happens and there is nothing we could’ve done about it. We don’t understand that a well-placed kind word or a pre-reblog source-check could’ve saved someone’s life, because doing so would mean acknolwedging that we didn’t do that. And by refusing to acknowledge that we had that power and could’ve made all the difference, we continue to not make a difference the second time, the third time, the fourth time, or the ten thousandth time this comes up. How many lives are lost because someone won’t see that they have power? Won’t acknowledge that, yes, someone died and you could’ve stopped it? 

Power is not evil. Power means you will make mistakes; projects will fail because of you, people will die because of you, losses will be incurred because of you, and it will be your fault. We are quick to criticize people in power, accuse them of misusing their power by doing the wrong thing or not doing enough, but we don’t acknowledge that we’re doing the same thing by ignoring the power we have. Consequences occur because we did not act as well as we could’ve, or didn’t acknowledge the strength our words and actions carried. The sooner we recognize that - the sooner that we own up to that power and learn to wield it - the sooner can can stop acting like victims of consequence and actually make a difference.

You are not helpless. The world is not outside your control. Yeah, it’s complex. And no, believing in yourself isn’t enough. But you can learn, you can experiment with what does and doesn’t work, and you can eventually achieve the power necessary to make the changes you desire. And if someone tells you that you can’t - that there are insurmountable walls or that it’s not worth even trying - then tell them to go fuck themselves, because helplessness fetishists like them are part of the problem

You can be kind to people while being ruthless to obstacles. You can be effective in your delivery while being moral in your message. You never have to sacrifice your values to get power. You just need to be able to live with mistakes. 

If I could go back to my dream, I would not use the hourglass to go to the play. The fictitious representation of my mother was right: it was something better off saved for emergencies, or times it would make a big difference.

It’s scary to think about, having to weigh things you want to do against the risks they carry, but it’s a natural consequence of having power over a situation, and something we have to do every day. As long as you are capable of having an impact, it’s up to you to make it the best one possible. 

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Are you fucking stupid? Are you? dumb fuck, damn you're so fucking selfish! you dont care about if you die what about your friends,family,future and the strangers that will pretend to care.Did you think about how much it will hurt them so bbg think about it do you want to ruin your life over some fucking mental sickness you are stronger than this just remember you have a choice. You can choose to overcome this.Bbg skinny isn't everything trust me I know. So remember EATTTTTT.

wow okay no offense but you’re so fucking rude. people who suffer from eating disorders are not stupid/dumb, they’re just mental ill, they’re fucking ill ffs. you’re so ignorant. i didn’t choose to be like this okay? you don’t even know me. maybe i’m selfish maybe i’m not but i do care about my friends and family and i’m trying my hardest for the ones who love me and care about me, i feel so bad for them for having to deal with me like this and what do you mean by the strangers that will “pretend” to care? what’s that supposed to mean? i’m aware of that, as i said i’m trying my hardest for them, i’m trying not to hurt them but it’s an illness which means i can’t control my thoughts and feelings, therefore i can’t control my illness. exactly! it’s ruining my life and i don’t fucking care anymore and no, no it’s not a choice. i didn’t choose to be like this ffs!! why would i choose to be like this? it is to me, maybe not to you but it is to me. instead of spreading hate for those who are suffering from mental illness at least educate yourself, you’re so ignorant.

A Scream in the Night

So remember how I said I was done with the Inexorable AU? YEAH I LIED

(But after this I probably will be done… except for occasional one-offs like this)

Mikasa hears shrieking from all the way down the block, and the moment she notices it getting louder she knows, almost through instinct, that her daughters are the ones responsible. If not for the ear-splitting noise, the image of Levi sauntering toward their house – Hana dressed as a ninja tucked under his left arm, Anya as a cat beneath his right, his face red and pinched and sweaty from exertion – would be humorous. She finds that the situation is, even as she covers her ears and tucks her small smile behind a veneer of concern.

“What happened?” she shouts over Anya and Hana’s cries.

“MOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM,” Hana wails. “DADDY’S BEING ME-E-E-E-EEEEEAAAAAN.” She struggles to get the words out, choking on her own sobs and hiccups. Anya is too busy screaming wordlessly at the top of her lungs to try to explain, but Mikasa doesn’t exactly expect a coherent argument from her four-year-old.

“Get out of my way,” Levi growls, pushing past Mikasa from her seat on their front steps, where she’s been handing out candy.

“Excuse me,” Mikasa warns.

He grunts. “Sorry.” She’s not mad, but ordering her about is a line she will rarely allow him to cross: her days as his subordinate are long gone, and she expects to be treated rightfully as his wife.

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Fight Song ~ Part 3 ~ Horse Uno

Originally posted by seraphimsammy

Warnings: Language, Sexual innuendo, drinking

Pairings: Bucky X Reader; Steve X Reader; Tony X Reader

Word Count: 2712


Part 1 ~ The Other Stark

Part 2 ~ Uncharted Territory


Before I make my way down the stairs I crack my neck and knuckles and take a deep breath. Okay _____ you got this, just calmly explain stuff and it’ll be okay. Letting out the heavy breath I walk back down the stairs and before I am able to enter the dining room I hear the three men talking amongst themselves and pause.

“Shouldn’t one of us go and check on her?” Steve asks his voice filled with concern.

“What do you think Stark?” Bucky asks and I raise an eyebrow.

“Look there are some things you don’t know about _____, she’s been through a lot and it’s mentally messed with her mind. She puts on a good front but I can tell she’s just faking it.” Tony says making my heart clench.

“And have you asked her what happened?” Steve asks and I raise an eyebrow.

“I have but every time it ends up in a fight so I just decided to wait until she was ready.”

“And if she never wants to talk about it?” Bucky says and I sense the sadness in his voice.

“Then I guess I’ll never know.”

I bite my bottom lip before letting out a sigh and rounding the corner. They all jump to their feet with worry in their eyes as they see me. “It’s okay, I’m fine. I just needed a moment alone to collect myself.” They all sit back down and taking a deep breath I pull out the chair next to Steve and sitting down say, “I’m sorry for what happened earlier, I’m just not used to being so comfortable and family dinners if that’s what that was supposed to be.”

“Look Peanut you don’t have to push yourself,” Tony starts but I instantly stop him as I say, “No I do, it’s the only way I’m ever gonna kick this stupid depression bullshit. I know it’ll never go away but perhaps it’ll get better.”

“What can we do to help?” Steve asks as he gently lays a hand on my shoulder. 

I turn to look into his dreamy blue eyes and sigh as I say, “Don’t change anything, I don’t do change very well. Um also if you have the need to change something, come ask me first and we’ll go from there. I don’t know how long this coming storm will last but if I have a mental breakdown it could be horrible for everyone.” Steve nods and I turn to Tony and giving him a reassuring smile say, “Other than that welcome to my home. Don’t go in my room.”

“Not even if you invite me?” Bucky says a playful smirk on his face.

“Not unless you want to die. Cause I mean it when I say I will kill you.”

“Sure Peanut,” Bucky replies and I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Would you like to try me?”

“I think I could take you,”

“Shall we test that theory?”

“Alright you two that’s enough.” Steve says making me smirk.

Come on let me roll around with Bucky.

I let out a sigh of relief as I say, “Okay, I think I can eat now.”

“I’ll go grab it out of the microwave.” Steve says as he pulls away and heads into the kitchen. I nod before I glance back over to Bucky to see a bright smile plastered over his lips. You little shit. Then it hits me, “Has anyone seen Abaddon?”

“Abaddon?” Bucky and Tony ask in unison.

“Yeah she’s my cat. I also have a dog named Baldr, but he doesn’t like to be inside.”

“Seriously?” Bucky says his eyebrow rose.

“Yup, he’s full blood Alaskan Grey Wolf. So the next time you go outside don’t do so without me. Cause he’s extremely territorial.”

“I’ll try to remember that.” Bucky says as he leans back in his chair.

“Tony, will you find her for me please? She’s black with one green eye and one blue. She usually likes to hide in the room I lent Steve.” I say and Tony nods and he heads off up the stairs. I smiles as Steve sets the plate of food down in front of me. I look across the table at Bucky and smirk as I say, “I see super soldiers eat their food extremely faster than everyone else?”

“Army training, you eat when you eat. In the field you can go days without food.”

“That’s some good training,” I say as I grab my Steak Knife and start cutting my steak into smaller pieces before eating it. OH MY GOD! It tasted positively amazing. It was cooked perfectly with just the right amount of spice. “Remind me to tell Tony to never leave, I don’t think I can go back to fast food after this.”

“I think he’ll like that.” Steve says as he takes a drink of his beer.

“This steak gives a new meaning to ‘Orgasm in my mouth’.” I say causing Steve to spit his beer out all over the table causing Bucky to laugh out loud. It was a beautiful sound. “What it’s true? Here,” I say as I plunge my fork into a piece of steak and move it over for Steve to take. I smile inwardly as his face starts to turn red.

“Um ___ I,”

“Oh don’t be such an old man just taste it.” I say as I take the opportunity of him talking to slide the piece of steak into his mouth. He stares at me for a moment not sure what to do when I chuckle and say, “You know if you don’t want it you can always give it back.”

He starts chewing. That’s right you better eat it. I turn back to my plate and putting another piece into my mouth smile happily as the spices fill my senses.

“What do I not get a piece?” Bucky asks as he leans across the table making me smirk.

“Oh we mustn’t forget Bucky,” I say as I stab a piece of meat and lift it toward his mouth. Before it reaches his mouth I quickly pull it back and place the piece in my mouth smiling devilishly.

“You little tease!” Bucky yells out with a smile on his face.

“I only share with nice boys Barnes,” I say as I gently lay the prongs of the fork against my bottom lip and give him a flirty smirk. “And I think Steve’s reactions are hilarious.” I glance back at Steve to see that his face is still red. A smile covers my lips as I look back down at my food and continue eating. “So Steve, was I right?” I ask as I glance back up at him.

“Beg Pardon?”

“Was the Steak Orgasmic?” I ask pulling the fork from my mouth.

“Um,” Steve says as his face starts turning a darker shade of red.

“_____! YOUR CAT IS A BITCH!” Tony yells out down the stairs and I smile as I see a look of relief wash over Steve’s face.

“As long as you’ve seen her that’s fine!” I holler back up at him before standing and grabbing my plate head for the kitchen.

“Where did you find a cat like that?” Tony asks as he rounds the corner into the kitchen.

“The humane Shelter, everyone thinks of black cats as bad luck but I just thought she was beautiful. I’m glad she was still inside though.”

“How come?”

“She likes to escape every once in a while and start fights with the neighbor dogs, funny thing is she usually wins.” I say as I start to rinse my plate off.

“Just like her owner,” I hear Bucky say and turn to see him leaning in the doorway.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I say as I turn toward him with a raised eyebrow.

“Earlier today, when you punched that guy in the face.”

“Oh right, you guys were there.” Well fuck.

“You wanna tell us what happened?” Steve says and I sigh as I say, “I hate stupid people. This kid didn’t know what coolant was an in result his truck motor suffered for it. I was fine with fixing his truck for him but he basically said that Cars are worthless hunks of junk and I lost it. I like machines more than I do people, and so to me it was personal.”

“See I knew you were my kid.” Tony says and I smirk as I lean back against the sink as I say, “So I punched him.”

“Did it feel good?” Bucky asks with a slight smirk on his face and I smile as I say, “Yeah, it felt really good.” I turn from them and heading back into the living room say, “How about we end the night on a good note. Ya’ll ever play UNO?” Before anyone could answer a cell phone goes off and we all turn toward Tony.

“Ah, just a sec.” He says as he slowly slips out of the room. I raise an eyebrow as I watch him walk away before I turn back to Steve and Bucky and say, “Well?”

“What’s UNO?” Bucky asks and my jaw drops.

“It’s like one of the best games ever.”

“Never heard of it.”

“Well I happen to have horse UNO, which is played a little different.” I motion for them to sit down on the couch while I walk over to the cabinet and pull out the little metal tin that contained the cards. Moving to the other side of the coffee table I kneel down and placing the tin on the wooden table, sit Indian style on the floor. While we wait for Tony I quickly explain the game to them.

“Every player starts with seven cards, and they are dealt face down. The rest of the cards are placed in a pile face down. Next to the pile a space should be designated for a discard pile. The top card should be placed in the discard pile, and the game begins!”

“Okay, Rules?” Steve asks as I start shuffling the deck.

“The first player is normally the player to the left of the dealer who views his/her cards and tries to match the card in the Discard pile. You have to match either the number/type or the color, for instance if the Discard pile has a red card that is an 8 you have to place either a red card or a card with an 8 on it. If the player has no matches they must draw a card from the Draw pile. If that card can be played, play it. Otherwise, the game moves on to the next person. You can also play a Wild card, or a Wild Draw Four card on your turn.”

“Those these things?” Bucky says as he points to a wild on the tin container.

“Yup, The game continues until a player has one card left. The moment a player has just one card they must yell UNO. If they are caught by another player, the player must draw two new cards. Once a player has no cards remaining the game round is over, points are scored, and the game begins over again.”

“What about these?” Steve says as he points to the Horseplay cards.

“Ah those are my favorite, if you get one of those you can either trade hands with someone or make the other players change hands.” He nods and I quickly deal out seven cards to each of us even making a pile for Tony. “Hurry up Tony or we’re gonna start without you!” I yell out as I lean to my left to look down the hallway.

“Sorry Peanut, but I gotta head back to the tower.”

“You need us to come with you?” Steve asks as he starts to get to his feet.

“Not unless you or Bucky instantly learned how to create software in the last ten minutes.”

“Fly safe.” Steve says as he sits back down. 

Climbing to my feet I walk over to him and say, “Do you really have to go?”

“Yeah, but don’t worry you got Cap and Frosty here if things go south.”

“Okay, but when you come back I demand another dinner. No questions asked and it has to be amazing.”

“Um if I have anything to do with it, it will already be amazing.”

“Good point, we are Stark’s after all.” I say as a light chuckle escapes my lips.

“You need anything call okay, I can be here in the no time at all.”

“Yes sir,” I say and before I even know what I’m doing I wrap my arms around him. He tenses at first not sure how to react before his arms wrap around me and he says, “Be back soon Peanut.”

“Okay Daddy,” He waits for me to pull away before he grabs his coat and heads toward the door. Seconds later the sound of the quen-jet taking off fills my home making me suddenly realize how empty it really is and my heart clenches.

“You okay?” Steve asks making me turn to see him standing in the doorway to the living room and my heart instantly relaxes.

“Yeah, come on.” I say as I walk past him and back into the room. I walk over to the stereo and pulling the remote out turn it on. “You guys are a little old school, Jazz and stuff like that right?”

“Yeah,” Steve says and I smile.

“Well at the moment I don’t have any jazz records so I guess you guys are just gonna have to settle for my random playlist.”

“Random?” Bucky asks raising an eyebrow.

“Yup it’s got a little bit of everything on it. You know from Doris Day and Sinatra, to Elvis, To MC Hammer, to Jason Derulo, to Luke Bryan and Ed Sheeran. It’s got a little everything.”

Steve and Bucky nods but I can tell they aren’t really looking forward to my music choice. I walk back over to them and sitting down press the play button the remote and smile as I see them both visually relax when Frank Sinatra fills the room.

“Okay, I would add another rule but I heard from Clint how you two can’t get drunk so it wouldn’t exactly be fair or fun.”

“It’d be fun for us; you know to see you make a fool of yourself.” Bucky says as he reaches over and picks up a Beer I didn’t even know he had.

“I don’t know, I get a little clingy and then start taking clothes off because it’s always so hot.” I say jokingly making Steve clear his throat and Bucky smirk. “Alright, let’s do this.”

The first few games I won but soon it seemed like Bucky and Steve were conspiring against me. Also the plethora of beers might not have helped me either. “You two better not be cheating over there.” I say as I raise an eyebrow at them.

“Come on Captain America doesn’t cheat at cards,” Bucky exclaims as he sets a red 8 on a blue one making me curse under my breath. I only had blue cards in my hand and because they kept changing the color on me I had accumulated a nice little pile, while Steve had about five cards and Bucky had like three.

“Really again? God I’m starting to hate the both of you right now.”

“Don’t be a sore loser _____.” Bucky says a smirk on his face. I flip him off. “Maybe later doll.”

Oh yes, I would gladly wait. Wait _____ you’re supposed to be focused on beating them not laying them.

“Oh you wish Terminator.” I exclaim as I reach into the deck and pick up a card. Horseplay. Oh yes Karma is so sweet.

“Well?” Steve asks waiting patiently. I take a swig of my beer and smiling sweetly lay it down and say, “Hand it over Barnes.” He narrows his eyes at me before he reluctantly switches hands with me.

“Color?” Steve asks and I smile as I look down and see three cards, two were wilds, and the last was a Horseplay.

“I don’t know, why don’t you pick Bucky,” I say as I smile devilishly at him. My smile only widens as he glares a me.

“You suck you know that right?”

“I do, but I don’t see how you would know that personally.” I say and instantly hear Steve cough on his swig of beer. I am having so much fun playing with Steve. Bucky pats Steve on the back before he turns back to me and says, “Alright then Blue,”

“Whatever you say darlin, you heard the man Steve; Blue.” I say as run a hand through my hair suddenly feeling very hot. Damn Beer. I start fanning myself when Steve places a blue 5 down.

“You okay?” I hear Steve ask as Bucky searches for a card to play.

“Yeah, just hot.”


“I apologize in advance if I start stripping.” Bucky’s hand froze above the discard pile as my words finally sunk in.

“You’re drunk aren’t you?” He says not looking at me.

“Maybe,” Yes I am so drunk right now. I giggle at my silent comment and my face flushes red.

“Alright, no more beer for you.” Steve says as he grabs my beer and starts to pull it away from me. I instantly jump to my feet which I instantly realize was a bad idea as fall backwards onto my butt with a heavy thud causing me to laugh out loud.

“Lightweight,” Bucky says as a smirk covers his lips.

“Shut up Barnes, not all of us have super soldier serum running through our veins.” I yell back at him as I stare at the ceiling trying to catch my breath. “Okay, I’m good. Steve can I please have my beer back?”

“No, the last thing we need is Tony finding out we let you get drunk.”

“I am a grown woman, in more ways than one, and I can take care of myself.” I say as I stand up and trying not to fall over smile down at them. Suddenly a song from the 40’s comes on and my face lights up. I instantly lean over the coffee table and pull at their arms as I say, “Dance with me.”

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea ____.” Steve says as he holds his hands up.

“Fine Steve’s a no, Bucky?” I say and smile as I see the playful smirk on his face.

“I’ll dance with you, but if you throw up on me you’ll regret it.”

“Okay it’s a deal.” I say as I pull him to his feet. He walks around the coffee table and I finally realize how big he actually is his muscle toned chest is pressed against mine making my heart race and my face flush. Thank god this can be played off as me being drunk.

“Alright, follow my lead.” He says and I smirk as I reply, “Yes sir,” He smiles as he starts twirling me around my living room. I hadn’t had so much fun in years. Suddenly I have the urge to vomit and stop. “I mean it, if you throw up on me-” Bucky yells as I instantly run to the downstairs bathroom and become real close and personal with the toilet.  

Will Continue in ~ Dum Dum Dugan ~

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Gohn breaking up with his girlfriend and him getting drunk and all, but you're always by his side comforting him and you want to tell him you've liked him since forever but can't? Sorry if that's not like Gohn, but a oneshot like that? Angst and fluff? I'm not sure, you guys are the experts! So, I'll leave it up to you! :) thank you Admins!

Ha, we aren’t experts, but thank you very much! Sorry for the wait, and you are welcome!!

-admin p

It was three a.m.

It was three a.m. and someone was banging on your front door.

 It was fucking three a.m. and you were pissed.

 By the time you had stumbled to your front door you had planned out every word you were going to say to whatever asshole was on the other side. But those words got caught in your throat when you opened it to a red-faced Gohn. His eyes landed on you and he laughed, staggering forward to sling an arm around your shoulder.

 “Heyyyy, _____. Thought I might find you here.”  He reaked of alcohol and the half- empty bottle dangling in his left hand confirmed to you that he was completely wasted. You sighed and pulled him in through the door making sure to lock it before helping him onto your couch. He went to take a swig from the bottle but you were quick to grab it from him.

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My Most Precious Treasure

Characters - Teen!Dean x Disabled!Reader

Word Count - 1800

Warnings - Atheist undertones, Self Loathing?

A/N - This is a story that’s very dear to me. It’s based around a small plotline from my favorite anime, Angel Beats (I know, I’m a dork). Thank you to @winchesterenthusiast for reading this over for me. Also, I have no clue who to tag in this one. Please let me know what you think!

Angel Beats scene | Song

“God,” You grumbled sarcastically as a commercial for a local church played on your tv.

‘He’s always there; watching over you, protecting you. God hears when you call out for help. He-’ The channel changed suddenly and you couldn’t be happier.

“Such bullshit,” You spoke through clenched teeth and shook your head as much as you could.

“Hey Y/N, watch your language!” Your mother complained, making her way toward your bed to readjust your pillows. Though her face was twisted in anger, her eyes were swimming with sympathy and pain.

“Sorry mom,” You sighed, “It’s just these…these stupid commercials, they get under my skin. These people say that God will hear me, that he’ll fix me and make all of this alright and,” Your voice cracked and you felt your throat tighten as tears burned your eyes, “Mom, what kind of God would do this to me?”

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Tough Bitch (n.m.)

| Requested by tattedskate: can you do an imagine where Nate finds out more about your past . ( you were bad and got into fights a lot ) then one day you get into a fight in front of him , your friends and his friends ? 😁😇


“So, you used to be this cliché bad girl type of thing?” He asked me. I chuckled and nodded. “Tell me more.”

I harshly swallowed, thinking back to high school. It was a dark time for me. All those years were simply terrible. All because I didn’t have the right friends. My friends back then would skip class to smoke pot just outside the school area, they would beat the shit out of people if they didn’t listen to them or what so ever.

“It’s literally too much to explain at once.” I chuckled. “But I would start in sophomore year. I started hanging out with these people who were your typical bad ass squad. I thought they were ‘cool’. So one time in… Biology or something, we talked and actually became friends…”

“And we started hanging out, they were the reason behind my firsts. My first kiss, my first pot, cigarette, first time having sex. All those things, just because they said ‘it would be fun’. FYI, I was 15.” His eyes widened a little.

“Yeah, uh. I can remember this one time, when I first beat the shit out of this girl. She was… She was your typical white girl, trying to act all getto. I told her that she needed to calm her ass for once, and suddenly she started yelling in my face, I don’t know what was up with her, but I just told her to calm down. Then I of course responded to that, and before I knew it we were laying on the ground, pulling each others hair.”

I bit my lip. “And it happened many times after that, with different people, different stupid reasons.” I sighed.

“Babe, you seemed like the type to never hurt a fly when I first met you.” I smiled at him.

“That’s what I wanted. I didn’t want people to look at me and think ‘oh, ew. She’s a thug.’ so after I dropped out of high school, I became your local holy Maria.” He laughed after I finished my sentence.

“I won’t ever judge you, just because you told me that. You know that right?” Nate said as he intertwined our hands. I nodded at him and sighed. “Thank you for telling me this.”

— 2 weeks later

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